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Jennifer and I had been friends forever. She lived just a few doors down the street, and we had pretty much grown up together. Although she is only one year ahead of me in school, (she's getting ready to start her sophomore year, me my freshman year), she was about a year and a half older than me. (She already had her driver's cool!) It was pretty common for one of us to sleep over at the other's, and this time it was my turn to spend the night at Jennifer's.

Chapter Nine I was so excited. I was going to spend the night at Jennifer's. Although we have sleepovers fairly regularly, this would be the first one since my sexual "awakening" had started.

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I had so much to tell her about! I threw a few things into my bag and was on the way out the door when I remembered about Ricky's movie. I decided to take it along with me and grabbed it out of my drawer, adding it to my bag as I headed out.

Jennifer greeted me at her front door, and I said my polite "hi's" to her parents as we headed toward her room. Her brother was in the kitchen as we pased through, and although in the past I had never thought of him as anything other than Jen's brother, I found myself looking at him in a whole new light. "I wonder what his penis looks like?" I mused.

"I wonder if he strokes it? I wonder how big it gets?" It seemed like ever since my experiences had started a week ago, I couldn't look at any male without automatically thinking about their penis.wondering. Her stereo was playing as we entered her room, and I tossed my bag in the corner as she shut the door.

We plopped down on the bed and started our usual "girl talk". School was starting next week, and for the first time, I wasn't even thinking about classes, or teachers. I was thinking only about guys.and penises! In the middle of our gossip, Jen got up off the bed and pulled her top off up over her head. Her bra followed, and seconds later, her jeans and panties. My God! She was shaved too, all except for a little bit at the top.

I felt a kind of a strange tingle as I thought back to the movie and the scenes with just girls. Naked, she turned and went to her dresser. She pulled open a drawer and pulled out a pair of pink panties. She was climbing into them casually as she was telling me how excited she was that her parents were going to let her drive to school occasionally. When she turned to face me, I caught my breath. Not only were her panties the skimpiest things I had ever seen, but the material was so sheer that I could see her pussy right through them!

I felt another strange tingle as she turned and walked to her closet. She pulled out a pink thing, kind of resembling a half slip, and pulled in on over her head.

It barely came down below her butt, and when she turned back towards the bed, I could see her breasts, her nipples, through the thin material.

"Jen," I kind of stamered, "where did you get that.thing.?" "What, this?" she asked, holding out the bottom hem of her top. "I got a few of them. It's what I usually sleep in. Can't exactly wear it out in public, but it makes me feel sexy at night." She winked as she added, "If you catch my drift." "I've never seen anything like that," I gushed.

"Where did you get it?" "It's called a baby doll," she replied. "You can get them just about telling me you don't have anything like this? What do you sleep in?" "No," I replied, "nothing like that." I added quickly, "Usually just a tee shirt and panties. That's about the sexiest thing I've ever seen!" "Like I said," she responded, it makes me feel real sexy when I wear one.

Hey," she added, "you wanna wear one?" "Love to," I gushed. She turned and returned to her closet. Rummaging through, she called back over her shoulder, "Would you prefer red, white, or black?" "Ummm.white, I guess," I replied, even as I was staring at her butt, in clear view despite her almost invisible panties.

I felt another strange tingle. She pulled out the half slip piece and tossed it to me. I jumped up off the bed and quickly peeled off my tee shirt and bra, sliding the silky material on over my head. When I glanced in the mirror, I could clearly see my own breasts, my own nipples, through the filmy material. Jen was back at her dresser, poking through the drawer as I pulled off my shorts and panties.

Naked from the waist down, I waited until she stood back up, holding the pair of white panties that would complete my outfit. She walked toward me as she announced, "Here they are." She paused right of me and then suddenly put her hand down between my legs! She gripped a bit of the sparse hair down their and gave a playful tug. "You really should shave this," she murmured in a taunting voice, "guys think that's really sexy." I just stood there.frozen in shock!

My best friend had just put her hand between my legs. It wasn't anything sexual, but still.! I thought back to the movie and the scenes of the girls.with each other.touching.licking. I felt another strange tingle as I pulled the wispy panties up over my hips. Turning again to look in the mirror, I realized that although I could see through the top, and see through the panties, when both were on, the two layers of the filmy material was just enough so that although I could see the panties clearly underneath the top, I couldn't actually see my pussy through both layers of slinky silk.

We hopped back on the bed and sat facing other, cross legged, "Indian style". I saw Jen's eyes moving up and down from my breasts to between my legs. I was wondering what was going through her mind as I tried not to stare at her body.

The movie.the girls. In the position we were sitting, I could see her breasts and nipples through the filmy top, and casting a quick glance down, could clearly see her pussy through the skimpy panties. I was pretty sure she could see everything, every part of me, in return, as her eyes continued wandering over my body, and again I felt a strange tingle.a strange warmth.

We continued our aimless chatter for a few more minutes, and out talk soon turned to guys. We were soon comparing notes about which cute guys we hoped would be in our classes. Somewhere in that converation Jen brought up my brother Ricky, telling me how cute she thought he was, and bemoaning that he was going to be a senior, and probably wouldn't even be interested in talking to a sophomore, much less taking one out.

