Asian juicy vagina pounding scene

Asian juicy vagina pounding scene
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Things get wild in Africa. Pt 2 It was just after breakfast when a young African house-boy knocked at the kitchen door. He handed a note to the cook and said in halting English "Letter for bwana Peter" and scampered off. Having heard, I fetched the letter from the cook wondering who's writing to me here? I hastily open it to see beautiful neat writing, which said; Hi Pete, My dad's got to go up country a bit today to look at a broken down bulldozer.

He asked if we would like to go along for the ride. He said we might have time to go to the swimming pool at Sagara which is up in the hills and it's really nice there. I know you'll love it, so please say yes, Jane and I would be so pleased if you can come (oops|). We're leaving at nine, so you'll have to hurry if you want to come with us (oops again). As to that last, well you never know? Obviously, you won't let anybody see this note.

Love, Mary Well, what could I do? I called to the cook and asked if she could pack me up a little picnic. I grabbed a bag and stuffed my swimming trunks and a couple of other bits in. My dad was just leaving and so I told him where I was going. He said "Thompson always takes his guns with him, so you can take the .410 shotgun and a box of cartridges. See if you can get a couple of guinea fowl. Anyway it's always best to be prepared up there as there's been a spot of trouble with poachers from the other side of the border lately.

Oh and wear your boots. Lots of nasties in the grass up there." I added the cook's picnic to the bag and rushed off. Mary, Jane and their dad were walking towards a bettered old Mk 1 Landrover as I arrived.

Mary gave me an enthusiastic wave and Jane grinned widely when she saw me. They introduced me to their dad, who said you can just call me Tomo, he didn't need Mr's. "I see you've got one of Dave's guns there, well we could be lucky". Tomo and an African got in the front of the jeep, whilst we other three climbed in the back, Mary seemed to make sure that I got a good sneak peak up the back of her skirt as she cocked a leg over the tailgate. There were bench seats down each side with plastic cushions on them.


A canvas screen with a small plastic window separated the front from the rear. The front had a metal roof but our part had canvas stretched over poles, the canvas was rolled up halfway to let the breeze through. The two girls sat one side and Mary pointed me to the other. "No Mandi today?" I asked. "No she's not allowed to come on our trips but perhaps we'll see her later after we're back." As we set off she told me that it would get very bumpy and that I needed to hang on well.

The first part of the journey was over reasonably smooth dirt road and we were soon going quite fast. The girls both had their hands gripping the poles and sides. The strong breeze very quickly started wafting their skirts about which gave a nice view of their lovely legs and thighs. Suddenly we hit the first bump, it was much worse than I had been expecting and we were all bounced high in the air. As I hung on as best I could, I noticed both girls grinning across at me, the bump had allowed the wind to blow their skirts right back from under them and they had both landed back on the seat with their legs wide apart.

Neither girl was wearing any panties! The look on their faces told me that this had all been preplanned for my pleasure.

Or maybe theirs? The bumping continued unabated which gave me brief flashes of their pussies. I had my underpants on today but it wasn't long before my cock was pushing up hard in my shorts and I could see the impish grin on Mary's face as she looked at the large bulge.

"If you come over to this side Pete, you could maybe help hold us down or whatever." So I scrambled over and wedged myself in between my two angels. Mary took my hands and shoved one between her thighs and the other between Jane's.

"Now you can hold us if you take a good grip". she said. I pushed a finger into each of their pussy slits and immediately found that I didn't need to do anything else. The furious bumping of the jeep was quite enough to bounce the girls up and down on my fingers. It was such a pounding that it wasn't long before each girl was approaching their climax. "I said to Jane "You better not pee this time or you'll soak the seats". "I'll try my best not to but I've only come twice before and I peed both times," said Jane as she squirmed about with an intense look of concentration on her face.

Well as she reached her peak, she did pee but luckily it was only a little. Thank goodness the Landrover made so much noise as it bumped and rattled along because both Mary and Jane squealed but no one could hear except me I hoped.

But then Tomo shouted out "You alright back there?" "We're fine, just a bad bump" replied Mary in a somewhat strangled sounding voice. Mary put her hand to my short front and gave me a hard squeeze. "Better not, it'll make too much mess with no way to clean it up," I said.

