Porn free gay boys sex length Alex is glutton for cock and both

Porn free gay boys sex length Alex is glutton for cock  and both
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Joy was the sister of my best friend Nick. She was only a month younger than Nick and I, but she had grown up when I was not watching closely. Joy had become a gorgeous young woman, she was always a cool person, and one of my best friends in the whole world. I was starting to spend more time with Joy than I was with Nick now. Her mom Ms Betty took particular notice in what was going on between Joy and I. Her mom could see that there were mutual feelings between Joy and me.

When Joy had turned 17 and started her senior year of high school, she was allowed to start dating officially, as long as she kept her grades up, and she did. We were all seniors in high school. Joy and I started going out together that fall and seeing much more of each other.

She was tall and mostly slender with just a little bit of a round tummy, long raven hair and the prettiest hazel eyes I could stare into. She had 36 C breast, legs with the sexiest curves, and the perfect round butt right there on top of those sexy legs. She was the sexiest girl alive as far as I was concerned, and she was dating me. It was easy for Joy and I to talk openly with each other.

We even talked about what we wanted in a relationship someday with a partner. Neither of us wanted to be married. We wanted the person to be with us because they wanted to be with us, not because of a piece of paper. We both also wanted an open relationship because limiting one's ability to love to just one person was just not right in our minds. We were going to be poly before it was cool. We all turned 18 in the fall of our senior year, and Nick was still my best guy friend.

He and I talked about anything and everything we were going through. We even talked about how I thought I was falling in love with Joy. He told me no shit dude, I was finally catching on to what he and his mom had been seeing.

He was waiting for me to discover it myself. I told him it felt good, but scary too. Nick thought I was a good match for his sister and a good guy to be with her. He told me a deep secret from his sister that day. She thought she felt the same way and was falling in love with me too.

She even asked Nick if he knew what I was thinking about her. Nick told his sister to just talk to me, and I would tell her what I was feeling and thinking. He was right, and we started having some heavier discussions after Nick's help as a counselor. Joy and I had become a couple in the fall of our senior year. I told her that I loved her, and she told me that she loved me. I had my lic for almost 2 years then, and my dad would let me have the car, with a curfew of course, to take Joy out.

My dad even trusted me enough to let me use his older custom van with the bed in the back. Our favorite date night was the drive in movies back then. We hardly ever saw the movie, but we sure did steam up the windows. We would kiss and make out all the time there. We felt each other up, and she gave me a couple of hand jobs, but she was not ready to go all the way yet. I was not going to push her. I was going to be patient and let things develop at her pace.


I wanted her badly, but I was not going to let my desire to fuck her ruin what we had. I loved her and thought she was the one for me. We would get there when the time was right.

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We had our intimate times, we just were not going all the way yet. Around Thanksgiving, Nick told me how Joy asked her mom how to give oral sex. Her mom went beyond the question and gave Joy a good lesson on how to give a blow job, and how to teach me to eat her pussy right. Her mom figured oral sex was a good thing for the two of us to be into as she trusted us both.

I liked the way Joy's mind was working, and on our next trip to the drive in she tried sucking my cock. Since we had my dad's old van with the bed in it, I was able to sit on the edge of the bed and she was on her knees. It felt so good when she kissed my cock, and then took me in her mouth and started sucking like her mom had showed her. I was so excited and it felt so good, that I came in like 20 seconds.

She swallowed my load to see what it tasted like. She said he actually kind of liked it, and she would do it for me again some time. Turned out that first some time was about 20 minutes later when I was hard again.

This time I lasted like 5 minutes and her jaw got tired. She was not ready to take her pants off for me to eat her pussy yet. I know I asked her if she would like me to, but she said no. I put my pants back on, and we cuddled and kissed till the movie was over.

The van had become our private place to be together alone during senior year. By the time graduation came in May, still none of us had gone all the way yet, or so I thought at the time. Nick was the closest to getting there with a few girls he was seeing, but he was a bit odd and that was hurting his chances. Ms Betty knew that I actually loved Joy, and that Joy loved me. She did not think I would push Joy too far, but she wanted to make sure that I was ready to give her daughter the actual love making experience she deserved for her first time when Joy was ready.

Ms Betty had decided she would seduce and train Nick and I how to please a woman. I was spending so much time at their place during the school year, and I felt so close to Ms Betty that I had asked her if I could call her mom, and she said yes I could. Mom knew the time was right to break her boys in properly and teach them some lessons in life.

Mom knew her daughter was not ready to fuck me yet, but would not hide from her daughter what she was doing with Nick and me. You see, Ms Betty was very unique believed that when a guy or girl was old enough, they should be taken by an older lover and taught how to be a good lover. She wished someone had done that with her instead of learning on the street how things worked.

She believed that no young person should have to discover and fumble their way through learning how to have sex when they were ready with someone else who did not know what they were doing either. This could lead to disastrous disappointments. She decided she would be the one to teach us all how to be lovers not just fuckers.

You see, Joy and Nick were actually both adopted. Ms Betty had no biological children. It was very unique how the two of them had come to be available at the same time and only a month's difference in age.

So technically they were not blood siblings, and they were not the biological children of Ms Betty. Hence technically it would not be incest for her to do what she had in mind. By the time summer vaction started, Nick and I found out what Ms Betty actually had in mind.

Mom had told Joy what she was going to do, and Joy was completely fine with it. She liked the idea that I would trained how to take care of her and get her off properly and repeatedly. That lucky day came for us one hot Saturday night. It was a warm early summer night, a week after school had let out.

Nick and I had been out most of the day sweating our butts off doing yard work for money. I think the neighbor we were working for like to see two sweaty teen males working in her back yard watching our bodies and muscles move.

