Dirty slut ravishing her man while smoking a cigarette

Dirty slut ravishing her man while smoking a cigarette
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The next morning when their mother was in the bathroom to take a quick bath, Stuie snuck out nude and back to his own bedroom. He decided to wear the same outfit since Julie had at onetime suggested they would get a couple of loads of laundry done that afternoon.

He would change into clean clothes then. At last, no more fights about who could use the washing machine and when. Now that they were on such familiar terms they would use those facilities at the same time.

Just like with some girl friends, his jock straps would be spinning and agitating with sports bras and panties. For some reason, that closeness made him feel good inside. As he dressed, his dick was jumping and swelling with the prospect of a new intimacy with his kid teen sister. But he was determined that this would not interfere with his obligation to help begin the day in household responsibilities.

He heard his mother leave the bathroom and he quickly used it and left to trudge to the kitchen to help Julie with breakfast. After the meal, the truck was not very far down the drive when Julie got out of her seat and without saying a word, started to reach for hands full of his baggy clothes and wrench them all off of him.

Before she had him completely stripped naked, he began to protest. "Oh please, sister goddess, I am still so tired, let me go back to your bed and we can sleep and cuddle some more before we get it on." She cast him a feigned stern look like he was a naughty little boy.


"Not for more than an hour you weak human. Now take these clothes off me." Once again, in her room, both of them naked, and in her bed, her older brother resumed his soft melodious snoring almost instantly.

Her friends at school had complained that fathers and brothers snored as if some aggresive wild animal had broken into the house, growling as if searching for prey. But Stuie snored in pleasing varied notes of low volume whistles. Her mother told her once it was the most beautiful noises she ever heard from a sleeping person. It started when he wasn't much older than a baby. The pediatrician had given him a clean bill of health for sinuses, throat, bronchials, and ear canals and told the mother there was no need to be concerned unless it got much louder.

She dozed and then would sleep fitfully while he was out like a light the whole time. When she would awaken, as she just learned, more often than not his cock would be at attention even if the rest of him was not. If his dick was limp, it would just take a few caresses for it to swell and strain in full.

She would try to shift him so that he was spooning her adjusted so that his big pulsing cock was pressed against her billowing little ass. It felt nice but not nearly so intense as what she wanted. Finally, at just before noon she went back to the kitchen to make another pot of coffee. She brought back a mug of the steaming hot liquid for him. She awoke him and kissed him softly on the lips. She turned around abruptly and stuck her small but very round ass into his face.

She reached back and spread her cheeks so that her little teen pucker was just inches from his eyes. "You see that hole, there?

That is the one left your beautiful fat cock has not fucked yet. I want you to do that reeeeeeal soon." Her brother smiled and pulled the young teen into his lap, resting his head on her developing titties.

He loved her being so horny and demanding about it. He thought this is the way all young boys should be introduced to sex. He propped himself and kissed her on the top of her head. "Let 's do this in the shower. I just want to make sure that everything is real slick and wet for the best opportunity for the best fit." "You're the one who has done this before.

You call the shots. Even if it hurts at first, I'm just dying to know what it feels like when you are pumping and stroking me back there." In the shower, they were like 2 dogs on the tub floor as the warm water cascaded over them. Stuie was limbering her up with the usual soap and fingers act at her little star fish and the rest of girlie-to-woman teen parts. But with one hand he was spreading her little ass crack so that he could push his face and mouth right against it.

He was drilling the little bullseye with his tongue tip. She vocalized little approving teen squeals. Occasionally he would move his other hand away from her swollen girl parts to stick a finger or 2 about or into her pucker. He was testing to see how relaxed it was getting.

When he finally figured that she was breeching real easy and the muscles there were not impulsively clenching against his digits too hard, he thought she might be ready. Her ass was away from the spray of the water and he was able to lather up his impatient cock without it washing off right away. In later sessions when she was hot to get her ass fucked in the shower, she would be the one to lather up his cock. But he bent over her frame and said, "this dog has gotten so horny, I need to mount you now." "Oh, yes please.

