Asian twink spanked roughly while breeding with inked jock

Asian twink spanked roughly while breeding with inked jock
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Part 2 of a 3 part series. Please read part one first, as it sets the base story for the other two. If accepted as well as part one, part two will be shortly followed by the last of the trilogy. Again, these events are virtually true, merely intensified for dramatic effect. Megan awoke grogily, stretching accross the bed, only to find herself alone. Her mind slowly waking up, she could smell a distinct mixture of bacon and maple syrup.

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Living off pop tarts back in Cali, she was quickly told by her impatient stomach to hurry to the dinning area. Glancing at the clock on the way out of her cousin Jon's spare room, she saw it was already 11 o' clock. Jon dumped another hot skillet of french toast onto the serving plate on the table, as he was again praised and thanked by his visitor Jessica. She had woken up fairly early that morning, and came out to find Jon just coming back from his morning jog. Jon couldn't help but love her "pajamas", which only consisted of a cute lacy tank top that her huge tits made look fantastic, and a pair of boy shorts that were just as stimulating.

With ample time, he elected to make the two visiting girls a nice breakfast for their second day in Florida. He playfully grabbed at Jessica's ass every time he walked by her, at which she almost-too-playfully ducked away scolded him. The pair saw Megan enter from the hallway, Jon shocked to find her atire just as breathtaking.

What he wouldnt have done to be in the middle of those two girls last night. His brain battled with itself over that idea. Hey, yes. Megan was his cousin, but as long as he didn't act on it, he could admire her body all he wanted, right? Megan gave a bubbly good morning, followed by a quick "Smells amazing!"Jon gave the order, and all three pulled up a seat and dug into the food. Following breakfast, Megan excused herself to go shower, as the other two had already done so earlier that morning.

As soon as he heard the door shut, Jon decided it was time to apply more pressure on Jessica. Joining her on the couch, he quickly changed back and forth, from small talk to complimenting her appearance.

Each attemptive compliment was met only by blushes and giggles, which Jon took as successful flirts. It wasn't long before Jon was right up next to his date, holding her romantically, Jessica no longer taking her eyes off his, lost in his welcomed seduction. He gently kissed her, which Jessica found sweet and comforting. Relaxing and putting all of her objections aside, she kissed back, the two of them growing more and more passionate. Jon started to kiss her harder, sending her mind ablaze again, as the young girl lost herself in the extacy, realizing he was slowly laying her on her back, she allowed him as he crawled on top of her for better access.

------------ Standing alone in the shower, Megan knew full well what was transpiring in the living room. She smiled to herself as she exaggerated the scene in her mind for her own benefit, while slowly rubbing her nipples under the hot water. She proceeded downward with her hands until they reached her shaven mound.

Closing her eyes, she imagine her best friend on all fours being pounded from being by her cousin's cock. She had never seen it herself, but they had discussed it through text that he had a rather impressive 9 inch tool.

She couldn't even imagine such a thing, as the only boy she had ever been with was at best, maybe a 6. Her hands worked furiously at her pussy lips as she imagined the sight, wishing in some ways it was her being stretched to her limits.

Of course, she would never fuck her cousin, that was disgusting, no matter how distant of a relative he was. But she couldn't help but enjoy the forbiddenness of her fantasies.

But in reality, she was forced to settle for her fingers, now forcefully ramming two digits as far as she could reach into her snatch.

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------------ Meanwhile on the couch, the real-life scenario was in full swing. Jon had one knee on each side of Jessica's waist, while he lay on top of her, making out for quite a while it seemed. Jessica noticed that their hips were moving in sync with each other, grinding his hard, massive dick against her ever-dampening clothed pussy through his jeans. She wondered how long that had been going on. Jon's hands reached around her back and found her delectable ass, giving it firm squeezes as he used it as momentum to grind into her harder.

This was more than Jessica had ever done in her life, but she craved one milestone step after another. Jon removed his lips from hers, leaving her wanting more of him, but was satisfyingly surprised to find he replaced it with a kiss on her neck, making her eyes close in amazement.

Jon gently bit down on her flesh, causing her to cross her legs, her pussy overly sensitive, as she was even more aroused than before.

He lifted up from her slightly, only to cup her ample breasts with his hand, slowly lowering her shirt to expose more of the great orbs.

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She hesitated at first, but Jon quickly sensed her resistance, planting another gentleman-like butterfly kiss on her lips. Again, Jessica was lost in the romance of the moment, and reluctantly let go of her inhibitions, allowing her tank top to be pulled down well below the base of her tits.