She sat out all day and watched us work. Joy was on a sleep over this particular Saturday night at a friend's house, and I was invited to spend the night at their house. Turned out none of us would sleep much Nick, mom as I called her now, and I were hanging out watching TV. She fed us dinner, and we all sat down to watch TV for a while. She sat in between us on the sofa, and pulled us both into hug us. She used to do that a lot anyway, and tell us how much she loved us both.

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I was kind of her adopted son anyway. She let us both go back to sitting normally, but she turned around and knelt on the floor in front of us and in-between us instead. Now she had a hand on my bare thigh and a hand on Nick's thigh as we sat there. We were both wearing Tshirts and shorts and smelled of all the work we had been doing. I could tell something was up, but did not know what.

Nick was a good looking young man at 18, as was I. Nick was 5'10", around 150 pounds, long brown hair, and brown eyes, a strong jaw and a handsome face. His tummy and chest were flat and smooth. Me, I was 6'3", 175 pounds, average build, medium length brown hair and brown eyes. I was on the fury side though and starting to develop descent chest hair and had to shave already. Nick was totally smooth accept for his little sexy happy trail from his navel to his cock, and his fuzzy legs.

Mom had on short shorts and a loose fitting top. When she leaned forward anyone could look down and see those beautiful tits. There was lots of great skin to be seen the way she was dressed. I was hoping to get to see some of those tits tonight. She asked us if we enjoyed feeling her warm hand on our bare skin. I told her it felt really nice as she squeezed my leg and rubbed it some.

When she rubbed it she would push the lose fitting shorts up out of the way some, and she was getting pretty close to touching my cock. It was exciting and seductive and was making me hard. Nick said it was just his mom's hand, and she had done that to him all his life. I don't think he saw how close she was getting to my dick. I don't think she did that part to him. Rubbing and playing with our legs, she actually did make contact with the head of my dick.

I was hard as fuck by then, and it was not difficult for her to see that from where she was knelling on the floor in front of and between us.

She pushed the hem of my shorts up enough that the head of my dick was poking out under my boxers. "Looks like someone is enjoying this," she said. I just smiled as she cupped the head of my dick with her fingers. It felt so nice. I could have shot right then. With her loose fitting top, I was able to see both of her wonderful tits. Her nipples were standing tall. I was thinking I sure would like to suck on them tonight. She was out to seduce us for sure now. She told us our clothes were pretty stinky and dirty, and that we should take them off for her and get used to being naked around her.

I jumped up right away and stripped for her. Nick did too, but was a bit slower as this was his mom. Ms Betty did not have much on herself, and after we both sat back down she stood up.

"Okay guys, fair is fair, I told you to lose the clothes now it's my turn," she said. She peeled her top off and then cupped her tits like she was offering them to us.

"Feels good to let the girls out," she said. Slowly undoing her shorts it became clear to me that she did not have any panties on. As the button was undone, and the zipper lowered, she spread them open and I could see she her pussy was shaved smooth.

MMMM what a great sight I though. Before she lowered the shorts she turned around to have her butt facing us, and worked the tight fitting shorts off her sex ass. She wiggled her butt, lowering them a little bit on each side till they were below her ass cheeks.

Bending down at the knees and then over at the waist she bent just far enough to give me a good view of her sweet sexy asshole. First time I had seen her hole, and it looked perfect to me. Holy fuck I though, she is serious as I was memorized by her beautiful sexy ass. The shorts slid down her legs, and she stepped out of them. There she was completely naked in front of us. Me, I was excited as fuck and my hard cock was showing it. She kept turned around spread her feet wider than her shoulders.

The gap at the top of her legs opened and the flat of her pussy stared at us. I had never seen a naked woman in this kind of sexual arousal.

I did not know where she was going to be taking us tonight, but I was sure going to follow this sexy woman. She turned and knelt down between us again.

Reaching out to me first she ran her hands over my firm chest and down over my tummy, "MMMMMM, nice Bear," Then she turned to Nick, and ran her hands over the naked chest and tummy of her son, "Very sexy Nick," she said. Snapping back to reality, "Do you two remember years ago when you were younger, and I gave you the talk about sex, I told you there would be more later, that I would tell you more things, which I have done, and that I would show you things.

Do you remember that," she asked. We both nodded that we did remember that and figured she might do things with us tonight maybe. "Tonight is the night I want to show you both what sex is really all about guys," she said as she grabbed both our dicks, one in each hand. "and start giving you both a proper education so that you will know what you are doing when you have girlfriends," she said as she reached down and kissed the head of my hard dick and the head of Nick's soft dick.

"Joy will appreciate what I am teaching you Bear, trust me." I blushed some on that one. We both looked at her with an oh fuck yeah we do look. Her hands on our naked cocks felt really nice. "Okay guys, I am going to teach you what it is like to be seduced by a woman. I am going to show you both what a mature woman looks like as you can see right now, feels like, tastes like, and smells like. You are both going to learn what it feels like to properly kiss a woman, have your dicks sucked off, eat her pussy, and fuck her," she said.

"And we will keep practicing till you guys have it right." Nick and I looked at each other in amazement thinking his mom had just told us she was going to fuck us both and take our virginity to teach us these things, so I asked her, "Ms Betty, how are you going to do that?" "Bear, you are both going to do all that with me this evening, and you will watch each other do it to see how two guys can do the same thing different ways with the same woman," she said.

Now I was cool with this. I was one horny guy, and fucking Ms Betty if she wanted to be fucked sounded pretty good to me. She was one sexy hot lady I thought. The term MILF fit Ms Betty. She was about 38, and stood 5'8" tall and weighed about 140 pounds. She had a nice slightly rounded tummy, and a little padding in all the right place. She had long raven hair, hazel eyes, and a set of tits that young guys' wet dreams were made of.

