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Extreme Gay Cum Hardcore Fuck
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Continued.this is the morning after part one. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The sun dawned on a beautiful Saturday morning on the Rice Hills college campus, and shone into the shared bedroom of Veronica and Rachel, two sorority sisters and girlfriends who were just waking up after the most amazing out-of-the-closet night that either of them had ever experienced.

Rachel awoke first, opening her sleepy brown eyes and shifting around in bed, making soft yawning noises. She rolled over in Veronica's arms and lay herself gently on top of her angelic blond lover. Their naked bodies collided softly, breasts bouncing and nipples tickling nipples. "Veronica?" she sighed, shaking her slightly and shifting her legs around her roommate's torso at the sight of Veronica's plump, tossing boobs beneath her.

"Veronica, baby, wake up. It's morning." "Oh," sighed Veronica, and her large blue eyes fluttered open as she stirred awake. "Oh, I wish it was still last night.Rachel, you were so good, I've never felt so infatuated with any lover before." "I'm glad to hear it," said Rachel, and she shifted down onto Veronica so that she lay directly on top of her, pussies rubbing together and with Rachel's head resting on top of Veronica's large pink nipples.

She placed her hand on one, gently squeezing and twisting it as Veronica softly moaned. The two sighed together, and Veronica's hand slowly moved beneath the sheets to cradle Rachel's ass, lifting it higher onto hers as the girls snuggled closer together. "Do you like that, baby?" asked Rachel, giggling and massaging Veronica's nipple still harder.

"Want some more?" She twisted the pointy prick in her fingers, feeling how hard and aroused it was, and her pussy grew wet on top of Veronica's. They began to grind their pussies together, slowly at first, and then harder as the lust grew between them.

Veronica drew Rachel still closer into her, pushing her tight little tush so that it thrusted directly into her own clit. "Oh, god, yes." sighed Veronica, But then she happened to glance over at the digital clock on the bedside table. "Oh, shit," she moaned. "Baby, I don't want to leave, god, I don't want to leave.but we're going to be late to the sorority house." "Veronica, darling, it's the weekend," pleaded Rachel.

"One skipped meeting won't hurt anyone." She looked into Veronica's face with a sexy and lustful expression, then leaned down and slowly began to suck on Veronica's right boob.

Veronica lay back for a moment, letting Rachel go at her amazing body and moaning in desire for her girlfriend to fuck her, but she would not allow it for very long. She quietly lifted Rachel's face away from her hard and aroused tits and held it in her hands. "We can't be late," she said, trying to return Rachel's longing expression but being firm all the same. "You can have me all night, baby, but I don't want to be punished by Ashley again.

You know I want you so bad, sexy, but please, let's go." "All right, but I'm only doing it for you," said Rachel, winking, She threw back the covers and allowed Veronica to get out first, watching her girlfriend's naked ass cheeks bounce and jiggle as she walked over to the bureau and pulled out some clothes.

Rachel went over to her own dresser, sliding on a G-string thong. She giggled, shaking her tight cheeks at Veronica and listened for the telltale drip onto the ground that meant Veronica's pussy was wet. Once she had heard it, she slipped a very short miniskirt over her large ass and pulled a white tank top over her bright pink push-up bra. The whole ensemble was very slutty, but Rachel wanted to impress Veronica. She walked over to see what her girlfriend was wearing.

Veronica has pulled on some skin-tight jean shorts and a tube top that was almost sheer and barely concealed her belly button. She gaped when she took a good look at Rachel.

"God, baby, you look so sexy," said Veronica in awe. "I can't wait to strip you of those hot clothes when we come home tonight." "You look hot too, Veronica, I can't tell you how long I've waited to hear you say that," Rachel returned, smiling shadily and laying a mind blowing French kiss on Veronica's sweet pink lips.

"Now come on, my beautiful blond bombshell. Let's go greet our bitches, shall we?" The Phi Betta Kappa sorority house was a small pink building near the front of the campus, and it was widely acclaimed as the most sexually based house on campus, the "whore house on the hill". It was cozy, full of plump down couches and springy beds, snacks, and most of all, it was stuffed with hot college girls. This particular pack of girls was headed by one exceptionally pretty and overly horny senior: Ashley Gibbons.

She had long red hair that was soft and lay like a veil over her chest, always was the best dressed, and had a figure that all of the guys on campus desired to have in their beds. When Rachel and Veronica entered the sorority house that morning, they found all of the sorority sisters perched on bean bags and chaise lounges in a semicircle around Ashley's large pink armchair.

