Kinky virgin takes dicks into her face hole but guards her slit

Kinky virgin takes dicks into her face hole but guards her slit
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I sat in the group looking around as I prepared myself to tell my experience. Three months pregnant and two months clean. I was a soccer mom addict. Hooked on prescription pain killers I was willing to do almost anything to get my fix. Thus I was here, in front of a group of near strangers telling them things my husband didn't know.

I was 38 when it began. Mother of three kids, the oldest was 16 and the youngest was 8.

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I had just had carpal tunnel surgery and a bottle of oxycodone to manage the pain. I didn't think I had an addictive personality, but apparently I did. The pain was gone, but I still lied to my doctor and managed two more refills. When he didn't give me a third I had to look somewhere else. I found a dealer, Brad, my 13 year old son's little league coach. Actually assistant coach, he was the actual coach's 19 year old son. He started me with marijuana, mostly because it was the easiest for him to get.

It was OK, but did not give me the same fix that the prescription meds gave me. He knew a guy, and next thing I know I have my supply of painkillers. They weren't street drugs so they must be alright I told myself.

This went on about a month. Everyone was happy, kind of. I mean I was doped up on painkillers, but who was it hurting? Everything changed one day during a tournament my son was in. I excused myself as I often did between games to use the restroom. Actually I was meeting Brad behind in the equipment shed to get another bottle. "Price has gone up" Brad flatly tells me as the sounds of the crowd filters through the uninsulated walls. "How much?" I reply. I was ready and able to pay.

He laughs, "I don't think you want to pay it. Too much suburban soccer mom in ya." He was right, I was a picture perfect soccer mom. Loose khaki shorts with a conservative v-neck cotton blouse covered a fit body that was showing the slight pudge and changed shape of age and motherhood. Light blue eyes and dirty blond hair tied back in a ponytail completed the look. "Just what is the price." I was trying to be nonchalant but inside was craving a pill.

"Just the usual, plus I need to see your tits." My look of shock must have encouraged him to elaborate. "I have been staring at your rack since your kid started on the team. Let's see em." Many thoughts ran through my head, would anyone know, was there any other way. The strongest thought was I needed a pill.

"I'm waiting." He goaded. I gave in. I pulled my shirt and bra up giving him a glimpse of my c cups. "Happy?" I asked as I put myself back together.

"Really?" he asked sarcastically, "you can't do it." He started to walk to the door. "Wait, wait, whatever you want." My addiction was showing, I needed the pills. I pulled my shirt completely off and my bra with it. "Better?" Brad grinned looking at my bare chest. "Almost." He steps near me groping my tits and teasing my nipples. I glance at the door as he feels me up. "One more thing," he whispers before giving me a light kiss on the lips, "I need a blowjob." I was frozen.

Brad stepped back and unzipped the zipper of his shorts. The cock he pulled out was intimidating. Not fully hard yet it was already seven and a half inches long, and thick. Numb, I dropped to my knees. "Good girl," he whispered as he fed his cock in my mouth.

My jaw was stretched as his cock got harder in my mouth. I gagged as he pushed into the back of my throat, but he didn't ease up. My throat opened up and soon he was sliding in easily.

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With his hands on the back of my head he started to fuck my face, slowly at first but faster as he started to feel it. Drool was running down my chin and there was nothing I could do about it. He was groaning as I tasted a hint of precum.

With a grunt my mouth was overflowing. His cum was shooting down my throat and down my chin. He kept thrusting his cum kept shooting. Eventually he stops and pulls his cock from my mouth. My face and chest soaked in cum. He tosses a bottle at my knees. "There you go." I grab the bottle then look around for something to clean up with.

Brad laughs. "Let it dry, remind you who owns you." With that he left the shed, leaving me to my shame. I put my bra and shirt back on, my shirt glued to my chest and go to face my family, happy now that I have my pills. The rest of the tournament I feel his cum on me, taste it in my mouth. My husband never knew. I cleaned up when I got home, but still felt the telltale heart of Brad's cum crusted on my tits.

