Playgirl grinds dick with sexy feet

Playgirl grinds dick with sexy feet
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My name is Penny. I have a twin brother John and a younger sister Barbara. My father deserted us and my mother has had to work two jobs to support us. We rent a two story house that has the master bedroom, kitchen and living room on the first floor.

The second floor has two bedroom with a bathroom shared between them. John has his own room, but Barbara and I share the other bedroom. Barbara and I do not get along. We seldom even talk to one another. My brother has three friends, Matt (who is so cute), Ricky and Tommy. The boys are all the about same age. Matt; however, is big for his age. Ricky and Tommy are like my brother, skinny and lanky.

They do everything together. I don't have many girl friends that live close by. We live on a dead-end road in the county. John loves it here since the other boys live very close to us. This summer they decided to build a fort (a shack really) and I tried to help. John told me to go away the fort was guys doing guys things. What kind of things I asked and he said to just go away. I would see them go into the fort and stay for hours.

One day I decided to sneak up and peek in to see what they were doing. I quietly knelt by the side of the fort where there was a small gap in the wall. Did I get a shock. All the boys were standing in a line with their pants and underwear down around their ankles.

They had their hands on their cocks and were moving their hands up and down. I had accidentally seen John's cock when he was younger, but now it was bigger, a lot bigger. Matt's was bigger that any of the other boys, but Ricky's was thicker. They were moaning and kept passing a cell phone around to each other. I heard Matt say "Penny has a nice ass." Tommy said that "he liked to look a Penny's cunt." I was completely dumbstruck.

What were they talking about? How did they see my ass or my cunt? Then I heard John say "I took these yesterday when she got out the shower." I heard Ricky say "these are better than the other ones." I turned red and started to get up to tell them off when I heard Matt say "I'd liked to fuck Penny." I got an tingly feeling between my legs.

Then Rick and Tommy both said that would like to fuck me too. Matt cried out "I'm cuming" and a stream of white liquid erupted out of the top of his cock and shot across the fort splattering on the wall. The others quickly followed Matt's example. I had never seen a boy jerk himself off.

It was kind of gross, but cool at the same time. I felt something wet on my legs and found liquid running down them. I thought I had peed on myself. I got up and ran home. I went to the bathroom to pee and found my panties were wet, but not from pee. I was leaking liquid from my cunt. I started to get mad because John had taken pictures of me naked, but I kept thinking about Matt's cock and what he had said about wanting to fuck me.

I even thought about Ricky and Tommy cocks. Plus, I thought about John's cock. The next thing I know my panties are wet again and I had to change them. Later that night I woke up after dreaming about cocks and found my panties wet again. I though, so they liked my pictures. Well, I'll give them something to really look at. The next morning after my shower, I dropped the towel and stood before the mirror and pretended to look at my ass and tits.

I played with my tits until the nipples were hard and sticking up. I then moved my hand to my clit and began rubbing. It really started feeling good. I played with my clit until my whole body was shaking and started humping my hand. I thought I heard a moan from John's bathroom door. Then Barbara knocked on the door crying out "are you going to be there all day, I have to pee." I got dressed and told Mom I was going for a walk. I then hid behind some trees and waited for John to leave the house.

About ten minutes later he came running out of the house with his cell phone. I followed him to the fort and hid. About twenty minutes later all the boys showed up and went into the fort. I snuck up to the gap and sure enough John was passing the phone around.

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John said "she playing with her tits and Ricky said "she doesn't have big tits." John said "maybe she doesn't have very big ones, but see how her nipples stand up." Matt said in a loud voice "look at her playing with her cunt, I'd still like to fuck her." All the other boys (including John) said they would like to fuck me too.

My panties were wet again. Matt said he would love to lay me down on the blanket s and eat my cunt, then fuck my brains out. Liquid was running down both my legs. Rick said "you know what would be great?" If we could all fuck her, one after another. John spoke up and said that Ricky would have to be last because he would stretch her cunt all out of shape and they all started laughing. Matt said he would go first, then Tommy, then John and finally Ricky. All this time they had been jerking on their cocks.