I couldn't resist and started telling her about the incident of watching him lying naked on his bed, stroking his penis.watching his sexy movie. "Oh my God!" she gasped. "You actually saw his cock? You saw him jerking off? What did it look like? How big is it? Tell me more!" she demanded breathlessly.

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I started relaying the story and felt a really strange rush as Jen casually dropped one of her hands between her legs and began stroking herself through the thin material of her panties. I couldn't believe it! Right in front of me as if nothing was happening! I felt my own pussy start to moisten as I started telling her about me watching Ricky. I was trying not to stare at her hand between her legs, but was finding it impossible.

God I wanted to touch myself! "Well," she demanded, "did you get to actually see him come? Watch him shoot?" As I told her about watching his body jerk, and him squirting into the air, she moved her hand inside her panties, and I couldn't help but stare as her finger movements became more pronounced.right in front of me!

My own hand drifted down between my legs, and I began to tentatively caress my slit. I couldn't believe I was doing this! My juices started flowing as I told her about watching his cream shoot up in the air and land all over his chest.

My finger movements got more insistent as I told her how hot it had gotten me, and what I was doing back in my room moments later. She pulled her hand out of her panties and brought it up to her mouth.

My own finger movements increased as I watched her lick and then suck on her own juices. I remembered how much I loved to do that, how much I loved the way I smelled and tasted when I was turned on, and wondered if she felt the same, if she tasted and smelled the same. As Jen pulled her fingers out of her mouth, I was just getting ready to slide my own hand inside my panties when she reached forward and beat me to it. Without saying a word, she shipped her hand inside my panties and began stroking up and down my now soaking wet slit.

I gasped! My best friend! Touching my pussy! Stroking my pussy!

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I sat frozen for a moment, not sure how to react. But her fingers felt so wonderful caressing me! I felt my breathing quicken as she quickened the pace of her caresses. She looked me in the eye as she slid her other hand back down inside her own panties, and within seconds was stroking both of us.

I remained frozen, still somewhat in shock, unsure what, if anything, I should do. It felt so good! I didn't want to do anything to caue her to stop!

I felt her push one, then two, of her fingers up inside of me, and thought I could see through her panties that she was doing the same thing to herself. She began a slow in and out movement. It felt so good! But I was so confused.this was a girl with her fingers in my pussy.not a guy. I was getting really turned on.but it was a girl! What's wrong with me? She just kept looking in my eyes, not saying a word. Every few seconds, she would stop her in and out movement, leaving her fingers all the way up inside of me, just wiggling the tips around inside my channel.

I was still frozen. Confused, my mind racing. This was a girl! She had her fingers up inside my pussy!

She was getting me really turned on! A girl? She pulled her hand out of her panties and held it up to my face, extending her fingers under my nose. "Think I semell sexy?" she purred. I sniffed, then inhaled deeply.several times.She smelled! I opened my lips and very tentatively ectended my tongue.

She immediately brought her fingers to my mouth, and hesitating for a moment, I slowly extended my tongue furthur, barely touching her fingertips. I moved my togue just a little bit, waiting to see what she tasted like.

My mind was still in a whirl.I couldn't believe I was doing this.with a girl! Jen just sat there, looking in my eyes.not saying a word. I opened my mouth slightly and took her fingers inside. I licked and sucked gently and soon discovered that she tasted just like me! This was so sexy.but my mind was still in a whirl. I was so confused.

I was incredibly turned on, yet still wondering.a girl? Jen pulled her fingers out of my pussy and brought her hand to her own face. She sniffed for a moment and just murmured, "ummmmm". She opened her mouth and took her fingers inside. I felt a momentary panic.

What if she didn't like the taste of my pussy juices? What if she thought I was gross? She sucked on her fingers for a moment or two. Still looking right in my eyes, she finally said in a sexy voice, " God you taste wonderful! I bet the guys just love it!" I felt an instant flood of relief. But I was still in a turmoil. "The guys?" "When they eat you," she responded immediately.

"Eat me?" I was now really confused. "Yeah silly. Eat you.go down on you.lick your pussy?" "I don't know," I replied rather lamely. "It' don't." "Wait a minut!" she giggled, "Are you telling me that you've never had a guy go down on you?" " really" I kind of stammered. "Oh girl!", she chuckled again. "You've got a lot to learn." "Lay back," she commanded, pushing on my shoulders. My mind was till whirling, I was still confused.a girl?

I relented and aid back against the pillows, still unsure what I was doing. She hooked her fingers in the waistband of my (her) panties and tugged them down off my my my feet. She moved her hands to my knees and pried them apart, spreading my legs wide open. She just sat there for a moment, looking at my gaping pussy. She moveed between my open legs and paused again, just staring at my wanton display.

She moved her hands to my knees and pushed them even furthur apart. She continued to just sit there, staring between my open legs.looking directly at my pussy. She lowered her head and I felt her tongue gliding up the inside of my thigh.then back down the other.

