Rib sexw xxx com story 2019 new

Rib sexw xxx com story 2019 new
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Hi.I am Rachael.

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This is the true story of my 'first time' with one of most awesome guys i ever met.its also my first attempt at writing something like this so,constructive criticism is welcomed. I am 20yrs old and now in college but this happened when i was 15,and only a sophomore in high school.

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I am pretty good looking,i have dirty blonde hairs,blue eyes and an attractive figure.Although,i didn't had huge assets at that time,i only had 34C boobs and my butt size was average,it looks great in skinny jeans and skirt but in bathing suit or bikini its not that 'eye catcher'. Thanks to my good looks and the fact that i was very popular in school:i never had any trouble getting bfs.Like most people of my age i was curious about sex too,but i didn't wanted to rush into things and repent later.One of my best friend got pregnant and i really didn't wanted that to happen with me too,so i was taking things very slowly.

I had only a kissed a few guys. Well.one of my ex-bf did tried to persuade me in having sex with him but i was reluctant and we broke off cause of that and another one groped my boobs and tried to touch me down 'there' while we were kissing in a secluded place but i interrupted him and broke up with him later.Moreover,he didn't knew anything about sex,he was such a douchebag but i guess everything happens for a reason,all these experiences made me more determined to lose my virginity to someone experienced and deserving.

One day,i got a friend request from a complete stranger,usually i don't accept friend requests from strangers but he was very good looking(i stalked him;-)) and lived about 2hrs from my place.I was single back then so we started chatting and as time passed by we became like best friends.He was very funny,crazy and such a romantic that i couldn't stop myself from falling for him.


As we grew more comfortable with each other we started talking about sex and everything.He was 16 back then,but he had already had sex with two of his ex-gfs,so he knew quite a lot about it. I started asking all my queries about sex to him,i thought some of my questions were really childish and thought my friends would laugh at me if i asked them but he explained to me everything very patiently.

He asked me about masturbation:i told him that i am a 'germophobe' and i don't really like playing with my body and all but ya,sometimes it gets so crazy down 'there' that it starts hurting.He was also single back then so he said he masturbates when he's really horny. We started sharing pics,at first they were just head shots but then we moved onto full body shots.He asked me for nude pics and i declined saying 'i wasn't comfortable' with it but i would send him pics in bra and panties only if he would send me shirtless pics of himself wearing only his boxers.

He readily agreed to that and we exchanged the pics.He was only a few inches shy of 6ft,he worked out regularly and the results were visible on his body.He didn't looked like a 16yr old,he looked atleast 19 with his perfect 8 pack abs.I made up my mind that my first time should be with him after all he was perfect for it,he was handsome,hot,experienced and obviously loved me.I Told him about that and he said,he has been having fantasies about making out with me for quite some time now.

We decided to meet. Fortunately,my best friend lived just near his houseI used to live with my mum back then,so i just had to lie to her that i am spending the night at her place.I told my best friend about it and she agreed to help me in my plan.He told me that he was alone at their apartment that night since his parent's were going to visit his grandparent's.

My mom dropped me just outside my friends house and from there i walked to the place we had decided to meet. We met at a restaurant,he was wearing a blue jeans and a black shirt,i on the other hand was in a blue knee length skirt a white tanktop.

He looked more handsome in person,we talked a lot before having our dinner and then he took me to his apartment which was in a walking distance from the restaurant. He toured me around his house showing his bedroom at the very last only.He had lit candles everywhere in his room and it made the room smell so good.

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I was very impressed by his preparations. WE were sitting on his bed just talking when he made his first move,he leaned towards me bringing his face close to mine.I closed the small gap between our lips, left by him and we kissed.He was an extremely good kisser,the best i have kissed till date.He put his right hand on my breast,moving it ever so lightly.As our kiss grew more passionate,he fondled my boobs more passionately too.He felt my boobs over the tanktop and pinched my nipple with his fingers.I let out a sigh when he pinched it.

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He removed the tanktop and the skin toned bra. He stared at my boobs as it came out in its full naked glory,he laid me on the bed and started kissing again.He kissed me on the neck before moving on towards my boobs.My pink nipples became fully aroused at his touch,he took the left nipple in his mouth and started sucking it like a kid while pinching my right nipple.

