Brunette hottie is a nasty gang sucker

Brunette hottie is a nasty gang sucker
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This is a work of total fiction. The story and any characters within it belong to Vyper269. If you like it let me know and I'll write more. If you don't, I don't really care. If you want to read, share, and comment on it, Cool! But it is mine. If you want to do anything with the characters, please write me with your ideas and ask, the worst that happens is I say no. My sincerest and deepest thanks to all of you out there who've read my stuff, given me wonderful feedback, encouragement and have waited patiently for me to continue this story.

There are more parts to come, but I'm going back to work soon, so it may be a little while. Thanks again, and enjoy! 2/6/2013.

Teri & Emily I woke up in my own bed, nestled in behind a beautiful redhead. She was warm and soft, and not Aunt Crissy. At some point, Rachel had traded places with Crissy, and Sarah had curled up behind me with her arms wrapping me in a warm secure hug.

Rachel rolled over into me and looked deeply into my eyes and kissed me. Her tongue slid into my mouth seeking a partner to dance with. "Afternoon sleepyhead." She whispered to me to try and let Sara sleep.

"Afternoon? Feels like I've been asleep forever." I whispered back. "A couple of hours, we came in to check on you two, and found Crissy laying here with a giant shit-eating grin on her face and tears streaming down her cheeks." "Is she alright?" I was a little concerned about both Crissy and Sarah. We had been delving into some seriously emotional shit over the last couple of days.

"She's fine, she apologized to both of us again, and then said that it dawned on her when she woke up wrapped warmly in your arms how comfortable and safe she was feeling. That she, like the rest of us, can move forward with her life, with us and with Niki. They really do love each other don't they?" "Yes they do, at least Niki told me about how she felt.

I was hoping that Crissy felt that way too. Niki told me how much she loves Crissy, and that she wants to build a life with her. Niki also gave me hope for Crissy, because Niki said that when they're together Crissy isn't anything like she has been with us in the past, that she's loving and caring and considerate." "Our Crissy?

Christina…my sister Christina?" "I know, it floored me too, but it seems she's right. I mean in the last 24 hours since you told the girls about your folks and about Teri, she's been great.

My optimism guarded, but it's optimism just the same." I felt Sarah pull me into her hug a little tighter, "You two really suck at talking quietly you know that? Either shut up or speak up so I can hear the words instead of just 'pspspspsp', will you?" Rachel and I smiled at each other and I rolled over onto my back so I could put my arm under Sarah and pull her in close as Rachel came up and rested her chin on my chest.

"Sorry baby sister, we really were trying to let you rest a little more." "It's okay I need to get cleaned up anyway so I can go to my meeting with Deirdre." "Your first official meeting with the lawyer, hunh?" I asked.

"I guess so, but she was really sort of evasive on the phone when I asked her what was up." "She may just want to talk to you face to face. Her dad was always that way whenever he dealt with us in the past." Rachel offered. "Would you like a ride to the office? I have to talk to Dee Dee about a few things as well." "That would be cool, and if you're willing, I'd appreciate you sitting in with me.

I think I could use some moral support." "Sure, anything you need, you know that." "Would you like me to go too?" Rachel asked. "Thanks Rach, but you spend some alone time with Crissy. With Davey there I should be alright." "Okay sweetie if you're sure. Davey are you willing to drop Sarah at the day spa afterward? I promised the girls I'd treat them to a massage today." Rachel asked me as she traced a finger along my chest and looked at me with her best 'pretty please' look in her eye.

"No problem, as soon as we're done, I'll run her by. But for now, Sarah and I better get cleaned up, so we can go." I squeezed both women into me a little harder and let them go. We got up and Rachel headed off to find Crissy and Sarah and I headed for my shower. I had intended to just get cleaned up, but as soon as I stepped into the shower, Sarah wrapped her arms around me and planted her lips on mine and drove her tongue down my throat.

"Wow, what brought that on?" I asked when she finally pulled away from me. "I just don't want you to forget what I taste like." She said as she drew her middle finger across her bottom lip and looked at me through the tops of her eyes. Her beautiful face, looking up at me with those gorgeous green, come fuck me eyes burning into me, how was I supposed to pass that up? "That's never ever going to happen, Sarah no way, no how. Too much has happened, and you, well we, are never going back to the way it was, not you, not me and Rachel, not any of us.

You're a part of us and the only way you get out of being with us is if you decide that this isn't what you want. We weren't bullshitting you when we said that we both wanted this. We love you and want you here." She leaned up to kiss me again, so I pulled her into me and started kissing her neck and sucking on her earlobes. She let out a sigh of relief and held my head against her as I worked kisses up and down her neck. I licked from her collar bone up the long muscle of her neck to her earlobe again.

She sucked her breath in and started running her hands up and down my body, she stopped when she reached my growing erection. She gave my cock a couple of strokes, then I reached down and pulled her hand away. She looked at me with disappointment in her eyes, but it faded quickly as I knelt down in front of her and ran my tongue from the back of her pussy to the front then sucked her clit into my mouth and tickled it with the tip of my tongue.

"Oh God, Davey, that feels so…ungh…good!" I moved my tongue back down and pushed it into her pussy as far as I could and rubbed my nose on her clit. Sarah put her hands on my head and pulled me back to look into my eyes. She didn't say anything as she pushed herself against the wall and hoisted one of her legs over my shoulder.

I went back to licking her pussy and her clit from back to front with my tongue pressed wide and flat. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she pulled my head harder into her pussy. I licked her a couple more times, then pulled back and looked up at her. "I love the taste of your pussy, Sarah. Both sweet and a little bit spicy. Mmmm." She just smiled and pushed herself back against the wall again and put her other leg over my other shoulder.

I now had Sarah's pussy on my mouth and had to keep eating to make sure she didn't slide down the wall. I reached up and grabbed one of her ass cheeks in each hand and pulled her hips closer to me. "Oh fuck…that's…so…good…yeah Davey…right there…right…UNGH!!!" Sarah's hips bucked back and forth fucking my face with her pussy as she covered my mouth and chin with her cum.

"Christ that was wonderful!" She said after her orgasm passed. "Delicious too." I told her looking up at her and licking as much of her cum off my face as my tongue would reach. She let her legs slide off of my shoulders one at a time and stood in front of me as I stood up collecting the remaining Sarah cum from chin with my fingers and licked them clean. "Your turn," she said to me, "how do you want me?" I just smiled and moved in close to her and pinned her against the wall with my body.