Her nipples now exposed, Jon gently caressed her as he bent forward, placing his lips against her sensitive buttons. Kissing them gently, he allowed his tongue to dance circles around the ever growing nipples, as she squirmed in pleasure underneath him. Now fully erect, Jon gently bit down on her right nipple, causing her to shriek as electrical impulses of pain and pleasure now flooded her entire head.

Enjoying his victim's ever diminishing lack of restraint, Jon glided his hand down under the waistband of her shorts, pleasantly surprised that she too, was completely shaven. Jessica was now utterly lost in her passion when suddenly, she heard the water shut off in the bathroom. Expecting her best friend to come out of the back at any minute, she attempted to compose herself and sit up.

Jon would have none of that. He used both of his hands to pin her down, both playfully, yet forcefully. "We can't stop now baby, what with all the fun you seem to be having," he grinned at her.

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Jessica was honestly worried about her friend appearing with her exposed like this, and again attempted to get up. Jon answered with a mildly hard bite to her already sore right nipple, causing her to shriek against her will. "Fuck!" she shouted in a hushed tone. "Megan is going to hear us and be out here any minute!" "I don't think she would interrupt us," Jon countered with a wink. "Besides, you're worth getting caught!" With that, he proceeded to lower his head toward his prize, Jessica's now drenched pussy.

"Nooooo. I cant do it right now." Jessica said, now really trying hard to compose herself. "Maybe when Megan goes to- OUCH!" She was again answered with pain, this time a not-so-gentle slap to her throbbing right boob. Jon pulled her shorts down forcibly and quickly, as to beat any more objections.

Jessica was now squirming, yet being very careful not to object again, for fear that Jon's response would be just like the others. Jon saw Megan enter the room quietly out of the corner of his eye, having figured she knew what was transpiring.

Megan kept quiet as Jon started rubbing his fingers against her best friends virgin pussy. With one last attempt at stopping this before her best friend found them, she pleaded "Please sweety, let's do this later, when Megan is busy with other things." With that, Jon simply flipped her over, her exposed ass laying out, as he gathered her wrists and pinned her down, sitting on her back.

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He grinned and motioned over to Megan, who excitedly came over, and laid 2 strong slaps onto her friends gorgeous butt. "OWW! FUCK!" Jessica looked up at her assailant, a wave of pure horror swept over her face as she realized her fears were founded. Not only had Megan found the two of them, with Jessica completely exposed, but her best friend even joined in on her terrorizing. But as much as she tried, she couldn't bring herself to be mad. She was. relieved.

Relieved that her closest friend wasn't absolutely livid that she had almost lost her virginity to the girl's own cousin. "Aww does poor Jessica's bottom hurt?" Megan playfully toyed condescendingly.

"Well maybe she should have done what she was told" The red haired girl grinned as she again gave two fierce spankings to the bare flesh of her best friend. "Well, I am going to go change clothes, and I may just take an hour or so. So no more excuses about me being a cock-block, understand?" Megan grinned, and headed towards the hall.

Just as she rounded the corner out of sight, she conducted a better idea, and decided that instead of leaving the couple alone, she could instead document it for later that weekend. With that, she got her camera phone out, and while the unsuspecting couple decided to get back to their intimate time, Megan hurriedly turned off all the sounds her phone might make, and stealthily watched in anticipation. Jon looked back at Jessica, a smile covered the entire length of his face. "You both are douche bags!" Jessica playfully shouted, making sure Megan could hear her from the back of the house.

"My lady, did you not learn your lesson of respect?" toyed Jon, as he forcefully pushed himself on top of the girl again. This time, the adolescent teen wasted no time in unbuttoning his jeans, releasing his 9 inch member from where it had been shackled for far too long. "Holy shit!" the pinned down girl cried in shock. "That was NOT what i was expecting!" She toyed with it in her hands for a few seconds, before asking "You expect me to put this in my mouth, don't you?" "That's the idea hun" laughed Jon, as he grabbed it with his own hand, pointing it towards the entrance of her mouth.

Jessica had been defeated too much that morning to even contest, and her curiosity was peaked beyond belief. With nothing more than a shrug, she placed her lips around the head of his dick, sucking the tip ever so gently before bobbing her head downward, her tongue grazing over the pisshole, sending a shock of pleasure through Jon, one he had waited far to long to recieve.

