Abella and Riley grind their pussies til orgasm

Abella and Riley grind their pussies til orgasm
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The Swing By: PABLO DIABLO Copyright 2018 Victoria and I moved into a gated community very near to Disney World in the Orlando area several years ago. We moved here from the Midwest following my transfer due to a promotion at work. I work for a nationally known elevator company and my beautiful wife, Victoria (Vickie for short) is an RN that works in a doctor's office. We are a blended family with both of us having children from prior marriages.

When we moved here, we did all the usual things with the kids: Disney, Universal, SeaWorld, and all the other theme parks that are in and around Orlando. Yes, you could say that we overdosed on theme parks. Vickie and my two sons are adrenaline junkies. They LOVE rollercoasters. Me? Not so much. I'm more of a sports guy. I love my Miami Dolphins. I became a big fan during the early Dan Marino years.

Of course, truth be told, my Father had me watching the Dolphins back in the days of Larry Czonka, Jim Kiick, Larry Little, and Mercury Morris. He took great pride in the 'Fins and maybe that is where my love for the Dolphins really started, but I was a huge fan of Dan Marino right from the beginning.

That's where I say my love for the Dolphins began. We have lots of fun with our children. Our time as a family is rapidly becoming less and less as two of the children have gone off to college and one is in trade school taking classes for welding and metal framework. All three are working hard and are doing well. The two in college chose competing schools. One goes to Florida and the other goes to Florida State. They just love competing when those two schools cross paths, however it is a friendly rivalry as they are brothers.

Our third son really was never very good in school, but he was great with his hands. He built a go-cart at age 10 all by himself and wouldn't accept any help from me. I learned then that he was going to be a blue-collar guy, nothing wrong with that as I am one too. Our youngest son is now a senior in high school. Really hasn't indicated what he wants to do. He's a good athlete but his grades are marginal, so he may or may not get any scholarship offers, we'll just have to wait it out.

One of the things that we noticed immediately about our subdivision, was a large low-hanging Live Oak tree by the front gate.

As a tree climber in grade school, I thought about all the fun I would have had climbing a tree such as that. After while we found ourselves going to mixers and parties with others from the community. At one such mixer, Vickie and I were approached by a couple that clearly was in their 50's.

They introduced themselves as John and Jane. Attractive couple. He's an advertising executive and she's a teacher at a local college. They invited us to their next holiday party, Halloween. Since the actual day of Halloween fell on a Wednesday their party was scheduled to be the Saturday before Halloween. Vickie agreed almost as soon as they offered the invite. She whispered in my ear that she thought John was hot! Well, she was right, but I thought that his wife, Jane, was plain looking.

We exchanged phone numbers. John said he would be in touch in a couple of days. When I got home from work Tuesday evening, Vickie told me that John had called earlier in the day. She was excited. She went on to tell me that there would be two parties. The family friendly early party, and the adult-only later party. The early party would begin at 6pm and run until 9pm. The adult-only party would begin at 10pm and run until people leave.

The family friendly party would be alcohol free and the adult-after party would be open bar, but you would be asked to leave if you start showing signs of drunkenness or just being an asshole (this made me laugh). After I showered, I got a call from Jane. This peaked my interest as I knew that John had called earlier. "Hello, this is Mark." "Hi Mark, this is Jane, we met the other night at the mixer." "Yes, of course I remember you. How are things?" "They're fine.

I called to tell you about the party Saturday night." "Well, John called earlier and explained that there are actually two parties." "Yes, I know that.

However, my part is to explain the adult-only party. Do you have a few minutes to chat?" "Absolutely." I replied. "Wonderful. So, let me tell you first that there are some rules to the adult-only party. Rule one: There is alcohol, but moderation is the key. I'm sure he explained that drunkenness or just being an asshole would get you booted. Rule two: Since we have a large pool and a ten-person hot tub swimming is available.

Rule three: We expect everyone to treat everyone else with respect. No thank you simply means no. Fourth and final rule: This party is designed to be fun and exciting. We will not tolerate drugs of any kind. If you or your wife violate any of these rules, you will be walked out and never invited to any future parties. Are there any questions about the party?" Jane said. "No" She went on to let me know about the signal when there is a party scheduled. Their sign would be a child's swing hanging from the big Live Oak tree by the front gate.

That indicated that the Saturday night of the following week a party is scheduled. The mannequin sitting on the swing will describe the theme of the party. For example, she explained that the mannequin has a Halloween costume with a plastic pumpkin in its hand.

People not invited think that its cute and for the kids. While the ones invited know the subtle code that is being told. I thought that the swing was genius.

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Nice décor for the kids and an unspoken message to the invitees. I got bold and asked, "How adult is the adult-only party?" She laughed at my question. She paused and said, "Make the connection Mark. Adult party, a swing" I sat there thinking. A long pause. Then it hit me, like a bolt of lightning. "Um, ok&hellip. I think I get it now, it's a swing party." "Are you and your wife ok with that?

We're not trying to make anyone uncomfortable. These parties are just for fun. No drama of any kind. Of course, since you have put 2 and 2 together, I should tell you that the second party will be clothing optional.

