Stranger gives me huge creampie after hooking up lexi aaane

Stranger gives me huge creampie after hooking up lexi aaane
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"Remember" I remember every little detail about us.

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How we first met and I knew we would be together How at orientation you stayed with me while I was sick. How nervous we were to tell each other our feelings.

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And I remember all our firsts. The first time we held hands at Harry Potter, And again in the car when you brother was being annoying.

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The first time we napped after VBS, And how happy you looked as you slept with your head on my chest. The first time we kissed in the parking garage, And how I felt like I was walking on air after.

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I remember cuddling in the living room at school, And waking up early just to see you. I remember walking you back to the train station, And how lonely that walk was back without you. I remember the late nights talking to you, And the even later nights helping you clean up at work.

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I remember you coming to school early so we could nap, And me missing so many English classes just to nap longer. I remember sleeping on my couch with you next to me, And never thinking that happiness would end I remember trying to be everything you deserved, And even though I failed you stuck with me.

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I remember the broken promises, hearts, and dreams And I still can't forget about you. But what I remember the most You are my first true love, and no one can tell me otherwise.

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