Beautiful babe enjoys hardcore sex and gives a priceless blowjob

Beautiful babe enjoys hardcore sex and gives a priceless blowjob
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With a smile on my face that I thought was sure to never leave I shifted into my sister. Laying on my side propping my head up with one arm I took my other hand and began to caress one of my breasts.

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The feelings I got in my sisters body were unlike anything I have ever felt. Every part of my body felt more sensitive, the slightest touch bringing with it ripples of pleasure, all touches bringing my body as a whole to a whole new level of horny. There was no other way to explain all of this than exciting. Jamie sauntered back into my room coming over and sitting next to me on the bed.

As she handed me a glass of water she said, "Well damn, I am pretty hot." This statement of the obvious bringing a bout of laughter from both of us.

With our waters finished Jamie stood and held out her hand.

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My hand in hers she pulled me up off the bed and trailed me along behind her into the bathroom. She started the shower and hopped in motioning for me to come with her.

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Of course I followed, it didn't matter what form I took I was still getting my lusted after sister. Once inside the shower she pulled me close to her, leaned in and our lips met for the first time. Tentatively at first, mouths closed, little pecks back and forth I grabbed her and pulled her in tight to me as I parted my lips and flicked my tongue across her lips. With a sigh from her she accepted my tongue into her mouth, the two of us hugged tightly together, the hot water pouring over us it was the most erotic moment of my life.

A moment I will never forget. After a few minutes of this tender exchange I reluctantly pulled away and grabbed her loofa and lathering it up began to wash my sister. Turning her around I started with her back dragging my free hand right behind the loofa.

I started up at her shoulders and slowly worked my was down her body touching every inch of her, relishing in the feel of my hand on her skin. Reaching out to do her sides I skirted her breasts wanting to stay away from them for now, lest I lose control.


I moved up behind her pushing my breasts into her back as I reached around her and began to soap up her stomach. Her breaths were starting to get shallower letting me know I was doing a good job. I pulled my hands to her sides and dragged them down her legs with me as I bent behind her in the shower working on her legs, first one than the other, leaving the only areas on her untouched her now heaving breasts and her pussy.

Still kneeling behind my sister I turned her around so she was facing me and slid my body up hers until we were once again eye to eye. I leaned in and she met me halfway, our lust for each other taking over causing our lips and tongues to collide in a frenzy of passion. With my arms wrapped around my sister I pulled her into me our breasts squeezed into one another's, our nipples dragging across each others flesh with every movement we made left me feeling turned on to a degree I didn't know was possible.

That's when I felt her hands start to move caressing my back moving down almost massaging their way to my ass. I followed my sisters lead and mimicked every move she did, every caress every squeeze hoping I was making her feel the way she was making me feel. Still following her every move our hands slid around to our fronts one hand snaking its way up to cup a breast and palm a nipple, squeezing and pinching turning our little nubs into solid strained pieces of flesh, while the other hand snaked down to tease right above our slits.

Now moaning into each others mouths our hands, almost with a mind of their own moved lower, our middle fingers sliding in between our outer lips gently caressing our inner folds soaked not from the shower but from ourselves.

At the same instant we found each others clits our bodies melting into one another's wanting the release we were both so eager to achieve. Breaking our kiss our foreheads searched the other out meeting with our eyes locked together as our finger delicately played with our most intimate of spots. Seeing the look of pleasure in my sisters eyes was too much for me to handle as my orgasm overtook me.

Grabbing onto her and pulling her in tight my body began to shake and shudder in the beginning of what felt to be the biggest orgasm as of yet.

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My fingers doubling their work on my sisters pussy had her immediately joining me as we clutched each other, the other one the only thing keeping us from falling.

Our bodies exploded together carrying us into an orgasm that felt hours long, every part of my body blasted with pleasurable release from the frenzy Jamie had worked me into.

As we regained control of our bodies, still weak from the pleasure we had just given each other the water started to turn cold.

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Looking at each other and with a final little peck and a giggle I shut the water off. We helped each other dry off bringing a new wave of arousal rising up inside of me. Once dried I gave my sister another kiss, leaning in slowly our lips barely touching at first, my hand snaking up her neck to pull her fully into me as we stood there just feeling each others kiss. With kiss broken we walked hand in hand back to my room where we laid down on my bed her back snuggled into me.


After a few moments she asked, "Mike, can you change into the new you? That was awesome but I want to feel a man holding me." How could I deny the object of my love and lust…I immediately started changing myself from her body to my new one. My body growing around her, my arms and chest bulking up and drawing her into me as we both slipped away needing a break from life for a moment. As we lay there recovering I couldn't help but take in her scent, this combined with feeling her body against mine had my senses on overload and my cock began to come to life.

Feeling this Jamie slightly parted her legs allowing my rapidly growing erection to slip between her legs and rest against her pussy. Closing her legs back down trapped my member in a soft vise of silky heat causing me to moan against her neck as I started giving her little kisses and licks right behind her ear.

My hands started to explore her body once again massaging and caressing her flesh.


As my hands cupped both of her breasts, her hard nipples poking my palms, she started to grind her hips back into mine basically jerking me off with her inner thighs. As my erection grew so did her wetness our hips now emanating a soft wet noise, I could feel her juices coating all of me, the soft heat of her desire warming my cock bringing me to full hardness.

Removing one hand from her breasts I shifted my body down a little bit as grabbed my cock and aimed up as I thrust my hips slightly forward my cock head just slightly opening her pussy to me.

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With gentle rocking motions I slowly slipped millimeter after millimeter into my sisters inviting folds until just the head was fully inside of her. With that achieved I brought my missing hand back up and continued playing with her breasts now staying away from her nipples, just circling them as I squeezed and caressed her breasts. My slight movements now had about 2 inches of my cock in my sister, her breasts in my hands and that's when I started whispering to her.

I kept up all my slight movements just teasing her as I told her how much I loved her, how beautiful she was and how she was making me feel at that moment.

As I was describing to her everything her body was making me feel and how much I have wanted to be like this with her I felt her pussy start to squeeze down on me. Afraid of being pushed out of her I gave a short thrust in burying a third inch of myself in her when her orgasm hit.

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Her pussy clamped down so hard it was almost painful as my arms circled around her pulling her in close so I could feel her orgasm spread throughout her body. After a few seconds had passed her body relaxed against mine and I immediately picked up where I left off sinking more and more of myself into her. Now fully soaked from her orgasm it was easy and within a couple strokes I had all 9 of my inches buried deep inside my sister.

I could feel her pussy rippling around me every spot of her stretched and rubbing on my cock when I began to grind myself against her. The grinding turned into shallow thrusts and with her moans becoming louder and louder egging me on the shallow thrusts turned into long deep thrusts. I was pulling back so just my head was inside of her and pushing forward feeling her stretch around me until my head was rubbing on her cervix. Her hands now reaching for me scratching at my hip and side trying to pull me into her harder I picked up the pace our moans both escalating until we sounded like one big scream.

The feelings passing through me were too much to handle as I finally felt my sister in the way I had wanted her for so long and with one final thrust I pulled her hips back into me as I pushed forward emptying my cum into her.

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As the first spurt left my cock she screamed, "OH FUCK!!!!" as I felt her pussy clamp down and start rippling on me milking everything I had to offer out of my cock. After we came down from our highs she turned over, my cock slipping out of her as she did, to kiss me. With a glint of fire in her eyes I had never seen before she said, "It's a good thing we are home alone all summer big brother.

If its this good now I cant wait to see what its like when we start actually having fun." And with that we fell asleep in each others arms, relaxed and satisfied.