Esposa super gostosa dando de quatro pro amigo do corno

Esposa super gostosa dando de quatro pro amigo do corno
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I was dazed, blown away and left breathless. What was unfolding in front of me in took my brain a while to register and process. It overwhelmed me. It was like a perfect storm. My name is Jack. I am 49 years old and work in the security industry. I have close cropped hair and sport a closely cropped beard that is starting to turn grey. I am reasonably fit although I have been told recently to stop smoking; drop 10 kilograms and eat better. So what's new you might ask? If you want to know if I am handsome I can't tell you this.

But what I can tell you is I have not had difficulty with the opposite sex all my life. I am reasonably fit and if I find the time, I like to swim and hike our nearby mountains. I have known Anni for some 8 months or so and she often calls me by lots of endearments and one of her favourites is tiger.

It was something unusual. It was non-threatening but I felt an odd sort of anger and betrayal. But it was erotic too and I was aroused before I even noticed it. My brain was short circuited with conflicting emotions. It was a real life version of what I have often seen staged. But this was very real- even surreal and strange, confusing, erotic, arousing.

It was a rollercoaster of emotions that made my heart race and my mouth dry. It was perfect storm of emotions. How can this then be? Surely I should have seen this coming? I prided myself knowing all about her, her life, her loves, her work, her friends, her enemies, what she eats, drinks, her dreams, even her toilet habits! But as I take in what I'm seeing, I decided women are a rare and wondrous species and Anni the epitome of free spirit. Lying on her back, with her head over the edge of the bed and her soft black hair falling to the carpet in disarray, she lay, gasping for breath, her bare breasts heaving, and her soft cries of agony escaping her lips.

At the centre of her cries lay a young-looking body whose weapon of choice was buried face deep in my pussycat's pussy. Now I am no prude and like visual sexual stimulation like the next guy. But if I find my girlfriend making out behind my back, it makes me un-holster the .32 Berretta, ram the barrel into the lover's mouth and pull the trigger.

But what if it was a gorgeous woman? My mind was caught in a storm and it immobilized me to the spot at the door of the hotel room. I moved closer, closing the door behind me.

I had arranged for Anni and I to meet at the hotel close to her work. It was a mid afternoon rendezvous we have been looking forward to that afternoon. The look on her face was familiar to me. I had seen it many times when we make love…and those sweet soft moans and expression of pleasure.

Her knees were slightly raised, her feet flat on the bed. Her hands were gripping the bed sheets and this prevented her tumbling off the bed. God, she was in terrific shape. Anni or pussycat as I like to call her was 41 years old. She has bright blue eyes that are set almost in an oriental way.

While she sometimes gets self conscious about her weight, I find her to have a classical-shape body. She has a little belt around her stomach which I find very attractive.

Pussycat has pretty firm small to medium sized breasts whose generous nipples are very responsive to my touch. She likes to dye her hair jet black and this looks good against her pale skin which she insists is olive.

Pussycat's eyes were closed as she was being pleasured by her lover. Her lover's face was sandwiched between pussycat's thighs. All I could see was a head of long black hair attached to a slim, adolescent-looking body, one that one would associate with someone very young. 'Damn how old is this girl', I though incredulously. She was taller than Anni and her lithe body ended with long shapely legs. She had a great ass too. As she busied herself eating Anni's pussy, I noticed her bare young pussy.

Then it struck me who she was. Pussycat met Cheri at a party thrown by mutual friends. Cheri was a friend of a friend. She was 19 and as young and innocent as they get, despite attempts at adulthood. Cheri was a self-confessed lesbian who was, according to Anni, attracted to her. But Anni maintained she ignored Cheri's advances although she was aware of Cherry's affection for her.

I always had my suspicions about that. 'What the hell is happening here?' I wondered. Now don't get me wrong, this is every guy's wildest wet dream. I wasn't about to break up proceedings.