Matt again started cuming and the other boys quickly followed. Matt said he wished he could talk Penny into fucking then all. He asked if anybody had an idea as to how they could get her do it? As my panties were soaking wet so I decided I better get home and change them. Mom was collecting laundry and I put my wet panties in with all the rest.

If she notice several wet panties she ignore it. Ricky's words kept echoing around in my head. I thought about how it would feel to be fucked by all the boys, one after another. Again, another set of wet panties! I really needed someway to relieve the pressure that was building in my cunt. I remembered that Mom had a thing hidden in the bottom of the closet in a box. Mom was still downstairs with Barbara.

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John was still at the fort. I was trying to figure out a way to sneak into Mom's room when she called up the stairs and said that she and Barbara were going to the store and wanted to know if I wanted to go. I said no I would just watch something on TV.

When she drove off I quickly went to her closet and found the box. I hurried to the bathroom and looked at what was in the box. It was a dildo shaped like a cock and it was about 8 inches long and thicker than Ricky's cock. I read the instructions and they said if you turned the base, the tip would vibrate cool!

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I turned the base and nothing happened. I re-read the instructions and they said to check the batteries. It took two c-size batteries and both were missing. I ran into John's room and as luck would have it I found two c-size batteries. I inserted the batteries and turned the base. The head started vibrating. The instructions said it could be place against my clitoris or inserted into my vagina way cool! It also said it could be inserted in my anus - Not cool!

Since nobody was home I decided to see how it felt. I pulled off my panties and set on the commode lid. I spread my legs apart and placed the vibrating tip on my clitoris and almost fell off the commode.

The pleasure I felt went through my whole body. Liquid was flowing out of my cunt. I move the tip to my cunt and again the pleasure was intense. I carefully started to insert it into my cunt and moved it in and out, going deeper each time. I bumped up against my cherry. Suddenly the door open and there stood John with his cell phone. I was so startled that I shoved the thing deep into my cunt. I felt my cherry burst and the pain was terrific. I yelled out in pain and John stopped filming.

I was crying and when I looked down my cunt juices were mixed with little blood. John just stood there in shock. I told him to get the hell out of there and he ran from the bathroom. I went down to Mom's bathroom and got one of her tampons. I then went in search of John and when I found him I intended to kick his balls up around his neck.

I knew he had taken the cell phone to show his buddies of me using the dildo and busting my cherry. I was in pain and mad as hell! I march right up to the fort door and kicked it open. If I had not been so much in pain I would have laughed out loud. There they were with one hand on their cocks and the other passing the cell phone around.

I said "give me the damn phone." John started to and Matt grabbed it out of his hand. I looked at Matt and said "give me the goddamn phone or I was going to kick him in the balls." He quickly gave me the phone.

I found the video John had taken of me with the dildo and deleted it. I threw the phone at John and stormed off. Later as I laid on my bed crying, John knocked on the door and asked if he could come in?

He wanted to say that he was sorry that he took pictures of me and that he had showed them to the other boys. He was really sorry that he caused me to burst my cherry. He was so sad looking that I said that I forgave him. I also said that the next time he took pictures of me we would do it together. The look of shock on his face was priceless. I said I was very sore, but in a few days it would pass and I would probably use the dildo again. He was like a deer in the headlights.

I don't think his eyes could have gotten any wider. I also told him that I had watched them and heard what they had talked about in the fort. I then dropped my bombshell. I told him to tell the boys I was thinking of letting them fuck me, one after another in the fort, but had not made up my mind.

John looked at me and said did that mean him too? I said yes! He ran from my room and out the front door like a rocket. After a couple of days and many wet panties.

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I was ready to try the dildo again. Mom and Barbara had just left for the store. I open John's door and told him to get his cell phone. He shot off his bed in a heartbeat. We went into the bathroom. I realized that John had taken pictures of me, but had never gotten real close to my tits or cunt. I showed him where to stand and to when start recording. I pulled my tee-shirt over my head (I didn't have a bra on) and my nipples were sticking straight out and hard as a brick.

