Naughty beauty gets jizz load on her face swallowing all the jism

Naughty beauty gets jizz load on her face swallowing all the jism
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There is a knock at your door-it is Saturday morning and you are lounging around the house in your boxers.

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You open the door and see me standing there wearing my Australian Outback duster and red 4 inch stiletto heels. It is sunny and I'm wearing my sunglasses, my hair falling around my face. You're standing there staring in disbelief. "Are you going to ask me in?" I smile at you and I see your face change to a look of hunger. You take my hand and pull me to you wrapping your arms around me and bury your face in the crook of my shoulder- breathing in the scent of my hair, soft perfume, and my body.

You groan softly as I put my arms around you, your breath caresses my neck and I shiver. With your arms around my waist you lift me and turn slightly so that we are now in your apartment, you push the door shut with your foot. Setting me back on my feet you pull back to look at me-pulling my sunglasses from my face with one hand, the other reaches out and touches your cheek, "Hi baby." my hand caresses your cheek.

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I set my sunglasses down on the table and I cover your lips with my finger, "Sshhh." I put my arms around your neck and lean into your body, pressing against you. "I want you!" Our lips meet, tentatively at first, slowly becoming more intense. Your tongue enters my mouth, probing-searching-seeking my tongue. As our tongues meet I moan softly as fire spreads throughout my body, our tongues dancing, circling one another-driving us both into a hurried pace.

With your hands-you slide them inside my coat, up my shoulders to slide my coat down my arms to the floor, my red silk shirt follows it after a few minutes- you pull your lips from mine and leave a firey trail of kisses along my jaw line to my neck. As you nibble and suck on my neck-the very sensitive spot below my ear-you discover as you run your fingertips up and down my back-ever so lightly. While kissing my neck I arch my back and press my breasts against your chest-you realize my bra is the only thing between your lips and my nipples.

Your lips trail down my chest to the top of my lacey black bra and your fingers quickly unsnap my bra and slide it down my arms-throwing it on the floor with my coat and shirt. Taking my hand you lead me over to the edge of your bed and begin to kiss me again.

Slowly lying me down while you run your hands all over my body, raising my short skirt enough to put your thighs between mine so that you can run it back and forth against my wet pussy lips. Your lips close around my nipple and you suck, nibble and flick it with your tongue. I slide my hand between our bodies and into the front of your boxers.

Finding your rock hard cock I begin to stroke it, as I stroke your cock with my hand I reach up and suck your ear lobe into my mouth making you groan with desire. I bite your earlobe gently just before I whisper in your ear that I want to suck your cock. Your body becomes still as you look up at me. I lay you on your back as I slide over your body, pulling my skirt up my thighs so that I can straddle your hips.


I start to kiss your body pausing in places to nibble and let my hair caress your body. As I reach the waist band of your boxers I pull them down slightly so the head of your cock is the only part visible- I run my tongue across the tip licking up the pre-cum that has leaked out.

My tongue ring slides back and forth and round and round with every movement of my tongue across the head of your cock. I pull your boxers down your hips and off your legs. As I crawl up the bed I tell you to put your hands behind your head and keep them there, "Trust me, I won't hurt you." Kneeling between your thighs never taking my eyes from yours I lean down and run my tongue along your left hip, down the inside of your thigh.

My tongue traces your cock from the base to the tip as my hand cups your balls. My tongue runs in circles around the head of your cock and I start to pull your cock into my mouth, slowly-inch by inch closing my lips around you sliding my mouth up and down. Your hand grabs a fist full of my hair at the base of my neck and I stop "Uh uh, I told you to keep your hands where they were." I put your hand back under your head, "Baby I have only just begun." This time I took my index finger and slowly sucked it into my mouth as you watched.

I sat back and ran my finger up and down the length of your rock hard cock-round and round its head, pre-cum oozing out the tip- my pussy was so wet my juices were running down the inside of my thighs I rubbed my hand across my wet pussy to collect some of my juices, wrapped my wet hand around your hard cock and began to pump up and down.

I wrapped my lips around your cock and followed the path of my hand- up and down- I could feel your body tense, your hips thrusting up and down in rythem with my mouth on your cock.

Taking my hand away-continuing the motion up and down with my mouth, I slowly take every inch- feeling you slide easily down the back of my throat, my lips pressed against your body at the base of your cock.

You can't handle it anymore-grabbing a handful of my hair and bringing my mouth to yours for a passion filled kiss.

I moaned into your mouth your other hand quickly stripping my skirt off me-your hand sliding up the inside of my thighs feeling my juices that had dripped there, stopping just a couple inches from my lips to tease my body as you continued to kiss me. Your thumb searching through my folds finding my hard little clit and rubbing against it over and over, back and forth. My body completely responding to your touch, my hips bucking against your thumb my back arching.