I just couldn't make sense of what I was seeing immediately. Yes I am a little slow on the uptake you might say. In fact, now I wanted to really feast my eyes on that sight for as long as I could. My cock was rock hard and aching in my jeans. I moved to stand over Anni's head and took in her expressions of passionate nirvana. I bent down and placed my lips on her lips. Pussycat opened her clear blue eyes that smoldered with affection.

Of course she wasn't surprised. How could she be? I was supposed to be there. The two of us planned this afternoon after all. Only now there was a third participant. Anni looked up and then broke into her devilishly innocent smile that was completely natural to her. She was 41 years old and still had that youthful affectionate, almost naughty smile that always seemed to melt my heart.

"Hi baby. What took you so long?" She said and reached for my closed-cropped hair and urged her tongue into my mouth. We kissed deep and long, our juices mingling freely. We were almost oblivious of Cheri's presence. Anni broke our kiss and moaned softly. Cheri was doing something extra special to attract pussycat's attention.

Anni stroked Cheri's face. "Tiger I would like you to meet Cheri.

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Cheri this is tiger". Cheri was a dazzling beauty with sharp features and dark eyes. Her full lips and face was wet with pussycat's pussy juices. Damn she looked no older than a high school student. "Hi there Cheri", I said not knowing what is an appropriate thing to say really. I moved over and kissed Cheri and tasted Anni's distinct flavour on her lips.

"Hi", Cheri giggled. 'God she was so young', I thought thinking about jail time. "Now listen here young lady", I began in a mocking tone. "I will have to punish you for stealing my girl". "And you Madame", I said looking at Anni. "I am especially going to be harsh on you for cheating on me". I loosened my belt. "Oooh but I thought you wanted to have a threesome baby." Anni pouted. She was right of course.

I was busted. I have been wondering about such an encounter for as while now. While I wished it, I never really pushed for it. Anni was not one that you put in situations she doesn't want to be in. She made up her own mind, and in her own time. I was hopeful of course. But I wasn't assured of an outcome. I merely planted a seed. What can I say, I am a typical male chauvinist pig after all.

Anni pulled down my pants, took my cock her hands and promptly started to blow me. Cheri giggled some more and pulled my sweater over my head. There I was in my own wet dream, with two gorgeous girls, one the object of my constant erection and the other old enough to be my daughter. It was like a surreal fantasy. Only this was real life and in real time! Anni was the best blow job artist I have ever known. She was slow and delicate and took me all the way.

She stroked my ass and played with my balls. Her fingers felt cool on my skin. My cock was in a hot, wet sweet space that sent thrills up my spine.

She moved her mouth to my balls and engulfed each one delicately in her sweet mouth. Then she moved to my ass. While she stroked my erection she licked my ass and probed me there with her tongue.

Man, she drives me crazy when she does that. She knows it too. While Anni was pleasuring me, Cheri pushed two fingers in Anni's wet pussy and preceded to finger fuck her. At the same time she flicked and sucked at Anni's clit. Now I know my girl, she loves a good finger fuck and when you play with her clit at the same time, she goes ballistic! I watched Cheri work Anni and smiled.

Soon my pussycat was dripping cum all over Cheri's fingers. She sure knew what buttons to push. 'Yep these two have been cheating behind my back alright', I thought. I shifted pussycat further up the bed to make her comfortable and to allow better access to my ass and balls.

Now I was on my knees sitting on Anni's face. I got a better view of Cheri eating Anni's pussy. It was hot! I was caught in a perfect storm of emotions and sensory overload; I was having my ass probed, balls licked while Cheri was feasting on Anni's pussy. I got hold of Anni's legs, lifted and then parted them allowing Cheri more room to devour Anni's pussy. it also allowed me a better view to satisfy my male cravings. This also allowed me to suck on Anni's delicious toes. I loved doing this.

There are times that I have a strange urge to eat them. I get a kick from just messaging her feet and toes too. My pussycat loved this. A woman' feet are an erogenous zone. The Chinese believe feet hold many secrets to our wellbeing.

