Gay seduces straight tubes This weeks submission comes from the

Gay seduces straight tubes This weeks submission comes from the
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Chapter 3 If you've kept up, you know that I've enjoyed oral sex (giving and receiving) with my sexy sister-in-law, Debbie. Since she lives a couple hundred miles away, we keep up by using E-mail. Have to be careful, though.

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My wife is becoming more computer-literate, and her inquisitive mind causes her to try to delve into my private life (on the web). Deb's husband could care less, and couldn't find his way on-line to save his ass. Anyway, in our conversations on-line over the last few weeks, Deb's confessed that she planned the whole scenario when I picked her up in Columbus.

She knew, from talking to my wife over the years, what turned me on (stockings, pantyhose, etc) and used it to her advantage. She really didn't know that she would take it as far as it went, but she definitely "dressed for success" before leaving home that afternoon!

I was pretty impressed, that the sexy thing liked me enough to go to the trouble! She went on to remind me of certain times over the last couple of years, where I got a good look up her dress, and admitted that she'd arranged those situations on purpose.

Then, she screwed up my mind by telling me that if I'd made half a move on her, she'd have given it up (oral sex only, that is!) a long time before we got around to it! That killed me, knowing that if I'd gotten up some balls, I'd have scored well in advance of when I finally did! (Let that be a lesson to you, guys. A blow job missed is gone forever!) Anyway, back to what's up with Deb.

Our next opportunity to get together, was Thanksgiving, when all of my in-laws would be down for the weekend. Creates a very cramped, crowded atmosphere, for sure. Besides my wife and I, her Mom, Dad, two sisters and their husbands would be on hand. During our last talk on-line, Deb said she was looking forward to seeing me, as I was her.

We really didn't think there would be a chance to get together, but we would be watching for any opportunity. She told me she had a surprise for me, but wouldn't even give me a hint as to what it was. Then, believe it or not, Debbie showed up ALONE on Wednesday night! Her husband didn't feel well, so he decided not to make the trip! Man, she was really pissed at him, missing a traditional family holiday because of a runny nose!

The rest of the family would arrive Thanksgiving morning, so that night it was just the three of us.

Deb looked great, in a grey pencil skirt, black sweater, sheer nylons and heels. I told my wife I'd take them out for dinner, so she got dressed and we went out. Applebee's was the choice, and they weren't too crowded, so we ended up there. We were evenly spaced around the table, and shortly after being seated, I felt Deb's foot rubbing against my leg.

It was dark, so no one could see. I reached under the table, and found the hem of her skirt up. My hand landed on her nyloned thigh, and I couldn't believe it. She had on a garter belt and long, sheer stockings! I immediately knew what my surprise was, and she looked over and smiled at me. Without being too obvious, I could only get so high up on her thigh, but I did make to the clip on her garter belt and some smooth, bare skin. My wife ordered her second Margarita, so I started planning the rest of the evening.

Debbie had a couple of drinks, but didn't get too wasted. I had one beer! There was NO WAY I was going to give up any control of my faculties!

After a tasty dinner, and one more tall drink for my wife, we headed for home. My wife was pretty shit-faced, and even fell fast asleep on the way home. Debbie took full advantage, and reached between the seats to grab my dick through my pants.

It was rock hard, and her tongue licked the inside of my ear! Once at home, Debbie got out first, and before I woke my wife up, she stood in front of me and hiked her skirt up to her waist. High heels, stockings, garter belt, nothing else. No panties! I kissed her and slid my finger into her wet pussy before going around to help my wife to the house. Once she (my wife) was safely in bed and back asleep, I went back to the living room.

I made sure I would know if our bedroom door opened, as early warning.

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Debbie was sitting on the couch, watching a movie on TV. She had her legs pulled up under her, but her sexy, nyloned knees were still visible below the hem of her skirt. I sat next to her, and she smiled at me. "How 'bout a foot rub, Rick? Do you still give them?" She extended her legs out without waiting for an answer. Her sexy high heels were still on her feet, which landed in my lap.

I took one, then the other shoe off, and started rubbing her feet. The feeling was fabulous, and I quickly worked my way up her nylon sheathed legs. I stole a quick look, and Deb's eyes were closed, but her hands were lightly rubbing her breasts through her sweater.

My hands reached the tops of her stockings, and hesitated only briefly before moving onto bare thigh.

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I spread her legs wide, and one hand went right to her gaping pussy. She moaned when I slid first one, then two fingers into her. I told her to keep an eye on the hallway, and went to my knees in front of her. My mouth quickly found her clit, and I sucked it in, biting lightly on it.

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That got a loud moan out of her, and my hand went up to quiet her. I really didn't think my wife would wake up, but why chance it? Without Deb noticing, I slid my zipper down, and pushed my pants down off my hips. I moved up to kiss her hard on the lips, and she sucked my tongue into her mouth. This was it, I figured, so I finger-fucked her for a couple of seconds, and then slid my dick into position. I was half way in before she could react, trying to buck me off.