She continued to bob downwards, if only a few inches, using her tongue to lap at the under folds of his head.The taste was. strange to her to say the least, yet it wasn't bad at all, especially not what she was expecting. She honestly didn't mind this at all, as she decided she would please him as much as her mouth could. She bent her neck forward more, allowing more of Jon's cock to disappear inside her lips, when she noticed Jon grimacing with a bit of pain.

"Easy with the teeth, girl!" Jon exclaimed alarmingly, before settling back down into a relaxed state, the look of pure bliss returning to his face. She was good, especially for her first time, if not a little inexperienced.

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But in all honesty, Jon liked the innocent, untampered girls, and much preferred a good girl with no skill (yet!) to a slut who knew what she was doing. Something about the raw-ness of a girl's first time, corrupting them almost, that made him love it more than anything else.

She continued, not stopping her steady rhythm as she sat up, Jon, getting off her chest, allowing her to move slowly to her knees, as he continued to be sucked off in uninterrupted bliss. That was when Jon noticed Megan still in the room, with her phone pointed straight at the couple, Jessica's back turned to the entire event. Jon smiled, as he winked at Megan, deciding to play along. "Damn Jessica, you're amazing at this! Suck that dick baby girl!" he said, rather loud, making sure the camera's microphone caught every word.

He was answered by nothing more than a "Mhmm" and a continued bob of Jessica's head. Growing braver, Jon gently grabbed the back of her head, as he pushed her into him more, pumping with his hips to match her motion. The depth caused Jessica to gag momentarily, and her teeth accidentally scraping against his member didn't go unnoticed, but Jon tried to ignore it, as the pleasure greatly outweighed the brief pain.

Growing bolder still, he started picking up speed, the girl barely being able to keep up, as Jon's dick was 6 inches passed her lips already, banging against the roof of her mouth. Jessica could do nothing but gurgle her objections, to no avail as Jon started forcefully mouth-fucking the girl. Pretty soon, the tension in his balls started to rise as he built up more and more speed.

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"Damn baby, I'm getting close" Jon warned, still pushing into her used orphus. "Where do you want it?" "Anywhere but in my mouth, PLEASE!" Jessica contested.


Complying for the first time that day, Jon pulled his shaft out of her lips just in time to watch his dick start to spew its payload. The sticky rope struck the unsuspecting girl in the lips, which were partially open still. The second spasm jumped up and strung across her nose, dangling only a little, as if to add dramatic artistic effect.

The third and fourth spurt landed high on the girls forehead, peppering her brown bangs, clearly visible for the camera recording the entire scene from behind. The final, weaker blow landed on the girls chin, which dangled and dripped onto her chest, as the girl simply laid there, speechless. After recovering his breath, Jon praised the girl on how amazing she was, and said it was definitely one of the bests he had ever had. That, strangely, gave Jessica an enormous sense of pride that she herself couldn't explain.

She tasted the small amount of cum that had found its way into her mouth, and although she didn't enjoy it terribly, she found it wasn't as bad as she imagined.

For his added benefit, she tongued the outside of her lips, catching all of his spunk within reach. He grinned and again, praised her work. His satisfaction made the girl happier than she could imagine. To be honest, she loved every second of the experience, from the being caressed and romantically seduced all the way to the being used and told what to do.

It was in-explainable, the emotions running through her head, but she thoroughly enjoyed them all. The pair sat up, Jessica electing to take her second shower of the day to wash up. Megan quickly took that as her cue to leave the scene, darting back down the hallway, jumping on her bed and opening her laptop as if nothing had happened.

Jessica, only a few moments behind, came into the room, and almost screamed with excitement, as she told her friend what her experience had been. She left out most details, not wanting to gross Megan out of course, since it was, after all, her cousin.

Megan grinned from ear to ear, but for different reasons than Jessica thought. After the quick gossip session ended, Jessica hurried into the shower to clean up, and Jon found his way into the girls' room.

"Enjoy the show Megan?" he laughed, finding humor in the idea that Jessica was clueless to the entire fact. "More than you could imagine!" Megan said, truthfully.


"I only hope that's not the only. photography I do while I'm here!" She added with a smirk. The two chatted about the experience, joined soon enough by Jessica, returning from her washing-up session. Deciding to be good for a change, the group decided to go to the mall and shop for a while, as if to only grasp some normality from this spring break.

Loading up the car with themselves and their wallets, all three of the teens' minds were spinning with replayed events, future schemes, and hormones. Not a bad second day at all!