Hell, all I know is I like my feet massaged and toes sucked and I love doing this to my pussycat. It just feels great.

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Needless to say all this attention pushed Anni into a heavenly stratosphere. Soon Anni was coming and coming and coming… "Oh tiger", she cried softly over and over. She gripped my cock and came up for air, overwhelmed with sensations that like a rush of adrenalin, consumes all the senses.

Pussycat was gushing her love juices all over Cheri's face. It was wild to see Cheri eat Anni's cum. Cheri was all over the place- probing Anni's puckered hole, her pussy, her clit.

Her hands were also kneading Anni's tits and nipples. It was a triangular pleasure zone. We all gave and received, being both selfish and selfless all at the same time. Cheri was beside herself; "Mmmm, baby, oh baby. You taste so good", she murmured with her mouth full of pussy.

Anni's pussy lips were full and puffy from all Cheri's attention. I felt an urgent need to park my cock inside that snatch now. I was hard and dripping with cum. It had been a while since we fucked. We had been busy with work lately. Now was the time to eat and drink at the fountain of pleasure. And right there were two delectable dishes on offer with endless possibilities. I lifted Cheri' face off Anni's pussy and kissed her deeply. Pussycat's pussy juice and Cheri's sweet full lips tasted good.

"Can I have my pussycat now?" I asked Cheri. Cheri giggled. Her breasts were full and firm. It was perky and her pink nipples stood out proudly, erect with excitement. Her pale skin was almost translucent.

"Only if I can have her back", she giggled some more. She had a sweet youthful smile. I nibbled on her ear and whispered: "why don't you move over there so Anni can eat you". "Hey what are you two up to?" pussycat said pouting in mock anger. She was on her elbows, her breasts rising and falling from the pleasurable exertions, her nipples standing erect, her body glistening in sweat. Like a drug, that cum-induced high was insatiable.

She was ready for more… Cheri quickly lay on her back and guided Anni to her young juicy pussy. She stretched her long legs high into the air and parted them. "Eat me baby", Cheri purred. Anni looked at me expectantly, giving me her dazzling and naughty smile. "Go ahead baby. Eat her. Make her cum". I said. This was going to be good.

If anyone ever watched a threesome unfolding on the screen, you will know it is great fodder for endless masturbation sessions. But I'm here to tell you the real deal is hundred fold better. Get some of that action for your bucket list. There we were: me plugging Anni's pussy while she was giving Cheri head.

Anni was on her knees, her hands opening Cheri's snatch. I was on my knees behind her, hands firmly holding her ass in place. Cheri was on her back, hands holding her legs high and wide into the air; with her head bent backwards deep into the pillows.

It felt great to be inside my pussycat. She fits me like a glove. She was hot and wet and I slowly ploughed my field of pleasure.

This was a threesome made in heaven! We were in the centre of the universe and time and space was irrelevant. Later I had an urgent need. I wanted to eat my pussycat.

I slipped my cock out. It was glistening and dripping with her cum. I buried my face into her snatch. This made Anni squeal with pleasure.

I probed her pussy, flicked her puffy pussy lips and ate her clit. "Mmmmmmmmm babyyyyyy!" Anni moaned into Cheri's pussy. Those vibrations made Cheri cry out loud and promptly cum in Anni's mouth. "Oh shit, shit, shit!" Cheri cried out loudly. Now she was holding Anni's head and guiding it like a human pleasure machine. She was possessed! I in turn ploughed into Anni's puckered hole with my tongue.

She loves this and I love spending time there. I dipped my fingers into her pussy and finger fucked her too. After a while of this I had another urge and it involved my cock and pussycat's ass. Without much deliberation I slipped my cock deep into her ass. Damn it felt like my cock was shrink-wrapped in a warm and heavenly place.

