Ravishing czech nympho is seduced in the mall and plowed in pov

Ravishing czech nympho is seduced in the mall and plowed in pov
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I arrived at the housing project in the neighborhood, spotting Jocelyn's car in front of the building. I found the door unlocked, and went in. Looking into one of the rooms, I see Jocelyn standing by the window near a loose mattress on the floor. My arm swept around her waist pulling her around into my arms. Jocelyn searches my face as my lips descended on hers, they closed. She likes the kiss. She feels safe enveloped in my arms.

My lips are hot and demanding, and she surrenders. Undressing, pressing her naked body firmly against me, she wonders at her boldness. Her aroused nipples are crushed to the coarseness of my clothing betraying the sexual excitement that fueled her own desires. Her lips part and she greedily thrust her tongue forward for attention.

I'm quick to join the duel with my own stronger, thicker tongue. She squirms in my arms as she surrenders her mouth, in recognition of my alarming demanding male power. Butterflies flew from her stomach, and a tingling sensation flushes her skin. She jumps as my hands cup the soft peach like curves of her naked ass. Firm hands grip, squeeze, and press her against my body. I enjoy the soft, warm, round curves in my hand. This eager woman has a well rounded ass and I'm relishing the soft, smooth flesh that has been stroked and fondled by my hands three times and now I'm owning and cupping them again.

Her lips are hot and acquiescent as I kiss this exciting beautiful woman. I enjoy their softness. Tracing the sweet lips with my tongue, I sought out her tongue and enjoy a brief by-play. Delighted in the eager response.

Jocelyn is hot! Aroused and excited and I did not care the reason why. I feel those firm breasts pressing hard against me, and my cock hardens and lengthens in preparation for mounting her. My hands pull her hips into my loins. I feel the momentary shock, and brief resistance as she feels my hardening cock, then the resistance melts and she is pushing back pressing against my loins and wriggling her hips in heat against me. Wanton woman, she is so excited now I can do as I like with her, but I want to cherish and savor the breaking again of this young single, sexually naive woman.

I enjoy her begging for more and having her in heat for my cock. I have months to seduce and train her. Today is a spontaneous rendezvous with Jocelyn.

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Jocelyn had finished reporting a story here and I showed up here. I will bring her back to my bed time and time again. The rough sex can come later. With regret my hands left her ass, much as I wanted to pull those cheeks apart and shove a thumb up her ass, if only to see the shock and alarm on her pretty face. I wanted to push her too her knees and bury my cock down her throat and watch her struggle, eyes popping, riven by fear as my cock throbbed in her throat.

I restrained my impulses. I tried to imagine Ellen on her knees and wanting to please me, wanting to take my cock in her throat. All in good time.that can wait. My hands instead caresses the soft skin of her back.

My fingers stroking moulding the warm skin. I push her away, Jocelyn stepping backwards surprised tripping falling back on the mattress. Startled she starts to get up looking at me in surprise. Then she sees me start to unbutton my shirt, and realized I'm undressing to join her.

I spread a blanket on the mattress, she sank back on the mattress looking up surprised. The room is empty except for the mattress on the floor.


Sunlight is coming in from the window. As she lay back on the mattress yet another surprise awaited her. She found that the blanket feels like cool velvet, and she ran her hands over the silky material.

She ran her hands over the blanket and grinned in pleasure and delight. I keep my eyes on her as I undressed. She is a vision of curvy, loveliness. A rose for me to pluck, savor and despoil. As my hands worked my clothes I enjoyed the sight of her sprawled on the mattress. Even now she keeps her legs together, one half crossing the other as though protecting her pussy.

Her natural shyness is present as she watches me. Her breasts are full and firm and lying on her back they stood firmly proud of her body. Her legs are long and shapely, finely curved. I look forward to exploring the soft warm inner softness currently hidden again. Her skin seems to glow, and the light within the room, emphasizes the white skin. She is soft and beautiful, and naked on the mattress. I grinned. I stripped away the last of my clothes, watching her eyes widen, as they focused on my loins.

I walk around the mattress and her wide eyes follow locked on my cock. I'm use to this reaction among women, especially women that have not been with me before. She worries about the size of my cock penetrating her, now she has seen it, that worry adds to my own pleasure when I enter her.

Women fear the size of my cock ever time they see it. Despite such fears very few women try to stop me entering them. On the far side of the mattress I kneel down leaning over kissing those soft lips. One hand caresses her arm, the other cups her cheek, while my lips kiss soft parted lips. I'm gentle with her, considerate and comforting as my eyes glance across at those breasts.

