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Welcome to my story. You may have noticed that i have previously posted small segments of this story before. Due to some of the feedback from those parts I have decided that it's probably better to post the whole story at once and let you read it as you wish. I hope you enjoy it. :) *** WARNING: This story contains content of a homosexual nature. If you dislike this or are under 18 years of age, please do not read any further. *** Help! *** Boom! The horrifying and unmistakeable sound of the wooden door being ripped violently from its hinges.

Daniel pulled his knees in as close to his chest as he could and huddled himself tightly into a compact corner of his room. He braced himself for what he knew was about to happen to him. Smack! Darkness. .Silence. .Stillness in time. ***- Morning. Daniel woke up suddenly to the sound of shouting downstairs. His eyes shot open like a greyhound out of the start gate at the beginning of an intense race.

He found himself on the floor of his room. His back was against the hard, cold wall and his legs were folded around the 90 degree angle of the corner of the room. His right arm ached where he had been led on it. He tried to move his numb, tingling right arm out from underneath his stomach but it wouldn't move.

No matter how hard he struggled to pull his arm out from underneath him, it wouldn't budge. Slowly the numbness started to die and it was replaced with unbearable and intense pain. That's when Daniel realised, he was lying in a shallow pool of his own blood, and his heart started racing as he realised all of a sudden, the indescribable agony he was in.

He remembered what had happened the night before. ***- Daniel was stood casually at the bar with his very best friend in the world Jake. Jake was tall, dark haired and very good-looking with his well toned muscular body, glowing white teeth, clean-shaven face and perfectly formed rounded ass. Not to mention the massive bulge in his trousers. He was always a hit with the ladies wherever he went. Daniel was at least as much a hit with the ladies, if not more so than Jake.

Daniel was a little bit shorter than Jake, his body was not toned as much as Jakes but was still gorgeous. He also had stunning white teeth the same as his friend. Daniel had a short, stubbly beard which highlighted his facial features and an ass which was to die for.

The problem was, where Jake relished in the limelight which he received from girls, Daniel was completely uninterested. Daniel was gay. Daniel had known that he was gay for a while now and he had finally admitted to himself that he liked guys rather than girls. He had denied it for years but eventually came to find that it was eating him up inside, and that he could no longer deny it to himself. He was used to the thought by now anyway and was beginning to become more comfortable with his sexuality.

Being gay was no longer a big deal for Daniel but he still had one big problem. Nobody else knew about it, not even his closest friends and family.

He wanted to tell people but every time he got close to telling someone, he chickened out at the last moment and had to come up with some ridiculous way of finishing his sentence. The pressure was slowly killing him and he was beginning to feel like if he didn't tell someone soon, he would explode! Sat at the bar, Daniel was deep in thought. So many thoughts were whirling around in his brain uncontrollably. "I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!" he screamed as he flew out of the club with tears gushing down his face.

Jake looked around in shock as he wondered what all the commotion was about. "Sorry Stacey" Jake exclaimed to the random girl he was chatting up at the bar, "I'm gonna have to go and see what's up with my friend, I'll call you"! Jake downed his beer and sprinted out of the club as fast as he could after his best friend. When he got outside he quickly glanced around to see if he could see where Daniel had gone but he couldn't see him. He was worried and a little confused about the situation he had suddenly found himself in.

"Danny!" he yelled as he frantically searched the busy street, "Where are you buddy"? Various people stared at him as they wondered what was going on but Jake was too busy to notice them as he continued to look around, waiting for a response. There was none. He had to think hard but the alcohol was making it difficult for him to think. "Now think" he thought to himself "if I know Danny, I should know where he would run to". Then it struck him!

"The old wishing well!" he remembered as he thought about the last time Daniel had ran off in a panic. He started charging his way through the crowded street outside the club in the direction of the well. He ran as fast as his feet would carry him so that he would stand the best possible chance of finding his best friend and doing whatever he could to help him out. They had always been close and had come through a lot of shit together so Jake was sure that whatever the problem was, he could help him find a way through it.

He reached the well. It was dark, quiet and very eerie. He stopped running and tried to catch his breath for a few seconds. "Danny, are you there mate?" he panted as he searched the area. There was no response and Jake started to think that maybe he wasn't there at all, but then he heard the sound of sniffling and sobbing and he knew instantly that it was Daniel.

He followed the sound and found him sulking with his head in his hands in an alleyway near the wishing well. "Danny." he said softly and caringly, ".what's going on"?

"Just leave me alone!" Daniel snapped as Jake placed his hand on his friends shoulder. He pulled away and turned his back on Jake.

Jake felt hurt by this and knew that whatever the problem was, it must be really bad. "Come on don't be like that with me, I just want to help. You know you can talk to me, I'm your best friend!" Jake explained. "You wouldn't understand so just leave it ok!" Daniel wept in response. "No I won't leave it!" Jake responded firmly, "you're my best friend and i care about you". "Huh, yeah alright then Jake, why don't you tell someone who gives a shit"?

"Hey, don't be like that with me Daniel!" Jake roared, "I just ran all the way here after you! You should fuckin' give a shit!" "Yeah well if you really cared about me that much then you would have fucking realised by now that I.I." Daniel stumbled. "You what Danny, come on you can tell me" "I'M IN FUCKING LOVE WITH YOU!!!" Silence. Jake was shocked. His eyes flickered between the eyes of the man in front of him.

Tears were streaming down Danny's face as he shivered in the cold night breeze, staring back at Jake. Jake felt the tears starting to well up in his own eyes as his mind strained and struggled to process the information which it had just received. He looked down at the floor in confusion. The atmosphere was electric, it could have been cut with a knife. He simply didn't know how to react.

Jake's big blue eyes were glued to the floor. His heart raced like a steam train pounding out of a dark tunnel at full speed. His emotions were all over the place. He tried to look up at Daniel who was still stood in front of him in silence. Jake wondered what he was thinking as he tried desperately to make sense of the situation. The truth was Daniel was stunned at his own words.

He had been trying to say that very sentence of months but he never could. He felt like a huge weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He'd said it.

Finally, Jake knew how he felt. Then his thoughts came crashing back down to earth as he realised the reality of the scenario. Daniel looked down at his best friend. Jake was now crouched down on the cold, wet dirty floor of the alley with his head in his hands. He was clearly confused and upset and it was all Daniel's fault. "I'm sorry" Daniel said in a gentle tone. He didn't know what else to say. Jake removed his head from his hands and glanced up at Daniel.

"You're sorry . you're sorry are you Danny" he replied, anger now filling his eyes as he began to stand upright. "I'm sorry" Daniel murmured again quietly has he once again started to cry. "YES I KNOW YOU TOLD ME!" Jake snarled as he grabbed Daniel by the arms, "YOU'RE SORRY AND THAT'S SUPPOSED TO MAKE IT ALRIGHT IS IT?" he questioned.

There was no reply as Daniel struggled to release himself from Jake's tight grip. "Answer me" Jake demanded.

Still no reply. "ANSWER ME DAMN YOU" he yelled as he began to shake Daniel back and forth. "I'm sorry" Daniel whimpered as the tears drifted swiftly down his soaked face. "I'm sorry" Jake glared into his best friends big brown eyes. They were red and obviously sore where he had cried so much. Fear encompassed his pupils as he stared back into Jakes angry blue eyes.

"I'm sorry" Daniel repeated once again as he continued to stare back. Jake realised what he was doing and Daniel saw the raw anger begin to drain from his friends now increasingly calm blue eyes. Jake stopped shaking Daniel and slowly removed his hands from the other mans arms. His eyes drifted once again to the floor as he began to feel physically sick at the thought of what he had just done to his best friend. The anger which he had felt take over his body drained away and was replaced with an overwhelming sense of sadness and guilt.

He knew then that something had changed inside of him and that things would never be the same again between him and Daniel. "Forgive me" he pleaded as he glanced back up.

. nothing. Daniel stood perfectly still. His eyes were closed. His lips were trembling, but made no sound. At that moment Jake broke down. He couldn't bear to see his best friend suffering like this knowing that it was down to him and that he was powerless to do anything about it. He burst into tears, turned and ran as fast as he could.

He had to get out of there. He reached the wishing well where he and Daniel and enjoyed so many happy moments together as kids. He stopped and looked back at the alley. Danny was still stood there motionless. Jake considered going back but acknowledged that there was no point.

He had done enough damage for one night so he continued to run. Daniel stood alone in the alley way. His head was empty. "What now" he thought to himself. "Is that it? . After all we've been through is that it? . He's just going to leave me here on my own after all that just happened?

. Well if he thinks I'm gonna come crawling back then he's wrong. . That's it, it's his turn to be sorry!" With that he turned and walked slowly back home. He got back and sat down on his bed. He was exhausted and badly needed to sleep so he removed his clothes and climbed into his soft warm bed.

He was so tired that he didn't even bother to brush his teeth. He just clambered into bed, pulled the sheets over himself and slept, instantly.

He went out like a light. *** The next morning Daniel awoke at 11.30am. That was late for him, he was a morning person who was usually up and ready by 9am at the latest. His head was thumping from the night before. He didn't remember at first as he rolled over to look at his clock. His eyes darted open as he saw the time. He jumped out of bed and headed for the shower. As the hot, cleansing, relaxing water trickled down his skin he began to feel much better. His eyes widened gradually as he started to feel more awake.

.he remembered. .all of a sudden the whole experience came back to the front of his mind. "AAAAAAAHHHHHH" He screamed as he realised what he had done. "Oh my god, what have I done, it wasn't meant to be like that. How could I be so stupid to let him find out in that way?" he questioned in his head.

Bang bang bang. the bathroom door knocked. Daniel almost jumped out of his skin in surprise. "Daniel what's the matter hunny I heard you scream, is everything ok?". It was his mother. She was clearly concerned. Jake had forgotten that his parents were back that day. "Oh, sorry, yeah everything's fine" he replied as he tried to regain his composure. Even with the distraction, Daniel still could not take his mind off of what he had done.

He was beating himself up inside and he badly wanted to speak with Jake. He finished getting ready as quickly as he could and then ran downstairs and straight out of the front door without even saying hello to his parents whom he had not seen in 2 weeks. He sprinted as fast as his feet would carry him to Jakes house.

He reached the opening to the street where Jake lived and he turned onto it. He was in for a big shock! He stopped suddenly as he noticed it. It was outside Jake's house and his parents were stood out in the front garden. They were upset.

It was a police car. Daniel walked cautiously over to where Jake's parents were stood. He knew Jakes parents well as he had spent a great deal of time around them as a kid when he used to visit the house. He had never seen them like this though. He reached them.

"What's going on?" he asked curiously and worried. Jake's father reached out and placed his hand gently on Daniel's left shoulder.

"Danny, I don't quite know how to tell you this but . Jake is missing". *** Everything went quiet. Daniel had completely frozen. His eyes were open and he was looking around. He could see Jake's parents looking at him worryingly. Their mouths were moving and yet Daniel heard no sound. The picture started to drain away as if the entire world was dissolving in front of him into a dull, gloomy, empty darkness.

Jakes parents could only watch as their son's best friend seemed to drift away into another realm. *** "Danny" . "Danny wake up" Daniels eyes crept slowly open. The world was a blur, as if the scenery was spinning around him. "Wha-wha-what's happening?" Daniel murmured. "Danny, just stay calm ok, your alright but we need to get you up off of the ground" said Jake's mum. Daniel was confused; there was just too much going on in his mind.

He was dizzy and everything seemed distant and strange. Eventually he came to his senses and was able to sit up. He felt ok now, not perfect but ok, however, his head was still pounding and he needed to be on his own so that he could try and make some sense of the events which were occurring. "I need to think" he said to Jake's parents who were now on their knees, leaning around him.

With that he stood up and walked calmly and collectively away from Jake's house. He walked to wherever his feet would take him, all the while running over recent experiences in his head. Over and over again the memories rolled around and around whirling repetitively around his head. He remembered details which he had forgotten and tried his very best to piece everything together in the right order to develop his understanding of his life and the lives of those around him.

There were so many thoughts, feelings, emotions and questions flying through his brain. "Why is this happening to me?", "What have I done to deserve this?", "Why has Jake ran off?", "Where is Jake?", "Is he ok?", "God i hope he's ok", "I don't know what I'd do without him".