I kissed her long and hard and slid my tongue into her mouth to pay back that wonder tonsil cleaning that she had given me just a few minutes ago. I broke the kiss and looked down at Sarah, she was just standing there with her mouth open and her eyes closed. I picked her up under her arms and then slid her down the wall and onto my waiting erect cock. Sarah opened her eyes and looked at me with a huge smile on her face as she wiggled her hips around and get my cock lined up with her pussy.

Working together like that I slid into her still soaking pussy easily and comfortably. "Mmmm…" was all she said as she settled all the way down onto my member.

I pressed her hard against the wall then reached down and picked her legs up one at a time and hooked her knees over my elbows. I started a slow easy stroke, moving her up and down on the tiled wall as she put her hands around the back of my neck and looked down to watch my cock slide in and out of her. "Sarah, do you like watching my hard cock sliding in and out of your pussy?" "Oh…my God…yes…just…so hot!" I pulled her knees up a little higher so I could reach her nipples to pinch them and roll them just a little between my fingers.

"Ungh…that feels so…fucking good! I'm close, so close…" "Tell me Sarah, tell me how you like the way your nephew's hard cock sliding in and out of you makes you cum every time you fuck him!" "Oh…fuck!

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! I'm cumming…NOW!" She wrapped her legs tight around me and pulled hard on my neck as her orgasm came slamming down on her. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out, as I felt her pussy spasm and tighten around my shaft. I kept pumping in and out of her and as she rode her orgasm toward its end, when it was over and Sarah looked at me again, I pulled my cock out of her pussy and aimed it at her ass.

"Oh fuck yes," Sarah reached down and guided my cock into her sweet asshole. I slid into her easily and pushed slowly until my cock was buried in her ass to the hilt. "Ungh…I've really wanted your cock in my ass again, Davey. I never knew it could feel so good sliding in and out of my tight asshole. Fuck my ass Davey, fuck me like the anal slut I am!" With her encouragement, I started sliding my cock into her harder, pulling almost all the way out of her, then all the way in to the base of my shaft.

Sarah reached down and started rubbing her clit and sliding two fingers in and out of her pussy. "Ohmygod!

Don't stop, Davey, I'm gonna cum again! Oh God!! NOW!!" "I'm cumming too, Sarah." "Cum in me Davey, please, please cum in your Aunt Sarah's tight hot ass!" "Oh…Christ…Ungh…" I felt my balls tighten, and I shot my load up inside her just as she begged me to cum inside her. I shot everything that I had all the while feeling her clench her ass so it gripped and milked my cock. I stood there with Sarah up against the wall with my fading erection still inside her and our mixed fluids running out of her ass and down my cock.

"Oh fuck Davey, thank you. I really needed that." Sarah said out of breath and spent. "It was my pleasure, believe me.


I mean after all it's been at least 2 hours since I last had sex." I leaned forward and nestled my face against her neck kissing her and sucking her earlobe into my mouth to nibble on it just a little. "Mmmm…yeah, but I've been worried about seeing Deirdre. This is a big move for me, I'm a little scared." I let her legs down one at a time as my now flaccid penis slid out of her.

I think we were both sorry to stop, but we did need to get moving. We moved into the shower as we continued our conversation. I started the water and Sarah stepped in as I lathered up my hands and started working the soap all over her body. "Is that why you want me there?" "Yes.

I think I could do just about anything with you backing me up." "I'll be there for you Sarah, anytime, anyplace." I moved my soapy hands down her arms and to the small of her back then around the front and back up to her breasts.

I massaged them and pushed them up and soaped under them. Then grabbed both of them and pulled her up and back into me.

"Ungh…David you need to stop trying to wind me up again, or we're going to be late." "Fine." I let go of her and ran my hands down to her ass cheeks and in between her legs.

She reached down and grabbed my hands and stepped away from me. "Damn it Davey! Stop that!" "See Sarah," I said as I let her move back into the shower, "you're strong enough to do anything you need to." "You're sneaky.

Thank you, but you're still going with me." "I wasn't trying to get out of going with you, I just want you to have a little more confidence in yourself." She leaned up and kissed me then pulled back and touched my face, then moved in and kissed me again.

Then she grabbed the soap and turned around and lathered up her own hands. We finished getting cleaned up satisfying ourselves with a game of slap-and-tickle, and then went in to get dressed. Rachel had brought back clothes and laid them out for Sarah. A nice lightweight summer dress, a low cut bra, garter belt, nylons, a thong and a pair of 4" 'come fuck me' pumps. "Wow, that's a hot outfit." I said as I picked up the thong and held it out to her.

"Is she kidding? I'm supposed to where this? This isn't me." "How do you know? Have you ever worn any of this? You're beautiful, Sarah, and you have a smokin' hot body, put the stuff on and show the whole damned world what you've got." "Did you say 'smokin'?" She asked after she realized what I'd said. "Hell yes I did." She looked at me with some skepticism, but I just held her gaze with the thong dangling from my finger between us.

She rolled her eyes and took the panties from me and started getting dressed. As soon as I was dressed I sat back on the bed watching her as she finished getting dressed. It was a great show. She was fit, with an ass that just cried to be fucked. I think she deliberately took a little longer just to show off for me. Super hot! We managed to get to Deirdre's office just in time for Sarah's appointment. Deirdre was standing at her assistant's desk going over some things as we walked up.

They both looked up and smiled warmly as we came up to them. "Sarah, thank you for coming in on such short notice, we've run into a bit of a snag, and I need to bring you up to speed." Deirdre said as she reached out and shook Sarah's hand. "Let me guess. Paul is contesting the divorce." Sarah sounded pissed, this was good.

She needed to get to angry to get this done, and then she could work on indifference toward Uncle Douche and get on with living her life. "Well, he hasn't actually had a chance to see the papers yet, let's talk in my office." She motioned with one hand and let Sarah lead the way into her office.

"I could use a little of your time if you have it after Sarah's meeting." I said to Deirdre as a side note. "I have a meeting immediately after Sarah's, but it shouldn't take more than a couple of hours if you could come back then, Olivia would you give my last appointment to Mr.