I restrain my desire to grasp and hold them. There will be a time when Jocelyn will be impatient to feel my grasping hands fondling her breast, but now I concentrate on reassuring and arousing this nervous pretty woman. My tongue traces those soft cherubic lips. When her tongue tentatively peeks out, I caught it with my own and soon our tongues have begun that magic duel of love and lust.

I see from the rise and fall of those magnificent mounds how excited Jocelyn is becoming. I raise my head looking down into her eyes, she gazes back at me breathing heavily.

My hand caressing her arm moves across cupping a firm mound. I enjoy the full, firmness. Its heat, and the increased fluttering excitement I feel in this aroused woman, pleases me. I lightly stroke the underside, then my thumb slides over the already thickening nipple. I watch Jocelyn as her teeth nibbled her lower lip, as she tries to control her response.

This delightfully attractive woman is like a musical instrument and I'm happy to play tunes with my fingers, lips and tongue that will drive her to sexual ecstasy. Single probably been a long time since a boyfriend has paid detailed attention to her. I lower my head licking lightly at the aroused tip of a nipple, enjoying the jerky excited response.

I play my tongue around the aureole, then my lips close over the hard nub. I lightly suck as my tongue licks, and I hold Jocelyn as she squirms and wriggles in an excited response.

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I cup her other breast. Hold it firmly and squeeze. As I lick one nipple I look across as my free hand squeezes, fondles, and grasps her other breast. I enjoy clasping her full round breast. Jocelyn whimpers excited with restrained pleasure beneath my working hands and tongue. I see that her other nipple has also become fully aroused, a little mountain peak of sexual excitement waiting for my attention. My head rose from one wet excited nipple descending on fresh untouched pink peak.

The aroused pink nipple is urgently thrust into my mouth as I lower my head over it. My hand now free strokes lower, caressing the soft womanly body of my new conquest. I suppress a grin as lips and tongue work.

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My fingers slowly circle and stroke her abdomen. I feel the excited fluttering within and wonder at the nervous sexual excitement of this woman that only months ago had seemed untouchable, unapproachable.

She is ready and I stood. Jocelyn lying on the mattress is riding an emotional rollercoaster. The sweet sensation of lips and tongue has been exquisite. The hot, wet licking and tonguing has driven her senses into overdrive. The strong pungent smell of my arousal pervaded her nose and she breathes it deep. I'm not by any measure a particularly handsome man and stripped of my sophisticated clothing I reveal a heavy stocky body that reminds her of the strength and physical power of her father.

Like her father I'm a successful and well-connected businessman. She shudders to be making such comparisons. Jocelyn's thighs close tight at the thought of her father.

I stood as Jocelyn's eyes follow me as I stand up. In her position, flat on her back, on this mattress, Jocelyn looks up in shock at the sight of my aroused cock. She has seen horses with smaller cocks.

Her thighs lock tighter as though a magnet has been activated between her knees. ' Noooo.', her words are involuntary. Her eyes remain locked on my monstrous appendage. At a guess she estimates its length at eleven inches and shudders. She had thought her boyfriend's seven inches was too long.It is not just its length. It is thick as well.

Much thicker than her boyfriend's. Her boyfriend's circumscribed cock had a thick mushroom cap that made it seem thicker then it was but my rampant masculinity is thicker, far thicker. She will be stretched apart, and her vaginal canal ruptured if she allows such a cock to penetrate her. She shudders, a deep shudder that seems to radiate up her spine and set off more tingling. She stares. The rumors and innuendos about my cock are true.

Jocelyn can't imagine taking the length and thickness inside her. It did not seem possible. While her thighs seem locked together, another part of her womanhood is safe and secure between those shapely thighs throbbing and pulsing. Liquid heat envelopes her loins leaking hot wetness onto the blanket. Her mind and body are far apart, with fear and disbelief dominating her thoughts. While her shapely body shimmies and wriggles. Jocelyn fails to suppress her rising excitement.

Jocelyn flushed pink at the realization that without any touch or attention her preciously protected womanhood has flowered open. As though a flower seeking the sun her pussy is ready, and hot with anticipation for that which her eyes said is impossible. It has been so long since she has been so aroused.and it is another man's cock that has done it.

A monster cock. She is trembling with mixed emotions fighting her conscience and her shame as a rapid dose of guilt flashes through her emotions. The last two times I tried to seduce her she refused my advances. The last time she had said 'No,' I attempted to take her anyway. She shudders at the exciting memory of me trying to forcefully take her, and the exotic twisted pleasure she had experienced. This time she is lying naked in an empty house on a mattress.