The thoughts were endless. He was so deep in his own thoughts that he was completely unable to concentrate on where he was going or what he was doing. People stared quizzically at him as he charged blindly past them on the street but he didn't notice, it was all happening so fast. He stopped. Suddenly and randomly out of nowhere a thought occurred to him. "The abandoned farm, I bet he's gone to the abandoned farm". Just outside of the town where Daniel and Jake lived, there was an old abandoned farm.

The two boys used to sneak away sometimes after school or in the summer holidays to the farm and mess around like kids do. They had shared many great times there through childhood and through their early teenage years whether it be playing gun fights or chasing each other around, or as they got older just going and chatting about things.

It was always looked upon by both of them as a place where they could escape to, where they could get away from the madness and the rush of the town. It was quiet, peaceful and tranquil. Every time either of them felt like they needed some time alone, or they wanted to spend time with each other, they would always got to this secret, hidden, out of the way place which seemed to hold some kind of mystical heeling power for them.

With that thought, Daniel spun instantly on his left foot to face the opposite direction. He couldn't be sure that Jake would be there but it was his best bet, so he began to jog gently in the direction of the farm. He jogged back down the same street, retracing his footsteps. He was determined now that he had to find his best friend, had to know that he was safe and that no harm had come to him.

The very thought of anything happening to Jake made his skin crawl. His jog turned into a slow run and the pace kept increasing as he got closer to the junction leading to the main exit road of town. He could see the road now; it wasn't far to the edge of town. He reached the junction and ran straight around the corner onto the main road out of town.

The farm was not far from where he was now and he could almost hear Jakes voice calling to him as he got ever nearer to his destination. He continued to sprint, he was tired and out of breath but he couldn't stop now, he was nearly there. A familiar sight appeared around the long bend in the road. He saw the barn where he had spent so many hours of his short life. He was almost there now and so started to slow down a little to try and catch his breath a little.

He reached the barn and collapsed against a wall. Slowly his breath came back and he could breath again. As soon as he could, he moved on in his quest without hesitation. "Jake!" he yelled out at the top of his voice. "Jake buddy are you here?" There was no reply. Daniel walked slowly towards the enormous, heavy, brown, wooden barn door and began to push it open. The door opened with a deafening squeak. Daniel entered the barn and the heavy door forced itself shut behind him.

It was gloomy and musky in the big, empty, old abandoned barn. Daniel glanced around searching for any sign of life. There was none. The barn was definitely empty.

He turned around to leave the barn and look elsewhere. He searched the door with his hands. To his horror, there was no handle of any kind on the inside of the heavy barn door.

His heart began to race as he tried desperately to find a way of getting out. He pushed against the door with all his might but it wouldn't budge. He was trapped. "Help!" he cried out. There was no response. "Help, please I'm trapped in the barn! . Is there anybody there?". Nothing. There was nothing he could do.

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He was stuck. He figured he would just have to wait and pray that somebody would come looking for him. The problem was, he was on an abandoned farm in the middle of nowhere. As far as Daniel knew, there was only one person other than himself who knew that the place existed. Jake. Daniels chances of escaping depended solely upon the very person who was the reason for Daniel being in the situation in the first place.

It looked bleak. The light started to fade as night fell over the abandoned farm. It was quiet and peaceful, and usually Daniel would have relished the peace. This time though, peace was the last thing he wanted. He was scared, he was cold and he was alone. He longed for someone to find him, someone to be with him, to hold him and to comfort him. He longed for Jake.

He began to shake uncontrollably as the temperature dropped. He decided that he should get up and search the big empty barn for some way of keeping warm. He slowly struggled to his feet and began to glance around. The barn was empty apart from an old rusty tractor in the far left hand corner and some bales of straw behind it.

He knew the straw would be itchy and uncomfortable but he didn't care, he had to find some way of keeping warm. He walked over to the bales and began ripping them apart. He led down on top of one of the bales and grabbed hand full after hand full of the straw and pulled it over himself. After about 10 minutes of doing this, he was feeling much warmer due to the exercise and was sure that the straw would keep him warm enough to survive the night.

All that was left to do for Daniel now was wait. *** Morning. Daniel woke up with sunlight pouring through the many cracks in the walls of the old run down barn, onto his cold, numb face.

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He was itchy all over from the straw and in places, his body bled from where particularly sharp, hard pieces of straw had been digging into his delicate white skin. His body ached all over and he was in pain. He struggled to his feet making bits of straw fly everywhere, tumbling like a waterfall off of his fragile body.

He stumbled carelessly back across to the big wooden doors, hoping and praying that in the daylight, he would be able to find some way of escaping his prison. There was no handle on the huge wooden door, and no way of getting out. He tried everything he could, he pushed, pulled, rammed, tugged and battered but it was no good. He was definitely trapped. He felt completely hopeless. "Oh why do these things always happen to me" he thought as he fell to the floor and began to cry into his hands.

*** Meanwhile back at Jake's house, Jake's parents were worried sick. Jake was still missing and they hadn't seen their son now for nearly two days. Not only that but they had just received the news that Daniel was missing now as well. They felt awful! They didn't have a clue where they're son or Daniel was and they knew that there was nothing they could do to help. They could only wait. They had no idea about the situation Daniel had gotten himself into and it was still a total mystery where Jake was.

In fact, Jake was staying at a just friend's house just around the corner from his house. He just needed to get away from things for a while, he was confused and needed to think. He was feeling much better now and was thinking much more clearly. He had thought about nothing and no one other than Daniel for the past 2 nights and had calmed down by now.

He had realised that he didn't care that Daniel was gay, he was his best friend and he would stand by him and do everything he could to help him get through the torture which he knew that Daniel must be going through in his head. He was just shocked at first that was all and he was a little angry that Daniel, being his best friend, hadn't told him sooner. On the other hand, there was also the fact that Daniel was "in love" with Jake, and it was that which he was still unsure about.

He didn't know what he was going to do, say, or how things were going to change between them in the future. "Hey bro thanks for letting me stay over" Jake said appreciatively to his and Daniels friend Darren, who's house he had stayed at, "It's been a really big help to me and I'll never forget it". "No problem mate, anytime" Darren replied, "You know I'd do anything for you, you're a good friend".

"Alright mate, I should probably get back home, who knows what my parents are thinking?" Jake explained looking back at Darren who was stood outside his front door.

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"Yeah, I bet they're worried out of their minds!" replied Darren thoughtfully. They said goodbye and Jake began to make his way home.

He started to run as he longed to speak to his parents and let them know he was ok, but more importantly, he longed more than anything else to talk to his best friend who he hadn't seen since that night in the alley. He had to let Daniel know that he was still his friend, and that he was there for him and always would be.

He reached his house and slowly, carefully opened the door, not knowing what to expect. His parents leapt for the door as they heard it close and to their relief, there stood their son, safe and unharmed. "Oh Jake hunny your ok!" his mother cried out with relief as she grabbed her precious son tightly and squeezed him into a loving hug. "Where have you been Jake? Your mother and I have been worried out of our minds!" his dad exclaimed, placing his hand on Jake's shoulder.

"I'm ok" Jake said, "I just needed to think that's all. I was staying at Darren's house". "Well we're just relieved that your alright" his mother said as she released him from her hugging grip. "Yeah, I'm sorry guys I should have told you where I was" Jake claimed with a contemplative face. "I'm gonna take a shower and then I need to go and talk to Danny".

There was an awkward silence which filled the room as the atmosphere changed. "What?" Jake questioned as his face dropped. "You may want to sit down son" his dad said in a serious tone. "Oh god, it's Danny isn't it" Jake asked panicking "what's he done?" "Well, to be honest, we. we don't know. The truth is, well. nobody knows. He's just disappeared." Jakes dad answered sympathetically.

Without hesitation, Jake grabbed his coat and ran out of the door. He ran to Daniels house to see if maybe he was back and that maybe he just hadn't told anyone yet. No luck! He sprinted around the town checking every place he could think of. He tried the park, the wishing well, the club, everywhere.

He was exhausted by now and was trembling and worrying like mad. Daniel was nowhere to be seen! He stopped and sat on a bench near the library. He needed to catch his breath and it gave the young man an opportunity to think. Jake ran through a list of all the places he had checked. "That's it, that's just about everywhere in town" he thought helplessly to himself. Then it sunk in. There was one last place, one last place which wasn't in town, one last place which gave him hope, this wasn't over yet!

*** Daniel had now been stuck in the horrible, old, smelly barn for what seemed to him like an absolute age! He was tired, he was hungry and felt like the whole world was against him, but above all he was lonely.

The memories of the past week were all Daniel could think about as he sat alone in the middle of his vast, empty prison, thinking, thinking, thinking. Wondering if he was ever going to make it out! "You what Danny, come on you can tell me". "I'M IN FUCKING LOVE WITH YOU!!!". Those two ominous sentences kept repeating themselves over and over in his mind. He felt like he was going crazy! "Danny, I don't quite know how to tell you this but .

Jake is missing". The memory of Jake's dad informing him of his best friend's disappearance, all because of something he had done. Daniel quivered as he acknowledged the scale of the mess he was in. He worried about Jake, he prayed that he was alright. Whatever happened to himself, he just wanted Jake to be safe.

His heart bled as he began to sob uncontrollably into his hands as he curled himself up into a ball on the cold, hard floor of the barn. Then, out of nowhere, footsteps! Footsteps which grabbed Daniels attention like gunfire in a crowded place! This was his chance, possibly his only chance for help! He cried out; "Help!" as he struggled to raise his voice to its highest volume! "Help I'm trapped in here!" He screamed desperately as the footsteps got closer! "Danny"!

he heard call back to him, "Danny can you hear me buddy, are you there?". Daniel's breath picked up and his heart raced as he immediately identified the panicked voice of the man he was in love with!

"Jake!" he yelled, "Jake I'm in here, please help me!" he burst into tears. "Danny I hear you, I'm coming!" Jake replied emotionally as he listened to the panicked, upset words blaring from the barn.

"Ja-a-a-ake!!" he sobbed as the tears streamed down his scratched face from is swollen, tired eyes. Jake ran up to the barn as fast as he could and grabbed the mighty wooden door. He pulled with all his strength and to the relief of the two worn down boys, the enormous, heavy wooden door swung open releasing Daniel from his prison!

Danny ran into the brilliant sunlight, relieved! He was free! More importantly, Jake was safe. He latched onto his best friend and Jake hugged him back with a tight grip as they both cried into the others shoulder.

"I'm so glad you're ok" Jake wept as he tried to calm his very emotional friend! "Oh Jake" Daniel cried "I thought I was a goner"! "Well it's alright now buddy, your safe, I'm here" Jake replied in a soft, calming tone. Danny said nothing. He just clutched Jake tightly with his arms as the sun beat down upon them.

Jake hugged back and began to run Daniel's back to comfort him. Daniel's heart beat slowed as he melted into the embrace and he began to relax. He felt safe in Jake's arms and didn't want the moment to ever end. Jake sensed the panic drain from the other boys body as silence fell over them. "Ok, buddy are you alright now, my arms are getting numb" Jake asked sensitively. "Yeah, I'm sorry" Daniel answered with a hint of laughter in his voice, "I'm just so happy to see you that's all".

"Yeah I know mate, let's go sit down". "Ok". They broke the hug and walked slowly around to the field at the back of the barn where they usually sat and talked when they came to the abandoned farm together. They sat down, exhausted on the soft grass. Jake pretty much collapsed on the floor after running all around the village looking for Danny, then running all the way to the farm as quickly as he could.

He was shattered! Jake led on his back with his arms by his sides and shut his eyes to give them a break. Daniel sat next to him contemplating what he had put this guy though recently. He looked at Jake's exhausted face which was red and sweaty. Even though he was clearly not at his best, to Daniel, he still looked gorgeous!

His soft smooth skin glistened with the sweat in the sunlight. His bright red lips standing out from the pinky/white skin. "So cute" Daniel thought to himself secretly as his eyes drifted down to his best friend's chest and torso.

He wanted so badly to reach out and touch the firm muscles on Jake's chest but he couldn't. Daniel's brown eyes looked back to Jake's face to make sure his eyes were still closed. They were. He looked back down to Jake's chest muscles which he could see pulsating through his sweaty white t-shirt. Down his eyes continued to drift to his slender stomach which again, he yearned to touch. He couldn't resist it, he had to look down that little bit further to his crotch. He looked. "Wow" he thought as he stared at the bulge!

"What would it be like to have that in my mouth?" he wondered, oblivious to the fact that Jakes eyes were suddenly fixed on his own!

