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Sexy girl masturbation in mirror mexican amateur
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Corrine leaned forward pressing the thumbs of her hands into the dimples between her shoulders and nipples, stimulating her breasts with her hands, squeezing them together to begin. To reach the level of focus she needed, her eyes squinted, she clamped her lips together, and the first scene of her fantasy started. But after her fingertips tweaked each of her nipples, she frowned and shook her head. MORE foreplay. With the starting point changed, she slid her fingertips to her neck and prepared to restart the first scene.

She clapped her hands and as the director gave the command.

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"ACTION!" Her eyes narrowed, she set her lips again to start the daydream, but then her mouth immediately twisted, she knit her eyebrows together, and her stare hardened reflecting her disapproval of that choice. Not nearly early enough!

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Frustrated, she restarted her fantasy with Bill kissing her softly on her cheek, smiled briefly, then shook her head.

Stop trying to be creative and just pick something that'll work. And finally, she nodded her head to approve starting with the first time she met Bill Johnstone. It was one of the starting points she always enjoyed and could rely on. With her jaw set, she pursed her lips, her eyes became slits as she sharpened the picture, and the action of the first scene began as she envisioned Bill's eyes widening and then focusing as he studied her eyes, her mouth, her chest, her waist, finally encompassing all of her.

As that scene rolled forward to connect with the next scene and that one connected to another scene to create her fantasy, her eyes twinkled with a naughty glint, her mouth morphed from a soft warm smile into a slightly lascivious, sly grin and the fantasy ended with Bill's good bye that morning, hot, passionate, warm, and loving before his final thrust, the last hot spurt entering her, the soft farewell squeeze of her vagina as she felt Bill withdraw the last bit of the tip from her, the sticky, hot trickle flowing from her vagina between her buttocks, and their fluffy white comforter snugged up tightly under her chin with her eyes closed as she tried to hold onto feeling the warmth of his semen inside her.

Even though it was before she got out of bed to start her day, the memory of that feeling inside her still made her tingle.

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The unrelenting clock continued to click away as it went about its task as timekeeper reminding her of their ongoing love/ hate struggle. She knew that she was running out of time for her reverie but soon the star of the movie, Bill Johnstone himself, would be there.

Five minutes more was all that she said she would indulge herself but fifteen minutes later she gave herself a final push as she gently grazed her cheeks and touched her fingertips to her lips to end the movie.

Whether it was when she and Bill said hello or good bye, he always kissed her so tenderly that she got misty eyed when she thought about his sweet kisses.

Most days of the week Cory and Bill went about their lives the way most couples that have been together for the better part of ten years do but this was Thursday, their special day of the week and even more than just being any Thursday of any week, it was the anniversary of the date when they met so Cory took off the jeans and sweat shirt she had worn since that morning, tossed them onto the foot of the bed, and went about the task of deciding what she wanted Bill to see when he got home from work that evening.

The first candidate was a dark chocolate brown silk blouse. She liked the lightness of the silk, the way it hugged her body not too loosely that she couldn't be seen and not too snugly that it made her look cheap. It felt really good on her and when she ran her hands over the blouse she smiled imagining how it would feel to have Bill touching her in it.

She decided the color was too somber, not uplifting enough, and decided to try a recently purchased light tan cotton cocktail length dress with embroidered purple flowers Bill hadn't seen.

When she saw herself in the dress shop mirror, she smiled at the way it looked and as she slid her hands from her shoulders to her hips she beamed thinking how much pleasure it would give her to feel Bill's hands touching her in it. The dress had one blossom centered a little above and to the right of the nipple on her right breast and another centered a little down and to the left of the nipple of her left breast so that the petals of the flowers seemed to fly across the tops of her breasts then collide generating a shower of sparkling stars at the top of her cleavage that glittered all the way as they fell to her waist.

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To her it looked as if her breasts were being grabbed by the blossoms and thought that Bill would find it a sexy look.

