Small young ass versus hard big dick

Small young ass versus hard big dick
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My name is lauren and I am a sophomore in high school. I am 5 feet and 5 inches tall with medium length brown hair. There is this boy in my grade named Dustin who I can't take my eye off of. I had a crush on him ever since 5th grade. He was an early bloomer as he had armpit hair already then. For some reason I found that really attractive. Although he still hasn't grown in height yet.

He is only 5 feet 7 inches tall. He is one of the best players on the high school hockey team.

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I always go to see his games and tonight was no different. We were playing our school's biggest rival and I was hoping that he would have a big game. He worked his butt off and the team won three to two. He had two goals including the game winner. Everyone was chanting his name and I was so proud for him. I was so horny too and suddenly felt that tonight would be the night that I fuck him no matter what.


Rumor had it that his dick was huge. I gained that knowledge from a couple of the guys on the team.

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I also knew that he was always the last one out of the locker room. I stood outside congratulating everyone on the win as they walked out of the locker room. It took a lot of patience, but finally the last players came out and the coaches had already left. I looked around to make sure nobody was watching and then slowly opened the locker room door. I peeked in and didn't see anyone so I crept inside. There was a lot of steam in the locker room, but still no sign of Dustin. I was getting so excited, because I knew now for sure that I was going to fuck him.

I made my way through the locker room as quiet as possible and then I got to the shower.

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I peeked around the corner and there he was. His big stron muscular body.


There wasn't a muscle on him that wasn't strong. He had six pack abs and big pec muscles. His eyes were closed as he lathered his body in soap. The other guys weren't lying about his dick. It was a good six inches without an erection. I couldn't control myself anymore after seeing this. I walked back to an empty locker and stripped naked. My decent sized breasts had very hard nipples and my pussy was glistening with my juices.

I played with my nipples a little and got the courage to go back to the shower.

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Dustin now had his back to me and I slowly crept up behind him. As I got really close to him I hugged him around the chest and said, "How would it feel to score for a third time tonight to get a hat trick. I could tell that I startled him a nd he spun around and looked at me and just smiled. We both looked down as his cock grew to about nine inches. He said that that would be perfect.

We both got under the same shower head and started feeling each other. He started at my breasts. He kneaded them giving me much pleasure. He slowly worked his way down my body as I went down from his shoulders down and then got to his cock. I got on my knees and began to suck him off. Slowly working back and forth on his cock as he groaned in pleasure. He stopped me before he was going to cum and stood me up.

We began to make out and as we did he guided his meat to my pussy.

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He held it there for a moment and then slowly pushed into me. It felt so good. He kept going until he was all the way into me.

His cock was all I could hold in me and as he pushed in I felt more and more overwhelmed with pleasure. He started making small thrusts as I put my arms around him. As I did this my arms came in contact with his underarm hair and I was reminded of how this is what originally made me want him.

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I felt in there a little extra before I put my arms all the way around him. He then started to hump me faster and faster and was soon thrusting as fast and hard as he could. It brought me so close to orgasm when I saw all of his muscles flexing. Then he pulled out and turned me around and bent me over. He started to fuck me from behind. I wanted this to last forever. He started to breathe heavily and I noticed his balls slapping against my ass. He spun me around again as we returned to making out and fucking.

After another minute of this he grunted out that he was going to cum. I told him to cum in me and that I would be proud to have his baby if it came to that. It only took a few more thrusts and he came in me as I also reached orgasm.

he seemed to never stop cumming and then finally did. We then showered each other and went back to our lockers. We got all of our clothes back on and he said that he would bring me home. I just lived a mile down the road from his house. On the way home I saw he had a boner and decided I would help him with that so I pulled his shorts down and began to suck that cock.

He kept on grunting and adjusting the way he was sitting and after about eight minutes I knew he was going to burst.

I got a very short notice, but he whispered he was going to cum about a second before he actually did. We got to my house and asked what I was doing Saturday, today was Thursday, I said I had no plans and we decided we would hang out at my house on Saturday.

I guess that was my confirmation that he enjoyed me tonight.