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Maine apni desi girlfriend ke boobs capture kiye
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This is the basic beginning of the plot of my story. The first chapter was just a short description of characters, nothing too specific, but I recomment quickly reading it, before you go through with chapter two.

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------------------- Chapter Two What, where, when? I was passed out on the bed with nothing but my shirt on. I was exhausted and I awoke the next day. 'Man, I must have finished off a dozen bottles of vodka'. My head felt like I had been with Rocky in the ring for ten rounds. The light was so painfull, I couldn't open my eyes. Faded sounds started to get inside my head and everything had a powerfull echo.

I thought I recognised voices, but I couldn't understand any of the words said.


There was a repeating sound. Beep, beep, beep. 'Oww, turn it off.' I squeezed from between my parched lips. 'Is he.?' first words I could make out. My head was getting clearer and clearer. There must have been a few people in the room. I tried opening one of my eyes, but the light was too bright and a sudden pain shot through my head.

As my body was coming back to life, I felt pain.

And lots of it. My head mostly, but also it felt like my ribs had been crushed and some minor pain all over. I tried to open my eye again and this time my effort was met by some succes. My vision was blurry at best, but I immidiately relised that this room, was not the room I fell asleep in. I wanted to sit up, but someone told me to relax and that I shouldn't move. With the pain in my ribs, I thought it was a good idea. 'How are you feeling?' a familiar voice said.

It must have been my dad. ' so great. It hurts.' I mumbled. 'Don't worry, you're in the hospital. You've been seriously injured. Lie still' another voice said.

I didn't recognise this one. After a while, my eyes adjusted. I could make out the room. Small, lots of machines and the bed looked even worse that it felt under my back.

The doctor that spoke to me was a middle aged man, round face, wore those old fashioned glasses. His name was McLurcan. He told me I was in an accident, hit by a car. I couldn't remember a thing. How did I get out in the street? After a while of talk about medicine and such crap they he left me in the room and my dad stayed. He asked me how I was feeling and then asked me what happened.

'What do you mean? I don't remember a thing.' I was really puzzled. 'What is going on?' Dad looked at me, worried and said: 'When talking to the doctor, you said you went to sleep at Steve's.

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The party you went to was on Saturday. Today is Wednesday. You've been gone for three days.' My brain just couldn't come to grips with this.

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I didn't remember a thing. Three days missing. Just what the hell happened to me? I stayed at the hospital for almost a week. No injuries were too serious and I was checked out by the doc and was told to go and rest at home for a few days. Some of my friends already visited me at the hospital, but Mouse came on Friday.

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'Man, how you holdin' up?' 'My head is a pain, but I manage.' 'Heck, your head was always unnecessary.' I laughed a bit. My face turned in a grimace. 'Man, don't make me laugh. It hurts.' 'Well, no laughing then. There is someone here to see you.' With that he turned round and got out of the room.


The door opened again and in came, to my surprise, Stephaney. 'What are you doing here?' I asked. 'Well, I heard what happened. I thought you could use a little cheering up.' she said with a suspicious grin. She came closer and sat on the bed.

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She moved her hand and gently set it on my crotch. 'That doesn't hurt, does it?' she said with slight worry in her voice. I shook my head no, which produecd a devilish smile on her face.

Her hands began to work my thighs, slowly moving upwards. By the time she had gotten her soft, small hands to the top of my thighs, I was rock hard and building a tent in my shorts. Still working my groin with one hand, she tugged at the bottom of my shorts. Even such a slight movement caused my painfully hard cock to spring out. 'Oh my, someone is really eager. I better not keep you waiting.' she told me. 'Just relax, I will take good care of you.

We wouldn't want you hurting yourself.' She moved over me and slid her body up, until she was sitting on top of me, my dick fully stiff, poking into her stomach. She leaned back a bit and started grinding her denim covered pussy against my cock.

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Like this is relaxing for a guy. I was so horny I couldn't stand it. I looked into her large amber eyes and I could see they were filled with lust. She moved back to me, mashing her lips to mine, ín a passionate kiss.

Her hand slowly moved down and then started gently rubbing the head of my dick. Her soft hand gripped my cock and slowly moved her hand up and down. She jerked my cock as her wet tongue remained in my mouth.

She took her hand off my rod only to remove her shirt, revealing her ample breasts barely fitting into the white lacey bra she was wearing and her pierced belly button. When her hand returned down, she gave me a squeeze, smiled and got back to jerking me off.

