Gorgeous teenie with huge wazoo gets hammered

Gorgeous teenie with huge wazoo gets hammered
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It had been a hard couple of months.

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Katie had been his whole world, and when he had caught her with his best friend he wasn't sure which hurt worse, to to mention that the two people he would have gone to with his problems were out of his life (and probably still fucking each other.). What he missed most though was the sex. To be touched by someone, to be held, and to fuck the everloving shit out of them. Lately the idea of fucking someone just burned in his mind, no matter how hard he tried he simply could not get the idea out of his head.

But he just wasn't ready for a relationship, and he wasn't the type to go pick up girls in a bar. So what was he going to do? One of his friends had cracked a joke about getting a hooker, and the idea had kind of stuck. But he wasn't sure how to go about finding one. As time passed and the urge to fuck kept growing he started surfing around the internet, as it turned out it wasn't very hard to find a hooker, even though it was illegal in his state.

Of course they marketed themselves as "escorts" with the implication being that sex was off the table even though everyone knew that was the whole point. He wasn't sure what was the straw that finally broke the camel's back, but something in him snapped and he made the call.

After a long conversation on the phone, and a background check to assure them that he was neither violent nor a cop (rather a lot of effort to get laid) he paid the incredible fee and set a date.

He was assured that all of the girls underwent regular STD tests and that he had nothing to worry about if he chose to fuck her bareback, something he was informed would cost quite a bit extra. He opted to use a hotel close to his apartment, an upscale sort of place that would be nice enough and remove the risk of his neighbors seeing him fucking a prostitute. He waited anxiously for the arranged date, the week passing slowly.

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He had been pacing the hotel room for an hour since he had checked in, his anxiety suffocating in the small but nicely furnished room. His anxiety reached a crescendo and he was almost ready to call the whole thing off when he heard the gentle knock on the door. His heart jumped into his throat, but he made his way to the door to let her in. He was blown away, while easily a 7 or 8 himself he had never thought about being with a woman like her.

In fact he wasn't even sure that women like her even existed outside of porn movies and Holly Wood. Gentle waves of brown hair cascaded down her shoulders, falling nearly to the center of her back. A few wisps of hair obscured her face as she smiled shyly up at him. She was quite a bit shorter than he was, which gave him a perfect view of her rather ample cleavage, set out on display by the tight green tank top she was wearing.

A pair of white tights hugged her body and revealed that she was not wearing anything beneath them. She had a body that was clearly sculpted by long hours at the gym and the diet of a supermodel, not to mention a healthy dose of amazing genes. He felt his heart skip a beat as he looked into her deep brown eyes, and his words failed him utterly. "Hi, my name is Mia" she said. She held out her hand to him. "Is that your real name?" he asked.

She gave him a look that told him exactly what she thought about that kind of question which amplified his anxiety tenfold. "I mean hi, my name is Luke" he said.

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He took her hand and shook it in a perfectly perfunctory way. "Please come in?" he said, gesturing behind him. She entered the room and kicked off her flip flops, she moved with the grace of someone who was well versed in hotel rooms and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Payment upfront" she said, smiling at him, "I take all major credit cards, or good old fashioned cash." Wordlessly he reached into his pocket, digging out his wallet and freeing a credit card. He handed her the tiny rectangle of plastic and she smiled up at him, she reached into her purse and pulled out a cellphone that had a card reader attached to one end, running his card she handed it back to him and smiled again.

He thought that his heart must have skipped a beat each time she did that and whatever words he had been about to say slipped right out of his head. "Shall we get started?" she asked. He nodded mutely and she started to undress. She pulled down the top of her tank top, revealing that she wore nothing beneath it either. Her lush full breasts hung the way that only the young can manage.

She slipped the shoulder straps of her tank top off, allowing the skin tight garment to bunch around her waist. Next she pulled down her leggings, confirming his earlier suspicion that she was not wearing panties.

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Her pussy was completely free of hair, shaven and smooth. Her body now exposed she sat on the edge of the bed and cocked an eyebrow at him. He realized that he had been standing there staring at her, his mouth agape, and tried to wipe the slack jawed look of his face.

