Hot girl chatting with pussy masturbating live

Hot girl chatting with pussy masturbating live
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It was my first cheerleading practice since I had made the squad. It was a new school, and I didn't really know many people, but the cheerleaders seemed very friendly. In fact, they were the closest bunch of girls I'd ever seen. They made me feel welcome right away, with hugs of congratulations on making the cut. Practice went well, I picked up the new cheers right away, and all the girls were just so sweet to me.

I knew I was really going to like it at this school. We finished practice and headed for the locker room to get showered and changed. I've always been shy about getting undressed in front of other girls.

I even scheduled my Phys. Ed.

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class for the end of the day, so I could go straight home and wouldn't have to take a shower with the rest of the class. The girls here had no problems with that what so ever. They were all laughing and giggling as they quickly stripped off their uniforms, playfully throwing their panties and bras at each other. Some of the girls would even teasingly pinch each others asses, or squeeze someone's breast as they walked by.

I watched all this as I slowly and very hesitantly got out of my uniform and quickly wrapped a towel around myself. The girls made their way into the shower, and I lingered behind until I heard someone call my name.

"Amber, come on." "I'm coming." I called back, and started in. I stood at the shower room entrance, frozen, at what I saw.

The girls were lathering up each other's bodies. My eyes became fixed on Stacy and Heather, the two co-captains. They were rubbing shower gel over each other. Stacy's hands were gliding up and down Heather's arms and shoulders, while Heather was slowly working on Stacy's neck and shoulders. I was shocked.horrified, but I remained transfixed. I couldn't turn away. Heather's hands then traveled from her shoulders down to her large breasts, slipping and sliding all over.

Her hands lingered on the nipples, rolling them in her fingers, pinching them. Stacy leaned her head back in pleasure and then found her way to Heather's tiny titties with very large nipples that were sticking straight out. They began gliding their hands all over each other, stomachs, legs, and backs. Then their hands went around to each other's butts, their bodies lightly touching. Stacy leaned into Heather and began kissing her. Their kisses became passionate.

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Their hands caressing each other.bodies pressed together.breasts rubbing and sliding along the slippery suds. When I could finally break my stare, I looked around to find the rest of the girls all involved in similar activities.

They were all touching and feeling and kissing each other. I didn't know what to do. I was scared and shocked, but in the pit of my stomach down to between my legs, strange stirrings were happening.

I couldn't understand the feelings I was having. I wasn't a lesbian, I loved guys, and yet, my pussy started getting wet and tingling while I was watching this soap covered orgy of beautiful young bodies. It was then that Stacy noticed me still standing at the shower room entrance. She whispered something to Heather and they both started walking over to me. "We're sorry Amber. We've been neglecting you." Stacy said as she put her arm around me to lead me in as Heather gently removed the towel I had been still clutching.

"Girls," she said.


"We've forgotten all about Amber." The all circled around me, mumbling apologies, and before I knew what was happening, I felt 6 pair of hands roaming over my back and arms. I stammered, "Wait.Please." "What's wrong Amber?" Asked Stacy, "Don't you want to be a cheerleader?" "Yes, of course I do." I said.

"I just never." Heather cut me off. "Doesn't this feel nice? Don't you like it?" She asked. "It feels very nice, but." "Then shhh," Said Stacy, as she lightly kissed my lips. I felt hands gliding along my breasts. It felt so good that despite my fear, I began to relax and let my body give in to the sensations. The girls lathered me all up and then I felt a hand slip in-between my legs.

My heart was pounding, but my pussy had a mind of it's own and my legs involuntarily began to open. I looked down and saw Jennifer, a petite redhead, kneeling in front of me, staring at my pussy as she rubbed her hands over it, casually slipping in her finger and lightly grazing my clit. I let out a soft moan and my knees began to buckle. The girls moved me under the water so we could all rinse off. Stacy reached up and grabbed the showerhead, aiming it so the water sprayed out instead of down.

The girls took turns standing in front of the water and spreading their pussies to let the water hit and rinse off the lather. "OK Amber, you're next." Said Stacy, and I took my turn in front of the spray. My clit was already throbbing from the playing that Jennifer had done and when the hard stream of warm water hit it, my body started to tingle.


I spread my pussy lips even farther apart, and tried to get closer to the water. Stacy began to giggle. "Amber, I think you got all the soap off, but if you'd like, I can check." She walked over, kneeled in front of me, and stared right into my swollen pussy.

"Well, it looks like it's all rinsed off, but there's only one way to really tell." She put her hands on my pussy lips, spread them very wide, and began to give me long licks from my hole to the top of my clit.

My legs started trembling and I began to lose my balance. "Whoa there." She said as she steadied me. "I think this will be easier." And she laid me down right on the shower floor. She bent my knees up, lying between them. Her mouth went right to my pussy. Licking and sucking on my clit. It felt so good. I began moaning loudly and Stacy added to my pleasure by finger fucking me slowly as she nibbled and flicked at my clit.

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I was going crazy. My clit was throbbing, my hips were pushing into her face, and the orgasm began to take over my body. My juices began flowing into Stacy's mouth, but she didn't stop. She eased up on the pressure and very softly swirled her tongue inside my pussy, letting my body relax yet build up at the same time. It was then, that Heather came over and began kissing me, and fondling my breasts. I was so turned on; I kissed her back passionately, and put my hands on her breasts.

She gently broke the kiss and moved over so her knees were on either side of my head, and her pussy was right over my mouth.

I caressed her thighs and began kissing her outer lips. I slipped my tongue into her slit and tasted her wetness. I had never tasted pussy before and it excited the hell out of me.

Meanwhile Stacy was still eating my pussy and I could feel my orgasm building again.


The more excited I got the more hungrily I ate Heather. Stacy sucked my clit hard. I moaned into Heather's pussy and sucked her clit hard. Heather leaned forward and started kissing my belly, working her way down until her mouth met Stacy's at my hot dripping pussy. I could feel their tongues swirling together on my clit. I couldn't hold back any longer.

My body tensed, my legs were quivering and I screamed into Heather's pussy as the most intense orgasm ever hit me. I sucked Heather's clit hard and I could feel her body tremble, as she came.

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Her honey filled my mouth. I could hear the sounds of the other girls moaning and cumming, which added to my excitement.

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Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. My clit go so sensitive that I had to beg Stacy to stop. When she did, I felt my entire body go limp. My legs felt like rubber. We sat there for a few minutes catching our breath, and then we heard the door to the locker room open.

We all scrambled up, grabbed our towels, and headed back to get dressed, just as we heard teacher's voices. I looked at Stacy, smiled and asked, "How many days a week did you say we had practice?"