Some girls who were widely known to be bisexual or lesbian were lying on couches making out and fingering their girlfriends, other girls who were focused on their boyfriends outside the house or around campus were giggling with their friends, sitting in each others' laps and starting pillow fights, Once Rachel and Veronica had taken seats on a small double-wide love seat near the front of the circle, Ashley stood up and called the girls to attention.

"Hey, girls!" she cried, and all of the action in the room stopped, centered around Ashley. Her short plush skirt popped momentarily over her hips, revealing her sheer pink panties, and Rachel noticed several girls shifting their legs and sighing at the momentary glimpse of Ashley's underwear. They couldn't help it, Rachel knew. Ashley was just so sexy. "Hey, LISTEN UP!" the sorority leader screamed. The girls all shut up, although some simply quietly continued with their kissing.

Ashley was smacking a long pink ruler lightly against her hand like an army general with a look of intimidating superiority on her face. "This is important." She began pacing around the front of the room. "One of you, one of you dumb little sluts, has given away all of our cheer moves for the Rice Hills Field Day Champions session to another sorority in exchange for bodily pleasure." Ashley's face hardened, and several whispers flew across the room, but they were silenced by a particularly loud slap of the ruler against Ashley's long fingered hand.

"You all know how long we've been working to make sure those cheers were perfect, and I was about to punish you all, when one of the girls from the other house slipped to me the name of the perpetrator,"Ashley said, and the ruler began moving faster as her toned legs strutted to the front of the room and stopped. "I know who you are, and you know who you are. I'm telling the little cheating bitch to stand up and come to the front of the room.now." The room was completely still.

Nobody moved a muscle. Ashley laughed, a small and furtive giggle, before yelling. "It's going to be a worse punishment if you don't get up and confess, you cunt." But still, nobody moved. "All right, fine," she sighed, and she reached into her bra, withdrawing a small slip of pink paper, unfolding it and reading the name aloud.

"Laura Brown, stand up and come to the front of the room or so help me, I'll break your lying little ass until you can't jiggle another cheek." One of the lesbian girls from the back of the room stood timidly to her feet and away from her girlfriend's groping fingers.

She began walking past the rows of glaring girls, her tight, short dress slipping up a bit around her ass cheeks as she stepped lightly past the rows of couches. Rachel saw, as she passed their davenport, that the ignorant girl was not even wearing underwear. This made her a tad wet, and a bit of juice from her hot pussy slid down her legs onto the couch.

Laura came to the front and stood to attention in front of Ashley, whose tits were growing visibly hard beneath her skimpy white half-tank. "Now, you slut, you're going to learn some crime and punishment," hissed Ashley, grabbing the frightened girl by her arms, and without pretense, she grabbed the hem of Laura's dress and pulled it over her hips exposing a wide, clean-shaven brown pussy. "Oh no, Ashley! Please.p-put it back!" Laura squealed with embarrassment as all of the girls in the room giggled, whispered and shifted around in their chairs at the sight of Laura's naked lower half.

It was a beautiful pussy, and it was wet, because Laura's girlfriend had been quite clearly fingering her before the incident had occurred.

"No, Ashley," she pleaded with a forced laugh as Ashley's ruler ran over her exposed rosebud, tickling it and holding Laura fast with her other hand. "Please don't make me wet in front of everyone!" "That was not my plan," said Ashley. "Why should I give you pleasure when you deserve pain?" And she signaled to a girl in the corner, who handed her a thick white rope. Ashley quickly bound Laura's hands and then tied them to the rafters of the wood ceiling, not far from the ground but far enough so that Laura's bare feet dangled off the ground and she spun helplessly in midair, struggling weakly against her bonds.

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Ashley then tied her feet together with another rope, prohibiting all movement, and then spun the poor, helpless girl around, exposing her large, shimmering ass to the crowd. The girls on the floor whooped, cheered, jeered and whistled at the dripping bitch in front of them.

"You're just a horny slut, so stay still and don't move. If you do, I'll make it worse for you. And if you tell anyone what happens to you in the next few hours, I'll make sure all the directors know how you cheat on your exams and you'll be expelled for sure." Ashley drew the ruler back, and with a fast swing of her arm, she slapped the ruler flat across Laura's ass. There was a loud CRACK! A long red line appeared as clear as day across her cheeks, and it was all Laura could do not to cry out.