"Danny." Jake exclaimed quizzically. "What?" Daniel replied startled.


"I know you're in love with me, and I know your gay, and I'm ok with that buddy, your my friend and I will stand by you no matter what," Jake said "but I am a little uncomfortable with you staring at my cock like that".

Daniel paused for a second as he realised he had been caught. "I'm sorry," he said regret in his voice "I can't help it though. You have no idea how hard it is for me. You lay there in front of my looking beautiful and I can't take my eyes off of you! You think I wanna be like this? You think I haven't tried not to be in love with you? I can't help it Jake, i want you so bad that it's killing me inside. When I see you with girls when we go to the club, and when you talk about them and how you wanna do stuff with them, I fell like I wanna die Jake!".

"Ok, don't get upset on me again" Jake said as his vibrant blue eyes looked calmly into Daniel's brown ones, "I understand that you can't change who you love, it's ok, I told you". There was quiet for a while as they both just rested for a minute or two. "You really feel that strongly about me Danny?" Jake questioned, kind of flattered. Daniel looked at him directly in the eye and melted at the look he was getting from him.

"Yeah" he answered quietly in a high pitched voice. "Ha-ha, I kind of like that" he giggled. "Really?" Danny smiled, "I'm surprised"! "Me too" They both laughed together as they gazed into each other's eyes. For the first time ever, Jake realised how good looking Danny was. He noticed the big beautiful brown eyes and dazzling smile on his best friends face.

He felt confused at this new found side of him but at the same time, he sort of liked it, and he kind of wanted to explore further. At this point the laughter had stopped and Danny noticed that the eye contact had been going on for much longer than usual. He suddenly felt incredibly nervous as his eyes darted away from Jake's and to the floor.

This broke Jake's trance and he realised what just happened. There was silence again as they both stared at the floor. Then it was broken. "Jake?" "Yeah Danny" "Do you." Daniel paused questioning in his mind whether or not he should finish the sentence. "Do I what?" Jake interrupted. "Do you think I'm good looking?" "Ummm, I suppose so" Jake said cautiously and nervously.

Danny smiled as they made eye contact again. "Why did you ask?" Jake asked pretending he didn't know that Danny was obviously coming on to him! He never thought he could feel like this about another guy but in the last 10 minutes or so, he had experienced feelings for Danny and was curious, so he played along. Daniel struggled to find a non-committing answer which he could cover up with some random story if it all went wrong, but he couldn't think. "I saw you looking at me earlier," Danny answered, "I'm a bit confused that's all, I thought you were uncomfortable with that".

"Yeah," Jake agreed "so did I until your little speech earlier. I don't know, I guess I'm a little curious" he smiled. "Curious?" Jake looked down at the floor, a little bit ashamed at the situation.

"It's ok Jake, this is good, you know how I feel so lets just get everything out in the open so we both know where we stand ok?" Daniel said emotionally and with understanding in his voice.

Jake looked back up into his friends big brown eyes, which he loved more and more every time he gazed into them. Then, suddenly without warning, he reached over and grabbed the back of Daniel's head. He pulled his face close to his own and kissed him roughly on the lips. Danny was taken by surprise and resisted at first but as he realised what was happening he relaxed and began to kiss back, closing his eyes.

This caused Jake to relax as well as the kiss became more passionate. To his surprise, Jake found that he was really enjoying the kiss and this made him want more.

He opened his lips and pushed his tongue through into Danny's mouth. Their tongues were set free to explore each other's mouths as they danced around, getting to know every part of the other boy's mouth.

Daniel was in heaven but then, Jake pulled back and broke the kiss. "I'm sorry, I should have asked first" Jake said as he realised what he had just done. Daniel just looked at him adoringly and put his finger on his friend's lips.

He smiled and said "I didn't know you had it in you, that was amazing". "Neither did I," Jake laughed, "It just kind of happened". "Did you like it Jake"? "I did" Jake replied flirtatiously. "hmmm, in that case, I think you should take me home, I have an idea" Daniel muttered seductively as he winked. "Are you sure you want to go home, wouldn't you rather stay here in this big empty old field with me?" "hmmm, maybe that could work" Daniel beamed with a huge grin. Daniel leapt over and threw himself on top of Jake as he pinned him to the ground.

"I've waited a long time for this". Pinned to the soft grassy ground, Jake felt a rush of adrenalin surge over his entire body! He had never experienced anything like it. Jake saw the burning desire, beaming out from his friend's big, beautiful brown eyes. This was a sight which was new to him, and also one which made him hungry for more! He never knew that he could have ever felt this way about another guy! In the past when he had thought about this kind of thing, it made him feel uncomfortable, insecure and a little bit uneasy.

Now though, it was actually happening and to his surprise and delight, he felt completely comfortable. It felt natural. He was in love!

Daniel just sat there for a minute and paused, taking in the moment. He had never felt happier than he did right then! He had waited so long for this moment and now it was here. He finally had the opportunity to do what he had been yearning to do for years! With his legs either side of Jake's warm slender thighs, he stared lovingly down, gazing lustfully into the gorgeous blue eyes of the man he loved.

Feeling the warmth between them, the emotions seemed to leap out of Jake's brain and take control of his entire being! He felt the bulge in his trousers stirring uncontrollably as his dick began to thicken. Gazing into Danny's eyes, he gave a mischievous grin and immediately Danny knew what Jake wanted!

Danny leaned down, pushing his cute red lips onto Jake's hot pink ones. They kissed passionately, massaging each other's mouths. Jake was the first to open his mouth, eager to let his tough slide though into Danny's waiting mouth so that he could explore some more. Savouring every second, Danny opened his eyes so that he could look at Jake. He was in awe at how gorgeously stunning he looked as their tongues danced together. Jake opened his eyes and they made eye contact and the situation heated.

Romance was in the air and they were both all over each other. Neither one of them could take their hands off the other. Rubbing, feeling, touching, lovingly stroking each other's smooth, firm bodies.

They closed their eyes as Jake's hands roamed down to Danny's sexy round ass. Danny broke the kiss as he moaned with pleasure at the intimate touch. "God I love you" Danny remarked lustfully. "Haha, I know" Jake replied teasingly, "now shut up and give me some more of that hot tongue action!" Danny tried to respond with a witty comeback but before he could think of what to say, his mouth was invaded once more by Jake's hot, slippery tongue!

They both moaned together as their cocks twitched simultaneously. Taking that as a hint, Danny started dry humping his new lover, thrusting his rock hard dick into Jake's groin, all the while maintaining their passionate kiss. Suddenly, Jake grabbed Danny's ass cheeks firmly and began kneading them like dough, forcing Danny to thrust faster and harder. Jake couldn't take it anymore, he grabbed hold of Danny's hips and rolled him over dominantly, deciding that it was his turn to pin the other to the ground!

"Why I never did this ages ago, I'll never know!" Jake said seductively, "you're so fuckin' hot man!" "Hahaha, me neither!" Danny laughed. Jake latched onto the bottom of Danny's t-shirt and rapidly pulled it up over his head. He disposed of the garment quickly, throwing it to the ground! Daniel smiled with pleasure as his round, pink nipples were hungrily circled by Jake's wet tongue.

Jake felt the nipples harden and expand as he licked them, switching between the two like a wild animal feasting on some poor defenceless animal. They both loved every second though. Danny moaned loudly as waves of electricity shuddered through his body each time Jake's tongue flickered over the top of his erect nipples. "Ohhh that feels good!" Danny practically shouted!

That comment turned Jake on even more and encouraged him to take the next step! Jake paused for a moment and looked up at Daniel's face. He watched as his friend looked back at him, confusion on his face. "What's wrong?" Danny questioned nervously, fearing that there might be something wrong. Jake smiled at him, acknowledging that his reaction to the pause was very cute.

"Nothing's wrong" he giggled playfully, "I just thought I'd tease you a bit". "Aww man" Jake replied relieved, "don't do that to me, you had me worried there!" "Oh, I'm sorry baby, I didn't mean to worry you". Danny smiled at Jakes choice of language and this signalled back to Jake that all was good.

"Now where was I?" Jake chuckled flirtatiously. "I think you were about to go down on me weren't you" Danny said suggestively. "Oh you think so do you, you cocky little so and so!" Jake joked, finding that he enjoyed this new part of their relationship, "so what if I was actually about to get up and mouth rape you instead huh?" he asked jokingly.

"Bring it on big boy!" Danny laughed. With that, they began to playfully wrestle each other, each trying to prove their dominance over the other.

In the end, it was Danny who won the fight and was again on top of Jake. The wrestling stopped and there was a pause again as they made loving, sensual eye contact. Without messing about any longer, Danny returned the favour of releasing Jake from his t-shirt. He swiftly whipped it over his head and threw it to the side. He then kissed Jake passionately on the lips once again, savouring the taste of his lover. Then his proceeded to kiss down his jaw line, neck and down to his chest.

He briefly stopped at the nipples to play around a little and explore, but he now had his mind set on other things! He was hungry, and you can probably guess what for! When he was satisfied with his work on Jake's nipples, he carried on kissing his way down to his perfectly sculpted, but not overly worked abs.

He quickly learned that this was one of his favourite parts of Jake's body as he kissed and licked his belly all over. "Aww come on stop teasing, you're driving me wild!" Jake moaned. Danny chose to ignore this and carried on his business. Eventually he was satisfied with his work on Jake's abs and decided enough was enough.

As Daniel finished exploring Jake's abs with his mouth, he rubbed his hands up his leg and onto Jake's tight crotch. He felt Jake's rock hard dick throbbing beneath his hand as it cried out for attention! It craved freedom as it pushed against the stiff fabric of Jake's trousers. Without delay, Danny slowly removed the other boy's belt, and seductively undid the button on the top of his trousers. The cold zipper then flowed smoothly down to its base, giving the raging monster a little more freedom, now only restricted to the thinner boxer shorts.

Danny paused and looked Jake directly in the eye, this time with a serious and very sexy look on his face. Jakes cock twitched and spasmed as he watched Danny's head slowly sink down. Next, came a feeling which was better than anything Jake had ever experienced! Danny's hot, wet mouth, suddenly gripped Jake's throbbing penis through the soft material of his boxer shorts. Jake moaned extremely loudly at the complete ecstasy which he found himself in! The quick, wet, flickering tongue began to massage Jake's aching hard on.

Now it was getting serious! Danny could sense that Jake loved it which spurred him on more, knowing that he must be doing something right. He bit gently at the thin material of the boxer shorts so as not to hurt Jake. He secured the material between his glowing white teeth and made a sexy growling noise as he aggressively tugged the shorts down, pulling his trousers down first with his hands.

Jake now led on this soft grassy ground of the field next to the barn, completely naked. The sight really was something to behold and both boys were now hornier than they had ever been in their lives! Not wanting to wait any longer, Jake decided that it was time to release the hard on which was clearly raging in Danny's trousers at that point.

So, before Danny had a chance to get his face back to Jake's crotch, Jake took the opportunity to sit up whilst Danny was down by his feet. He followed this up by standing on his bare feet and pulling Danny up with him. It was like a movie scene as these two hot, sexy young studs stood together in the middle of the big, empty, lush, green field, one completely butt naked and the other topless with a raging boner, making a large tent in his crotch region.

All the while the hot, bright sun beat down upon them. They kissed passionately again, but the kiss was broken quickly as Jake got down on his knees.

Jake undid the buckle on the front of Danny's belt. He slid the 2 parts of the belt apart and moved onto the button. He sleekly and smoothly undid the button, and then slid the cold metal zipped down to its base. Daniels trousers fell to the ground when Jake let go of them and Danny eagerly stepped out of them. Danny couldn't wait for Jake to make his next move. Feeling hungry, Danny grabbed his own boxers and pushed them down his legs. "hahaha" Jake laughed with the biggest smile on his face, "getting impatient are we?".

"I can't help it, your making me sooo hot baby!" came the reply. Jake could feel the hunger in the atmosphere which had formed thickly around them. Jake looked in awe as Danny's cock stood up proudly in front of his face.

"wow" he commented, "Danny you dick is huge!" Danny smiled down at him. His cock was a huge 9 ½ inches and he was very proud of it. He considered it to be the best part of his body, and now that Jake had seen it, he liked it as well. Jake was hungry! He really wanted to suck on the enormous instrument before him.

