Plaster cast bondage and bdsm anal pain xxx sometimes it takes a stranger to display us

Plaster cast bondage and bdsm anal pain xxx sometimes it takes a stranger to display us
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A soft knocking at the door, ugh, not again. I tried to ignore it, maybe she will go away. Another soft knock, but this time the door opens slightly and a soft voice squeaks, "Mommy?" "She's asleep Lisa, what's wrong?" I replied, feigning sincerity, not because I didn't care but because this was becoming a nightly occurrence.

"I had a bad dream, I wanted to know if I could lay down with you guys?" As expected… but of course, as my wife had often pointed out, I could never say no to my princess. She had me wrapped around her little finger.


"Sure, but you'll have to lay next to me so you don't wake up your mother." I heard the door shut and little feet navigate across the dark floor and climb up into the bed. She quickly hogged my blanket and cuddled up to me.


At age 13 she was shorter than most of the other girls in her class but slightly chubbier. She pulled my arm around her stomach and sighed a bit of relief.

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We soon both fell asleep. Sometime in the night, I awoke slightly… I was on my back now, having shifted in my sleep, and my cock was hard rubbing against my pajamas. My eyes remained closed, hoping to go back to sleep and return to whatever sexual bliss made this, but in the process I started to wake up and become more aware of my surroundings. Something was pressing against my cock from outside my pajamas… no, rubbing it… I laid there, still for a bit, and finally realized it was lisa's hand rubbing my hard cock.

Not sexually as much as exploratory as though on a learning mission. Fear coursed through my brain, while excitement ran through my body.

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Her tiny hand felt amazing and sent shivers through my body, but my wife was right on the other side, facing away and snoring. SNORING, that was it. I started snoring softly, since I wasn't supposed to know what was going on anyway, and she would be stopping soon, right? Unfortunately this plan backfired as soon she did stop, but moved closer, and then started rubbing her hand on my tummy… slowly it rubed its way down to the seam of my pajamas, and lifted them up to let itself in… My mind was racing at this point, I wanted to scream at her to stop, but her tiny cold hand touched my cock and it twitched, at which point I wanted to teach her a thing or two.

I was frozen for a moment as her hand explored my manhood when I realized where my arm was. She had strattled my arm to get close to me, as I'm a bigger guy anyway, and now my hand was right at her young pussy. Dare I? I turned it slightly and ran my fingers against her through her Hanna Montanna nightie.


At this her hand stopped but didn't move. We were both frozen for a moment and my heart was racing. The only sound was my wife still snoring next to us. Then a soft voice in the dark, "Daddy?" "Yes?" I replied meekly. Instead of saying anything, Lisa lifts her nightie with her free hand, pulling it from between my large gruff hand and her tiny, now moistened pussy. She then presses her hand onto mine and makes me rub her deeper through her wet panties… Her body squirms and she lets out a slow moan… At this my cock twitches and I remember her hand on me.

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Its my turn now, I take my free hand and slide it inside my pajama bottoms, grabbing her tiny hand in mine. I start guiding it up and down my cock in the same rhythm she is guiding mine. Making her grasp it tighter and lower sending chills run through my spine. It wasn't long before my little girls back arched and she clinched my hand and pressed it firm into her… Little whimpers came uttering from her mouth and I felt her pussy twitch multiple times as she came into her panties.

Oh the feeling of her chubby thighs pressing together and holding my hand there, rubbing against each other… Without thinking I had increased the speed of her hand on my cock greatly and started cumming all over each of our hands… It was at this that she rose up embarrassed. "NOW?" I thought, now she stops. What am I to do? "Mom can't find out about this…Right?" she said, pointing in the direction of her still sleeping other parent. A bit of relief came over me… "Right… no one, in fact." "Right." She said, so cutely and matter of fact-ly.

It was at this that she looked at her cum soaked hand and pulled it up to taste me… I have nothing to lose now, I thought, and pulled my pajamas down to my knees.


"Now be a good girl, and finish cleaning your daddy up." Her eyes glowed bright at the sound of my encouragement and she looked in amazement at my cock. I realized this was probably the first one she'd seen, hopefully, at least of a mans. It wasn't long before she was licking it up and down, her face getting covered in my cum and her tongue ever dirtier and sloppier.

Soon I was fully hard again andbeing the dom that I always have been, took her head with my hands, so small in my hands, holding her chin to open her mouth, I slid her down onto my cock as far as I could. She choked a little on my cock and I let up, but she pressed harder, eager to please now that she understood, and choked again. Evil took over and I grabbed her hair harder and started fucking her face without a care.

She choked here and there but never backed away until my cock twitched as hard as it could and I started to cum in her mouth… I started to pull away but she made a noise that stopped her mothers snoring, which of course snapped me back into reality and I pulled her onto me deepermy cock pressing the back of her throat, cum spewing down it, her mouth stretched on my thick cock as she gasped for air while trying to swallow. I remained silent, shaking, trembling in delight as finally my wife started snoring again and I could let up on my daughter.

She raised up, her face covered in my cum, face red and tears on her cheeks and a smile on her face. "Did I do good daddy?" she whispered.

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I smiled and my cock twitched again… "Great… " I replied, wiping her face with the bed sheet available… She fell into my arms again, this time pulling my hand straight between her legs and squeezing it, her panties soaked in cum. As we fell asleep she whispered, "Mommy works early in the morning, we will wake up alone…" and at that, the night ended.