If she allows me to make love to her here, there will be no excuses. She will another one of my conquests. Those who found out would see her as a tramp. The local community is certainly aware of my womanizing since a number of my ex wives live in the Dallas/Ft.

Worth area and many of my lovers also. if Jocelyn let me continue.Her eyes widen as my cock seems to be throbbing and pulsing, appearing to have gotten longer and thicker? Her eyes are riveted on it as I move. Watching it bobbing and throbbing.

Her guilt bounces back. I reach down sliding my hand between her silky thighs. I enjoy the warmth, the silky softness, the shapely curves. I run my hand higher, enjoying the incredible pleasure of feeling up a delightful and beautiful woman. " Come on, honey," I look at her eyes.

It is like watching a tormented soul battling within. Then her thighs fall apart and I climb between them. I waste no time. She is thoroughly aroused and my cock is bursting with need and lust. I reach down to slide its thick head between her hot wet silky labia, and position myself.

I reach up grasping her hair pulling her head up and back so I can stare into her eyes. Then I push, it is one of the most deeply satisfying moments of any sexual experience.

To thrust inside the hot desiring sheath of a beautiful woman. I watch her eyes as I thrust. Watching as the turmoil evaporates to be replaced by excitement. I thrust hard and deeper. I lever my body. Her pussy is like a virgin's a tight sheath with rings of tight clasping muscle to push through.

I raise my hips thrusting harder. Jocelyn gasps. I transfer my weight to my elbows, thrusting forward into that delightfully tight hot sheath of pleasure. Jocelyn wails, unable to control herself. Urgently she bits down on her lip to try and contain the erotic pleasure of being fucked by such a cock.

I savored the hot tight resistances. Each forward thrust pushes through and aside a fresh tight ring of vaginal muscle. This is what I love about a new woman her sexual excitement provides the lubrication, but is not prepared or ready to receive my length and girth. I look down into Jocelyn's pretty face enjoying the look of shocked concern as I push deeper. There is a slight hint of fear in her, reflected in the tight grip on my arms as I push the long thick length of my cock into her womanhood.

Jocelyn has not experienced or prepared for such a penetration into her private sanctuary. I bring my hands up gripping her shoulders. Taking a firm hold I thrust harder watching her eyes widen.

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I shuffle my position. As my cock sinks deeper, I need to bunch up, bringing my knees higher. My hips push her soft thighs and they part further. I grinned. I pause, flexing my cock, savoring the hot tight grip on my throbbing cock.

I give her time to become accustomed to my size, but not long. I have no intention of allowing this woman to fall into a sexual comfort zone. I look again and her eyes are on my face. I smile, and she smiles back.

I flex my cock enjoying the spasm of pleasure on her face. She has some fear, but she wants this. I will teach her fear. Teach her to enjoy pain. Teach her to submit and enjoy. This woman has not discovered her womanhood. Too many crazy notions that have corrupted her understanding of her role to please men.

I flex my cock again and I'm delighted seeing the pleasure it gives her. I release my grip on her shoulder to cup her cheek, to lightly caress the soft cheek, with my hand. She looks startled than turns rubbing her cheek, nuzzling my hand. " You like this Jocelyn?" She looks at me. I see her confused thoughts. Her thinking is struggling with sexual need. " How many men have fucked you before your boyfriend?" She looks shocked shaking her head.

I flex edging my hips from side to side. Her eyes flickering out of concentration at my movement. " Never!.I've never .never.not with anyone but my boyfriend." " Really. Is mine really only the second cock you have experienced?" Jocelyn bits her lip as she feels my cock moving inside her.

Her concentration on my words battered by the extra-ordinary sensations flooding her loins. Her naive innocence delights me. I lean over her returning to grip her shoulders. I see she knew what is coming and alarm crosses her face. I thrust, pushing, pulling, and thrusting. Jocelyn screams " OMG.YOUR SO BIG.IT HURTS.AAAAAAHHHHHHH," beneath me.

It seem as though my cock has torn through her vagina, and into her womb. Her body is tightly gripping me now, as her fear at the depth of my penetration seems to clamp down on my cock like a vise. I'm not finished yet.

I'm not fully embedded inside her. I heave my body over hers, feeling the submissive give underneath my weight as her thighs splay wider. Her loins are totally open to my thrusting body. The wide open look and shock in her eyes please me. I thrust again, she screams " OMG.STOP.YOU ARE SPLITTING ME IN TWO.PULL IT OUT.PLEASE PULL IT OUT.PLEASE," beneath me.