He closed the distance between them, taking her in his arms. She melded closely against him, her breasts pressing against his chest. Their lips met, just a brush at first, before pressing urgently against each other.


Her tongue darted into his mouth and he moaned in desire. He knew that he had been longing for someone to fuck, but he hadn't realized how much he had missed all the things that went along with it. Her body felt so soft and warm in his arms, her skin against his.

He slipped one hand down between her legs and she obediently spread them to provide him with better access. He found her pussy already wet with desire and he easily slipped his first two fingers inside of her. She moaned loudly in his ear as his fingers penetrated her cunt.

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She pressed her body tighter against his and pressed against his questing hand, pushing his fingers deeper inside of her. One of her arms snaked around his neck, pulling his head down, and her tongue flicked against his earlobe before she enveloped it in her mouth.

He grunted as she bit down gently on the lope and started to flick at her clit with his thumb while working his fingers inside of her. Her moans increased in volume as he found her g-spot and her hips bucked as she came, holding on to his body for dear life.

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"Now it's my turn." she said, her voice made husky with desire. She dropped to her knees beside the bed and freed his cock from inside his pants.

His cock immediately springing to full attention before her.


She slipped his tip into her mouth and pressed it as deeply into her as she could manage, gagging slightly as it hit the back of her throat. She looked up at him as his cock filled her mouth and their eyes met. He could tell that she was as horny as he, her eyes hazy with unsuppressed desire. She started to slide his cock in and out of her mouth, careful never to let it completely leave her mouth and break the suction she was creating.

With one hand she stroked along side while her other hand gently fondled his balls. Just when he started to worry that the evening would be over early, she freed his cock, a loud smack as the suction was broken.

"Now fuck me!" she commanded. Now it was his turn to be obedient.

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She leaned forward on the bed, bending down and sticking her ass up in the air, presenting her sopping wet pussy to him. He wasted no time and slammed his cock into her waiting cunt. She moaned as his thick black cock stretched out her hole. He grabbed hold of her hips and slammed his cock into her again, lifting her slightly from the bed with the force of his thrust. He thrust in and out of her tight hole, each thrust bringing them both closer to release, she urged him on, her moans and cries of passion filling the small hotel room.

He slowed after a time, and pulled his cock out of her. She moaned in disappointment as it left her. She opened her eyes again and looked at him questioningly. "On your back" he commanded. She rolled over on her back and he lifted her legs, keeping them closed. The thin pressed lips of her pussy peeked forth from between her closed legs and he pressed the head of his cock against them.

He slid in, carefully this time, and felt the walls of her pussy grab at him. Heat rolled off of her cunt and her tightly closed legs increased the pressure. She moaned again as he forced his cock all the way inside of her. He resumed his activity, sliding his cock out slowly before slamming it home inside of her. Several times she announced that she was going to cum, at which point he would increase his speed until her eyes rolled up in her head and her body shook.

Both of them were covered in a fine sheen of sweat as they worked to bring each other to climax. Finally he could feel that he was getting close to cumming, he was actually surprised that he had been able to last as long as he had. Although he was in relatively good shape he hadn't had a workout like this in quite awhile. He rolled her over onto her side and climbed onto the bed beside her.

He pulled her body against his, one arm slipping beneath her and clasping one of her ample breasts. As they spooned he lined his cock up and slipped it again into her well fucked hole. He could feel his orgasm building and he worked at her, they were both panting heavily, and his pace was slipping as he reached exhaustion. At long last he clutched her body against his and announced that he was going to cum, she moaned back encouragement, begging him to fill her cunt with his seed.

This was the last thing that he needed and he obliged her, pumping an enormous load of cum into her pussy. She moaned and convuled as the biggest orgasm of the night rocked through her body as wave after wave of cum erupted inside of her.

They both lay in each other's arms, exhausted from their long effort, and each felt fulfilled, utterly and completely. She made sleepy sounds as her breathing slowly returned to normal and he absently played with her tits, twisting and flicking at her nipples. She slapped his hand away half heartedly and made an amused sound, snuggling into the crook of his arms. Although he realized that this was simply because he had paid for the "girlfriend experience" he was comforted none the less.

As sleep took him he decided that he might have to ask if she had some sort of special rate for regulars.