Gals end boy gay sex video Hard Hot and Heavy with Kameron Scott

Gals end boy gay sex video Hard  Hot and Heavy with Kameron Scott
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Note: This story includes non-consensual sex, sexual slavery, humiliation, BDSM, and gangbanging. If any of these bother you, please skip this story.

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*************************** My name is Stephanie. At age 26, I was on top of the world, or at least seemed to be. I am 5'10" with a slim figure, nice boobs, long blonde hair, and a pretty face. During college, I modeled part time, making good money, to pay for college and provide a nest egg for what I really wanted.

I had ambitions, I had a vision, and I saw potentials for new ideas and products. While I was in college, I attracted a group of very smart, capable people around me.

I needed a team, because as capable as I was, I knew I could not do it all myself. I had a vision for a web app, unlike anything else on the market.

I knew this app would open new worlds for people, if done right. I had a vision for how it should look, what it should do, how the interface should be. I was not programmer enough to do this, though I knew a little about code. I found people who could do this and used my nest egg from modeling to pay people to bring my vision into reality.

I drove my people hard, but I drove myself even harder. I worked 16 hour days, 7 days a week.

I worked, I ate, and I slept, often just in whatever office I could afford at the time. I scared up some financing, beyond what I had from modeling and pushed everyone. Yes, I was demanding, I was critical, I had high expectations and when people fell short I let them know it. If I had been a man, I'd have been admired and set up as some kind of role model.

Hell, I modeled myself after some of the most successful people in the tech world. But because I was a woman, I was a bitch. My basic assumption was that when we made it big, I'd reward all the people who helped get me there.

In the meantime, I kept sole ownership of the business. I wanted no one whatsoever to be able to second guess me or have the power to undercut my decisions. I owned it, I ran it, I called all the shots, driving all of us to places we'd only ever dreamed of. By the time we released it, my money was about gone. I could keep paying people as we proceeded, but let my apartment go. I was sleeping in the office most of the time anyhow.

We had a decent rollout, with good word of mouth. Before long, we had the hottest new app out there. The problem was making money out of it. We brought in revenue, which immediately went back into salaries and advertising. It's a common problem in some tech rollouts, monetizing your success. We quickly got very big, but with the money being chewed up as fast as it came in.

We were really catching fire, but the segment we created began to attract the attention of some much bigger companies. I knew if we could hold on to what we had and keep building for another six months, we'd be a major success. Part of that meant defending our turf against newcomers who were gunning for us and our market and clients. That meant continuing to enhance the product, even as we tried to defend our market share. With our cash situation, that was becoming increasingly difficult.

That was where we were when another tech giant, which will go unnamed, offered to buy me out. I didn't really want to sell, but wasn't sure we'd be the success I wanted if I didn't. Look at the companies that opened new things only to get beat by other companies that left them in the dust. They are legion. I didn't want to go down as just another innovator who got beat at their own game.

So when they came in and offered me cash for my company, I had to consider it. I knew this company had the technical resources and financial clout to make a success of this.

They were offering all cash for 100% of the company. I lost all upside, but had no downside, and could turn around and pursue still other ideas that were floating around in my head. They were pretty hard nosed about it, but so was I. They wanted a non-compete clause and I restricted it to my market segment and related ones. That still left plenty of alternatives. I would get $250 million for the company.

Not bad for 4 years of very hard work. I negotiated in secret, with only the company lawyer aware of what was going on.

I needed him to make sure everything was on the up and up. They wanted me to sign a personal services contract to provide marketing and promotional services for the company after I sold it.

I wasn't too thrilled about that. Having sold it, I just wanted to walk away and let them run it any way they wanted to. They said they'd pay for that, not that the money meant that much, if I'd have $250 million in the bank before taxes of course.

I didn't want to, but they conditioned the sale on the personal services contract. I went to the lawyer. "Joe, check this out thoroughly. I don't really like this and don't want anything that's going to bite me on the ass later." "Sure thing, boss." Do you trust your lawyer?

I did. As it turned out, I shouldn't have. He told me everything was fine, that there would be no nasty surprises, and I ought to go forward with it.

I looked at the books and found myself wondering how long I could keep making payroll with the way the cash was coming. Without continued promotion, my market share would start to slip, and that was chewing up my cash. On one of my modeling jobs, I'd traveled to Switzerland, and had opened an account at a Swiss bank at that time. I didn't have big bucks in it, but I knew it was harder to touch anything there because of how the Swiss are about their banks.

I insisted that at the closing, the funds be wired to my Swiss bank account. The purchaser hemmed and hawed, but finally agreed. They insisted on doing the closing at a very exclusive condo, just outside town. I agreed, it didn't really matter to me where we closed, as long as I got paid. The condo was very nice, but a bit odd - a luxurious living room, but a single bedroom and bathroom. The building had key access only for the elevator, and the elevator would take you only to your proper floor.

There was a nice table and we sat around it, me my lawyer, and two execs from the company buying my company. I had to sign the docs in eight places, and told them I'd sign seven only, until they had wired the money to my bank.

They weren't happy about that, but agreed.


I used my phone to check and as soon as the money was there, I signed the last item. "Well, gentlemen, you now have a company." They looked at each other, had little cynical smiles, and replied. "Plus side benefits, as it were." "Side benefits?

