Siehe durch oben im Restaurant 2

Siehe durch oben im Restaurant 2
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The next week came and went by - way too slowly for my taste - and again I longed for saturday to come.

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Finally, it became saturday, the last one before the three-week winter break, and things went as usual until we were in the boys changing room again (I didn't ask for the girls changing room since now I knew it wasn't different from the other one). Janet told me to stand against one of the iron bars, then unzipped my jeans and pulled them down. "Now, last three times you had your fun with my shit and with me shitting.

It's time you return the favor this week." I stared at her, not really understanding. "What d'yer mean by this? I don't get it." She laughed. "Little silly. You saw me shitting, now I wanna see you shitting.


Turn so I can see your butt and fill your panties." "What? Now?" "When, if not now? Of course now! Or d'yer have any problem with that?" "Well. if I shit my panties they'll get dirty. by the way, I always wanted to ask you how you get clean your panties after our games?

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Or do you just let your parents do the job? You know, I could get serious problems with shitted panties." She laughed again. "I for sure won't tell you all my tricks - just keep guessing about that. And with your panties getting shitty - that's the idea of it! How you work that out with your familiy - that's your problem, not mine.

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And don't refuse my request. remember your book! Anything else?" "Well. I don't know if I can shit right right now.

You know, I took a shit only yesterday in the late evening - no idea whether I can do it now." "You'll never know if you don't try. So let's don't make even more words about it - I want you to shit into your panties. Now." Obviously, resistance was futile. so I tensed my body and tried to push, getting aroused by the thought of shitting myself because I'd never considered a boy would do something like that, shit himself on purpose. I really tried, but nothing happend.

I relaxed, then tried again. The same result. After a short break, I pushed once again, this time so hard I saw red circles dancing before my eyes, but again, my asshole remained closed, no shit was coming out of it.

I let out the air of my lungs and turned to Janet. "Sorry, but I can't do. I really tried, but nothing." "Try again, I'll try to help you." I sighed, but took in a deep breath of air and began pushing again. Now I felt something - Janet put her hand into my panties and tried to ease a finger into my asshole. She even made it to get her finger in, but nothing else happened. When the oxygen in my lungs was nearly used up, I relaxed and let the air out.

Janet took out her finger and looked at me a bit disappointed. "Seems you really can't do it. what a pity." Then, she lifted up her hand so we both could see her finger.

At the tip, it was a bit shitty but it wasn't much, it didn't reach further than to the first knuckle. "At least, we have some of your shit here. Sniff it!" She stuck her finger right before my nose, and I smelled my own shit at her finger, my cock getting hard by the thought of it. She withdrew her finger and smelled it herself.

"Hmmm, not bad. only too bad you can't shit now." Then, her face lit up, obviously she'd gotten an idea. "Well, if you can't - I'm sure I can, and I'll help you out." I just looked at her, being curious about how she meant that, but she got into action without hesistance. First, she tried to get my jeans off my legs - after I got that, I undid them, throwing them onto the bench.

Then, she grabbed my panties, pulled them down, told me to lift my feet, and soon she had my panties in her hands. She looked and sniffed on them. "Really nice, smells like horny boy", she commented.

"Let's see if we can improve them." She put the panties on one of the hooks, then put off her jeans and panties, too, so we both were naked down from the crotch now. While undressing, she showed me her bare ass - just like the times before, there was some dried shit on the ass cheeks and some fresher one into her butt crack. Then, she took my panties. Now I understood. She stepped into my panties and pulled them up until they sat in the right position.

Then, just to tease me, she took her finger and moved it softly and slowly up and down her butt crack. Now she pulled down my panties just a bit to let me see the result - my panties had gotten a small brown stain of Janets shit.

I just looked, partly being in a horror because she was just about to ruin my panties and getting me into trouble, partly getting really horny about the whole thing. Then, she replaced the panties and looked at me over her shoulder. "Now we'll get to the real thing", she said. Her body tensed, and she began to push. I could hear what was going on. Janet started to shit into my panties. After a few seconds, her shit touched the inside of my panties, and a bulge began to form and inflated quickly in size.

Now, I could smell her shit, too - her shit being in my panties. She continued to shit until she was done, placing a load into my panties that wasn't the size of her load last week, but still of a considerable size, and my panties had a bulge of a remarkable size and a brown stain even at the outside now. Then she waved around her ass a bit. "Now touch it, press it, smear it!", she commanded. I hesitated - a bit too long for her taste, because suddenly she stepped onto the bench and acted as if she was going to sit on one of the hooks, poking the iron hood deeply inside the bulge of the panties, thus ruining them completely.

My heart sank. "No, please, don't. don't do that to me. Just ask whatever you want of me, but please, don't sit on the hooks." She got down from the bench. "I just told you. Press your hand against my butt and rub it around a bit, that's all I ask of you." I sighed and did as told - I laid my hand flat on the bulge of shit, pressed against it, and started to rub around lightly.

