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Leaked College SexTape From Detroit Teen
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Julia had taken off her Rogue wig, and I could see in the early morning light that her short hair was the color of gold in the dawn light. My slight movement must have been enough to awaken Shanna, and she looked down on me with a sleepy smile.

"Mmm, good morning," she murmured to me, and lightly pecked my lips. She shifted her hips a little, and must have realized I was still inside her, as her eyes grew wide, and her smile wider. "Mmm, I could get use to waking up like this." She gave me a hug, and I couldn't help but twitch inside her, as her whole body squeezed me.

"Huh, wha—" Julia woke up next to us, slightly confused. "Oh!" she exclaimed when the fogginess of sleep had finally been rubbed from her eyes, and she saw Shanna and me. I didn't know what to think. Shanna had made it clear to me that Julia was off limits to me, which was fine, though disappointing.

Last night she had been across the room while I was screwing Shanna, and I could still envision her fisting herself.

But now she was right here next to us, and after the days and nights I'd spent with my sister and mom, it took all of my self-control not to reach out, and start playing with her small dark nipples. I decided to start small, and see what happened.

Slowly, I began to move my hips, slipping in and out of Shanna's vagina. The current redhead moaned as I did this, giving me a devilish look, as though she knew what was in my mind, but she didn't stop me.

Instead, she turned to Julia, and said, "I guess you behaved yourself, last night." She reached out, and started rubbing one of the other woman's breasts, and Julia smiled at her appreciatively.

"Perhaps we can have some fun this morning." Then she looked back at me seriously, "But she's still off limits to you." I didn't know what to say to that, but figured that at least I wasn't being left out completely, like Julia had been last night. "Thank you," Julia gushed, and then half sat up, and started kissing the woman I was slowly fucking. Julia's nipple was only a couple centimeters from my lips, as she kissed Shanna, and it was torture not to lift up and suck it in.

To distract myself, I closed my eyes, and picked up my pace inside Shanna. She sat up more, and I felt a hand down near my crotch. Opening my eyes, I saw that it was Julia's hand, vigorously rubbing Shanna's clit while she sucked on her tit. Julia's ass was now facing me, and I could see her juices already leaking down her legs.

She must have been seriously turned on, to be that wet already. Again, the image of her fist diving in and out of that juicy cunt flashed through my mind, and I wondered what it would be like to have your entire hand in a woman.

My left hand started to twitch at the thought, and instead of following through with the impulse, I placed both hands behind my head to keep them out of the way, and just let Shanna ride me.

When I looked back at my lover, she was looking at me, and I knew I'd been caught staring. I blushed slightly, but dammit, I'm a man, and she was a naked woman right next to me. It would be impossible for me NOT to look. Shanna didn't say anything though, and just continued to moan, as Julia and I brought her to a crashing orgasm. As she came, Julia pulled her off of me, and the two women started making out madly, hands roaming all over each other's bodies.

My cock stood forlornly, pointing to the ceiling, all but forgotten. Well, I wasn't about to be forgotten for long, and as I rolled off of the bed to get into position behind Shanna, they both moved into a sixty-nine position. I had to move again, but Shanna's ass was now aimed perfectly in the air for me, and I got back on the bed, and squatted behind her, with my feet planted on either side of her legs.

I easily slid right back into her, while Julia sucked on her clit. I could feel her vaginal walls constrict around me every time Julia flicked Shanna's clitoris, and I was soon moaning in time with sexy female geek. A few times I felt Julia's tongue on my balls, but I didn't say anything to Shanna; it felt too good. I grabbed Shanna's hips, and started to pound myself into her, as I felt my orgasm approach, and Shanna screamed out a split second before I started to unload into her.

My body was wracked by paroxysms of pleasure, as gob after gob of my semen flooded Shanna's pussy, and leaked out around my cock.

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I pulled out, and Julia hungrily attacked the now-empty hole, sucking all of my semen out of her. Despite how erotic the scene was, I knew I was spent, so decided to leave the women to their own pleasures, and went to get into the shower. Shanna joined me a couple minutes later. "I figured you would still be with Julia," I told the nearly insatiable woman. "Are you mad at me?" she asked, throwing me into confusion. She must have seen my misunderstanding painted across my face, for she continued, "For not letting you fuck Julia, too?" I had to laugh.