McLaren please." "Certainly." "Shall we?" Deirdre motioned for me to go in and join Sarah. Sarah was already sitting in one of the guest chairs in front of Dee Dee's desk when we came into the office.

She was tucking something into her purse as we came up to take our respective chairs. "So what's Paul's issue?" Sarah asked as soon as we were seated. She was making the first move in this meeting, and I was going to do my level best to let her run with her new found inner strength, or inner bitch, whichever she thought would work best. "The problem is that he hasn't actually seen the papers yet. We drew them up yesterday, but I need you to sign them before he does.

Anyway, I had my investigator watching him to make sure he didn't disappear on us, but he couldn't stay long after the DEA showed up and arrested Paul." "The DEA?! Drug Enforcement, what were they doing at my house?" "Some sort of investigation that they were extremely evasive about.

Can you think of any reason for them to be interested in your husband?" "No, I have no idea at all." Deidre looked at Sarah and let silence fall in the office. I did everything in my power to stay out of it. I knew what Dee Dee was doing, I'd done it myself on several interrogations, drop the bomb and watch the other person's reaction as closely as you can and decide to your own satisfaction if they're telling you the truth or not. Sarah did great.

She'd told Dee Dee the truth that she didn't know anything, and then held her gaze without flinching. Huge strides for Sarah since she usually broke eye contact and deferred to the stronger will in the room. "Excellent." Deirdre proclaimed after what seemed like an hour of these two just staring at each other. "Then we can move forward." "You needed me here to tell me that?" "No Sarah, I needed you here to assess whether I could continue to represent you. I talked to the lead agent in charge of Paul's case, and she told me that Paul gave you up as an accomplice in his drug business.

She wouldn't tell me what drugs or what quantity they were dealing with, but I had to see for myself if you were a part of it, and the only way for me to do that was to see you face to face. I believe you, so now we can move forward." "Can I ask a question?" I interrupted. "Please." "What exactly did this DEA agent tell you about Sarah's supposed roll in all of this?" "That she was his courier.

That she delivered the drugs for Paul and collected the money." "That Son-of-a-Bitch!

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He treats me like shit for the last 5 years and then tries to drag me down with him when he get caught doing something stupid and illegal?!" "There's no way in hell that they can prove any of this…" Deirdre paused after starting to say this, as a stray thought caught her attention. "Unless A: Sarah really is a courier, which we know is crap, or B: Paul planted evidence to incriminate her." I finished where I thought she was going. My paranoia was flowing freely and soaking my gray matter with its poison.

"Exactly!" Sarah was silent and just staring out the window. Her eyes were wet with tears, but she wouldn't let them fall through the look of pure unadulterated hatred on her face.

"Did you get the name and ID information of the agent in charge?" I asked, I'd had enough of this shit, what good are friends if you can't lean on them when you need some support. "I did, but I don't know what good it's going to do, I don't know anyone at DEA." She said as she handed me a sticky-note with the information on it.

"I do. Can I use your phone?" I stood up. "By all means, please." Deirdre spun the phone towards me so I could make my call. I punched in the numbers and hit 'speaker' so we could all hear. "Should I be recording this?" Dee Dee asked. "Absolutely not. It's bad enough I've got it on speaker.

Now, both of you, when they answer you have to be quiet as church mice, yes?" Both women nodded just as the line was picked up.

"Deputy Director Johnson's office." "Tonya, it's David McLaren, how are you?" "I'm doing very well David, haven't heard from you in an age, I heard about your dad, I'm really sorry. How are you and your mom holding up?" "We're doing very well, Tonya thank you. Rachel's sisters have come in for support, and we're all getting to be a lot closer to one another." I swear I could hear a grin spread across Sarah's face.

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"It's good to have family you can rely on when it gets tough. I'm glad you're getting by alright." "Thanks Tonya. Listen, I called to talk to Diane about a personal matter, is she in by chance?" "She is and she's free, I know for a fact that she'd love to talk to you, hold on I'll connect you." "Thanks Tonya." "David! It's so good to hear from you. We haven't talked since the funeral, how're you doing?" "I'm well Diane, how are you and yours?" "We're all doing really well.

Looking forward to seeing you and Rachel for dinner once you both feel up for company. The boys would love to see you, and that offer that Jim made at the funeral still stands, if you need to get away, let us know and you can have the ski cabin whenever you want it." "Thank you Diane, that's really wonderful of you to offer, and thank Jim for us both would you?

We're both actually coping very well and the last few days it's been a lot better around the house." "Excellent David, that's really good to hear.

Now, you probably didn't call just to catch up did you? What's up?" "One of your agents arrested my Aunt Sarah's soon to be ex-husband, and he's decided to implicate her in his guilt." "That's pretty nasty isn't it? What's he getting in exchange for implicating his wife?" "I don't know, in fact the lawyers didn't even get a chance to ask. Their investigator was bird-dogging Sarah's husband and watched the whole thing go down, and your agent is playing it pretty close to the vest." "I see, well, I'm not sure I can do anything about the arrest David, if the evidence was there to get him busted…" "It isn't that Diane, I wouldn't ask you for something like that.

If you busted the guy on solid evidence, and you can make it stick, put him in the deepest darkest hole you can find, bury him and forget where you put him. No this is about him making accusations about my Aunt. He claims that she knew all about his operation and that she's been acting as his courier to deliver the meth." "I see. Do you have the agent's name?" "I do," I read her the information that Dee Dee had given to me.

"David, you're telling me that you will personally vouch for your Aunt, with no hesitation and no reservations." "Absolutely Diane, she isn't anymore guilty of this than you are. You have my word." "That's good enough for me, hold on a minute." She put me on hold, so I muted the phone while we waited.

"What happens now?" asked Sarah. "Now we wait." Dee Dee said. She looked up at me like I was some sort of space alien. I started to ask her why, when Diane came back on the line. "David?" I punched the mute button.

"Right here Diane." "I just talked to the agent in charge, she is pretty aware that your Aunt has nothing to do with Mr.

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Reilly's drug business. She has a theory that innocent people don't run. Since your Aunt dug in and was willing to fight, she's satisfied. She would like Reilly's car though. She thinks that he loaded up the car that Sarah has before she left for your house. Even if there are only traces of the drugs in the car, it'll help the case.