Her tightness around the end of my cock slowly relaxes disappearing as I push the last of my nine inch cock inside her. Have I pushed through to her womb? Unlikely but it feels that way. When my seed spurts into her at this depth she will be shocked again! Jocelyn grips my shoulders tight as more of my monstrous cock drives further inside her.

She has never felt so conscious of being penetrated. No coupling with her boyfriend can match lying on her back, legs spread, while I push in. It feels like a never ending penetration. The thickness is unbelievable as well. She has never been stretched like this. Can my cock be growing bigger with each thrust? Then she feels the soft slap of my testicles slapping against her loins. She shivers at the realization I must be all the way in.

She starts to relax. Then I move backwards and the sensation overwhelms her gripping inner muscles is too much! " Arrrghh.Oh God.Oooohh." I grin thrusting back in. Jocelyn is writhing and spasming beneath me. I pause to give her a bit more time to adjust and to relish the soft, warmth, of this curvy woman beneath me.

I lower my body on top of her relishing the pressure of hard aroused nipples. My body presses down crushing against her chest and firm breasts. I relax my grip on her shoulders looking down at the whiteness marred slightly by the red markings of my grip. I kiss her forehead, she looks up. I kiss her eyes, and her pert nose.

Her lips rose to meet mine and I kiss her passion swollen lips. My cock jerks and throbs inside her in response to my erotic wicked thoughts. Our lips locked. Her eyes are closed and I savored the eager passionate kiss. Then I press with my tongue, there is nothing submissive about the greedy sucking on my probing tongue. I flex my hips pulling back, enjoying the wail that burst from her lips clasping to mine. I thrust hard and the wail, turns into a whimper.

It is time to start breaking her in.The next fifteen minutes are permanently blotted from Jocelyn's memory. All she remembers is the sensations. Slithering hot thrusts between her legs. Sensation on incredible sensation! With a bruised and battered pussy, and breathless crushed lungs she looks up into my face.

The feel of my hot sperm spurting deep inside is only just receding. The hot spurts triggered her own orgasm. Though the last fifteen minutes seems like one electrifying orgasm. She has never experienced incredible erotic sex like this before.

She relaxes her arms, so tightly clasped around me. She strokes my arms, marveling that a middle aged businessman can have such strength in his arms. She can't speak. Her thoughts are turbulent and her body relaxing from its recent peak. She looks at me. I'm relaxed. There is no sign sweat that seems to pour from her own brow. My breathing is calm and collected. She reminds herself that I had also just had an orgasm. The evidence she feels deep inside her.

She can not recall such evidence of her boyfriend's sperm inside her being so noticeable before! It seems so slow to be absorbed. Thank God she is on the pill. She relaxes her thighs, only just noticing how hard they are hugging this male animal that has brought her to unexpected pleasure.

Animal! She likes the idea. I'm so calm and collected. Hardly the primal animal that the rumors, innuendos and reputation accuses me of being. But the feel of my relentless thrusting body and my surging cock driving inside her is an experience she never expected.

I reach down giving her a light kiss on her lips. " Ok honey?" " Yes, it is wonderful," she nods smiling up at me. " I'll just let you get your breath, and we will start properly." Jocelyn looks up alarmed.

Her pussy clamping down on my thick length buried inside her and she realized I'm still hard. " I've already come." She looks up at me. " I noticed, but the night is early." Jocelyn looks shocked. " You don't understand I have already come.I only come once in a night." I laugh. It is a deep roaring laugh. Jocelyn feels my cock throbbing and jerking inside. She clamps it tight with her inner muscles alarmed at its movement deep inside her oversensitive pussy.

" You don't.I can't.its not possible to 'do it' twice!" I grin as I look down into her flushed beautiful face. Naive women, I love them. They are so inexperienced easy to seduce.

I enjoy the way her face turns pink. She tries to push me away, but I grasp her hands pulling them high above her head. I brace myself between her thighs that are trying to push me away. " No.not again." I grin thrusting slowly back in. I watch her eyes roll, as she struggles against me. I hold her hands firmly above her head with my hands. I push apart her thighs with my body pressing deeper. " Ooooooh!.Noooo!.please.stop.its too much." She is hot, wet, and now thoroughly lubricated.

My cock slides easily through the feebly resisting inner muscles. I watch her head toss from side to side as I pull back. Her whimpering and excited moans delight me, as I thrust hard. Her head jerks back and she yelps. I grin. This is so much fun, her lubricated pussy is still so tight around my cock.