He put out his tongue and encircled my nipple with it bathing it in his saliva,i moaned very loudly when he suddenly bite my nipple but it felt really good. He repeated the same treatment with my right breast while playing with the left one. He french kissed me after he was done with my boobs.His right hand moved downwards on my body,touching my flat tummy and navel.He unbuttoned my skirt and slipped his hand inside.


He rubbed my pussy over the thin fabric of the soft cotton panties i was wearing.He rubbed the index finger along the slit as my breathe grew heavier,he rubbed my clit in small circles.

I had shaved my armpits and legs for this but i never liked shaving my pubic hairs,i always trim it.I had trimmed it a day before meeting him and when he was rubbing my pussy,my small pubic hairs were also being rubbed against my panties which aroused me even more.

My hand rested on his chest while he was french kissing and rubbing me passionately. I felt a sudden, weird tingling in my stomach as my knees buckled.HE felt that too,cause he rubbed me harder.

I closed my eyes in pleasure as i had my very first orgasm.When i opened my eyes,he had stopped kissing and rubbing me,he was just smiling at me.He asked me"how was that?",i smiled back at him and said"that was awesome!!i have never felt something as good as that" He winked at me and said"thats just a starting,Rachael". He stood up and removed his cloths one by one leaving just his very tight boxers on.He had a very sculpted body and his hard on was very visible too.


He kneeled down along the side of the bed and removed my skirt out of the way.Now,we were just left in our underwears,he let out a cunning smile when he saw my drenched panties.He tugged his thumb into the waistband and pulled it down through my legs revealing my naked pussy.He showed me,my pink panties which was drenched after the orgasm i just had,i felt shy and embarrassed but i knew he was just teasing me. He threw it onto the floor and moved his head towards my pussy. He let his hot breathe fall on my pussy and gave a small peck on it.I felt as if i had a huge desire of itching inside my pussy.He moved his hand on my pubic hairs gently and pushed the index finger all of a sudden.

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I was shocked at this sudden intrusion and it pained a bit as he kept on fingering me.I had never put anything in my pussy,i didn't even used tampons so the pain was obvious. He added another finger and continued fingering me for a few more minutes before stopping and putting his mouth at the same place. He licked and sucked on my clit (which felt really good) and then sucked on my vulva. Being a 'germophobe', i never wanted him to eat my pussy because i was afraid that he might ask me to give him a 'blowjob'in return and i always felt grossed out about the idea of giving someone a blowjob but right now what i was feeling i didn't wanted him to stop.

I pushed his head down onto my pussy as I neared another orgasm,he kept on fucking me with his tongue and playing with clit using his fingers.My body shivered in pleasure and i moaned uncontrollably as i had my second orgasm for the night. As i came down from my ecstasy level,i looked up at him.He was removing his boxers.He threw it onto the floor becoming completely naked like me,i saw his cock.This was the first time i was seeing a bare,rock hard cock.I Hadn't watched porn earlier but i had kinda bumped into a porn site while searching for something on google so i knew what to expect.He had a nice penis,it was long,really thick and raging hard but most importantly, it was the cock that was soon to be inside my virgin pussy and the thought of something that big inside me made me scared.Although he was being very gentle with me but when he fingered me it hurt like hell.

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He saw the fear in my eyes and almost reading my thoughts he said"don't worry,i Would be very gentle with you" i replied to him"i know,i trust you babe" he leaned on me and rubbed his cock on my slit very slowly and started pushing it in.I felt unbearable pain as the head of his cock entered my pussy but the pain subsided in couple of minutes. He gave another push and he was fully inside me,i felt so full and the pain returned as i moaned heavily.He looked up at me and asked"are you okay?" to which i nodded.He waited for me to settle and then started humping me.

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He kissed me between his pushes and fondled my boobs all the while.He increased his speed and i could feel his balls hitting my pussy,i had my hands over his backs but when i felt myself really excited. i delved my nails into his back unknowingly. My pussy wall convulsed around his cock ,he felt me cumming and increased his speed even more.He groaned loudly as he squirted his hot cumm inside me.I was on pills so i wasn't worried about anything.

He took out his cock and fell beside me on the bed. This is how i lost my virginity,this a real story though i have changed the names for obvious reasons.I met with him many times,i would write about those later.