What the hell are you talking about?" At that, I felt something close around my neck. I felt and it seemed to be some sort of metal collar. I felt around it and couldn't find any release, and was pissed. "What the hell is this? Get this thing off me!" "Well, you now have a personal services contract with us.

You'll find that is a part of the contract." I turned to my lawyer, who, it seems was the person who had put the collar on me. "I thought you checked the contract." "Believe me, I did." "And I have to wear some damned collar?" "That's why I put it on you." "I thought you were working for me, looking out for my interests." "I look out for my own interests first. Let's just say they made me a very nice offer to keep you unaware of certain contract provisions." "You rotten son of a bitch." "And you have been a rotten bitch to me and everyone else at that company for a long damned time." "I've tried to be fair to you." "Tried to be fair to us?

You've pushed us, humiliated us in public, and demeaned us, while working us almost to death." "I worked myself just as hard." "But you walk away with millions, while we're lucky if they let us continue to have a job." "I don't have to put up with this.

I'm leaving." The two execs looked at each other and smiled as I got up angrily and walked to the door to the condo. I opened it and when I stepped outside the condo, I felt severe electric shocks going through my body. It was from the collar, and it was shocking me. It was so bad, I collapsed in a heap, with the shocks running through my body, until Joe hauled me back into the condo and shut the door.

"You will be staying in this condo during the term of your personal services contract." "How long was that contract?" "Five years." "You have to be kidding. Five years? I'm stuck in this place for five years?" "Unless we choose to allow you out for some reason, exactly." "What about my clothes?

Food? Anything else?" "Since you mention it, you need to go ahead and remove your clothes." "No fucking way." "We have the means of punishing you with that collar, even inside the condo." "This is bullshit." I felt a slight tingling from the collar. I looked at them and they had big grins on their faces.

"That is just to let you know. Do you really want us to crank it up to pain levels?" "You wouldn't." "Of course we would. You've abused and humiliated a lot of people and now you get more than a taste of abuse and humiliation." I turned to Joe.

"Why did you let them do this to me?" "Money and a chance to take part in your humiliation." "Enough stalling. You need to remove your clothing now." I felt the tingling increase, but still short of genuine pain levels.

I wasn't sure exactly what they wanted, but did not want another shock the way I'd had it earlier. I was wearing a jacket, which I slowly removed, and laid across the back of a chair.

I looked at all three of them and they had wicked, determined smiles. I removed my high heels and set them on the chair as well. I paused, and they looked at me and smiled. "Please continue." I was wearing a very business-like skirt. I undid the belt, then unbuttoned the button above the side zipper.

I paused and looked at them and they gestured for me to continue. I unzipped the skirt and stepped out of it. I folded it neatly and draped it across the back of the chair with my jacket. "Now the blouse." "You're really enjoying this, aren't you? You bastards." "Yes, we are, enjoying it and bastards. Keep going." I glared at them as I unbuttoned my white long sleeve top.

It did not button all the way to my neck, but I did not have any cleavage showing. I felt I was well past having to flash a boob to get somewhere. Once I had the front unbuttoned, I unbuttoned the cuffs on the sleeves and slid the top off.

I almost felt a righteous anger. They could make me do this, but they could not demean me, whatever they did. I laid the top across the back of the chair and stood there in bra and panties with my arms crossed, tapping my foot against the floor. One of the execs had a little half chuckle. "Compliant, yet defiant, I see." "What do you expect?" "I expect you to remove your bra.

That's what I expect." I glared at him and felt another little tingle from the collar. Somehow, I would find a way. Somehow I would pay them back big time. In the meantime, I had little choice but to do as they said. I reached behind me and unhooked my bra and let it fall forward off my shoulders, baring my c-cup boobs. I was embarrassed to find my nipples hard and standing up. That made me more angry and defiant as I placed my bra across the same chair.

I put my hands on my hips, not even attempting to cover or hide my boobs. I didn't want to give them the pleasure of letting them think they'd embarrassed or humiliated me.

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The one exec smiled and turned to the other. "Even nicer than I'd expected. Firm, no droop. What do you think?" "Definitely very nice." Here I was standing as they commented on my body as if I was car, house, or particularly juicy meal. "All right, let's finish this and remove the panties. Don't know about anyone else, but I can't wait for this." The other exec and Joe both nodded.

I slid my panties down my legs, picked them up off the floor and put them with my other clothes. I noticed that the panties were starting to get wet. I was disgusted at the thought that I might be turned on by being forced to disrobe for these three men. The fact was that I seemed to be turned on by it. "So have you had your fun now?" "My dear Stephanie, the fun is just starting, and will continue for quite a while." "What do you want now?" "Get down on your knees." "Why?" "Don't question it, just do it." I felt the collar tingling again, so I dropped down to my knees.

Joe walked over and stood in front of me. One of the execs spoke again. "Unzip him." "You don't expect me to…" "Yes, we do expect you to." I was getting pissed. They'd already taken this far beyond what I'd have expected, if they were simply trying to humiliate me.

I unzipped Joe's pants, and looked up to see the nastiest smile I could ever have expected to see. "Now take out his dick and suck it. And let me warn you, if you hurt him in any way, the pain you felt going out that door will be nothing compared to what you'll feel in return." I don't know that I'd have tried to hurt him, but that just made it that much worse. I didn't even want to look at Joe's face as I did this.

