Black guy pounding brunette teen

Black guy pounding brunette teen
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CHAPTER 1 The alarm rang at 6:30 a.m. and Becky Wilson rolled over in bed and stretched. It was mid-August but the weather had been pleasant most of the summer; no scorching heat waves.

Nonetheless, she wanted to get an early start to her day to finish some chores around the outside of her house. She was about six months into her single life. After 19 years of marriage, she had divorced her husband over his woman chasing. He was a handsome, confident, successful man who had made low seven figures in real estate. Despite being married to a pretty wife and enjoying a robust sex life, he couldn't resist the lure of strange waitresses, secretaries, a middle school assistant principal.

Becky got fed up and filed the papers. It was an amicable parting and she was awarded the house they had built about five years previously. Located about 10 miles outside of town, on a couple of acres, it was about 1,000 yards off a two-lane road. They had wanted a country home and Becky loved it and was adjusting to living alone in a too-big house. Her 40th birthday would come up in early December. Their only child, a son, had joined the Navy out of high school and was serving on an aircraft carrier.

So, she wasn't totally "alone" but she was beginning to yearn for the human touch. Heading to the bathroom, she shrugged out of her sleep shirt and turned on the water for the walk-in shower. It had been built for two people, with shower heads on the facing walls. After shampooing her hair, she started soaping up her body. Becky was about 5-7 and weighed about 130. She was in good shape; she had a bit of a paunch, but she was far from fat.

Her breasts were a full C-cup. As her hands soaped her mounds, she started to feel a tingle in her pussy. "Ah, hell," she thought. "I'm horny. I haven't gotten off in a few days." She quickly rinsed off and exited the shower.

She dried off, wrapped her wet hair in a towel and headed back to her bed. In the nightstand were a couple of dildos, a vibrator and some K-Y lubricant. She grabbed the vibrator and the lube, then grabbed her laptop. She had recently started watching porn, mostly out of boredom but also curiosity.

Most of the male-female porn didn't do much for her just a lot of position-changing fucking with energy but no real passion. She only enjoyed the end scene when the man's hard cock would spurt its cum. Lately she had started getting the most satisfaction watching lesbian videos. Often, they had story lines that were almost realistic plus there was lots of foreplay.

And, she admitted, seeing two attractive females pleasing each other was starting to fire her sexual imagination. Becky propped up some pillows, laid down and placed the laptop next to her on the bed. She had started collecting links to videos that made her hot.

She clicked on one starring Brandi Love as a mother who is masturbating and catches her daughter (Halle Von) spying.

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Brandi is a blonde actress with an athletic body, double-D breasts and a sexy verbal style. Halle is also blonde, a classic California girl with smaller breasts and a slender body. Becky applied some of the lube to her pussy and flicked on the vibrator. As the "mother" started eating her "daughter's" pussy, Becky began to moan and thrust her hips as she moved the vibrator around and over her mound.

Her free hand fondled her left breast, rolling the hard nipple bud. The scene featuring the two blonde actresses was hella hot. Becky could feel her orgasm starting to build. Sometimes she liked to delay her gratification and masturbate for hours. Today she decided to have a quickie to take the edge off; maybe tonight I'll have some "me time," she thought. After licking her daughter to an orgasm, Brandi positioned Halle on her back and then sat on her face.

"I want you to put that little pink tongue of yours right on my pussy and lick me like I licked you." Those words combined with the video put Becky over the edge. Her hips bucked, and she moved the vibrator to her clitoris.

"MMMMMM, shiiitt. That's good." She flicked off the vibrator and powered down her laptop. She didn't put her toys back in the drawer. She got up, went back to the bathroom and warmed up a wash cloth to clean up the lubricant and juices on her crotch. She pulled the towel off her hair and then continued to towel dry it.

She had been blessed with great brunette hair. It was thick but didn't often tangle; a few brush strokes tamed what strands were out of control. Then, she gathered her hair at the back of her head with one hand and used a clasp to pin it up. Becky slipped into a bra and pulled a light blue tank top over her head. She stepped into her panties, slipped on her blue jeans and sandals.

She went downstairs to the kitchen to start some coffee; she noticed it was a little after 7; she grinned, realizing she was getting a later start than intended but also that she had enjoyed her quick fun time. The image of the two actresses, their contrasting body styles, the taboo idea that they were playing mom and daughter was churning through her mind as she sipped her coffee and ate a couple of pieces of toast and jelly.

For a few weeks now, she had been thinking about a lesbian encounter. She had a few friends her age and had wondered if they might have similar thoughts or, even actually be putting those thoughts into action. CHAPTER 2 Time to get busy. She swept the kitchen, hallway and den and dusted in those rooms. Then it was time to water her hanging baskets on the porch. As she stepped outside, she realized that today might be a bit hotter than other days, so she was glad to get this outside work done early.

