Carmen is a sexy hot Latina who looks marvelous

Carmen is a sexy hot Latina who looks marvelous
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A Special Relationship A true story. I guess you could say it started as far back as 1992 when I took my mother back to her hometown to visit my Aunt and our family. We had moved away when I was around 4 years old and had been back only a couple of times since then to visit our relatives.

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I had just turned 40 and the prospect of seeing mom's family and several of my cousins, one special male, after 30 plus years was going to be fun. My Aunt called him to let him know that we, my mother, one of my sisters, myself and another cousin, had made it in safely from our travels. I fell in "awe" of him on this first visit after not really being around him or really knowing him for all those years. My sister, our cousin and myself went everywhere with him for the next few days as he showed us some of the sights of the city.

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That's when my feelings and arousal for him started. I wanted to see what it was like to be in his arms or just to be able to touch him.

When it was time to travel back home, I gave him one of the biggest kisses I have ever given anyone. I wanted him to know, by the kiss, that he was in my thoughts. As we hugged and gave each other a goodbye kiss our bodies melted into each other, our lips were sealed in the most passionate way. I pressed my breasts into his chest and could feel his cock getting firm and pressing into my body. As he walked away to leave, he looked back at me and with a staring "come hither" look from his eyes, capturing mine I knew that I would make a return trip to our hometown and pursue my romantic feelings for him.

Traveling back to my current home, I mapped out in my brain when I could take my mother back to see her sisters and I could see my cousin. Over the next few years I traveled back with my mom for a couple visits but nothing happened with him.

Occasionally when we would be together in close quarters with the rest of the family he would squeeze in between myself and someone else and "accidently" brush across my breasts but nothing happened, even close to our kiss years before. I finally came to the realization that maybe he really didn't have the same feelings as I did and he had no consideration for me at all. In 1997 the whole picture changed and our worlds finally came together. I had helped plan a surprise reunion for him with several other cousins I wanted it all to come together smoothly and end up with him in my arms once again.

It was planned that I was going to stay at his house during my visit this time.

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The day before the surprise party, unknown to me, he had planned on a day trip to visit some of his customers. This was to be an all day trip and he wanted me to travel with him.

I had in my mind, beforehand, to stay at his home and finish with the arrangements of the surprise party, but, in the back of my mind, other thoughts such as how was I going to seduce him and get him alone to fuck.


So, as we drove the highways, my mind was not on being alone with him. I was thinking and planning the next day's events to come. I was not in the frame of mind for the drive and even though when we were alone in the car, I was not thinking about the current setting, I was thinking about the next day and didn't want to ruin his surprise.

I was planning ahead on how I wanted to suck, and fuck him. I was so horny thinking about how I wanted to lay in his arms and suck his dick and suck on his nipples that I didn't think about what I could have done on this trip. As we were traveling he did make some strange moves that I had totally unexpected and not understanding what was going on. In the previous visits he had not made any "moves" on me, but this time he seemed to want to be touching me, my shoulders and up and down my arm, but with him driving at the same time I was not putting it all together.

The next day was when my surprise party was to come together for him. Later that day, after the party I found out he had wanted to "surprise" me on his drive. We did not connect the dots, so we both had lost out on the "what could have been" drive.

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The next day my surprise for him came together, which was a cousin that he had not seen for over 20 years. When our "long lost" cousin arrived at my aunt's home, I made him take me over there for the surprise greeting. We spent the next few hours visiting and had a great time.

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Later that evening the party broke up and we went back to his house. I decided to take a swim in his pool to get over what I felt as rejection.


I took a quick dip in the pool and then headed for the hot tub to relax. I was there about a half hour and he appeared at the patio door and came out to join me. We sat across from each other in the hot tub and reminisced about our past.

Soon after he sat down in the hot tub, he started rubbing his feet up and down my one of my legs beneath the water.

Each time he would progress further up my leg, first just the calf of one of my legs then before I knew it, his feet were on my soft thigh. It felt wonderful. He was finally making moves on me that I had been waiting for. As he was moving his feet up and down the one leg, he was using his other foot to spread my thighs apart and then, "wow!" He had both of his feet between by legs and moving his one foot into my crotch. He stretched his foot across the hot tub and placed it between my legs.

I was feeling his foot and especially his toes pushing into my crotch through the fabric on my suit. He continued doing this for the next minute or so. I decided I wanted more! I reached down and moved the crotch of my swimsuit over so his toes could touch my pussy and enter my cunt.

Oh&hellip. wow! This is a touch and a feeling of what I have been wanting for so long. I wanted him to touch my willing,open cunt and now he was there! I let him use his toes to play with my pussy for a few minutes, then, I pushed is foot down and moved across the hot tub quickly into his arms and the kiss that I was waiting for had finally came to me. He helped me remove the shoulder cover on the top part of my swimsuit. Next he pulled down the bra straps and started sucking on my breasts and nipples.

I thought he was going to make me cum in the hot tub. He sucked on my breasts and on my nipples until they were hard. His hand by this time had gone to my pussy, pulling the fabric to the side.

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I was in a very happy place. My dreams were coming true.

After a few minutes we moved to the swimming pool. I went into the pool and stood in front of him while he sat on the edge.

I moved between his legs as he pulled his cock from his swim suit leg and I sucked on him for quite a while. The more I sucked, the harder and bigger his cock grew. I could feel his cock going further and further into my throat. After sucking on his cock for quite a while, and he fondled my breasts and nipples, we finally moved from the pool and went to a poolside chair.

Before I sat down on the chair he removed the bottoms of my swim suit and he stripped naked in the dark. I leaned back into the chair and he knelt between my knees, spread my legs and proceeded to eat my very aroused pussy. He started by playing with my pussy lips and finger fucked me as I sat there with legs spread.

Every few minutes he would remove his fingers and bend over and suck and nibble on my clit.


At long last, after the continuous arousal of my clit, my pussy and my nipples I could hold off no longer. My body started into culmination of his touching, my cunt contracted on his fingers, my toes curled, my body tensed and then I went limp with total satisfaction. As I laid there in the chair, he lifted himself up and with his hard cock in hand, entered my wet cunt. I felt his hardness slipping inside me, exactly what I have been waiting for to happen for several years.

I felt him raising and lowering his body from mine, pulling out me and then back into my cunt. Again his cock felt wonderful, filling me with passion and hot desire. He continued to fuck me, and at the same time nibble and suck on my breasts. After several minutes of fucking, I could feel his body starting to tense.

He continued his assault on my willing cunt, finally forcing his cock all the way in me. He held himself deep inside and I could feel his hot cum squirting against the back wall of my cunt. Again and again his cock pulsed inside of me. He fulfilled my dreams that night. We fucked again several times that late evening and every day and night, whenever we had the opportunity, until I left, We have fucked whenever we are together, over the past years.

Because of our long distance love affair we fucked over the telephone.

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Now we fuck over the internet. I love my cousin more than I can say. He is in my soul and will always be there. I feel at times we are one person. I am so lucky to have him as my cousin, lover and soul mate.

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