He'd betrayed me, for money and the chance to take part in this. I could hardly believe it. I was hard on my people, including Joe, but I never felt I was unfair. This seemed beyond the pale. As long as I had on this damned collar, I felt like I had little choice but to do what they said.

I pulled out his prick and looked at it. As I did, it quickly got hard in my hand. I turned to look at one of the execs and realized they'd been videoing my stripping and now this. Not only were they trying to humiliate me, but they were going to keep video evidence of it as well.

My collar tingled again, so I took the head of his cock between my lips, like a lollypop and sucked on it then popped it back out. I could taste a little of Joe's precum on the end of his dick as I did. I decided to give them their money's worth of humiliation, and took it back in my mouth, a little deeper this time while stroking the rest of it with my hand.

Joe moaned and grabbed the back of my head. Joe pumped his dick in and out of my mouth, getting deeper than I'd have liked, almost to the point of choking me. I did what little I could with my lips, tongue and hand, as Joe enthusiastically fucked my mouth.

I put my other hand against his hip to brace myself, while using one hand to try to stroke him and keep him from shoving too much of the cock down my throat. I was struggling to breathe as Joe pulled my head as close to him as he could and came with a great gush into my mouth and throat.

I tried to swallow, so I didn't choke on his dick and his cum, though it took a couple of swallows to get most of it down. Joe released my head and I backed away from him and caught my breath. As I began to breathe normally again, I stood up and faced the execs. "So you've had your little thrills. You made me strip and suck off someone on camera.

Do you feel all happy inside now?" "Stephanie, you have a five year contract. This is just the beginning just the first morning of the first day. You'll be getting acquainted with a lot more dicks before your contract is up." "That's prostitution. That's illegal. You can't do that." "Actually we can. First, the terms of our contract obliege you to perform whatever services we ask, including explicitly sexual services.

Second, we passed some money to some people and got a waiver in the prostitution laws for your contract and this condo." "You mean you intend to have me suck people off for the next five years?" "Not just that. You're going to fuck them too, pussy and ass. You are now our company whore." "Why? Couldn't you do that a whole lot cheaper?" Why me?" "You pissed off a lot of people in and out of your company.

And when you sold out, you got it all they got nothing." "They've been getting a salary." "Now they're going to get more. Call it a retention bonus, and a chance to get back at the woman who has fucked them over for all these years." "Look, I have money from the sale. I'll share it. What do you want for them? Fifty million. Just don't do this to me." "It wouldn't matter if you offered us the whole $250 million back. It isn't the money, it's payback for all the years of being a romping stomping bitch." "No.

please." "I think Joe wants something more, don't you, Joe?" I turned to see that Joe had removed all his clothes and was standing there with his cock as hard as ever. "Now I want to fuck you. Lie down and spread those legs." I turned to the two execs, who smiled and I felt the collar tingle again.


"You mean right here?" "Why not?" I lay down on the floor and spread my legs. My pussy was nicely trimmed, but not shaved. One of the execs commented. "We'll have you shave that cunt once Joe is completely finished. Have to keep things neater." Joe ranged over me and lay down and began playing with my boobs.

As he did, I gasped and moaned and could feel myself getting even wetter between the legs. What was most humiliating about the whole thing was that it felt good. My body was enjoying it and reacting to it. I couldn't help it, as he played with my boobs, I began moving my hips around.

"Slut is really getting into this, isn't she?" Joe began to suck on one boob as he played with the other one and ran his other hand down to my pussy. It was hard to even keep track of what he did. He sucked and nibbled on one boob as he tweaked stroked and gently pinched the other one. My nipples were just about as hard as they'd ever been in my life. In the meantime, Joe ran a finger down my slit, first just down the lips, then in slightly, coming up and stroking my clit.

I was really squirming now and pumping my hips as well. I could feel my juices gushing out of my cunt as he played with me.

Joe took his middle finger and put it deep into me and began to finger fuck my pussy as he used his thumb and index finger to play with my clit. I had not had time for a lover or boyfriend since early in college, and frankly hadn't been fucked for a long time. I hadn't felt like I really missed it. The few guys I'd been with, just were not all that great and I could please myself a lot more than they ever pleased me.

Somehow, what Joe was doing, combined with the audience, exhibitionism, and humiliation, turned me on more than I'd ever have expected. I felt like I was about to explode as Joe pulled his fingers away and shoved his cock deep into my pussy. "Bitch, you can't imagine how long I've been waiting for this." Joe began to fuck me, slowly at first, then picking up speed. As he did, I began to fuck him back. I could feel the heat rising through my body as he plunged his prick as deep in me as it could go.

It no longer mattered whether this was coerced, whether it was prostitution, or even whether it was some sort of weird payback, I wanted Joe to fuck me, and I wanted him to cum inside me. I could feel my pussy tighten around his cock, and heard Joe moan as it did. I could feel the best orgasm of my life building up, and I came, losing body control and just writhing and flopping around as Joe fucked me and filled me with his cum.

I lay there with my eyes closed, gasping and trying to catch my breath as Joe collapsed on me with his dick twitching and spurting deep in my cunt. "Damn, bitch. I think you enjoyed that more than I did." Joe climbed off me with his prick slowly wilting. "Damn, guys, that was worth it. I'd almost have paid you for the chance to do that." The execs smiled before one of them spoke. "Didn't you want a little more?" "Yeah, but I need a chance to recover from that first.

