Mia and Iris in a nice lesbian scene by Sapphic Erotica

Mia and Iris in a nice lesbian scene by Sapphic Erotica
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Surveillance Target: His Daughter A beautiful girl came in my un-marked office. She looked around at the plain office. One desk, 2 chairs, no other I.D.

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of any kind. I waited for her to speak. She looked like wealth. Expensive clothes and jewelry, maybe about 18 or 19, and built very sexy. She wore slacks, a suit coat to match, hi heels and long blond hair to go with it.

She had on a head scarf, big dark sun glasses. She pulled up the other chair and sat next to me. Expensive perfume surrounded her. She smiled, I smiled and then she giggled. She said quietly: "Your hard to find." I said nothing. She looked at the steel secure door leading into the back. Key locked and electric keypad both. She held her car keys with a leather made tag on it. On one side was the logo of a hi dollar car, the other was engraved.

'N B' with a family logo. Now I knew who she was. Nell B____, daughter of a wealthy client of mine, or 'Naughty Nell' my surveillance guys called her. I was 27, had my own very discreet surveillance company and was doing well. I had seen these spoiled wealthy girls before, daddy holding them back from trouble, and them, trying to run wild. Nell was fucking beautiful. I grew up just an average guy on main street, but had a friend who showed me his world of super wealth.

I wanted to try and get into Nell's pants, the very person I was hired to keep an eye on. I had seen the recordings of her life style, and she was a suppressed nympho, waiting to be satisfied.

I was the only one who knew where the cameras could not see. I had set the scan limits myself, but…I could over ride them remotely with my electronic pad. I had an interest in her from day one. I set the invisible cameras up all over Nell's bedroom and bathroom.

The visible cameras were not in private areas, like bedrooms and bathrooms. She said: "You're the one who controls the cameras in our house, right?" I said nothing. She looked around my plain office for any cameras. There were two, but totally invisible to everyone. I finally said: "You must have the wrong place, mam." She said "Oh, I'm sorry, I guess I do." She started writing me a note, and slipped it to me.

It said: "Lunch now?" I stood up and said: "Sorry mam." and walked her to the door, and followed her outside. I said: "Hi, yes let's do lunch now.

I'm glad you caught on that we can't talk in there." I took out a remote, and pushed some buttons. "There, your visit never happened, no record of it." I locked up and we walked down to a café close by. She was impressed that I kept her visit a secret, and started in with her sexy charms on me. I already knew she was very horny and wanted some male attention.

I said: "Let's meet, your placed is bugged, mine is not." She giggled and said: "I know how to sneak out without my dad knowing it." I said: "Oh really?" She went thru the plan where she went to bed, then got up and sneaked thru the bushes by to pool and down and out.

I called Tony. I held up my pad and showed her a recording of her doing all that. She sat there in shock. I smiled and said: "You and I are going to get together and no one will know it. How does that sound?" She smiled big and moved around to my side of the booth and held my arm. My dick got so hard, so quick I felt faint. She had on a low cut blouse and those tits of her bulged out real nice.

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I explained. "Go the mall, go in _____ store. Go in the restroom there, and at the end of the hall way you'll find a door, locked with a keypad lock. Punch in 5520, and open it. You'll be outside in back of the store. I'll pick you up and we can go to my place. Got it?" She looked all excited and nodded yes. She looked deep in my eyes and kissed me on peck on the lips. "You're my ticket to some freedom and some fun&hellip.by the way, what's your name?" I never answered as I returned her kiss, but not a peck.

A long tongue filled kiss. She tried to body slam me down in the seat.


I stopped her and sat up. I said: "Be outside at 2:00pm sharp." She was gasping for breath and nodding her head. She just had to feel my boner and smile. I checked around and got a handful of her wonderful tits. We left. I pulled up next to the door and at a perfect 2pm she came out and ducked in my car. She had changed clothes. She had on a full skirt with and a light sweater with no bra.

We kissed as I felt her skirt…no panties on. She laid her head in my lap as I drove. She felt and kissed my boner over my pants. I reached under my seat and had her put on a hoodie. I pulled it down and tied it so she had limited vision.

I parked and led her into my apt. Now she had no idea where she was, and I un-did her hoodie. Her blue eyes sparkled as she looked it me. I said: "Welcome to 'no camera' freedom!" (I lied). We stood and kissed as we got ourselves all excited and hot. I told her what a hot body she had, and how it was driving me crazy.

She loved hearing that and wiggled her ass at me. I ask her if she would like to do a strip for me, as I felt her clothes. She smiled big and started a show for me. I sat on the couch and watched.

(and so did my hidden camera's.) I had remember seeing one of my recording of her doing a strip in her bedroom for a webcam boyfriend. I already knew it turned her on doing it.

She started putting on a hot show and strip like she was in Hollywood. Slowly removing her sweater first.

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Feeling her own tits and letting them peek out a little at a time. I sat and held my hand over my boner for her to see. She took her time slipping down her skirt with her back to me, rubbing her body all over. Finally she turned with her skirt held in front of her pussy. She wiggled, teased and flashed glimpses of her pussy. Her big tits swinging back and forth some. She came close, putting her tits first and then her pussy in my face.