We are expecting about 40 or so people, we still have a couple of non-committals due to work obligations." "Jane, I'm sure that we're ok with the swing party, but let me talk it over with my wife.

May I call you tomorrow night?" "Of course, my dear. Call either myself of John." She hung up. I went over the whole conversation with Vickie. She got excited. She explained that she had a 'feeling' but that there was no evidence. "How did you suspect?" I asked her. "He just has an Aire about him." Vickie replied. Our youngest son asked if he could spend the weekend with one of his friends. We readily agreed.

After the talk about the party, Vickie was horny. She shut and locked our bedroom door. When she turned around, she flung herself at me. Pushing me back onto the bed, she began taking my clothes off. While she didn't rip my shirt off, there was some forcefulness to disrobing me. I was shocked. Vickie and I have had a wonderful marriage, yet we had moved into the same rut in the bedroom. We love each other, no questions asked, yet our intimate time had become routine and well&hellip.

monotonous. In my mind, John had lit a fire in Vickie. A fire that I was going to reap the benefits of. Vickie always gave wonderful blowjobs. Her oral skills are better than any other woman that I had ever been with in my life. Sexually speaking, Vickie was dynamite in a small package. Lite the fuse and she will explode her sex all over you!

Clearly, the idea of John lit the fuse. As I quickly became naked, Vickie took my erect cock into her mouth and began her oral assault on my manhood.

She swallowed my entire manhood pushing me past her gag reflex into her throat. It took a huge effort not to explode in her throat right from the start. I cupped her face and began fucking her mouth, feeling my steel-hard cock moving in and out of her throat. I heard her gulping air as my cock withdrew from her throat.

Her eyes welled up. Snot and large amounts of spit came out and dribbled down her face and onto my cock. It really didn't take all that long to have my first orgasm. Thankfully, my wife loves the taste of a man's cum in her mouth. I warned her that I was approaching the point of no return. She just smiled and winked at me. I was so horny by this time that when I erupted into her waiting mouth, I shot rope after rope. This by far was so much better than the monotonous rut that we had fallen into with our lovemaking.

After being spent, I withdrew my deflating cock from her mouth. I knew it was time to reciprocate. I pushed her backwards on our bed. Her legs were originally folded under her during the blowjob. However, I pulled each one out from underneath her. I parted her legs and kissed my way down to her womanhood from her chest to her slit. Vickie was never shy about making sounds in bed during our intimate times.


Today was no different. While I knew that our son happened to be in the house, he could most likely hear my wife. We never tried to be covert about our passion for each other. We both felt that sex, love, and lust are good things. We wanted all our boys to grow up with healthy attitudes about sex; about how to properly treat women; and about the difference between love and lust.

Vickie would explain to each of our boys that a relationship was more about trust than anything else. If you can't trust your partner, then the relationship is dead.

I love my wife. She speaks her mind. She's beautiful. She's confident. She's the best person that I could ever love. She is certainly my better half. As I performed my own oral assault on her pussy, her moans grew a bit louder as my tongue did its job.

I licked her slit from the clit down to her ass and back up again several times. Each lick made her pussy wetter and wetter. I happily sucked in the woman juice that her love hole was expelling. I could feel her wetness begin running down my chin, dripping off my face onto our sheets. As I kept licking her, Vickie wrapped her legs around my head and interlocked her ankles over my shoulder blades.

I felt her hands forcefully push the back of my head into her wanton wet womanhood. Her juices were really flowing. Clearly, John had lit the fuse. I didn't even think about what she may or may not have been imagining in her head. I only cared about pleasing my gorgeous wife. She arched her back. Her whole body tensed up. The lock on my head from both her hands and her knees was just short of painful. Her breathing became virtually non-existent. Then the big orgasm happened. She shot out more orgasmic juice than I have ever encountered with Vickie in our years of marriage.

I could not gobble it fast enough. Her orgasm expelled her wetness much like a fountain. We had seen porn videos of women having squirting orgasms, but until that moment Vickie had never had one of her own.

John had really lit the fuse. We continued with our love making for a couple of hours. We fucked. We sucked. We had sex on the bed. We had sex on the floor (as we fell off the bed). We had sex sitting on her makeup chair. We found a passion we had not experienced in quite a while. As we finally began to regain our senses, Vickie and I went to our bedroom shower together to clean up.

Again, inside of the shower, we made love one more time. To me at least, it almost felt like we were teenagers who just discovered sex for the first time, not as if we had been married for over a decade. When we finally finished our shower, I could hear our son cursing us for using up all the hot water. Such is life, there will be more in a few minutes, I said to myself. As we were drying our wet naked bodies off, I commented on how much John had lit her fuse. "You don't even know my darling." Was her response.

She added, "Were you thinking of Jane? Because your oral skills were quite the upswing from our usual." "No, not thinking of Jill. I think she is rather plain.

Pretty, but plain." I replied. "Then why the increase?" She asked. "Don't really know. Maybe I was just trying to keep up with your passion, you are thinking of John." "Are you worried? Do you think something will happen?" Vickie asked in a serious tone. "No&hellip. well, not really&hellip.um&hellip. we've never done anything like this before. Sure, there was that guy from my work that you fancied that we invited over that one night. Then again, you responded by inviting your friend over, what was her name Laura?