She filled her watering bucket at the tap on the east side of the house and then worked her way down the porch, watering each of the six baskets. "Morning, ma'am." Becky gasped and let out a little yelp, dropping the metal bucket. Its rattle/clang on the porch sounded exceptionally loud. The man had been hidden around the corner and stepped out when Becky reached the end of the porch. As he stepped toward her, she contemplated making a break for the front door; he seemed to read her mind and quickly hopped on the porch.

"W-w-ho are you," she asked, her voice quavering and uncertain. "I'm Jake. I broke out of the state pen last night and I am so fortunate that I found this place," he said with a slight smile.

She noticed he was dressed in a baggy t-shirt and cargo shorts. And in his right hand was a large, gleaming knife. "I ditched my prison jump suit and found these on a clothes line; folks in the country I guess still like to hang their clothes out. Hopefully, I was able to throw 'em off the trail for a few more hours. "Let's go inside where we can talk." He waved the knife at her for emphasis.

Once inside, he closed the door. "So, what's your name?" "B-b-becky." "Look, I know you're scared. Don't be. I promise I will not hurt you as long as you tell the truth and don't fuck with me. Are you here alone?" "Yes," she answered in a barley-audible whisper.

"OK, so let's have a look around." The tour started in the attached 3-car garage. "What's this?" he asked, gesturing to the vehicle covered with a tarp. "My son's jeep. He's in the Navy." Becky's Rav-4 was parked next to it. Jake noticed a coil of nylon rope hanging on the wall and grabbed it as he followed his host back inside. Becky continued to lead him around the first floor and then upstairs, showing him her ex-husband's study, two guest rooms and the main bedroom.

As they entered there, Becky stopped in her tracks as she noticed the vibrator and lube she had left there earlier. "Well, well," he said with a chuckle, stepping past her to the bed.

He picked up the vibrator and sniffed its business end. "Mmmmm. That's lovely. Glad to know you're keeping in practice.' He dropped the vibrator back on the bed and turned to the night stand. He pulled open the top drawer to see her two dildos. He looked at her and smiled as she blushed a deep crimson. There was a phone on the other night stand. He walked over and used the knife to cut the cord leading to the wall.

"Look, I'm starving," he said. "I would be most appreciative if you could fix me something to eat." With the knife in his hands, his polite request was more of a command. He followed her down stairs to the kitchen where there was another land-line phone that he disabled.

"Cell phone?" he asked. "It's in my purse, right there on the counter." He pulled it out and switched it off. He poured himself a cup of coffee and sat in a chair at the table.


She started microwaving bacon and fixing scrambled eggs. She went about her work in silence. "OK, Becky, let me tell you what's going to happen. I've served 6 of 20 for bank robbery. When they catch me, I'll never get parole and they might add to my sentence. I haven't been with a woman since going in. All I've done is masturbate and fuck a few of the prison bitches up the ass. "I love sex and I love women, the female body, doing things that make a woman so hot and excited she just wants to cum and keep cumming.

All this time I've been without, I've had plenty of time to think about the kind of erotic things I want to try. After a long run of lousy luck, now I'm here with you. Again, I won't hurt you unless you try something stupid.

Remember, I have this." He held up the knife. She turned away from the stove. He was staring at her in a way that gave her goosebumps. And he had just finished telling her that she was to be his sexual play thing for as long as this ordeal lasted. Becky placed the bacon and eggs on the table. "Sit down," he said. She watched as he quickly gobbled the food until the plate was clean.

"Thank you," he said. "Much better." "So, what are you doing here by yourself? You single? Divorced?" "Divorced," Becky said quietly, glancing down at her hands folded in her lap. "About six months now." "Well, your ex-husband is a fucking idiot." She glanced up and her guest was staring at her, but she quickly looked away as her face flushed.

Other than the quiet hum of the AC and a few birds chirping outside the window, there was silence. "Can I take your plate," she asked. He nodded, and she did so, running water in the sink to let the dishes soak. He stood up and walked to the sink, picking up a dish towel.

Using the knife to cut it at one end, he then split it length-wise and then knotted the two ends together. "Put your hands behind your back," he said. She turned to him, fear in her eyes. "Noooooo. Please, don't. Don't tie me up." "Look, it's better this way," he said.

"Besides, it's one of my fantasies." He then grabbed her wrist and spun her, so her back was toward him. His free hand picked up the knife and waved it so she could see it. "Remember, just do like I say, and you won't get hurt." Compliant, she put both hands behind her back and he used the towel to tie her hands. Then, he turned her back around to face him. Her full breasts were thrust forward against her tank top.