Even as I fucked my husband that night it was Brad's hands I felt on my body.

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My pills lasted a week. Brad planned it that way I was sure. I guessed he would want another blowjob so I made sure I would be able to clean up after. It was a hot day so I wore a light tank top a long light flowing skirt. In hindsight maybe that was a mistake. As usual I snuck off to the equipment shed to get my pills. As expected Brad was there. He was smirking as he eyed me like a piece of meat. We stood there for a minute before he finally spoke, "You know what to do." I knew alright.

I pulled my tank top and bra off as he started groping me again. His hands wandered this time, down my body grabbing my ass. Brad pulled me close and stuck his tongue in my mouth. He then whispers about how he had been thinking of me since last time. "Suck me." He finally says as I pull away. I was ready this time and didn't hesitate. I drop to my knees and unzip his shorts.

I pull out his beautiful cock, just like I remembered it. I take him in my mouth, probably more eagerly than I should have as a happily married woman. I sucked him fully hard before he stopped me. Surprised I looked at him.

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He had a strange expression on his face as he stood me up. He starts to pull up my skirt when I stop him. "What are you doing?" "I want to feel your pussy, you want drugs. Win win." His smugness made me want to slap him, but he was right. I let him lift my skirt and pull my panties off. I usually shaved but it had been a few days and I had some stubble. He touched me and my pussy opened up. I was unbelievably wet. He chuckles as he pushes a finger inside me.

"I know what you want." He was right, but I wasn't going to admit it. I resisted, slightly, as he pushed me back on a pile of equipment. My skirt pushed up to my waist as Brad pushes between my spread legs. I feel his cock at my pussy.

"No," I whisper as he shoves it inside me. I groan loudly considering the thin walls of the shed as Brad starts to thrust in and out. He was bigger than my husband, and I felt the difference. He fucked me hard, I tried to be quiet but couldn't.

I was sure someone would hear and the shed door would open. Then it happened.


I grabbed Brad and locked a hard long kiss on him. I screamed into his mouth as my pussy tightened on his cock. I came, as hard and as intense as I ever have. A couple more thrusts Brad grunted and I could feel his hot seed inside me. It takes a second before I panic. I haven't had birth control for years, not since my husband's vasectomy. He was young, and pumped a lot of cum in me deep, I tried to hide my feelings and play it cool.

I get that uncomfortable empty feeling as Brad pulls out. Very soon after the uncomfortable feel of him leaking from me. He grabs his clothes as I get up. I wonder how much cum is in me because it feels like gallons. I put on my shirt and bra, my nipples still hard and visible in the thin fabric.

Brad tosses me my pills. "Until next week." Embarrassed and used I gathered my clothes and got dressed. I searched the entire shed trying to find my panties, they were gone. Nervous I straightened out the rest of my clothes and ventured out of the shed.

Now, if you have never experienced watching your son play baseball with your husband next to you, another man's cum running down your leg in a skirt with no panties, it is uncomfortable. And oddly erotic.

By the time we got home I was ready to clean up and fuck my husband into submission. I tried that week to limit my pills. I didn't like what I was doing to get them. Actually, I liked it, it was pleasurable, but didn't like who I was when I did it. I failed. I was still out of pills by the time the games started.

I decided to leave the skirt at home this time. I wore my cotton team t shirt and khaki shorts. Easy enough to get off and on if I had to, but conservative enough maybe he wouldn't want to.

We won the first game so there was about an hour to the next one. My husband left to do some errands and I snuck off to the equipment shed of pleasurable horrors. By the time I slipped into the shed Brad was already there, with his brother who was on the team. I relaxed a bit knowing he wouldn't be too aggressive with someone else there. I slipped him the cash, expecting my bottle.

Brad looks at the cash. " You know the price is more than that." I look at his brother then at him, shocked. "But he is on the team! He is friends with my son and has stayed at my house!" Brad grins, "Yeah, well, my brother Jake here just turned 14 yesterday. He has never experienced a woman's touch before.