Girl, clean me up." Joe pulled my head down toward his groin. I didn't even fight it at this point. I went down there and began sucking on his cock and cleaning my juices and his cum off it. I had tasted his cum when he came in my mouth earlier, but now could taste myself on his from the fucking we'd just done. As I sucked on him and cleaned him off, he began to get harder again. "Okay, girl. Hands and knees now." I rolled onto my hands and knees, still almost stunned by it all.

He had me move my legs farther apart. I didn't even know or care what he was doing as he came up behind me. I felt the head of his dick against my asshole, and I realized he was going to fuck my ass too. "Oh, no." I began to lean forward, away from him. He grabbed my hips firmly and pulled me back to him. "Girl, you do whatever I want, when I want. Understand?" I just nodded as he eased the head of his cock just inside my asshole.

It hurt some, because my ass was not used to that and the only lube was my saliva and whatever of my juices remained on his prick. He took it easy though as he slid his dick in me, going back and forth just a little farther each time until I could feel him all the way inwith his hips firmly against my ass and his balls swatting me with each stroke.

It was uncomfortable at first, but the farther along he went, the better it felt. After a few minutes, I was fucking him back as he fucked me. It wasn't as good as when he fucked my pussy, but I still enjoyed it, and I was happy when he finally shot his load deep in my ass.

I wiggled and moaned as he did, which seemed, if anything to make him happier. Joe released me and I collapsed on the floor, with his cum dripping out of my pussy and my ass. My eyes were half closed, but I saw Joe go over and start to put his clothes back on. I just lay there, trying to recover from it all. "So Joe, are you happy with what you got?" "Shit, yes.

Almost worth all the grief I put up with for the last few years." "You think she'll do, then?" "Yeah, but you need to have her use a butt plug to stretch that ass out a bit. A little too tight for comfort." "Okay, Stephanie. Get up get cleaned up and shave that pussy. You'll have another client in an hour or so." I got up and looked around and my clothes were not on the chair where I'd put them.

I saw a wad of clothing on top of the briefcase of one of the execs. "My clothes?" "You aren't going to need them. You won't need any clothes for any services you provide for a long time." The exec picked up my clothes with his briefcase, and tucked it all under his arm. "You won't leave them?" "You'd just be tempted to wear them, and what's the point?" "What about food?" "We'll have meals brought to you a couple times a day.

You won't go hungry, and you don't need to leave." "What can I expect, then?" "Expect? Say around four guys a day. You'll fuck them anyway they want to fuck. Most times, your nights will be your own." "So I'm here as your whore for the next five years?" "That was the term, but we could renegotiate for a longer period." "No, no." "You'll be the retention bonus for many of your former employees.

A bunch of them watched the proceedings on live-stream and are eagerly awaiting their turn. We will also have you entertain certain clients and subcontractors. Don't worry. You'll have plenty to keep you busy." Not only had I gotten fucked, I was going to get fucked a lot more, and my former employees watched it all. "Please reconsider. I don't want to be the company whore." "It looked to me like you were enjoying the hell out of it as Joe fucked you." "Joe got his revenge.

My employees saw me humiliated. Isn't that enough?" Joe was dressed and they were all heading toward the door. "Get cleaned up and shave that pussy. Someone else is coming.


And there's lube in the stand by the bed." They walked out the door, carrying my clothes, and closed the door behind them. I went in the bathroom and showered. I washed out my pussy and ass as best I could. I had an implant that had about three years of life left, so I wasn't immediately concerned about getting pregnant.

Five years of four men a day, was over 7,000 men and probably multiple fucks by each one. Shit, by the time they turned me loose, I'd be thoroughly fucked over probably 20,000 times or so.

The prospect scared the shit out of me, but I wasn't sure what to do. The nice thing was, I'd likely have time to try to figure something out along the way. I douched out my pussy and gave myself an enema, then shaved my pussy and showered all the funk of Joe off me.

I had no idea who was coming next, but it would likely be more of what Joe did. As many as all three holes, and probably coming in all of them. Since it was still early in the day, they'd probably have two more after him. I looked in the closets, and there was not a wisp of clothing in any of them. If I could figure out how to get out of this collar, I'd have to find some clothes somewhere. Then I'd have to figure out how to get out of the building.

How do I get ID, and how do I get where they can't get at me? Lots of problems to solve, but I was always good at solving problems. A little later, I got a visit from Miles, who had been my chief information officer. He was my next client and seemed to relish the chance to fuck me just as much as Joe had.

I just lay on the bed, waiting for him to come to me, which he did, taking off his clothes as he did. "How the mighty have fallen. You can't imagine how good this makes me feel." "Nice to know you can get so much pleasure from someone else's discomfort." "I don't know, you seemed to enjoy having Joe fuck you." "You think, given the chance, that I wouldn't walk out of here right now?" "That's why you aren't being given the chance.

On your hands and knees, cunt." "There's lube in the table." "We're just doing doggie style, but if you're good, maybe I'll use lube before I fuck your ass." Miles came behind me and started putting his fingers in my pussy. I was surprised that I was already wet. "Damn, girlie. Looks like you're ready for me already." Miles took his cock and eased it into my pussy. I had almost expected him to be rougher, but he was fairly gentle. As he got it all the way in me, I moaned. "You talk like you don't want this, but you act like you really do." Miles leaned forward and began playing with my boobs as he slowly fucked me from behind.