So, we could have another threesome. Both of those nights were wonderful, but we've never been in a large group before. I'm nervous. Nervous about my performance. Nervous about seeing you with all those potential partners. Nervous worrying that someone will catch your eye.

I'm sure that I'm just overthinking this, but I don't want to embarrass you or myself. I certainly don't want this party to interfere in any way with our lives." I said in a heartfelt manner. "Honey, you are the light of my world. You rock me! No one else is going to 'catch my eye'. How about we do this, we go to the first party. Meet some people. Try to make friends and see how it goes. If we aren't comfortable, we'll just leave at the end of the first party.

I think I'll call John and ask if he could introduce us to another couple that we can sit quietly with and ask questions without disrupting the first party. Does that sound OK with you?" "Yes dear. I think that would probably alleviate my fears." I said, feeling a bit more confidence.

Over the next couple of days, I had truly forgotten about my worries about the Saturday night party. I focused more on our costumes. Something sexy, but not too sexy. Easily removable if we chose to stay for the second party. Vickie asked about a 'Catholic school girl' outfit. She offered that I could be the 'naughty priest'. I liked the idea. Her wearing a short plaid skirt and a white long sleeve dress shirt. She even had the black shiny Mary Jane shoes.

Her outfit would be complete. My own outfit was rather simple. My black cashmere jacket. A black long sleeve dress shirt. Black dress pants and my dress shoes. I would cut a piece of white cardboard to form the priest collar. I decided to not use a large cross that I had in our jewelry box. Since this was going to be our first party, I didn't want to insult anyone or their religious beliefs. By the time the party rolled around, I was feeling relaxed about the whole thing.

That was until I saw how sexy my wife looked in her Catholic school girl uniform. Brittney Spears might have made millions doing her music video in the same outfit, but my wife looked 100 times sexier. She flirted with me showing she had her expensive white silk panties on underneath the skirt. Yes, my wife certainly knows how to push the male hormone button. Hell, she wasn't pushing it, she was clubbing it with a hammer.

I nervously got dressed for the party. My mind was overthinking things again. I began to imagine all these situations, worrying myself about 'what might happen'. As I was tying my dress shoes, Vickie came into the bedroom. She asked, "What's on your mind honey?" "I'm just getting nervous again." "Honey, we are not committed to anything. If you would like, I'll call John and Jane right now saying that we need to cancel. They won't even miss us with all the guests they are expecting." "No&hellip.no&hellip.

I know it's just me. Let me get to the party and see how it goes." I replied. As we headed into our garage, we climbed into our 'neighborhood golf cart'. Most everyone in the subdivision had their own golf cart. It made getting around the neighborhood much easier. John and Jane's home was at the end of a cul-de-sac. It was clearly the largest home in the subdivision. Out front of it was maybe a hundred golf carts. They were lined up neatly against the curb in the street.

The driveway built for four cars held about 12-15 golf carts. Even some of the neighbor's driveways held several golf carts. We parked our cart between one that looked like it was a black Mercedes and another that was powder blue. Vickie giggled about the Mercedes golf cart. Before I got out of the cart, I leaned over and kissed Vickie. I was nervous, but we kissed like teenagers.

Vickie certainly had her thoughts about John. I knew it. She knew it. As we entered the spacious home, Vickie and I were amazed.

John and Jane were mingling with other guests. John spotted us first. He worked his way over and welcomed us. He asked us to follow him as he had a couple, he wanted us to meet. Derrick and Shannon. They were an interracial couple and one of the original couples that helped John and Jane develop the adult party. "Mark, Vickie&hellip. this is Derrick and his beautiful wife Shannon" John said as he introduced us to the new couple.

"Derrick will you and Shannon spend time with Mark and Vickie. I think that they are really nervous about the other party." John explained. All of us shook hands, Shannon leaned into Vickie giving her a peck on the cheek. Derrick started, "Mark why don't we find an out of the way place, so we can talk, and you can ask all the questions you may have." "All four of us or just you and I?" "All four of us of course." Derrick replied.

Shannon and Vickie went over to the buffet table loaded a couple of paper plates. They stopped to get a couple of red solo cups full of some red punch-like drink. When the ladies came over to where Derrick and I were sitting, Vickie sat next to me and Shannon sat on Derrick's lap. She kissed him and then slid off onto the couch.

Shannon began, "Vickie tells me that you have some worries about the party." I looked at Vickie, she winked at me with a smile. "Well, you do." Vickie retorted.

"Um&hellip. ok&hellip. It's not that we're prude or anything. We've had a couple of threesomes, but they were always in our own home. The sheer number of people John and Jane told us that were invited gets me nervous." I said. "Is that all you worry about?" Shannon asked. "Well no. That's just one of several. Another one would be will I be able to handle seeing all the guys lining up to play with Vickie." Shannon and Derrick began laughing out loud, not just chuckling but real belly laughs.