I think I am ready now. Mount me and fuck my little doggy ass." Her little pucker was squirming almost frantically for more and more intense contact.

Her labia were hanging down swollen with desire and anticipation. With his knee bent and crouching so as to just line up his cock head with the tiny opening, his strong hips thrust it forward shoving his cock head and another inch of his shaft through her barrier muscle.

The young teen let out a gasp. "God that is so fucking tight. It feels fabulous. Does it hurt you Julie?" She let out a squeal before answering. "It hurts so great. I am getting used to it. There was a cramp when you first pushed it in. But its gone now. Move it slowly." But he had the sense she was actually backing into it.

"It feels better the deeper you go.


Let me have all of it." He confidenrly crammed it in up to the hilt and for the first time the teen felt the exquisite sensation of hot pulsing man meat slide up to invade into her bowels and beyond. She let out a little gasp and a squeal. It was wonderful to her to be filled and stuck like this in such a compromising way. It was if all a tormentor had to do was make a different sort of move and she would be torn asunder.

"Ooooooo you can fuck me now. Please! Please!" "You little fuck goddess, you've got a 2nd tight cunt - a little back door that makes my hard doggy cock feel real great." He was pumping her slowly with long strokes, his cock head bumping beyond bowels into her not yet adult colon back to her quivering and hence pinching sphincter.

He was in a commanding position hovering over her not unlike a wrestling stance, one hand clenching one side of her waist and her hip with a strong controlling grasp. "Be a bad doggy and fuck my other cunt hard." He picked up the pace and really slammed her with impact at the end of each forward stroke.

She screamed out her little syncoptated squeals louder than he ever noticed before but not so that it seemed to hurt her. He started to stroke more slowly and with less force on the forward stroke. "Oh pleeeeeease don't stop." He picked up the pace again as before, this time reaching underneath her to fondle her girlie parts with pressured aggression. She was genuinely screeching with joy, now. "Oh! oooooooo, yes! Don't stop!

yes! oh! oh!" "You're bad doggie's bitch is in heat." "Oh! oh! Don't stop bad doggie!" But her legs were opening instinctively to give her pursuer more venue to her hungering sex organs.

In the throes of his passions, the experienced brother still feared she may slip and he would fall on her and hurt her. He pulled her back astride him, both of them on their sides on the tub floor and more than just a little cramped for the lack of surface space, her upper leg propped by one his hands, porking her little back door at such a frantic pace she was discombobulated by all the stabs of extreme sensation, but it felt sensational to have her small young girl shit hole reamed and torn apart in the commotion.

If he ever let up, she would be almost panicked by the diminishment of activity. "Oh! Oh! Oh pleeeeease dooon't stop!" But the cauldron of heated stimulation growing in all of the athlete's lower torso was reaching its point of explosion.

The pace of squishy tight friction on a healthy sex organ would have its inevitable consequence. By now, Julie was on top and riding her over-stimulated partner at a pace of near desperation, squealing and shrieking. "Oh bitch goddess, I can't. . .I am going to. ., I am cumming." He had grabbed her, impaling her as deep as he could and stopping her movement so that he could shoot squirts of his heated load as far up into her visceral guts as he could push into her.

Julie savored every spurt, wiggled her ass to snuggle the softening guy meat that still installed itself in her, and relished the sensation of the liquid silk that sluiced from her hole once her brother's organ went completely limp and slipped out.

"Oh bro, you're such a beast of a dog. With that bang bang cock you got, you know how to work out all a girl's holes.

Now my girl cunt needs a workout." "Later Julie! You know how eager Mom is to have us finish looking over the workers' quarters.

We've got to finish washing and get on with it." Still lounging on the floor of the tub together with the water from the shower head rushing down on them, the teen nestled her head in the crook of his arm. In less than 30 minutes they finished washing each other in the shower, toweling off, dressing, and starting into the kitchen to make lunch.