He zoomed in on them. He then zoomed back out. I slowly removed my shorts and begin to massage my clit through my panties. Pretty soon you could see them getting wet. I reached up and pulled my panties down and off. I set on the commode lid and slowly inserted the dildo into my cunt. It didn't hurt anymore.


In fact it felt really good. I looked at John's shorts and saw he had a major hard-on. I kept going in and out of my cunt humping my hips. Now I had not said a word up to this point. I stopped moving the dildo, but left in my cunt (vibrating of course) and looked directly at the cell phone "OK guys I have decided I will let you fuck me, one after the other.

If I am not too sore we can do it more than once. At this point John stopped recording and I took the dildo out of my cunt. I told John to step closer.

When he did, I pulled his shorts down and his cock spring out. I started jerking him off and grabbed his hand and placed it on my cunt. I showed him how to massage my clitoris until my clit came out of its hood.

I than had him put a finger in my cunt, moving it in and out. He quickly climaxed and his sperm shot all over my face. I had liquid coming out of my cunt, but still had not had a orgasm, even with the dildo. I was very sexually frustrated. I hoped my time with the boys would give me the release my body was craving. Of course the boys agreed, I never doubted it.

John escorted me to the fort. Matt, Ricky and Tommy were in their best shorts and shirts and smelled pretty nice (for boys). We were all nervous.

I was extremely nervous as I was about to be fucked by four horny boys. For a few minutes we all just looked at one another. Finally I said that we needed to arrange the blankets so I could lay down. This was quickly accomplished. I said "OK guys get rid of the clothes" and soon all four stood before me completely naked. I stood above the blankets and pulled my tee shirt over my head. My nipples were sticking straight out. I looked at Ricky and said I know I don't have big tits, but would he like to kiss my nipples.

He did this quickly and I told the other boys they could kiss them too. I then pulled off my shorts and panties. I stood completely naked in front of four horny boys. All four had hardons by this time. All their eyes were focused on my cunt, I almost laughed.

I laid down on the blanket and spread my knees out as far as they could go.

I told Matt he was to be first. He moved between my legs and I felt his cock brush against my cunt. No foreplay I reached down and guided him into my cunt. His cock seemed to fill me up and he thrust it deep into me. My cunt resisted at first, but then expanded to accept him. He started going in and out. It was really beginning to feel good. My whole body was vibrating. Then I felt my cunt clamp onto to his cock as I built to my first orgasm.

He let out a cry and started climaxing and my cunt stared really milking his cock of every last drop of cum. I was beyond bliss. My cunt was enjoying every second. All too soon he stopped and his cock started going limp. He pulled out and I said "next." John dropped down and I guided his cock into my very wet cunt. John thrust hard and harder each time and soon I could feel another orgasm building. John and I climaxed together as my cunt milked him completely.

Soon he too went limp. I looked up at Tommy and said let's go! He moved between my legs, I was so wet he had no problems getting it in. His thrusts were short but deep and he climaxed long before I could even reach a climax. We both were disappointed. Finally it was Ricky's turn.


I had seen Ricky's cock from a distance, but up close it was larger than I thought. It was the same size length wise as Matt's, but it was twice as thick. I was glad that the others had gotten my cunt slick, because his was so big. He moved between my legs and I let him put it into my cunt by himself. It was massive. It was bigger than the dildo. He thrust in one single stroke and buried it deep in my cunt. I had an orgasm immediately, and as he moved it back out my cunt walls contracted on his cock, trying to milk him.

In and out he went. My hips arching up to meet each thrust. I don't know how many orgasms I had, but when he finally came I was exhausted, but very happy. I decided I had enough for that day.

I got dressed and left. I knew John would tell me what the boys said after I was gone. I was sore and was walking slowly when Barbara step out of the bushes. "I know what you did" she said.

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What!" I asked. I saw you fuck John and the other boys. Uh ho, I'm in trouble if she tells Mom. Barbara then smiled and asked how did it feel? I was shocked. She said "Matt is big isn't he?" Barbara and I have never been really been close, but now we had something in common.

We talked about what she had seen and how it felt. I got to thinking maybe two girls with four boys instead of one girl and four boys LOL.