She smiled with a satisfied grin. "Yes, that's more like it. But the pressure could be higher." She pushed her ass against my hand for some seconds, then got back. "OK, that's enough. But this are your panties, so you're the one to wear them." She pulled down my panties, and now I could see it: some of the shit remained clinged to her ass, but most of it was in my panties now, a considerable load of shit.

She stepped out of the panties, then held them to me. "Now put them on.

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And don't hesitate. I can see you're turned on very much", she said with a saying look down on me. I followed her look - indeed, my boner stood proudly in full size in front of me.

So I took the panties and pulled them on.


when the first shit reached my butt, I hesitated for a short time, then shrugged and just pulled them on. It was a strange feeling. my ass now covered with hot, smelly, fresh girlshit, and I tried to find a comfortable position. "There. What d'you feel right now?" "Hard to tell. it feels warm and soft, but nasty, too. it's a completely new, unusual feeling." She smiled. "I can well imagine.

So let's just getting this feeling more intense - put on your jeans." I already knew resistance was futile - so I took my jeans and pulled them on, Janets shit squishing and moving around my ass with every movement I took.

I pulled my jeans on. Meanwhile, she got dressed herself. "Good! Now don't forget to zip and close them!" I did as I was told. the result was that the jeans were getting tighter, thus pressing the shit even more intensely at my ass. "Now let's repeat our walk from last week!" She walked out of the room, and all I could do was following her. I accelerated my pace to catch up with her. "Are we doing the walk as last week?" "Yes, we are.

as I said, we'll just repeat it." So we went up to the 3rd floor again, me with panties full of shit and in a cloud of undeliable shit smell, she walking right next to me and occasionally touching my ass. When we arrived at 3rd floor, the break between 5th and 6th hour began, doors flew open, and soon the corridor got crowded again. Of course, the other students noted the shit smell, and I could hear some of the comments. "Hey, look at this - the shittys from last week are there again!" "Woah, what a stench!

Can't someone clean them with a high-pressure cleaner?" "Seems some people love strange things!" "Wait, some people are turned on by water sports, some need the harder stuff!" "I wouldn't dare to walk around like that!" "Now who's the one who crapped in, the shorty or his lil' bitch?" "Don't know, but boys usually don't do this things, it has to be the nasty dirty girlie." "Hey, you owe me a tenner! I won my bet they'd show up again!" "Well, well, well." So it went on for the next few minutes, until the bell rang again to mark the beginning of the 6th hour, and soon we were alone in the corridor.

Part of me was pure shame, part was horror, but a big part of me was just horny about all of that. Now I expected us to go back to the changing room, but Janet glanced at her watch.

"Damned. the bus ain't running today, I gotta catch a train. that's it for today!" She quickly searched out my book, handed it to me and hurried off, and I found myself alone in the deserted corridor. First, I put the book into my school bag, then I thought about what to do know. Walking home like this surely was no good idea, so I had to get clean first. besides, I was still horny.

So I decided to use the next toilet. I went into the next boys toilet. Usually, I didn't use the school's toilet since they stank like piss and shit (especially the boys toilet since many boys didn't seem to be able to aim right, I suspected many of them aimed their piss anywhere but not where it should get to), but I had no other choice.

To my own astonishment, this time, the smell of piss added to my turn-on. I got into one of the cabins, undressed and had at first nothing else to do than to have a wank - it didn't last long before I shot my load into the cabin.

Since it wasn't overly clean anyway, I didn't care to remove the cum. Then, I emptied my panties into the toilet and got rid off the shit. then I had a close look inside my panties. After some thought, I had to accept they were ruined. I wouldn't be able to clean them well enough my mom wouldn't have realized something, so I let them off.

Then, I cleaned my ass with lots of toilet paper, taking care to flush regularly as not to block the toilet. When I came to the conclusion my butt was clean enough as not to spill my jeans, I dressed again, letting the panties away - so I wore no underwear which made me feel horny again.

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If I'd unzipped my jeans, I'd had my dick right at hand. a new but randy feeling. Then I left the smelly toilet and dropped the ruined panties into a big trash bin at the corridor where all trash cans of the class rooms were emptied in, and left.

It was a bit hard to explain where I'd been this long when I arrived at home, but I found a story (in fact, I had to lie I was staying at school with my friend, training some math problems he didn't understood at the lessons with him). I even managed to cover the fact that one of my panties was missing now.

but it meant some stress to me to cover the truth about this saturday game with Janet. As I said, it was the last saturday before the three-week winter break. part of me was happy about having no more problems resulting from the nasty shit-games for at least the following three weeks, part was sad because I wouldn't see Janet for at least three weeks and having no chance of playing another raunchy game with her (or better: she playing with me) for this time.

*** So this was my first story here (and it even became a 4-parter 'cause it got way too long for just one part) - that's all for this first try. If you, the readers, like it and I get some positive and encouraging comments, I might write another one.

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Hope you had as much fun reading as I had writing it!