The problem was, he had never done it before. Jake had always thought of himself as straight and he wasn't entirely sure what to do. He just knelt there for a while and stared. Danny looked down at him, curious about the pause. "What's wrong babe?" Danny asked. "Nothing, nothing it's just, it's just that umm." "What? Come on Jake there's no need to be nervous" Danny said with sympathy in his voice. "It's just that, I'm new to this".

"Haha, that's ok, I guess I'll have to show you how it's done then" Danny chuckled flirtatiously as he winked. Not wanting to wait, Danny went down to his knees so that he was at eye level with Jake.

He looked lovingly into Jake's eyes. Jake looked back at him but Danny couldn't help but notice the nervousness in Jake's lovable deep blue eyes. Danny smiled sweetly as Jake gazed back into his big brown eyes. "Jake. if you don't want to do this, we can stop. I love you and I don't want to make you do anything that you don't want to do." Jake paused for a second and thought. He looked sheepishly at the ground and Danny could see that he had doubts.

"It's ok Jake; I can see that you are nervous. If you're not ready then we can wait." "No.I.I want to but. I'm just nervous Danny. I've never done anything like this before." Danny smiled and kissed Jake on the cheek before saying "Jake you don't have to be nervous, it's ok, we all have to start somewhere, I understand.

I had to go through it too and it's hard. You know that you can trust me. You know me, and you know I would never do anything to hurt you. I love you Jake!" "I love you too Danny" Jake replied, "I don't even know why I'm nervous; I'm just being stupid that's all!" They stopped for a while and just let their eyes flicker between the other's; admiring, enjoying, falling even more in love with each other.

These two young men, within less than a week of Danny confessing to Jake that he loved him, were already here, at this stage, kissing, sitting naked before each other at the place, the abandoned farm, where they had so many memories, good and bad, from every stage of their lives so far.

Danny couldn't help but feel that maybe they were moving too fast in their relationship. Maybe Jake needed some time to think, adapt, and admit to himself that he was completely in love with his best friend. Jake chuckled, "You look like you're in deep thought there buddy". Danny smiled, still looking into Jake's blue eyes, "I am. . Do you think that maybe. I don't know . maybe we are moving too quickly with this? I mean, we've both had a lot to deal with lately, what with me going mad and running away," he smiled slightly, "you having to chase me down every five minutes.

Then you have to go through the confusion of finding out that I love you. I've put you through a lot haven't I? I . I'm sorry Jake." Immediately Jake saw the sadness creep over Danny's face and he replied as soon as he noticed, "Yes, yes Danny you have put me through a lot," a pause, "but it's alright! Let's face it I didn't exactly make life easy for you did I?

My reaction to what you said the other night was pathetic! If anyone should be sorry it's me. I've been a jerk about the whole thing Danny and I promise you, hand on heart, I will do whatever it takes to make it up to you!" "Anything?" Danny responded suggestively. Jake's face lit up at that moment when the biggest smile crept across his gorgeous face. He loved the fact that Danny wanted him so badly. That's when he realised that he wanted Danny too. He wanted Danny more than anything else.

Right at that moment something clicked in his head and he knew that he didn't need any more time. He knew what he wanted. He was 100% sure and nothing, NOTHING, was going to get in his way! Surprise was what Danny felt next; he was taken completely by surprise as Jake's hot wet tongue hit the tip of his now soft cock.

Jake moved so quickly that Danny didn't even see him as he somehow managed to get his head from where it was, to where Danny's crotch was quicker than Danny could blink! Danny got the message. Jake was ready! Jake's hot wet tongue gently caressed the head of Daniel's dick as it circled delicately around it. Danny moaned in pleasure as his body shuddered in ecstasy. His penis began to thicken rapidly as it was worked hungrily by the slippery tongue which proceeded to violate it.

Jake knew that he must have been doing something well as his pretty blue eyes shifted up Danny's toned body to his face. Danny looked lost in a different world as his head tilted backward. His eyes were closed tightly and his pink lips were wide open as if he was trying to speak but couldn't bring the words to his lips. Jake's concentration shifted back to the job at hand as his tongue went wild over the tip of the huge, now fully erect 9 ½ inch cock which stood proud before his youthful good looking face.

He took a second to prepare himself for the next stage. Although this was a first time experience for him, he knew what to do. He had seen it done before when he had seen porn movies on the internet and he had received a blow job once from one of the girls that he hooked up with at the club where he and Danny would drink sometimes.

The same club they were at on the night that Danny came out to him. Jake paused momentarily, but within no time at all he was ready. He wanted Danny's cock so bad! Jake leaned in closer to Daniel's enormous throbbing hard penis. The pleasure was immense for Danny as Jakes soft, moist lips slid sensually over the end of his rod! "Ooooooooooooohhhhhh!!!!!" Danny moaned loudly. "You like that?" Jake asked in the most seductive voice he could manage. "Yeeeaaaaahhhh!!!" Jake continued to glide his caressing lips up and down Danny's shaft.

Danny was overwhelmed with pleasure. He could not believe how good Jake was at sucking his dick! This was Jake's first time, he had no experience and just five minutes ago he was so nervous that he couldn't do anything but stare at his cock. Now, here he was sucking Danny's cock like he was born to do it!

It was the greatest feeling that Danny had ever experienced, he was loving it, and Jake was too. Jake had always been adventurous and loved trying new things. He found that he loved sucking Danny's cock. It gave him an opportunity to explore, and try things which he never thought he would do.

His tongue worked away at the fat, throbbing head as his lips continued sliding over the long shaft of his lover's solid pole. He explored with his tongue, tasting every part of Danny's dick. It tasted so good, salty, sweet and sour all at the same time. Time flew by and minute after minute seemed to fly past them as they had the time of their lives!

Danny was getting hot now and didn't know how much longer he could last. A drop of sticky pre-cum landed on Jakes tongue and he lapped it up eagerly, excited to find out what it tasted like.

By now he was so turned on by the situation that his own cock was fully hard between his legs and desperately needed attention, so he grabbed it with his left hand and began to jerk it slowly while he gave Danny a blow job. "Keep on like this and I'm gonna cum" Danny commented in a deep, sexy voice. Jake looked up at him with his cock still in his mouth and winked. That was it! That wink sent him over the top, it was so sexy when he did that! He couldn't hold back any longer!

He was past the point of no return! Spurt after spurt of hot cum erupted out of Danny's giant dick! The back of Jakes throat was violated by a stream of sticky man jizz! Jake gulped and swallowed as quickly as he could but the quantity of cum was massive!

Danny had never ejaculated that much before and Jake could not swallow it all! It seeped out from the sides of Jakes tightly gripping mouth. Streams of cum trickled down his smooth sexy face. The sight only made Danny cum more! It was so sexy!

Jake enjoyed the taste of the hot semen. He had always wondered what it tasted like and a couple of times he wanted to taste his own but never could build up the confidence to do it. He continued to work Danny's dick as he swallowed the cum which remained in his mouth. He could feel that Danny was getting soft now and figured it was time to stop. He pulled his head back and Danny's limp penis plopped out of his mouth. He licked his lips, trying to clean up the cum which was running down his face.

"Here let me help you with that" Danny said with a huge grin on his face and he leaned in towards Jake and kissed him even more passionately that before. He tasted his own cum inside Jake's hot mouth and he followed the kiss up by licking his cum up from his best friend and lover's face.

When he was done, he pulled away and sat down on the soft grass for a second. "That was so good Jake! Are you sure that was your first time?

You sucked me like a pro man!" "Ye-heah," Jake giggled, "I'm glad you liked it!" That's when Danny noticed Jake's 8 inch dick sticking straight upwards against his toned hard stomach.

"Looks like you enjoyed that too!" Danny laughed looking down at Jake's rod with his big brown eyes. Jake just laughed back and looked down at his throbbing manhood.

"Well then sexy boy, I guess I'm gonna have to show you an experience that you will never forget!" "Oh and what do you have in mind there Danny boy?" "Ha-ha, wanna find out?" "Yeah." Jake replied lovingly before kissing Daniel quickly on his cheek, "but that can wait 'til later.

We really need to get back home. Your parents are worried sick about you!". Contemplating in his head, Jake suddenly felt a wave of guilt rush over his entire body. He felt guilty not because of what he had just done, but because of the time at which he had done it. He bowed his head in shame and Danny immediately noticed the concerned expression on his face!

"What's up baby?" Danny asked wearing a concerned expression. Jake said nothing. He looked up into those eyes. To his surprise, the look in Danny's eyes told a story of happiness. Jake couldn't help but smile slightly when he acknowledged the pleasure which he had provided the other man with.

He gazed deeply into those big brown orbs which invited him into the soul of the man he was now deeply in love with. "You know," Jake said, "it's amazing what you can tell by looking someone in the eye". Danny looked at Jake as if to say "what the hell are you talking about", but he didn't say it.

Jake giggled foolishly, likening Danny's body language to that of a small puppy with those cute brown eyes wide open and glazed over, and his head tilted to the side. Jake was pretty sure that if he could of done it, Danny's ears would be sticking up! "C'mon, lets go," Jake exclaimed, "It's gonna get dark soon"! "Okay, I guess we should start thinking about heading home". So gradually they stood up, gathered their scattered clothes and got dressed. As the two exhausted young men began to walk back towards the quiet roads outside of the abandoned farm, Danny stopped abruptly and grabbed Jake's sweaty hand.

Jake, taken a little by surprise, was wrenched backwards as Danny firmly gripped his hand. He swung around and smiled but the smile gradually disappeared as he saw the serious expression on Daniel's face. "What's up?" he questioned. Danny reached out for his other hand and grabbed it so that he now had hold of both of Jake's hands and said nervously, "Jake, I want you to promise me something".

"What?" was the simple response. "I don't want you to tell my parents, or anyone about any of this." Jake paused, unsure of what he should say, but eventually answered with, "Danny, you know that I would do anything for you, I always have done, and I always will do, but.".

"But what Jake? Come on, please I'm begging you!" Danny interrupted panicking. "BUT!" Jake repeated louder, "I don't know if I can lie to your parents about this, this is a serious thing Danny". "I know but I really don't want anybody to hear about this".

"About what?" Jake questioned with growing concern. "About any of this!" Danny practically shouted. Jake just gazed at him confused and worried, his eyes doing that familiar trick of dancing and flickering between those of his friend.

He was truly puzzled, not knowing what to think, his brain started working overtime. What was Danny really worried about people knowing, about being trapped in the barn, or about them being together?

In a soft, sort of vulnerable, weak, emotional voice he asked, "Is it that you don't want people to know about us, about how we feel about each other, or that you want to hide the fact that you locked yourself in the barn?". Danny's point of vision drifted to the ground. "Danny. . Danny what's the problem, you need to tell me otherwise I can't do anything about it. Let me help you Danny. Whatever it is that's making you act like this all of a sudden, you have to talk to me about it you hear me?".

"I want to tell you Jake but it's complicated". Danny stared into Jake's calming blue eyes and sought comfort as he saw the understanding, and caring concern from deep inside of the guy he had been friends with for as long as he could remember.

He wanted nothing more than to blurt out the entire story, and get it all out in the open. The problem he had was that he was scared of what it would mean if he let go of his secret. He was scared of the consequences that he would have to face, but at the same time, he knew that he could trust Jake, and that however he reacted at first, that Jake would be there for him and support him in the end.

Danny had always considered himself very lucky to have Jake as his best friend, he was always there when he needed him, always by his side to comfort and care for him when he needed somebody who he could rely on. "Danny, it's ok, whatever it is you can tell me".

Daniel had heard that line before, just before he told Jake that he was in love with him. That time though, Jake's reaction was less than comforting and Danny didn't want to risk them falling out like that again. If they hadn't fallen out over that the last time, they wouldn't even be in this mess.

All of this added to his uncertainty. "Okay Jake," Danny said seriously as he continued to make eye contact, "I will tell you, but you have to promise me that you won't flip out at me like you did last time. I don't want this to turn into a huge drama like last time. And I still don't want you to tell anyone about any of this shit that's been happening lately ok?" "Fine!" Jake responded acceptingly. "I won't say anything".

Danny took a deep breath. "Huh," he sighed, "well obviously, you know that I'm gay" "Obviously!" Jake replied. Danny stared down at the dirty gravel covered ground, trying to find the right words.

"Well you . you are the only person Jake . and, and ." "Yeah I figured that out already from the way you acted that night at the club, but you've got to tell everyone sometime right?" Jake asked, "Hey, I'm in the same situation as well, nobody knows about me except you, alright so I'm bi .