" Now honey, now we fuck." A deep moan rises up from deep within her as my long thick cock throbs, jerks, then slams inside her. Jocelyn struggles to remain conscious as the sensations overwhelm her. It is too good, just too good to be real. She is pinned to the mattress by me looming above her and it seems to release a deep suppressed emotion inside her. I want and going to take her again even when she has protested telling me No. She reaches up clasping me too her, her shapely legs flexed, stretched, then wraps around me.

" Oh God.Oh God.Oh God" Her exclamations matching my thrusts. Then my hand wraps in her hair and jerks sharply on her hair. Pulling her head towards me, Jocelyn is surprised to see the angry look in my eyes. " Forget begging when you are in my bed!" Jocelyn looks alarmed, but as the sensation of fucking receded she feels keenly the drop in sensations between her legs. Another fear engulfs her. Jocelyn stares at me, confused, perplexed, and horny. Jocelyn swallows, as her pussy muscles grip and clasp my cock to squeeze pleasure from it.

" Do you want me to stop?" Panic flashes across the flushed face of the aroused woman beneath me. Then her hips thrust up grinding frantically against me. " Please.don't stop now.oh please," her eyes are wide and full. I grin, crushing her lips with mine. My body moves into overdrive above her as I crush her softness with hard thrusting strokes, enjoying the excited, shuddering, warm body beneath me.

The mating dance begins again with renewed passionate participation on my part as Jocelyn struggles against me. Trying to deny her heightened sexual awareness. She is stretched.

She is filled with my cock. Her womb feels penetration by its length and she shivers at the thought of just how deep inside her my seed will erupt. She clings to me, trying to cushion her body aganist my hard deep thrusts. She feels overwhelmed with the sensations. Her eyes closed as she hangs on as my primal animal growls sends shivers down her spine and my passion and desire overwhelms her.

The thought galvanized her with reality. She has a lover! How erotic! She feels an illicit thrill surge through her as she realized, she has passed into a new phase. Not just a lover.a big cocked man!

A big dominant male has burst into her life and she wants nothing more than to spread wide and receive my passion. Thoughts evaporate as sensations radiates out from her loins extinguishing all rational thinking. I'm above her grinding and thrusting into her hot wet tightness, I feel the beautiful woman below me shivering and shaking as my thrusts slam into like a jack hammer.

This is not the time for gentle lovemaking. This is the time for uncontrolled fucking! I grip her shoulders to hold her in position and thrust up inside her hard, delighting in the way she jerks and bucks when I went in deep.

I savored those clasping muscles seeking to cling to my cock as I withdraw. Then the increasingly easy acceptance of my thrust as I slam back in. She is trembling beneath me and I know she will not be able to restrain herself much longer. I hold back my own excitement. Determined to bring her to new uncharted peaks of excitement. Then she jumps in my arms and her legs fly high and wide as she wails her orgasm.

" Oooooh.oh.oh.oh.God!" I barely slow my pace. " No.enough.too much." I grin as I increase my hard thrusts. " Urgh!" Oh please no more.I can't take any more!" I grin my delight, hold her firm continuing my pounding. She wriggles beneath me as she tries to push me off, but I'm determined to teach her that sex with me is not a once a night affair as it seems to be with her boyfriend.

" Oooooh!.Oooooh!.Ooooogh!.stop.it's too intense!" I swing my hips in slow thrusting circles as I push on and Jocelyn's head falls back and she went into a paroxysm of spasm and jerks.

"Aaaaarrrrrrrgh." Jocelyn screams her protest. I relish her soft squirming curves holding her close, as I continue a determined pumping between those exquisite thighs.

" Mercy! Mercy! It's too much!" I enjoy the protest of the woman beneath me. She will be coming back for more of this. When she does I will demand 'extras' from her. Extras to test her resolve and strain her commitment to her boyfriend. My hands reach down to firmly grip the well-rounded curves of her ass. I imagine how her eyes will widen and panic as I thrust nine inches of thick cock into her curvy ass now clasped in my hands.

I prefer to break in young and innocent women. Virgins preferably. Finding virgins is wishful thinking at times. Though they do arrive now and then at trendy nightclubs and bars not realizing that I'm there sexually aggressive and determined.


Those newly arrived fresh faced innocent women walking into explore the clubs and bars as though venturing into any other shopping mall are so unprepared for me.and so naive about their own burgeoning sexuality.