Can we seize the car?" "Do you need to have a warrant, or just Sarah's permission?" I looked at Sarah, and she was already digging her keys out of her purse. "Since the car is actually registered to Paul, we just needed to find it and take possession we can seize it under the arrest warrant." "Have your Agent meet me at the house in about an hour, and I'll give her the keys. Nobody's been in the car since Sarah got to the house, so I'll hand her the keys and make her job that much easier." "That would be great, David.

I'm sorry that this came down on you right now, but I appreciate the chance to help, and I'm glad it was you and not someone that would've been in the way." "Thanks Diane, I owe you big." "No you don't. I'm just going take it off the tab of all the ones that I owe you. Be safe and I'll talk to you later. Oh, would you like the divorce papers signed? If you get them to the agent in charge, I'll make sure she gets them signed and back to your aunt's attorney." "I don't want to know how you're going to 'make sure', but I really don't need to either.

Just make sure that it'll all hold up in once the judge gets them, okay?" Diane laughed. "I promise no traceable blood stains." "Thanks again Diane. I'll let Rachel know that you've re-extended the invite to dinner and we'll get hold of you to try and set up a time, deal?" "That's a deal. I'll talk to you guys soon, David. Take care." "'Bye Diane." I hung up the phone and looked at Sarah and Deirdre. They were both staring at me like just come down from outer space now.

"What?" I looked at Dee Dee. "Oh, I don't know! You just called a Deputy Director of the DEA and not only did you dial her number from memory, you got through her secretary, whom you also know, and talked to her. She offers to let you to use her vacation home, invites you and your mother to dinner, and she offers to get the divorce papers signed. Then…and this has got to be the best part, then she handles it personally.

That was un-fucking-believable." "I just asked a favor from a friend. I worked with Diane a few years ago on a case that, from my perspective was nothing huge, but it helped her career, so she said she'd be willing to do me a solid in return if it was within her power." Sarah jumped up and hugged me as tightly as she could. "Thank you David, but what if you need her in the future?" "It doesn't matter, you needed the help now." "I don't know how to thank you." "You just make sure you sign those papers.

Get rid of this prick once and for all." "I can help there," Deirdre interjected. "Olivia has the paper work, if you sign them now, once Paul's signature is on them they can be filed and you can get on with your life." "Thank you, Dee Dee." Sarah reached out and shook her hand. They each seemed reluctant to let go of the other. We started to move toward the door when Deirdre called me back.

"David, can I have just a minute before you leave?" "Sure, I'll meet you out at Olivia's desk Sarah." Sarah just leaned up and kissed me on the cheek then turned and left. I turned back and nearly collided with Deirdre. "What's up?" I asked as I grabbed her to keep from knocking her over. "How did you know?" she asked in a quiet voice after Sarah had closed the door. "Know what?" "I couldn't find out what Paul was dealing from the agent in charge of the case, but you knew when you talked to the Deputy Director.

How did you know?" "If I tell you, will it have any effect on Sarah's divorce?" "Not that I can see, no." "Okay then, there are a couple of things, first off he has no real property to grow on, he can't be moving pot, and he's too broke to buy something like heroin or cocaine, so no reselling going on, that just leaves making stuff on his own and the easiest thing for this dumb-ass to make is meth.

The last thing is this: Who do you think dropped the dime on the fucker to get the DEA involved. And yes, I am invoking attorney/client privilege." "Sarah's very important to you isn't she?" She was staring at the door where Sarah had gone out a few minutes before. Something in her eyes told me to be very careful with my answer. "She is important to me, she's my mom's little sister and Rachel loves her dearly, and yes, so do I. There's nothing I wouldn't do to protect her or any of them for that matter." She looked up at me with tears at the corners of her eyes.

"What the matter Dee Dee?" I took her hand and led her to one of the chairs. She hesitated just a little before answering. "I can't tell you, it's not professional." "Deirdre we grew up knowing each other, remember? We already know more personal things about each other than most lawyers and clients do. I mean seriously, who kept your secret when I caught you in the throes of an orgasm using the water inlets to masturbate in your parent's hot tub?" She looked at me and laughed at the memory.

"I'd nearly forgotten about that. I was so worried that you would tell my mom, she was always so uptight about that sort of thing. 'Sex isn't for fun, Dee Dee' she'd say, 'sex is for babies.'" "Well, I'll tell you right now she was full of shit about that." "Oh believe me, I know. It's just that…" She looked up at me and finished.

"I'm dangerously attracted to Sarah and I haven't thought of anything but having her in my bed since I met her." I must have just stared at her for what seemed to be a long time. I finally broke the stare when it looked like she was getting worried that she'd stepped over the line. "Sorry, you just surprised me. I wasn't expecting that. So what does that have to do with this?" I reached up and wiped a small tear from her face.

"Doesn't it shock you that I just told you I want to have sex with your aunt?" "Should it? I mean who you're attracted to, who you love, who you lust after and how you live your life are up to you, not me, not your mom, just you. Shit Dee Dee too many people in this world are still trying to figure out what they want to be if they grow up, much less who they are or who they want to be with, I'd say that you're miles ahead of most of the people in the world.

I'm curious though, when did you realize that this was who you were?" "I was a junior in high school when it hit me one day that I was head over heels in love with my best friend.

We had always fooled around a lot, we would each watch the other touch themselves and we'd occasionally get to orgasm in front of each other, but the day it really came home to me was the day that she kissed me after she'd licked her fingers clean of her own cum. It hit me like a bolt of lightning that ran from the base of my skull to my crotch, and I came right then and there. Jesus.I can't believe I just told you that, you're a client for crying out loud." "Just tell me what's going on now.

What's all this got to do with Sarah?" She took a few seconds to compose herself then looked me in the eye and told me. "I've been with several women over the past few years, at college and since graduation, but no one has made me feel the same way that Beth did in my bedroom that first time. Then I met your Aunt Sarah. I saw her the first time and I felt that lightning run through me again.

I shook her hand just now and I got wet." I smiled at her and leaned in to kiss her on the cheek.

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"Then you should ask her out to dinner when her divorce is over, and tell her how you feel." "Do you think she'd be receptive to that? I don't want to freak her out, or put myself out there and get shot down. I'm not in this for the pain and suffering." "Well, take it slowly at first, and convince her you're serious, she has sometimes scared easily in the past, but she's getting stronger all the time.