"That's a shame" she answered with a grimace "but then we've got all day, I think you'd better move back over there or I won't be able to keep my hands off that thing of yours". Half an hour later we arrived at the stricken bulldozer. We all climbed out and looked about. It was pretty dense bush that the dozer had been clearing.

Tomo said we mustn't wander far just here. Besides a few lions, it was elephant and rhino country and also African killer bee nests are hanging in some of the trees. As it turned out, the dozer was an easy fix which Tomo told the crewman he should have been able to fix without calling him out. So pretty soon we were on our way towards the distant hills. Mary explained that Sagara swimming pool was built halfway up a hill where a stream ran from the highlands down to the valley.


It almost never stopped running. So someone came up with the idea of building the swimming pool with the stream running in one side and out the other. Simple but effective. The only drawback being that it was a little too far from anywhere and besides, a new swimming club had been built in the nearest town to where they lived, so actually, Sagara was now very seldom used, mainly it was the occasional get-together, maybe every couple of months.

Tomo said he had to go up to a valve/pumping station at the top of the hill, which was an hours climb each way, so they would be gone about two and half hours. Keep the gun handy he advised and don't stray and added: "I'm leaving you to look after the girls Pete". Mary nudged Jane to shut her up when she giggled but whispered to me "Oh, I'm sure he'll do that okay". Tomo and his help soon disappeared into the bush and we set about making ourselves comfortable in a nice shady spot.

"I fancy a dip to cool off before we eat girls, you all coming?" "We already did" chipped Mary with a grin, "but yes, let's swim. Tell you what, no clothes guys!" There was a sign pointing out that it was only four and a half feet deep, but it was enough for me to make a nice graceful dive. Mary did the same but Jane jumped in and they swam over to me.

"Hello big guy, me Jane are you Tarzan?" Jane quipped. I dived down and swam between Mary's legs, grabbed hold of both and stood up with her on my shoulders. "Yep he's Tarzan but you've got the wrong girl, it was my idea," said Jane.

I lowered Mary back down and swam under towards Jane but I had her facing the wrong way when I lifted her up. She squealed with delight as I stood with my nose jammed into her belly. I found that it only took a little push on her arse and her pussy was suddenly at mouth level, I flicked out my tongue and quickly found her clit giving it a good flick. Mary came close and saw my finger pushing against Jane's arse hole but it wouldn't go in.

Mary then said for me to let her do that, she put a finger in her mouth and also gave Jane's arse hole a good lick and was then able to push her finger right in. "I'm finger fucking my little sister's arse" she exclaimed, "Is that gross or fun?" With that I reached a hand between Mary's splayed legs and eased two fingers into her pussy, she, in turn, grabbed my cock and started to gently work her hand up and down.

"Why don't you try more fingers?" asked Mary, so I pushed another in. So there we were, Mary wanking my cock and arse fingering Jane, while I licked Jane's clit and ran my tongue up and down her pussy slit and my hand with four fingers now wanking away at Mary's pussy. Oh, and my other hand could just reach Mary's arse, so I jammed a finger up inside her backside as well.

Jane came first, almost knocking me off balance as she writhed about my face with her legs gripped tight around my back, she was grinding her pussy against my mouth and guess what? Yes, she peed again!

Looks like she's always going to do that until she can learn to control it better. But did I mind? Of course not! Mary and I both reached a climax together, we hunched and shook and pushed against each other as I was shooting my load and desperately trying to keep Jane up at the same time. Slowly I lowered Jane back down, both girls clung to me and plied me with kisses. Mary even turned to Jane, looked into her little face, she raised an eyebrow and they both seemed to come to an agreement, as they leaned into each other and kissed passionately.

"Oh I do love you sis and we both love Pete, don't we Jane?" "I already told him that last night" she answered. "Hey, am I missing something here?" Mary asked. "Not really, you were doing homework and I popped out for a bit of fresh air. I bumped into Pete so to speak". "Okay and what did you two get up to behind my back?" asked Mary. Jane grinned impishly and replied, "Well I managed to fall off our mango tree seat and just happened fall on top of Pete when he failed to catch me and, well one thing sort of led to another after that.

