Mary Jane Covered in Honey and Chocolate Sauce

Mary Jane Covered in Honey and Chocolate Sauce
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The Whore part III Missed Opportunities As told to Lionel All my life I have been sheltered. My parents didn't want me to be polluted by this wicked world. When I was thirteen I was even taken out of school and my mother taught me at home. I was not allowed to wear any of the cool fashions that other girls wore.

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I was only allowed to wear dresses. They were not the most figure flattering clothes around either. When I look back at those days I guess the best way to describe me was mousy.

When it came to meeting boys I was not allowed. "All they want from you is one thing." I was told. "Disgusting!" Because of the strict regime I didn't really have any female friends either. My name is Ruth. I live alone now that my mother has died. I am twenty-three and I have inherited enough money and property that I don't have to work. My parents looked after me very well in that respect.

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Its just that my life seems aimless. I have no friends, no work to do, nothing. I have one person that I talk to and that is my back yard neighbour. Mrs. Rogers was a teacher at the high school that I was not allowed to attend. It was full of those disgusting boys and the girls there had the morals of common sluts.

Mrs Rogers (Brenda) was always nice to me and was a great comfort to me when my mom passed away three months ago. I decided to go and see her about my loneliness problem. One warm afternoon I called her and went over for a visit.

We were sitting in her living room and I was talking about my friendless, lonely, existence. "You poor child!" She exclaimed. "Do you mean you have never even been with a man?" "No." I replied in a low almost weeping voice. Barely controlling my emotions I continued. "I… I wasn't allowed. Oh I was allowed and even encouraged to talk to the student minister at the church. He was okey. He was nice, but after one year he went to another congregation." "My god what were they thinking?" She replied half to herself.

"My parents were very strict," I told her. "I wasn't allowed to do a lot of things other kids were allowed to do. I could have friends my own age as long as they were girls. Boys were dirty and had dirty minds. All they wanted was one thing. The only men I was allowed to talk with were the Pastor at the church, my Dad, and Uncle Hugh.

I rarely saw uncle Hugh, he lived over in Centerville across the street from my widowed Aunt Marie and Cousin Milly. My parents didn't really like them though, they weren't like us." "So you weren't taught about the birds and the bees?" my host asked bluntly. "Oh yes that was explained to me, but it is a subject no one discusses. It is dirty you know." Brenda told me that sex was a part of life. She told me how wonderful it felt and when I went home later she lent me some magazines.

When I opened those books I found the most salacious, exciting material I have ever seen. There were pictures of naked people, women and men. Mom never told me that sex was fun.

These people looked like they were really happy. They were enjoying themselves. I was told that a woman only had sex with her husband, and only then, because that was her duty. One did not enjoy sex it was dirty, and most demeaning, and disgusting. No words were spared to express that I was not to engage in sex.

But these people in the pictures looked so excited and animated. The women were beautiful, and the men were all muscular with lean hard bodies and enormous penises. The pictures of the men fascinated me, their thick hard cocks had me spellbound.

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A few days later I was back to see Brenda. When I told her how I felt about the magazines, she chuckled and put a tape into her VCR for me to watch. I didn't own a television, (my parents didn't like what television programmed).

The video I watched was shocking to say the least. The men and women were having sex! I could see the women opening their mouths and swallowing the men's penises. I could see the men putting their penises into the women! They were having fun! The women were moaning in pleasure. This was way beyond an act of duty. My body was reacting to what I was watching. I could feel a tingling in my crotch. My fluids were flowing. My panties were getting wet.

I was sweating. My hands were all wet. I wanted to be at that pool party in the video. I wanted to be naked with those beautiful people. When Brenda came into the room she could see my discomfort. "Does this excite you?" she asked. "Yess!" I hissed putting my hands between my legs. "I have a friend that you might want to meet. Do you see that young man mowing my lawn? His name is Tom. I can ask him to come in here if you want." I just moaned as I saw him walk by the window dressed only in a pair of tight shorts.


I could see the bulge in crotch. He looked gorgeous. I looked up at Brenda. I must have looked pathetic. "I need to go to the bathroom." I said. When I came back Brenda took me to a room on the ground floor of her house. There was a big wing backed chair in the room a coffee table and a huge comfortable looking brass bed with the sheets opened invitingly. The window was a glass door that opened out onto the patio in the back of the house. There were no lights on plunging the room into a cool shade.

"You sit here." She said quietly indicating the huge comfortable chair. I did as she indicated. Before long the curtain moved and I was aware that the man had entered from the garden. My heart was in my mouth. "You must be Ruth." He said in a deep quiet voice from the shadows. He moved gracefully beside me. I could see the muscles in his gorgeous legs.

His shorts were at eye level. He smelled like the outdoors. He softly put a hand on my shoulder. I looked up into his handsome face.

"Can I touch you?" I asked with a crack in my voice. "Ruth you can do whatever you want." He said huskily. "Take your time. We have all the time you need." "I…I have never done anything like this before." I stammered. He reached down and took my petite hand in his great paw, and brought it to his lips.

I felt a rush and I knew I was blushing. I kept my eyes glued to my hand as with deliberately slow movements he moved it down to his broad tanned chest.