He could feel his heart beat increasing and his cock, which had been semi-hard since they had stepped inside the house, was now thickening and stiffening inside his shorts. He flipped up the lever for the faucet and turned it to cold. He tested the water with his hand, then grabbed the sprayer attachment. He pointed it at her chest and sprayed her top, quickly soaking it. "AAAHHHH, what … what the hell," she said, jerking back a step or two and then looking down at her tank top plastered against her bra-encased tits.

He just smiled. "Just a part of foreplay," he said. The crunch of tires on the gravel driveway suddenly interrupted the convict's fun and games. He grabbed the knife and put it under her chin. "Who the hell is that," he said, showing some anger for the first time. Becky's mind returned to full function for the first time since her visitor had confronted her on the porch. She remembered that a freshman she had met at the local community college where she had been doing some volunteer work helping students get acclimated.

Amy, who lived a few hours away and was staying at a dorm, had mentioned she would stop by "sometime in the morning" to get some help with career advice. "I think it's a girl, a freshman who's starting at the local college," Becky answered, fearful that the trap was about to lure in a new victim. "Hmmmm, well ain't that nice?" A car door slammed and a few seconds later the doorbell rang. He put his hand over her mouth and whispered in her ear. "Let's go let her in.

No tricks." He led Becky to the door and positioned her about 10 feet away from it. A muffled voice came through the thick wooden door. "Mrs. Wilson, hi, it's me Amy, from the college. I tried to call your cell, but you didn't answer. Hope it's OK …" Jake opened the door and stepped back, so it concealed him from view. Amy walked in and then stopped in her tracks when she saw Becky standing there in her soaked shirt.

The girl jumped in fright when the door slammed behind her. She turned and saw a man with a knife. "Mrs. Wilson … Oh my God … what's going on?" her voice rising and quivering. "Who is this guy?" "Well, hello, my name's Jake and I'm an escaped convict. For now, I'm here as a guest of Becky's and we're planning to spend as much time as possible fucking." The girl blushed and her eyelids fluttered.

She turned to Becky. "Are your hands tied?" she asked. Becky nodded slightly. Amy felt a cold chill running down her spine. "Look, as I told Becky, I'm not planning on hurting her and I don't plan on hurting you, either. So, Amy it's Amy, right? just be cooperative, do as I say, and you'll get out of this with nothing more than getting fucked a couple of times.

Fuckin' never killed or hurt anyone as long as it's done the right way. And I know what I'm doing." Amy was about 5-4 and slender. She had auburn hair; it was done in a pig tail that was poked through the back of her baseball cap.

She wore a sleeveless blouse, shorts and sneakers. Jake's mind was racing and his cock was hardening as he contemplated the opportunities that awaited him. CHAPTER 3 "This way," he said, motioning for both women to head toward the living room, which was just off the kitchen. On the way, he grabbed a kitchen chair. He placed it between a large couch and a recliner. "Amy, have a seat." He had also grabbed the nylon rope he had brought from the garage.

He quickly tied Amy's hands behind her and to the chair back, then tied her ankles to the chair legs. "Please, mister … please just let me go," she said, tears forming at the corner of her eyes. "Now, why would I want to do that? Besides, you want Becky to have all the fun?" With that, he approached the older woman and placed his knife on the coffee table. He reached up into her hair and undid the clasp that was pinning it up.

It fell to her shoulders and he ran his fingers through it. Then, he grabbed her hair and yanked her head up and back. He started to kiss, lick and nibble all over her neck and up to her ears. Then, he walked behind her and reached around to fondle her breasts. Amy watched but then closed her eyes. Still, she could hear Becky's heavy breathing and Jake's murmurs of satisfaction.

She squirmed in the chair, uncomfortable that the situation was making her pussy tingle. Jake molded and shaped Becky's full breasts through the damp material of her tank top. Her nipples had been semi-hard since he had sprayed her and now she realized that they were hard, throbbing and at full attention. He used his thumbs to flick each nub. Then he walked back in front of Becky. Her eyes were closed but her heavy breathing indicated that his breast play had been effective. Her tousled hair was partially obscuring her face.

Picking up the knife, he inserted the sharp tip in the neckline, making a small cut. He grabbed each strap and cut through the cloth, then grabbed the front of the garment and ripped it entirely open. "GAAAAWDDD NOOOOO PLEASE," Becky yelled, the sudden stripping bringing reality back into play. The knife blade slipped between her bra cups, slicing through the small strip of material there. He used the tip to flick each cup away, exposing her mounds.

He put the knife back on the coffee table. "My God. Those are so beautiful. Perfectly formed. I love women's bodies and when breasts are like yours, it just is sooooo right." His hands cupped each breast, raising them, testing their fullness and softness. Again, this thumb rubbed her nipples, but this time the contact was skin to skin.