Derrick said, "Dude, do you think that no other guy has that same exact worry about their beautiful wife? Hell, even many women have that same uneasiness about seeing their handsome husband being played with by some young hot sexually active woman?

It's a natural apprehension. Heck, I was really worried about Shannon having her fill of black guys and not being interested in me when we got home.

Yet, it didn't work out that way. In fact, she was even more interested when we got home that first night." Shannon added, "May we give you a couple pieces of advice?" "Of course!" Vickie added. "There are three things we suggest. First, remember this is lust&hellip. not love. Second, when you leave here and go home, you MUST be intimate with each other to reassure each other that it was just play and not something more. Third, and probably most important&hellip. talk. Talk about what you saw.

Talk about how you felt. Talk about something that excited you. Talk about everything and anything you can remember thinking, seeing, doing, or hoping for. Do not leave anything out. This lifestyle, even with only casual participation can cause damage to your relationship. Don't let that happen." Derrick advised. Shannon now addressed Vickie, "Hun, don't you have any worries?" "Well&hellip.no, not really&hellip.

I just think that I need to get 'into' it. I think that once I get going the nervousness will subside." "You're probably correct. I didn't really begin to relax my first time until I came. I was so nervous about doing guys that weren't black.

Until these parties I had never been with a white guy, or a Hispanic guy, or an Asian. All through high school and college I only dated black guys. So, a white guy scared the hell out of me." Shannon told us. It looked like the party was beginning to thin out. Many of the couples that had brought their kids were either gone or heading for the door. Derrick added, "By the way, I'm pretty sure John and Jane expect to play with both of you.

I know that Jane certainly has her eye on you Mark." "Ha, Ha, Ha&hellip. see honey, I told you so." Vickie said to me. "Well, I'm sure John noticed you. As much as you want to do him." I replied.

Derrick went on to say, "Since they are hosting the party, it is customary that they get to choose their play partners. There is no forcing, you can always say no." Shannon said, "And, if you're bi or even bi-curious there are several couples that will accommodate your wishes.

We'll be happy to point them out if you would like us to. We want to see you both enjoy yourselves, both individually and of course together." She also added, "Mark, I'll be more than happy to help alleviate your worries." Derrick and Shannon suggested that we head to a bathroom to get cleaned up and do any business during the lag time between parties.

Derrick also suggested to move our golf cart closer to the house if they didn't park in the driveway or right out front. I got up and let Vickie know that I would move the golf cart.

On my way to the door, Jane stopped me. "You're not leaving, are you?" "No, just moving the golf cart closer as Derrick suggested." "Would you like some company?" Jane asked with a sly smile. "Um, sure." We left the house, before I walked out the front door, I looked back seeing Vickie watching me. When we got outside, Jane gently grasped my hand so that we were walking to the golf cart hand in hand. Her outfit was that of a Queen, like the Queen of England. John's costume was her partner&hellip.

The King. Our conversation was really about nothing. I think it was more for Jane to size me up. "Are you a good kisser" Jane asked.

"Um, I suppose so. You should probably ask my wife that one." I barely got the words out of my mouth before I felt her tongue in my mouth.

Not wanting to screw this up, I responded. I cupped her face with both of my hands and pulled her closer to me. She responded by putting her arms around my back. Her grasp was forceful, yet not hurting. She broke the kiss. With a big exhale she said, "WOW, you are a great kisser. You didn't know that?" "No, not really." "Well, you are. If you can perform even half as good as you kiss, you will be one of the most popular new people at the party." She said.

I thought in my head 'oh, great. Nothing like putting the pressure back on just when I was beginning to relax'. We got into the golf cart and drove it back to the driveway. There was plenty of space in the driveway now that so many others had left. All the way to the driveway, Jane rested her hand on my thigh, rubbing it gently. Of course, my cock responded stirring beneath my black dress slacks.

As I parked the golf cart, she gave my hardening cock a little squeeze.


"My, my you are a big boy." She said to me licking her lips and smiling. She kissed me again. When she broke from the kiss, she asked if I knew anything about her. "No Ma'am, I know virtually nothing about either you or your husband." "Well, it is my understanding that you and your wife come from the Midwest. Where about exactly?" She asked. "Well, before Vickie and I met, I lived in St.

Louis, Missouri. By the time I met Vickie, I had been moved to Omaha, Nebraska." "Really? John and I both are Cornhuskers. We met at the University of Nebraska. John was working on his master's degree and I was finishing up my bachelor's degree in English Literature." Jane explained. "Wow, small world." I added, "May I ask you a personal question?" "Sure, anything you want to ask, feel free." Jane responded. "Well, I'm worried about a couple of things.

Now, don't get me wrong, Derrick and Shannon did a whole lot of explaining things, but I'm worried that I will either embarrass my beautiful wife or worse yet, show signs of jealousy. Did you ever have that issue with John?

Who by the way, my wife is hoping to put her hands&hellip.and mouth…on John. I don't know what it is, but he has lit her fire." I said. "Well, that is certainly a reasonable worry. We have seen one or two couples that their love for each other was not strong to begin with. Usually, when one partner is only 'going along' for the happiness of the other partner that is what causes issues. Now, if you and your lovely wife have a strong marriage with lots of intimate sessions, then this party will only enhance not tear down your relationship.