But Julie did an about face and walked briskly back to the bathroom. She returned to the kitchen about 10 minutes later with a vaguely sheepish expression on her pixie face "Ah, you may not want to go back in there for about another hour or so.

Now I know what people mean when they talk about 'fuck the shit out of you.'" Her brother responded with his boyish devilish grin. "You took a nice healthy dump, huh? Glad to be of service." "Oh my first 2 periods, I could not do a good shit if my life depended on it." "You were constipated." "Yeah, but I just now learned what I could do about it if that ever happened again." She patted the youth on his arm. "Yup! my brother could sort out that problem for me, alright." Her brother cut a long noisy fart.

"You pig! I should have saved a ripe one for you before I went to the bathroom." After lunch, walking on the way to the sleeping and living quarters, their discussions about their new founded intimacy continued. "Stuie, all this great fucking does not seem to have any effect on the awesome feelings in my 'G' spot." "Julie sweets, there are positions for that. We will try one tomorrow." Another improvement in working outdoors deriving from the new closeness between the cross-gendered siblings was that the brother no longer felt the need to wander off to be more discreet for a decorum of peeing.

It would be no different than if he were on a camping trip with men and boys. One day later that summer, Julie coaxed him so she could see just how far he can pee. He told her he could do better with a full bladder. For years prior to then, she repeatedly informed her brother she was glad she was female. In the act of relieving one's bladder however, guys definitely had the advantage. ************************** The next morning, they eagerly showered thoroughly but expeditiously, Stuie observing once again his kid sister grope her diaphragm into her.

After drying off, they pursued Stuie's idea of gathering sofa cushions and pillows to place in a defined order on a dried and clean bathroom floor. The idea was to elevate the pair, so their supine activity could be reflected in the full length mirror on the bathroom door.

Extra pillows were provided on either side of the comfy necks so that their backs and heads would be propped some. The idea was that Julie would be able to witness all the motions and movements of fucking in the mirror.

Her brother's back would be facing the mirror. First they stood facing their reflection, after some open mouth kissing, the older youth stood behind his sister, his front warmly pressed to the young teen's backside, his arms wrapped around so that he could paw and fondle all the young girl charms visible to both of them, with special focus on budding titties with their very hard nipples, and the swelling girl parts between her legs.

When her moans and squeals signaled that she was ready, he seated her with her legs spread open, seated himself opposite her with his legs spread facing her front. He coaxed and encouraged her to move closer to him so that the backs of her knees and the lower ends of her thighs open in a 'V' were resting on the upper ends of his thighs practically up to his waist.

His straining cock flinched a bounce triggered by its owner's sight of her swollen, red, open lips, glistening with her teen syrup. With 2 fingers from his right hand he bent the spring of the rigid root so that his cock could be manipulated forward to target her juicy teen hole. The young sister deduced the situation and pulled open her labia to stretch open the boundary of the hole to make the desired target even more available.

With fingers of her other hand, she snatched the end of his cock so that it was pressured against the little entrance. It didn't take much of a double thrust of his hips for Stuie to be tunneling inside his young sister up to at least an inch of his shaft.

Reveling in the stretched and full feeling in the front, she slid forward to take more inches of him into her.

He would pull back and then thrust his cock forward again. Immersed in the rhythm of delicious feelings, the teen suddenly realized she was not getting those usual hot sensations with what she thought was contact with her 'G' spot. She shifted back without having her brother withdraw and held him at his hips to unspokenly direct his movements. Leaning forward, she had him slide himself to stroke forward by just a few inches, as if he were picking himself up off his seat just slightly.

He did that twice. Bullseye! "Ooooo that feels so amazing. Fuck me like that." The youth tried to retain just that position for rapid fucking. The teen was full of her squeaky squeals now. He had reached to fiddle her bulbous love button, but she pushed his hand aside to attend to it herself.