Her lips touched mine in a light peck, just before she moved her whole body down. First, she started licking the head of my cock, alternating between running her tongue on the length of my shaft and twirling it around the head. I was so horny from all the teasing she gave me.

She must have realised that and stretched her lips around the head of my cock and trying to take as much of me as she could into her mouth. She began bobbing her head up and down. My cock was getting deeper and deeper as she tried to take more and more. She gagged a bit, when my cock reached her throat, but kept at it like a good girl. Her efforts were rewarded by me moaning loudly.

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'Give me your pussy here, so I can work at least a little bit' I told her. 'She turned around, her eyes wide, let my cock out of her mouth and removed her jeans and panties. Then she crawled up and set her dripping wet cunt near my face. I did not waste a single moment a dug my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could. She interupted her sloppy slurping of my dick and trashed her head back, letting out a loud moan. She quickly put my cock back into her mouth and tried taking it deep again.

She kept releasing muffled moans, never taking my rod out of her mouth. I licked her pretty pink cunt, digging my tongue and sucking on her clit. I put my hands on her cheeks and spread them to get better acces to her wet hole. I licked and enjoyed her pussy juices in my mouth and leaking all over. Her moans were getting more and more intense. Suddenly, she moved her pussy from my face, let my cock out and turned arount, face to me.

She possitioned herself right above the tip of my cock. Her hand guided me into place and rubbed my cock on her cunt, spreading her juices over it. She slowly pushed the head into her soft wet pussy and then slammed her ass down, forcing almost my whole length inside. Her eyes widened as I hit bottom in her. Her body started shaking on top of me and she moved her body up, leaving just a little in and then slamming down again. At this point, she was moaning like crazy.

After a moment she stopped moving up and down, she was breathing heavily. Then she began gyrating her hips, making me go wild. I lifted her ass up a bit and then started pounding away at her. My cock was going in and out, soaked in her pussy juices, faster and faster.

Her nails were diggind into the skin on my shoulders as she came and clamped her pussy around my cock real tight. Nevertheless, I didn't even slow down. I kept pushing my cock into her convulsing pussy. My cock throbbed as her tight pussy sent me over the edge. I came and my load filled Stephany's pussy up.

I stroked my cock in and out a little, before popping out of her. She then moved down, wrapped her hand around my shaft and streched her lips around it. She sucked and cleaned the cum from my cock. I was exhausted and fell asleep with my cock in her mouth.

I woke up a while later, feeling much better. Mouse stayed and we talked when I finally came to my senses. 'Man, is she a hot piece of ass or what?' he said. 'But hey, I wanted to ask you about just what the hell happened to you.' 'I don't really know. The last thing I remember is being at the party. Dad told me I've been missing since then, but I have no idea where I was.' 'Well, I got something out of the people at the hospital.

I know where they found you. It was somewhere on the outskirts of the city.' Mouse always had an uncanny ability to sniff out information that he should not know. We decided to go there when I was feeling a bit better, since we might be able to find some clue as to where the hell I've been. One day after school, which I passed up, claiming I wasn't feeling up to it yet, my friends picked me up and we went to take a look at the place they found me.

They found me on the sidewalk of Sanday Road. I have never even been in this part of town. It was mostly ocupied by family homes, but the place I've been found at was close to a few factories and a large storage area. When we got there, we jumped out of the car and followed Mouse. He led us to a bent street lamp.

He said it was hit by the car that hit me, thankfully I was pushed out of the way by the car, instead of being pinned to the pole. We split up and went to take a look around. I went with Steve and Mouse went with Simon, another friend of ours from school. We went to a narrow alley, which had just a couple of dumpsters in it. I stopped at the begining and tried to remember what happened.

My head started hurting again, but I was not allowed to continue trying, being interupted by Steve shoutig: 'Hey, Josh, I think I found something. Get over here.' I came to him and he showed me a broken bottle on the side next to a dumpster.

'What's that got to do with anything?' I asked, puzzled. 'Yeah, right, you don't know. When they found you, you were pretty banged up, but not only from the accident. They said you had a piece of thick red glass in your leg. Mouse got us a picture from evidence. It looked just like this bottle.' he explained and started examining the bottle.

'Well, a bottle ain't gonna help much, is it?' I was being quite skeptical. 'It might. Look at the name. It's a local deal.

It says Sanday Brew.' I was relieved. We had our first clue, as to what happened. Back then, I just wanted to know what had happened to me. I had no idea about what we were about to discover next. ------------------------------ I barely began writing this kind of stories, so I appreciate every bit of advice you might have. I also am not a native English speaker, so correct me, if possible.