This party can become a gateway to living out deep fantasies without any worry about whom you're going home with." Jane answered. Yet she went on to say, "Of course I've experienced jealousy. Have you even looked at my stunning husband? He walks around exuding sexuality. The first couple of times I was really intimidated and worried that John would find someone else better than me. But it didn't happen. Our marriage is between us.

Sharing each other is something all together different. He knows whom I play with and I know the same about him. What advice did Derrick, and Shannon give you two?" "Um, three rules. Let me see if I can remember them. #1 this is lust not love.

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#2 When the party is over, and we go home, we must be intimate. #3 Talk, talk, talk about everything we saw, we felt, we enjoyed…talk about it all. Leave nothing out." I said worrying that I might forget one of the rules. "Ah, Derrick and Shannon have helped more couples here than any other couple.

That is why John introduced you and your wife to them. Now, if you're willing, I would love for you to come inside and fuck me." Jane said in a matter of fact tone. "Absolutely." "John has his eye on your wife." Jane said. "GOOD! She wants to play with him, as soon as possible." I reply "Well then, lets go inside and put them together. It's party time." We went back into the house. The house looked a lot larger with about 1/3 of the people in it.

The first thing I noticed was Derrick fucking this beautiful redhead and Shannon getting double teamed by two white guys. I scanned around looking for Vickie, but I didn't see her. Jane took my hand and led me to a bedroom.

There on the large bed was John naked. My wife naked. Her legs over his shoulders with him plunging his hard cock into her wet pussy. She was loud&hellip. very loud. Jane let go of my hand and walked over to the bed. She gently grabbed her husband's face and kissed him passionately. When they broke from the kiss, she leaned down and whispered something into Vickie's ear.

That made her smile. Jane came back over to me, taking my hand and leading me to another bedroom. In the new bedroom was another couple using one of the queen-sized beds. The other bed was empty.

Jane began to strip. I followed suit by removing my own clothes. The other couple stopped to watch Jane and I undressing. The woman on the bed asked if Jane needed any help. Jane responded, "Not yet. I don't know if this guy has any endurance." She said it smiling. Here I was thinking that she was offering to help Jane remove her clothes…boy do I miss the obvious sometimes. Jane took my hand and pulled me onto the bed. We fell together with our mouths sucking each other's tongue into an entanglement.

I bit her bottom lip. A moan escaped her mouth. I pushed her back. I kissed her neck. I nibbled on her ear. Which caused a response from her, "Remember Rule #1" I had to stop and think what rule #1 even was. Oh, that's right&hellip. it's lust not love. This was her subtle way to remind me to have sex with her not be romantic. I changed my tactics. I slid down between her legs. I began to lick her outer lips. I put my thumb on her clit gently pressing on it. She was already wet.

I pushed my tongue into her. I licked her slit from top to bottom and back again. I nibbled on her vulva. I kissed the inside of her thighs.

I raised her thighs up to gain better access to her womanhood. However, by doing that, it exposed her anal rosebud, which I licked also. This brought a gasp from her. I felt her hands on my head, pushing my face deeper into her moist musky pussy.

I gladly obliged. I began nibbling on her clit as my tongue reached the top of her slit. Up and down I went with my tongue only stopping to nibble on the clit or lick her anal opening. She began moaning. I could feel her body begin to tense up. I looked up over her pelvis to see her eyes closed and her hands balling up into fists. Her breathing became much shallower. Moaning was now almost continuous.

My chin became wet from the delicious juice that her wanton love hole was expelling. I added two fingers into her pussy. I curled them upwards. This got a wonderful response from her.

"Oh, my gawd. You're gonna make me cu…cu&hellip. cummmmmmmmm. Fuck, I'm cumming so hard. What the hell are you doing to me?" Both of her hands were now pulling on my hair.

She wasn't trying to get me to stop, she just didn't know what to do with her hands during her orgasm. I smiled to myself as I continued to lick her.

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She moved her legs so that they now wrapped around my head. She interlocked her ankles behind me, pulling my face into her. I continued to lick and suck and nibble on her lady parts. "OOOHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKK.

HEERREE WEE GOOOOO AAAGGGAAAIIINNN." Jane said loudly in an almost incoherent voice. This loud sound made me thing of Vickie. Jane and Vickie were similar when they orgasmed. Faintly, I could still hear Vickie continuing to orgasm. Other people were making their orgasmic crescendos heard throughout the house.

"STOP! PLEASE STOP!" Jane begged. I stopped. I got up and knelt between her legs.

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My cock was rock-hard and pointing towards the ceiling. "NICE" was the voice of the other woman in the other bed. I glanced over to her. She was alone, her partner had left. Jane used her index finger to invite the other woman over to our bed. As the other woman got out of bed, Jane introduced her as Katrina. Jane suggested before I even put my cock into her that she wanted me on my back so her and Katrina could ride me.

Gladly, I obliged. As we moved around on the bed, I felt a new set of hands on me. They were soft, small delicate hands with beautifully decorated nails. "It seems that Jane approves of your oral skills, may I have the same treatment?" Katrina asked.