It had been torture true, but it had been kind of kinky, as well. "Well, no," I told her, "I'm not mad. But I'm a bit confused. You didn't have a problem sharing me with your sister, so why have one with Julia?" She gave me her familiar, 'You know nothing, Jon Snow,' look, before answering.

"Because Shannon is my sister, and I trust her. Julia is another matter. I might trust her in time, but there is a long history that we both have to get past first," she told me, placing her hand on my chest as she looked into my eyes. "Is that why—" She must know me better than I thought, as she placed a finger across my mouth, stopping me.

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"If you're going to ask about the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing again, please don't," she told me, knowing exactly what I'd been about to bring up. "Yes, she is a big reason why I don't want to label us. She has stolen most of my past boyfriends.

You have shown me I can trust you when I am with you, but how do I know about when you are out of my sight?

If we aren't officially together, then it won't hurt as bad." I really had no answer for her, because I couldn't say that I hadn't been with other women when she wasn't around. I offered the only truth to her that I could, "I promise that I will not let her take me away from you.

Besides, she can't even begin to compare to how wonderful you are to me." She placed her hands on my hips, as she looked me in the eyes seriously, before pulling me to her, and hugging me tightly. "Thank you," she murmured, her head pressed against my chest, as the water sprayed down on us. "I lo—, er.thank you." I nodded, knowing what she had been about to say, and hugged her back to me, feeling warm inside. Julia jumped into the shower after we got out, and I got dressed back into most of my costume from last night, not having any other clothes here.

"I'll leave you two, to work things out," I told Shanna, giving her a long kiss. "I want to get home, and finally relax." She looked disappointed, but I really hadn't been able to relax for a while, and I was looking forward to being in my own room.

I didn't make it home. Halfway there, words flashed across my vision, 'Get somewhere private. It is an emergency.' I didn't know if it was Lela or Summer, but guessed the former. My sister could have just told me, or even called me, but if I needed to get somewhere private, that likely meant Lela.

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She had never taken me in the day, before, so I knew it must be important. I pulled over into a mostly empty parking lot and waited. It didn't take long, before a shadow loomed over my car. A second later, I found myself in the featureless blue room. I wasn't alone.

Arms wrapped around me from behind, a moment before I heard a whisper in my ear. "I've missed you, little bro." I turned around, and hugged Summer back, wondering what the emergency was. Thinking back on the shadow that had covered my car, I knew Lela was risking her ship being seen. Whatever it was, it must have been something dire. "What's going on?" I asked, hoping my older sister would know. "I'm not sure. I had only a moment's notice, before Lela came and took me.

Nick, I think mom might have seen the ship," Summer informed me, worriedly. That wasn't good. If mom saw the ship, and found Summer missing, things could go badly. I truly hoped she was wrong. I looked around for the opening that would lead to Lela, but it wasn't in evidence, and in this featureless room, I didn't even know where it was supposed to be.

With Summer's arms still around me, I could sense her off to my right. I could also sense all of my other switches moving away at an alarming rate. We were returning to low orbit. "What are you wearing?" Summer asked, pushing me away from her to examine my costume.

I quickly explained about the cosplay New Year's party I'd gone to. "And if you are still wearing it this morning, then that means you went home with someone. Did my geeky brother use his switches on a woman last night?" I knew she was teasing me, but didn't feel that this was the appropriate moment for it. "I didn't use my switches," I told her a little more brusquely than necessary. "Help me find the door out of here, so that we can find Lela." Just as I finished talking, the lights went off, and I suddenly found us floating in space.

Or at least, that's what it seemed like, as Earth zoomed away from us, and we were surrounded by stars. 'Lela?' I thought to the alien. 'What's going on?' There was no response. Summer hugged me tighter from behind, saying, "Nick, I'm scared. Is this the attack? Are the demons here?" "No," I tried to reassure her, "They aren't supposed to be here for a few more months.

Maybe it's just another scout." But as I spoke, I noticed that we had left low orbit, and were still rapidly moving away from Earth. I couldn't imagine what speed we must be moving at, and marveled at the technology that must have gone into this ship.

The geek in me had a small orgasm. The mortal human part of me, on the other hand, thought I was going to die. After a couple seconds, red rings appeared in the distance.