Her ass and legs were so shapely and sexy, and since I was an ass and leg man, that drove me crazy with desire. Then I looked over at Nick to see how he was reacting to this. His mom had looked at me and knew I was lost in my carnal dreams of her. She could feel how hard my dick was in her hand. Nick was not hard in her hand, so his mom turned to talk to him. "Talk to me son," she said. "Okay, but you are my mom, isn't it wrong for me to have sex with you?

I mean you are one really cool mom. I can talk to you about anything, and I think you are hot. But you are my mom and isn't that wrong for us to have sex?" he said. "Oh sweetheart, don't let society dictate to you what is right and wrong about sex.

This world has screwed that all up. There have been societies throughout history and still today where it is the duty of every mother to teach their sons how to be lovers not just fuckers. It was also the job of every father to deflower their daughters and teach them to be lovers for the multiple lovers they would share in a village or town.

Some tribes have circles where a girl gets fucked by several boys, and the women critique what she is doing and coach her how to do better. This will be a beautiful thing son. Will you trust me on this son," she asked. "You mean there are places on this world today still where moms teach their sons about sex by having sex with them," he asked.

"Yes son there are In Africa, Australia and South America. Are you cool with it now," she asked as she was thinking if we do this tonight there still will be in this country too.

"I see what you are saying mom. Yeah, I want to try this. You are so fucking hot and know what you are doing with a guy," Nick said. She felt his dick start to grow hard in her hand now. "Okay then guys, you will both be my trainee lovers for as long as it takes. Till I think I have taught you both what you need to know to make a woman extremely happy, and maybe we keep practicing beyond that too. Some day your lovers will thank me if they ever know what I did," she said with a giggle.

"Okay mom, I am cool with this. I really want to learn. Besides mom, I think you are sexy as fuck, but I thought I was really strange for thinking that. I have thoughts all the time of wanting to have sex with you, or my sister, and I have jerked off many times thinking of fucking you or her. I thought this made me strange and it was a really dirty thought. You make me feel it's okay. Should we still be quiet about it though since the society we live in does not approve of it," Nick asked.

"Probably would be best to just keep it between us, "she said. "Let's start you education now gents. The very first thing any girl you are trying to fuck will judge you on is how you kiss. She wants a firm passionate kiss, never any tongue to start, just the right amount of lips to start, and the tongue comes later to show her you are serious and know what she wants.

I am going to kiss you both very gently first, just lips. When you kiss you want to hold her properly too. For right now we will pretend I am the boy, and I am going to show you how to kiss a girl the first time. Stand up boys." She took Nick in her arms and held him, but did not pull him in close to her body. She looked into his eyes till their lips were close and they both tilted their heads to the side. Their lips met and stayed connected gently but firmly for about 10 to 15 seconds, then mom broke the kiss.

Nick paid close attention. "Nice job son, did you feel the excitement in that, the passion," she asked. "Yeah I did mom. I can see where a girl would like that," he said. "If the girl is open to you, she will not back away now, she will be waiting for you to kiss her again," Mom said. This time she held Nick's face in both hands and pulled his lips to hers, and then she wrapped her arms around him and crushed her bare tits into his naked chest and held him in close kissing him longer and stronger before releasing him.

"You see son, you build up the kissing time. Do not start out for the long kiss. It will turn her off. Give her breaks to savor what you are doing. Read her and let her tell you where she wants to go with her body language. Don't you start to tongue kiss the first time. If she does, then you know you have a green flag for kissing, and she is into at least kissing you," Mom said as she pulled him in for a third kiss.

This time she was aggressive, held him hard and French kissed him deep and strong. "Now son do you see how starting out with that can turn a girl off?" she asked. "Yeah mom I do. I see what you mean," Nick said. "Okay son, now practice what you just learned and kiss me where I am the girl again and it is our first ever kiss," she said. Nick started to develop his own style immediately, and put one arm around mom and cupped her face with the other.

He pulled their lips together and kissed her for maybe 10 seconds, and then let her go to savor as he held here. Cupping her face in both hands now, he kissed her again and let her go. After letting her go he hugged her, then pulled back and went in for the third kiss, a passionate deep kiss.

Mom loved it, her son was going to be a great kisser. Her pussy was getting so wet already just from kissing her son. I was next now. I had watched the whole thing, and then it was my turn. I had paid close attention, and she said my first kiss made her tingle. Which was exactly what I wanted her to feel. She told me my kiss was making her pussy wet with anticipation. I smiled at that. I knew that was a good thing. Mom told us then, "Kissing is something you will keep doing during foreplay and early love making.

As the passion builds from your fucking and you need to control your breath, which I will teach you later tonight, kissing will slack off and stop. It will pick up again when you are done fucking and cumming, and settling in to go to sleep or end your fuck session, but while you are fucking her, you can be kissing other parts of her body like her neck, or shoulders." "Boy mom, this is a lot to learn about kissing.

Thanks for taking the time to teach us," I said. "My pleasure son, you two will both turn into great kissers, and you will get lots more girls to fuck you that way," Mom said.

"Now I want to measure your cocks" Mom went over to the end table and picked up a ruler. "We want to know the true size your dicks are boys. So many men lie about their dick size. Most women like between 5 and 7 inches when hard, so let's see what you have." Nick and I were still hard after the kissing lesson.

She knelt down as we stood in front of her, and she put the ruler on the top side of my cock. She said I was just short of 6 inches. But that I could say I had a solid 6 it was that close. My thickness was average, so I would not ever stretch a woman too far and maybe hurt her. She told me that was a great size to have to make a woman happy and fit just right in her pussy or her ass. Then she measured Nick.

She said that he was 5 ¾ plus inches, but that he was much thicker than I was. His dick was about a half inch bigger across. She said that he was not too thick, but his was just right too. It would fill a woman up more than me, but that it would not stretch her out so bad to make it hurt.