I just ask that you don't break her heart. If you go there, make sure you're ready to go all in, that's all." "Thank you David, thank you so much.

It'll be hard to wait, but I will if it means I have a chance to be with her." She was all smiles again, so I gave her a quick kiss and headed for the door. "I'm glad we talked, Dee Dee.

I'll see you in a couple of hours." And I turned and went out, and passed Sarah in the door. "I forgot something, I'll be right there." "Cool." I said and went out pulling the door shut behind me. Olivia was looking at the door after Sarah with more than a little lust in her eyes. "Olivia, are you all right?" "What…oh sorry David, I was just…" Olivia was blushed a bright crimson under her long blonde tresses.

The red went all the way down her front and disappeared under her dress, I expect that her tits were a bright shade of pink. "Yeah, she has that effect on people." "I'm sorry.

I know I shouldn't behave that way at work, she just beautiful. I'm sorry, I won't let it happen again." "Well if it does, just make sure she knows that you're doing it." She looked at me like I'd grabbed her ass.


"I'm serious, it'll give her confidence a great boost, just keep it tasteful, okay?" "Okay. If you're sure it'll be alright." "You don't know until you try, do you?" Sarah came out of the office right then and took my arm as we started down the hall. I whispered in her ear and told her about Olivia. She stopped and looked at me, then ran back to Olivia. She glanced around to see if anyone was watching, then pulled Olivia into a deep kiss and slid her tongue down Olivia's throat. When she pulled back from the kiss, she whispered something in Olivia's ear as she guided her hand up under her dress, then pulled away and headed back to me.

I looked back and saw Olivia's crimson grow to a much deeper red, then put her fingers in her mouth and closed her eyes.

Sarah and I got on the elevator and when the doors closed she grabbed my arm to hold herself up. "Shit," she giggled. "I've never done anything like that before. Was that too slutty?" "Nope, just the right amount of slutty. How'd it feel?" "It was like sneaking into the house after curfew on date night and not getting caught.

It felt…sort of liberating." "Good, c'mon let's get you to your massage." On the way to the day spa, Aunt Sarah seemed fidgety and uncomfortable in the seat next to me. I just let it go for the moment and tried to concentrate on something that had occurred to me in Dee Dee's office.

"Why does the DEA want my car?" "Technically I think it's Paul's car, and it's probably loaded with drugs." "You think he put the drugs in before I left home?!?" "I do. I think he loaded the stuff into your car whenever you went out on errands and had someone with a spare key swap the stuff for the money they owed while you were out of sight.

Then he could just pull the cash out after you got home and were inside the house." "That fucker! I'm glad you called the DEA on him." She said this as she dropped her car key on the console between us.

"How did you know that?" "I have my ways. When were you going to tell me?" "As soon as I knew that the divorce process was past the point of no return.

I meant what I said about no more secrets, but I never agreed to share immediately." "Like I said earlier, you're sneaky." "Thank you." She smiled and reached over and took my hand in hers.

"In the vein of not keeping secrets Aunt Sarah, you should know that Dee Dee has a crush on you, and wants to ask you out on a date after your divorce is final." "She told you that?" "She did. And apparently you get her hot, just looking at her and touching her hand. I can only imagine what you're going to do to her when your tongue touches her." "Well…I'm sort of looking forward to finding out." "So… she makes you hot too then." It was a statement, not a question.

Sarah didn't say anything, she just drew my hand up under her dress and guided my fingers to her crotch. As soon as I felt how wet she was, I slid my middle finger in and cupped her pussy.

"OH! I didn't expect…ungh… you to do that." She pressed my hand hard against herself and started grinding her mound against my hand. "OH FUCK!!" She screamed as she pulled my hand away and replaced it with her own. She had her dress up to her hips so she had a clear view of her pussy. She shoved three of her own fingers into herself and came in the front seat of my car in downtown traffic.

She fell back against the seat as her orgasm drifted off. Her head lolled toward me and I could see her eyes focus on me again. "I got so horny at Dee Dee's office, I had to do that.

I promise to clean the seats." "It's okay Sarah, small price to pay for the show. But tell me something." "Hmmm?" She was still in the afterglow of her orgasm. "Where's your thong?" She got a mischievous look in her eye then coyly put one of her cum covered fingers in her mouth and smiled around it at me and said. "I gave it to Dee Dee when I went back in her office." "Holy shit, Sarah, step right out there why don't you." "I know it was impulsive.

I thought about just planting a kiss on her, but instead I told her that I thought she was hot and I wanted to make sure she knew it.

Then I handed her my wet thong to prove it and just turned and left before she could say anything or I could take it back and chicken out." "Congratulations Aunt Sarah.

You've become a truly brave and sexual creature, and I'm proud of you." She just smiled and closed her eyes certainly thinking about Dee Dee and her actions, so we rode the rest of the way in silence.

We got to the day spa and I walked Sarah to the door. I saw Rachel and Crissy waiting for her at reception, so I just waved and headed back to my car.

That's when I saw the black SUV parked about 5 cars behind me. Dealing with the government always had drawbacks, so I figured it was the DEA making sure I made good on my promise to Diane.

Nothing says inconspicuous like a jet black SUV with tinted windows. My phone rang as I climbed into my car. "Hello?" "Mr. McLaren, this is Agent Venetti with the DEA. I just wanted to let you know that we're about 10 minutes from your house." "Excellent, I'm about the same distance out, so if I beat you there, I'll leave the gate open for you.

Otherwise I'll see you shortly." "Thank you Mr. McLaren." I hung up and headed home. I made good time and beat them to the house.

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They arrived shortly after I parked my car. Agent Venetti got out of her cruiser, she was about 5'4", jet black hair and brown eyes. She had a well built and well toned figure, and looked like she took no shit from anybody. She walked over to me with the typical government agent swagger trying to intimidate me and take the alpha role.

I don't take that kind of shit from people, especially when they're visiting my home. "Mr. McLaren, thank you for letting us take possession of our case evidence." Her sarcasm dripped from her mouth along with her words. She stopped in front of me and left her mirrored shades on while she searched my face. I could tell she was searching my eyes so I let a little of the trained killer that lives inside me to slide into my gaze.

