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"what are you doing?" "its fucking cold out here." Ross replied. taking his hands out from Shaun's pockets. it was a mid January day and Ross and his best friend Shaun where running laps for there after school detention. It turns out that unscrewing a teachers coffee mug top was not the smartest prank to pull when there are witnesses everywhere.

"how much longer of this do we have to do" Shaun asked. "i don't know but if we don't stop soon i'm going to get frost bite. speaking of frost bite how is Alice?" Alice was Shaun's girlfriend and her and Ross did not get along.


Ross and Alice have been rivals ever since elementary school and it has lasted all the way up to there current freshmen year in high school.

they competed over who can get the best grades, most friends, popularity, and even best food from the lunch room. "Not really good we have been arguing alot lately.

I everything we do turns into an argument. we haven't even had sex in over a week!" "A week? oh no how will you ever survive that." Ross said sarcastically. "no im serious things are just getting weird between us, why cant i just go after dudes they re so much easier" he joked.

"ya and it would save you a forchen on buying cloths" Shaun to Ross's knowledge is straight. he has had more girlfriends in the past year than we have fingers to count them all. Shaun has a toned body from all the sport's he is in, has blond with short, usually spiked up hair, 5'9" and 145 lbs. Ross had brown hair so dark it was almost black that he kept neatly spiked up only in the front.

he was a swimmer so he had almost no fat on his body and he stood at 5'8" at 140lbs. Ross had always had the suspicion that he was gay but had never acted upon it. he sometimes noticed his classmates dressing in the locker rooms but would quickly think of girls as soon as he caught himself.

they both got quiet and there was an awkward presence looming over them. lucky before it got to bad the coach blew the whistle for them to head in to the showers. school had already been dismissed so know one was left in the locker room.

as Ross stripped off his shirt he noticed that Shaun was staring at him with a blank gaze over his face. "whats up? you like something you see." "oh sorry, nothing, no uhhh i was just thinking about some stuff." Shaun stumbled out. "hay are you ok?


you have seemed distracted all day."a "ya im fine, its just this stuff with Alice." "Ok." Ross said disbelievingly. he has known Shaun ever since pre-school and and always could tell when he was lying about something, but he knew better than to peruse the subject. Shaun can have a very short fuse sometimes and can loose his temper very quickly. As Ross was continuing to strip down he couldn't help but realize that Shaun's eyes kept glancing over to him.

so as he was walking over to the showers he decided to give Shaun a little smack on the ass.It was a harmless friendly thing to do but Ross was surprised to see him chub up a little from this. Ross pretended not to see this as he walked into the shower room. 'could Shaun be gay.' he thought to himself.

'no don't he stupid, he is going out with Alice.' just then he sensed someone behind him, he turned only to feel something hot and moist being pressed against his lips.


it took him a couple of seconds to realize that he was in the middle of the deepest most passionate kiss of his life, and it was with his best friend. something about that kiss just felt right, it felt a hundred times better than any kiss he had ever had with a girl and it was at that exact moment that he realized that he was gay. after what seemed like an eternity they broke the kiss to breath only to start back up again seconds later.

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Ross started to feel around Shaun's body letting his hands wander freely. he started with the back of johns head playing with his wet hair as they kissed under the stream of water coming from the showers.

he than slowly brought his hands around to the front of his chest to play with his nipples. he tweaked and twisted them sending waves of pleasure down Shaun's body.

it was at this moment that he reached down for what he had been waiting years for.

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he felt around Shaun's dick sizing it up. Ross was no king of cocks but he had a decent 6 1/2 in dick but Shaun on the other hand had a nice juicy 8 1/2 inch cock.

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Ross instantly knew what he wanted to do as soon as he saw it. He slowly lowered himself to his knees taking Shaun's massive member in his hands. He stuck out his tong teasing the tip by licking off some pre-cum. Shaun started moaning and then he grabbed Ross's head forcing the whole thing in.

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Ross started choking on it but soon got the hang of it. he sucked on Shaun's dick for what seemed an Hr, loving every minute of it.

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It wasent long until he felt his dick start to expand in his mouth. knowing what was coming he increased how fast he was going until jets of cum where flying into his mouth. he stood up to kiss Shaun only to be knocked to the ground winded. He looked up and Shaun was know where in sight. (to be continued?)