Lifting her left breast, he bent his mouth to capture the turgid nub of flesh. His tongue flicked over it, around it, whipping it in a sensuous manner. Becky looked down at this stranger, this escaped convict, softly sucking and licking her breast.

She tried to convince herself that it didn't feel good, she didn't want it to feel good. But she had to admit that he was accomplished. His lips and tongue were as gentle as they were insistent and controlling. She resisted the urge to arch her back and force her breast against his mouth. After a few minutes, he broke free. Her nipple was shiny with his saliva. His right hand came up and he started toying with the slippery flesh bump as his mouth shifted to her other breast.

Again, his oral stimulations were effective. A moan escaped her throat and Becky did arch her back forward, indicating her body wanted more. Satisfied with that part of the foreplay, he stopped attending her breasts and his hands dropped to the waist of her jeans. He popped free the button and then the room was seemingly filled by the sound of the zipper.

He pulled the jeans down off her hips until they bunched at her ankles. His fingers snagged the waistband of her panties and yanked them down. He then helped her sit on the couch, so he could completely remove the garments, pulling off her sandals at the same time.

Only her bra hung from its straps, but its presence only accentuated her nudity. Jake then stood, peeled off his shirt and dropped his drawers. His cock, a nice-sized 7-incher, stood arrow straight from his groin. He sat down next to Becky, whose legs were cramped shut. He ran his hands up and down her smooth upper thighs, lightly teasing the flesh, then moving to her stomach and then down to her trimmed thatch of pubic hair.

His index finger rubbed that spot a bit more insistently. "Open your legs." She relaxed her legs slightly, allowing him some access to the top of her slit. His finger immediately started teasing her clit hood and then rubbed that nervy button when it emerged. "AAAAhHHHhHHHHH," she hissed, unable to resist the feeling. His finger alternated light, barely-there touches, with harder strokes of her clit. His cock was throbbing.

He got up, then helped Becky to her feet. He led her to the end of the couch, had her face it and then pushed her over so her waist was supported by the arm of the couch. She turned her head and tried to look back over her shoulder.

He pushed her legs apart and placed one hand on the small her back, holding her in place, the other hand gripping his cock. "Don't worry. This won't take long." He knew that his cock was ready to explode and after his years of being deprived of pussy, this alluring woman's cunt would provide almost instant relief. He positioned his cock head at the entrance of her vagina, felt that he had the proper aim and with one strong thrust, he buried himself to the hilt.

"UGGGHHHHH AAAAWWWW GAAAAWDDDDD," Becky cried. Her pussy was lubed but still the sudden intrusion of his cock felt as though he was much larger than he actually was. He let out a contented sigh at the feeling of a pussy gripping his rod and then he started to fuck her. He grabbed her hips and began to piston his cock.

He felt goosebumps rising on his back. This was better than he had remembered, better than all his dreams and fantasies while being locked up. All the bad luck and shit he had gone through was being countered by his sudden good fortune in having not one, but two women, at his disposal. The thought of the young girl tied to the chair was enough to send him over the edge. He deep-stroked his rod, slamming his crotch against Becky's ass.

His cock began to spurt, and she could feel stream after stream of his hot jizz exploding deep in her cunt. "God damn, fuck … fuck. That was soooooo good. Your pussy is wonderful. Sorry I busted my nut so quick but trust me, there's plenty more." He pulled out and stood up, his semi-erect cock glistening. Becky had been revved up but never got close to coming. She rolled off the couch arm was half laying, half sitting on the couch.

She could feel is sperm leaking out of her snatch. "OK, now that I've gotten the edge off … let's head up to the master bedroom." He walked over to where Amy was sitting; her head was bowed, her eyes still closed. She had heard everything that had happened, and it might have been better if she had watched. Listening to the quick tryst had actually sparked and fired her imagination. She could tell her nipples were hardening and the tingles in her pussy had increased.

Amy was far from a virgin but had never engaged in anything that could remotely be considered kinky. Jake cut the rope binding her ankles and untied her wrists. She stood up and he retied them behind her back. He then helped Becky to her feet. "C'mon you two. Upstairs." CHAPTER 4 Amy, then Becky, then Jake climbed the steps.

Amy paused when she reached the hallway. "Uh, end of the hall on the right," Becky said quietly. They reached the master bedroom with its four-poster king-size bed that Becky had not made, the vibrator and dildo in plain sight. As she had walked up the stairs, more cum had leaked and there were several strings of jizz running down her thighs. Embarrassed, she asked if she could clean herself. "Sure thing." He nodded followed her toward the bathroom.

