Cumshot On Safety Glasses Of Student Jenna Reid

Cumshot On Safety Glasses Of Student Jenna Reid
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When Kasey woke up her boyfriend was playing video games, not really noticing her so she got up and went to get dressed in her 'outfit' for him that she was ordered to wear every day that they weren't going somewhere immediately.

After getting all dressed she sat down and started her laptop.


Her boyfriend new that she loved reading sex stories online and they happened to get her all soaking wet so he made it a rule that she read them for 30 minutes every morning and 30 minutes every night. As Kasey waited for it to load she went and grabbed her vibrator, already excited as she passed the rules on the wall. This whole power exchange between her boyfriend and her turned her on greatly. She loved how strict he was with her concerning the rules.

Kasey logged on and started reading her favorite sex story. Within a few seconds her pussy was soaking wet so she spread her legs and slipped the dildo inside of her, moaning. She caught her boyfriend's attention and he smiled at her, reminding her not to play with herself. That was the hardest rule she had. During her 30 minutes she had to stuff herself with the vibrator and turn it on but she wasn't allowed to move it, or fuck herself with it.

So instead she read, continued getting horny and got no relief. By the time she was done reading she would pull the wet vibrator out and get on her knees in front of her boyfriend. Yearning for his cock, she would fight to get his cock free and in to her mouth. Once she heard him moan she would stop and beg him to fuck her. Sometimes he would, but sometimes he would make her wait and keep sucking on his cock.

After getting relief, either by her boyfriends cock or by him fucking her with the vibrator, or sometimes both she would start cleaning, which was her daily job. Her boyfriend cleaned the dishes and she cleaned up.


When she was done she would return to his cock, sucking it until he came. He would sometimes have her swallow, or sometimes cum all over her. Either way Kasey loved this. After relieving her boyfriend she would lay in bed and play with her nipples for a little bit, which was also something she was to do daily. She had many rules and her boyfriend was strict about them so she always followed them and if she forgot he would give her a good spanking to make her remember next time.

Their whole new Master/Slave relationship made their day very sexual and Kasey's boyfriend was getting better at being rougher.

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He had actually started to treat Kasey like his little slut, which made her hornier than ever. She loved being his slutty slave but of course around other people they treated each other with respect.

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By the time Kasey was done playing with her nipples she was horny for her master's cock all over again but she would wait and have a little free time because she knew she would be fucked soon anyway. At bedtime Kasey's pussy would be sorely used but she would still go read her 30 minutes of sex stories and shove the vibrator back in her sore pussy.

It would feel so good seeing as how sensitive her pussy was by then. Then Kasey would beg her master for sex once again, getting fucked hard, her moans drowning out any other sound in their place. Then afterwards Kasey would bend over and get spanked before bed. After getting her ass spanked Kasey would strip in front of her Master then crawl in to bed where he would handcuff her next to him just to keep the fact that he was in charge in her mind all night.

This kept her pussy wet all the time.

During the night Kasey would often wake to her master's fingers or cock being inside of her or to the rough feel of her nipples being pinched. The next day Kasey woke up happy and horny beside her Master. After doing her duties he pushed her on the bed and told her they were going to try some new positions. He tied her feet up, making them spread out above her. She moaned when his cock entered her, this new position making it feel tighter. After that Kasey was pushed against a wall and fucked, her pussy was sloppy with wetness and she was begging for more, loving how rough her Master was being.

Once her Master had his fill he left Kasey on the bed, exhausted. She was leaving a wet spot on the bed from all her juices mixed with his cum, both dripping from her sore pussy.

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Kasey watched her sexy Master playing games for awhile and then he got up and showed her his cock was once again hard. Smiling Kasey got up and kissed him. After a few minutes of kissing she was pushed back on the bed and told to get on all fours.

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She did this, waiting and after a few seconds some lube was spread across her ass. Then she felt her Master's lubed up cock at her ass entranced.

He stopped and got a gag for her that she gratefully let him put on. Then he shoved his cock in to her ass, making her moan in to the gag. It hurt some but at the same time she enjoyed pleasing him with her ass every now and then.

Afterwards Kasey cleaned up and then got in bed and cuddled with her Master, kissing and massaging him, cuddling up to him.

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