I hated myself, but again, I was enjoying being fucked. My mind was being betrayed by my body. Coming from behind, it felt more like he was filling me up than when Joe had fucked me earlier.

I guess it was the angle, but it felt even better. Here I was, fucking these guys, no foreplay, no preliminaries, no real consent, and yet I was having the best sex of my life. Was it just because I hadn't had much sex in a long time? I didn't know and couldn't really figure it out under the circumstances. I was fucking him back as he let go of my boobs and pulled my hips tight, shoved his prick deep in me and came in my pussy.

Miles rolled me over and moved over to straddle my face and put his partly deflated dick to my mouth. "Okay girlie, clean it off." My arms were pinned, so I couldn't get hold of him with my hands, but took him into my mouth as deep as I could. Miles drove the action, fucking my mouth as I lay there.

He quickly got hard again and thrust his prick until it hit the back of my throat. I had no control at all as he fucked my mouth hard and fast. I took whatever breaths I could around his fucking, and was starting to get just a little woozy when he came in my mouth. He was not as deep as he had been, so I gasped for air and swallowed what seemed like a quart of cum.

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When he was done spurting, he pulled out and rolled over onto the bed beside me. "Damn girlie. They said this was a bonus.

I need to figure out what to do to get more of these bonuses." "Sounds like they plan to make a lot of use of me, so you'll likely get another chance before too long." "And your pussy is just aching to have my dick back in it again." "Keep in mind, I'm just here as a whore. Do you really think a whore gives a shit about her clients?" "I was going to fuck your pussy, but after that, I'm going to take your ass. Where's the lube?' "Table, beside the bed." "Get in position, girlie." I rolled over onto my hands and knees and raised my ass in the air as I heard him open the drawer.

I could smell the lube as he lubed up his cock. He took a finger with lube on it and stuck it in my ass, then pulled it out came up and shoved his cock in my ass very fast. It hurt and surprised me, but my ass quickly stretched out to accommodate him. "That is one tight ass, girlie. I'm glad they gave me that blue pill. I'd never have gotten it up this many times and this fast without it." Miles fucked my ass like he was fucking a whore. No concern about anything other than his pleasure and his dick.

Once I'd stretched out, it felt just fine with him fucking my ass. He actually kept it up for the longest time before he came in me. It was almost starting to feel like he was going to keep fucking my ass all day. He came with great spurts in my ass.

Miles dressed and left, and I cleaned up in preparation for whoever showed up next. I did have four the first day, including Joe and Miles, basically four of the top people in the company. Over the following days, they worked their way down the company roster or maybe I should say I worked my way down the company roster. I seemed to be doing all the work.

I spent time looking at the collar, which had some kind of lock on. No great shock there. They sure didn't want me unlocking their collar. They used some kind of round lock like in vending machines, so there was no need to put a key very far in. I knew a little about locks, but had no clue how one might even try to pick this lock. I played with it, but didn't get much of anywhere. There was a young latina woman who brought meals twice a day.

She quickly made it clear that she would not help me. "They tell me, I help you get out, I take your place and I have to fuck those men.

No, no, no." Several weeks into it, my client was a young programmer. Smart kid, sweet, a bit nerdy, and young. Unlike most of the others, he tried making love to me. He kissed me and stroked me and really tried to make me feel good before fucking me. Seriously, I didn't have much choice anyhow, but I was touched by his tenderness. Paul spent quite a while kissing me as he stroked my boobs. Then he spent time sucking each boob, kissing and nibbling on it, before turning to the other one.

He kept working my boobs over until I had an orgasm. My body always seemed to enjoy the sex, but I often did not have orgasms. After I came, Paul got on me missionary style and eased his prick into me.

As he fucked me, Paul told me how wonderful I was and how much he enjoyed being with me. I really started to think he meant it. "God, Stephanie. You're beautiful. I wish you could be mine and mine alone." "Even after I've fucked so many guys in the company?" "Even so." After he came, Paul rolled off me and sweetly stroked my body until he started to get hard again. Unlike most of the others, he didn't ask me to suck him off and didn't care about fucking my ass.

Paul rolled me on top of him and I put him in me and began to fuck him. Paul kissed me and played with my boobs and ass as I fucked him. I could hardly believe how sweet he was.

I almost wished he was my only lover. We did fuck a third time, missionary style again, and as he came he spent a long time kissing me before he got up and left. I still had one more client coming that day, which was disappointing. If Paul had been the last, I might have invited him to stay with me.

No one in the three months I'd been there had treated me as sweetly and kindly as he had. A week or so after Paul, they told me there was a special event. They put wide padded leather straps on my wrists and ankles and fastened my wrists behind my back. The two men there took me toward the door to the condo. I was scared, but they told me that the security system had been turned off briefly, as they led me, naked out the front door. I rode down the elevator, still naked to the parking garage, and they walked me to a car with heavily tinted windows.

There was a driver in the car, and the two men sat on either side of me in the back seat. They drove to another parking garage and parked. They got me out of the car, still naked and walked me to another elevator, which took us to offices of what I realized was the company I'd sold. They walked me naked through the offices to a large meeting room, where there were about 25 men gathered. They walked me over to an unusual table and one of the men spoke.