We were both so close to 6 inches, mom said we could both say we had 6 and no one would every question it. Curiosity got the best of me, and I had to ask mom, "How did you learn so much about sex mom? Did you do a lot of reading?" She said, "No honey, before I was married I was a wild child.

Between high school and college I fucked a lot of guys baby." "How many men did you have sex with mom," I asked. She said, "I am stopped keeping track at 100, and that was at the end of my freshmen year of college. There were parties I went to in college where I had as many as 12 guys fuck me in one night.

You see honey I know what I am talking about because I have done it all. I have fucked every kind of man big or short, fat or skinny, black or white. I enjoyed fucking most of them, and they were all different and good in their own ways. So you see momma really does know what she is doing to be able to teach you two the ways of sex." "Wow mom, I had no idea," Nick said. "You were a nympho weren't you." "Naw baby, I was a fucking slut and proud of it at the time.

Then I realized I had a sexual addiction that I had to deal with before it consumed my life any further. I got help, but every now and then I fall off the wagon. 3 months after you were adopted, your dad was away on weeklong trip, and I brought three different men to this house for one night stands. That was when you sister was conceived," she said. "So that was why dad left?" he asked "Yeah, baby, sorry, that was why he left when he found out he was sterile and Joy was not his daughter.

He got mad and left. He turned out to be a real fucking asshole," she said. "It's okay mom, Joy and I know you love us very much. We did not need him if he did not want to be here," Nick said. "That's right baby, now where was I before we got off track on that. Oh yeah, I was going to give both of you a blow job and show you what it takes to give a good one," she said as she grinned at the thought of sucking both of these young hard cocks.

"First things first though, mom is not a dirty cock sucker, and you two need showers. Secondly I do not suck hairy cocks. We need to get rid of your pubic hair. Up stairs to the shower guys," she said as she lead the way. She wanted the guys to see her hips sway and ass swing as she walked up the steps.

The guys certainly took notice and looked at each other with that what the fuck just happened. She was naked and they were following this incredibly sexy woman upstairs. They knew they were both going to get fucked for the first time in their lives. Our hard young cocks were standing at full attention swinging side to side as we bounced up the steps.

"I will be right in to get things started. Just be ready for me to trim you guys when I get in there. I have to go get the electric trimmer from my room," she said. We were a little nervous about having our pubs shaved.

None of the guys in gym class did that accept one, and he was a strange bird. "What do you think Nick, should we go along with this," I asked. "Bear, I don't think we have a choice if we want her to teach us how to fuck," Nick said.

"Yeah, I think you are right Nick," I said. Mom came in just then hearing part of that. "No boys, you do not have choice in this." She walked into the bathroom naked, and the boys saw again that she had shaved her pussy bald. They grinned at each other. This was going to be alright if mom did it to herself. She was naked as she was going to be in the shower with them one at a time washing them in a sensual seductive way, but first was trimmer time.

She laid out a towel on the floor and asked who wanted to be first. Nick jumped at being first and laid down on the towel. He was excited and fucking hard as steel anticipating this new experience of being shaved. Mom grabbed his dick, and deftly took the trimmer around his cock and balls. In no time, he was down to short stubble. "You are next Bear," she said. So I laid down where Nick had been and she gave me the same trim job.

We warmed up the shower, and Nick and mom stepped in. She told Nick to place his hands on the wall above his head, and spread his feet as wide as he could in the shower. He did so, and she lathered him up completely front and back making sure his cock, balls and asshole were really clean.

Nick really seemed to like it when she did that part, and then she rinsed him off. He had a boner the whole time. It looked like fun. After rinsing off, she took shave cream to his cock and balls and brought out the razor. In just a minute she had him shaved smooth, even the happy trail was gone. She gave me the same treatment washing and shaving. It was so sensual feeling her slippery warm hands all over me.

I even liked it when she washed the crack of my ass and ran her fingers over my asshole. Mom was an expert cock and ball shaver. She had me completely smooth and no nicks at all.

She applied a nice skin lotion to our cocks and balls after shaving to keep the bumps from forming, and you know she got several strokes in on our cocks at the same time. After we all dried off, mom told us that for the rest of the night all three of us would remain nude. She wanted us open, not sheltered. She took us to the bedroom and started the blow job lesson.

She told Bear to make a little bit of a support to rest his back on, kind of sitting up at the head of the bed, and he did. He was centered in the bed, with his torso up at maybe a 45 degree angle and his legs spred open for her. "The first thing is that to give a proper blow job the cock sucker needs to be in front of the man, and between his legs. Just like I am with you right now Bear. The cock sucker can look up at the man as they start to suck his dick and have eye contact.

But to do a really good job they will lose eye contact as they move up on the cock and let it take it's natural erect angle. The most sensitive part of the cock is the underside of the head right here," she said as she got between my legs and licked that spot. "Oh fuck yeah, I see what you mean mom," I said. "To give a good blow job the cock sucker must concentrate on this area with their tongue, lips, and mouth, and they can stroke the cock with a hand jerking it off. Like this," and she demonstrated on my cock.

"Oh fuck mom that is good," I said. She only did if for a few seconds, but I could feel my balls building up already. "The last technique is to deep throat. That is when the cock sucker swallows the head of the cock down their throat, and buries their lips all the way down to the base of the guys cock, and their chin in his balls like this," she said as she took my entire cock in her mouth, held it there for 3 seconds, and then released it.

"When the cock sucker does this, they cannot breathe, so they have to hold their breath and learn to control their gage reflex swallowing the head and maybe part of the cock. With you two it will really just be the head of the cock.

