Nasse höschen porno

Nasse höschen porno
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Naughty Nun Sister Bernadette was the youngest and the prettiest nun at my school. She was a novice so she wasn't a real nun yet.

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Since all I could ever see was her beautiful face and her slim hands I could only imagine what was hidden beneath her habit.

I had been punished for breaking one of the many dress code rules.

My skirt was not touching the floor when I knelt down. For that I had to sit in Mother Superior's office and get the palms of my hands hit with an old fashion wooden ruler. The ruler looked to be as old as Mother Superior herself. As I was walking quietly through the empty corridors to the schools rear exit, I passed by the chapel.

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Normally the door is wide open but it wasn't, so it got my attention. The door was not fully closed either, so that too got my attention. As I quietly peeked inside I saw Sister Bernadette on her knees with Father Dan thrusting his cock into her mouth.

I could hear him telling her to blow 'Gabrielle's Horn' as he fucked her face slowly. I must have watched them for a full minute or more.

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He knew better than to soil her garments with his cum so as he approached the end he told her to assume the position. At which Sister Bernadette turned around and grabbed the bottom of her habit. She pulled it up and over her head and then she bent over at the waist to grab her ankles. She was presenting her bare bottom to Father Dan.

Sister Bernadette was not wearing any panties and her pussy was quite hairy from what I could see. Father Dan took a hold of Sister Bernadette's hips and shoved his massive cock into her waiting vagina. He fucked into her like a man possessed.

I actually thought for a moment that he just might be possessed and that he might need an exorcist or something. He was thrashing about and speaking in tongues. Well he was speaking in Latin anyway.

He was also spanking Sister Bernadette's bare ass as he thrust into her. She did not cry out. He then reached up underneath her habit to grab onto her breasts. I couldn't see it but I knew that was what he was doing to her. Sister Bernadette finally let out a few muffled sounds of pleasure before Father Dan gave her a few final thrusts and came inside of her. I watched as Sister Bernadette tried to get her habit back in place and as Father Dan got his pants back up and fastened properly. Sister Bernadette knelt before Father Dan as he splashed some holy water on her and then forgave her of all her sins.

I thought that it was pretty sick to be the one that give her the sin in the first place and then to be the one to take it away like that.

Hypocrite! I was so sexually excited myself that I ran to the girl's room to play with myself before I went home. As I was sitting on the toilet in the first stall I heard Sister Bernadette come in.


I lifted my feet up off the floor so she couldn't see them. I know that the bathroom door does not have a lock on it but I have seen some of the older girls put the big metal trashcan between the door and the first sink so they could smoke.

It very effectively 'locks' the door from any intruders. Well I heard Sister Bernadette move that heavy thrash can into position. I ever so quietly stood up on the toilet. I could just barely see over the stall walls but instead of taking the risk I just leaned forward to peek out through the crack along the edge of the door. I could see Sister Bernadette standing almost directly in front of me and I could also see her in two of the mirrors.

I then watched as Sister Bernadette carefully removed her headgear and revealed her short brown hair. She looked in the mirror and tried to straighten it up using her fingers. She then removed her habit and hung it up on a hook. Sister Bernadette stood before me completely naked, except for her ugly black shoes. She was not wearing a bra or panties, not even a slip under that scratchy material. I watched as she started to wipe up Father Dan's cum that was leaking from her pussy and flowing down one of her legs.

She could not have been in a more compromising position when I opened the door and stepped out of my stall. Sister Bernadette stood there paralyzed with one foot on the floor, her other foot up on the sink, and a wet paper towel in her hand between her legs.

Sister Bernadette was so stunned that all she could say was "Oh my God Margaret what are you doing in here?" I replied, "Well Sister Bernadette I was in here masturbating." Sister Bernadette said, "That's a sin young lady." I replied, "Sister Bernadette I just had too masturbate after watching Father Dan fuck you in the Chapel. It was so sexy, so depraved, and so degenerate all at the same time that I couldn't help myself. He has the biggest cock that I have ever seen." I heard Sister Bernadette gasp as she realized that I really had seen her in the Chapel with Father Dan.