And yet, she could not help it: she felt her pussy growing hot, and a bit of her pussy juices leaked from her tan pussy lips. All the girls in the crowd laughed and whistled. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Three more lines appeared fast on Laura's brown skin, as Ashley mercilessly whipped her ass with the thick stick of plastic.

"Come on, you bitch, scream for me," growled Ashley, rubbings her long nails smoothly over Laura's bottom, down her slit, and then slapped her ass repeatedly with the palm of her hand- harder, and harder, and harder, until both ass cheeks were bright red. This continued for five agonizing minutes for Laura, as Ashley switched from ruler, to palm, to sharp nails. the pain, humiliation and.pleasure.were proving too much for Laura.

Her cheeks were red and the rims of her eyes were wet, as she trembled and wished it would soon end. But it was clear that Ashley was not stopping soon. Laura suddenly felt a hard smack that rattled her bones and sent her ass shaking like jelly, and the girls in their chairs tittered and laughed harder than ever.

"Look, she's crying," yelled one girl, and everyone screamed with pleasure. Laura cried out with pain and at the same time, there was a moan of pleasure. "That's it, whore," said Ashley, grinning with delight. "Cry, you little baby. You're nothing but a bitchy baby, are you? You can't even handle a little punishment without creaming and getting wet! You're so weak." Ashley pulled a vibrator from the hands of a girl in the front row of seats.

She stopped whipping Laura for a moment, and traced her sweating asshole with the tip of the vibrating dildo, breathing into it as she went so that Laura squirmed. The small touch made Laura's skin tingle, growing hotter, and making Laura want to moan Ashley's name so badly it was like a physical pain.

Laura wanted the vibrator in her ass, although she knew it only proved Ashley's continuing verbal abuse that she was a slut. After a few moment of teasing and bare humiliation in front of her peers, Ashley pushed the large dildo halfway into Laura's wide, glistening hole, so that the head buzzed strongly inside her.

Then, with her hand, Ashley began to smack the vibrator as hard as she could, so that it hammered into Laura's slit. Never had Laura experienced such feeling. And Ashley did it so well. Even through the torture, Laura felt heat and need for the ruler to whip her again coursing through her veins. She strained to control herself, to keep her growing need to cum inside her, but it was getting too strong.

As Ashley smacked her ass harder than ever and the vibrator spasmed like a drill inside her cavity, she let out a low moan that grew louder.and louder.and without another moment, her pussy erupted into a forced orgasm! "UNGHHH!" Laura screamed. Thick streams of cum and pussy juice burst from her clit and ass, dripping cum down between her legs and all over the ground.

"Why, you filthy little whore!" gasped Ashley, observing Laura's wet, spread ass. "You got pleasure instead of pain. Well, if it's pleasure you crave, then I'll make sure you get so much you never want it again.

It's going to become your.least favorite punishment." Ashley grinned deviously, and the signaled to the girls behind Laura. "Hey, you two. Cut her arms down and then bring her up front." The girls did so obligingly, and carried the struggling Laura to the front of the room by Ashley.

"Now, Laura, you get the biggest treat of your life," said Ashley. She took a pair of scissors from a nearby shelf and cut a piece from the bottom of her skirt, just long enough to fit around Laura's head. Then, she tied the makeshift blindfold over Laura's eyes, tight, so that it could not slip down. Then, she took the sharp blades, and began slicing through Laura's skimpy dress, starting at the hem and slicing slowly up to where her two perky boobs were barely concealed by the splitting fabric.

The other girls were all watching, rapt with attention, and Laura struggled harder, knowing what was coming. "No, no Ashley, please don't please." Laura was begging. her breasts were her most prized bodily feature, and she never let anyone but her girlfriend and a few specific lovers view them. "Oh, yes." whispered Ashley, and with one final snip of the scissors, the thin fabric of Laura's dress fell away. Laura's large, perky breasts popped out for everyone in the room to view.

Her boobs were rightly coveted: large, full C-cups,the nipples were brown, pretty and round, and perkier than anyone had ever seen on a girl.

All of the sorority sisters in the room either broke down with glee, moaned embarrassing phrases at Laura, or wolf whistling. Ashley smiled happily. She stuck her long finger in her mouth, spat on it, and then began tracing Laura's nipple with her lubricated nail, arousing the nipples still further. "Stop!" cried Laura desperately. "Don't touch them." "Oh, so now you don't like my touches?" laughed Ashley, and the girls followed her lead.