7 inches or more gets part of the shaft down my throat too. Those are the basic elements that go into giving a really good blow job. Some call it giving head too. Now Bear, let me show you what it feels like when I put it all together. I do swallow baby, so when you get ready to cum, just say so, and you can come right in my mouth. I will swallow your cum. Some cock suckers don't like to have the guy come in their mouths and pull off at the last second, but it is just wrong not to let him cum in your mouth and swallow that precious fluid he has given you of himself," she said.

Mom went to work for real on my cock this time. She started sucking the head like she said, and let her saliva drip down my dick as lube for her hand. She stroked by cock slowly and sucked the head nicely, but she was not trying to get me to cum yet. She wanted to get me to last, so she was edging me. As she could feel me getting harder and closer to cumming, she would pull off my dick and suck my balls or lick the crease between my balls and my thighs.

It was quite sensual and enjoyable to feel the build, and then she would let off. She did this to me several times and had me lasting almost 5 minutes before she decided she had done this enough.

Then she pulled her hand out of the way and swallowed my cock whole for a few seconds. When the head of my dick when through throat opening I felt the extra contact. She went back to working the head and stroking. She could tell I was getting close as my dick was getting harder and a bit bigger. Pausing for a moment, she said, "That's it baby, let momma have you cum," and took the head of my dick back in her mouth furiously sucking and bobbing and twisting her head from side to side to add a little more motion to the head of my cock.

Nick was getting quite a show from the side. Without even thinking about it he was stroking his cock as he was watching me getting the blow job. He saw me tense up and then relax as she edged me.

Her tits swung front and back as she bobbed on my cock, and she was on her knees spread wide for a solid stance. Nick walked around back to get a great view of what his mom would look like doggie style with her pussy wide open and ready for cock, and per cute little asshole looking up begging to be fucked.

He ran his hand up between her legs and felt how wet her pussy was. He cupped that pussy and rubbed as she sucked my dick. He would learn later what more to do other than just a hand. By the time this night was over, he would be fucking his mom while she sucked my dick.

"Here it comes mom," I said as my stomach muscles tightened causing me to crunch up, and grabbed the sheets with both hands, as I blasted the load in her mouth. She stopped moving on my dick when I came and just held the head in her mouth gently sucking on me like a straw. After a moment she let go. She had only swallowed part of my cum, and came up to me to kiss.

When she did she shared some of my cum with me in a kiss. I was a bit surprised but found it to be very pleasant. I savored the flavor of my own cum that she had shared with me. "Holy fuck mom, Joy has given me a couple blow jobs, but nothing like that. That was fucking amazing. I kind of like the way you shared some of my cum with me. That was cool," I said. "I figured she had sucked your dick my now. Have you fucked her yet," mom asked. "No mom, she is not ready for that yet, and I do not want to push her.

When she is ready, then I will take her. With what you are teaching me now, I will actually know how to take her properly and get her to cum and cum," I said.

"That's my Bear, you take good care of my baby girl. She loves you ya big lug," mom said. "Bear, did mom share some of your own cum to swallow," Nick asked. "Yeah she did buddy, and it was awesome the way she did it in a kiss," I said. "It's called snowballing boys, and wait till you fuck me if you think that was good.

No young girls know how to suck dick like that. Joy will learn though Bear, I will teach her all the way.

You have to love sucking dick to do it right, and I love sucking dick. Most girls just don't get into it.

Gay men on the other hand are some of the best cock suckers going if you ever decide to try one," she said. "It shows. Thanks mom. You are gonna fucking love this Nick," I said as I moved off of the bed and let him get in the same spot. Nick noticed how nice and warm the spot was where I had just been blown in was, and it looked like he enjoyed being in the spot where I had just cum.

Kind of made me start to wonder about this young man. She got between his legs like she had for me. Her tits were hanging nicely, and oh that view from behind of her open pussy and asshole had me wanting to fuck her right then, but she had not got to that point with us yet. Nick was only half hard now, but it did not take her long to have him fully hard and five minutes later blowing his load in her mouth after she had edged him too.

She snow balled his cum with him too in a kiss. I think he almost go off again on that he enjoyed it so much. Was Nick going to turn out to be a cum slut? Naw, he was a guy that would never happen, or would it? We were both spent for the moment. "You boys recover for a few minutes then we will get started for real," she said. "Will you be doing that to us again sometime mom," I asked. "Yes, you know I will baby. You both have really sweet tasting cum, and momma wants a lot more of it.

I will swallow some, and some will go in my pussy, and then I have a surprise place to put your loads that you will both really like next time," she said. "Way cool mom," I said. She rearranged the pillow and put herself in the middle of the bed between us, put an arm around each of us, and cuddled her recovering men in her tender loving arms.

We basked in the love we were both feeling from this beautiful horny woman.

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When you think about it, it just made good sense for a woman in the prime of her sexuality to take much younger guys who had perpetual erections with almost no recover time to train them to satisfy her at the same time. Nick and I were completely onboard with the idea now.

She had us both in her bed, and she was going to have her way with us. We did not mind at all. Ms Betty had been in a voluntary dry spell since she had lost her husband a few years ago. She chose to concentrate her time as a mom on her kids instead of finding a man. Her kids would realize in their later 20's how much their mom showed she loved them and took responsibility for them to make sure they grew up knowing they were loved and wanted. However, now they were grown up enough that she could do this at least with her sons, she counted me as her second son, to end that dry spell.

Her daughter would have to wait for right now as she was not ready, or so mom thought at the time. Mom would not hide what she was doing with us from Joy though.

Mom wanted Joy to watch and see what sex was and hoped it would turn Joy on and want to try. Ms Betty had loved being extremely sexually active before she was married and when she was married she was stepping out too. She had a big bi side that she would share with her daughter someday. However, it was her extracurricular affairs that had ended her marriage. Rather I should say getting caught having them ended her marriage.