Then I played with her sensitive puckered hole and slipped my cock in and out, opening and closing her sensitive rectum. It was unbelievable! The hotel room reeked of pussy and sex. Anni was urging Cheri on too. She bit down on Cheri's clit and finger fucked her. Cheri came and came, over and over. Cheri had her long legs up high, her hands in Anni's black hair urging her on, her toes curled in excitement and ecstasy.

'Oooohhhh, shit, shittttt, shiiiiiiitttt!" She was loud and writhing in passion and excitement, swaying her head from side to side. All this was getting too much for me and I wanted that sweet release now. It was urgent! I fucked Anni feverishly now and alternated between her pussy and ass. My cum was building up like an unstoppable freight train. But I wanted more. I was like a starving tiger, wild and unabandoned in a feeding frenzy!

I dropped next to the two women and moved to where pussycat was eating. I took a fistful of her hair and dislodged her from Cheri's pussy.

I kissed her deeply. I tasted Cheri's pussy and it was sweet. "Suck me baby, eat my cum", I whispered hoarsely. I loved to have my cock emptied in Anni's mouth, her tender lips wrapped around my cock.

She knows this well too and loves to do it for me. She loves to pleasure me. It is at this time I feel closest to her. My cock was covered in cum. it was waiting for those sweet lips and hot mouth. Anni moved over to me and engulfed my cock like a hungry pussycat that she is.

Soon I was in heaven. Her mouth was exquisite around my cock. She was never hurried, urgent maybe but never hurried, always was tender and slow, relishing the taste and flavour of my cock and her juices. Cheri was watching us, almost pouting with mock envy.

I pulled her closer and feasted on her firm young tits and sucked on those big juicy nipples. She was so soft like a only a young girl could be. And there was the three of us, friends and now lovers; I was having my cock stroked and sucked by Anni. I had my face buried in Cheri's breasts. Cheri had her one leg on Anni's back, a hand holding my head and with the other feverishly finger fucking herself. And then I came.

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"Fuck, fuck, fuckkkkkkk!" I cried out loud. It drove me into a frenzy of sensory overload. Flash bulbs went off in my head and it was spinning wildly. Time and space stood still. I felt light headed. Anni took all my love juices, every last drop, like she usually does. When she eventually came up from my cock, she opened her mouth to display her trophy. Damn it was hot!

I struggled to breathe. I was heaving like I had just run a marathon. Then Cheri did something amazing: she kissed Anni and they shared my love juice. They kissed deeply and swapped my cum from one mouth to the other- back and forth. It was messy. It was crazy and I loved it. They eventually swallowed my cum. Cheri giggled. Anni looked at me. "So, you like your little surprise?" "I love it. But you know what I love better", I said kissing her tenderly.

We collapsed into each others arms, breathless with excitement, our nerve endings heightened with pleasurable sensations. We were drunk on our post coital bliss, covered in cum and sweat. I looked at Anni and she had that sweet smile of someone that was just well and truly fucked. Her blue eyes were smoldering, her jet black hair in disarray. I moved the hair from her face and her cheeks was flushed a deep pink. Cheri's long black hair was equally messed up in sweat and cum.

She smelled like pussy. She was really an infectiously sweet young girl. I was struck with sadness at the loss for the man who could really fall head over heals in love with her.

She was a lesbian and I wondered what lay at the heart of this. I decided it has to do with her experiences as a child; the lack of a real man, a father figure in her life. Relationships with loser boys and men could be also be a reason.

Women after all are nurturing, caring and sensitive creatures. The wrong man or father in their lives could easily put a woman off the male species altogether as an intimate mate. It was sad, such a loss. I kissed her forehead. We dozed off for while. Later I had to go the toilet to relieve my full bladder. I got up and this woke Anni.

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I decided to play some more. "Come here", I said as I helped her to her feet. We kissed. I held her firm ass cheeks. I can't get enough of her lips. I get a kick from feeling her body. She was really good to touch, always so responsive when I do this. Naked, we walked to the bathroom. It was big and there was bath tub as well. "Let's get inside. I want to pee". I said as I motioned her to get in. She was puzzled at first but caught on quickly and smiled.