I could see her head spinning out of control as she was desperately trying to get out of this situation. She hadn't even changed her position, so I walked over to her and took the wet paper towel from her hand. Then as she stood in that awkward position I knelt down in front of her and started to lick her hairy pussy clean. Sister Bernadette held onto the back of my head and purred as I licked, kissed, and sucked on her well-used pussy.

She confessed to me that giving up girls was the worst part of becoming a nun. It had been easy for Father Dan to seduce her. He could sense that she was ready to explode sexually at any moment. Sister Bernadette was a lesbian but she was fearful of trying to seduce another nun. After all they too had taken a vow of chastity. Father Dan's hard cock would be good once in a while, but nothing could take the place of a nice soft woman snuggled into you for the night.

Yes, that is what she missed the most. Sister Bernadette was truly a lesbian at heart and only out of desperation had allowed Father Dan to fuck her. She confessed to me that he had only been her third man and her third fuck too. Her priest at home had taken her virginity when she talked to him about becoming a nun.

Then the Cardinal had fucked her when she took her first vows. It only seemed right that her current priest have the same honor. I was the first woman that Sister Bernadette had been with since she had made the commitment. At fourteen years old I didn't really consider myself much of a woman yet but then again Sister Bernadette was only nineteen years old herself. After I had given Sister Bernadette a thorough tongue-lashing she asked me if she could return the favor. Of course she could so I got undressed for her.

The school uniform consisted of a white button shirt, an ugly striped tie, a pleated plaid skirt, and a pair of knee socks with patent leather shoes of course. But the sexy bra and thong panties that I was wearing were certainly not school issue. They were bright red and very lacy. My 34-B breasts were rather nice even if I did have to say so myself.

After all I was a virgin and I hadn't had even had the chance to show them to a boy yet. Sister Bernadette sure liked my tits though and went right after them.

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Her lips felt so good on my breasts that I think I had an orgasm right away. I just felt so good that it really didn't matter at all. Sister Bernadette sucked my nipples into her mouth and swirled her tongue around them.

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She worshiped my breasts as much as I did. She then helped me down onto the floor and then buried her head in between my legs. I didn't have only half the hair down there that she had but I knew that it would grow in someday. Sister Bernadette licked me like an expert. She drove me up the freaking wall several times.

She absolutely loved what she was doing to me. I lost count of the orgasms that she had given me but I was more than satisfied when she was done. Sister Bernadette cleaned up once again and cleaned me up too.

Then she kissed me full on the mouth with tongue too, just as true lovers would. She thanked me for restoring her sanity.


Then we got dressed and Sister Bernadette walked me to the backdoor. She came outside with me for a moment. Sister Bernadette asked, "Can we do this again sometime real soon?" I asked, "What about Father Dan?" Sister Bernadette said, "Maybe I can talk him into giving me a key to that old storage room in the cellar. That's were I saw him fucking Mother Superior." I asked, "Father Dan fucked Mother Superior too?" Sister Bernadette said, "According to him I was the only nun that her hadn't fucked." I smiled at Sister Bernadette and asked, "Do you suppose we might get Mother Superior to join us down there in that old storage room tomorrow after school?" Sister Bernadette replied, "Well I can only try.

After all she is supposed to be human.

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If you can believe that! Maybe I can blackmail her into it." I suggested, "Suppose you and I try to seduce all of the nuns like Father Dan has." Sister Bernadette smiled and kissed me goodbye. She didn't even look around to see if anyone was watching us. On my walk home I couldn't help but think about Sister Bernadette. She was my first lover and she always would be too.

Then I started to think that maybe Mother Superior might be nicer to me if I licked her pussy. I smiled all the way home. The End Naughty Nun 165