"Agent Venetti, if you think to impress me with your manners, you might want to try again. If you think I'm going to let you come onto my property and try to intimidate me, you should re-evaluate that approach too.

I don't intimidate easily, and I won't take any shit from you. So if these get you moving and get out of my driveway, then go." I never once broke eye contact as I handed the keys to her and I could see that she was the one getting uncomfortable. "Thank you. I will need you and your Aunt to come in and give us prints so we can exclude you from the investigation." She was starting to piss on my shoes, next she was going to tell me it was raining. "That's not going to happen, Agent Venetti.

Both my prints and Sarah's are already on file. Just use them." "Why would they be on file?" She asked suspiciously.

"Because Agent, my Aunt Sarah is a public school teacher, printing is required in this state, and mine are on file with the military. Your evidence is loaded, so you can leave now, and before you show your face, your ass or your badge around here again, you better have a warrant or an apology.

Now get off my land." I didn't wait for a response from her, I just turned and headed for the garage to get my car. By the time I got back up to the house, she and her crap were gone. So I just headed for Dee Dee's office. Venetti had better get those papers back to Dee Dee in short order, because I really didn't want to have to hunt her down. Diane called me as I got to Dee Dee's office and told me that they'd found two kilos of crystal meth in the spare tire well of the car, as well as small bag with cash in it.

I don't know how much, and I don't care, it should help both Venetti's case and hopefully her attitude too. Diane also promised to have the papers shipped to Dee Dee the next day by special messenger. I parked the car, but that little voice in the back of my head was screaming at me. The problem was it was screaming gibberish, and I couldn't translate it yet. As I got out of the car, I noticed that same black SUV from this morning parked on the far side of the structure.

Fuck me running. I headed up to see Dee Dee, if the fucking feds wanted to talk to me, then they better do it nicely because I wasn't in any mood to play nice with government dweebs.

I got up to the firm's offices and found them empty, with just the lights in the hall leading to Dee Dee's office still lit. I headed down the hall, and found Olivia's workstation closed up for the night, so I knocked on Dee Dee's door.

Olivia answered the door dressed in a French Maid costume, complete with spike heels, fishnets and the little hat on top. The eye-popper was that her costume had no cups for her breasts, so they were out in the open wearing chained nipple clamps that looked very uncomfortable. "Mr. McLaren, it's so good to see you again. Ms. Deirdre is expecting you." She stepped back and let me into the office. I went over and sat in front of Dee Dee's desk as Olivia went to the bar and poured a whiskey and set it carefully on Dee Dee's desk, then she turned to me.

"Can I get you anything, sir?" "Thank you no, Olivia." She curtseyed to me, then to Dee Dee and then I watched her walk across the room. Her outfit was short enough that her ass cheeks were completely uncovered, and they were bright red. She'd been spanked and very recently, judging by the brightness and the sheen of her own juices drying on the inside of her thighs. She stood at attention with her hands behind her back at the bar until she was summoned again. "Interesting over time policy you have, Deirdre." "Olivia is a special case.

She knows that she's not supposed to ogle the clients, but sometimes she forgets and needs to be reminded." "Ungh!!!" I looked over at Olivia, and saw her struggling to stay standing as her knees gave out. Her hand clutched at her crotch momentarily, and then she pulled her hands back as if she remembered where she was. She tried to stand up, but it was difficult, her legs were not wanting to cooperate, then suddenly she relaxed and stood.

I looked over at Dee Dee, she was holding a small wireless remote, and I understood. "So, how long since you've allowed her an orgasm?" "Just about long enough.

Should we discuss your business?" "That would be great, then I can let you get back to your 'employee re-training.'" She smiled wickedly at me and touched the remote again and Olivia dropped to her knees almost instantly. "UNGH…UNGH…" Olivia's hands were balled into fists at her sides, trying with everything she was worth to not touch herself. She looked at me as if I were going to do something to help her, but I was enjoying the show far too much to interfere, so…I shook my head gently from side to side, never breaking eye contact.

She rolled her eyes into her head, moaning as the vibrator worked its magic. Dee Dee got up and walked over to Olivia and looked down at her assistant. She pulled a ball gag and a set of handcuffs from the bar. She locked the handcuffs around Olivia's wrists in front of her, and then put the gag in her mouth. "Now Olivia, you may play with your pussy all you want while Mr. McLaren is here, you're also allowed to make yourself cum as many times as you want to, but as soon as he leaves, you have to stop.

Am I clear?" Olivia nodded enthusiastically and bowed her head to Dee Dee. "The last thing is, the plug in your ass stays running the whole time.

Have fun." Olivia immediately rolled over onto her knees, face on the floor and presented her ass to us. She spread her legs as far as she could, and shoved two then three fingers into her pussy and began pumping herself toward orgasmic bliss.

"That should keep her occupied enough to allow us to talk. Now, what can I do for you David?" Her tone was professional and businesslike, despite the horny assistant grunting and writhing on her office floor. "Have you changed the passwords on all of the accounts yet?" "Yes, I have them written down and stored as you requested, here's your copy." She pulled the sheet from a client folder in the center of her desk and handed it to me.

"I want to set up trust funds for 5 people. Sarah, Christina, her partner Niki, Teri and Emily." "What about Rachel?" "Rachel has her own money at this point, so she's set. I also want my will to read that everything that I have is to be divided equally between all four sisters, Niki, and Emily.

I'll want to set up a few gifts here and there, but that should take care of the majority of it." "I'll draw it up, make me a list of the other gifts and I'll bring it by the house when it's ready." "Perfect." I looked over at Olivia and watched her fisting herself as she grunted and sloshed her way to yet another orgasm. She pushed her hand deep inside herself one last time before her entire body went rigid and she fell over. Her hand slid out of her when she fell, but she jammed it back in as soon as she could with the desperation of someone dying of thirst grabbing for the last bottle of water.

She pounded her pussy as hard as she could, right through the crest of her orgasm, then as she slowed her attack, another orgasm slammed down on her and all she could do was grab her pussy with both hands and shove as many fingers into herself as she could. She ground her clit into her hands as the second orgasm crested and she slowed her assault. "That reminds me, are you feeling any better about our talk earlier?" "I am as a matter of fact. Sarah helped to put my mind at ease before she left earlier." "She told me she'd tried to make her feelings about you known before she left.