It felt so good! She continued this for a moment, then lifted her head. The next thing I felt was her tongue tickling my navel, then moving slowly lower and lower. My hips began swaying, she continued teasing me.

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Her tongue grazed across the skin just above my slit, then went back to tantalizing my thighs. Oh God I wanted her tongue.right.there! All thoughts about the wierdness of this encounter vanished. My clit.seemed to have minds of their own. She kept moving her tongue closer and closer.I could feel her hot breath on my lips.

Her tongue lightly touched my slit, moving slowly up and down it's length. I gasped! Such a feeling!


My juices were flowing freely as she continued her play. She reached with her hands and I felt her fingertips spreading my lips.opening me up. She pulled her head back for a moment and just stared at me. I felt so.lewd. My best friend was holding my pussy wide open.staring at me.up inside of me! Jen lowered her head and I could again feel her hot breath washing over my most private parts.


I saw her tongue peek out of her mouth and closed my eyes in eager anticipation. The seconds seemed like hours. God I wanted to feel her tongue! "Jen." I whimpered, "please." It was like an electric shock. I felt her tongue make contact ever so lightly. My clit felt like it was going to explode!

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She moved her tongue ever so slowly around and around my magic button and my hips sharted bucking. I wanted more! My pussy sought her mouth, trying desperately to increase the pressure. My breathing became harsh as she finally began licking.up and down.back and forth.around and around. God it was incredible! The sensations she was sending through me were like nothing I had ever felt. My pussy was humping wildly against her mouth. I could feel an orgasm already starting to build.

She stopped suddenly and lifted her head. "Jen," I begged, "why.?" She hooked her fingers in the waistband of her panties and tugged them down off her hips.

Moving slightly, she wiggled them down past her knees, and then off her feet.

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She scrambled aroung, reversing her position, and the next thing I knew her knees were straddling my shoulders. I felt her hands slide under my butt as I looked up and saw.HER! Her pussy, just inches away from my face.her lips.her little button peeking out from its hood.even her tiny back hole. It was the first time I had ever seen another girl's pussy close up, and it looked so.inviting!

Her lips were already a little open.I could see her juices glistening on her smooth shaven skin. I felt her tongue return to my clit as she lowered herself closer.and closer.and closer. I could smell her was intoxicating. Her tongue continued working its magic on my clit as she brought her pussy closer and closer to my mouth.until suddenly her lips were touching mine. Instinct maybe, but I parted my lips and slowly, tentatively, stuck out my tongue.

I had barely touched its tip to her lips when she mashed her pussy down tight against my mouth. Her tongue was racing around on my clit as she ground her slit against my lips. My tongue searched her opening, drinking in her juices.

Her taste was Her honey tasted just like mine, I realized, ad I began eagerly lapping up and down her wet hole. Her tongue was sending electric jolts through me as I reached a bit higher and began exploring her magic button with my tongue. Her pussy released a flood of her cream, covering my tongue, my lips, dripping onto my chin. I felt my own orgasm rapidly growing as her hips began bucking wildly, her pussy mashing against my mouth, trying to devour my tongue.

I lapped feverishly at her clit even a s I felt the first waves of my own orgasm overtake me. I could feel my own hips humping against her mouth as she seemed to try to push her clit inside.between my lips.

I licked and licked as wave after wave of ectasy washed over me. Within moments, I heard her gasp and felt her jerk, and her pussy spewed honey all over my face as she quivered and shook. The spasms subsided, and we both just stayed where we were, panting, trying to get our breathing back. I could feel her hot breath still washing over my pussy as her panting started to subside. Neither of us had moved, and I was still looking right up at.into.her pussy. I could see her juices glistening on her skin, and could see the thick cream collected between her lips.

I pushed out my tongue and slowly and gently licked up the length of her slit, reveling in the sweet taste of her honey. As my tongue savored the taste of her juices, my eyes became focused on her little back hole, just inches away.

On impulse, I ran my tongue up a little furthur and probed at her little brown opening. "Oh, you are a naughty, naughty girl!" I heard her gasp, even as her hips began rocking back against my mouth, urging me deeper. I pushed at her back hole with my tongue, and felt it open slightly. I curled my tongue into a point and tried to probe deeper. It didn't really taste like anything, and I decided my little wicked play was really kind of fun.

Her butt began pushing harder against my mouth, even as I felt the tip of one of her fingers probing at my own tight little back channel.

I felt her finger push up inside of me, and my own hips began rocking, pushing against her finger. I felt it go deeper.and deeper. I pushed my tongue against her backside harder and harder until all of a sudden she pulled her finger out of me and scrambled off my face. She turned around and leaned into me. Her lips brushed my own, followed by her tongue invading my mouth. Our tongues danced, our lips tight against each other, and I felt her breasts mash against my own.

I could taste my pussy juice on her mouth, and wondered if she could taste her own on mine. Jen broke our kiss and straightened. "Wait just a second," she whispered. She scrambled off the bed and rummaged underneath it. She stood seconds later holding a showbox. "If we're REALLY going to play.then let's play." I sat up as she climbed back on the bed, putting the shoebox down between us.

"This is just for us girls" she giggled, removing the cover. (To be continued)