Just as she walked in he stopped her by grabbing her hands and untied them. Standing so he could keep an eye on both women, he waited for Becky to run some warm water in the basin and use a wash cloth to clean her legs and sop up as much of the leaking sperm as she could.

When she finished, he took her wrist and walked her to the foot of the bed, turning her so she was facing it.

Grabbing the nylon rope, he cut a 4-foot length strand. He tied Becky's left wrist and then tied the other end to the bed poster. He did the same thing with her other arm. "There. I don't have to worry about you and you'll have a front-row seat." He walked over to Amy. Her head was still tilted down and she was using the bill of her cap to block out as much of the world as she could. "You've been a good girl so far," he said, cupping her chin and lifting her face. He pulled the ball cap off, careful to allow her pony tail to pass through the opening at the back.

Even this innocent move caused her to gasp and then catch her breath. "Please … please … I don't wanna." "Leave her alone, have me again," Becky asked. He ignored them both. He untied Amy's hands, grasped her upper arm and walked her near the side of the bed. He put the knife on the night stand. Then he turned her to face him. "OK, like I said, I don't want to hurt anybody. We're all just here to," he leaned close to her ear and whispered, "fuck. "I untied you so you would be more comfortable.

Do not try to fight me or fuck around with me. I learned a lot of shit in prison and I can hurt you with my hands. But I don't want to. Look at me." She raised her eyes to meet his stare. "Understand?" She nodded her head.

Becky felt ashamed as her mind began to imagine being a voyeur for the first time. She felt bad for Amy, but she was pretty sure she wasn't a virgin.

Jake's cock had felt good inside her pussy, the first cock she'd had in … what? … a year? The idea of watching him with Amy was making Becky's insides flutter.

Jake placed both his hands on each side of Amy's face, his thumbs stroking over the smooth, soft skin of her cheeks. He held her firmly as leaned forward and kissed her. She tried to pull back but couldn't.

His tongue licked over her lips, but she kept them closed. "Kiss me." His lips found hers again and his tongue pushed forcefully against her. She gave in and opened her lips, but she kept her teeth clenched. He grabbed her pony tail and yanked her head back, his mouth moving to her neck, licking and kissing there the sensitive flesh. His mouth and tongue were everywhere as he passionately used his mouth to arouse her.

She brought her hands up to push at his chest, but they had no effect. "French me." His mouth was back at her lips and he pulled her forcefully to him, crushing her by wrapping his arms around her. She gasped, and his tongue gained entrance and started to duel with her tongue. His cock was already hard, and it twitched as he tasted the freshness of her oral cavern.

Amy moaned as she found his kissing skills to be at a high level. She was trying not to enjoy it but was finding it difficult. Satisfied that his foreplay was succeeding, he broke the kiss and pushed Amy to a sitting position on the edge of the bed. "Take your shoes and socks off." She did as directed then he grabbed the front of her sleeveless blouse and pulled her back to her feet.

He slowly began unbuttoning it. Amy looked down, seeing his fingers work on undoing her buttons. "Noooo," she whispered. "Please." Once the last button was freed, he pushed the blouse down and off her shoulders.

He reached behind and unsnapped her bra and whisked it down and off. Amy had small but firm breasts, probably about a B cup. Her nipples were a delightful pink and she had virtually no areola.

Wasting no time and beginning to desire more exploration of this delightful young woman, he unsnapped and unzipped her shorts. Reaching inside the waist band, he hooked her panties and shorts with his fingers and pulled both down, so they pooled around her ankles. Putting his hands under her arms, Jake lifted her and gently tossed her so she landed on the bed, her breasts jiggling slightly. He laid down next to her. They were laying across the bed so that Amy's body was on the side where Becky had an unobstructed view.

Amy could feel his hard cock against her side. She tried to conceal her most private parts with a hand cupping her crotch and the other arm across her breasts. "None of that," Jake said. He grabbed her hands and yanked them above her head, firmly secured in the strong vice-like grip of his right hand. With the index finger of his left hand, he started to lightly tease her upper body. His finger skimmed across her skin, barely making contact.

He drew circles on her mounds, intentionally teasing and avoiding the sensitive nipples. Amy's fists clenched and relaxed as his deft foreplay caused her to moan and mewl. Becky watched the live porno playing out on her bed, admiring how Jake was turning on his partner. Her nipples were hard, and she wished she could play with them.

Her pussy was also tingling. Jake's hand then closed on Amy's left breast, fully cupping and covering the modest mound. Her hard nipple pushed against the palm of his hand as he pushed down and rubbed her breast, flattening it against her chest.

At the same time, he brought his left leg over and between her legs, which were tightly clenched. He started to rub his knee over her pubic mound. "EERRAAAHHHHHGGGGG," she groaned/growled as her body's erogenous zones started to take control of her mind and body.