She was really scared that she'd shocked you, but obviously that's not the case." Dee Dee pulled a large manila envelope out of her desk draw and tried to hand it to me. "I have something I'd like to give Sarah in return for her gift, would you be willing to pass it to her for me?" "Why don't you just come by for dinner tonight and give it to her yourself?" "That would be wonderful, are you sure I won't be an imposition?" "Absolutely not, Rachel usually has dinner around 8, and by all means feel free to bring your playmate if you wish.

Will that work for you?" She looked over at Olivia beginning to masturbate again. "We can be wrapped up here by then, certainly. Count me in." "Perfect, I'll tell Rachel. Well, I think that's it for me for now, see you tonight Dee Dee." I got up and moved over to Olivia. I stood looking down at her and she looked up at me as I bent down to look in her eyes.

She had a look of pure unadulterated pleasure and lust on her face. "Are you close again, Olivia dear?" I asked as I traced a finger around the curve of her breast closest to me. She nodded and renewed her masturbating with her entire hand disappearing into her pussy.

"Well, let's see if I can help you along before I leave, shall we?" She nodded her head up and down vigorously enough to shake her sweat from her hair. "You just keep doing what you're doing, and I'll see what I can do." She nodded again. I traced both breasts lightly with my fingertip. Then I looped her nipple clamp chain around my index finger and pulled it slowly away from her body lifting her breasts by her nipples. I eased them back down when she began screaming into her ball gag.

Then as soon as she calmed down and caught her breath, I pulled them up again. We kept going like this until Olivia's eyes widened and her orgasm started, then I reached down and removed the clamps from her nipples.

She screamed into her gag one more time as her orgasm peaked with the pain in her nipples. I dropped the clamps then rubbed her tits and thumbed her nipples until her orgasm subsided. Her breathing was deep and labored, and she looked exhausted, but satisfied. Dee Dee turned off the vibrator in Olivia's ass, and helped her to her feet.

She left the handcuffs in place, but took out the ball gag. Olivia flexed her jaw muscles, and whispered something to Dee Dee, who nodded her ascent. Dee Dee stepped to the side and Olivia came up to me, threw her arms over my neck and planted her lips on mine, sliding her tongue into my mouth. "Thank you Mr. McLaren, thank you for that." She whispered to me after she broke the kiss. "You're very welcome, Olivia. Happy I was here to lend a hand, or a finger." I laughed lightly as I said this.

Olivia reached down and coated two of her fingers with her girl cum and offered them up to me like a servant offers fruit to her master. I took her hand and sucked her juices from her fingers. She tasted sweet and delicious, and I felt honored that she wanted to share herself with me so I licked her entire hand and all of her fingers clean.

I looked at her as her eyes were rolling back into her head. "Thank you, Olivia. You are delicious. And thank you, Dee Dee for sharing this with me." I said as I gestured toward Olivia, now moving back to stand next to Dee Dee.

"It was our pleasure, David. See you tonight at dinner." Dee Dee said, she kissed Olivia, and then walked me to the door. I left her office, and headed down to the parking ramp.

As I got off the elevator and approached my car, there was a long box on the trunk of my car, it was painted with a desert camo motif. I was instantly pissed, that someone would do something like that, then I looked more closely at the box, and I realized that I recognized it.

I opened the box and there was the old man's .40 caliber sniper rifle, along with a Sig .40 hand gun along with a couple boxes of hollow point ammo for the hand gun and full metal jackets for the rifle. There was only one way in hell that this rifle could be here. I grabbed the Sig and made sure the clip inside was loaded, and I pulled one cartridge for the rifle out and put it in my pocket. Then I turned to find the black SUV rolling up behind me. I lifted the handgun as I came up to the driver's side window and pointed it at the driver's left eye.

"Hands on the dash, both of you, or you're done." After some hesitation, they both put their hands on the dashboard. "If you move, detailing won't clean what's left.

Am I clear?" Both men nodded and looked straight ahead. These words were barely out of my mouth when the back door opened and my 'dead' father stepped out of the back of the truck. I just stared at him in disbelief. Then all the bullshit came flooding back and I couldn't think of anything to do except cock the hammer on the pistol.

"Whoa, David, wait a minute now. Let me explain." "What's to explain old man? Why you lied to me? Why you lied to Teri, or maybe why you kept all those things from Rachel and her sisters? Maybe why you kept me from my own DAUGHTER for the last 10 years?!? Go ahead motherfucker, explain it to me, I can't wait to hear it!!" "I meant about my being alive. I don't have anything to say about the other stuff." He moved to come around the door, but I took a step to the side to maintain safe distance between us.

I'd just as soon shoot him as to fight him hand to hand. "WitSec?!? Seriously?!?" I glanced at the guys in the front seats, they just nodded slowly and kept their hand on the dash. I looked back at the old man. "Get back in the car before I shoot your already dead ass." He didn't' move, so I pulled the trigger and blew the far back window out of the Fed's truck.

The old man wasn't expecting that, he jumped when the glass shattered, then looked at me. I couldn't tell if it was fear or respect, but I really didn't care at that moment. "Okay, David I'm getting back in now." He climbed into the back seat, and I moved in close to him and put the weapon against his neck just below his ear.

"You twitch and I will shoot you." There was a woman in the back seat with him, a raven haired woman, thin, big tits and every bit as young as me if not just a little younger. I looked at her, then back at him. "You probably thought you owed me some sort of explanation, but since you and I have differing opinions about what you need to explain, we don't have anything to discuss, so you're going to go ahead and get on with your new life, and forget all about us.

Forever!" I looked over at the woman sitting next to him with her hand clutching the old man's. "I certainly hope you're completely committee to this, because it's only a matter of time before you do something to disappoint him.

Grab your happiness as fast as you can and for as long as you can, but know this: It will end and it will be your fault, at least in his eyes." I looked back at the old man and pulled the rifle cartridge from my pocket and dropped it into his shirt pocket.

"If I ever see you again, hear about you coming back, or even suspect that you've sniffing around my family, my friends or my life EVER again, I will paint the sky with your blood.