I guess . and maybe that's different to being gay, but I'm still going to have to tell everyone." Danny interrupted before Jake could say anything further, "Yeah but it's not that simple for me!".

"What are you talking about? Of course it is, you just have to explain it to people and they will understand!". "But that's just it Jake! Not everyone does understand, some people hate it, they think that the whole thing is wrong, sick . unnatural!" "And do you think that?!" "No, of course I don't but." "But what? Isn't that all that matters? Danny believe me, if people really care about you, and I know a lot of people who do, then they aren't going to be bothered by the fact that your gay!

As long as you're happy they won't care! If people really care about you then the fact that you're happy is what should really be important to them." "BUT THEY WILL FUCKING CARE!" Danny screamed as he burst out crying, tears immediately gushing down his face. Danny ran off down the road, barely able to see as his vision of the world blurred and distorted as he continued to cry more and more. Jake didn't understand what was up with him; he just knew that something was clearly not right.

He ran after him, still exhausted after the mad day that he'd had. "Danny!" he shouted, "Danny wait up!" "Leave me alone, you don't understand Jake!" "No you're right I don't!" Jake panted, trying his best to catch Danny but failing miserably as he ran, "But, if you . don't tell me . then . then I never will!" Danny ran quicker, not wanting to allow Jake to see him in this state, not wanting to talk about the reason why he wanted Jake to remain silent. Faster and faster he ran, picking up incredible speed even though he had been locked in a barn for well over 24 hours, and had been fooling around with Jake in between.

He was now running so fast that Jake was unable to keep up with him.

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He sprinted faster than he'd ever ran before, as if trying to escape from a pack of hungry wolves! Jake ran as fast as he could to try and keep up with Danny but there was nothing he could do but watch as Danny edged away from him.

Then, he watched in horror as a flicker of light temporarily blinded him and he saw it! A truck. `Oh shit!` Jake thought to himself as he came grinding to a halt. "DANNY LOOK OUT!" he yelled out, almost straining his voice with the sheer volume of his scream!

Danny's eyes widened and the tears seemed to vanish instantly as his vision became crystal clear. Neither of them will ever forget the horrible, violent, piercing screech which howled through their heads as all of the trucks massive tires locked up and scraped across the surface of the road when the burly truck driver stomped on the brake pedal of the gigantic articulated truck!

Danny suddenly reacted and Jake could only stand back and watch, terrified as Danny threw himself into the air using all the energy he had left as he leapt for his life! Daniel went flying though the air! SMACK! He hit the ground, landing flat on his face at the side of the dusty road as the monstrous truck screamed past the spot where Jake was previously stood and eventually slid to a stop. Jake was horrified as the man he loved laid motionless, face down at the side of the road. He started to run again until he reached the spot where Danny was led.

"Danny!" He exclaimed as he grabbed his friends shoulder and flipped him onto his back. Jake panicked when he saw the blood pouring from Danny's nose down his youthful face. "Danny talk to me, please Danny, please just say something, oh god Danny just say something! ANYTHING!" Jake squealed trembling with fear, hoping that his best friend wasn't badly hurt. "I'm alright" Danny replied as his big brown eyes opened and stared back at Jake, who now held Danny's head in his hands. "I think I broke my arm though" He moaned in agony.

Jake wept as he pulled Daniel carefully up off of the ground towards his own body, grabbing both of his shoulders. He wrapped his arms around his best friend, crying in relief as he tried his best to avoid his arm as they embraced.

They both knew that Daniel had been very lucky to keep his life, but they said nothing. They didn't have to. Suddenly their attention was grabbed by the sound of a door closing. It was the truck driver. Danny and Jake looked blankly into each other's eyes, unsure of what to expect from the big, burly driver as he stomped towards them. Would he be angry that he was forced to stomp on the brakes? Or happy that everybody was ok? Simultaneously, both emotionally drained young men turned their heads to face the driver, trying to identify from his body language what kind of mood he was in.

The driver was a giant compared to Danny and Jake, towering above them and with a much wider build. This made him instantly intimidating to both of them.

They're thought processes were broken when the driver said; "Are you boy's ok? It's a good thing you dived or I don't think you'd be stood there right now!" "Uh, yeah I think so" Danny answered confidently. "What about your arm?" the man said as he reached them and stopped, noticing the intimidated and slightly scared look on their faces, "it looks hurt, is it broken?" "I think so," Danny said holding his left arm up with his right hand, "it sure as hell hurts enough to be!" "Okay, is it just your arm that hurts?" "Yes sir" "You can call me Bill, we should probably call your parents and explain to them what happened, do you have a mobile phone?" "No, please don't make me call my parents" Daniel said in a moment of panic as Jake glared at him quizzically, "I.I don't want to worry them!" "Danny.?" Jake responded questioningly in a concerned tone.

"Jake, please, I don't want them to hear about this." "What, do you think that they won't notice a broken arm?" Jake responded wondering what the hell Danny was thinking of.

"Don't be stupid Daniel, they're going to find out!". "Just leave it, please. for me." The truck driver butted in saying "Well alright but at least let me drive you to the hospital".

"Well, I don't wanna cause you any more hassle Bill." "Yes," Jake interrupted, "yes, it would be great if you could give us a lift, that's very kind of you Bill". "Really," Bill acknowledged, "it's the least I can do". Danny gave Jake an evil look as he reluctantly followed Bill towards the truck. Jake rolled his eyes in annoyance and then slowly followed after him. *** At the hospital, Jake sat impatiently in the waiting area as Danny was being taken care of by the nurses.

Bill had already left because he had to get his shipment to London later that night and thanks to this, he was already behind schedule. Jake tapped his feet on the shiny white hospital floor, nothing to do but sit and wait.

He looked around the room reading the boring posters which offered him advice about various illnesses and problems, all of which he didn't have. Then, he noticed the red payphone in the corner of the waiting room.

It was as if it was calling him, luring him over, persuading him to pick it up. He had a few coins in his pocket and wondered if he should call his parents to let them know where he was. Then he thought about calling Danny's parents. He knew that Danny really didn't want him to, but he didn't know why and deep down inside, he thought that they really ought to know what the situation was.

He decided to do it. He didn't understand what Danny was talking about. `They have to know` he thought as he walked over to the phone. He pulled the loose change out from his pocket, picked out what he needed and inserted it into the slot. He was just about to dial the number when he heard a voice say "alright then, you just need to change the dressing twice a week and I'll see you in 2 weeks time".

The voice cut through his thoughts and brought him back into the real world! He had no time to react. "Okay thank you". Danny replied to the nurse. Jake slammed the phone down and turned around quickly to see Daniel glaring at him from the other end of the empty white room.

"How did it go?" Jake blurted out trying to act casual, but Danny saw right though his act. "You didn't?!" Danny questioned sounding upset. Jake paused for a second and just stared back at his friend with a blank facial expression. He considered trying to cover up what he was about to do before he was interrupted but decided that it was probably best to tell him the truth.

"Huh," he groaned, "no, I didn't . but I was going to." Danny noticed the guilt in his body language as he looked down at the shiny white floor slouching, but he was still upset and annoyed by this; "But you promised me Jake, you promised me you wouldn't say anything. You lied to me!" At that moment, Jake knew that he had messed up. He could sense the hurt that he had caused Danny to feel as he hung his head in shame.

"Sorry Daniel". "Well that makes two of us then doesn't it". "I just thought." "Well you thought wrong! . Look, it doesn't matter now anyway, let's just go home, I'm tired. We can talk about this tomorrow". Jake didn't say anything. There was nothing he could say, he felt so ashamed. They headed out of the hospital in silence. The bus journey back to the neighbourhood where the two young men lived was like torture.

They went the whole way without saying a single word to one another. It wasn't that they didn't have anything to talk about; they clearly had a number of problems to sort out, but now was neither the time, nor the place.

Daniel and Jake were both exhausted. They had been through so much in the last week or so that nothing really made sense any more. They needed time; Time to think, Time to adjust, Time to decide what they wanted in the future and how they were going to get what they wanted.

Everything had been happening so quickly. It was like they were caught in a violent storm which was pushing them along giving them no control over where they were going or what they were doing. They needed it all to stop for a while.

*** 11AM the next morning. Both boys were at home. Both were in their own beds. Both were safe, and their parents were relieved. They were both awake by now after sleeping better than they had ever slept before. Due to the extent of their mental and physical exhaustion the day before, they had no trouble sleeping at all regardless of everything that was going on in their mixed up minds.

However, another thing they both shared was a problem. They knew that as soon as they got up out of bed, it would all start again. They would have to face the world once more, and the world included their parents. All parents worry about their children, it's only natural and of course, that's the way it should be but at this moment in time, neither Jake or Daniel felt like answering a million questions.

"What's been going on?", "Where have you been?", "Why didn't you tell us where you were going?" and so on. It was all so complicated, so confusing, so frustrating! They just couldn't bare it. There was a part of both of them that wished they could just stay where they were forever. Safe, warm, comfortable, alone in their own beds, with nothing to do but lie down and think to themselves. However, they knew that this wasn't going to happen. They had to get up eventually, and besides, the sooner they faced the world, the sooner they would be able to deal with their issues and get on with their lives.

Jake looked over at the small round digital alarm clock on the wooden cabinet beside his big king-sized bed. He just stared at the numbers and thought about how meaningless they were on their own. He thought about how, when those numbers were together in the way that they were, they had a purpose, to tell the time.

Together they had meaning, but if you take a number out of the clock and look at it on its own, it's useless; it's just a number with no purpose, no meaning and no reason for existence. His head rolled back to its original position facing upwards towards the ceiling and Jake returned his thoughts to Danny. "You know," the voice in his head said, "Those numbers are a lot like you and Danny. On your own your no good at all, you have no purpose in life but with him.with him you have a reason to be alive, - to make him happy, to respect him, care for him, be there for him.to love him!".

When he thought that, a smile stretched across his beautiful face. He thought more about Danny and remembered how he felt about him. He remembered how he felt the day before when he sucked him off in the field behind the barn. That warm, fuzzy, happy feeling returned and he thought about how much he loved Danny. As Jake thought more deeply about the erotic events of the day before, he felt his cock start to twitch under the covers of his warm bed and he went to grab hold of it.

Bang bang bang! Jake was disturbed from his thinking by a knock at his bedroom door. "Yeah" he said hesitantly. "It's me" replied his mum's voice, "I brought you some breakfast, I thought you might be hungry". Jake hadn't even thought about food for ages. He realized how hungry he was when he heard his mother say those words. He hadn't eaten anything substantial in days! The idea of breakfast sure sounded good to him!

"Come in" he replied, making sure his half stiff dick wasn't visible through his covers. His mother entered his room with a tray of food with a glass of milk on the side of it. Jake sat up in his bed, adjusting the pillows to make himself comfortable. His mother walked over and placed the tray on his lap.

She looked him in the eye and smiled before patting him on the head like he was a dog or something. Jake looked back at her patiently, waiting for her to start with the questions. But then, to his surprise, she turned around and left the room.

Although Jake was relieved at this, it sort of confused him a little because usually his mother would be the first person to worry and start getting hysterical, but this time she seemed completely normal. "What the hell?" he thought to himself staring into thin air and frowning, "Does she know what's happened?

. Nah, how could she? . Unless Danny . nah, he didn't want to tell anyone in the first place." He was puzzled at his mother's actions. "Oh fuck it," he realised, "I've had enough of being confused! Just eat!" he thought. So Jake turned his attention to the food and started to fuel his eagerly waiting stomach.

*** Meanwhile back at Danny's house, Danny had found the willpower to get his ass out of his pit. He got up, strolled over to the other side of his room and looked at his reflection in the mirror.

His jaw dropped slightly when he saw himself. He looked a real mess! His hair was frizzy and was stuck to his head on one side where it had been resting on his pillow.

His jaw line was covered with long whispey brown hairs where he hadn't shaved in days. His left arm was led across his hid body, restricted by the sling which he now had to wear. "Fuck I need a shower!" he said to himself out loud, and with that he headed to the bathroom which was conveniently right next to his bedroom. He walked in and locked the door with his one free hand, contemplating how difficult his life was going to be with just one hand for a little while.

