Unusual sweeties screw the biggest strap ons and spray ejaculate all around the place monstercock an

Unusual sweeties screw the biggest strap ons and spray ejaculate all around the place monstercock an
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English is not my native language. Please forgive any spelling errors The young woman slowly walked towards the water and a note nailed to a tree. Seth looked at her and smiled. The woman, named Barbara, was of average length and weight but her long red red hair was beautiful.

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In the pictures, she had blue eyes and rozy lips which Seth could not see right now but he would find out soon. The two had met on a forum about a superhero.

As they send each other private messages, they found out that, not only did they life in the same country, Barbara lived only a town away. It did not take Seth long to ask for her kik and when she gave it, the two had a lot of conversations. In these conversations, he found out that Barbara was submissive and searching for a master. This gave Seth an idea. He was not interested in a relationship at the moment but he did miss having a sub.

Taking a risk, Seth had send a message that he was interested in a sub and if she wanted to be his, she had to answer the message with yes master. The response was almost immediate and this started a master/sub relationship.

The next week, Seth had asked her several questions to get to know her better and what he could do with her. It turned out that she was open to almost anything and wanted to try a lot of different things. Her experience however was very little. He also had her send pictures of herself in normal clothing and lingerie. Nothing nude yet.

He wanted to see that for the first time when he could actually touch it. A few days ago, Seth had send her a message that she had to come to the swimming pond in his town at 7 pm.

Usually there were only joggers in the evening and they would not be disturbed much. She had to wear a shirt, a skirt and sexy underwear and do whatever was written on the notes she found. This first note had been simple. Take off your shirt and skirt and do the blindfold over your eyes.

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Barbara had read the note as she was looking around for the blindfold, finding it under the tree. She then looked around, quickly stripped off her shirt and skirt and lastly blindfolded herself. When he was sure that she could not see him, he walked towards her. 'Very good little slut.' He suddenly spoke. 'Tonight is to get to know each other. I want to know what I can do with you and you need to decide if you want to continue.' Seth paused and looked at her tits.

A good full B. 'If you want to stop at any moment, just say alarm. You can dress and go home.' Barbara nodded. 'Yes sir.' Seth pushed his finger between her legs felt that here thong was already wet. 'You are going to count to ten. When you reach ten, you can take off your blindfold and walk to the left until you reach another note.' Before Barbara could answer, Seth walked away.

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From the bushes, Seth saw how she walked west and he followed unseen. As she walked, she finally arrived at the spot with the message and turned white when she read it. Just as Seth had predicted, the first step would be a big one.

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She was supposed to wait for a jogger to go by, take off her bra and present it to the jogger as a gift. It took a while for a jogger to appear but when the man appeared, Seth saw how Barbara walked towards the man.

He then saw her taking off her bra and giving it to the man, who felt her tits before walking away. Barabara however was not sure what to do next as Seth had not written any further instructions. He was just about to kik her when the woman started walking west again, around the pond.

That was the correct way, Seth thought as he put his phone away and followed. After another couple of minutes of walking, Barbara found the third message. This time, she was to take off her thong, leave it there and walk around the pond until she reached a bench. Seth had also written, that if she was to encounter anybody, she had to ask if they wanted to feel her tits or cunt. Barbara took her thong off, now only dressed in shoes, and walked on. When she was gone, Seth picked up her thong and followed.

To his displeasure, she did not encounter anybody on her route to the bench. Seth watched as she spotted another blindfold and a vibrator. She read the note, looked around and put on her blindfold. Barbara then took the vibrator and started playing with herself.

Several people walked by and looked, none however came near. Seth decided to have fun himself and walked towards the girl. 'Good little slut.' Seth spoke. 'He saw her head move in surprise. Now he finally saw her body, the young man was amazed. B cup tits, with small nipples and a sexy pussy, that had a tuft of red hair. Undoing his pants, Seth felt his already hard cock and pushed it towards her face.

Suck it.' He said. With her free hand, Barbara grabbed his cock and brought it to her lips.

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She licked the head, kissed it and took it in her mouth. The girl gave good head. As she sucked and licked his cock, Seth rubbed her tits and pulled on her nipples. This all had much effect on Barabara as she moaned loud, attracting two nearby young men. 'What is going on here?' One of them asked. Barabara froze as she heard the strange voice and Seth slapped her tits before he said.

'You continue slut.' 'I am training this slut.' He replied to the man. 'Can we help?' His friend asked. 'Yes. Yes you can.' Was his only answer.

Seth guided the two men to behind the bench and turned Barabara around. With her face to the two men and her ass towards Seth, the master slapped it good. 'Suck the two cocks.' He said.

At first, Barabara did not respond, but after another hard smack on her ass, she started sucking one of their cocks.

Seth's finger found the wet cunt and rubbed before he slammed his cock deep inside her. She moaned hard as his cock entered but kept on sucking.


'Cum on her face.' Seth ordered the two men, who nodded. While Seth fucked her tight cunt from behind and she sucked and jerked the two joggers, the two men felt her tits and played with her nipples.

Barabara moaned harder and harder and Seth suddenly felt her cunt tighten as she reached an orgasm. This seemed to do it for the two men, who both cum on her face and hair. Now it was Seth himself who was about to cum. He pulled out and cum on her face himself.

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'Lick us all clean and then give the two men a thank you kiss.' She did as she was told and the two men left, understanding that their role was done.

'Starting at ten, you can put your clothes back on, minus your thong and bra.' Seth began as he took the thong and rubbed it between her lower lips. 'Are you on bike? Seth suddenly asked. He had assumed so, but still. 'Yes master. My bike is at the parking lot.' She answered.

'Good. Take the vibrator with you. When you are about to get on, put the vibrator in again and use the seat to make sure if does not fall out. If it does, you have to clean it with your mouth, put it in again and continue.' 'Yes Master.' She said with a shy smile. If she thought that she was done, she was incorrect. 'Before I forget, you can only clean the cum off when you are home and if you liked this and want more, send me a pic of your cumsoaked face on kik.

If you do not wish to continue, then do not send anything.' 'Yes Master.' Came it again. 'Now count.' Seth said as he dropped her clothes and walked away. From a distance, he saw how Barabara put her shirt and skirt back on and then walked towards her bike.


He followed and saw how she put the toy in her cunt and then sat on the saddle before riding off. He waited untill she was gone and went home himself. This was very fun and Seth hoped that she would send the picture, The picture arrived half an hour later. She wanted to continue. Good. 'It seems you have found yourself a new phone background.' Seth send back.