Jake's hand slipped over to her other breast, taking the nipple between his thumb and forefinger, twirling the bud of flesh. He rolled his body closer to hers and his mouth closed over the nipple of her left breast, his tongue whipping and teasing it. Sensing that her resistance was waning, Jake let go of her wrists and then rolled over to straddle her hips. She could see his erection, rock hard and pointing from his groin at a right angle.

His hands found her breasts, fondling them and teasing the nipples. Amy felt that all her nerve endings were connected between the tips of her breasts and her vagina. Jake bent over, his cock brushing up against her lower stomach. He lowered his head and his mouth moved back and forth between her breasts, sucking and licking her throbbing nipples. Amy surprised herself as she brought her hands down to pull his head closer against her bosom.

Becky was biting her lower lip and her bound hands jerked in a futile effort to get loose to stimulate her body. Watching Jake having his way with Amy was turning her on and being unable to take it any further than watching was frustrating. Jake's mouth and tongue were coating Amy's nipples and breasts with his saliva. He then moved up her body, straddling her chest.

He grabbed his rod in his right hand and started rubbing his cock head over her spit-slickened nipples, his pre-cum leaking out to add to the lubricant. "My gawwwd. What are you doing? MMMMMAAAAHHH." The sensation of his swollen cock head sliding over her nipples was something she had never experienced. Her neck strained as she craned her head to watch him teasing her breasts with his dick. Again, her hands seemed to move of their own accord, cupping her breasts together. There wasn't quite enough for him to titty fuck her, but it was pleasurable having her soft breast flesh pushed against his rod.

His hips rocked back and forth, pushing his cock back and forth as she flicked her own nipples with her thumbs. Jake then leaned forward, putting his hands beyond Amy's head and positioning his cock at her lips. "Suck it. Show me what you got." Her pink tongue tip emerged and made contact. She could feel his erection twitch and he pushed against her mouth, popping his bulb inside her lips.

Her hot, wet tongue twirled around his rod. She didn't get to show him much. Jake thought he could handle having his cock sucked before fucking her, but the sensation of the young woman's mouth was too much.

"AAAAHHHHGGG, SHHHHITTTT. THAT'S GOOOOOOD." His cock started to spurt his jizz, surprising Amy as his goo quickly filled her mouth before she started gulping it down. He sat back on his haunches, pulling his cock free and the final few spurts landed on her cheek, neck and her left breast. Breathing heavily, Jake was frustrated he had not fucked the young woman. After two quick orgasms, he needed some recovery time. He got off the bed, grabbed Amy's ankles and dragged her so her ass was near the edge of the bed.

He then forced her legs up and apart, placing her feet at the edge of the bed. He dropped to his knees. Amy's pussy was shiny with secretions. Her auburn bush was a trimmed patch. Anticipating what he was about to do, her hips were rocking. His strong hands moved down the insides of her thighs until they reached her crotch.

His thumbs parted her outer lips. "Amy, you have a beautiful pussy. It's perfect … and it begs to be licked." With that, his head leaned down and his mouth attached itself like a suction cup, his tongue licking up and down the inside of her exposed lips.

"IIIIIEEEYYYYAAAA, GAWWWWD … so good … SO GOOD," Amy yelled as her hips bucked off the bed to force her sex against his face.

Becky was going crazy with need. She was wondering if she could have an orgasm without any stimulation. The sex show she was watching was hotter than anything she had seen or could imagine. As Jake's tongue swirled around Amy's vagina, his thumb and finger worked to the top of her slit where they found her clit hood.

Her pleasure button emerged, and his finger gently teased it. She gurgled and cooed her satisfaction, her head whipping back and forth. He replaced his tongue with one and then two fingers and started sawing them in and out of her tight love tunnel. The thumb of that hand was used to further rub and tease her throbbing clit, moving it over it in hard, demanding strokes and softer, lighter rubs. Her body went rigid as she lifted herself to be supported just by her feet and shoulders.

"CUMMMMMING … I'M CUMMMING … GAWWWDD. RIGHT THERE … RIGHT THERE. DON'T STOP." Satisfied that he had pleased her, he pulled his fingers from her cunt.

They were covered with her juices. He stood up and put those fingers on her lips, then slipped them into her mouth where she enthusiastically licked them clean. Jake's cock had regained its hardness and it jerked in readiness as he witnessed Amy licking her pussy juices from his fingers. Amy's legs were still splayed and her body was still shaking, and her pussy had not recovered from the orgasm. Jake fisted the base of his rod and pushed the purple knob against her slick lips.

"UMMMMM, OHHHHHH … I'm still … not ready … not yet." Disregarding her words and satisfied that his cock was poised at her vagina's entrance, Jake thrusted home in one stroke, his crotch slapping into Amy's.