"As you know, Stephanie here founded the company and sold it, taking all the proceeds for herself. To make up for all the greed and ill treatment of the staff, she has been providing services, mostly to the senior staff." I looked around and all the men seemed to be leering at my naked body. I knew most of them must have seen some of the videos of me stripping and fucking, and they must have heard about the 'bonuses' for some staff.

"Now it's time to reward some of the more junior staff, but we're doing that in a slightly different way." With that, the other man unhooked my hands from behind my back and the two men each took a hand, bent me over and fastened the wrist straps to hooks in the table.

They kicked my feet apart and fastened the ankle straps to legs of the table. "Each of you will now get a chance to get a little bonus from Stephanie either her ass or her pussy, whichever you prefer. We have lube here for those who prefer the ass." I was now going to be gangbanged by twenty five men in a meeting room of the company. If I thought it was humiliating to be stripped, kept naked, and fucked by anyone they chose to send over, this topped that by a mile. There was absolutely nothing I could do, and what was worse, I knew my pussy was getting wet, even as the men began to gather around me.

They hooked a mirror on the other side of the table, angled so I could see the face of each man as he fucked me. I could feel the first man approaching me from behind. "Damn, I've heard about this cunt. I'm just sorry I only get to fuck it once." "We have to take it easy on her. We don't want to ruin her in one event. As it is she'll likely need days to recover." The man behind me had what felt like the biggest cock I'd ever taken as he slammed it into my pussy.

He grabbed my hips and fucked me hard and rough for several minutes before coming in me. He pulled out and I could feel and hear someone else coming.

"Damn that was nice. I want more of that shit. Just tell me what I have to do to get another shot at it." The first three were quite happy with my pussy, then I had a couple of ass men. I lost track of it all, I just knew by the time it was done, I was sore as hell and had cum running down my legs from all the fucking.

When everyone had their shot, the men unfastened my wrists and ankles. As they straightened me up they had to hold me because my legs were so weak.

Someone took a damp cloth and wiped down my pussy, ass, and legs, before they led me, still naked back through the office to the elevator. I could hear whoops and hollers as I went through the office. What few women were there just shook their heads and looked away. I didn't blame them, I didn't approve of it anymore than they did. I think I came about three times during the fucking. I can't be sure. Most of it seemed like a blur to me.

They took me back to the car, and drove me back to the condo. They put me in the bathtub. My legs were still weak, and ran water for a bath for me. They told me I'd have the next several days off, then go back to a normal schedule. One of the men said the event had been such a success that they might well do it again in a month or so. He told me they'd already turned the security system back on. The bath was hot and I soaked there to try to get some of the soreness out. If I had almost gotten used to the normal routine, I did not want to get used to the gangbangs.

Sure enough, they let me have almost a week off, before they started the usual schedule again. I knew they turned off the security system when they were taking me to a gangbang, but how could I make use of that?

As it turned out, I was going to get some help. The men kept a tight hold on me as they took me down the elevator to the car. They sat me in the car as before, and the driver turned around and was Paul. He sprayed something in the face of each of the men that knocking them out. He came to the back and removed my wrist and ankle straps and handed me some clothing. It had been so long since I'd worn anything that I fumbled with the clothes, but Paul quickly helped me get dressed.

He produced a key that unlocked the collar, which he quickly put on one of the men. He led me over to another car, opened the passenger door for me, and I got in.

He drove off before the two men could recover from whatever he'd hit them with. "Where are we going?" "Somewhere far away from this city." He drove for a while, before he stopped and we switched vehicles. "They have cameras in that parking garage, and I know they'll be looking for that car and both of us already." "This car?" "Belongs to a friend who's out of town." "They can't track us any other way?" "I checked as much as I could and couldn't find anything else." Paul drove us close to the Canadian border.

A bit of a haul, but not terrible. "I have a friend who tells me there are ways and places to get across the border." "There's a lot more border security now." "They're mostly concerned about Mexicans crossing into the US, not Americans sneaking into Canada." We stopped at a cabin deep in the woods. The cabin looked clean and comfy. The weather was warm enough that we didn't need a fire. As we went in the cabin, Paul turned me around and kissed me deeply. I kissed him back and we kissed for a long time.

"Paul, do you understand just how damaged and used I am?" "Yes, Stephanie, but I want to be with you anyhow." "As sweet as you are, after all I've been through, I don't know if I can really enjoy being with any man." "Please try, and I'll try to be as tender and considerate as I can." Paul led me to a little bedroom.

We sat down on the bed and kissed more until we lay down side by side and continued kissing. "I know we had sex before, but you had no choice then.

I want you to know you have a choice now." "Paul, I owe you so much that you can have any part of me you want, any way you want." Paul ran his hand over my left breast, through my top and bra. He played with it for a few seconds, before he stopped. "Is it okay for me to do this?" "Paul, I'd ask that you not physically hurt me apart from a few gentle pinches. Pretty much anything else is fine.

If I change my mind, I'll tell you, but you don't have to ask before each thing you do." "I know you spent months letting anyone do whatever they wanted to you.

I don't want to be that way." "Paul, you're a very sweet guy, and I owe you so much. I don't want to deny you anything." "You'll tell me if you don't like something?" "I promise." With that, he resumed touching by breasts, which truly did feel wonderful.

