Denver Colorado girl fucking her lover

Denver Colorado girl fucking her lover
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I stood there for a moment or two, "The only way?" I ask. "Yes," Gwen nods, "the only way you'll get with me again." Gina grins. "C'mon, man, let's do this," Ricardo sighs.


Gwen crosses her arms. I look the 5 and a half foot high light brunette over. Her crossed arms emphasized her D-sized breasts even more. I was with Gina and Gwen was with Ricardo but it had never really mattered. Everyone knew I liked Gwen better--and Ricardo hated that. So he thought of something. "OK, what's this again?" I throw up my hands "Simple," Gina says, "whoever cums first loses! The loser gets to watch the others have a threesome." "Stupid," I say.

"Whichever way it goes, the girls get to watch!" Gwen laughs, "Not so stupid for us. Now, take off your clothes." We undress. Ricardo never had the best body but his is more muscular than mine. I smile though as he reluctantly pulls off his briefs. His member is, at best, five inches erect. But hanging there flaccid it's tiny, barely covering his Mexican grapes. I never understood why he didn't shave and I would never get why Gwen chose him over me.

He doesn't even look as I step out of my boxers, revealing a more sizable and capable unit. "OK, OK, very nice," Gina smiles as she leans back in her chair. Her dirty blonde hair frames her face, the hickey Ricardo had just given her neck visible. She was my height, 5'8", and had decent C-sized breasts. "Now, grab eachother. Legs apart!" She unbuttons and unzips her jeans, hand disappearing behind her black panties. "Can he please wash his hands first?" I ask, seeing the soil under the nails.

"No! Your lily can do with some color.

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Now move!" Ricardo steps over and I lean down for his package. I hesitate and reluctantly hold his penis. I don't like it and it feels even smaller than it looks. I awkwardly cradle his dark brown manhood, careful not to mistreat it.

I look his hotdog over, gently rolling it around.

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Seems well used--in fact, there's a tiny scar on the head! If this is how he treats his OWN member. He smirks, spits in his hand, and cups my shrunken balls. His strong hand easily palms them and works the warm spittle into the cold balls.

Spitting in his other hand, he grabs my manhood by the base, yanking it towards him. Surprised, I take a step forward so he can get a better grip. I suddenly feel weak as his powerful hands engulf my cock and balls. "Go!" I fumble, trying to regain my thoughts, trying to get my other hand on him but his arms are in the way.

He's so warm!

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I look down as he runs his rough hand along the length of my flaccid unit to the head. I want to tell him no, please don't touch it. But it's too late.

His dark brown fingers surround the pale pink head. He pinches it and I wince. Within seconds, he lubes my entire package in his spit. My balls eagerly loosen up in his warm moist hand and I realize how helpless they are. He kneads my pliant balls with his callused fingers, squeezing them between his knuckles as if to let me know that he literally has me by the balls.

I look back at his tiny unit and start to worry. He knows what he's doing, I realize. He pushes my balls so he can rudely stretch my flaccid member, sizing it up. How can he treat me this way? I pinch the head of his penis now, fighting back the thoughts.

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He twists my limp penis to get a view of the underside, pressing his tough thumb into the sensitive nub. My member pulses once and I look at him. Ricardo nods slowly, focusing on finding my manhood's perfect weak points. I look back down and start rubbing his penis. I shake it, even pinch it again. It's difficult to keep my hand on something so small and he doesn't seem to notice or care. His nuts have finally warmed up and loosened up so I timidly cradle them.

But all I can think about are the strong hands working my package. He rolls my balls between his fingers, keeping them under pressure. I try doing it to his tiny ones but the hair gets caught and I can't focus. He curls his thumb and forefinger around the top of my sack, tugging my trapped balls down a little too hard.

Lets me know he could rip them off. Lets me know he's in control. I let go of his balls, hoping he lets go of mine but he doesn't. His other hand roams all over my penis and it pulses again. And again. It begins twitching. I keep wiggling his flaccid member, hoping mine stays flaccid, too. Why doesn't he let go of my balls? I croutch to relieve the tension in my sack but he tugs me back up and I quickly follow.

The pressure starts building. I stand still. I feel every piece of dirt and every callous as his other hand runs over the exposed balls, threatening them. He lightly flicks one and then the other. I flinch.

His nails lightly scratch the smooth skin. I hold my breath and try to think but it's getting difficult to concentrate as--- "That's better now," Ricardo snears as my unit starts to thicken. Gina groans with pleasure at the sight of my cock hardening to his expert hands. I look over at her, rubbing herself. Then at Gwen and her large, swaying breasts. He pinches the head again.

"I know how big you get and you're going to get that big," he commands, "Right now." To drive it home, he gives my balls a firm shake and finally lets go. "And tighten these nuts up." I finally breathe.


I know I must ignore his words; I don't want to do what he says. I try tugging on his head but it seems hopeless. My penis keeps growing, giving his hand more and more room. Dirt from the yard flakes off his hands as he covers the head with his palm. He grinds the dirt into my soft head, the grains digging into the light pink hood. He releases it and I see how dirty my penis is. He finally wraps his hand around the shaft and starts pumping.

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I desperately start rubbing him as if he were Gina, a girl, something I know. Nothing works on him. My balls begin to tighten just as my penis finally hardens completely and his hand slides freely over it. "Good," he smiles, "your dick knows who's boss." I try leaning back, anything to get the fully erect unit away from his hands. "No," he orders, pulling my penis towards him. I try to step away.

With one hand firmly grasping my penis, he quickly slaps my balls. "No," he demands. The pain spikes but instead of gasping, I moan. "Now you're going to empty all this cum out," he laughs as he juggles my heavy balls.

He returns to massaging them, hand going lower as the other one continues to harshly pump me. He spits on my manhood, using it as lube. I bite my lip a little as he polishes my entire package with his warm spit and dirt. Then a sharp pinch on my fully engorged head.

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I wince and look down at the large pink tip covered in spit, dirt, and pre-cum squeezed between his grimy fingers. As pre-cum leaks out his fingers wipe it over the head as he roughly strokes me.

His other hand has found the base of my tight balls and I groan. He presses against the base, feeling his way around my throbbing member. I can hold out. I finally feel his own penis growing in my hand. Maybe--- SLAP!

Ricardo never lets my penis go as his hand slaps the underside of my balls. SLAP! I instinctively spread my legs and thrust my package out, letting him have more room to swing. SLAP! His swing is stronger and I grunt as his fingertips again hit my most sensitive area. What is he--- SLAP! My heavy balls sway under the assault. SLAP! The hand wrapped around my penis pumps vigorously.


SLAP! The shock runs up and down. SLAP! He's hitting my balls! He's hitting my balls! SLAP! I gasp, stumbling, but can't move as he tightens his iron grip around my weak penis. SLAP! "Cum for me!" he barks, "Cum NOW!" SLAP! I groan loudly as I feel the build-up. I know he can feel my penis widen. SLAP! Gina begins cumming in the background to the pounding that my balls are taking. SLAP! My balls begin emptying. It's too late. SLAP! "No!" I yell as I feel the orgasm starting.

But Ricardo stops. He pumps my penis one last time as he feels it pulse with the first squirt. He drops his hands as I burst. But the feeling is gone. Cum dribbles out of my giant head as the penis jerks around. I whimper as the last of it finally wheezes out. A completely ruined orgasm.