She felt her breath swoosh out of her lungs and her eyes rolled back in their sockets. He slipped his arms under her knees to pull her closer to the edge of the bed and also tilt her lower body further back.

He was basically in position to pile drive her pussy and he began to fuck her with deep, fast strokes, his buttocks flexing with each completed journey. Amy had never had her pussy eaten so well followed up by such powerful fucking. Her cunt lips were gripping and flexing around his cock, her young kegel muscles were strong even if inexperienced. Jake grimaced in satisfaction as his dick was rhythmically gripped by her slick walls as it sawed in and out.

The sluicing sounds of an erect penis copulating with an excited vagina along with the throaty sighs and groans filled the room. Becky could see Jake's cock plowing into Amy's splayed pussy. She flashed back to Jake fucking her from behind to start this "orgy" and as her body was tingling from her nose to her toes, she yearned to have his staff fill her again. Jake could feel his balls tightening and knew he was approaching another download.

Amy's body was quivering, and she was breathing like a long-distance runner. He looked down to the erotic view of his cock plowing her slit. "Play with your clit. Reach down and play with your clit." Amy's right hand slipped down her body and across her undulating belly until it reached her slick pearl of pleasure. "UMMMMMAAAAHHHOOOOO," she gasped at her self-pleasuring combined with Jake's pistoning cock. Her clit play had Amy close to her peak and her pussy was clenching tightly as Jake was increasing the speed of his thrusts.

"YEAAAAHHHHH," he hissed. "FUUUUCCKKKK." Jake arched his back with a deep, hard stroke, pulling her lower body tightly against his crotch. His cock began to spasm and his scrotum contracted, his balls sending his jizz deep into Amy's vagina. As she felt his cock throbbing and delivering his load of cum, his orgasm pushed her over the edge. "IIIIIEEEEAAAAYYYYYAAAAA WOWWWWW … FUCCCCKKKK MEEEEE … YESSSSSS," she squealed.

Their lower bodies were locked and arched against each other as Jake's cock continued to empty his seed. Amy flung her arms wide, surrendering herself as her body quivered like a plucked guitar string. Jake pulled his cock free and Amy moaned as her pussy suddenly felt voided. He rubbed his still throbbing dick on her mound, pushing between her swollen labia, brushing her sensitive clit bump. A final few spurts dribbled out to decorate the top of her slit and her pubic hair.

Becky could hold her silence and her desire no longer. "Jeeeeezzzz, please, will you untie me? I need to cum. You guys got me soooooo hot." Jake pulled away from Amy, stood up and untied Becky's right hand. She immediately pushed her hand against her pussy and started stroking her slit. Jake moved behind her and cupped her breasts. "You liked watching us," he whispered. "Amy's a hot little bitch and you're a hot little bitch." His fingers plucked at her nipples.

Amy rolled over on her side and watched as Becky spread her legs for better access and thrust her index finger inside her slick vagina while rubbing her clit with her thumb. Jake's hands and his dirty talk provided the ingredients needed to complete her orgasm.

"MMMMMMAAAAHHHHH SHHHHITTTTT. I'M SOOOOO … GAWD … CUMMMMMMMING." Jake's semi-erect cock was against her ass as she ground on her hand to reach her tipping point.

He then reached over and untied her other hand. He glanced at the clock on the night table. It was not yet noon. He moved back to Amy, took her hand and she followed him as he walked and grabbed Becky's hand.

"C'mon, ladies, let's have a shower." CHAPTER 5 Jake directed Becky to get the shower started and temperature adjusted. "Turn 'em both on," he said, indicating the other shower head. "After you, ladies." Becky and Amy looked at each other. Becky shrugged off her ruined bra and stepped in, turning to Amy as if to indicate it was OK. Amy undid her pony tail and entered the walk-in shower. Jake followed and went to the opposite shower head. Jake stood with the hot shower on his back, luxuriating in the feeling of a "civilized" shower.

Becky and Amy were on opposite sides of the other stream. Becky finally ducked her head under the water and grabbed the shampoo, then handed it to Amy after squirting some in her hands. Amy then ducked her head under the spray and both women began soaping their hair. They each took turns rinsing. Both used their hands to slick back their hair. There was a small strand of Amy's hair still plastered to her forehead and Becky reached over to smooth it back.

Both women locked eyes and there was an electrical charge that seemed to pass between them. Jake was soaping himself, watching the two women. His soap slick hands moved down to wash his crotch, balls and cock. Becky squirted some liquid bath soap in Amy's cupped hand and then did the same for herself.