As we drew closer, I could see ships in the middle of the rings, and figured the red circles were superficial, highlighting the location of the other ships. Lela finally sent us a message: 'Ships were detected approaching. Too many to be scouts. Be prepared.' Summer and I looked into each other's fear filled eyes. This is it, I thought to myself. It is early, and I'm not ready. I still don't know how to stop them.

The human race is going to die, and it will all be my fault. Luckily Summer was thinking a lot more practically than I was. "Maybe we'd better get undressed, so that we can have as much contact between us as possible." Her voice quavered as she spoke, but it still lent me enough strength to overcome my paralyzing fear. I nodded to her, and started removing my shirt.

The distant ships were easily visible now, and I noticed that the red rings suddenly turned blue. I wondered at this, just as I was pulling my shirt over my head, and my sister was removing her bra.

The ships where just what you'd expect from nearly every cheap sci-fi movie: round saucers, spinning slowly as they moved through empty space. I quit stripping, and placed my hand on Summer's wrist, stopping her from undoing her pants as I watched the ships approach. Something wasn't right. They weren't in any type of military formation, more of a gaggle, and I knew that the demons were militaristic, based mainly on the fact that they sent out scouts. If they were hostile, they likely would be ready this far out.

They also appeared to be slowing. Or maybe that was us.


It was hard to tell, when your reference points were stars, hundreds of light-years away. Either way, we were no longer approaching each other as fast as we had been.

'Lela?' I asked again, not expecting a response. Summer laid her hand on my shoulder, and I was shocked, as Lela's switches were the only ones I could sense. How far from Earth were we?

The insane thought that mom would ground me, if she knew how far from home I was, flitted through my mind, and I laughed quietly. "This is no laughing matter," Summer told me, rebuking me now. "What's going on?" The other ships had stopped moving, and were now facing each other across the black expanse. I still wasn't sure what was happening, but I was starting to get an idea.

"I think the blue rings means friendly," I told her uncertainly. "These are either other friendly aliens, or more of her race.

Did you get to see Lela's ship before she took you?" Summer shook her head, letting me know that she hadn't, and I grimaced. "Hmm, I guess we'll just have to wait then." I hoped that it wasn't Lela's race coming back.

They had demanded that she abandon Earth, and when she hadn't, they had made sure that her ship would never be able to find home again, and then abandoned her to Earth's fate. If they were coming back, that could only mean trouble.

Perhaps they had decided to kill mine and Lela's children after all, and take her back with them. The ships started moving closer again, and Summer tensed, just as space disappeared, and we were back in the blue lit room again. And then we were no longer alone in the room. Summer screamed, and I pulled her behind me. She almost strangled me, she was squeezing me so tightly, but I wasn't going to let them get her.

A small part of my mind couldn't help but notice the feeling of her hard nipples digging into my back. I shook off the thought, to examine our company. Six sets of silvery eyes looked at us curiously. Each eye had a cat-like pupil, and looked too large for their heads.

Their skin was light pink, and they were all wearing those light suits that I had seen Lela wearing, before I'd gotten her pregnant. They were of Lela's race. They were also all female. For some reason this struck me as extremely odd, till I remembered Lela mentioning that it was the males that ruled their race. I assumed that these must be their servants.

"Do not be alarmed," one of them said in the dual-toned voice of their race, stepping forward. Her voice was a little deeper, however, than Lela's. She looked just like Lela, except that maybe she had wrinkles that Lela didn't. In fact, all of these females had barely wrinkled faces, and a couple of them actually had slightly sagging breasts. It was hard to tell if there were other features that were different, with the light dancing smoothly across their bodies, making it hard to focus on specific features.

"Nick," Summer asked me, "What's going on?" I shrugged my shoulders, uncertain, and our guests didn't deign to enlighten us.

The black rectangular hatch opened in the wall behind the newcomers, and it took me a minute, before I saw Lela walking between the other females. "Lela, what's going on?" I asked, as soon as she was in front of us, then, "The children?" If she was here, who was incubating our children? I waited for her to form her answer, wondering why she didn't use the nanites. "A surrogate is taking care of our children," her voice finally came, and I was happy to see a smile on her face.