He removed his boxer shorts which he had slept in the night before. Although that sounds like a simple task, it took him about five frustrating minutes as he struggled to balance himself as he pulled them down with his one hand. "Fuck!" he thought to himself, "I'm gonna need some help with things in the next few weeks!". He removed the sling and the bandages like the nurse had told him to do when he was going to shower.

Now completely naked, he was in a huge amount of pain. He was forced to git his teeth and screw his face up as he reached up with his right hand and turned the shower on. Carefully he stepped in.

The warm water felt good as it trickled over his naked body. He groaned as he started to relax, feeling the liquid roll over him, caressing his young toned body. As Danny felt the warmth trickle over him, he felt his dick start to grow between his legs.

He moaned again as waves rushed over his thickening cock sending waves of pleasure though his body. His now hard, wet rod jumped and twitched as the water massaged the head, brushing over the nerve endings. He threw his head back causing his face to move directly under the shower head.

All of his troubles seemed to disappear as he reached for his cock with his left hand. "FUCK!" he screamed! The pleasure disappeared instantly and it was replaced with raw agony!

He had forgotten about his arm. He thumped his other hand hard against the wall as his eyes winced and screwed up in pain. As the pain slowly subsided, he stopped punching the wall. His cock was still hard and badly needed attention.

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He thought about Jake. He thought about the day before. He remembered how good it felt when Jake placed his cock in his mouth and sucked it like a professional until he came down his throat!

His cock jumped up once more, twitching at the thought of Jake. Danny remembered the way that Jake slid his wet lips over his dick and caressed it with his tongue at the same time. He couldn't take it, he grabbed his hard cock with his right hand this time, and started stroking it, doing his best to imitate the way that Jake had treated it the day before.

He started off slowly and got faster and faster, trying to find a good rhythm. He pounded away at his meat, thinking about Jake the whole time. The pressure built and he felt like he was going to explode, he couldn't last much longer. He dick twitched in his hand and he moaned in pleasure tipping his head back under the hot water allowing it to flow over his pulsating body.

He felt his balls start to tighten and his round butt cheeks clenched together as he reached the point of no return.

"Mmmmmm" he moaned as a stream of hot sticky white cum spurted out of the end of his dick over the floor of the shower! His mind shattering orgasm seemed to last forever as spurt after spurt of hot semen spilled out of his cock! After he was satisfied with his session, he let go of his cock and let it flop back down between his legs. He grabbed the shower head and aimed it at the pool of thick white liquid which now covered the floor of the shower.

He then continued to wash himself. As he covered his body with soap, he wondered what Jake was doing. He realised then, that they had left each other the day before, with so many problems left to deal with. He wondered how Jake must be feeling about this whole thing. If he was honest, Danny didn't even know if they were really in a relationship.

Would Jake still be interested in having a relationship with him after all of this? There was a lot which they desperately needed to sort out! *** Later that day, back at the old wishing well where Danny had confessed his feelings to him, Jake was getting impatient. He reached into his deep pocket and pulled out his mobile phone. He searched through the menu system, menu, messages, inbox. until he found the text which Danny had sent him earlier that day.

It read: *** Jake, I'm sorry about how I acted yesterday, I know I fucked things up but I was just tired and confused I guess. I hope u can 4give me. If you wanna talk, meet me at the well at 6. Hopefully cya there. Danny x. *** He looked at the time at the top of the small, bright screen. 6 14. "Maybe he changed his mind" Jake thought to himself as he began to wonder if Daniel was going to show up at all. He considered giving up and heading home but decided to wait just a little while longer just in case.

The minutes ticked by and Jake was getting more and more worried. "What's keeping him?" he thought. Tick, tock, tick, tock.time etched away and it was now coming up to 6.30, Danny was uncharacteristically late.

He was usually organised and committed to what he said. In other words, if he said he was going to do something, he would do it.

This got Jake thinking and before long his mind started running away with it and started jumping to conclusions. As he contemplated more and more about the situation he decided that it was obviously not that important to Danny for them to meet and sort things out.

If it was important, he would have been there on time. Of course this was completely wrong but as most of us have experienced at some point in our lives, when you over-think things, sometimes you can reach a conclusion which seems realistic at the time, but in reality, is a long way away from the truth. Jake had built up a scenario in his mind which was untrue, however, it annoyed him and he decided that if Danny didn't want to show up on time and try to sort out the problems between them, then he didn't want to be there either!

He was just about to leave when he heard the sound of panting behind him. "Finally you decide to show your face!" Jake moaned as he turned to see an out of breath Danny approaching the wishing well. "Do you know how long I've been waiting here?!" Danny was still trying to catch his breath before he responded, "I know. I'm sorry.I got here as fast.as I could!" "Fuck man!" Jake commented, "you look like your gonna have a heart attack or something!

Are you ok?" "Yeah, I'll be alright, I jus.I just need to.to rest a sec" Jake saw how worn out Danny was and wondered why he was so out of breath, he can't have ran that far, the bus stop was only around the corner, and he couldn't possibly have ran all the way from his house because that's miles away! He noticed Danny slump down, putting his hands on his knees and bending his back as he struggled to regain control of his lungs. "Come on lets go sit down, there's a cafe around the corner, I think it's still open" Jake said as he reached out and grabbed Danny's arm, giving him a helping hand while Danny struggled to breath.

"Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Daniel yelled out in agony! "OH SHIT!" Jake exclaimed apologetically, "Sorry man I forgot about the arm. What happened to the bandages?" Danny just looked at him angrily, holding his broken arm with his working one. "Ok, you can tell me later, I am really sorry though. Let's go sit down. The atmosphere was thick and heavy again.

They're problem solving hadn't started well at all! *** The two young men were now at the small cafe which was situated just around the corner from the old wishing well. They were sat alone at they're table, nobody else in the building except them and the very kind old lady who worked there.

This small, quiet building was the perfect place for them to sit and talk. It was distraction free and comfortable. However, to begin with, the cafe was even quieter because neither Jake nor Danny knew what they should say.

Eventually the silence was broken when Jake asked a question; "So, how did you sleep?" "Well thanks. . How about you?" "Like a log" Jake smiled. There was an awkward pause. "Look Jake, about yesterday, I." "Danny you don't need to explain anything that you did yesterday to me. It was a bad day and I completely understand why you were angry with me." Jake interrupted.

"I had no right to tell your parents, or anyone else for that matter, about anything which you don't want to tell them. I was just a little confused that's all.

I couldn't understand why you didn't want to tell them." "I do want to tell them Jake but I can't!" Danny replied, "I tried to explain it to you but it wasn't easy. I was tired, confused, angry, upset and happy all at the same time.

It was too much Jake! I felt like I was going crazy! You didn't exactly make it any easier to explain to you because you weren't listening to me. You just kept interrupting, trying to convince me that it was all going to be fine, but i know that it wouldn't be fine and you wouldn't let me tell you why. That's what made me mad, more than anything else." Jake stared sadly down at the cup of coffee on the shiny steel table in front of him. "I'm sorry about that Danny, but I was just trying to help" "I know you were Jake, and in most circumstances, you're great at making me feel better, but this time, you were making it worse.

It's ok though, I have thought about it now and I understand why everything that happened yesterday did happen. I just wish some of it didn't." "Me too." Danny chuckled, "There were SOME good bits though". "Haha, yes." Jake chuckled back as he winked.


They were then brought back into the real world when they heard a suggestive cough from the old lady who worked in the cafe. The boys laughed as they turned to look at her with cheeky grins on both their faces. She smiled back with one eyebrow raised and then went back to reading her book. "Ok then, well let's put yesterday behind us and concentrate on now shall we?" Jake suggested in a much better mood after their chat.

"You know what, that's the best idea you've had in a very long time." Danny answered. "Apart from the idea to save my life obviously, and there is one part of yesterday which I will never forget, and I think you know which part that is!" "I have a pretty good idea." Jake grinned. "You know," Danny then said flirtatiously, "my parents are away at my aunt's house tonight.

I asked them for some space and as it turned out; my aunt is having a dinner party tonight so I will be all alone when I get home. Sure will be boring!" he commented suggestively. "Hmmm, well I could always keep you company, I'm sure we can think of something to do so you won't be bored." Jake winked again. "Sounds like a plan. Lets go." They gathered their things and headed out of the cafe, thanking the old lady on the way out of the door. "So what did happen to your bandages?" Jake asked on their way to the bus stop, "And why were you so out of breath?" "Oh, long story" Danny responded reluctantly.

"Well, we have all night, and I promise I won't interrupt" Jake laughed. "Huh, ok" Danny said as he began to explain the story of his journey to the well, and why he was so late.

As he explained during the bus journey home, Jake had realised that he was hasty earlier on when his thought that the meeting was not important to Danny. He now knew that actually, it was very important to him and that he was willing to go through hell itself just to be with him, so that they could make it right again.

They had certainly done that, everything now was sorted out. They had put the past week's events behind them. They were heading back to Danny's house for what was setup to be the best night of their young lives! *** Back at Danny's house, everything was great as Danny turned the cold silver key, locking his front door as Jake made himself comfortable on the soft, black, leather sofa.

Jake had been to Danny's house hundreds of times in the past, of course he had, they were best friends, but this time, it was different. It felt special. It was the first time he had been there since they had become more than just friends. He couldn't stop smiling. He was elated with their newly evolved relationship. "Hey, I got this new movie the other day and I haven't seen it yet, you wanna watch it?

If we get bored we can always turn it off." Danny asked. "Sure, why not, the night is young" Jake replied. "What's it about?" "I'm not really sure if I'm honest, it was a gift" Danny answered, turning the DVD case in his hands to read the description on the back.

"It's basically a romantic comedy," he laughed, "it's about a couple called Jay and Mary who find their relationship in trouble when Jay thinks he is falling in love with Mary's gay best friend Joshua. Sound's fun." "Yeah, I agree, put it on". "I'll tell you what," Danny suggested, "you put the movie on and I'll go get us some snacks".

"Sounds good to me" Jake responded, giggling before he winked suggestively saying "what kind of snacks?" in a seductive tone. "It's so sexy when you do that" Danny murmured looking back at Jake across the living room as he stood in the doorway, which leads to the kitchen.

"Do what?" Danny paused, blushing before shyly answering, "never mind" with a cute smile. *** The DVD case clicked as Jake closed it just before he headed back to the sofa. As he sat back down, his senses were aroused as the sweet smell of delicious pop corn wafted into the living room through the open kitchen door.

The smell took him back to when he and Danny were just small children. He had so many great memories of sitting exactly where he was sat right now, watching movies, playing video games, board games and generally having fun with his best friend.

They would always have snacks, usually brought to them by jakes mum. Pop corn was both of their favourites. Jake was taken by surprise as Danny sat down next to him making the sofa move slightly.

"What are you thinking about babe?" Danny asked, placing the bowl of warm sticky pop corn on the cushion between them. "Hmmm, I was just thinking about the great things we used to do when we were kids you know?" Jake replied, smiling at the way Danny used the word `babe`.

"Yeah we had a lot of fun times" Danny agreed looking into Jake's cool blue eyes. Jake smiled, acknowledging the loving eye contact.

They gazed into each other's eyes for what seemed like a week, the world with all of its troubles seemingly disappearing as they lost themselves in the special moment. They finally came back into the real world when Jake said, "anyway, are we gonna watch this movie or not?" "Yeah put it on". Danny replied turning his attention to the screen. Jake pressed play on the remote control and the movie started to play. The movie was very romantic and very funny too and both boys were really enjoying it but really, they're concentration was mainly on each other.

They couldn't help but take their eyes off of the movie every few minutes or so to check each other out. Of course they both knew that the other was checking them out, and they didn't mind, knowing that the other was enjoying the attention just as much as they were. The pop corn bowl was getting emptied quickly and they had to reach right to the bottom to get to it. As it got to the last few pieces of pop corn, they're hands met it the bowl and they turned to look at each other grinning like idiots, both thinking how cheesy the moment was.

This time though, instead of turning their attention back to the movie, they kept looking at each other. Danny watched Jake's bright blue eyes light up as they scrolled up and down his body, and Danny's did the same thing, checking out Jake's hot torso through his tight blue t-shirt.

Danny looked back up at Jake's attractive face, contemplating how unbelievably good looking he was. Jake noticed him looking at his face and looked lustfully into Danny's big, beautiful brown eyes. He saw desire. The atmosphere was getting steamy as the intense eye contact seemed to go on forever. Keeping his eyes locked on his lover's, Danny leaned towards Jake, stopping just before his rosy red lips were about to meet Jake's plump pink ones.