"Absolutely!" As Katrina straddled my face, Jane was positioning herself over my pelvis using her hand to spread my pre-cum around the shaft for lubrication. I noticed that her pussy was completely shaven.

Katrina lowered her sex onto my face. Jane impaled herself on my hard cock. They both began rocking back and forth. As I licked and licked Katrina she became wetter and wetter. I licked and nibbled on her well pronounced clit. She began moaning. Jane was bouncing up and down hard.

I was trying to move my hips upwards towards Jane, however being underneath two women, the movement was near impossible. I kept licking Katrina. I reached up to grab her ass and spread those cute ass cheeks to give me access to her puckered anal entrance.

She gasped when I laid my tongue on the entrance. I pushed my tongue as firmly as I could against the entrance, yet it did not allow me access. Jane was now moaning loudly as she continued to bounce up and down on my manhood. In my mind, I was really enjoying what was going on. For the first time since we have arrived at the party, I was no longer nervous about anything. I had also stopped worrying about what my wife was doing, or whom she was doing.

I kept licking Katrina. I heard her voice begin to crackle as her moaning grew louder and louder. I felt Jane lean forward in what I assumed was a kiss from Katrina. Both of their bodies shifted their weight towards each other. Katrina was the first to orgasm. "OOOOHHHH MMMMYYYY GGGGAAAAWWWWDDDD!" I felt her wetness leak all over my face causing some of it to run down my cheeks onto the tops of my shoulders. As she was spasming, Jane also started her journey through the path of ecstasy announcing, "FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!" Jane's bouncing slowed down considerably to basically a grind on my pelvis.

Katrina also slowed down her grind to basically just sitting on my face, suffocating me a bit. I had to push her forward a bit to allow more air to get to me. Don't get me wrong, I love eating pussy, but my body wanted air just a bit more. I heard Katrina ask Jane if she could have some of my cock also. Jane agreed and moved herself off my mid-section only to give me a kiss on the cheek as Katrina moved to impale herself on me.

Jane whispered in my ear, "Darling, I'll keep sending in ladies until you beg me to stop." And she walked out of the room. Katrina impaled herself on my still hard cock. She leaned down to me and began kissing me. 'Rule #1&hellip. Rule #1' kept going around in my head as she kissed me, passionately I might add. I opened my mouth and allowed her tongue entrance into my mouth. I moved my hands up to her face and began to cup her cheeks throwing Rule #1 out the window.

Now, with only one woman on me, I was able to thrust my hips upwards poking Katrina with my cock on her downward thrusts.

We began to fuck in unison. As she was coming down, I was going up. As we broke from the kiss, I pushed her up a little giving me access to her large breasts.

In my head, I thought that they had to be at least double E's. "Knock, knock&hellip. Jane sent me back here. Are you almost done with him Kat?" The voice at the doorway asked. "No, not quite yet. Soon though" Katrina replied. I was licking and sucking on Katrina's chest like a newborn baby to its Mother.

I peered out of one eye and saw a heavier set woman who was playing with her own clit at the doorway watching Katrina and me.

I thought to myself that her watching us and playing with herself was sexy as hell. I heard my wife once again screaming out in orgasmic splendor. Clearly, Vickie was having as much fun as I was having. "OH, MY FUCKING GAWD&hellip. FUCK…FUCK…FUCK!" Katrina announced as she reached her crescendo.

As Katrina's orgasm relinquished, she began to breath normal again. The new girl walked over to me and held out her hand saying, "Hi, I'm Rebecca. May I ask a favor?" "Sure, almost anything you want." "Well, my girlfriend always wants to do the romantic thing.

Occasionally, I just want to get fucked&hellip. from behind. Will you do that?" Wait&hellip. What&hellip. Did she just say, 'her girlfriend'?.Fuck me! "Of course! I'd be more than happy to do that." I respond with a big smile.

As Katrina rolled off me, Rebecca got on the bed with her pudgy ass up in the air. I got up and moved in behind her. I reached down to her pussy to make sure it was already wet, which it was. I moved closer putting my hard cock at her entrance. I slid right into her. I went in all the way, my balls hitting the soft fleshy part of her ass.

"Ah, now that's what I want." She said. I began my thrusting with force. Not really knowing her tolerance or threshold for a hard fuck but not gentle and loving-like. I kept my rhythm in and out, over and over again. My hands grasped her hips. My balls were smacking her on each thrust into her.

I could feel an enormous amount of wetness already. "Gawd damn, she'll be jealous that she skipped tonight. Wait until I tell her about you&hellip. oh wait&hellip. what's your name?" She said to me giggling. "Mark" "Oops, guess I should have asked that before you stuck your dick in me." "Tell me Rebecca, how hard should I go?" "I fucking love it hard. The harder the better. Got It?" She replied.

I began to pound my cock into her wet hole with all the force I could muster. I had not cum yet, but I sensed that I may do so soon. As I held onto her hips, I noticed that her head was down, and she was quiet, but her body said something entirely different.