If she was smiling, then maybe everything would be okay. 'They are here for another reason,' the words came across my vision. It was only then that I realized she had spoken for everyone's benefit, but that we could use the nanite's connection to speak privately. The one that had spoken earlier stepped forward then, and faced the three of us. She spoke first in her language, and then waited for Lela to translate. I wondered at this, where she had already spoken to us once, and thought that it might be a hierarchy thing, or maybe she didn't know enough of our language.

We waited for Lela to form the words, and I tried to stay patient. "They say that some of the females of our race believed what I'd told them, and didn't feel that enjoying mating was a blasphemous thing." The other alien spoke again, followed after a bit by Lela. "A few females revolted, and were returning to your planet, to seek me out, and verify if it were true. If it is, then it could mean a massive social change for our society." Lela seemed to be getting excited, and it was hard for me not to share in it.

It meant that she wouldn't be an exile, bereft of contact with the rest of her race for the remainder of her lifespan. Then the rest of the news fell upon us.

"If I have been found to be lying, then I will be executed immediately, and their lives will also be forfeit, for their crimes in coming to me." "Great," I said, knowing that Lela had indeed enjoyed our coupling, "but I don't see any other males here for them to experience it with." Only after the words were out of my mouth, did I realize my stupidity. "Oh." I said, at the same time Summer smacked my arm. "It's you, silly," my sister told me, unnecessarily. "What a lucky pervert you are, getting to service all of these aliens." I'm glad at least she was enjoying this.

I still remembered my marathon sex session with Lela, and didn't care to repeat it.

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The old one spoke again and we waited for the translation. "That won't be necessary. They brought a young female, who has just reached maturity. They will give you the opportunity to please her, and then will abide by her verdict." "But I'm not up to putting her in heat, and then having sex for the next eight hours," I protested. "Besides, I don't want any more children, right now." Once again the older alien spoke, followed by Lela.

It was obvious that she understood me, even if she refused to speak much of my language. "If what I told them is true, then you won't need to put her in heat. Merely please her, and it will be done," Lela translated.

'Lela,' I thought to her privately, 'Are you okay with this? Couldn't I just couple with you? I don't want to hurt you.' 'How could this hurt me?' came her immediate response. 'When you prove I was right, everything will change.

Also, if you only mated with me, they could claim that I lied to save our lives.' 'But won't it bother you, to see me with another woman?' I asked, even though I knew she had seen me having sex with numerous other women, as she was always spying on me.

But those other women had all been human. This time it would be with one of her own species. 'We do not choose a mate for life, as you humans try to do. We have always mated for the best offspring, choosing the strongest males. When things change, then maybe we can think about finding only one male for us, but for now, this is how my race thinks.' I truly wished that I could gain some sense of emotion from the words, but they just seemed too analytical.

"What about you?" I turned and asked my sister. "How do you feel about this?" "Are you kidding me?" she asked me excitedly. "I'm getting horny just thinking about it. Watching you make it with an young alien. Can it get any more perverted than that?" I laughed at my sister's cavalier attitude, before turning back to the group of aliens.

"Okay, I'll do it." There was a hum of excitement, as the alien females conversed amongst themselves, and a moment later the entryway opened again, and out walked another pink-skinned alien. She stood a little shorter than Lela, and her breasts a little higher, but was otherwise nearly indistinguishable.

She walked up in front of me, and waited. She wasn't wearing a light suit. Uncomfortable with so many eyes on me, I wasn't sure how to proceed. I was tempted to use my switches to make her wet, but thought that that might be cheating. I thought back to how Lela had first reacted to my touches, and how she'd only wanted to get it over with. "If this is going to work," I told them," she needs to do whatever I say." I looked into the young alien's silvery eyes, before asking, "Can you understand me?" She jarringly nodded her large head, and I could tell she was just as nervous as I was.

I would need to get her to relax, or this would never work. "Sit down," I told her, and took her hand, to help her down.

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Part of me was conscious of Summer walking away with Lela to one side of the room, while the other six went to the opposite side. I did my best to block them all out. This is just like when Dennis watched me and Gina, or at Brent's party with Shannon, I thought to myself, wishing I believed it.

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I sat across from her, and took her foot in my hand. Gently rubbing her heal, I started to give her a massage, hoping it would help her relax.