Do you understand me?" He didn't answer, so I jammed the gun into his neck a little more to emphasis my point. "DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?" "Yes." He finally said quietly. I backed away from the truck and shut the back door, then moved to the driver's window. "Watch him closely, Marshall, I wouldn't want to think that he would be the one to ruin WitSec's spotless record. If anyone will go 'off reservation', it'll be him." He started to say something, but the look in my eye dissuaded him from sharing his thought.

I pointed the weapon down and dropped the hammer closed. He started the truck and they drove away. I picked up the ejected cartridge then went across to dig the slug out of the wall, mostly out of habit, then went back and put everything away and loaded the gun case into the trunk.

I just stood there shaking with enough rage to bite a chain and spit out nails. I barely noticed Dee Dee and Olivia come up behind me with building security in tow. "David, are you alright? We heard gunfire, what's going on?" "Just an engine backfiring. Sorry guys, it looks like somebody broke a window or something over here." I don't think they bought the whole backfire story, but they couldn't prove anything else, and weren't looking to argue with me since it seemed everyone was safe and any danger that might have been was gone now.

I pulled Dee Dee aside when the guards went for maintenance and said, "Dee Dee, this is critical, the passwords on all the accounts got changed right? Just like you told me you did? Rachel's too?" "Yes Davey, I did them all personally, and kept no electronic records, as you requested, on paper and only two copies.

I'll bring Rachel's to her tonight." "And your copy, it's not on the premises right?" My paranoia was running high, hard and fast. "It's exactly where you asked me to put it and I'm the only other person that knows where it is. What's this all about? You're starting to concern me more than a little." "I'm sorry.

I don't mean to frighten you. I just needed to be sure." "It's done, Davey, I promise." Maintenance showed up right then and cleaned up the glass from behind my car, so I could leave. We watched them clean up and go without another word between us.

I was starting to calm down some, and the shakes were subsiding. Olivia reached up and put her hand on my arm, and looked into my eyes. "Are you sure you'll be alright?" Olivia asked as we watched the guys leave. "Yeah, just…nothing. I better get going, besides, I have to tell Rachel you two are coming to dinner." They both looked more than a little skeptical, but didn't say anything else.

I waved at them as they moved toward their cars and I climbed into mine. I headed home to find Rachel and the girls home from their massages. I assumed they'd be relaxing at the pool, so I went around the house to tell Rachel about dinner. "Hey Davey." Rachel called as I came up to the pool. "Hey, is there any problem with Dee Dee and Olivia coming for dinner with us tonight?" It was really hard to keep my voice even and calm. "No problem at all, we're having company anyway, so there'll be plenty." "Cool.

Um…who's the company?" She stood up and kissed me and wrapped her arms around me and pulled me into her. She broke the kiss and looked into my eyes, searching for something. "They're in the living room, c'mon." She led me into the house, and I could see Crissy and Sarah get up to follow us into the house. Something was up. Rachel led me into the living room, and there was Teri standing in front of the sofa dressed in a pair of jeans and an un-tucked button up shirt.

Christ she was beautiful, her hair pulled back into a single braid that end just below her shoulder blades. She looked so much like the other girls, I wondered how I could have missed it when I was younger. Maybe I didn't on some level, and that's why I was drawn to her: She looked so much like Rachel did when I first met her that she could have been her twin.

As much as the other girls looked like Rachel, Teri was practically a dead ringer for her. It's hard to put into words just how it feels when you see the first girl you were sure you loved, smiling in front of you after 10 years of believing she hated you. I could feel myself start to shake as the anticipation, anxiety and fear all took hold of my breath and my pulse so close on the heels of the incident in the parking ramp, I could hardly breathe. But seeing Teri there in front of me, all the anger and rage flooded away and were gone in that single moment.

All I could do was stand there and take in the beauty of this woman. Rachel put her hand on my lower back and whispered to me, "Go on, Davey. She's really there." I looked at Rachel and all I could do was nod stupidly. She had tears in her eyes, and she pushed me gently toward Teri.

"Hey you." Teri said, breaking the spell, and all I could do was move up to her and take her into my arms and hug her close to me. I was afraid that she was going to disappear. She hugged me back, matching my desperation with her own embrace. I heard her let out a sigh of relief, like she'd been holding her breath since the last time we'd seen each other.

I knew how she felt. I was still holding my breath. She kissed my neck, and I could feel her tears touch my skin. That was all it took, I let out my own sigh of relief, and let the tears flow down my face. "Teri, I am so sorry. So very sorry you were put through all of this, can you ever forgive me?" "Shhh…you have nothing to apologize for. There's nothing to forgive. You didn't know the truth, you couldn't possibly have known or we would have been together sooner." I pulled my head back and looked at her, taking in every feature of her face, and seeing all of the pain, all of the joy and all of the life that she'd led to this point.

She was so beautiful. I reached up and cupped her head in my hand and pulled her into a kiss. Her hands came up and cradled my face as she returned my kiss and slid her tongue into my mouth, searching for its long lost partner. When they found each other, the results were amazing. 10 years fell away, and we were the only ones in the room.

The kiss seemed to last for only a few moments, but it felt comfortable enough to have been 10 years long. We both started running our hands over each other's bodies, fumbling with and unbuttoning clothing, trying desperately to get at one another's bodies. Rachel came up beside us and put her arms around us both. We broke the kiss, and just stared at each other searching each other's faces still trying to memorize everything we saw there.

"I know this has been a long time coming, and you two probably want to be alone, but there's someone else here that wants to see you David." I looked at Rachel, and she was all smiles.

I turned back to Teri and she was grinning at me like the Cheshire Cat. She nodded her head, and motioned behind me. I turned around, and standing beside Sarah, holding her hand was this beautiful, healthy little girl smiling from ear to ear. Sarah was beaming as she gently led the little girl toward me. "Are you Emily?" I asked as I knelt in front of the child. "Yes, are you really my daddy?" She was looking at me with wide curious eyes with a little hesitation mixed in, but always there was her mother's smile shining at me.

She kept a firm grip on Sarah's hand and looked up at Teri as she stepped up next to us. Teri smiled down at her and nodded to Emily that it was true and okay to be happy. Emily looked up at Sarah and let go of her hand. Sarah's tears were flowing freely down her face, as were all of her sisters'.

Emily took one small step toward me then leapt into my arms and hugged me with all of her might. "I've missed you Daddy!"