I told him for his birthday I thought I could arrange it." I was stunned. It was one thing with Brad, he was an adult and kind of cute. Jake was another thing. I was starting to feel and old familiar ache. The need for my pills, and something more, I was horny. With a deep breath I pull of my shirts at bra, watching as Jake's eyes get big.

Brad nods to him as he steps forward to feel my tits. His hands are much rougher and less experienced as he mashes my tits like a stress ball. Brad gets behind me and pulls down my shorts and panties so I am standing there naked. Brad slides his hands up my body as he stands up. "Suck my brother." He whispers in my ear. I look at the growing bulge in his brothers pants.

I look back at Brad and whisper a no to him. He shrugs and starts to leave nodding to his brother to follow. As Jake let go of my tits, reluctantly, I recanted. "Fine, I'll do it." Brad grinned, "You're gonna love this Bro, she is good!" I pulled down Jake's pants cringing to see what my son's friend was packing.

While fairly developed for his age he was nowhere near as endowed as his brother. I dropped to my knees and leaned forward. I couldn't believe what I was doing.

As his 14 year old cock slip over my lips I knew I was in over my head, I needed help.

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Still, I gave him the best blowjob I could. As I sucked Jake groaned.

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I started groaning as well when Brad ran his hand from over my pussy and ass from behind. He rubbed my asshole more than usual and it wasn't until I felt his cock pressing there that I understood why.

I had never done anal before. I had no idea what to expect but with Jakes dick in my mouth I couldn't protest. Honestly I am not sure I would have anyway, It was kind of exciting and I knew if I stopped I would lose my pills.

As Brad pushed his cock into my ass I knew I was officially in my first 3sum, I also knew I had not experienced pain like that outside of childbirth. My ass stretched as he pushed all the way in as Jake's cock tensed in my mouth. Buried in me, Brad stopped, giving my body time to adjust. When he noticed I had relaxed and started sucking Jake again he started to thrust.

I grunted as the new feel of being ass fucked was really paying off. I could feel an intense orgasm building when Jake let it go. I was gagging on his cum as my body exploded. My scream of pleasure sounded like a gargle as Jake's cum kept flowing. Brad was catcalling as he felt me cum and saw his brother blow his wad in my mouth. Jake pulled out and grabbed my tits again as Brad continued to pound my ass. The cum I didn't swallow was dripping from my mouth to the floor.

I could feel another orgasm building, even stronger that the last one.


With a grunt Brad stops, filling my ass, leaving my orgasm in limbo. I moan as he slides out, leaving my ass gaping. As he looks down he sees Jake with one hand on my tits and the other on his cock, which is hard again. "You want to fuck her Jake? Lose your V card?" "Hell ya!" Jake relied, enthusiastically. I was beat.

I didn't resist as they rolled me on my back. I didn't resist as Brad pulled my legs over Jake's shoulders. I actually moaned in pleasure as Jake's cock entered its first pussy ever.

I was so hot from the ass fucking his brother gave me I came almost instantly. Lucky get got a woman to cum in his first try. My tits bounce as he fucks me, I am actually enjoying it. My breathing deep and rhythmic as he penetrates me again and again. With a grunt Jake cums again, pumping my pussy full of his juice. Jake stayed in me as long as he could, not wanting the experience to end. Brad slapped him on the back, congratulating him as his cock slipped out of me.

As cum ran from every one of my holes I was choking back sobs. Brad tossed the pills to me, then picked up my panties and handed them to Jake. "Have a souvenir, keep these for luck in the game." I pull my legs to my chest as I watch them leave. I am humiliated, sore, and worst of all, horny. I cry as the cum leaks from me.

I slowly gather my clothes as I get dressed sans panties. The cum running down my leg visible below the cut of my shorts. I blink as I step into the sun and head back to the games. My nipples were still poking through my shirt when I got back. I tried to look away as Jake kept checking me out.

That night I told my husband about my addiction, but not what I had done to feed it. So here I am, clean and ready to go home. I don't crave the pills anymore. I have a deeper craving. A darker craving. I hope my husband is ready for it.