'What are you doing?' Somehow I knew it was Summer asking. 'You don't have to woo her, just make her cum.' 'Look at her,' I mentally admonished my sister.

'She is too nervous. Besides, I want to make sure she is pleased in every way, so that there can be no complaint, and no denying it.' 'How did I end up with such a wonderful, younger brother?' she thought back at me.

'No wonder you're such a great lover.' I felt my cheeks heat a little at her compliment. As I worked on the young alien's feet, I was able to sense her relaxing a bit. She watched everything I did, with her liquid silver eyes, and there was somehow an innocence to them that I found alluring. A thought occurred to me. 'Lela, is she a virgin?' 'She has never mated. They wanted someone that has never known the other type of mating for this test.' No wonder she was so nervous.

She'd likely been raised on what to expect from the males of her species. The violent, almost rape, as their men took them again and again, non-stop, until their biological heat had been satisfied, would scare just about anybody. I had to make sure that this experience was the complete opposite for her. I shifted my hips closer to her on the floor, and felt her tense for a moment, but when I only started to massage her calf, she relaxed again.

The older alien spoke, and Lela translated, "They want to know if all of this is necessary. You didn't need to do any of this with me." "It was different with you," I told her. "You were in heat, and then your body demanded it. She is obviously nervous, and I need for her to relax. Trust me, if you can get your men to do this, you won't complain." The alien I was massaging said something in her two-toned voice, and the older aliens nodded.

'She said that what you are doing feels nice, and it does help her relax,' Lela's translation came through the nanites. I noted that this younger alien's voice was slightly higher than Lela's, and wondered if their voices dropped in pitch as they aged. I smiled happily at the young alien, and then decided to step it up a notch. I moved my hands to her thin knee, and brought her toes to my mouth.

She gasped as I sucked on one pink toe after another, and I wasn't sure if the gasp had been from surprise, or pleasure, but she didn't try to stop me. Slowly, tenderly, I began to rub her skinny thigh, as I slipped my tongue between her small thin digits.

I'd never noticed before, but her feet were short one toe, just as her hands were less one finger. I was able to fit all four toes in my mouth, as I flicked my tongue between then. I think I heard a half moan escape from the young alien, but when I looked up at her, she was just staring back at me curiously.

"Do you have a name I can call you?" I asked her, taking her toes from my mouth. I didn't expect her to answer, but it didn't hurt to try.


She said something that sounded like 'Harana', though it was hard to tell with her two vocal cords, and two tongues. Her voice was soft and high, and sounded quite musical to my ears. "Since I can't say that, may I call you Harana?" I asked her softly, trying to keep my voice soothing. She nodded, and I smiled reassuringly. Her tremulous smile in return, told me that I was winning her over.

I switched over to her other foot, now, and started rubbing it. I followed the same routine as with her left leg, and wasn't surprised to see that she had grown a little wet between her legs as I worked on her right thigh, and sucked her toes.

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Deciding it was time to go to the next level, I trailed gentle kisses up her calves, under her knees, and along the insides of her thighs, before reaching the juncture at the top. I glanced over to where Lela and Summer stood watching us, and noticed that Summer had her hands down her pants, and she had never decided to put her shirt back on. Lela was slowly fidgeting, and I felt her wet switch was fully tilted.

Smiling, I planted a soft kiss on Harana's sex, and this time, there was no mistaking the soft gasp that escaped her lips. She was enjoying this. Slowly I licked around her labia, before sucking one lip in, and nibbling on it lightly. Her breathing was becoming heavy, as I continued licking her, and there was an unmistakable flow coming from her vagina now.

I lapped it up, before shoving my tongue against her outer barrier, but noticed that I couldn't get past it. She was likely going to be tighter than Lela, and that worried me, but that was a problem to tackle later.

One of the old aliens said something, and Haran answered back vehemently. 'They wanted you to stop what you were doing, saying it was not necessary, but Harana demanded to let you continue. Apparently she is enjoying that.' Lela's translation came to me, and I decided to reward Harana for her diligence. Up until this point, I had avoided her clitoris, but now I attacked it with fervor. All my other touches had been light, and gentle, priming her for the way I licked, and sucked, and even bit her clit now.