"Shut up, you slut," cried one girl. "You know you like it," spat another. "Bitch!" "Whore!" "Cunt!" "Stupid backstabbing dick sucker!" It was obvious that Laura was cracking under the pressure. Her entire face was red, and her pussy juice ran wild down her legs, that were still so tightly bound. Through the rains of abuse, Ashley still fingered Laura's tits, circling them, with her wet finger, plucking them, pinching them and licking them with the tip of her tounge.

Every hole in Laura' body was wet, her pussy was dripping, her asshole was sweating, and she drooled freely onto the floor, unable to control her mouth. Her hands were held fast behind her by two girls, who both ground at her asshole with the tip of their high heeled shoes.

"Now, now, Laura! Not so fast! We don't want you too worn out by a little fondling, especially not before the main event." Ashley snapped her fingers. "Girls, lift her up. Two girls take her legs, two take her back and arms. I want her high up in the air, on her back, so everyone can see how high her tits are sticking up." Ashley laughed as a multitude of sorority girls agreed to her demand.

Laura was hoisted high into the air, and she struggled weakly, but her fear of heights was setting in. "Wh-what's going on? Where are you taking me? Please.please." Laura cried out, her arms flailing as her head leaned back behind her.

The girl's naked body glistened in the afternoon light, as Ashley whispered her last order so that Laura couldn't hear. "Girls-take her out the door. Carry her to the front of the campus, onto the welcome hill. i have something special for her there." "Wait.wait.stop, please!" Laura was begging now, at the top of her lungs.

She had realized that it was no longer innocent play, but full-fledged punishment. But it was too late. Laura was being carried down the front steps of the sorority house, while all the members in the parade trailed behind.


Ashley led the pack, strutting before Laura like the ringleader of a sexy circus. Students all along the road stopped and stared at the passing procession: a hot masochistic chick, a screaming naked bitch tied up like an offering to all the deprived and horny boys, and a crowd of giggling sorority bitches trailing behind. As they walked, many of the sisters stuck signs in the road after them that had been given to them by Ashley, attached to thick metal stakes: "SLUT THIS WAY", "WHORE ON THE HILL" "GET A BONER FROM A BITCH", and "SEX TOILET", as well as many others, all with a large arrow pointing up the hill.

Once they had reached the top of the hill, Rachel saw the famed Rice Hills welcome sign. The thick wooden stakes that were hammered into the ground had been painted with the words 'FREE SLUT", one on each pole.

Long ropes were hung over the sign, and they were quite clearly meant for Laura. Ashley's plan had worked perfectly, and nobody was going to try to stop it. Ashley smiled widely, seeing a group of jocks walking up the hill, followed by some other geeky boys and a pack of lesbians and cheerleaders who weren't quite slutty enough for Phi Betta Kappa.

"Cut the bitch's old strings, and tie her to the sign. Spread her," Ashley ordered. The girls obliged. They used a large knife to slice Laura's bonds, while holding her arms securely, but all the fight seemed to be out of Laura already. Ashley's cronies took each of Laura's arms and legs and tied them to each corner of the the signposts: arms to the top left and and right corners of the post, and legs to the bottom left and right.

They made sure the ropes were tightly triple-knotted. There was no chance that Laura was going to get away. She was spread vertically across the front of the welcome sign, long sexy legs split like lumber so that everyone could see her huge leaking pussy, and big hard breasts dangling out in the open, twitching as Laura struggled feebly against the thick bonds.

"Now Laura," said Ashley," come and see what I've prepared for you!" Ashley tore the blindfold from Laura's eyes, revealing the scene before her. Packs of college kids, popular and unpopular, jocks and punks, cheerleaders and lesbians alike were all standing before the helpless girl, giggling and chattering and jeering and whistling.

Laura began to scream. "Ashley you two-timing stupid whore! I can't believe you'd do this to me you ugly cheap slut!" Laura was redder than ever, angry and humiliated, trying desperately to get away. "Ugh, ugh!" She sturggled against the bonds, almost making a show of it, and her huge tits slapped against the sign, making a large clatter and causing her sensitive nipples to turn bright red.

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"Look who's talking!" jeered Ashley, hands on hips. All of the guys and girls laughed-especially the girls. "You're about to see how much of a little slut YOU are.and all these classmates are going to show you." Ashley turned away from her victim for a moment, and yelled to the crowd, "HEY! Everyone get in a line in front of this bitch!

No hitting! You'll all get a go with her, I promise!" All of the college students made a single file line, which stretched so far down the hill that it wound all the way around back to the far end of campus. More and more people were catching sight of the spectacle, and more and more of them were coming out to.investigate.