She was having orgasm after orgasm, yet she made no noise, none at all. She was the very first woman that I had ever had sex with that made no noise. No moaning. No talking. No cursing. NOTHING. I kept the hard pounding for quite a while. I actually found it distracting that she made no noise.

I reached up with one hand and grabbed the hair on the back of her head pulling it much like the reigns of a horse. "Yes, lover? You signaled?" She said quite breathlessly. "Um, you're quiet. Are you ok?" I ask hesitantly. "Oh, I'm fucking fabulous, please keep going." I went right along with my pace pounding her well-lubricated vagina. My balls were covered in her juices.

I could also feel her wetness on the front of my thighs. We began to make gurgling sounds with my pistoning and her copious amount of wetness. I kept going, harder and harder. I began to sense that my own eruption may be close at hand. In and out, over and over again. "I'm gonna cum, really soon." I warned her.

"Good, I want to feel you fill me up again." She said Again? I thought to myself. Now I'm really self-aware. "OH GAWD, I'M GONNA CUM…I'M CUMMING&hellip. OOOOHHHH FFFFUUUCCKKK1" I say rather loudly. My body shot rope after roper into Rebecca. I know it felt like a gallon, but in reality, it was only about 8-10 ropes of cum.

"Darling, you fuck wonderfully. I may just have to come back for seconds later." Rebecca said to me as she was pulling away from my cock. As Rebecca left the bedroom, I just sat there sated. I don't know how long I sat there, but when I came back to my senses, I got up and left the bedroom. I looked back at the bed and it had a massive wet stain on the sheet.

I smiled and walked away. As I went down the hallway, I saw different people doing different things. A really young gal, maybe 19 or 20 was trying to fit two guy's cocks into her mouth.

I saw two black guys DP'ing a slender redhead. I saw two separate couples in a 69 position. I even saw 'King John' having his way with some retirement aged woman. Which led me to wonder where my wife might be. I didn't hear her. As I turned the corner into the kitchen, there she was having a bottle of water. I noticed the time on the microwave.

Legal age teenager cum hole licking porn

It read: 2:11. Really? I thought to myself. "Hello Sexy. Rehydrating, are you?" I said to her smiling. "Um, yeah" she said swallowing her mouthful of water. "Do you want to play some more?" I ask. "No, I think I'm done for tonight at least." She says with a smile on her face and a really red puffy pussy.

I lean down and kiss her tenderly. I ask, "Where is Derrick and Shannon? I never saw either of them." "They left about an hour ago, but I saw Derrick. He came in and played with me right after John was done." "Nice" I replied. "Let's say our goodbyes and thank you to the King and Queen and head home." I agreed. Vickie went over to King John, kissed him, thanked him and asked if we might be invited to another party. He said that until we are told otherwise the signal would be for us as well.

I saw Queen Jane coming out of the bathroom with a towel around her and one wrapping her hair. I put my arms around her and kissed her.

I thanked her for the invite and let her know that we had a marvelous time. I also thanked her for sending Rebecca.

"Well, I figured that since you fucked me and Katrina and had yet to cum, you might be nervous, so I sent in the best fucker that we have here." Jane said smiling at me. I whispered in Jane's ear, "Just how many guys did she fuck tonight?" "Well, I think just you and the other new guy.

But he came and came and came like 5 times she told me." Jane kissed me again and whispered in my ear, "I get you first next time too!" With that, I turned and walked away.

As I headed towards the door, where Vickie was waiting for me, Katrina came over to me and asked if we'll be back again. I told her 'of course'. She kissed my cheek and went over to King John who was finished with the older lady. I kissed Vickie and began to open the door when Vickie asked, "You are going to put clothes back on right?" Several people, including King John all laughed.

I smiled. Feeling really at ease now with this group. I went back to the bedroom where I was playing and put my clothes back on.

When I returned to the front door, Vickie was still waiting for me and chatting with Rebecca. I kissed Rebecca on the cheek.

She told Vickie and I that she had a wonderful time with me and would like another shot with me at the next party. She kissed Vickie on the cheek, then me and went back to the party group. Knowing that several people had left already and there were still several bodies naked that people outside could see, we opened the door and left quickly. Vickie and I walked arm in arm, like high school sweethearts to our golf cart.

We got in the cart and headed back to our home.


When we got to the house, Vickie asked if I was hungry. "Famished" as it occurred to me that we had nothing to eat since the family part of the party. "Good, I need a good licking." We went inside. We both dropped our clothes at the front door. I walked her into the kitchen. I picked her up and sat her on the counter before I got a dining room chair to put in front of her for me to sit on.

Vickie always liked when I got the dining room chair because it meant that I wasn't in a hurry. As I sat down, her legs were already parted, and I pushed my nose deep into her already wet pussy. I always loved the smell of my gorgeous wife. I began kissing her vulva. I nibbled on her outer lips; kissed her clit; sucked the wetness out of the inside.

I licked from the top of the slit all the way down to her anal opening. I spent several minutes licking her over and over. She began moaning. Her wetness was flowing freely considering all the play she had in the past few hours. While I was licking her, I reached around with my right hand to begin rubbing her clit that now extended outside of its hood. With my wife, as with many women, the clit is the 'GO' button for sexual desire. I did small circles around the clit, poking it directly every so often.