Jocelyn went into fresh paroxysm below me, and her wails descended into a whimpering protest as orgasm after orgasm rolls through her.

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I grin thrusting and spurting, sending her into an more prolonged bout of shivering and shaking. It is so easy to persuade these women to part their legs and accept the risk of impregnation in return for rough lovemaking. Jocelyn is not a fresh faced young woman, but she is so sexually innocent. Jocelyn lay on her back.

Her breasts rising and falling rapidly as she sought to gather her senses and recover her thoughts. She has, she realized, just experienced the fabled multiple orgasms. She has never believed it was possible. Dismissing it as a myth. It has been too intense. She has always pushed her boyfriend away when sex got out of control. I was too strong and powerful for that. She feels helpless beneath my thrusting manhood. It has been so different. She looks across the mattress at me.

Lying calm and collected, while Jocelyn tingles and throbs. The excitement slowly receding. " I suppose we need to leave soon." Jocelyn looks at me, and I nod looking at my watch.

It is 4:30 pm. She smiles, laying there with glowing satisfaction, in a disheveled state. She rolls over on to her side, enjoying the way my eyes drop to her firm breasts. She is pleased with herself having aroused lust in a man.

Then her eyes drop to my cock. After I had pumped my seed twice into her it lay there across my stomach. It is thick and long covered with their combined juices.

She hesitates then reaches across taking it in her hand. She has never handled her boyfriend's sticky cock after sex, but my cock is so extra-ordinary.

She took it into her hand enjoying its throbbing warmth and squeezing its thickness. She and her friends had talked of big cocks, and Jocelyn had boasted of her boyfriend's size. My cock is myth like. Long and thick, she shivers her pleasure as it responds to her touch.

Now it is thickening and lengthening again. She cuddles closer to me, savoring my sweaty maleness. I'm looking at her with lust in my eyes. She smiles her sweetest smile. She leans closer nuzzling my cheek, using her own face to push me to one side. Then her tongue snakes out and she slowly licks the lobe of my ear.

She grins at the spasm that seems to wrack my cock in her soft hand. The sudden jerking thickening as I become aroused again exciting her. She pauses a moment, then slips the tip of her tongue inside my ear, licking, twisting her tongue to match the curving inner ear. She breathes hot breath in my ear, squeezing my cock with her hand. She pulls back a moment looking down at me grinning. " I can stay till 6 pm," her voice softly whispers.

She watches the grin spread across my face. Then she giggles like a girl as I roll her over climbing on top of her again.

Her hand grasps my cock tightly as I roll between her spread thighs and she guides it inside her. She looks up as I enter her again. My body rolling, thrusting, twisting and turning. She looks at my buttocks flexing and relaxing as I thrust hard and inside her.

She reaches around me grabbing my thrusting muscles. Her hands grasps my hard curves pulling me closer. She watches as she stretches her legs wider, delighting in the erotic sight of her long shapely legs spread wide for the thrusting, rolling body between them. Her eyes roll back as the feel of being fucked by this animal begins to overwhelm her again. Suddenly I stop pulling my cock out of her.

I pull her up off the mattress, turning her around pushing her onto the mattress on all fours. I spread her legs again, mounting her like a dog mounts a bitch thrusting my cock roughly back inside her.

My monster cock slides inside her like a knife slicing through butter. Clasping my arms around her as I slam inside her like a pile driver, my one hand is rubbing her clitoris and the other hand pinching her nipple.

My head resting against her bare back and I'm licking the back of her neck. We are sticking to each other like a dog and bitch as I ram her roughly, deep and hard.

My balls slapping against her stomach sending continous orgasms surging through her. Forty five minutes of breathtaking rough hard sexual nirvana. Nothing in her life has prepared her for the relentless driving sexual lust of me, and she loves it.

Loves the experience, the sensations, the power of my body and the stamina and male force I exert in taking her. She is confused, yet satisfied. She jumps to her feet reflexively grabbing her clothes. She rushes fumbling as she sought to dress herself. I lay back, grinning at her panicked rush to dress, enjoying her discomfort.

She looks at me apologetically, then flushes. " Wait!" I command halting her as she heads for the bedroom door. She looks back at me lying at ease, naked on the mattress. My body seems to have an oily sheen from the mixed sweat of our passion. Her eyes are drawn as though by a magnet to my cock. " Lick me clean before you go." My eyes nodded down to my cock, with unmistakable intent. Jocelyn's face transforms to a look of horror and distaste.

" Yuck! That's perverted!" Then she turns and left, the sound of my deep laugh reverberating in her ears as she fled.