"Paul, please take off my top." I sat up and he grabbed the bottom of the blouse and pulled it over my head. He placed it on the floor beside the bed. I kissed him and put his hands back on my boobs. After a couple of minutes, I knew I needed more. "Can you unfasten my bra?" Paul reached behind me, fumbling a bit before he managed to unhook it. I moved my arms forward and leaned forward and the bra began falling off me. Paul took it and placed it where the top was.

"Take off your shirt for me, Paul." He pulled off his shirt and I placed his hands back on my boobs. He began squeezing them and tweaking the nipples, as we leaned together and kissed. I leaned back and pulled him on top of me. He slid down and kissed my right breast. He took the nipple between his teeth and gave me just a little tooth as he sucked on the boob. I moaned, and squirmed, and stroked his head as he enjoyed my breast. I was really starting to get into it as he moved to the other boob and began doing the same to it.

He caressed my right breast as he sucked on my left one. In all the months I'd been with all those men, Paul was the only one who paid any attention to trying to make me feel good.

He was doing that in spades and before too long, I had an orgasm from his efforts. I pulled him back up and we kissed some more as his hands wandered down my body to my waist. I grabbed his hand and put it between my legs where I could tell I was getting wet.

Paul rubbed my mound through my clothes as I moaned, kissed him and stroked his back and head. "Paul, please take off my jeans and panties." Paul slid down my body, kissing as he went down, from my lips to my neck, to my chest and boobs, to my tummy, sticking his tongue in my belly button, which tickled.

He undid the button at the top, then slowly unzipped the jeans. As the air hit that area, it seemed to enflame me more and I lifted my hips off the bed as he pulled my jeans slowly down my legs and off me, He returned to stroke my pussy through my panties and I lifted my hips again.

He continued to just touch me, and I craved more and closer contact. "Please take them off." He kissed me again, just above the top of the panties and pulled them down and off. That was such a relief and I spread my legs wide to give Paul as much access as I could. As he got my panties off, he began kissing starting at my ankle and kissing and licking as he worked his way up my lower leg to my knee, then my inner thigh until he was almost to my pussy.

I thought he'd pay attention to my pussy, which desperately wanted his ministrations, instead, he went to the other ankle and began kissing and licking his way up that side as well. By the time he got near my pussy again, I was on fire. I wanted him, I needed him his mouth, his tongue, his fingers, his dick, anything. I could hardly believe it. My pussy which had been so thoroughly plundered by so many men, so many times, for so many months, wanted to be plundered yet again, by Paul.

My legs were wide apart and as he neared my pussy, instead of going directly for it, he went up to the side of my pussy, over the top and back down the other side. Then he moved just a bit closer, just outside the lips, to kiss and lick back up the side again, just over top of my clit, which was aching for him, and back down the other side, just barely grazing the outside of my pussy lips.

I thought I was going to go mad from sexual desire and craving him, when he paused and placed a big kiss, right in the center of my pussy. I thrust my hips forward as he began to kiss and lick my pussy and clit, first just on the outer lips, then sticking his tongue into me. Paul nibbled and sucked on my clit as he slowly put a finger in my pussy, taking it in and out.

I felt my pussy grab his finger and my whole body exploded in the biggest orgasm I'd ever experienced. I had been fucked so many times recently, but Paul was the only man to make love to me. I came down off my sexual high as he came back up to kiss me. I could taste myself on his lips and I don't think Ive ever tasted anything sweeter. You would think after months of multiple daily fucking that sex would have no thrill, but he gave me that thrill.

"Paul, I want to make you feel as good as you just made me feel.

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What can I do for you? What do you want? My mouth, my ass, my pussy? All of them, any of them are yours. Take them, please." Paul rolled over on me and slid his cock in my pussy. I was in heaven and wrapped my legs around his waist as he slowly began to fuck my pussy. I needed him, I wanted him in me, deep in me, filling my pussy with his dick, filling my pussy with his cum.

At that point, I could not get enough of this man. I fucked him back, just as much as he fucked me. He fucked away, deeply in and out until with a grunt, he shoved his dick deep in me and came with what felt like gallons. He collapsed on me, and I felt my rigid nipples scraping his chest and being tickled by his chest hair.

He was still gasping for air as he rolled off me and began to kiss me, kiss my neck, his my ear, and stroke my face, my neck, and my body.

We kissed and touched each other for a long time, before finally passing out on the bed and sleeping off our sexual reverie. When we woke, some hours later, we made love again, albeit in a somewhat more calm and subdued fashion. We showered and dressed and Paul laid out the plan for that evening. There was a trail starting behind the cabin an old animal trail. There was a full moon, so he said there was no need for a flashlight to follow it. Paul had a compass with a small internal light and he said the key was to make sure to head north.

There was a heavily wooded area and a small road just on the other side of it. Paul said the safest and surest thing was for me to follow the trail, as he took the car and crossed legally through a border crossing several miles down the road. He'd meet me along the road in Canada, then he'd drive us to Montreal, which was fairly close by. A flashlight in the forest would tip border security, but with all the deer and animals, the body heat would not be an issue. It was just a bit chilly and Paul had a jacket for me to wear, in addition to the clothes and shoes he'd provided earlier.

