Autumn Kline Endures BDSM Fun

Autumn Kline Endures BDSM Fun
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Fbailey story number 768 No Changing Room My daughter had really wanted to check out the vintage clothes at that particular store. Vintage being the 'in word' for used, previously worn, or things that someone else threw away.

There was no changing room and I was not about to purchase anything without her trying it on. At home we had a pretty open relationship for a father and a daughter.

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With only one bathroom we had long ago giving up any notion of privacy. If I were shaving she would come in and sit on the toilet. If she were showering I would go in and sit on the toilet.

I saw her almost every morning in her bra and panties, then almost every night holding a small towel up to her naked body coming out of the shower. Of course her ass was almost never covered and it was a mighty cute little ass too.

So that day Trish was in a corner of the store stripping off her clothes to try on dresses. I was holding up a big raincoat from the fifties and looking over it at my daughter making suggestions or giving my approval. Then behind me I heard two voices. The younger girl said, "No way!" The older voice, I assumed was her mother saying, "Go ahead, his daughter doesn't mind." The girl replied, "That doesn't mean that I shouldn't mind." The mother said, "Believe me you don't have anything that he hasn't seen before.

With the Internet theses days, I bet he has seen several thousand girls like you and me naked." The woman finally tapped me on my shoulder and asked, "Would you mind terribly if my daughter used your changing room for a few minutes?" My daughter then moved one section of the rain coat to the side and said, "Come on in, there's plenty of room." The girl went in and looked at me. Then she turned to my daughter and said, "But he's looking." My daughter laughed and said, "Oh don't worry about him.

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He has seen me naked a million times and he has never laid a finger on me. Now if your mother came back here and stripped in front of him that would be an entirely different story. That old horn dog would hump her senseless." Now none of that was true.

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I had never seen my daughter 'front on' naked before. As to my sex life she had no idea what type of woman would turn me on. However, it certainly put that young girl at ease. To push the point further Trish removed her bra before putting the next dress on.

I got to see my baby's titties for the first time and they were sweet. The girl then undressed.


She had a one-piece black bathing suit in her hands. She tucked it under my thumb so that I could hold it for her. Then she undressed. Off came her skirt, her T-shirt, and her bra. Then she started to slip her leg into the suit when my daughter said, "You should take your panties off too so that I can see if you need to shave down there. That is a very high French cut. I'm sure that you will need some work done." Then I watched as my daughter removed the other girl's panties then looked around for a place to put them.

She smiled at me as she put them in my mouth, not all the way, just the tiny string that had been in the girl's butt crack. The girl put the suit on, my daughter closely examined the girl's crotch and then said, "Oh you are really going to need some work done down here. You could leave a runway if you don't want to shave it all off." The confused girl replied, "Runway?" That was when my daughter lowered her panties to show the other girl what she had been talking about.

There on my daughter's mound was a strip of hair about an inch wide and maybe two inches tall. The rest had been shaved bald." Then my daughter lied again and said, "My father does me every Friday just before I go out with my boyfriend.

He doesn't like getting pubic hair in his teeth." The girl giggled and they talked constantly as they tried on several more outfits.

Neither one put their bras and panties back on after that. My daughter did take the girl's panties and her own to shove in my pocket.

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She took a moment to stroke my hard cock as she did so. After they had decided on what to buy and what to put back I could finally lower my arms. The woman did not have enough money to pay for her daughter's clothes.


Trish said, "Tell you what, I'll have my father pay for your clothes, you talk your mother into come over for dinner, and then my Dad can shave your pussy and fuck your mother." A few minutes later the woman came over and said, "I think I just got prostituted out to you. It seems that you are going to pay for my daughter's clothes, shave her pussy, and then fuck me.

Is that about it?" I blushed and replied, "Madam, I have no idea what you are talking about." She blushed and then her daughter said, "We never discussed it with him." Trish said, "My father has plenty of money, he shaves himself every day and me every week (again a lie), and he really needs to get laid (not a lie)." The girl said, "My mother really needs to get laid too. She masturbates more than I do. She wore out one vibrator and none of our flashlights have any batteries in them." Finally, the woman said, "Hello my name is Dotty, this is my daughter Raven, and I would love it if you would pay for her purchases.

I can assure you that you will get your money's worth." Well it cost me over two hundred dollars to get out of that store. Dotty followed me home and we ordered in Chinese. The next order of business was to shave Raven's black pubic hairs into a landing strip with her mother and my daughter watching me.

As she sat on the edge of the counter in the bathroom I splashed water on her pussy, rubbed shaving cream into it, and then started to shave her private area. I was glad that I had had some experience in the matter with my wife, when we were living together. I spread her legs wider and took short jerky strokes down the side of her legs.

I held onto her outer pussy lips as I shaved them clean. I rolled her back and took a couple of swipes around her asshole. Then I cleaned most of the shaving cream off from her mound so that I could see what I was doing. I made an identical landing strip to the one that my daughter had.

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I washed her pussy off and then I gave it a kiss. My daughter stripped and jumped up on the counter saying, "Do me next, it has been a few days." So I shaved my daughter's already clean pussy lips. I did however get a few strays that someone had missed around her asshole.

Then I rinsed her off and kissed her pussy lips like I had done to Raven. I was surprised when Dotty stripped and said, "Hey if you're going to fuck it, you might as well shave it too." I asked, "What do you have in mind?" Dotty said, "How about you shave me from my clit down and leave the top alone." So I helped her up onto the counter, she spread wide, and I soaped her up with my cream.

Shaving her was great and boy did I ever get hard. I shaved her bottom half twice as well as around her asshole.

After the rinse I not only kissed her pussy but I ran my tongue up her slit several times latching onto her clit for an orgasm. Then I reamed out her asshole with my tongue. Without even thinking about it my cock was out of my pants and inside of Dotty.

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Our daughters watched us make love. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was ragged. I was thrusting into her and watching her breasts bounce around. Then I felt our daughters joining in. My daughter had one hand on my ass and one on my chest. Raven had a hand on my ass and one on my chest. Just as I was about to fill Dotty's pussy I felt my daughter's hand move down to cup my balls in her gentle soft hand.

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I never wanted to pull my cock out of Dotty's wonderful pussy. She hugged me and she kissed me. Then Dotty thanked me for the best sex that she had ever had.

I echoed her words.

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She had given me the best sex of my life too. I looked in the mirror and saw Trish and Raven locked in a passionate embrace. Dotty whispered in my ear, "They like one another. Do you mind? I think we are spending the night with you." I looked in the mirror, my daughter had Raven's nipple in her mouth and her fingers in Raven's pussy.

I whispered, "Spend the night, spend the week, hell, spend your whole life with us." We became a very loving family, I married Dotty, and I adopted Raven to make her, my own and to give Trish a real sister.

The End No Changing Room 768