MyVeryFirstTime Baby voice Lucy Doll gets two dicks for the first time

MyVeryFirstTime Baby voice Lucy Doll gets two dicks for the first time
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I always love when my mom goes away for the weekend because that means I get to wear her clothes around the house. After watching her car pull out of the drive way, I wait an hour before going up to her room.

The moment I walk into her room I take off all my clothes and leave them at the door. I proceed into her walk-in closet and start looking through her clothes.

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I start out by picking a pair of black and red lacy panties, thankfully my dick isn't that big so tucking isn't really an issue. Next I pick out a matching black and red bra. The downside to wearing my mom's clothes is that she is a very busty women so I have to use a couple pairs of socks to stuff the bra. I grab a garter belt and a pair of fishnet stockings I know my mom has hidden in her closet.

Last but not least I grab a pair of my mom's denim cutoff shorts and a white button down that I tie right above my belly button. I make my way into my mother's bathroom so that I can do my make-up. Over the past couple years I've gotten really good at doing this. It takes me a little less then an hour to get everything perfect but as soon as it's done I run back to my room.

I open the bottom drawer of my dresser and grab the red wig I have hidden in there. I always find putting the wig on to be one of the most tedious parts of dressing up because it takes a minute to find the front and then you have to make adjustments till it's perfect. Thankfully I don't have to waste too much time brushing it. After I have everything on I take a look at myself in the mirror, "Damn I am one hot slut." I slip on a pair of sneakers and walk out the sliding glass door leading into my backyard.

The moment I step outside I light up a cigarette and start walking around. My backyard is about two acres of land surrounded by woods so there is no chance of anyone seeing my dressed like this. It's a beautiful starry night with not a single cloud in the sky. While walking towards the very back of the yard I start to hear some rustling coming from inside the woods. "It would be nice if that was a horny guy back there." I say out loud jokingly. I continue you walking around the back and I start to hear the rustling get closer to me.


I stop for a second to stare to see if I can make out what's moving within the woods. As the rustling get's closer, I start to get nervous that it might actually be a man.

I've never actually done anything with another man because I was always too afraid.

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That's when I see something start to creep out of the darkness, I start to take a few steps back as it approaches me. I can tell that whatever is approaching me is not human, it looks to be about seven feet tall and it's head looks all wavy.

That's when I hear it say, "Do not be alarmed, I won't hurt you." It's voice sounds like it's coming from a computer. I freeze in place when it gets right in front of me. I want to scream but there is nothing coming out. It puts it's hand on my shoulder and says, "This might feel a bit weird." That's when he presses a button on his wrist and we are teleported into some weird alien room.

"Where are we?" I ask. "This is my ship." "Why did you bring me here?" "I brought you here because I need your help human female." "I think you got mixed up a bit, I am not actually a women. I am only dressed up like a women." I pull out the socks I have stuffed in my bra and say, "See this is fake I'm just crossdressing." "I don't have time to find another female, so we will have to modify you." Before giving me a chance to say anything he leads me into a room with a bunch of chemicals and machines.

He walks over to a table and grabs a test tube of an unmarked chemical and tells me to drink it. I'm too afraid to say no so I take the tube and chug the contents of it. After swallowing the whole thing my body starts to tingle and that's when I feel my chest start to expand. My new breast continue to grow until my bra is completely filled out.

That's when I notice my hips start to widen, as my butt and hips get bigger I can feel my clothes starting to rip. While this is all going on I can feel my face get more slender, my lips getting fuller, my body becoming more petite and it almost feels like my penis is getting smaller.


The alien creature leads me to a mirror, "Now you are a real human female." I take a look at myself in the mirror and I am shocked to see that I am completely transformed. I move my hand down to wear my penis was and notice that I now have a vagina. Out of the sides of my wig I can notice that some of my hair is starting to come out. I take off the wig revealing long brown hair the reaches down to my back.

"Holy Shit I'm actually a women." "There are still some changes needed to be made." Before having the chance to ask what changes he has moved over to a machine and presses a few buttons.


These metal cuffs come from the ceiling and floor attaching to my arms and legs making it impossible to move. That's when a few other machines come from the ceiling, one of the machines covers the top of my head. Then two metal arms remove my bra while another machine that looks almost like a vacuum tube with dome pieces on the end attach to my breast. The alien presses another butt and I can feel the machine attached to my breasts start to suck on them and the one on my head messing with my new hair.