This has been something we had talked about before but never got the chance to actually do. I positioned ourselves opposite each other in the tub. Once comfortable I said: "Pee slowly". I held my cock and started spraying her body with my warm pee.

Anni laughed. It was so decadent, so nasty! Then Anni let rip with her pee. At first it sprayed all over and this made her squeal with laughter! But then she had got hold of her pussy, controlled her stream and started to direct her pee stream where she wanted- to my body, soaking my chest and cock. It was a great feeling. It was warm and deliciously decadent. Soon we were soaking each other with streams of pee arching high and landing on our bodies, splashing on our faces and all over the floor.

"Can I play too?" It was Cheri standing in the doorway of the bathroom. She was twisting her long slender legs. "I have to go NOW". "Why don't you give us a pee bath then?" I said. "Id love to guys", Cheri said giggling naughtily and moved to the tub and parted her legs. Cheri really had a good body. Her pussy hair was short and trimmed but she did have a full bush. I compared her snatch to Anni's and decided that Anni's pussy is really good for someone that was pushing the forties.

Anni's pussy was delicately enclosed like a precious pearl in a shell. I loved eating that pussy. The aroma and flavour is always in dispute. At times in tasted tangy and at other times it tasted like honey and brown sugar. We all laughed as Cheri clumsily sprayed her pee all over the place.

The she got hold of her pussy and seem to control the direction better. She let rip all over the two of us sitting in the bath tub. Her stream was strong and was capable of traveling far into the air before bathing us. When she was done, the floor was covered in pee. We all laughed. "That was fun" Cheri decided. "Let's get cleaned up", I said and got up to put on the shower. The hot spray and steam was inviting after all that sex and pee. The three of us decided to get in.

First, I took some soap and lathered Anni. Pussycat's body felt real good as it always did. I loved touching her all over. I rubbed her tits and then I rubbed her pussy and ass. Cheri was getting left out and I pulled her closer. Cheri and Anni then proceeded to sandwich and then lather me.

I felt like a king getting all that attention from two beautiful and sexy women. I felt hands all over me. My hairy chest was Anni's favourite area. Cheri was getting busy at my cock and balls.

Then she moved to my ass. The hot water felt fantastic on my body. It was now bouncing off our bodies and wetting the whole bathroom! I parted my legs. "Slip your finger in me", I whispered to Cheri.

She obliged and gently slipped a soapy finger in my ass and preceded to finger fuck me. Damn that felt good. Anni now was getting into this as well. She took my nipples in her mouth and licked and bit me to getting my cock hard again. The two women were really working me over now. I was getting horny and I was rock hard. I kissed Anni deeply and she moaned with pleasure. All the while Cheri was working her magic soft hands on my ass and cock. She was on her knees now behind me.


She was biting my ass too and it sent volatile sensations up my spine. We were really hot now and I wanted some space to explore our threesome some more.

"Let's get to the bedroom", I decided. We walked to the bedroom leaving behind a messy bathroom floor. Water was dripping off our bodies onto the carpeted bedroom floor too. I thought of an ass sandwich and smiled. Hey when I have two beautiful women and they are up for anything to have some fun, I got to take my chances don't I!

As Anni and I planned this afternoon, I also brought along some props to spice up the afternoon. I reached in the small bag next to the bed and pulled out some spray fresh cream. "Anyone for desert?" I said. Before the two women got a chance to say something, I let rip with the fresh cream!

It took Anni by complete surprise and she was covered in cream, her hair, tits and face too! Then it was Cheri's turn. I pushed her onto the bed. She was laughing at how comical Anni looked covered in cream.

Anni was laughing too. I opened Cheri's legs and sprayed her pussy and ass with fresh cream. I stood back and admired my handiwork. Then I turned her on her knees on the bed. She was a willing accomplice.