Tell you what, why don't we get out and have a bite and I'll tell you all about it". Mary agreed, so out we got. It was quite hot, so no need for us to dry off. We just spread the blanket and sat in the shade, unpacked our lunches and relaxed. Till Mary said, "Well come on then, spill the beans sis". So Jane did just that, recounting in every little detail of exactly what had transpired. When she got to the part of me peeing into her mouth, Mary's mouth opened wide in amazement.

But when she told her how she had licked the last drops off my cock, she looked at me in disbelief. And then Jane went on to the part of taking my cock in her mouth and explained she had sucked on it until I shot all that white stuff into her mouth, saying it was so much she just had to swallow it all.

This last was said with great pride and a huge grin. Mary just looked at us both as if in shock. But then said, "I can see I've got some catching up to do, so come on Pete, get yourself over here and give me a drink!" I walked over and stood in front of the kneeling Mary.

She put her mouth very close while I tried concentrating on peeing and not looking at the two lovely girls. Suddenly, out it came, hitting her on the forehead first but I quickly lowered my aim and it flooded into her mouth, far too much to swallow it all, so it gushed out of her mouth and dribbled down all over her tits.

She leaned forward before I had even stopped peeing and just took my cock into her mouth and sucked like mad. The peeing stopped and my cock rapidly started growing until she could get her hands around it and suck with her mouth. Her fingers moved up and down the length, her lips following each backward stroke and her tongue was busy flicking all around the head of my cock.

I knew that even though it wasn't that long since I had come in the pool, I wasn't going to last long at this rate. It didn't help that I could see Jane had now pushed a hand between Mary's legs and was busy fingering her pussy. Then I jumped as I felt a small finger probing at my backside and it was Jane pushing hard at my arse hole, as it found it's way in, I heard her say "What's good for me must be good for you!

Wow, that's hot in there!" The back finger was enough to take me over the edge, my cock twitched once and then squirt, into Mary's welcoming mouth. She sucked enthusiastically until I was completely drained. "I think you need to lay down to recover Pete. Come on sis you can finish what you've started! Come and get your head down here and see what I taste like" Mary said as she lay down and with knees up and she spread her legs wide.

Jane looked at me and asked if I would explain for her what to do. So I showed her Mary's clit, how to tease and suck on it and showed her how to bunch her fingers and wank them in and out. I pointed out that she was already well familiar with what to do to an arse.

For a while, I lay back watching the two girls but before long I just couldn't resist the temptation of that beautiful little arse waving around in front of me. I kneeled behind her and kissed her puckered arse hole while my fingers deftly explored her pussy, she obligingly pushed back to me.

I just kept teasing her arse with my tongue as I wanked her pussy. By now I had realised that Jane never seemed to take very long to reach her climax and sure enough, she was there before Mary. As she arched her back and pushed back hard, her head came up and left Mary, who promptly grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her back down to her pussy.

"For god's sake, don't stop, I'm nearly there" she wailed. She reached down and pulled Jane on top of her, planted her lips on Jane's and then ground their pussies together. She humped up against her sister furiously, her hands gripping hard on Jane's arse pulling her into her as hard as she could. She suddenly screeched "I'm coming sis, oh love me, love me hard." With a final hump, they relaxed into a lover's cuddle but she was still planting kisses all over Jane's face. She looked at me and said "Come here Pete, cuddle us" and when I joined them she said, "Oh I do love you both so much".

After a little while, I pointed out the time and suggested it was time we got decent as the others could be back soon. I said that I thought we should have another dip as we smelled strongly of sex. So costumes on and into the pool. We hadn't been out long when we heard Tomo call out "Hi you lot, we're back." I passed them each a beer, they were both really sweating from their climb down the hill.

"Had a good afternoon?" Tomo asked he didn't seem to notice Jane's over-enthusiastic affirmative. They finished their beers and Tomo said it was time to get going, "If we want to try and get ourselves a couple of our feathered friends on the way back." We took a different road back, not as bumpy and we saw a load more wild game than we had on the way out. When we reached an area of low scrub, he pulled over and stopped.

