No lenience for the horny ebon hardcore and blowjob

No lenience for the horny ebon hardcore and blowjob
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Deneuralized Pussy III: The Pizza Girls First Time Only moments ago Vicki had been escorted over to a clear spot in the living room of the condo and stripped of her red bikini by twin sisters Billi and Jo.

While Jo pulled back her hair Billi stuffed a ballgag into the compliant redheads mouth, silencing her somewhat unnecessarily. Seconds later the two tanned girls had bound their younger, willing captive securely, arms behind her back and were guiding her to the floor. The cameras were already in place and rolling when they began to fondle and caress her pale skin, finding her breasts and vagina in short order.

He watched as they spread her legs and began to lick the tuft of light red hair between her legs and suck on her small, freckled tits. Young Natalie, sixteen years old, stood beside him, watching their antics dispassionately as though this were common place to her.

"Shall we?" He asked, taking her hand again and leading her toward the bedroom. The young girl wore a bright yellow shirt emblazoned with the logo of Shagadelix Pizza, a local dine in and deliver joint in the Orange Beach area.

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She smiled up at him adoringly and followed him through the door into the privacy of the bedroom. "Sure." She replied immediately. "Are you ready to go places you've never been?" He asked, turning her toward him as he closed the door behind his virgin partner.

Minutes ago both Natalie and Vicki had been only innocent bystanders to the events transpiring within the rented condo, but that was before the deneuralizer had taken effect. A flash of light, a few simple command now they were quite willing to do anything he desired. And he had every intention of taking advantage of it.

"Yes." "Kiss me." She stepped forward and pressed her lips to his, arms wrapping around his neck to pull him close. He returned the embrace, one arm slipping down to the small of her back to draw her entire body against his.

After several long seconds he eased one hand down to squeeze her bottom and pulled away slowly. Sitting down on the edge of the bed he pulled her down to him. "Sit on my lap, and wrap your legs around me." He instructed, waiting while she did what she was told. Lifting her chin he kissed her again, savoring the taste of those sweet young lips.

She wrapped her arms around him again and dedicated herself to the task at hand. A minute later he guided her down onto the bed beside him, pulling her arms up and over her head. She left them where he put them, awaiting his next move expectantly.

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Smiling down at her he leaned in to kiss her again, savoring her loving expression. She closed her eyes as his lips met hers and he felt her tongue ease into his mouth tentatively. He could tell she had never been French kissed, but wanted to. He made sure to educate her thoroughly on the process. With one hand behind her head he caressed her face with the other, then her neck and shoulders, then stopped.

Finally he rested his hand on her naval, spreading his fingers slowly over the sensitive region.

She trembled in his arms, her young body having never experienced what she was feeling right now. Her hands found their way down to his neck and caressed the back of his head and shoulders in response to his overtures.

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She moaned as his free hand brushed against her right breast, then squeezed her side as she quivered beneath him. "Mmm." He smiled as he kissed her. "You haven't felt anything yet." He promised. In the living room he could hear Vicki whimpering through an orgasm and the twins coarsely congratulating her on her first of many for the evening. "Work her with the strap on dildo." He called through the door, returning his attention to the lovely young lady in his arms.

The kissing continued, and he paused guided her lips apart, showing her what an open mouthed kiss felt like. The tremor in her pelvis told him she liked it. He ran his free hand up her side and back down, tickling her ribs even as he counted them.

Each touch brought a shudder, each shudder prompted a touch. Soon he slid his left leg up and over her, using it to spread her legs and press his thigh against the denim between her legs. The sixteen year old fairly purred with desire and pulled him closer to her, working his tongue furiously with her own.

He cupped her right breast through her yellow T-shirt, squeezing the firm handful and massaging it between his fingers.

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More moans of delight, more trembling in anticipation. He reached down and tugged at where her shirt was tucked into her pants, slowly pulling the material out of the way.


First he circled her belly button, teasing it until she giggled. Then he worked his way up her abdomen, caressing each rib until he found the bottom of her bra. Pulling her up to him he lifted her off of the bed long enough to unfasten the straps in the back and pull the bra free. Lifting both shirt and bra he exposed her breasts to the air and noted the tan lines etching where her bikini normally rested.

He didn't fail to notice how her skin goose-pimpled at his touch. He finally indulged himself with a caress of her bare chest, cupping and fondling the tender, pale skin around her nipple, then gave it a squeeze. Her breath came ragged, her surprise evident when he finally did what she had been so desperately wanting him to do.

He felt her grind her pelvis against his thigh and knew that she was rapidly reaching the boiling point. He slowly withdrew his leg and felt her hips quiver at its removal.

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"Mmm." She moaned a complaint until he slowly worked her exposed right nipple. Her very soft tit was very rapidly hardening and he smiled, knowing she was moving steadily beyond self control, had she been capable of it at the moment.

He unzipped her blue jeans and slid his free hand inside, working his fingers on the damp panties and massaging the tender skin he found underneath them. She reached down and took his hand, pulling it up and out, then guiding it back down and under the thin underwear. He found her most intimate skin sticky with the firstfruits of desire and caught a whiff of her sweet smelling honey pot as he continued to massage.

He fingered her labia, probed an inch into her vagina and then found and caressed her clitoris. Her pleasured moans rose in volume and frequency until they were little more than high pitched gasps. She reached down and tugged at her jeans until they were down on her thighs and worked her legs until they were below the knees.

Then, drawing her legs up she shucked the confining clothing off to the ankles, where they caught on her tennis shoes and refused to budge. Ankles held together by the unintential bonds she found herself only able to spread her legs so far and sat up to remove the irritating footwear. He let her do so, his erection growing while she fought the shoes and pants into full retreat.


Then, not satisfied, she tugged her shirt over her shoulders and added her bra and panties to the pile on the floor. Eyes filled with the innocence of first time passion, edges reddened with a grown womans desire, she pushed him back onto the bed and tugged at his swim trunks. Once they were gone she stared at his thick, hard shaft with the awe only a virgin can possess. Sitting up he kissed her, pulling her down to him and onto her back on the bed beside him.

Breaking the kiss he swung over the top of her, feeling her spread her legs expectantly beneath him. Placing the head of his throbbing penis against the scant defense her young, untouched labia offered, he pressed gently, watching her expression at the new sensation. Smiling confidently he slid his thick shaft up and then back down her yielding genitalia, listening to her moan, watching her pelvis rotate up to accommodate him.

He thrust slowly, experimentally, knowing that it would take a moment for her body to response to his large penis on its maiden voyage. She gasped, eyes still closed, legs spreading further, hips pushing against him to help his penis on its way. He pulled out slowly, leaving only the head of his penis against her young body, then thrust in a half in further than the last time, then another half inch.

She instinctively wrapped her shapely legs around his hips and refused to let him pull out again. Making sure to take his time he eased into her, watching her expression, drinking in her passion. She gasped again when his penis tenderly broke her hymen, but made no protests as he continued to advance. Seconds later he was gently thrusting with increasing frequency and pressure.

After her initial shock at the breaking of her virgin's cherry she sagged back against the sheets and allowed him to work his magic. Soon she was moaning again, this time with dry mouthed lust, eyes searching his, arms wrapped around his neck. He smiled as he guided her through her first orgasm, his own following seconds later.

Even as he settled to the mattress beside his blissful partner he heard Bill and Jo work Vicki through yet another orgasm. He smiled as he closed his eyes, it was going to be a long night, but he was going to look forward to every minute of it.