"Listen up!" yelled Ashley. "Before you get your free rides, there are a couple of rules to make sure things don't get too unbearably rough! FIRST of all," she said, looking all the way down the line and yelling loudly, " there will only be five minutes per individual with the whore, just so everyone gets some. However, if you want to double up times with the person behind you or in a group, you may do so as well.

No more than three to a group, though.

SECOND, you can't call her by her real name. The only names you can call her by are slut, whore, bitch, cunt, baby, and pussy. Anyone who uses her real name will be immediately rejected. If she uses your name, then you get three more minutes to punish her. And, THIRD, anyone who gets caught trying to let her loose will have the same done to them, as soon as possible.

Do you all understand these rules as I have dictated them?" There was a murmur of assent from the crowd. "I have set a large stool in front of the sign," Ashley added.

"If you want a blow, or want her to suck you, then you can get on the stool and force your tools at her mouth. If she resists you, you get three more minutes with her. Got it?" Another murmur.

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"All right," said a boy in front, and Rachel recognized it as Jake, with a few of his football buddies. "Can we fuck her now?" "Ready.and." said Ashley slowly.

Laura's eyes dialated with fear. "No.wait.please! Just wait a fucking minute." Laura begged. "Go." said Ashley. "Yes." moaned Jake. He unzipped the front of his pants, and instantly his bulge popped out of his pants, revealing his hard cock.

Laura gasped. It was so big, and so hard.she could hardly believe that it would be ripping through her. She squealed, twisting and struggling, not wanting to know yet. She wasn't quite ready. But Jake was going for her pussy instead. He leaned down beneath her, viewing the precious prize glistening with juice over his mouth.

Laura's vagina was wide, her pussy lips tan and trembling, and her clit was large and popping. Jake reached up, touching it, squeezing it and fondling it, and Laura kept moaning with embarrassing desire. Jake's tongue slowly approached her wet rosebud, and he flicked it with the tip of his tounge as he massaged his own tool with his hands He slowly broke the surface of her pussy with his mouth, letting it suck her and his tongue tickle her slowly as he circled his head with the tip of one finger.

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Laura moaned lightly, and grew red as everyone looked on. She was being tongue fucked in front of hundred of people, soon to be really drilled. It was so humiliating that she wanted to die. Jake kept licking her wet pussy, and fucked it slowly with his lips and tongue, smacking at it, kissing and poking her clit.

"Jake-um, baby." moaned Laura. "Please, please don't do this!" "Three minutes," reminded Ashley. "Sorry, slut," groaned Jake, as he brought his tool up under her pussy and let his head run over her slit. "But you're just too damn sexy." He grabbed her breasts in his hands, and then used them to pull himself upward, propelling his dick deep into her pussy hole. Laura screamed as the hard cock split her pussy apart. It was the biggest cock she had ever taken so far. Jake began humping her into the sign, slapping her boobs as he thrusted into her.

Laura was moaning and crying out. Several of the boys already had their cocks out, and the more Jake fucked her, the harder he drilled her, the bigger the cocks of all the boys in line grew.

She would have to take all of them, and the thought of it made her cry out in pain and pleasure. "Ah.AHH! OH GOD!" she screamed. Pussy juices, mixed with her blood, were flowing down her legs and onto the grass. "STOP, PLEASE! IT'S TOO MUCH! YOU'RE GOING TO RIP ME APAAART!" "Jake laughed.

"God, bitch, you are hot," he grunted, pushing deeper into her. "I love a good fighter." Just as Jake was about to take his deepest thrust into Laura's beaten pussy, there was a yell from down the hill.

"Hey! You there!


What's going on?" "Omigod, it's the Dean!" cried Veronica. "Quick, everyone hide!" The girls all ran off down the hill. Jake quickly pulled his dick out of Laura, who relaxed into the sign, hanging like a piece of meat from the wood stakes. All the boys were putting away their cocks, and the girls tried to look innocent. Rachel and Veronica scrambled behind a nearby tree. But Ashley stayed put by the girl tied to the sign. She took the blindfold that she had previously used and stuffed it into Laura's mouth, so that she was gagged and couldn't speak.

"Hi there, Dean Richards," she said flirtatiously, pushing up her boobs nonchalantly so that they poked out from her tank top just a little bit." "Ashley, what the hell is this?