I got down and began eating her pussy that was filled with cream. It was difficult to decide which tasted better; the pussy or the pussy with cream!

Then I moved to her ass. Cheri squealed with laughter. Damn she was so sweet.

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Or was that the fresh cream? Well I had cream all over my face and I probably looked stupid but I was having the time of my life, eating cream out a woman's ass! Pussycat took my cue and sprayed my ass with cream. It felt great on my skin. It was messy. She then proceeded to eat me and tongue my ass.

And there we were, the three of us on our knees on the bed that was getting really stress-tested and messy by then: me eating out Cheri's ass and pussy covered in cream and Pussycat eating my ass covered in cream. It was one hot afternoon. The possibilities seemed endless.

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Soon we were rolling around on the bed, wrestling with arms, legs, pussies, asses, and a cock covered in cum and cream! Cheri came first.

I had her pinned with my mouth firmly in charge of tickling her pussy. I wanted to prove a man can give just as good head as a woman. Cheri held my head in her hands and directed me to where she wanted my attention. She was hot.

Soon she was shouting. "Shit, sshit, sssshhiittttt!" she was loud when she came. She squirted a little. This was delightful and I swallowed her cum. It was sweet and tasty! Then it was my turn and Anni had me on my knees and soon she was tongue fucking me in the ass. At the same time she was stroking my cream covered cock.

It was sticky mess! I felt like a kid playing in a candy store with no restriction to boot! It was great! But what happened next was even greater. Having barely finished cumming, Cheri was up for some more stimulation. She slipped under me and took my hard cock in her mouth.

Damn she had soft lips, even if her technique was a bit on the rough side. I guess lesbians don't give too many head jobs to guys. What a pity! She was certainly making me hot and ready to explode. I had nowhere to go. I was pinned between two delectable women who was determined to make me cum.


Anni was behind me eating my ass and stroking her clit. Cheri was under me giving me a blow job from hell. All I could do was get ready to explode.

I stuck my face in Cheri's pussy and tongue fucked her and ate her clit for further measure. This was just too much stimulation for me and soon I was ready to cum. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuckkkkkkk!" I howled as came in Cheri's mouth. I collapsed next to the girls for the second time that afternoon. I was in heaven. If this was a dream I didn't want to be woken!

Pussycat purred like a self indulgent kitten and came up to me and we kissed. I tasted cream, cum and ass. Our mouth juices mixed freely. Our tongues danced for a long time. I seem to want to suck her life force from her. Cheri joined us and tore Anni's mouth away from me. She kissed Anni and dumped my cum in her mouth. It was hot! Anni swallowed my cum and I kissed her again. Damn she tastes so good. "You ok?" I asked Anni. "I'm very well thank you", Anni purred.

"Thank you for coming. Do you like your surprise?" "The two of you are going to give my heart a serious beating", I said laughing. "It is the best surprise you could ever give baby". What more can a man asked for than a willing lover with a sense of adventure? Just when I think I know everything about her, she comes back and pulls another hat out the bag! Anni put her ear on my hairy chest and listened to the sound of my heart beat. "Your heart says he's happy", she said giggling like a school girl.

Later we napped some more, resting from our passionate exertions. And there we were, covered in sweat, cream and cum: Anni pressed up against me, her breasts pushing into my back and holding my softened and sweetly-aching cock. Cheri was spooned against pussycat with her head in the nape of Anni's neck and a hand slipped between her legs, cupping Anni's sweet pussy.

What makes making love to my pussycat so pleasurable is that she is such a willing lover, up for any fun and games.

Our lovemaking sessions are sometimes preceded with periods of abstentions and this too makes it all the more hot when we do fuck. We become like two frustrated lovers wanting to tear each other apart with lust. This has been quite an adventure. I have had a threesome before but it was nothing compared to what happened that afternoon.

Will it happen again? I don't know. All I know is this: if I die today, I will die with a smile on my face!