Big boobed hairy girl licked on the table

Big boobed hairy girl licked on the table
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When we heard a noise coming from the other room, we all got quiet and held our breaths. Here I sat with four underage nude girls, Oh shit although I was dressed they weren't…&hellip. when in walked "What the????" We all looked at her standing there with her hands on her hips, we all breathed again, looked at each other and began laughing.

Glenda had came back for more fun and games and loving of course, but after the police car we all were still on edge and her walking in made it even scarier. I decided to lock up the house from now on, well as soon as I install a combination door lock on the back door so the girls won't have any keys to mess with, being that's the one they always use and I kept the front locked up already.

It'd make it safer for all concern.

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Don't know why I didn't think of it before. Maybe the trill of getting caught with my cock deep inside one of the underage little girls secretly turned me on; hell I don't know I'm not a shrink. But with the cops stopping me outside and then Glenda's walk-in, it freaked us all and I was going to make it so no one else could just walk in.

I told the girls what I plan to do, in fact I was going to go to the hardware store here shortly and pick up what I needed and do it today. No more surprises. Being I knew how to install the lock and program it also I went ahead and told them what the code would be and explained how it would work, they all understood.

In fact Amy said that was the same kind of lock they have at school on the film storeroom door. Amy also said she would tell Sandy and Joanne the combo and how to do it. The girls began chatting again as Glenda undressed and grabbed a slice of pizza. I just lay back again and watched them as I finished eating too.

Actually I was trying to get my heart rate back down were it should be, I was more shook-up than I let on to the girls. I could just see myself in the gray-bar hotel for the next fifty years as my kids grew up, if they weren't aborted that is.

And only Bubba as a companion and me as a convicted child molester, not a pleasant thought. I finished my pizza and went into the bath to clean up, had to change my shirt, this one had a pizza splat on the front and back. Went back into the bedroom and told the girls I'd be back, going to the hardware store and pick up the lock and a few other things. They said ok they'll stay and keep Nancy company, besides this TV show just started and they wanted to see it. "Fine back later" And off I went in search of things.

Out to the truck after locking the garage inner door, which I didn't normally do Before today that is. In the truck and off to the hardware store, found what I needed and a few things I though would be helpful.

I even bought a garage door opener kit, to make it amore safer, I figured I the owner wouldn't mind the extra security. And so back in the truck and headed back to the house. As I neared the dinner I said to myself why not and pulled in, got out and walked in. There she was Phyllis the waitress, the sexy Phyllis looking so ever fine in her waitress uniform that was at least two sizes too small.

God she looks good walking towards me, her tits bouncing as her hips swayed. She bends over before me to pour a cup of coffee for the man at the front table. We both was getting a spectrally view of her ample breast. And what a view, maybe it was due to being just barely covered that made her so sexy or something else, but you knew there were woodies in here and she was the cause.

I even felt mine growing. I moved to a booth before I had a tent in my pants, sat down and picked up a menu as if I was going to order something. And here she came with a cup and pot in hand. "Coffee Hon" "Yes please uh what's good today?" "What you see Hon" "Hun" "Everything good here" I bet it is I thought to myself, and I'd like to sink my teeth into, I grinned.

She bent over and poured coffee into my cup with a smile and twinkle in her eye. I looked at her and thought to myself ' the food or you'.

"What do you want?" I felt my dick twitch and I swear I heard him shout 'PUSSY'. You'd think she heard him too, the way she licked her wet lips and that little smile in her eyes.

I just stared into her eyes for what seemed forever then softly said.

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"Coffee, uh just coffee fine for now thank you" "Oh ok just let me know if you want something else, Hon" And turned and walked to the next table and asked them if they needed anything else. I watched her swing that cute butt of hers in the tight, oh that tight dress, from table to table as my dick tried to bust out of my pants as to watch too.

Right then I remembered a movie I saw once about this guy who could hear his dick talk and how he found out that they all, the dicks and pussies, could talk to each other. Made me wonder what are they talking about now. I smiled and drank my coffee as if I knew what hers was saying, and it felt like he got harder, if that was possible. In fact he was so hard it began to ache some, I turned took another slip of coffee and picked up the discarded newspaper and turned to the sports section.

Needed to get my mind off or rather out of her pants, so I could calm down and leave as soon as I finish my coffee, but first the sports and another cup of coffee. After a time, seems like hours, my dick finally returned to it's normal soft self and I finished off my coffee.

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And before she came back and got a rise out of him again I got up and paid for my coffee, left a tip and got the hell out of there before he had a chance to rise again. And in doing so I almost bumped into the same police officers again, they were going into the dinner.

We smiled at each other with that knowing grin. You could almost hear the officer's thoughts 'Phyllis got another one on the hook' 'We know guy we're hooked too'.


And I just smiled to myself, yeah I understand officers. Got in the truck, pulled over to the grocery store and went in to pick up a few things. " Hey Dave how's business?" "Not bad, see you stop and look in on Phyllis" "Oh yeah, err coffees good don't you think?" "Yeah coffee right Well what can I get for you today" "Just a few things and maybe another six pack no make it two, let me grab a few things" I pick up some chips and dips, bread, lunchmeat, and ice cream, peanuts and pickles.