I could feel the hard muscles beneath his skin. He directed my hands over his nipples and they tickled my palm as they hardened to my contact. Slowly, oh so slowly he brought my hand to his denim shorts. I looked up into his eyes for what seemed like a long time, and then he tantalizingly reached for the button that held the skimpy garment together and unfastened it.

I took a deep breath and just held my hand in place at the opened waistband. Again his strong hand engulfed mine and after a moments hesitation pushed slowly downward toward his waiting manhood.

I could feel the heat from his penis as my hand was guided across his pubic mane. Then his shorts fell away! I was sitting at eye level with his exposed penis. It looked very long and oh so thick. I could see a vane throbbing along the side supplying the purple glans with blood. I don't remember my hand moving down to grasp the base and sliding along the shaft, but suddenly I realised that I was holding it in my hand.

I looked up into his face then back down at the pulsing prize I had claimed in my fist. There was a bead of moisture forming on the tiny slit at the top of the crown.

"Go ahead taste it." He whispered. Again I looked into his face. He smiled and nodded encouragement. I don't know where I found the courage but I did lick the warm dewdrop from his penis. My heart was pounding, as I tasted the slightly salty liquid on my toungue. I was aware that he was trying to guide me to my feet. Soon I was standing face to face with the naked man. He lifted my hand to his lips again and then gently undid the button on the long sleeve of my frumpy dress.

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Lifting my other hand he committed the same act. He was starting to undress me and even if I wanted to resist I was powerless to act. Now his hands were working on the buttons on the bodice. Before I knew it he was moving the light material from my shoulders. I looked down in time to see my dress fall to the floor. He then pulled me into a long soul searching kiss.

I threw my arms about him as his mouth met mine. The thought flashed through my mind that this was exactly what my parents had tried to shelter me from all my life. I was standing in my bra and panties, kissing a muscular naked man, whose long hard penis was sandwiched between our bodies.

His hands worked the clasp to my bra as he pressed his hips against mine, and when we parted the garment fell away exposing my quivering breasts to a man for the first time in my life.

He lifted me up and gently placed me across the bed on my back. Letting his hands slide around my body he briefly squeezed my tits, teasing the nipples into dark peaks causing me to moan in pleasure.

Then he reached for my panties. I responded to his gentle signals by lifting my hips and allowing him to remove my last barrier of resistance.

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I had a feeling of being completely depraved as I felt my panties slide away from my hips and down my legs. I was lying on the bed completely exposed.

He stood beside the bed as we gazed at each other's nakedness. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him, especially his thick throbbing manhood. "You are absolutely gorgeous." He declared, pronouncing each word with special emphasis. I felt a thrill shiver its way along my naked body. No man had ever said anything like that to me in my whole life. I was beautiful. He said so. I felt so good, so special. I felt like a woman for the first time in my life. His compliment brought tears to my eyes.

Putting his arms under my knees he raised my legs up over my heaving chest he exposed my drooling vagina to his will. I could feel his rigid cock as it caressed its way along my now very soggy slit. I knew that I was going to receive my first man. "Be careful this is my first time." I plead. He leaned foreword and kissed me. "Don't worry little one, my intention is make this a good experience." He whispered. With that I felt the head of his cock enter between my nether lips.

Ohmygod I could feel my body open around his thick cock! I had never felt my entrance split so wide open.

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Slowly and deliberately he advanced up my quivering channel until he encountered my virginal obstruction. After resting for a few moments he began to apply pressure. I felt pain rising with the increased force. I sucked in my bottom lip. I didn't want to cry out. Suddenly I felt a ripping sensation and his shaft crossed over the last barricade of my childhood.

He sank his spear deeper and deeper until he was in as far as he could go. I could feel his heavy testicles resting on my drooling slit.


I was a woman. Tom rested a few moments then slowly began to pull his wonderful cock back along my slippery tunnel. Just when I thought he was going to exit my body he began the slow journey back into my welcoming depths. Then his hips began to rise and fall as he got into the sweet rhythm of fucking me.

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I had both the sensations of carnal lust and the remnants of pain from my deflowering. For sure I concentrated on the lust as his massive piston ravaged my hungry body. I thought my poor mother would be turning in her grave if she could see me like this. Here I was naked on my back, with a burly naked man. My breasts were floundering all over my chest as the man fucked my drooling cunt.

This was an amazing feeling. I could feel a tingling sensation starting to build deep in my bowels. With each magnificent stroke of his massive tool I was being thrust closer and closer to my first orgasm.

Then suddenly it hit me like an earthquake. I lost control of what little power I had over my body. I involuntarily screamed out my joy to the world. My arms and legs were flailing all over the bed, my shaking body was bathed in sweat. I wanted to close my legs but I couldn't because of him. So I squeezed him tight hooking my feet behind him trying to hold him in as deeply as he could go. He managed a few more strokes before he pushed his wonderful cock all the way in and held it there.

With a loud groan he began filling my womb with his seed. I could feel the warm sperm filling my body in spurt after spurt. I just hung on to him and tried to make the moment last. "My parents were wrong. Oh so wrong…" I kept moaning as I began to recede from the depths of my orgasm.