Harana cried out in pleasure, and I felt a wash of her vaginal secretions wash over my chin as she came. I left her clit alone, allowing her to recover, as I lapped up her juices, and went back to licking and sucking her labia, spreading my tongue wide as I licked up her slit.

Harana started talking fast, having to stop periodically to catch her breath. The old aliens waited for her to finish, before answering back. 'She just told them how good that felt. She was very detailed. They chose a good subject for this test. She is very analytical.' The way Lela's words floated across my vision was very scientific, which seemed at odds with what was going on in the middle of the room, but I was glad that my efforts were paying off.

Maybe I wouldn't have to take her virginity after all. If she was like a human that way, it would hurt her, and that may be the end if it all. I was pretty horny though, and looking over to my sister again, I saw that she now had her pants on the floor, and was busily rubbing her pussy.

I couldn't help but smile inwardly as I sent, 'Pervert,' mentally to my sister. Apparently I wasn't the only horny person in the room. Even Lela was lightly running her fingers along her naked skin. I only then noticed that she hadn't put on her light suit. 'The seniors say that that is okay, but the real test will be the intercourse. They are getting impatient.' 'Ask them if they want to do this,' I testily snapped back mentally, losing my good mood, and then realizing she was about to do just that, I quickly added, 'No wait.

Don't. I'll get on with it.' I trailed kisses up Harana's body, stopping for a few seconds on each of her darker pink nipples, and heard her softly moaning as I did so. I kissed up near her ear, and whispered, "This first part might hurt. I am truly sorry for that. I promise it will feel better in a bit." I quickly pulled off my pants, and kicked them away.

The young alien nodded, and I started to rub my hard cock against her vulva. She started to moan, and even hunch her hips against me, when the older aliens suddenly spoke, startling me.

'They already know this part will hurt. That is expected. Don't forget that she also has the nanites, and is communicating with them, as we are.' Lela sent to me. I felt like an idiot.

Of course she was telling them everything mind-to-mind; Harana probably only spoke out loud, when she wanted us to know what she was saying. I felt a little betrayed, thinking that I had been winning Harana over to our side.

Well, in a way I was, but this was still a test, and she was still their subject. I had to press pretty hard to get my cock's head past her outer barrier, and as soon as it slipped past that portal, I felt her hymen break, before I could slow or stop myself. Damn, she was TIGHT! Harana cried out in pain, and I held still, waiting for her to get used to me inside of her. I glanced over to the other aliens, and saw that they were intently watching us now. A gasp from the other side of the room turned my attention that way, and I was shocked to see Summer standing behind Lela, with her arms wrapped around the alien.

One hand was pinching a dark pink nipple, the other one rubbing the pink alien's crotch. Lela seemed to be enjoying it, as her eyes were closed, and she was leaning back against my fully naked sister. I looked back over to the other aliens, and noticed that some of them were watching Harana and me, and some watching Summer and Lela. Harana said something, and when I didn't look at her, she grabbed my head, and turned me to look at her.

She nodded, and I knew that she was ready for me to continue. I decided that this was as good a time as any to teach her something else, and dropped my head down to hers, kissing her softly as I started moving my hips slowly. Harana just lay there, neither returning my kiss, nor moving in time with my hips. 'Explain to her what a kiss is,' I asked Lela, and a second later I heard Lela's voice gasping and moaning in her language.

Apparently my sister was taking good care of her. Harana nodded when Lela explained, and I soon found her tongues wrapping around mine. It didn't take long the entire length of my rod to sink into this previously virgin alien, and I started giving her long slow strides.

It only took a few strokes, before she started to move in time with me, and after a few more strokes, she was moaning. She had to break off the kiss, and her arms wrapped around my neck and pulled my body close to hers, as she started to cum hard on my rod. I had to stop moving inside her; she was so tight, I was afraid she would rip my member off, if I didn't hold still.

Instead, I tightened my penile muscles to make my prick twitch inside her, smiling inwardly, as this seemed to increase her orgasm. When she finally came down from her high, I propped myself up on my hands, and looked down at her. There was no mistaking the dreamy smile on her lips now. "There is more than one position to enjoy," I told her, as I pulled out. She looked at me curiously, but I lay on my back, and indicated for her to climb on top.