Carried to the counter and as Dave rang it all up he popped off. "Pregnant huh" "Wh what you say" "Oh just mouthing off, you know peanuts, ice cream and pickles if you were a girl I'd think you were pregnant" "Oh, yeah, crazy foods and pregnant females, never though of that" "Not married, no kids then" "Huh, not yet" but I though to myself some are on the way.

I smiled at him, paid for my stuff, pick it up and walked out to the truck. And I crawled into the truck I looked back at the store, Damn, have I got a sign on me saying look at me I'm going to be a dad.

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Does it show, that I've knocked up a couple of young little ladies? As cranked up the truck and pulled out on to the street and around the block to the house. Pulling into the garage I looked around before getting out to make sure no one was about, got out open the door and in I went.

After putting the groceries in the frig, then I went to check on the girls. They were still at it or rather at each other again. I watched as they munched and stroked and pinched and poked, not to forget tongued. Then it hit me Damn these girls were as much or even more sex fiends than I am. Hell they were always at each other and/or me, seems like all the time. And I though I was the sex manic here. Oh well might as well join in as I stripped, he was already ready for action. I kneeled down to the nearest female and slipped my rock hard cock into Susie's hot little oven.

She tighten up slightly from my insertion into her but relaxed quickly as I slowly made love to her hot pregnant pussy, my balls lightly hitting Nancy in the face as she licked Susie's clit and my withdrawing shaft.

I swear I've died and gone to heaven the feeling shook my toes and my balls began to expand as they filled again. I knew I'd be filling her wet hot pregnant pussy with my cum real quick, just the thought of fucking, no making love to this sweet little pregnant girl, future mother of one of my children, made her pussy so much more and so damn good just so so I couldn't place the correct word on it, it was too damn good.

And I loved it every hot tight millimeter of her wet pussy wrapped around my hard stroking cock, I was in Heaven, then that warm tingling feeling in my testicles turned into a blast of magnificent bliss as my hot thick cum erupted forth from my dick into her wet furnace. My cum poured into Susie's pussy filling her depth once again and spilled out around my pumping cock and into Nancy waiting mouth, she didn't miss a drop. 'How can one man be so lucky'?

I move back away from Susie's cum filled cunt and Nancy took over quickly, tonguing and sucking my hot cum out of Susie's hotter pussy.

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Susie moaned into Nancy's cunt setting her off, which set off Susie and they both lapped and sucked each others juices like two dying of thirst souls in a desert at a just found Oasis. All the while Linda, Glenda and Amy were doing just fine in their girl triangle.


Which would have been a major erotic scene in any porno flick ever made. The sights and sounds didn't take long to revive my little girl pussy crazed cock and he was standing tall looking for a hot wet place to slide into. I moved over to the triangle, my cock leading the way and the nearest was Linda.

Amy's tongue was buried inside her and giving Linda one hell of a tongue-lashing. I slide my dick up to Linda's pussy lips and Amy licked the tip of my cock, took it in one of her soft hands and pushed it into Linda as she back away. Linda raised up off Glenda and looked back at me saying "Oh fuck me Bill, fuck me hard" And I sunk into her depth as Amy and Glenda turned their attentions to each other.

"Yesss Baby fuck me mmmmm fuck me" Linda moaned as I fucked her hard and harder with ever other stroke, till I was pumping her as hard as I could into her tight hot wet pussy. I was going to fill her to the brim with my seed. I needed t make this little twelve year old girl pregnant. I was hammering her twat like a mad man beating the walls of his cell, I could have hurt her, I was driving my dick so hard and deep into her with every stroke, but at the time I wasn't thinking of her or anything but knocking up this tight little angel and knock her up I would, I had to.

She came several times I think, but I wasn't here for that, I was here just to knock her up. Then I felt that warm tighten of my balls and knew I would be filling her soon, then I heard her moan groan "Awwww yessss fuckkk mmmeeeee II'mmm cummmmmm" And her sweet sexy voice along with her hot twat tighten up on my hammering cock pushed me over the edge and I filled her cunt with my baby juice in bolt after bolt after bolt of my thick cum.

I felt like I came for hours inside her, my cum had to be coming out of her nose, mouth, ears, wherever it could, as I pumped her so full. "Oh yess take it take it all, I'm cummmmin" I whispered or shouted I'm wasn't sure as I emptied my testicles of their cream into her tight hot pussy.

"O Bill fuck me, fill me with your baby… Fuck Me, cum in meeeee" I collapsed on top of her as her cunt tried to milk my deflating dick for more, but the well was empty, for the time being, but it did feel good, so good I think he started to stiffen up a little before I rolled off her and on my back gasping for air.

Linda's eyes were closed and she had a smile from ear to ear as she sort of cooed.

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" Oooooo, That was soooo gooood, Bill" As my breathing was returning back to normal I looked around the room and saw that the other girls were just staring at us. Then I heard "Damn he never fucked me like that" "He's done me that way, several times in fact" " No wonder you're pregnant.

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Shit, I want him to do me like that" "Me too" I just closed my eyes and sort of drifted off to sleep, I didn't have a care in the world at the moment.

Three down, well maybe three down and three to go.