Vickie started moaning continuously. Almost with each breath, which was stuttered at best, she became more vocal. As her excitement went up so did her volume. She crossed her legs behind my head, just the way I like. She leaned back resting her back and head on the cabinet. She used her hands to steady herself on the countertop (she fell off it once and nearly broke something…but that is for another time to tell).

I took my other hand and put two fingers into her palm up. I began making come-hither motions with the fingers. This movement put my hand directly on her G-spot with me rubbing it continuously. Between circling her clit and rubbing her G-spot she was approaching orgasmic heaven. Her wetness began free flowing. At this point she was nearly screaming. "OH, FUCK MARK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK, MARK I LOVE YOU, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FFUUCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK!" All through her gigantic orgasm I just kept up my licking of her slit.

My face was covered with her orgasmic woman juice and it tasted wonderful. The more I licked the more she came. Then it happened. Her pussy pushed out an orgasmic rush that shot over my head landing on the floor behind my chair.

The cum fountain was arched over my head. As it started to wane, it hit me in the forehead and worked a steady stream down to my lips, which I parted gladly trying to catch as much in my mouth as possible. "Mark, you are the only one who seems to know how to make me do that! Gawd, I love you!" "I love you too!" I replied smiling all the time with her juices dripping from my face. As I kept licking and sucking her delicious pussy, she kept cumming and cumming.

Her crescendo kept being announced by her almost repeatedly. As one reached its peak, I could feel her body spasming in preparation for another climax. By the time my tongue was beginning to tire, I glance at the clock on the microwave. It read: 6:55am. I asked her if she really wanted me to cook some food for us.

She declined saying that maybe just a bowl of cereal would do. I grabbed two cereal bowls, the box of Froot Loops, the milk and two spoons and headed over to the dining room table.

She poured the cereal and milk as I went to get our clothes from the front door. I took them down to the clothes hamper in our bedroom, emptying our pockets on the dresser first. I went back to the dining room. Vickie had my bowl just the way I like it, full of milk, not just a splash of milk the way she likes it. No, I want my cereal to drown in the milk. Without saying a word, we both gobbled our cereal down.

We each poured ourselves a second helping of cereal. This is when we began talking, as Derrick and Shannon suggested. We learned a lot about each other, stuff that we had never discussed. I let her go first. She told me about the 5 guys she fucked. King John, Derrick, another black guy named Sly, and two other white guys she didn't even remember their names, not that it mattered.

She only gave one blowjob, that was to King John. She said that she felt like once someone sunk their dick into her, they were looking around trying to decide on whom to pounce on next. She told me that only King John and Derrick even tried to make her cum intentionally. The other three guys were all fine, but they were more into how many can they fuck rather than enjoying the experience. She did ask me if Jane mentioned her sister Jennifer, her twin sister. I'm sure I sat there with my mouth open.

"No, I never heard a peep about any sister of Jane's, twin or otherwise." "Well, she said that Jennifer only comes to about 4 a year as those are the holidays that her x-husband has their child.

She should be at the Thanksgiving party." Vickie told me. She went on to say that all three gals that I was with told her they wanted a second chance with me. Specifically, Jane and Katrina went on and on about my sex skills. I felt a bit embarrassed.

Vickie said she met the other new couple. A dentist and his 'trophy' wife. Blonde hair, big boobs, about half the guys age (she suspected he was 40-ish and her no older than 21). Vickie also said that his trophy wife told her that he loaded up on Viagra, taking double the amount he normally does. This explained why Rebecca said that he came like 5 times, I told Vickie.

She was amazed saying that he was playing Russian roulette with that much Viagra. I just shrugged and said, "Its his life, just hope the life insurance is paid up for his trophy wife." I told her about all three women. I did have to retract my original perceptions of Jane.

While she was still just regular and plain looking, she could fuck like a porn star. I told her that although I had no certain idea of time, it felt like her and I went at it for about 2+ hours before Katrina added herself to the mix. "Yeah, they laughed at having you pinned down. One on your face one on your cock. They both told her it was 'precious' to see you try to thrust your cock deeper into Jane while Katrina kept grinding her pussy on your face." She went on to say that she would like to do a DP with me and King John.

She's wanted a DP for a while and until tonight she really didn't feel comfortable suggesting another guy. She also made mention that being with Derrick, was her very first black guy.

Somehow, I never thought about that. Not that it mattered, but as I listened to her talk about how Derrick treated her it dawned on me that I had never been with a black woman either. We both agreed that once we were into the actual event all nervousness disappeared. She also suggested that maybe John/Jane or Derrick/Shannon would come over one night for a private party at our home.

I thought that was a spectacular idea. I told her that the idea of Jane and Jennifer got me interested. I was sure that it is my own perverted thinking that twin sisters played with each other, but a guy can fantasize right? The next three weeks went by very fast. Till one morning I was leaving the subdivision only to see the swing re-appear on the tree with a pilgrim and an Indian on it. Guess we know the next party theme!

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