"You two girls stay here with Kisumu" he said and then to me "I take it you know your way around guns what with being in the army?" Saying we should spread out about fifty yards and walk in a straight line ahead and we should soon find some fowl but he also warned to keep a sharp lookout for lions.

"That .410 has a fair spread but it's a bit much for guinea fowl, so I suggest you aim a bit off or you're likely to blast them to bits." Half an hour later we were back, I had three and Tomo two but my gun was a double barrel, so I had an advantage anyway. We arrived home an hour later, all hot, dusty and tired but all thoroughly happy with ourselves.

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After we had unloaded, Mary came and gave me a little peck on the cheek, to which Jane glared, I wondered what Tomo's reaction might be but I saw him just grin. We agreed that we would meet later this evening and I took myself of home eager to present my wild birds. I had a good soak in a nice hot bath, lying back and reflecting on a very enjoyable day. At dinner, dad complimented me on my birds and said they have to hang for a bit.

He even poured me a beer and that was a first at home. Later when I went out back, I found Mandi sitting on the garden bench. She gave a huge welcoming smile and asked if we'd had a good day. "Brilliant" I answered. She raised an eyebrow at my enthusiasm but said for me to sit with her. "I'd like it if you put your arm around me," she said.

When we were comfortably close, she put a hand to my face and said: "Kiss me please Pete". We kissed for ages, turned toward each other. I put a hand to her breast, waiting for her to tense as she had the previous day but she just smiled at me. She then lifted her top a little which I realised was an invitation to put my hand inside.

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Her breasts were lovely, bigger than Mary's and obviously Jane's. I caressed gently as we kissed, occasionally tweaking a nipple. I could feel them stiffen and grow as I played. I slowly raised her top until her beautiful breasts came into view, then lowered my head and took a nipple in my mouth whilst still kneading the other with my hand.

She sighed into my neck, holding me tightly to her. I lowered a hand to her belly and lightly tickled my fingers all over, occasionally just pushing under the band of her trousers, until eventually, I just let it sit there, gently squeezing.

Then I felt her hand on mine pushing it down to the soft hairs above her mound. I kissed her again as I let my fingers trickle around in her bush.

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Gradually they moved lower until I reached her slit, gently I caressed up and down it but didn't try and enter. She moaned into my mouth as she turned herself a bit more toward me, widening her legs as she moved.

It was then that I slowly eased one finger in and slid it slowly up the length to her clit. She gave a jump as my finger contacted and she whimpered again. I gave her clit a little pull and then ran a finger slowly round and round.

I could feel her shaking against me, her arms clutching at mine, in an intense grip. I lowered my fingers and very slowly pushed two inside the moistness that was in her pussy. So slowly, ever so slowly I drew them back, she tried to follow but still, I pulled back and then slowly in again. She hunched up on my fingers and was biting my neck as I gently worked her. It was the slowest and most loving that I had ever made love to a girl.

I could feel the passion growing in her but still, I persisted with my gentleness and slowness. Of a sudden, she clung to me and shook violently as she came to a climax and then again and again. She went on shuddering for ages until she slowly began to relax. I slowly removed my fingers and then bent to kiss her but she was crying, tears rolled down her face. I was mortified, I didn't know what to do or say, "I'm sorry, did I upset you?" I eventually blurted out.

"Sorry? Sorry? That was the most beautiful experience of my life" Mandi said. "You can't know how full of joy I feel Peter. I know that soon you will have to go out of my life but I will remember this moment forever, so from the bottom of my heart thank you." I was lost for words but felt elated, it was the nicest thing a girl had ever said to me. I knew then that whilst both Mary and Jane were wonderful, fun, sexy and great to be with, this girl was special.

I opened my mouth to speak but she raised a finger to my lips, "Shush" she whispered, "Don't say anything just hold me". She was still crying and where I had been elated, I now felt very sad for I knew I was breaking a girls heart for the first time in my life.

Not only was I leaving to never return but she was from a strict Sikh family and she knew there could never be anything between us once I had gone. Suddenly she smiled, took my hand and said we should go and find Mary and Jane.

