Busty BBW Lady Lynn Blows and Tit Fucks a Guy and Then Screws Him

Busty BBW Lady Lynn Blows and Tit Fucks a Guy and Then Screws Him
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I stumbled on the web site while surfing one day. It was titled amateur xxx beta tapes. Seems that someone had developed a site for downloads of some of the first videos made on the old Sony Beta-Max format. Most of them were grainy and definitely poor in both action and the quality of the women performing in them. One however was really amazing in both quality of the tape and the beauty of one of the women that was performing on the tape.

The reason that I was so taken by the woman that was performing on the tape was because sometime after making the tape the woman in the tape, her name is Julie, married me!


I was a bit shocked of course upon seeing not only Julie in the tape but the others, there were 4 people in the tape, are also people that I know. One was Julie's old boyfriend Carl, one was a woman that Julie used to work with named Kim and the fourth was a guy Kim was dating at that time in history named Adam. The tape began with a shot of Kim sitting on a couch between Carl and Adam. All three were naked and Kim was stroking their cocks while the guys were both playing with her tits and pussy.

Kim was looking at the camera and while the sound quality was poor I could hear her say. Put the camera on the tripod Julie and help me with these hard cocks.

There was a bit of camera jiggle as the as yet unseen Julie placed the camera on the tripod before joining the other three on the couch. My future wife then joined the group, she being naked as well. She did a cute little wave to the camera before dropping to her knees between Carl's legs and taking his cock deep into her mouth. The group cheered her on and Kim soon joined Julie on her knees sucking Adam's cock.

You could tell by the looks on the faces of Carl and Adam that the girls knew what they were doing, and from personal experience I can attest to Julie's abilities at giving head. Both Julie's and Kim's ass look great on the tape. After about 3-4 minutes of sucking their respective boyfriends they got up and switched places. This really knocked me for a loop. I knew that Julie and Carl had fucked in front of Kim and Adam once as a joke/dare during a camping trip but Julie had never told me about swapping with them or, that she had ever been videoed performing any kind of sex act.

The blowjobs being performed by the girls were just the beginning.

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It was Adam that suggested that Kim eat Julie's pussy. Carl quickly added his approval of this idea. Julie pulled her mouth from Adam's dick and looked at Kim and nodded in the affirmative.

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Kim having pulled Carl's cock from her mouth turned to the camera and smiled. The guys had moved to opposites side of the couch and Julie sat between them and filled her hands with their cocks. She spread her legs and the camera captured a great view of her now very wet pussy.

Kim knelt between Julie's legs and began to lick as Julie continued to stroke both Carl and Adam's cocks. The look on Julie's face told me that Kim was doing a good job eating her pussy. After just a few seconds of Kim eating her Julie removed her hands from the cocks she had been working on and had grabbed Kim's head.


I could see that she was grinding her hips forward to meet Kim's lips and tongue. The guys were smiling and had taken to jerking themselves off as they watched Kim eat Julie. After a few minutes of this Carl stood up on the couch so that he was straddling Julie. His cock a mere inches from her mouth. She took it into her mouth as Kim continued to eat her. Adam got up and was soon not visible in the frame.

The camera began to jerk and I knew that Adam was repositioning it. When the movement of the camera stopped you could see Carl's cock sliding in and out of Julie's mouth as well as almost a full view of Kim eating Julie's pussy. Adam came back into view and took a position behind Kim and began to fuck her doggy style. Kim pulled her head from between Julie's legs for just a moment and smiled at Adam briefly before returning to her pussy eating. They remained like this for about 2 minutes, Carl fucking my future wife's face and Adam fucking his then girlfriend from behind.

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It was Julie who instigated the next change in action. She pulled Carl's cock from her mouth and yelled Shift like she was a quarterback. Adam pulled his cock from Kim's pussy, Kim stood up, and Carl stepped off the couch. Julie then told Kim to get on the couch and to spread her legs.

Kim did so and Julie knelt down between Kim's legs and began to lick her old friends pussy.

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Kim howled in delight. Julie had knelt down in such a way that it was obvious that she wanted to be fucked from behind in the same manner that Kim had been fucked before by Adam.

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The guys smiled at the camera and did a quick rock, paper, scissors game that Adam won. He chose to fuck Julie from behind. This sent Carl back to his position on the couch but now he was face-fucking Kim instead of Julie. Julie looked up from Kim's pussy turned her head to look at Adam and smiled. Adam slid his cock deep into her pussy and began to fuck her hard. Julie returned to licking Kim's pussy while Kim deep throated Carl. As I watched this unfold on the computer screen I was surprised to find myself incredibly excited as opposed to being angry at seeing my now wife partaking in group sex.

Sure it was years ago but others may stumble across this site and recognize her and the others. I didn't care.

Watching this had made me excited and I stood up and undid my pants. I let them drop to my ankles, pulled down my shorts and sat back down and began to stroke my cock as I continued to watch. The video ran for about another 10 minutes.

At one point in the video Carl was fucking Julie as she sucked Adam's dick.