Tonight she was going to use her sons tp end her dry spell. She had gotten a good start sucking us both off and swallowing our loads, but she wanted her wet pussy stuffed with hard teenage cock tonight, and for many nights to come. If she liked how we did learning how to fuck her, she had decided she would keep us as lovers for as long as it was good for all involved. As they laid and recovered, she took their hands and put one on each of her tits.

"That's it gents, I want you to feel my tits, squeeze them gently but firmly, feel the nipples, you can pinch them lightly, or take the palm of your hand and rub them. That's it boys," she said. I was palming her one, that seemed good to me, and Nick was pinching and squeezing the nipple on the other one. She was clearly enjoying this attention to her tits.

"I want you to suck and kiss them now boys. Put some passion into it. When a girl shares her tits with you, she wants you to be all over them making her feel good. Sometimes I can even cum just from having my tits played with," she said. Nick went right straight to her nipple and latched on starting to kiss and suck on it. I went to her neck and kissed my way down to her tit. "Oh Bear, you get points for imagination, nice job," Mom said.

We were both down on her tits now sucking her nipples. "You can be little more forceful gents. Squeeze my nipple with your lips over your teeth so you can bit, but not teeth. MMMM that's it. Now let your lip off your upper teeth and just let the teeth touch my nipple, but don't bit. Oh yeah that's it," she said as we noticed her hands were both on her pussy now playing with her clit. "You got it now guys. Vary all that up as you play with my tits, and kiss around the nipples too," We did as she wanted, and played with her tits for some time.

We could tell she was enjoying this immensely as her body moved and she played furiously with her pussy. She would tense up and then relax as she played with her pussy. She had two fingers in her hole, and she was rubbing and pulling on her clit. "That's it boys, work those tits, I'm gonna cum boys." Her body went rigid momentarily, and she pulled hard on her pussy as you could see the waves of orgasm flow over her.

Her eyes were closed and her head was back as she came, and then relaxed. "Gawd I needed that boys. I have not had a man on each tit since before I got married.

Come to think of it, my last 3 way was the night before I got married. One night in college I had 4 guys, one in my ass, on in my pussy, and one on each tit. I thought I would never stop cumming that night. Damn I miss those nights, but you guys can take care of momma now," she said. "Bear baby, grab that pillow and towel beside the bed for me would please. I want you to put it under my ass.

I want to be elevated to show you two somethings," she said. I did as told and shortly she was set up on the towel and pillow with her hips and pussy elevated. She pulled her legs to her chest and spread them to give us the best possible view. "I want you boys to go below me, and I will introduce you to my pussy," she said. We both did so that we had a good view for what she wanted to show us. We had seen porn pics of pussies at school and all, but we had never seen one up close and in person.

She pointed out and explained the various parts. She showed us her pelvic mound, labia major and minor. She spread the labia to show us her clit, urethra, vagina and right down to her asshole.

"Go ahead gents, take a good close look. See what it feels like to touch it, lick it, and taste it. Nick was the first to go down on her. He was hesitating as he had smelled some pretty nasty smells from his sister's pussy when she was on her period. He did not understand that was just the period flow and not her pussy. Mom had had a hysterectomy after having Joy due to complications.

She no longer had periods and would never get pregnant ever again. Nick moved in closer and sniffed and found a pleasant clean smell. After all mom was just out of the shower and her pussy was completely clean. After sniffing and being satisfied it was not nasty, he licked her, first at the vaginal opening and then right up the middle. When he got to clit, she jumped when he licked it.

"You just found the fav spot there son. I love having the clit licked and sucked. It is a s sensitive for a woman as the head of your dick is to you. Okay, Bear your turn now," she said. I moved in and did the same, but with much more gusto. Since Nick was happy it smelled and tasted good, I did not worry about it and licked and tasted with great abandon.

Mom seemed to like it. "Put two fingers in my vagina Bear, I want you to feel around inside me. That hard ring at the top is my cervix.

Now feel on the underside of the pelvic wall. Find the spot in the middle sort of that is a little rougher than the smooth tissues in the rest. Can you find, Oh yeah, you found it, That's it," she shuddered. That is my G spot. It is just as sensitive as my clit. If you finger my G spot, or hit it with the head of your dick when you fuck me, and play with my clit at the same time, you are assured of giving me multiple orgasms for as long as you can keep doing it," She said.

Bear moved out of the way and let Nick feel. He found the spot quickly, and tried it with her clit. Her head rolled back and her eyes closed. "That's it son, just keep doing that," she said. He hips started to rise and fall as if she was getting fucked, she started moaning, and before long her whole body shuttered.

"You okay mom," he asked. "Yeah son I am, you just gave mom a small orgasm.


They will get much bigger then that as you two learn what you are doing. You will have my whole body convulsing with the pleasure and when I finally release, even you guys will feel the energy flow. As well as the fluids that come flowing out of my pussy. That's why the towel is under my ass boys," she said.

I moved back in between her legs as I wanted to see if I could get her off to. HMMM, if it worked on mom, how would this work on Joy? "Yeah that's the spot Bear, suck it, and rub your tongue over it," she said in a moaning voice. "Now stick two fingers in my cunt and thrust them in and out, "she said. I obeyed and this horny mom almost exploded on me right on the spot.

She tensed up and cried as we watched her spasm. "Your turn now Nick, I want you to eat my pussy. Take two fingers like this," and she showed us how to dig on her G spot with our fingers, "while you suck on my clitty.

" Nick got on his knees between her legs and put his fingers in her pussy. "Am I on the right spot mom," he asked "Yeah, right there baby, right there. Now suck my clitty and run your tongue over it while you suck it. You could see mom start to build. Her body was enjoying what her son was doing, and her pussy was coming alive with pleasure. She had forgotten how good it was to have a man get her off instead of doing it herself.