Jake completed the movement, locking his lips onto Danny's, breaking the lustful eye contact when his eye lids closed tightly allowing him to concentrate only on the passionate kiss. "Mmmmmm" Danny moaned as Jake massaged his tongue with his own. This was by far the best kiss they had shared so far. This time, the atmosphere was perfect. They were both completely comfortable with each other which meant that they could enjoy every second.

The outside world disappeared again as they floated away into their own paradise. The kiss got hotter and hotter, only breaking for a second at a time when they needed air. Their tongues danced together in lustful passion.

Their hot lips locked together, massaging, caressing, taking them to new heights, melting into the moist softness of the love locked moment. They edged closer to each other on the sofa, never breaking the kiss, the movie still playing in the background.

Danny opened his eyes to see Jake already staring scintillatingly into his soul. They passionate kiss got even hotter when their eyes locked as well as their lips.

It was like they moulded into one when their warm hard bodies touched and intertwined with each other. Their hands found their way onto each other and began exploring, roaming over each other's firm, hot bodies. Jake was very careful not to hurt his lover, remembering not to go anywhere near the broken arm which rested motionless at Danny's side.

Danny noticed Jake's attention being distracted, knowing straight away what was causing the distraction. Jake knew though that Danny wasn't going to let it get in the way when Danny's right hand (the non-broken one) found its way to Jake's crotch.

When it got there, Danny found that Jake's cock was rock hard and throbbing against his trousers. Still maintaining the passionate kiss and lustful eye contact, Jake winked when Danny felt his cock.

Danny shuddered. He loved it when Jake winked at him, and now he knew that when Jake questioned him earlier, he must have known exactly what he was talking about. Jake knew that Danny was talking about the winking, he just wanted to hear Danny say it.

Danny gently broke the kiss, rubbing his nose against Jake's. "Fucking tease" Danny whispered. "Hmhmmmm" Jake giggled sexily, looking down at Danny's crotch to examine the bulging tent in his trousers.

Danny placed his right hand firmly on Jake's hard chest. Jake's eyes looked back up sharply to Danny's hungry brown orbs. He pushed Jake down, his head now resting on the arm of the sofa.

"What are you gonna do now?" purred Jake's deep sexy voice. Danny didn't answer. Instead he lowered himself down and pecked Jake lightly on the lips, then his neck. He placed his hand under Jake's t-shirt, feeling his tight abs. He pushed his hand upwards towards his mid-torso and up towards his hard, smooth chest, unveiling the gorgeous sculpted body as the t-shirt was pushed upward.

Jake reached down and grabbed the bottom of his top, wrenching it up over his head leaving him led topless on the sofa. Danny wasted no time getting to work on the stunning piece of art which lay before him, immediately circling Jake's hardening nipples with his wet tongue.

"Oh yeah!" Jake moaned enjoying the feeling. "You like that baby?" Danny asked quickly. "Yeeeaaaaaahhh!" came the reply. "How about this?" Danny asked before biting down gently on Jake's left nipple causing Jake's body to jump and shudder. "Ah!" he flinched, "oh god, do that again!". Danny complied, nibbling gently once more on his left love lump. Jake felt waves of ecstasy flow through him as the sharp pain faded into pure bliss.

Danny flicked his tongue over the nipple one last time before kissing it, then, slowly, kissing his way down Jake's hot, beating chest down to the top of his perfect abs. Each kiss was laced with love and lust as he made his way flirtatiously down to his navel, which he kissed before diving into it with his tongue.

This made Jake squirm. His cock was now so hard, he thought his trousers were going to rip under the immense force. "And you said I was a tease" Jake managed to say through his heavy breath. Suddenly, the atmosphere changed, reality returning unexpectedly and uninvited.

They both froze, looking each other coldly in the eyes, panic written on their faces! "Oh.my.god!" came a voice. "What the hell is going on in here?". The level of raw shock was so high that neither Danny nor Jake could move, never mind manage an answer. After a few more seconds of frozen silence, Danny, still straddling Jake's legs with his head just above his crotch, managed to hesitantly turn his head to look at the figure which stood in the doorway behind him.

It was Danny's dad. Danny just stared fearfully at his dad, waiting to see how he would react to what he'd walked in on.

He gazed into his dad's hate-filled green eyes as they drifted to the TV, and the gay kissing scene which dominated the screen. "Danny.?" Jake said in a low, questioning voice.

There was no reply so he tried again. "Danny who is it?" "It's umm.it's my dad" Danny responded awkwardly, not knowing what to do. "Oh fuck!" Jake blurted out. "Oh fuck indeed!" Danny's dad bellowed, anger, hurt and confusion laced in his response. Danny shakily began to move himself up off of Jake's legs, releasing his no longer secret lover from underneath him.

Jake pulled his legs up towards his torso and then swung them round onto the floor, reaching for his t-shirt as he stood up. Danny also stood up and moved backwards to stand at his lover's side for moral support.

Jake put his t-shirt on and the boys just stood there looking awkwardly at Danny's father. "Daniel." his father said in that voice which only an angry father can produce, "what the fuck are you boy's doing in my living room?!" His voice wasn't at all loud or harsh or loud.

It was simple, lacking any emotion. Danny looked at Jake, unable to speak and Jake saw the emotion, he saw the pressure building within Danny's eyes. He grabbed Danny's hand for reassurance. It was shaking and sweaty. "Well." Danny explained hesitantly, "me and Jake.umm.well.see, the thing is.".

"SPIT IT OUT BOY!" His dad yelled, pure rage now in his voice and body language. Danny's hand tightened around Jake's and his whole body started to shake. Tears welled up in his emotional pressure filled brown eyes and he felt pure fear, not for the first time in his recent life. "It's ok Danny." Jake stated bravely. "NO!" screamed Daniel's dad, "NO IT ISN'T FUCKING OK! Who do you think you are anyway Jake?! You come here to my house, uninvited, then when I get back I find you watching a gay movie and making out with my son.

AND YOU THINK THAT'S OK?!!!" Jake felt angry, he didn't like being pushed and intimidated like this, causing him to courageously fight back. "YES! As a matter of fact I do think that's ok, if he was with a girl you wouldn't react so ridiculously! Just because you can't handle the fact that your son is gay, doesn't make that his fault, or mine!

It's your problem, NOT OURS!" Danny looked at Jake, amazed at what he had just said to the much stronger, bigger, more powerful man before them. His jaw actually dropped slightly. He stared at Jake. He was now more in love with him than ever! He felt slightly less scared but the feeling of security was short lived! "How dare you!" remarked the older man who yelled punishingly loudly. "How FUCKING DARE YOU! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" "Never!" Jake yelled, standing his ground, "I would never leave Danny alone with someone in your state .

ever! You're crazy!" "I said.get out!" he this time in a regular, fairly calm voice and he pointed at the door. Jake turned to face Danny. "Come on Daniel" Jake said, "I want you to come home with me, I'm not leaving you here with him!" Danny hesitated, unsure of what he should do. He knew what he wanted to do, he wanted to go with Jake of course, but he knew that if he did, he would risk losing everything he had, apart from Jake of course, but if he left, he knew he would never be allowed back into that house ever again, and that scared him!

He was angry and hurt by his dad's reaction, but he was still his dad, and Danny didn't want to lose him, or his mother. ".Danny?" Jake questioned breaking the thought process. "I don't know Jake" Danny responded blandly. "What don't you know Daniel?!" Jake responded aggressively, "Are you telling me that you want to stay here with him?!" "FUCK OFF YOU LITTLE BRAT!" yelled Daniel's father very angrily, "WHO ARE YOU CALLING HIM!?

I'M HIS DAD! HE'LL DO AS I SAY! DANNY GO UPSTAIRS NOW!" "NO DAD!" Daniel finally responded triumphantly. "NO! I'm not a kid anymore! You don't control me. I can make my own decisions!". With that, Danny squeezed Jake's hand and said, "Come on babe let's get out of here". Jake smiled and looked into Danny's eyes, relieved at what he just said, but it was wiped straight off again! SMACK! Jake hit the floor!

"OH MY GOD!" Danny screeched! "WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE!" He charged at his dad, anger getting the better of him! "I HATE YOU!" he bellowed at the top of his voice! He tried to hit his father but the older man was too strong for him, pushing his back causing him to fly backwards across the room! "Aahhhhhhh!!!" he yelped as he landed on his broken arm.

"FUCK! Aaaahhhaaaaahhh!" he was in complete agony, pain took over his whole body. He cried and screamed repeatedly but nobody could help him! His father approached him. He had been pushed over the limit, Daniel's father was beyond the point of no return! He wasn't himself, fury had taken all control away from him, mind and soul!

He got to where Danny was led, rolling in agony on the hard floor, he proceeded to beat his son, kicking him with massive strength. Danny continued to scream, yell and cry out for help!

None came, he was on his own. Jake was unconscious on the ground at the other end of the room. His own dad was so angry at him that he was able to physically attack him! Not for the first time that week, Daniel feared for his young life. He continued to take relentless blows to his weakened body. Time ticked by and the pain only worsened. He cried out but the beating continued.

Again and again the hard force of the steel toe capped boots struck him. It was only when the older man began to tire that Danny managed to find the strength to reach out and grab onto his dad's strong, muscled leg as he kicked. He pulled with all his remaining strength, causing his dad trip and fall violently onto his back. While he was down, Daniel seized his opportunity to get out of there! He stumbled as quickly as he could manage to the doorway and out into the hallway.

He heard his dad calling after him, now even more furious than before. He clambered clumsily up the wooden stairway, reaching the top just as his dad reached the bottom. The older man was much quicker and had much more strength. Danny knew he had to shift! He reached his room as his dad got to the top of the stairs, slamming the thick wooden door so hard that it shook, he felt a small amount of relief but the fear remained.

He whimpered as his father's strong hand smashed against the wooden door! The full force of his dad's mighty strength sent shock waves through the entire building.

The door shot open sending Danny flying backwards through the air once more. He landed on his ass at the other end of his bedroom by the window! *** Boom! The horrifying and unmistakeable sound of the wooden door being ripped violently from its hinges. Daniel pulled his knees in as close to his chest as he could and huddled himself tightly into a compact corner of his room.

He braced himself for what he knew was about to happen to him. Smack! Darkness. .Silence. .Stillness in time. *** Morning. Daniel woke up suddenly to the sound of shouting downstairs. His eyes shot open like a greyhound out of the start gate at the beginning of an intense race. He found himself on the floor of his room.

His back was against the hard, cold wall and his legs were folded around the 90 degree angle of the corner of the room. His right arm ached where he had been led on it. He tried to move his numb, tingling right arm out from underneath his stomach but it wouldn't move.

No matter how hard he struggled to pull his arm out from underneath him, it wouldn't budge. Slowly the numbness started to die and it was replaced with unbearable and intense pain. That's when Daniel realised, he was lying in a shallow pool of his own blood, and his heart started racing as he realised all of a sudden, the indescribable agony he was in.

He remembered what had happened the night before. *** The pain was unbearable. He now had two broken arms and was bleeding heavily. The shouting continued downstairs and he wondered who it was and what was going on. He wondered if his dad was still there. Was it him doing the shouting? He was scared but mainly he worried about Jake! Was he alright? He had to find out! However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't move. "JAKE?!" he yelled. There was no reply.

"JAKE ARE YOU THERE?! Is anybody there?" he cried. "WHO'S THERE?!" came a strange female voice. Danny paused, unsure what was happening. "What?" Danny asked confused. The woman entered Danny's bedroom.

She was a nurse. "Okay we have another one up here!" she yelled, "Another male, teen, in a very bad way! Let's get some guys up here as well!" "What's going on?" Danny asked confused, "Another one? Oh my god please tell me that Jake's alright!" "Let's worry about you for now, the other boy is in a bad way but he should be alright, I'm more concerned for you right now, you're bleeding heavily." The nurse answered truthfully.

"Yes I know but." "No buts!" She interrupted, "We have to stop this bleeding now! Can you tell me your name?" "Yes, it's Daniel, what happened to my dad?" "Well, Daniel, everything is going be fine, your dad is fine, he has told us what happened and he is giving a statement to the police.

We're going to have to move you down to the ambulance and get you into hospital. Can you just confirm that you understand that for me?" "Yes, but I really need to see Jake, please tell me that he isn't hurt!" "Like I said, he should be alright.