Sweet spice! And hopefully maybe just a bit naughty! I like the way this looks and it feels really good! Orphaned when her parents became trapped while exploring an underwater cave when an earthquake struck during a family vacation trip to the South American west coast, Cory bounced from one foster family to another before her tenth birthday experiencing all types of foster living environments ranging from lukewarmly welcoming to brutally hostile and was finally taken in by her father's sister, Brenda, and her husband, Martin Waters, when she was twelve.

More than three years of being unsettled before moving in with her aunt left her scarred and even though she was an adult and had been married to Bill for almost seven years she had never gotten past the dread of being by herself once again. During her foster family experiences her daydreams provided refuge for her and over time she became so adept at visualizing scenes and stories that she could outline an entire movie in her mind, connect and rearrange scenes, put any scene into a loop, shift the visualization to another part, put the entire movie on hold while she took care of some task such as talking with a repairman that required her focus, or if the task was something routine such as unloading groceries after shopping she could complete the actions required by the task while the fantasy continued to play out.

Under the right conditions, she could make the daydreams vivid and realistic enough to produce a physiological effect without any other stimulation.

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Now that the decision on what she wanted to be wearing when Bill got home had been made, she checked the time and realizing she still had enough time for another day dream if she hurried her mouth became a mischievous smirk and her eyes burned with anticipation.

Not wanting to get the dress wrinkled before Bill saw her in it, she carefully took it off and smoothed it out on the side of the bed. She wanted a really hot fantasy and laid out the story line. The action would start with Bill's handsome face and from there it would move to him kissing her, his hands feeling her up then stripping off her clothes, and she would feel his mouth sucking her bare breasts while his tongue flicked her nipples. He would give her nipples a goodbye kiss like he had just that morning.

She would be so hot that she would be swollen, twitching, and she would be wet from her vagina to her clitoris. Next, she decided he would touch her clitoris, twirl strands of her pubic hair between his fingertips, slide his fingers along her wetness, and grab her butt to hold her vagina in exactly the right position. She would already be so hot that only a slight amount of additional stimulation would push her over the edge. At last, he would penetrate her and ejaculate deep inside her flooding her cervix with so much of his semen that some would flow out of her vagina then down between her cheeks leaving her bottom hole covered with a sticky thin coating of his cum.

Setting up the story line was like foreplay for one of her fantasies but she regarded it as only a rough guideline and would freely ad lib with side trips, rest stops, and diversions when the fantasy actually played out.

To add Bill touching her to her fantasy, she had to move her consciousness to a deeper level and to do that she needed to let go of any awareness and stress. Small physical touches could be secretly enjoyed and she became quite innovative. Rubbing her clitoris against a hard corner of a shelf or gliding her fingers across her breasts when she reached for something while shopping were two of the innovations she developed. But for her mind to fully add his touch she had to be able to concentrate and to do that she needed to put her mind into a very relaxed state.

She closed her eyes tightly, concentrated on slow, deep breaths, and focused her mind on her toes letting stress flow out as if it were a hot gas under pressure hissing as it escaped. From her toes she methodically moved through her entire body making every part relax. And finally, she focused on the base of her spine and made a bubble of consciousness flow up through her spinal cord to her brain.

Once the bubble reached her brain she moved the fantasy to the beginning, imagined Bill's fingers starting at her neck just below her chin, touching her shoulders, pinching her nipples through her blouse, gliding further downward across her chest and belly to her waist, his hand slipping inside her panties then clinching her pussy for a short time then stimulating her clitoris with his fingertips, and finally penetrating her vagina to finger fuck her.

At the part of her fantasy when he trailed his fingers across her breasts and tweaked her nipples she set the movie to replay in a loop. It was one of her favorite parts when they made love. When she saw Bill later, she knew he would fondle her breasts and nipples, but she hoped he would give her nipples a bit of extra attention tonight.