You tear your lips from mine and clamp them onto my breast-sucking, biting and licking my nipple. I barely have a voice as I tell you "Oh God, don't stop. I'm gonna cum!" Your thumb still against my clit you slid down my body gently sliding my feet up so that my knees are bent in the air and pushing them to fall apart as far as they would opening my pussy to your every desire.

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With your other hand you slid your middle finger into my softness-sliding in so easily from my wetness. Your thumb still on my clit, you start to fuck me with one finger, "Oh God yes!" my pussy starts to clamp around your finger as you pull back- this time inserting two fingers inside of me.

My hips buck against you and I scream- fucking me faster and faster with your fingers, you feel my body spasm and you know that I am cumming. "Cum for me baby, that's it-cum for me." You take your thumb off my clit and replace it with your mouth, your tongue flicking, licking, sucking and biting-keeping me in orgasm for several minutes as you finger fuck me over and over.

I have never wanted anything so much as I want to have you inside of me. "Oh God Ron, please fuck me-NOW!

I want your cock inside of me, " You kiss your way back up my body to my neck and position yourself between my thighs-grabbing a pillow to put under my hips. Lifting my hips towards you the head of your cock enters my soaked pussy as you put the pillow under my hips. I wrap my legs around you to pull you further into me as you set my hips down on the pillow.

"Not yet baby." you tell me as I groan in complaint that your cock is no longer inside me. You lean down to kiss me softly at first and as your tongue entered my mouth your cock slid into my tight wet pussy. I moan in ecstacy at the feeling of your cock filling my pussy. Sliding your arms under my back and grabbing my shoulders I feel the muscles in your ass tighten as you push deeper still into me.

You can feel my body stretch to accommodate all of you. As you pull back you release my mouth from our kiss-you slide back into me growling in my ear, "God baby, you are so tight." Biting my neck "You feel so good, I want you to fuck me!" I whisper in your ear.

Sliding in and out of me- my hips meeting yours with each thrust. Taking my ankle you put my legs both to one side as you continue to slide in and out of me, spreading my ass so you can push even deeper inside me.

"Fuck me doggie style." Quickly grabbing me and rolling me onto my stomach and positioning yourself between my legs- you pull my ass into the air back to meet your cock-you push into me and I arch my back- wanting all of you inside of me.

I push back to meet your thrusts. Grabbing my hips you thrust harder, slowly at first-quickly picking up the pace. I feel your balls against my clit with each thrust. I reach between my thighs to spread my pussy further and to play with my clit. I feel the palm of your hand smack my ass-surprised it does something to me, turning me on even more.

You sense the change in me, grab my hair and pull my head back as you lean to whisper in my ear, " You like that baby?" Barely finding my voice "Yes." I whisper. As we continue to meet each other stroke for stroke, your hand still in my hair-pulling tightly as your other hand spanks me. Using your thighs to spread mine further sliding into me faster now, "I'm going to cum, don't stop. Oh Ron, don't stop!" You wrap your arm around me, your hand finding my clit rubbing it.

Your other hand still in my hair, pumping furiously into me. You feel my pussy tighten as my body starts to tremble.

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As I cum all over your cock, it soaks your hand and our thighs. As I calm from such a mind blowing orgasm. I feel your slippery finger playing with my tight asshole, rubbing around it, spreading my cheeks. Slowly inserting your finger into it- nice and tight.

Slowly you start to slide in and out of my pussy as I push back against your finger in my ass. Wanting you to fill both my holes. "That feels so good." Your finger buried to the second knuckle.

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Pushing further still you bury your finger as far as it will go-slowly sliding it in and back as you fuck my pussy. I reach back to spread my cheeks for you.

"Fuck my ass." As you pulled your finger out of my ass you also pulled your cock from my sopping wet pussy, leaving me feeling completely empty- but not for long as the head of your cock slipped into my tight ass. I moan as you push deeper-slowly so my body can adjust to your size. I lean up to kiss you, "Fuck me!" Again grabbing my hips to slide in and out of me while I reached and slid two fingers inside my pussy and began to fuck myslef.

With each outward stroke you made you watched me furiously fucking my pussy-exciting you even more. I could hear your breathing getting harder and your cock grow bigger as your orgasm got closer. Rubbing my clit with my other hand I sent myself over the edge again as your balls got tighter and you shot your load into my ass. I collapsed onto the bed totally spent your softening member pulling out of my ass-you laid down next to me and wrapped me in your arms.

Kissing me softly. "Time for a shower." as I push up to get off the bed my nipples brush your chest and get hard. Knowing I have you for the weekend I ask you to join me.


Seeing your cock bounce I know that you will rise to the occasion again and again.