Nick was hitting her spots right on, and she was building again. "FUCK YES, she cried, crunched her belly, and grabbed Nick's head to pull his mouth tight on her clit and pussy as she came on his face. He felt the flow from her vagina as her juices came flowing out. And then she relaxed. "Oh yeah, you got the basics there baby, good job, she said, and she pulled her two boys back up beside her to cuddle some more.

"Okay gents, any questions for momma now?" she asked Bear picked up his head, "yeah mom, when do you have us fuck you and actually take our virginity," he asked.

Mom grabbed my cock, and I was hard and ready to go. "How about right now Bear, just get up on top of me right here and I will guide you in," she said. I wasted no time. I had seen some porn pics at school I as pretty sure what she wanted with me on top of her, so I got between her legs and had my hard dick pointed right at her pussy. "I want you to spit in your hand, and then coat the head of your dick with that spit to act as lube.

That's it boy. Now run the head of your dick up and down the slip of my pussy to open up the labia. That's it, Now come high enough to hit my clit with the head of your dick," and she gasped in as I hit het clit with it. "Now go back down some till you feel the hole, that's it right there, not push in some, pull back out, push in a little further, and pull, out, that's it, you need to get my pussy juices to cover your dick some, you got me open now, push in all the way now Bear.

Feel the natural juices in my pussy lube your dick boy. Push in till you cannot push any further," she said. The feeling was amazing being wrapped up in her warm wet pussy. This is what I had been trying to get for several years now was a piece of pussy. My dick was balls deep in my best friend's mom and I was in shear ecstasy. Every nerve in my dick was on fire with pleasure, and I was already on the edge of cumming. "Just hold it right there for a moment Bear.

Let the feeling settle down some. I don't want you to cum right away. Just stay in me parked till being on the edge goes down some, then just start to move a little. Thrust a little, that's it, now a little more, a little more, Just right son, keep it up like that till you get close, and then park again. Now I want you to breath as you fuck me.

Breath in as you pull out, and exhale as you push back in. You got it Bear? See you are actually fucking me just the way I like it. I can feel very movement of you dick in my pussy. That's it. The head of your dick is hitting my spot just right, Keep that up.

Stop if you need too. I like being filled up too," she said. I fucked her like that for 5 full minutes and I could hold back no more. Nature kicked in and I started to fuck her harder and faster till the energy in my balls took over and shot right up my dick.

The feeling was so intense as I tightened my dick and filled her with my cum. Then I clasped on top of her and she held me.

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"That was perfect for your first time Bear, just lay her for a minute till you can move. Did you like seeing that Nick? Did you like seeing your mother get fucked?" she asked. "That was hot as fuck mom. I am ready for my turn now Bear when ever you get off of her," he said. It took me a moment, but I moved back and got up on all fours and rolled off to the side. She rolled up too and went down on my dick to clean up the juices and cum that were on my cock.

It felt nice, but I was spent for the moment. It did not take her long till she was done and laid back down to have Nick give her his virginity in his first fuck, or so she thought she was getting his virginity. Nick mounted his mother, and was so eager, he simply spit on his dick and shoved it in her pussy. She seemed to like that too as she gasped with pleasure, but she had to wonder was this actually his first time the way he just lined up and shoved his dick in balls deep.

He parked for a moment once in her, and then started to thrust. I could tell he was not going to last as long as I did, as he was going harder and faster than I was. I watched her tits jiggle as he fucked her straight up missionary and got faster and faster his face looked like he was in agony, but really it was great pleasure.

"FFUUCCKKK," he cried out as he buried his nut in his mom and then laid his sweaty body on top of her. "Good job son that was a very nice quickie for your first time. Next time I will coach you to breath to last longer.

There are days that will be just what we need though son," she said. "Now you two gents cuddle up her next to mom to recover, and I will tell you what is next for you guys to try.

We both cuddled up beside momma. Nick played with her titty and sucked on it, while Bear rubbed her pussy just to make her a glow with happiness.

"That all feels so nice boys, just keep that up. This is what some would call a type of foreplay. Just cuddling and playing. This is building me up to want more and more intensity too. Good work gents, just keep momma going like this for a while as you recover.

You are both going to need good hard dicks for what comes next," she said. We laid there like that for a while, her being fondled and played with. She rotated kissing both of them sensually as we played with her, but now the two dicks were starting to get hard again after 30 minutes of rest. The time was close. She told me to lay on my back at the head of the bed, and I did.

Mom got on her knees between my legs to suck my dick nice and slow. I could tell she was not trying to get me off at all, she was just trying to make me feel good, and it was working. "Nick, since Bear was first at the last position, you will be first this time.

I want you to get on your knees behind me, and get close to me. You are going to fuck me just like this, but this time, nice and slow son. I want to feel your dick as it runs in and out of me, not get numb from being pounded. This is called doggie style. Since I will have a dick in my pussy and in my mouth, it is said I am being spit roasted, or on the spit.

As in barbque spit that is. Now come on around behind me son," she said as she went down to continue sucking on my cock. "That's it son, spit on your cock, and then find my hole, and slide your dick in me. Fuck me nice and slow and easy son. I want you to start to learn how to last longer.

As you stroke in and out breath with each stroke. It will help your energy flow," mom said. She went back to sucking my dick as Nick moved in closer. I could see him having a little trouble getting lined up just right, so mom reached around and gave him some guidance. As he slid into her, she sucked harder on my dick for a moment, but it was all good. Her pussy was still super wet and she had two loads of teenage cum in her.

She was sloppy, and this would help Nick last longer. This time Nick slowly thrust in and out of mom's pussy. "How you doing son?