What's going on here?" Dean Richards eyed Laura, naked, covered in cum and strapped to the sign. "We were just having a little fun, Dean," said Ashley innocently. "Yeah, I can tell," said the Dean. He flushed a bit, and Rachel noticed the front of his pants. There was a small bulge there, slowly growing larger. Laura groaned and struggled, trying to speak, but unable to without gagging. "But, you need to stop.

I can't let this go on in public." "Come on, Peter," said Ashley, daringly using the Dean's first name, "We're only having a bit of fun. Nobody's getting hurt. Can't we do it for just a little bit longer?" Peter hesitated. "I.I." He stared longingly at Laura. "You can do her, if you want," offered Ashley. "And if you let us keep going.maybe I'll come over to your office tomorrow after classes." She winked at him, and walked closer to him, flicking the bulge in his pants lightly with her fingers.

The middle-aged dean turned red and began to sweat. His bulge popped up at least an inch. Laura stared at him incredulously, moaning and grunting in protest. "Okay, okay, fine. But it's not my fault." The dean unzipped his pants, letting out his dick.


It was six inches long, growing hard, and almost pulled him towards Laura. "And you have to come to my office tomorrow after class, young lady." He stared at Ashley, willing her to agree. "Are you going to punish me if I don't Professor?" asked Ashley, grinning and winking.

Her tits were clearly visible, hard and perky under her white tank top. "Oh, God." moaned the Dean. He took his tool and walked over to Laura, rubbing it. "I'm sorry Laura, but I always knew you were a filthy whore.

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And that fuckin' turns me on." Laura squealed, muffled by the gag, pleading with her eyes. But the dean took his hard cock and stuck it as deep as he could into Laura's cunt. "Mmm, MMM, MMM, MMM!" Laura grunted loudly every time the Dean thrusted his penis into her. The other students were beginning to gather back around. Peter grabbed her by her wide hips and brought her harder down onto his dick.

Laura's big breasts bounced in his face, and she couldn't control the sweat and cum flowing down her legs and on her chest. Her cheeks were red, and her mouth was so far open that the gag had almost fallen out. She could hardly take it. She was going to split apart with cum and pain. The dean stared at her the entire time he was doing her, fucking as hard as he could so that he could see that pain and pleasure erupting in her eyes, He pulled her neck down and began kissing her as he drilled her.

She was so engrossed in his sex that she hardly noticed the five minutes flying by. "One minute, Peter," Ashley reminded sexily. "I'm going to cum!" the dean cried. The crowd was cheering. "Go Dean, fuck her, Go Dean, fuck her." "Take my load, take all of my load, you filthy slut.mmm!" the dean moaned, and without another moment's hesitation his cock exploded with thick white cum.

He pulled out of Laura just in time for his cum to soak her pussy outside, spraying all over her, and he moved in time enough so that some of it would soak her boobs. Laura cried out as the spray soaked her, then hung defeated from the sign, moaning as tears of pain and humiliation, not to mention excruciatingly amazing pleasure, streaked her face.

"Great job, Peter," said Ashley, walking over to the dean. She stood so closer to him that his cock was beneath her skirt, inches from scraping her aroused pussy. She leaned into him, pressing her almost naked boobs to his chest.

The middle aged man groaned, and his cock leaked a bit of cum onto Ashley's bare toe. "I'll see you tomorrow," she whispered sexily. "Now get lost." "Yes Ashley," said the dean, pulling up his pants, and he ran back towards the office so that he could continue whipping his dong in private.

"Okay, Laura," said Ashley, walking over and removing her gag.

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"We're going to leave you to your game for a little while now. But first, let me just give you a little present." Ashley pulled from behind the sign a large box. "Look what I have for you and your friends to play with!" she giggled. "Oh no!" cried Laura. Inside the box were about 50 different toys, all turned on, and buzzing loudly.

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They were all dry. "When I come back!" yelled Ashley to the crowd, "I want all of these toys to be soaking wet!" All of the boys and girls grinned and nodded. "Oh yeah, no problem, definitely!" Ashley walked very close to Laura, and smiled a devious, bitchy grin.

"Have a good time, babe," she said, and then, tweaking Laura's nipple one last time with a gratifying squeak from the slave, she turned and began strutting down the hill. All of the sorority sisters followed in tow. As Veronica and Rachel strode down the hill, hands on each others' waists and listening to Laura's moans and squeals from the distance, Rachel leaned over and whispered, "Y'know, this is all really turning me on." "I couldn't agree more, sexy," Veronica replied, and they kissed one more time before hurrying back to their dorm to continue.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`` Part Three is still to come! Keep reading! XOXOX Ana XOXOX