We're going to take him to hospital too as a precaution and get him checked over but we need to sort you out first." Two other men entered the room, they were male nurses and they were carrying a stretcher. The strong men placed the stretcher on the floor next to where Danny was laying. "Alright Daniel, we're going to move you onto the stretcher now. Can you move at all under your own power?" asked one of the male nurses in a gentle caring tone. "I can't move my arms, the right one was already broken," he answered, "but I can move my legs I think".

"Alright well we'll do our best to keep the pain to a minimum but it will probably hurt a little bit because we will need to move your arms". The two men gently manoeuvred Danny onto the stretcher and although he did feel some pain, it was nothing compared to what he'd felt the night before.

The nurses wasted no time in getting him out of the house and into the ambulance. On the way to the hospital, they got the bleeding under control and made sure that Danny was as comfortable as possible. They talked to him about what was going on. They told him that the reason that they only got to him after he woke up was because they had only just got there themselves and were caught up with Jake.

The nurses also told him that Jake was already there at the hospital and was fine apart from a headache and a small cut and a bruise on his face. Danny was relieved to hear that Jake was ok and at last felt some reassurance that things, for now, were under control. *** Danny lay unconscious on the hospital bed after a long and difficult operation. Jake sat quietly by his side, simply watching him sleep.

He had been out for almost twelve hours now and he was due to wake soon. They had discovered in the ambulance on the way to the hospital that Danny had indeed broken both of his arms and the left arm, which was the one he'd broken when diving out of the way of the truck, needed a metal plate in it. However, in the end, this turned out not to be the biggest worry. All of that kicking had left Danny with a punctured lung. That's where all of the bleeding must have come from.

It had been caused by a broken rib which had actually completely snapped under the sheer force of the beating. This was the main reason why they needed to operate fast, and why the operation was so difficult and risky. There was a chance that if the operation was unsuccessful, Danny may even have lost his life!

It was also the main reason why Danny would never want to see or hear from his father ever again! Thankfully, the operation had gone very well and now they were just waiting for Danny to wake up after the heavy anaesthetic drugs had worn off. He was likely to still be in a lot of pain and Jake was worried about what was going to happen once he woke up. However, whatever happened, he wanted to be there when it did. Jake was exhausted, he needed nothing more than a good night's sleep. His whole life was a mess recently.

The madness that had gone on had left him feeling deflated and worn out. He was beginning to wonder how much longer he could stay awake. His head was still hurting from the nasty blow he had received the night before. Still, he cared so much about Danny that no matter how he felt, he was going to stay up so he could be there for Danny when he woke up. Jake was sure that Danny was going to be in a lot of pain and that he would need someone there to comfort him and offer him moral support.

To Jake, this was far more important than how tired he felt or how much his head hurt. He loved Danny and felt that he would do anything for him. Another half hour or so passed and still, there was no sign of Danny waking up. Jake was now getting increasingly disturbed by the lack of movement.

He stood up from the comfortable, worn brown leather chair and walked nervously over to the window which sat at the other end of the dull, uninteresting, plain white hospital room.

Leaning on the window ledge with both hands, he looked down at the people below. The people were simply living their lives, just doing what they had to do to get by. The hospital was close to the town centre. This meant that the people below were not all there on hospital related business, they were just normal everyday people doing normal everyday things.

Jake saw many different things going on. Everyone down on that street had something different going on. There were mothers with their young children carrying bags of shopping, teenagers just hanging around chatting to each other and messing around having fun, old ladies popping to the bank or the post office to collect their pensions.

The thing they all had in common was that they were all just getting on with their `normal` lives. Gazing down thoughtfully, Jake contemplated recent events in his own life. He considered how `un-normal` his and Danny's lives had been recently. He wondered if life would ever be `normal` for them.

But then he thought to himself, what is `normal`? Is there any such thing? Everybody's different right? So how can `normal` even exist? Jake turned his head away from the window to glance back at Danny. Even though he was unconscious and in a very bad way, he still looked cute. His chiselled facial features were highlighted by the overhead lighting. He really was one seriously gorgeous boy!

Jake so badly wanted to tell him how much he loved him and how badly he needed him. He walked back over to the small bed and knelt by his lover's side resting his folded arms on the side of the bed. He placed his head on his own arms and looked up at Danny's bright young face.

He watched his dry lips as they got ever so slightly wider and then narrower again as Danny heavily drew in air and then exhaled it all out again. He hadn't seen Danny awake since the incident the night before with his dad. He was so desperate to speak to him, or even just look into his beautiful eyes. It seemed like such a long time since he had seen those big brown eyes and he was desperate, almost to the point where he wanted to grab Danny and shake him until he woke.

But he knew he couldn't. All he could do was wait. Jake hated it! "Is he still out?" said one of the nurses to Jake as she stood in the doorway of the small white room watching him, the light pouring in from the well lit corridor. "Yeah" Jake sighed, "is that normal?" "That he is still asleep you mean?" she questioned.

"Yeah" Jake nodded in agreement. "Well it depends on the patient, some wake up really early, some later. It's just one of those things but listen, don't worry! He'll wake up in his own time and everything will be just fine, you'll see". "I hope so" he answered glumly. Jake felt comforted by what she had said and he smiled at the kind lady before she returned the friendly smile and returned to her job, leaving the doorway and heading back into the bright corridor.

Then, remarkably, Jake noticed the first sign of Danny's return to reality. Jake felt elated and excited when he saw Danny's hand twitch, lifting up off of the white sheet and then returning to its original position. Jake leapt up onto his feet before placing his hand gently on top of Danny's. Danny's hand twitched again at his touch. "Danny?" Jake whispered softly, curious to see if he would get a response.

Danny's hand moved again, but this time it slowly rotated, flipping over, placing it on top of Jake's hand. This told Jake that Danny was conscious again, but his eyes remained closed. Jake wondered why he didn't open them, he was slightly concerned that he was clearly conscious and yet unable to talk or open his eyes. His concern grew with every passing second and his heart beat began to rise. Jake nervously watched his lover and best friend's face with heavy concentration as Danny's mouth slowly opened again.

"Jake" was what softly emerged from his dry weak lips. The tone was gentle and quiet and it was hardly a ground breaking statement, but it was enough! "Danny! Oh Danny, I'm so happy your awake." Jake said elated as he massaged his lover's hand with his own before alerting the nurses by pressing the `attention` button on the panel beside the bed. The kind nurse from earlier immediately re-appeared in the doorway and entered the room with haste. "What can I do?" she asked quickly. "He's awake." Jake responded, joy in his voice.

"Alright, I will inform the doctor right away. I told you everything would be fine" she said with a smile. "Thank you so much for your help" Jake said gratefully. "Aww that's ok, it's all part of the job" the friendly nurse replied. Then, at last, it happened. The moment which Jake had been waiting for all day! Danny's eye's slowly widened revealing the bright, beauty of those bewildering brown orbs. Jake's smile said it all, he was the happiest he had ever been, just to see those beautiful eyes again.

That one simple, wonderful sight made him feel like the happiest man on earth. Danny was in pain, but even so, seeing the huge smile on Jake's face after his eyes had adjusted to the light, put a grin on his own face.

Danny's lips opened again but this time he managed to say something more substantial; "I love you Jake". There was a short pause. "I love you Danny". The emotion in Jake's voice told Danny that he really meant what he said.

A single tear drop fell from the corner of Jake's deep blue eye, like a drop of water from a deep blue ocean. It rolled down his smooth cheek as he leant over and very gently placed his head on Danny's left shoulder.

Danny too was moved to tears and he turned his head to softly kiss the man he loved on his neck. It was a moment which they would both cherish for the rest of their lives. There was magic in the air and no amount of tiredness, pain or suffering could have ruined the moment! *** A few days later, Danny was sat up in the hospital bed speaking with the nurse about the pain killers he was taking. The nurse told him that his progress was astounding and that she thought he was ready to reduce the dosage which he needed to take.

At that moment, Jake came bursting into the room with the biggest smile stretching across his gorgeous face. "What are you so happy about?" Danny questioned, grinning foolishly at his lover.

"I have some good news" Jake replied vibrantly. "Oh yes?" Danny responded intrigued as the nurse left the room. "Yeah baby!" he had such a cute grin. There was a slight pause as they both smiled stupidly at each other. "Well? . Go on then!" Danny chuckled. "Well I have just been speaking to your doctor, you know the guy who is in charge of all the patients in this part of the hospital?" "Yeah I know of him why?" Danny answered eager to hear the good news.

"Well he was telling me how amazed he is at how quickly you're recovering from the operation. He said he's never seen anything like it! He." "Jake!" Danny interrupted with a bit of a giggle, "What are you trying to tell me?" "You're allowed to go home baby!" Danny smiled broadly back at Jake, overjoyed with the news, but then, the smile disappeared as he gloomily asked; "where is home?" Danny hadn't heard from his dad since the night he and Jake had been caught making out in front of a movie.

That suited Danny just fine, as far as he was concerned, it was fine if he never heard from that horrible, evil animal ever again! He hated that man, no matter how hard he tried, he knew that he could never forgive him for what he had done! His own father meant nothing to him anymore! If he could do something like this to him, then he didn't even deserve to be thought about!

However, now that he had lost contact with his dad, he had also lost his home, along with the rest of his family. His father had always very much been the head of the family and what he wanted everyone to do was what everyone would do! It was strict, hard at times but everyone always went along with it because of the power which he had over them. They were scared of him. Of course in front of other people, he didn't act like that at all. Jake for example, in all the years he had known him, would never have thought of him as that kind of man.

Danny had tried to tell Jake that his father wouldn't understand the fact that he was gay, but because Jake didn't know what kind of man he really was, Jake didn't understand what Danny was talking about. That's why they had fallen out with each other after their experience at the abandoned farm. That's why Danny had run away from Jake, and that's why he had broken his arm diving out of the way of the truck! Basically, in one way or another, all of the recent bad events were his dad's fault!

Danny knew that his father would probably not want any member of the family to be involved with him after what happened.

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This made him sad, but it was just something which he was going to have to get used to. Then, the element of sadness faded and was replaced with joy and warmth as Jake spoke; "Don't be stupid Danny, you know that I didn't mean that! I would never expect you to go back there after what that monster did to you! If it weren't for him, we wouldn't even be here right now!

You are moving in with me at my parent's house." "What? Really?" Danny asked a little taken back by the statement. "Are you sure? I don't want to be a pain. I mean, what do your parents think? I bet they." "Danny relax! I've already spoken with them about it and there is plenty of space. You are practically part of the family anyway! Everything is sorted. They know about us and they're fine with everything.

It's totally fine! I've even arranged for us to get your stuff from your dad's house. It's gonna be alright I promise! Maybe one day soon, we can even get our own place!" he smiled, and kissed Danny passionately on the lips. "Oh my god, this is a surprise! I hadn't even thought about this yet. Thank you Jake, I really mean it! You have been so kind and thoughtful.

I don't know what I would have done without you. I'm gonna have to do something pretty special to make it up to you!" he laughed. "Danny really, it's fine! I will always be here for you and you know it!" "So when can we go?" Danny asked a little startled at how sudden this had been.

"As soon as you're ready baby!". "Wow," Danny remarked, "I can't believe it, I love you so much Jake!". "I love you too baby" Jake winked.

That wink was becoming something of a trademark of his. It always sent a shiver up Danny's spine. He just couldn't get enough of it and Jake knew it! "Fuck I wanna kiss you!" Danny stated in a seductive tone. "Just a kiss?" Jake asked sarcastically, "Is that all I get for all that you've put me through?" "You're such a big fool!" Danny giggled, "We'll have to wait and see what we get up to when we get home. Maybe I can thank you in some other way!" This time, it was Danny's turn to wink at Jake and Jake found that it made him just as crazy as it made Danny when he did it.

They smiled at each other and lost themselves in the depths of each other's eyes like they always did. "I guess something good did come out of all this shit after all" Danny suggested.

"Yeah?" Jake asked, "What's that?" "We get to live together." "Yep" "And sleep together." "Yep" "In the same bed, every night!" Danny hinted suggestively. Jake responded with another loving kiss and said with a laugh; "I guess this officially makes us boyfriends!".

Danny laughed back before Jake continued; "come on boyfriend, let's go home!" THE END. ***** Thank you for reading my story. I hope you enjoyed it. Don't forget to tell me what you thought of it by leaving a comment and rating it. Thank you.