I aimed my penis for her hole, and then grabbed her hips and yanked down, while I thrust my hips up. I flew through her outside barrier, and sank fully into her in one go.

Her large eyes grew even wider as I did this, and this time it was her that initiated the kiss, as she bent over and pressed her lips to mine. With my hands still on her hips, I started moving her back and forth in a gentle rhythm that she soon picked up on her own.

She had to break the kiss again, and she started to really moan as she picked up the pace. I lifted her torso up high enough, that I could bring one of her tits to my lips. She gasped as I nibbled on it, and a few seconds later she came again.

Her pussy gripped me extremely tightly, but she didn't stop moving her hips, and I knew I wasn't going to last, so lifted her off of me. I really wanted to give her the whole experience, and as soon as she was done shaking from her last orgasm, had her get on all fours in front of me.

The older alien said something in a tone that I could only call snotty. "She says that your true colors are now showing. This is how our males take us.


Since you've yet to reach your climax, you must be getting ready to do it the way you truly want to: violently." Lela's translation came a second later, somewhat breathily. Luckily Haran was like putty in my hands at this point, and didn't resist, as she got onto her hands and knees.

"I only wanted to show that this position could be enjoyable as well," I said aloud, not having known that bit of lore about their men. Once again I had to break past the outer barrier, but once through, Harana's vagina gripped my rod like a silken vise, massaging and rippling around my length, making me moan at the contact.

I moved my hips back, till only my head was still within her hot folds, then slammed forward, until my balls slapped her clit. Harana grunted and moaned as I repeated this numerous times. I knew this could look violent, but as wet as Harana was, I knew she was enjoying this as much as I was. I also knew she was telling the other six aliens everything. I looked to where my sister was lip locked with Lela, and smiled as the pink alien shuddered in a climax of her own, while her four-fingered hands worked furiously in Summer's pussy.

Harana cried out with her high-pitched voice at the same time her clutching crotch gripped my cock, and I couldn't hold back anymore. I began to empty my seed into her with powerful spurts, and she cried out something in her language. I guessed she was describing what it felt like, but couldn't be certain.

It seemed to take forever for my own climax to end, but I enjoyed every minute of the bliss that flooded my mind and body. Pulling out of her with ease, I laid her gently on the floor. Lela and Summer were now locked into a sixty-nine (Lela on top), and I wondered what Lela's two tongues must have felt like to Summer.

Both women were moaning, and writhing against each other, so I could only assume my sister was enjoying Lela's attentions, and vice versa. The lead older alien spoke up then, and Lela lifted her head from Summer's pussy to listen.

After a few seconds, I saw her shiny face split into a wide grin. 'We have won,' she told me mentally. 'This will change our entire society.' I heard what sounded like a musical argument behind me, and turned to see Harana gesticulating with the other six aliens. 'She has been told to go back to their ship to teach the rest of them what you showed her, but she refuses to go.

She wants to stay here with you. She says that since this was all recorded, they can use that to teach the other females.' I was shocked to say the least. I guess I really had won Harana over to us. 'She also says that there must be more for you to teach her.' I groaned at that news. Not that I was adverse to further sessions with the younger alien; I just didn't want to get too worn out, and school started back up in a couple days.

After a bit more arguing, I saw Harana grin widely, and the others give a 'harrumph', before they turned to walk away. The lead alien stopped, and turned to face Lela.

She said something that made Lela jump off of Summer, and all of the color drain from her. I looked to Harana, and saw that she had the same reaction. Whatever had just been said, neither one of them liked it. Summer moaned, as she was forgotten, but when she saw the looks on the other alien's faces, she became concerned. "What is it? What's going on?" "I don't know," I told her, waiting for Lela to either send me a message, or speak out loud.

Instead she turned and walked out the portal, saying something in her own language, before the black rectangle closed around her. I could only guess she was going back to incubate our children. I turned to Harana, a sense of dread filling me, and saw that she was sitting on the floor, staring at nothing in front of her. "Harana, what is it?" I demanded from her, hoping she could tell me through my nanites.

She looked up at me with fear-filled eyes, and her cat-like pupils were fully dilated, covering up almost all of the silver. I had to repeat my question again before she seemed to understand. When her mental answer came, I understood her terror. 'The demons have somehow come early. They will be at your planet in less than a week.'