Ohhhh, that feels really good inside me at just the right speed there son," she said. "Thanks mom, I see what you mean about being slower.

It really does feel better and I don't feel like I am gonna cum any second. The feeling in my dick goes up to the edge, but when I slow way down or stop, it drops off. Thanks for teaching us that little secret mom," he said. "Son, you have lasted 15 minutes already, good job, if you want to cum now, go ahead and pick up your pace and let momma have your cum," she said. Nick did just that and she was not able to keep sucking my dick as he was pounding her so she started playing with her clitty.

He pounded her hard for maybe 20 seconds till he busted his 3rd nut of the night. It was my turn now, and I asked her if we could try it with her standing on the floor leaning on the bed. She agreee and we both got out of the bed, and she assumed her position bent over the bed edge.

I stepped up behind her, and since she was so juicy from Nick, I slid my throbbing cock into her balls deep and parked. Ever so slowly I fucked her. She got Nick to lay down in front of her to clean the cum off his dick. It was clear he liked that too. The point of view from this angle was spectacular as I watched my hard cock slide effortless in and out of her supper sloppy wet pussy.

My cock was covered in her juice and his cum and my cum as I fucked her nice and slow. She had stopped cleaning Nick and had a hand between her legs on her clitty. Her rose bud looked right up at me just asking for attention, so I spit on it, and rimmed her with my thumb. "MMMM go ahead Bear and stick a finger in my ass baby, Then bare down a little bit and tell me what you feel as you fuck me," she said.

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Nick handed me the lube and I put a bit on her asshole and my finger so I could get my finger in her ass. Her hole was so nice and tight around my finger. It was a new feeling for me.


I had never put my finger in an asshole, not even my own. I know people did anal sex, and now I was curious. I put my finger in and pushed down on my cock like she said. The tissue between rectum and vagina is rather thin, and I could feel my dick sliding in and out of her pussy. "Wow, that is cool mom," I said as I continued to fuck her.

"Now put two fingers in my ass baby to stretch me out some," she said, and I did as I started to finger fuck her ass with those two fingers as my dick fucked her pussy. I was keeping it nice and slow, and my dick was feeling so good in her. The warmth and wetness of her pussy wrapped around my cock, stimulating every nerve on my dick.

I was working with my breathing keeping it in timing with my strokes. I could actually feel the energy in my dick flowing into her pussy. It felt so nice, and I was certainly lasting longer. The energy building up in my dick like that was unique to me, but I was going to get used to it since I was lasting so much longer.

After 20 minutes, I could not hold back any longer, and I drove hard into her cunt to take us both over the edge. She cried out, "Fuck yes Bear, lets it let me have it." I buried deep as every muscle in my body tightened as I came and pumped her pussy full of my third load and then relaxed. As my dick came out of her a big puddle of cum and juice came out and hit the floor. I thought, wow, we did this with her. Her pussy cannot hold anymore, way cool.

We both crawled back into bed to snuggle. Mom turned her back to Nick as he was already hard again. Oh the advantages to being 17 and how you can keep a hard dick going. Mom spooned into Nick, and told him, the he would work his dick into her cunt just like this and that they would cuddle fuck while she and I kissed and made out some. It was just a nice relaxed position, and I could actually feel the energy of his fuck going into her and showing up in her kiss with me.

In 20 minutes, I was hard and ready to go again, but Nick was still in her slowly and gently fucking her. Mom had a slow rolling boil going. I could tell she was having several mini cums, but nothing building to higher heights like before.

I reached a hand down to her clit and was just gently rubbing and playing with it. She had a hold of my dick as she squeezed and lightly stroked me.

I had always thought sex was too rushed. I could tell she wanted to build higher and harder orgasms slowly to enjoy them completely. Doing this slowly and gently made much better sense to me. After a half hour of Nick in her, she decoupled from him, and she rolled over to me. Nick had fucked her for 30 minutes and not cum.

His nuts were drained from the intensity of the first three times he came. "Your turn Bear, slide that hard cock up in me baby," she said. "Nick, get your dick up her so I can suck you while Bear fucks me son." Nick did just that laying on his side so his head rested on her thigh, kind of a 69. She sucked him nicely and he did cum for her then. That was his 4th one of the night. I mean what man could resist momma when she decided to really suck his dick. When the energy from his orgasm hit her body, it pushed me right over the edge and I came softly in her pussy.

This was the fourth cum for me now, and even though we were 17, we were getting tired now. It was 4 in the morning, and time for some sleep.

We all spooned together and fell asleep. Around 9 when we awaked from noises in the house, we saw Joy in the doorway. "Well it certainly looks like the 3 of you had a wonderful evening.

This place certainly smells of sex, go mom," she said. "Well you can't blame a girl for taking advantage of these two nice cocks honey. I taught them a thing or two last night.

Your time will come when you are ready," Mom said. "I know mom, and I will let you know when I am ready. Maybe at some point I can watch and see what it looks like," Joy said. "That will be fine honey," she said as she pulled the covers back to reveal two teenage erections. Joy just smiled, I know what the one tastes like mom. I have sucked him off already," she said proudly and walked away. Before closing the door she said, "and you have a nice cock too brother," then she closed the door.

Mom and the boys came out almost an hour later. Joy had some food ready for them, and wanted to hear all the details of what had gone on. There was not a jealous bone in her body that her mom had just fucked her Bear. Joy actually wanted her mom to teach him, and she was.

Joy was ready for her Bear to fuck her now, but she was playing a bit coy. Mom came down first smiled, you could hear the boys in the bath room peeing and then the shower started, and mom said, "Let me have some coffee, and I will tell you all about it baby girl." Mom was grinning from ear to ear as she started to tell the story of how she fucked them both, made them both come 4 times, and took their virginity.