But I saw the smile did not reach her eyes. I took her hand in mine and we walked off to find the others. She pulled me to a stop and said "I'm sorry Peter, I think I've said too much and that's not fair on you or the girls, I really don't want to spoil their fun for the rest of your holiday.

Let us just call it our special moment and let's carry on as before so you can keep all three of us happy. Can we do that do you think?" I held her close to me, a tear at the corner of my eye but agreed we could and would. She rubbed a finger over my eye "Don't cry please, I really am happy." I knew then that I would love this girl forever. We met Mary and Jane walking towards us and were greeted with hugs and kisses. I could see Mary look at Mandi sensing that something deep had occurred.

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"Are you guys alright?" she asked. Mandi somehow managed a cheerful "Yes of course we are." As we strolled towards our favourite evening mango grove, Mary pulled me to one side and whispered to me "I can see something special between you two, would you prefer it if we left you both alone?" "No it's okay, Mandi doesn't want us to do that, she still wants us all to be a happy foursome.

She loves you both as well you see." Without further ado, she skipped gaily ahead to out tree. For a while we watched the bats flying off for their evening hunting. I noticed Mary and Mandi whispering to each other, not without some apprehension. I needn't have worried though as Mary came over to me and in a low voice "Firstly for Mandi, you haven't forgotten the promise you gave her yesterday have you?" For a moment I was puzzled, then I remembered her having whispered when we were at the rocks that she wanted me to do the same to her as I had Mary.

But secondly, Mary went on, I have a question for me. Unusually shyly for Mary, she hesitantly whispered: "Have you got any of those rubber things with you, do you know what I mean?" "Yes I know what you mean and yes I have. I have some in my wallet." The hesitancy disappeared and she simply said "Great!" "We shouldn't really lay on the ground out here, it's too dangerous. Although I know you and Jane got away with it last night, you were lucky, actually very lucky" she giggled.

Of course she realised that Mandi had no idea what she was talking about nor anything about today either. "Don't worry Mandi, I'll give you all the details later" she smirked and then burst into a fit of giggling.

Jane interrupted, "Hey girls, we're wasting precious time here, I've got to go in soon." "And as I have to also," said Mandi. "Right come on then Mandi you're going to have to sit up here," Mary said patting the branch.

"No I can't, really I can't. I'll fall" she replied. "Oh, of course, you can and we'll hold you so you can't fall, come on," Mary stated. I easily lifted Mandi up and with both girls holding her legs, she was soon perched on the branch.

Mary pulled at the back of her trousers and told her to lift one side of her bum at a time so they could ease her trousers down. Shyly she obliged but when it came to her panties, she stopped her and said she couldn't do that. They had to stay on. I climbed up beside her and took her in my arms, kissed her gently. I slipped a hand down between her legs and started to rub where I knew she would respond.

When I felt her breath starting to get ragged, I dropped back down and pushed my mouth against the front of her panties, running my tongue up and down. When her legs began to open wider, I took hold of one side of her panties and lightly eased them aside. It was the first time I had actually seen her pussy. It was crested above with silky jet black hair, her pussy lips were quite large and extended like a big black butterfly. I moved my lips in and nibbled away at the lips and at the same time let my tongue gently push between a little.

She writhed against my mouth until I brought my fingers up and eased her lips apart. My tongue pushed in and licked up the length, tasting the beauty of her. I caressed her clit which was growing bigger and longer than either Mary or Jane's. I clamped my mouth around it and gently sucked as my tongue teased its end, it was becoming like a mini cock. Not leaving her clit, I pushed a finger into her soaking pussy and then another and began to gently wank her.

She was now rocking backwards and forwards as the two girls had hold firmly of her legs. Both had their eyes glued to the proceedings. I sensed rather than saw that Mary was stroking her backside. I knew that it was me working her clit that was sending her wild and still it seemed to grow.

I had read about them but had never seen one like it before it was long and slender, bursting from its sheath. With her hands gripping my head she started to come, over and over, orgasm after orgasm.