The brother deliberately did not want to spend too much time to stroke into her into ejaculation, so he knew some ways to twist himself against her tight little convulsing fuck tunnel that sent electric heat to the root of his cock and trigger those dense hot spasms through all his own sex parts, feeling the warm spooge erupt through the male dilated canal to clash with his sister's own assortment of fecund sauces and syrups.

She had almost been screeching and her spread out legs on top of her own had been jumping around.

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He could not tell when her orgasm had started or just when it would completely end or if she had more than one. They snuggled briefly and then set about cleaning each other off.

But he did not want to disassemble their little love nest just yet. "Julie, now that we have the advantage of the full length mirror, I want you to show me and youself how you get yourself off." She gave her brother a big hug. "Thank God my brother is a dirty dog.

What a cool idea. I guess I was always afraid Mom or you would walk in on me for me to try such a thing before." "I think I need to buy a mirror like that for your bedroom door. You could watch yourself then whether standing, seated, or lying back on your bed. Just like this morning, you could watch our reflection as we fuck, suck, or fool around." "I've got the best bro ever. He could come into my room whenever he wants when I am changing or reading one of those dirty magazines he gave me and he could watch himself jack off." The youth snickered and laughed his pleasing mirthful laugh.

"That would be fun, but this morning is for you." The young girl, still naked, quickly fingered herself to a deep climax thanks to the added stimulation of watching her own facial responses to the hot sensations of young girl pleasure.

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The most satisfying was to see the bright eyes of her brother glued to the mirror, evidently enchanted by all the manipulations of erotic female self manipulations.

When she settled down from her orgasm, the nude pair kissed lightly. "That was so hot sis. I hope you are varying your technique. No 2 girls are alike, but you ought to try many experiments.

Let me take your hands and suggest another approach." He took her right hand brought it to her just developing little love hole and arranged it so she could see her first 2 fingers would be poking herself there. With her left, he placed it so that one or more fingers would be fondling her blooming clit, its hood, or the immediate surface thereabouts.

"You see while you are working both those hot little parts at the same time, your other fingers could be tickling your lips, your soft graze, the little button your pee hole ends, the other flesh near the end of your hole. The back fingers from your right hand could even be running down your crotch and near your little bung hole.

Whatever suits you at the time." "Ooooooo that feels so amazing." "Rachel used to get herself off that way lying on her back with her two legs practically climbing the wall that her bed was set up against in her dorm room.

It was so hot to watch her doing that, I would practically climb the walls myself. I was always obedient and thoughtful, though. She would cum so hard, she would want me to cover her mouth so that other people on the dorm floor could not hear her moans and groans." As the young teen tried that technique, soon she resorted to just one hand with 2 fingers all about her enlivened parts. She was nearly breathless after climaxing again.

"I am just too worn out for anymore of that today." "I know sis. I just think the happiest girls are the ones who practice so many different ways to play their own instrument." "Play their own instrument?

How about guys who blow their own horns?" "Oh, I haven't tried that in a while." His kid sister's eyes suddenly widened and brightened. He wanted to dissuade her on this matter right away but could not stop himself from blushing deeply. "I can't believe I just told you that. Julie, it doesn't work. There is no point in trying to do that now." "Oh pleeeeeease show me that, whether it works or not." She was jumping up and down in excitement and whining just as she had when she was a little girl.

"Maybe one day.

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There are no promises." "Oooooooh, I think that would be just about the best day of my life if you let me look at you trying to doing that. Why did you decide to try and blow yourself?" "Julie, horny guys will try to do just about anything to get themselves off.

We have cocks that can be made to cum and we have mouths with tongues that can lick and suck. Naturally we try to see if the 2 can meet. Very few guys can. I can't. Now let's clean up in here." As they cleaned and straightened the bathroom, and later dressed in clothes in the parlor they had laid out for themselves, the athletic youth noticed his kid sister cast curious looks his way.

