Gorgeous tight cutie gets her pink snatch and small anal hole fucked

Gorgeous tight cutie gets her pink snatch and small anal hole fucked
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After my sister in law, Amanda, and I received a Go from my wife Linda to have sexual fun together, Amanda stays now and then at our home to spend the night with me while my wife has an evening or night shift.

We discover more and more what we like and do not like. Sometimes we just kiss or we have soft sex, but sometimes it is fucking each other wild. We also started to experience different positions and we are searching our sexual limits. This evening Linda is working an evening shift. She will be home around midnight.


Amanda stays the night at our house, because both sisters will shop tomorrow. Amanda and I are watching television, but we got bored. -Maybe we should have some fun together?-Amanda says. -It will take a while before Linda arrives home and I would not mind some good sex-she says with a smile. I do not hesitate one moment, because I am always in for sex. So, we go upstairs to prepare ourselves by having a hot shower. Both being naked and starting to get horny, results quickly in touching each other and kissing each other bodies.

Amanda is standing with her back against the wall and I kneel down to lick and suck her lovely pussy. -Wait-she says.

I have to go to the toilet for a pee. I look up to her. I really feel horny and I cannot resist to ask her to pee right here in the bathroom: -Please pee in my face and thereafter on by body-I say.

Amanda is surprised. She does not know what to say for a moment. -Has Linda ever peed on you?-she asks. -No. In fact she has not-I reply. -We never got into a situation like we are now- I say.

-Just try it. It will mix with the water of the shower- With her shoulders against the wall and her legs spread, Amanda pushes her pussy somewhat in my direction. I am sitting on my knees and reposition myself to have my face right under her pussy. I can see her lovely pussy lips that are spread open. I have a nice view of the inside of her pussy, which excites me a lot.

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-I will start to pee-Amanda says a little bit nervous. The first small drops of pee fall down right into my mouth. We both crossed a border and so she starts to pee fully now.

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I do not swallow her pee, but let it go into my mouth. I feel the pee going down from my mouth to my belly and to my fully erected dick. I am really excited: I push my mouth against her pussy and suck it while I also start to jerk off myself. At the moment Amanda finishes peeing my cum shoots against the wall.

I stand up to wash my dick. However, Amanda graps my dick and licks the last cum before I can wash it away. We go to the bedroom and start to kiss each other. The kissing results quickly in a nice sixty-nine.

While I lick and suck her pussy and clit, Amanda takes my dick completely into her mouth. Her movements with her tongue drive me crazy and we both feel my orgasm coming.


Amanda stops sucking to prevent an early cum. She knees down my face to continue with a face-sitting. I start to lick and suck her pussy with passion. Her lips and clit are completely within my mouth while I move my tongue around fast. Her clit grows and gets more sensitive which makes her moan loudly.

We are in a kind of trance: we only notice each other and we try to get her the best orgasm ever. Suddenly I feel a warm and wet pussy going down on my dick&hellip. It was very wet. -I could leave earlier today-Linda says softly. -I saw you both together and it really turned me on- -I could not resist joining you-she smiles. Amanda looks surprised. Although she finds it a little bit strange to have sex with her sister and brother in law, she is that horny that she continues to move her body on my face.


Linda starts to move her body around my dick in the same rhythm as Amanda. Amanda repositions a little bit backwards, while Linda moves forwards in Amanda her direction.

She starts to kiss Amanda her neck. Amanda starts to enjoy it: her sister kissing her and me sucking her while she touches her own breasts.

I feel Linda her pussy juices all over my dick when Amanda has an orgasm and I taste her sweet juices in my mouth. Amanda keeps on moving her body and moans loudly.


I feel the contractions of her pussy, which makes me cum as well. I shoot my cum into my wife her wet pussy. The sisters are very horny now and they also crossed a border together. -I would love to lick a woman-says Linda. -I think it is the best to experience with you-she says to her sister. -We know each other and we trust each other.

Amanda agrees and both sisters reposition into a sixty-nine. Full passion they lick each other pussy. Both are enjoying it very much and it excites me as well. I still have a full erection which is ready for another orgasm…I start to jerk off watching the two beautiful sisters. But seeing two lovely pussies in front of me, does not feel right to jerk off… I ask them to lie on their sides instead of one on her back and one on top.

After they have repositioned I am looking at the nice ass of Amanda. I move towards Amanda into a spooning position. I push my dick into her pussy, while Linda licks her clit. Amanda reaches an orgasm by the double stimulation by me and Linda, but as always I am the first who cannot hold an orgasm and so I shoot my cum into my sister in law.

Still licking Amanda, my wife also has an orgasm and this is followed by an orgasm of Amanda. When I get my dick out of Amanda her pussy, my wife graps it and put it within her mouth a few times.

All three of us are exhausted by our sex-experience with orgasms of all three of us.

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-I did really like this, but it is a little bit strange, is not it?-says Amanda. -I do not mind-I say. -Which man does not dream about a threesome with two beautiful ladies…- -Besides.

I prefer to have sex with people I know. And I know you two the best-says my wife.

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-You are probably right-Amanda says and gives Linda a kiss. -Anyhow, I do not mind. I loved it-Amanda says with a big smile. The three of us fall asleep within one bed. When I wake up during the night, I cannot believe what is happening.

My dick pushing the ass of my sister in law, who lies with her head against the shoulders of her sister, my wife. I am wondering how this is really happening to me, but in fact I do not care. The three of us enjoyed and I my sex-drive is full-filled&hellip.