She took the fantasy off loop and fast forwarded to the point that his hand completely held her pussy, the palm of his hand massaging her clitoris, two of his fingertips curling up inside her vagina, and when she became totally wet stroking her with his fingers from her vagina to her clitoris before stimulating her clitoris, vaginal opening, and bottom hole with his hand.

She finished the fantasy with Bill penetrating her and each of them enjoying a body shaking orgasm as he came inside her. As she felt the afterglow of her orgasm, she fantasized a last touch of Bill's fingers as she spread her clitoral hood, rubbed her clitoris with two fingers, trailed the tips along her twat, and pressed two fingertips into her vagina allowing herself a few minutes to relax before she reentered the real world.

Even though she was totally alone she was still a little embarrassed. But she was happy to have been with Bill even if it was only in her mind. Totally wet! Cory, you are such a slut! But it is Mr. Bill Johnstone! Congratulations, my dear! Well done! Cory glanced at the clock. Do I have time for another one? She could generally count on Bill fucking her, but whether or not she would have an orgasm before he finished typically depended on whether or not it was the beginning or end of the work day and the day of the week.

Very early in the week if they had sex before he left for work, she usually had an orgasm. But with it being Thursday and after the close of the work day she knew that he would be pretty worn out and the chances that she would have an orgasm before he finished were very low. After moving the clothes to the chair in the corner she took off her panties and lay down next to her dress on the other side of the bed.

She picked up the new fantasy at the end of her last one. In her mind, his strong fingers massaged her clitoris and then became wet as he slid his fingers from her clitoris to her vagina. He was so gentle. Sometimes she wished he were a little rougher and would go ahead and abuse her.

She put one finger inside her vagina, then a second, and finally inserted all four fingers as deeply as she could. Fuck me Bill! Fuck the hell out of me! Fuck me! Shoot all of it deep in me!

The jangle of the phone broke her concentration ending her fantasy. What the hell! I should have turned off that damn phone. Almost! I can't wait to feel Bill's hands on me. Cory glanced at the clock again.

About 5. No time for movies now. It's time to get ready for Bill. With the water temperature set at the coldest setting, she stepped inside and let the cold water shock her awake clearing her head. Fully awake and engaged with reality, she moved the handle to a warmer setting, shaved her legs to give them the silky smoothness that she liked, and shampooed her hair. Out of the shower, she toweled off, and blow dried her hair. It was all automatic.

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She was a pleaser and a protector where Bill was concerned. He was her hero, her savior, her white knight, always putting her above all others, treating her like a princess and she always wanted to make him happy with her.

To say that Cory was devoted to Bill was an understatement. If she believed anyone was trying to hurt him, she reacted with ferocious, protective savagery and taking care of Bill was the sole consideration. After she brushed her teeth and then her hair, she finally flounced it to make it fall more softly over her shoulders giving her a more casual, less formal, sexier look.

She topped it all off with just a tiny drop of perfume on each of her hip bones and her chest to the side of each of her breasts. Everything was ready! All she needed now was for the love of her life to come home to her. She put the cocktail dress back on and went to give herself a final inspection.

Holding the hand mirror at the correct angle allowed her to see her profile from the right.

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She turned and looked at her profile from the left. Her breasts measured just a bit smaller compared to her waist and hips for her to have a numerically correct hourglass figure, so she liked how the bra lifted her breasts making them perkier, enhancing the curvature of her body, but she knew that Bill liked to be able to see her nipples and the natural shape of her breasts.

She turned further so that she could see her shoulders, back, and butt in the mirror. Pantie line! She slipped her hands up to her waist, dropped her everyday cotton briefs on the floor, slipped on a pair of sexy shear thigh high stockings, turned her back to the mirror, and jumped up and down several times.


Going commando eliminated the distracting pantie line and her butt had more wiggle. Bill will like that. Come home to me, sire! She laid the dress back out on the bed and naked except for the stockings went back to look at herself in the mirror. I think he'll like what he sees!