The clothes were not a great fit, but close enough for what we were doing. I hoped to get something a little better in Montreal. Paul kissed me and I started off into the woods. It took a little while for my eyes to adjust to the darkness, but the moon was bright and it helped. There were places where the trail seemed to be hard to find, and when that happened, I'd look at the compass and make sure, whatever happened that I was heading north. Usually after several minutes of stomping through the woods, I'd find something resembling the trail again.

There wasn't much undergrowth, so the going was pretty easy, though there were several small creeks along the way. I didn't trust myself, in the dark to navigate stepping on rocks or fallen tress to get across the creeks. I figured I was most likely to fall and get far wetter.

Instead I found comparatively shallow spots and just waded across, usually with water no higher than my knees. I was in running shoes and socks with jeans, a top, and my jacket. I had no intention of taking off shoes or jeans, so I just let them get wet while crossing. It was a bit uncomfortable in the wet clothes, and as they began to dry, I'd get to another creek. After an hour or so of walking, I came across a road.

I had told Paul that I'd put out a little flag near where I was, and that he was to stop, roll down all the windows and open all the doors on the car and I'd know it was him and come out. The latter was a little paranoia on my part. I wanted to make sure it was Paul and only Paul in the car picking me up. Paul had sprung me and gotten me away, but even now I didn't wholly trust him or anyone else. I knew he had some ideas for getting us away, but I had some ideas of my own. Paul stopped and opened the car as I had asked and I looked carefully to make sure the car was clear before coming out.

We got in the car and I took off my socks and shoes to let them dry out a bit as we drove to Montreal. We stopped and got a pair of burner phones and exchanged numbers, since I had no phone and Paul had wisely ditched his already. Paul found a little motel near the edge of town and rented a room and we went in. I got out of my wet clothes and let everything dry. I also washed out my panties which were still a bit messy from earlier.

We made love again and went to sleep. In the morning, my clothes were dry, if something less than wonderful. I asked Paul if he had any cash and told him I'd pay him back many times over. He wanted to accompany me, but I told him it was safer if we separated for while.

I said we'd meet back up that evening. I hit a thrift store and bought a couple of slightly nicer, but different outfits which fit much better, and hit a discount store for bras and panties and a small overnight case. I changed to a new outfit in a public restroom and put the rest of my purchases in the overnight bag. I next hit a hair salon and had them cut my long blonde hair to a pixie cut and dye it jet black. With the new hair, a pair of sunglasses, and the new outfit, I was almost unrecognizable.

I did some discrete asking around and found a place where I could get a phony passport. So many countries now have RFID chips and biometric data on their passports, and I was a bit leery of that, but found a place that could give me a South African passport with no biometrics. Paul had given me a fair amount of cash, at my begging, and I had enough cash left for a one way ticket to Paris. As the plane was getting ready to take off, I texted Paul and told him I'd be in contact with him in a few days.

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I had some friends in Paris from my modeling days, and hit one of them for a place to stay overnight and a little money, to get me to Switzerland, where my bank and money were. I took the TGV from Paris to Geneva and went directly to the US consulate.

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I wanted a passport in my own name, which would make it easier to get my bank account. I told them a series of half truths, that I'd been falsely imprisoned, sexually used, and transported to Europe under an assumed name. They checked my fingerprints and other biometric data, which matched, of course and got me a new passport.

I'd gotten a new passport photo before I arrived, and had gotten a good phony driver's license in my real name in Montreal. It took a couple of days for them to check everything out and get me the new passport, but I had modeling friends in Geneva to stay with, in the meantime.

I got my passport and with my drivers license, accessed my bank account in Geneva. I had scads of money there. The millions I'd gotten from the sale of the company, but interest and earnings on that, and money I'd put there before.

I repaid all my European friends who loaned me money. I hired some top drawer attorneys to check my so-called personal services contract to get that voided. My lawyers reviewed the document and got the case assigned to a woman judge smart.

They quickly laid out what had happened to me under the contract, and the judge barred the company from enforcing it until there was a full trial and resolution.

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Paul had told me that there were several other people at the company who were uncomfortable with what had been done with me, and my lawyers got depositions from them.

One of them actually had copies of the videos they'd shot of me, which helped nail my case. The company was suing to enforce their personal services contract and suing for damages for breach of contract.

I was counter suing for false imprisonment, sexual servitude, etc. Very quickly the judge ruled in my favor and awarded me a hundred million in damages, along with triple punitive damages. What with appeals, it may be years before I see anything, but for now the contract is void.

I'd ditched my burner phone on the airplane, but got another one in Paris. Once I felt somewhat settled, I texted Paul, asking where I could wire him some money and asking him to fly to London to meet me. He said he'd been worried sick and gave me the information. He said my former 'friends' had put out a million dollar reward for information as to where I was. Does it sound like I was paranoid? Wouldn't you be? I had wired Paul a million dollars and told him to text me when he got to London.

I had a London friend check him out and give him instructions to take the train to Paris. I had another friend check him in Paris and tell him to come to Geneva. In the meantime, I'd made sure the Swiss police were aware of my former abduction and told them my captors might try to take me again. I now have a lovely place in Geneva, far from where I'd been and far from the people who abused me. Paul lives here with me and I am working on another big idea, but this time, I'm letting Paul be the person in charge.

He knows what I want and need and the staff takes it all better from him than they would from me.