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Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Toys on SALE FREE Shipping and More hellip_
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I had awoken in the hotel bed between my daddy and my mommy with a warm feeling I hadn't felt since I was younger, that being the last time I slept in the same bed as my parents, but the reason wasn't the same.

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I felt all warm inside because of the night that presided, and the cum that still resides in my tummy from my daddy's cock which is still implanted in my ass. As we all got up and got dressed, my parents both announced in agreement that I was going to permanently look like this.

My daddy said he will set up an appointment for me to get implants and a whole new assortment of slutty skirts, shirts, panties, stockings, etc… We headed home, and as soon as we got there my daddy went to the basement and got a pail of paint to paint my room a more appropriate color.

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He said, "Babygirl you're going to have to sleep in our room with us until your room is ready for you." News that made me elated, because that meant that I will be getting fucked by my daddy's big cock and my mommy's big strap-on whenever I want.

So I gladly gathered my clothes, at least all the girly ones I had from before, and found my way to my parent's room where my mommy was waiting with a big bottle of lube, a big strap-on, and a big devilish smirk on her face.

The she asked me," You ready for another round of mommy's cock in your little boy pussy?" I was so excited I didn't even say anything, I just jumped on the bed and sucked her strap-on and finger fucked her pussy. Then I positioned myself over her big strap-on, lubed up my asshole, and started riding her as hard as I could.

I worked my way down it and before long I had it all the way up my wet ass.


Each time I came up she came down, then when I came down she came up meeting my ass, and each time it made me quiver from head to toe. Moans filled the room and I guess made my daddy aware of what was going on, so he came in and wasn't surprised what was going on at all. He said," Well I needed a break anyways, I might as well join you all." Then hopped onto the bed and whipped out his massive tool, which I was more than happy to take down my throat, and started feeling on my mommy's and my boobies.

As I took my daddy deeper and deeper into my throat, my mommy drove her cock deeper and deeper inside my asshole. Then when my daddy thought he had proper lubrication on his meat he got between mommy's legs and began to slide inside of her ass while she continued to plow mine. As he began to pick up speed and fuck her harder she did the same to me. I couldn't believe how good this felt, all of us having family time in the best way possible.

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That is at least what I thought until my daddy surprised me, after he made my mommy cum, he then joined her in my asshole and made me scream "Oh my god daddy yes, I love it when you and mommy tag team my asshole." And then after about thirty minutes I came on mommy's tummy what seemed like a quart.

This pushed my daddy over the edge and he immediately pulled out and came on both me and mommy's face. After we cleaned the cum off each other's face, mommy told daddy, "Well us girls better go get cleaned up." to which he responded with a smile, " Ok well I better get back to painting our little slutty daughter's room." So, me and mommy went to take a bath and played with each other the whole time, and then we got out, dried off, and got dressed.

She wore a chemise and I wore a baby doll then she put my hair in pigtails with ribbons so I could look pretty. Then we went back to the bedroom and watched TV for a while, we were interrupted when daddy came in and told us with a satisfied smile, "I'm done painting your room sweetie." then went off to take a shower.

After I heard the water start I told mommy, "I am going to see the new color of my room." then she gave me a smile like she knew exactly where I was going and what I was going to do, but only said, "Okay baby." So, I went to my room and it was bright neon blue with neon pink and green flowers all over.

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I took a moment to take in its beauty, then quickly remembered the real reason I left the room. I slipped into the bathroom and found my daddy amidst all the fog under the shower head.

I had gotten completely naked and moved towards the bathtub. He didn't notice me at first, so I had to state my presence, to do so I reached out and grabbed his semi-hard cock and placed it directly into my mouth. He went with it as soon as it happened, moving his hands to the back of my head, pushing his dick deeper down my throat.

He then pulled me into the shower and bent me over so that my face was pressed in to the wall of the shower and my ass was right in front of his dick.

He then lowered himself and ate my ass out, moving his tongue all around my hole. Then he tongue fucked my hole while spreading my cheeks, after my hole was dripping with his spit he rose back up, grabbed his cock, and put it in inch by inch until I had him completely inside me.

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Then he grabbed both of my pigtails and pulled me back as he pushed forward, each time it made a smacking sound that turned me on so much. I couldn't help but moan and beg for more, he did nothing but oblige me and fuck me like the slut I had become.

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The more intense he became the closer we both came to cumming. When I could tell he was about to cum I arched my back and came up to kiss him hard, then we both came hard, and I felt him fill me up to the brim with his hot load. After he went flaccid and fell out of me we both got dressed and went back into the room.

My mom had a smile on her face as she asked, "Did you have fun?" a question she already knew the answer to. Then I and daddy got into bed and we all went to sleep after watching TV. When I woke up I found that the both left, but left a note saying that they went to get the rest of my clothing, furniture, etc… I was kind of disappointed because I was horny when I woke up.

So I found my mommy's biggest dildo, lube it and my boy pussy up, and started riding it and masturbating. I did this and could only think about daddy and/or mommy fucking me, and I came until I was in a cum-induced coma and fell asleep on the bed with the dildo still in my ass.

Which is exactly how my mommy and daddy found me, and I could hear them say, "Oh look at our little girl, she looks so cute with that dildo up her sweet ass." When I woke up my daddy told me that my room was complete, and I could go and see it whenever I want. So, I immediately went to see it and I was ecstatic about what I saw. My bed had a floral pink pattern; my closet was full of wonderfully slutty clothes, like skirts that showed my ass off, and tops that showed my tummy.

I went and hopped back on their beds and said thank you until I was out of breath. They said, "You're welcome but you should probably get ready for your final step in officially becoming our daughter." So I went and threw on some of my new clothes and met them in the car, we went to the same doctor and he told me to change into a gown and then he put me under anesthesia did a quick boob job. He then put on this cream that made this scars clear up quickly and the pain go away permanently.

Then we headed home and by the day's end the scars were gone and the pain was non-existent. Since my room was done I told my parents that I was going back to my room. They begged me to stay the night then in the morning I could, saying that the paint fumes were not safe.


I agreed, then said, "I guess we have to make this night extra special then." with a wicked smile on my face. So, I went back to my room and found the sultriest lingerie that I could find then went back to the room and found my mommy and daddy had started without me. So I slide between daddy's legs and took him into my mouth, while I used my other hand to play with mommy's pussy. I didn't stop until my hand was soaked with mommy's juices and my mouth was full of daddy's cum.

Mommy moved behind me and started eating my boy pussy while daddy moved behind her and started fucking her. With each pump he made her moan down my hole making me squeal with pleasure.

I couldn't take it anymore and had to have something anything inside me. Just then mommy picked up her biggest strap-on, put it on, and slide it in me. Then I felt the power of both of their thrusts pushing her deep inside me, I screamed with pleasure and pushed back with each pump. I felt mommy shaking and I knew daddy made her come and she was done for the night. Then, it was just me and daddy, he picked me up and put my back against the wall and pushed himself deep inside of me. He was fucking me so hard that the wall was creaking and I was dripping pre-cum all over the place.

I felt his strokes get slower and more deliberate, and I knew he was close, which was good because so was I. So, I screamed, "Yes daddy cum in me, fill me with all of your cum." As he did I felt myself began to cum the hardest I have since the day before. He carried me back to the bed and we both collapsed onto the bed, and as we fell asleep I knew that our endless sexual escapades have just begun, and I smiled.