"Alright, we agreed I should never be embarrassed. What else did you wnat to know about me, Julie?" The teens eyes wandered and she could only look him directly in the eye for brief seconds. "Well, it's a couple of things that have to do with each other, I guess. You are a wrestler and I don't mean those goofy guys on TV. In school, we learned that ancient men, especially in Greece, wrestled in public nude. But many of even the Greek married men had gay sex all the time." "Let me make this easy for you.

First, you want to know if I have ever wrestled in the nude? Then you also want to know if I have ever taken on a gay lover or just enjoyed casual gay sex especially with any of the guys on my team?" "Well something like that." "Julie, 1st nude wrestling now is sort of a fetish for some gay men, but not really str8 guys.

But in answer to your question, I am going to tell you a story I have never told anyone else since most of what has happened to us over the last week is going to be strictly confidential." ************************** "For a time, Anita's best friend at school was a girl named Therese. They roomed for less than a year. She was the girlfriend of a team mate of mine named Julio. When Therese had her birthday in our sophomore year, she asked Julio for the gift of a performance.

She wanted us to discreetly wrestle in the nude for a match that would only be witnessed between her and Anita. We agreed to a few ground rules of strict confidence." Stuie paused to try and get his chronology right. "There is something you need to know about Julio before I continue on. I don't know about girls in their locker rooms and noticing each others tits and all, but str8 guys cannot help but notice that each others packages do not vary in size all that much.

Yeah, we see some guys are small like little boys, but what really stands out are the guys who are hung much better than the average.

Julio is so much more horse hung more than the rest of the team. We used to tease him that Therese would have to be taken to the hospital. Julio would be charged with assault and battery of a cervix. Of course, Julio would take the ribbing as some sort of a compliment. Well, the night of Therese's birthday, they had arranged the room so that all the furniture was moved to one side of the room and we guys would have 1/2 the floor space to compete.

We kind of got into it with music and did our cute little strip teases before the event. The girls clapped and hooted. When we were both naked Therese paid me thoughtful compliments, but I could see Anita's eyes were trained with obvious interest on Julio's swaggering dangler. Well as we listed for the initial headlocks, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Therese was sneaking out a digital camera." Julie could see that her brother was upset with the recollection. "Well I immediately pulled away, pointing at the camera, reached for my jeans and my hooded sweat shirt to cover myself.

Anita saw it before Therese could sneak it away and called her roommate a bitch. Her whole expression changed completely. The other 2 tried to laugh it off, claiming the pictures were only souvenirs for the 2 of them. I reminded them it was against the agreement and they laughed it off as sort of a 'busted' situation.

Therese said we could relax and ordered Julio to get beers from the little fridge in the room. I started to relax and both of us guys naked in the room tried to coax the girls out of their clothes with a strip tease. Well, it turned out to be all tease and no strip. Then, the girls started to clap and yelled, 'do it! do it! showtime!'" Stuie looked directly at his sister.

"Well they wanted us to do what I did for you last week, not knowing the context, just I did not see you until it ended. The three of them had it all planned out. I did not know until the plan was to take place. Well I picked up my clothes and started to put some on. They protested. Well I told them THAT was not part of the agreement as well. They said ok, no showtime. The girls teasingly undressed what few clothes were on me and we continued to drink and party. Pretty soon after, the door opens and a pretty big crowd enters the room.

Well you know me, I don't mind being social when naked, but I was still yelling out, 'no cameras or phone cameras.' Everyone laughed and said 'no cameras.' Well I started to relax again especially when all the girls there would come up to hug me and Julio. Someone did get a picture of me with a beer, wearing some stretched super loose tied necktie some dude had slung around my neck, and nothing else with some girls hanging off my shoulders.

Of course my bare package is well centered in the picture. Well of course, the picture was texted to many of the cell phones of people on campus, and then some. Everyone, both guys, gals, and even some faculty were nice and jovial about it. Remarks were like 'wish I had been at the party. Love a guy who knows how to enjoy himself.' I would tell people I was busted at what was supposed to be a small birthday party for my girl." This was not a casual recollection for Stuie.