She hadn't peed but my face was soaked. Slowly she slumped and the two girls had to quickly help her down or she would have fallen. She clung to me with her arms around my neck and the other two girls cuddling us both. Slowly the shaking stopped as we all hugged her. She looked into my face and just smiled. Until she said, "Well that was worth waiting for my love." Mary bent down and said, "Here, let me pull your trousers up." But then she saw the exposed and still enlarged clit.

"Oh Mandi it's so beautiful, please can I touch?" Mandi gave a shy nod, so Mary slowly raised a hand until her fingers took a hold of the large clit. She gently rubbed it then leaned in and put her lips to it. She expected Mandi to pull away but when she didn't she started to gently suck on it. The surprise was that Mandi still had more, as she almost immediately began to shake again. I had to hold her up as she thrust her hips into Mary's face who still sucked furiously, much harder than I had done.

Suddenly she was shaking as another wave of orgasms hit her. Mary pulled Jane in and they quickly swapped mouths so the last few orgasms came as Jane also now had a suck.

We pulled Mandi's trousers back up and I picked her up and carried her back to the garden bench where I gently laid her down. We held her hands and Mary kissed her cheek as we let her recover. I have never seen a girl climax like that before, it was astounding. When Mandi eventually sat up, Mary said: "Wow Mandi, I wish I had one like yours." Mandi replied "I always thought it was big and ugly like I was deformed or something, although I've never seen it get that big before.

That's what you've done to me, Peter." "Don't worry Mandi it's truly beautiful, you're so lucky and thank you for letting us all share it," said Mary. Mandi smiled at us all and asked us to kiss her goodnight as she must go in before she got in trouble.

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Jane said she would walk back with her as she should go in also. So we kissed and off they went.

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Mary held my hand saying "I haven't finished with you yet, come on lover boy." We walked back to our tree, Mary leaned back against it and lifted her skirt.

"I want it all, a bit of a finger, a bit of a lick, a poke up the arse and my first fuck, will you do that for me?" The fingering and licking didn't actually take too long as she was very soon begging me to fuck her. Still, one more to go before that I told her. I asked her turn around and push her bum out.

My finger already being well lubricated slipped straight into her arse. For the first time, I tried adding another, which also went quite easily. After a bit of wanking them in and out, I added a third which was a bit harder but soon she had three fingers groping up her arse. With my other hand, I slipped the condom onto my cock. Then lining it up with her arse hole, I slipped out my fingers and quickly pushed my cock against the rapidly shrinking hole. It was a highly lubricated condom so my cock actually pushed in without too much resistance but it was still a tight fit.

"Oh, that hurts" Mary squealed trying to pull away. But I had a firm grip of her hips as I pushed in further. "Oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhh" she blurted out and then "It doesn't hurt as much now, keep fucking." and then, " Harder, harder, fuck my arse." Knowing I needed to stop fucking her arse if she wanted to be properly fucked, I slowly pulled my cock out but immediately felt for her cunt.

She bent further over as I found the mark and it easily slipped into her soaking wet pussy. Her own hand was working furiously on her clit as I thrust deep inside her. "Oh my god, my first fuck! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, harder, harder." "I'm going to come anytime Mary, are you nearly there?" "I am there, I've already started" she managed to say between gritted teeth as she bucked her arse hard back against me.

I could now feel her orgasm as her muscles inside clamped hard on my cock and then started to clench and unclench, milking my cock like never before.

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She tensed up, stock still and then with a final gasp, she literally fell forward off my cock and onto her hands and knees. I bent to hold her trembling body and she leaned against me, still gasping. She turned to me, looked at my cock before reaching and pulling the condom off with a bit of a snap. She bent and kissed it and then slipped it in her mouth as she sucked and licked it clean. Then sitting back, she said, waving a finger sternly "You naughty little thing, well maybe not little.

You just fucked my arse and then fucked a virgin up her pussy and I love you" as she then kissed it once more before standing to face me. "Now you can kiss me, my lover," she said planting her lips firmly on mine. Eventually, she said, "I think maybe we should give you a rest tomorrow or we're going to wear you out, I think I'll tell the girls that they've gotta behave for a day." "Or maybe not," she said with a sexy grin "We'll just have to see what happens, won't we." She then waved goodnight and was gone.

To be cont.