I said: "Lady, that is the hottest strip I've ever seen. Your one hot lady. I continued to call her, 'lady'. She whispered to call her 'Nell', and I'll call you…'Daddy'.Ok?" ( She wants to call me Daddy?.hmmm…I think we may possibly have a girl here who has the hots for her own dad.

) I said "Sure, Nell." I had to find out about any secret feelings she had about her dad. I had to be very careful as her dad would go crazy if he knew I was tapping his daughter. With my hidden cameras recording us, I wanted the leverage of a recording of her to threaten to show Daddy.

Just in case she ever tried to blow the whistle on me. I had her strip show recorded, but not showing me watching. Now to go fuck her with me not showing in the recording. I went in the bathroom and used my pad to adjust my cameras. I saw her wander into my bedroom on camera and look around. Damn she was hot looking, all naked and ready to fuck. With all the adjustments made is was my 'now' time to fuck this beautiful girl. I went in and she was on my bed spread out, arms and legs and giggled.

She said: "I don't fuck on the first date, but&hellip. if &hellip.you lick me good enough&hellip.I might make an exception, Daddy.

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I slowly smiled and started crawling towards her pussy. I said: "You shouldn't tease your Daddy like this, Daddy might just take you to his moaning place." "Moaning place?" she asked. "Oh yes&hellip.that's the place you go .IF…Daddy decides he doesn't want to fuck you, no matter how hot he makes you, how much you beg, cry, whine or plead." I said.

She looked at me strange and said: "You've already sent me there before, please don't ever do it again.


Ok Daddy?" It was a trick on her to see how horny her 'Daddy' had ever made her without fucking her. It looked like he liked to teased her without fucking her at times. An old trick on women to keep them wanting the teaser.

She played the' I don't fuck, maybe' game, I played the 'I don't fuck, maybe' game. She backed down. "Daddy, you know I'll have sex with you anytime you want, I just love to kid with you a little." I said nothing. I started the slow teasing of her pussy with my tongue. Now she didn't know if I would get her moaning squirming hot and then 'not'…fuck her.

This made her hotter already, doing her best to please me. She moved her pussy so smooth against my tongue, and massaged my hair as her pussy began to drip with wetness. I teased her legs and all around her pussy with my tongue. I felt those beautiful big tits and teased her nipples by sucking them in my mouth. He whole body began to get pink from the heat. She couldn't stop squirming, twitching and moaning. I stopped on top of her, and waited. She started to panic and held me tight.

She said: "No Daddy, don't stop, keep going please, just don't stop." She put my cock in her and we started one of the most beautiful fuck's I've ever had. This girl flat got with the fucking. She ground her pussy deep on my cock, non stop. She worked my hips and hers together in a panic to get that climax she wanted.

All I had to do was hang on, as she did all the moving. He hips never stopped fucking me as we both got really into it.

She was a nympho alright, she like to fuck and be fucked. She was a beautiful girl and that will really turn on a man. She smiled at me between moans as she was getting fucked like she craved. My mind was going crazy with the pleasure of it all. We both became animals, feeling us inside and out. I think she could climax at will when she was this turned on. I felt her teeth her sink in my shoulder as she began to squirt.

She jumped around and shook as each squirt shot out of her pussy. It made me cum and cum hard. I felt my body squeezing my balls for all they had. She was muttering crazy stuff as she kept slamming my cock in her deep. She squirmed and trembled and then&hellip.passed out limp. She was to hot, and I fanned her to cool her down some.

She finally moved a little and took a big gulp of air. She started to come to a little. My cock never stopped cuming even after there was no more cum left. Her pussy quivered even when she pass out for a few minutes. I rolled her on top of me and let her body cool some. She wanted to kiss mebut had to wait to catch her breath first. I was dizzy from her. That was a first for me. We spent the next 10 minutes trying to breathe normal.

My cock seemed lock in her still tight pussy.

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As we cooled down she finally managed to kiss me and say: "oooh my god&hellip.you're my new daddy… &hellip.forever&hellip.ohhhh yes…ooh yes." ----------------------- I sat in my office day dreaming about Nell. Wow, what a wild girl and fun to fuck. A man came in. It was my client and her dad&hellip.oh shit&hellip.I hope she didn't slip someway and he found out about us.

He smiled and shook hands and sat down. "Well, my daughter seem to be keeping out of trouble and is very happy these days.

By you keep and eye on her, yet she had her freedom also, she seems content enough for a girl her age. I want her to choose her man wisely, and not some guy who only wants in her pants.

Of course she'll try and pull stuff she knows she shouldn't be doing, but as long as I know it, she has to have freedom to choose." I just nodded my head as the pressure eased on me. "Keep up the good work. Oh&hellip. here is another surveillance company's card.

They have breached all of your camera feeds. On the back is a guy who will show you how to block them, and block all breaching from now on. By the way,&hellip. ( he leaned over in my face.) I watched you and Nell have a good time. I figure better you than some weirdo surveillance guy,…… 'new Daddy'.