Deutsche teen anal

Deutsche teen anal
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* This is continued from parts 1 and 2. Read those parts to better understand this one* I awoke to an empty bed. It was very early. It was 6 o'clock. My ass was sore but not as sore as last night.

I got off the bed and into the kitchen. I saw my dads beautiful ass at the sink, washing dishes. I walked up behind him, rubbed his ass and said, " Morning." He responded by saying, " Morning, well someones feeling frisky and maybe even horny by the looks of it. Maybe tonight bud, we have to go to your uncles and pick him up. Were spending the night so pack a bag." I said, " Aw dad come on!


Im fucking horny. I need my hole filled with your raw meat" I winked and he said, " Alright a quickie than shower, get dressed and we have to go. it's a long ride." We walked to his room and I sat on the bed. He grabbed the bottle of lube of his dresser and I said, " Mm dad let me lube up your cock, you can lube my ass." I was feeling extremely horny and I wanted him to either eat my ass out or finger me.

I got on my knees and licked his shaft and tongued his huge swelling balls. I put some lube on his cock and my hand and jerked him off slowly. He told me to get on all fours. I listened and I felt him put the tip of the bottle to my ass and he squirted. I felt the tip of his now throbbing cock line up with my ass.

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I said " Fuck it dad! Shove that cock in my hole.


Pound me hard!" The next second his cock ripped into my ass. I felt a very sharp pain followed my pleasure unimaginable. He was pounding my ass furiously while I jerked my cock. He was moaning and grunting so much. I was basically yelling from pleasure. He was fucking me for a good 15 minutes when I felt him tense up.

I knew he was gonna cum soon. I felt my orgasm coming and just like that I starting moaning loud and louder until I shot my thick load all over his bed. It was a big mess but so worth the pleasure and orgasm. My dad came instantly. He starting grunting to the point where people outside could have heard him and I felt a warm sensation get pumped into my ass. He stayed inside of me and we were both sweaty and out of breath. He said, " Ok shower time" and winked.

I hopped off the bed and I felt some cum seep out and run down the back of my thigh. I than ran to the shower. My dad was already in the shower and almost rinsed off.

He told me to hurry up as I got in the shower. He got out and went into his room. He was gone about 2 minutes when he came in with a pair of underwear. He said, " Son since theres not a lot of time left and we both don't have clean underwear, im giving you a pair of my used ones.

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I packed some of my shorts and shirts into one bag for us, as soon as your dressed we can go. I hope you don't mind about the underwear." I said, " Dad a couple of things, I don't mind about the underwear because if your cock has been in that its not going to phase me, your cock was just pounding me a couple of minutes ago." He laughed.

" And another thing did you pack the lube and he has a pool right? Did you pack the bathing suits." My dad had a smile on his face and he replied, " I packed both lubes and he does have a pool but we can go in without bathing suits." I just finished my shower and I dried off.

He handed me the underwear and some shorts a shirt and socks and I quickly got dressed. My shoes were still in his room so I slipped them on and out the door we went. The car ride was about 5 hours.

The first 3 hours went fast because I slept. I awoke with my cock hard. It went away after awhile. We stopped at a rest stop and I didn't have to go to the bathroom but my dad did. So I went into a stall and pulled my underwear and shorts down. I heard a man go into the stall next to me and I heard a familiar sound. Sounded like a slapping sound. The guy was jerking off! I knew it wasn't my dad because he left the restroom to get coffee.

I quickly pulled up my shorts and left. I didn't want to get horny again. We got back in the car and we arrived about an hour later. We went to the door and my uncle answered the door in just a robe. His robe was not closed and everything could be seen.

It turned me on and he was a hairy man.

Another turn on. We walked in and it was hot. My uncle said " Sorry about it being so hot, the ac just died. And Mike your dad told me all about what he told you. Im the same way but my son isn't.

Feel free to walk around like you do at home, act like you do at home and maybe get my son to do that." He winked. "Mike if u go up the stairs, the last door in the hallway is where you'll be sleeping. You'll be bunking with your cousin jeff." I walked up the stairs and down the hall.

I heard soft moaning and thought oh boy. I walked into Jeff's room and he was at the edge of his bed jerking off.

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" Oh shit," He said. Jeff had gotten more mature from the last time I saw him. His arms were toned, nice body. He started to get pecs and thank god he wasn't like a hairless 12 year old.

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Well actually he's fourteen. His legs and thighs had hair and he had the treasure line. His cock was nice at least 6 inches. I responded quickly, " Ah don't worry about it. Listen im gonna tell you something my dad told me.

Were all men here. You see how your dad walks around?" He nodded. " Well me and my dad do the same thing. Your dad wants you to be a man. Don't be afraid bro, walk around nude. Let everything hang free. Watch me im gonna get nude walk down stairs and I guarantee my dads nude as well.

I took off my shirt and I saw he was mesmerized. I took off my socks and shoes and in one swift motion my underwear and shorts. He stared at my cock and my body. I saw his underwear rise and smiled. Before I left the room he said wait!

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I turned around and he spoke. " I think im bi and I know what it is. I've had sex with a girl already." I smiled and said " My man!" " but I wanna know what its like to be with a guy." I said ok after dinner. His eyes widened and he grinned. I walked out of the room and down the stairs. As I walked down the stairs I heard balls slapping and moans and grunts. I got down to the bottom step and saw my uncles legs in the air. My dad was fucking his brother!

I walked over and said, Can I join" My dad stopped fucking and my uncle got up and stood up. I saw his beautiful body and huge cock.

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He was all muscle and very hairy. His cock had to be at least 11 inches and his balls were hanging low and big. " Ill fuck you" My uncle said. He sat down, lubed his cock up and before I sat on his cock he grabbed my cheeks and spread them. He licked my ass and plunged his tongue deep.

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He licked inside my ass and got it nice and wet. He said " are you ready for my monster meat to tear up your sweet pink hairy hole." " My ass has been dying for your meat since I heard we were coming here" I straddled him and sat in his cock.

We were going slow at first but soon he started to pound me raw and hard. I was facing him and my balls slapped against his big, hairy chest as he pounded me up and down.

Imagine a lot of UHHH and yeah fuck yeah fuck me. I saw Jeff walk down the stairs and what shocked me was he wasn't horrified my these huge muscular hairy men fucking abut he was jerking off to us. He came instantly all over the floor.

I started moaning and grunting and my uncle knew. He opened his mouth and I cam all over him. Some in his mouth some on his chin and all over his chest. I felt my ass get pounded and it was even more pleasurable when he was about to cum. His cock started getting hot, it was rock solid and I felt it expand in my ass. He groaned and yelled out loud and I felt waves of cum coat my ass it went deep in me.

After all that me and uncle mark showered together. He ate my ass out as I jerked off and than I jerked him off. We dried off sat down at dinner.

All of us were nude even jeff! Me and jeff went into the pool and dad and mark went into the hot tub. Jeff said, " Im ready for you." He swam to the stairs got out and I followed. I saw my dad straddle uncle mark, and laughed. Mark said, " where you going?" I said like you, me and jeff are gonna have some fun." They chuckled and winked. I opened the door screamed, " Jeff are you ready?!" and shut the door. * Look for part 4. That will be the last part. Before part 4 I will have other stories though!!*