Her upward movement only caused deeper penetration of my cock, so she reversed and tried to pull off.

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I held on. "Asshole!" she whispered, and put her arms around my neck and pulled me down. Her nyloned thighs wrapped around my waist, and I fucked her hard. I pulled her sweater and bra up and nuzzled her sweet breasts, and she moaned louder. It was a good thing my wife was drunk, because nothing could have stopped us at that point. We fucked hard for several minutes, and after she came twice, I think, she sensed that I was ready.

"Don't you dare cum inside me!" she warned, so I backed out and straddled her chest on the couch.


Her hands went around my shaft as her mouth locked on the head of my dick. She stroked it for a few seconds, and that was enough. I filled her mouth with cum, causing her to swallow three times to get it all. Then, she snuggled up on my lap and kissed me. She was pissed that I'd fucked her, but understood that I just couldn't help it.

She made me promise (right!) her that I wouldn't do it again!!! Next, I'll tell you how I managed two more blow jobs that weekend, with everybody there! Even Deb's husband came down Thursday with her Mom and Dad!!! Chapter 4 When I last wrote, I was having a great Thanksgiving weekend. Debbie (my sister-in-law) came down the night before the rest of the family (including her husband!) and we were able to get my wife so inebriated that we were able to have lots of fun that night. Anyway, on Thanksgiving morning, the rest of the in-laws arrived, bringing Debbie's husband with them.

I thought his arrival would be the end of my fun, but I was wrong! Debbie had dressed to please me that morning, in a long gray wool skirt (slit to mid-thigh!), black sweater, sheer nylons and heels. My wife dressed up too, so Deb wasn't too out of place. I wondered if Debbie had pantyhose on, or had she been brave (as she had the night before) and worn a garter belt and stockings? Even though she had to act like she was glad to see her husband, I could tell she was a little disappointed at his unexpected arrival!

He seemed surprised at her attire as he kissed her hello, and she just told him that she and my wife had decided to dress up for the holiday. Dinner was really fun, and the food terrific. Debbie sat across from me, and was able to drive me crazy, first with the toe of her high heel, and then her nyloned foot against my leg, under my pants! She had to be careful, with my wife running back and forth from the kitchen, but even with those interruptions, she did a good job of driving me crazy under the table.

After dinner, all the guys headed for the TV and football, except me. I helped in the kitchen, and was rewarded by a few quick kisses and caresses from Debbie when no one was looking. Once, when I helped her with the trash, we had a quick 2-minute grope in the garage, with both of us all over each other!

As I drove my tongue down her throat, I massaged her sweet breasts, and then quickly moved downward to that marvelous slit in her skirt. I quickly found the answer to my earlier question - pantyhose! Very sheer, sexy nylon, no panties under them, and with an open crotch panel! My fingers slid into her wet pussy with no trouble as she stroked the length of my rock-hard cock in my pants.

My next opportunity came when my wife went to the store to pick up more Cool-whip. Deb's Dad and husband were asleep on the couch, and her Mom went with my wife to the store. They were no sooner out the door, when Debbie dragged me into the kitchen. There is a pass-through between the rooms, and I was able to see everybody else, as she went to her knees and unzipped my pants.

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Before I could say or do anything, she had my dick out and her mouth wrapped around it! The sensation of her hot tongue working on my cock was unbelievable, and I was having a hard time keeping watch.

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Then, as is her specialty, she backed off until just the head of it was in her mouth, and started stroking the shaft with her hand, knowing we didn't have much time. She watched me looking down at her sucking me off, and it was unreal. Then, with her other hand, she reached down and opened her skirt at the slit, baring her sexy, nylon clad legs, almost up to her waist! That was all I needed, and my cock exploded in her mouth.

She moaned as stream after stream of my hot cum hit the back of her throat, and I almost lost my balance, which would have been real bad. I held on as the last of my load emptied into her mouth, and as soon as she knew she had it all, she swallowed once more and quickly put me away and zipped my pants.

I pulled her back up 'till she was standing in front of me, and I kissed her deeply, tasting myself in her mouth. "I owe you one!" I whispered, and she just smiled. By the time my wife got back, we were sitting at the table playing Backgammon. Oh, yeah. I still owe you an account of one more blow job, don't I? Deb and her hubby stayed until Friday morning, and at about 6:00 AM that morning, she snuck into the bedroom my wife and I share, and woke me up - by sucking on my cock!!!

With my wife in bed next to me!!! Luckily, my wife is a heavy sleeper, and Debbie, in a robe, nylons and heels, got one more load of cum out of me.


I caressed her nylon covered ass as she sucked me off, both of us listening for any change in my wife's breathing.

As usual, I came very quickly, and Debbie got every drop. She leaned over and kissed me, letting some of my creamy load drip into my mouth. (God, she's sexy!) They left after breakfast (hers AND her husband's) leaving me satisfied and not too horny, much to my wife's dismay!