"I had meant to print out a copy of the picture and give it to you this summer.

This fall, I will send you one. But what is important Julie, is that I was lucky. If it had been pictures of me wrestling nude with Julio, or worse a picture of Julio jacking off with me naked to one side, it would not have been nice. It would have ruined my college life and ended my education.

You have to be so careful." "And you are, Stuie. I trust you but people can be such assholes." "Don't forget that. . But at any rate, let me tell you how the gay thing enters into this. I had a huge fight with Anita because I knew she wanted this as a pretext to see Julio nude, hard, and jacking off.

Therese had been bragging and the 2 conspired in a way that she could verify all her roomie's claims for herself. If I were there and participating, there would be nothing I could say. After Anita and I broke up, I realized that there was more involved. Julio was always very friendly and jocular with me, talking about different girls. I was friendly but did not seek him out because we did not seem to have much in common outside of the team.

I now realize he and Therese were very attracted to me and wanted to seek me out for sex. No doubt Julio, hung as he is, is what is in gay parlance called a 'top'.


He does the fucking. The fucked man is the 'bottom'. They wanted my bottom so Julio could fuck me with his humongous horse cock, even if I am too sensitive there." The youth actually smiled at his kid sister, snickered, and winked. She smiled and hugged him again. "You are so sweet to tell me this story." "Just like yourself Julie, girls and women of all ages are becoming very curious about gay sex.

I know girls at the schools are trying to encourage their boyfriends to experiment with it. I know one team mate who has done just that to please more than one girl friend he has had, and I have suspected one or two others. Therese was Anita's lesbian lover on the side which was just fine with me.

We even had 3-way phone sex one time. I never even suggested that they give me a show. I now realize that they would only be giving me a show, if me and Julio first had shown them how much of his beast cock I would submit to have nailed up my butt into my guts. I now realize this was Anita's aim. It had become an important part of how we were going to relate and when it did not materialize, that is when things started to fall apart for us. Anita and I are still friends.

I don't know if her boyfriend now puts out for guys, Therese and Julio are no longer enrolled. I don't know what happened to them." Stuie was frowning now. "I don't know if you are old enough to really understand this.

Of course I need girls for sex. Sexist as this may sound, I get so horny and I need them for physical satisfactions very urgently and passionately.

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But I really fall for these girls. I love them so much, more than they could ever realize. When I am dumped as Anita did me, it hurts in my chest so bad I wonder if I can survive. After Cheryl, that is the way I felt at the end of this semester. I was freaking and I was not sure I was up to taking my exams physically and emotionally. Cheryl realized I was in crisis." Tears started to come to his eyes.

"Even though we both knew it was the end, she rented a motel room and we studied together and would have sex after we both took our exams at the end of the day.

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She was so sweet, we would just hold each other." The youth looked his sister directly in the eye with all earnest seriousness. "What all this leads up to is that if Anita had been more subtle and sensitive about wanting me to experience sex with other guys, I honestly cannot say what could have happened.

I honestly don't know. I know Cheryl would have been very happy if I had said to her one day that I had enjoyed casual sex with another man. She would have wanted me to pursue it further. I cannot say for sure that there will never be a day when I have some kind of sex with a man." Julie was in tears now. "Stuie!" "What is it kid?" "If you ever have sex with a man or even make him your lover, I will always love you just as you are." "I know that Julie sweets.

But even if I tried to take on a man as my exclusive lover and partner in physical intimacy, I would come to miss women so much, I would just go crazy." "Well maybe a gay man could teach you that thing I want you to show me. But if not, and even if you are never able to make yourself cum when you show me that, I will still love you just as you are." Stuie threw back his head in his mirthful laughter that Julie and their mother loves so.

"Thank you, sis. No promises on that show." In the next chapter, will Julie get to see her brother suck himself?