After a few minutes the machines stop and the recede into the ceiling and floors. My breast have gotten noticeably larger and my hair is now the same color as my wig. I take a moment to look in the mirror before the alien throws some clothes at me and tells me to put them on.

I comply with his orders, he has given me these blue skin tight bra and panties and a pair of blue thigh high boots. "Thank you for your compliance in all of this human, I am surprised though you are a lot less shocked then I thought you would be." "Honest to go I really don't believe what is going on here is real." "I assure you that this is all real." "Okay then why are you doing this." "My master, the ruler of this galaxy is looking for what you humans would call a new sex toy.

This time he has been curious about human women and has given me the task of finding a human women for him.

I noticed you walking around from my ship and when I heard you wishing for a horny male I thought you would be perfect for this position." "Wait but my family is back on earth I can't just go missing." "Do not worry when he is done with you, he will send you back until he wants to how you would say go again." After our conversation he goes into the cockpit of his ship and tells me to fix my make-up before we arrive at his master's palace.

It isn't long before the alien returns and grabs onto my shoulder. I start shaking uncontrollably from being so nervous and he says, "Do not worry you will be okay." Then presses the button and teleports us into what looks like a throne room. I look towards the throne to see a big monstrous creature sitting upon it. It had a hulking body with pitch black skin. The alien who brought me here started to speak in a language I could not understand.

That's when the Creature started to walk towards me and says, "So you are my new toy?" It's voice was deep and booming.

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I can't even work up the nerve to answer it as it walks closer to me. As it get's to be about a foot a way I can really tell how tall this creature is. "Get on your knees and open wide, human." I get on my knees and open my mouth as wide as I possibly can.

It the removes it's pants revealing a cock that must be thirteen inches in size and extremely wide. He grabs the middle of his cock with one hand and with the other grabs the back of my head. He places the tip of his cock in my mouth and then with both hands now pressed against the back of my head, pushes his cock into my mouth. As he pushes it down my throat I start to gag but that doesn't make him stop at all, he just goes faster. He keeps pushing until i feel his balls touch my chin, he then proceeds to fuck my throat.

Right before it feels like I'm about to black out from lack of air he pulls his cock out of my mouth. He then lifts his cock up and pushes my head into his gigantic balls.

I start to lick and suck his balls while he is stroking his cock and slapping it across my face. He continues to do this until he pulls my head away from his balls and places his cock back in my mouth and says, "You better swallow." I feel his cock start to twitch right before he shoots out a massive load. It completely fills my mouth but thankfully I was able to swallow the whole thing, I don't want to find out what happens if I don't.

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"Good now let's try that nice big ass of yours." He picks me up and places me on his throne with my ass sticking out towards him. He pulls down the blue skin tight panties and then, rubs his fingers on my asshole before pressing his cock against it. He grabs my hips and tells me to take a deep breath. Before I have the chance he rams his gigantic hard cock into my ass, it hurts so bad that I scream.

It only seems to turn him on though because he starts thrusting harder, stretching my ass out more and more as he goes deeper. Eventually the pain turns into pleasure and the screams into moans. Eventually he pulls out and goes straight for my newly formed vagina.

He doesn't waste anytime and just quickly rams it in, till he is balls deep. It feels amazing, I have never felt such a sensation in my life. He continues to fuck my pussy until he shoots a huge load inside me. After he pulls out he turns to the alien that brought me here who was watching the whole time and speaks in the language I could not understand.

He walks out of the room and then the alien who brought me here walks up to me.

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"I will now take you home." On the way home I don't say a single word, I am in complete shock of what just happened. The trip doesn't take long before sending me back to my house the alien says, "When he is ready I will come back to get you." "Are you going to turn me back into a man before sending me home?" "The transformation is permanent." "If you had a way to turn me into a women you must have a way to turn me back." "Yes I could do that but there is no point since my master will be using you again and it will be much easier to keep you like this." I can see there is no arguing with him so I stay quiet as he teleports me back into my backyard and then disappears.

The sun is just starting to rise and I walk back into my house. While laying in my bed I start to worry about how my mother will return the next day. I don't know what she is going to say when she sees me like this or even if she will believe it's me.

I decide to worry about it later and just try to catch some sleep for now.