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Then Kim would change places with her. Sucking Carl's dick while Adam fucked her from behind. The video ended with Carl coming all over Kim's face and Adam coming all over Julie's tits. I pressed the download key and saved the video to hard drive. I then put the file into a folder that Julie goes into often while working at home. Can't wait for her to find it and see what comes of the discovery. Three days passed; it was a Thursday night and Julie had gone onto the computer to do some research for work.

It had been about 15 minutes since she had started when I heard her, Oh my God, I heard her say in a voice that was not a scream but certainly loud enough for me to hear her from the other room. I walked into the room saying what's wrong? I could see the video running on the screen. Julie was sitting with her hands holding her face in what I believe was an expression of shock.

I stood there for what seemed a very long time waiting for her to say something; she said nothing and the video continued to run.

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It was the first time I had seen any of the video since downloading it and it was turning me on again. I wasn't sure what was going through Julie's mind. Julie turned to me and asked in a quiet voice were did you get this? Stumbled onto the other day while surfing the web I said.

Kim told me she had destroyed this tape. I can't believe that she would lie to me about it then post it on the web. I'm sorry I never told you about it but I was told that it was destroyed and it was made before I even knew you she said. I know that but I guess I still would have liked to have known about it I said. You must think you married a whore she said.

Not at all Julie, we knew that we both had active sex lives before we met and I never cared about what you had done with whom. I actually find the tape exciting to tell you the truth so does that mean you married a pervert?

Yes! She said how can tell me that you find a tape showing me eating pussy and fucking and sucking two different men exciting? I just do and you certainly seemed to enjoy making it I said, pointing to the screen as it was focused on Julie smiling at Adam as he slid his cock into her mouth. She opened her mouth to answer. I put my finger to my lips and said schuss and pointed to the screen. She turned back to look at the screen and watched as Carl was fucking her hard from behind as Adam face-fucked her.

She let out a deep breath and quietly said it was fun and I would like to do it again to be honest with you. The tape ran out right after he came on me she said. What wasn't taped was Kim; her face covered in Carl's cum, licking Adams cum from my tits. Kim and I watched this tape over and over when we were alone and we would masturbate with dildos sometimes and other times eat each other.

When the guys found out we were fucking each other on the side they kind of freaked out. Wasn't long after that Kim moved to L.A. and Carl and I split. You came along 6 months later and I never looked back. Now this old video pops up and I have to admit it excites me. I sure liked eating and fucking Kim and loved having two cocks in me. The four of us did this more than once but we only taped it this one time.

She turned to look at me for my reaction to what she had just said. I have to be honest with you, I was shocked when I first saw your face appear on the screen but that soon faded into excitement as I watched the whole video. I wish you had told me before about how much you enjoyed all that you did with others before we got together. I have no problem with what you have told me about you and Kim and I have no problem with what the four of you did with and to each other.

Are you sure? She said. Yes my dear I am sure. Now, the question to you is this, would you like to do something like that again I said as I gestured at the screen just as it was ending with the shot of Adam cumming all over her tits? Julie looked at the screen and a smile slowly formed across her face. Yes she said. Well, I'm sorry but at the moment there are only two of us here but, if you'd like I'll cum all over your tits tonight and this weekend we can go to a swing club I have found out about and we'll find you some more cock and a pussy or two to eat if you'd like.

Julie stood up and kissed me. That sounds like fun she said. She then knelt in front of me unzipped my pants and pulled my hard cock from them. She sucked my cock deep into her mouth and moaned with pleasure as she did so.

I'm sure she was imagining another cock sliding into her pussy as she sucked me or, possibly she was thinking about Kim eating her pussy while she sucked me. I know I was imagining both of those scenarios.


The blowjob that I received that night was the best I had ever gotten. Julie did things with her mouth and tongue that she had never done before. I ended up shooting a huge load of cum all over her face and tits.

I then ate her to orgasm as she lay on the floor of our little computer room covered in my cum. That weekend we went to a swingers club in a town about 45 minutes down the road. The group we met there was remarkably normal despite that fact that they were all there to fuck people other than their spouse. We had a wonderful time and Julie made love to two different women that night. It was a joy watching her lick and being licked. I joined her with one of the women but found myself more interested in watching Julie and fucking her between her adventures.

One of the women that Julie had sex with was married to a very good looking guy that Julie let fuck her doggy style while she ate his wife.

It was the hottest thing I have ever seen. Condoms were used by all and the 2 women that I fucked and ate that night where, while not as lovely as Julie, outstanding fun. At one point while I was fucking a lady named Sonia I looked up to see Julie smiling at me and rubbing her clit as she watched. That night on the ride back home Julie said she had two questions for me, could we go back to the club from time to time just for fun.

Not every week or even month but just on occasion? Sure I said I'd like that, what's your second question? Could you find a secluded place soon so that I could suck your cock?

I pulled off the expressway and into an industrial park where I found an empty parking lot with a dark corner. I parked there and pulled my cock from my pants. Julie undid her blouse, she was braless, and sucked my cock bringing me to a huge orgasm that this time covered her tits. I then licked her tits clean, one of my many perversities I guess, and drove home. We were and are a happy couple.