She started to soap up her body, rubbing over her breasts and soaping her crotch which had experienced two orgasms and a load of cum since her morning shower. She couldn't help but watch as Amy, instead of turning her back, stood facing Becky as her hands moved over her lithe and compact body. "Here, let me get your back," Becky said in a hoarse whisper that could barely be heard over the rushing water.

"Then you can do mine." Amy turned her back and Becky's hands soaped up the young woman's skin, her hands moving and stopping just above her tight ass cheeks. She then stopped and turned, with Amy turning to soap down Becky's back.

Amy was feeling a sexual draw to the older woman, but she had never considered being with another female. She felt a shiver go down her spine as her hands moved over Becky's back. They each turned to rinse, and their hips brushed together, further heightening the sexual tension. Jake was stroking his soapy cock, something both women could see as the turned to get the spray on their backs. He considered asking them to kiss each other but decided to wait and let the anticipation build.

He turned to rinse off, then shut his shower off, stepping out and grabbing a towel off the rack. Becky turned the lever to shut off the water and both women exited and grabbed towels to start drying off. Other than the drip-drip-drip from the shower heads, there was silence. Jake finished toweling off and waited for the women. Drying their hair was taking some time. "That's enough; you both look hot with your hair kinda wet. I'm starved; let's get something to eat." Becky and Amy each wanted some modesty, so they wrapped towels around their bodies that covered their breasts but barely covered their asses.

Jake motioned for them to walk ahead and they made their way to the kitchen. "Ladies, you've both been working hard so let me take care of you," he said with a smart aleck tone. "Have a seat." They sat down across the kitchen table and Jake looked in the fridge. He found some sliced turkey, then grabbed a loaf of bread and made three sandwiches.

He sat down, and they ate in silence, making quick work of the modest lunch. "Well, guess it's time for some desert," he said. Something had caught his eye in the fridge and he knew exactly what was next on his sex quest. He opened the fridge and pulled out a can of Cool Whip and sat it on the kitchen table. "Why don't you two stand up?" Reluctantly they rose, and each let out a little gasp when he grabbed their towels, yanking them free and dropping them to the floor.

Both women attempted modesty with an arm over the breasts and a hand covering their sex. Jake pulled Becky's arm away from her mounds, grabbed the Cool Whip and covered each breast tip with squirts of the cream.

"OOOOHHH, shit, that's cold." She tried to step back but he pulled her forward and dipped his head to lick the sugary foam from left breast. The contrast of his warm, wet mouth and tongue plus the desert topping had her nipple erect and quivering. Jake raised his head and turned to Amy. "C'mere; the other one's for you." Again, she obeyed without really wanting to. She approached Becky, who closed her eyes and emitted a small, quivering moan.

Since the shower, her libido had been racing; she was flashing back to the lesbian porn she had watched earlier in the morning. The smell of Amy's shampooed hair wafted to her nose as the younger woman bent forward and stuck out her tongue.

Jake watched as Amy's pink tongue tip tentatively lapped at the cream. By now some of it had melted and dripped down Becky's breast. Amy tried to capture the sweet liquid, sucking with her mouth and licking with her tongue. Becky's breath hissed through clenched teeth as she inhaled at the sensation of a female mouth on her breast.

Amy felt Jake's hand at the back of her neck, pulling her back from Becky's body. The two women locked eyes that were smoldering with passion. "Your turn." He anointed each of Amy's small mounds with the whipped cream.

Before he bent his head to partake, he looked at Becky. "Why don't you help me out here?" In an eye blink, each of Amy's breasts were being assaulted by her two playmates. For an instant she thought she might faint. Jake's mouth was harsher, more demanding. Becky's tongue swirled around the tip of Amy's right breast, lapping up the cream but also giving considerable attention to the prominent nipple that seemed to quiver for attention.

Amy put her hands on the back of their necks to steady herself. The feeling of two mouths on her breasts was new for her; the fact that one of those mouths belonged to a woman was causing her pussy to tingle.

With "desert" over, Jake was ready to get back to serious business. But first he needed to assess his situation. He grabbed Becky's cell phone and turned it back on. After a few seconds, it beeped with some news alerts. He read that the search for the escaped convict was centered in Putnam County. He did a Google search and found that county was two counties away. For now, the searchers weren't closing in.

"OK, ladies, let's go back upstairs." CHAPTER 6 Jake noted it was a little after 1. He had brought the Cool Whip with him and he remembered the vibrator and the dildos he had spotted earlier.

There was still plenty of fun to be had. Jake crawled into the center of the bed and propped himself up on a couple of pillows.

Without being asked, Becky and Amy flanked him. "Becky, you haven't showed me how you can suck cock. Here, have some more desert." And with that, he spurted a healthy dollop on the bulging purple head of his shaft. Becky was feeling like a cock-hungry slut, but she also realized that she had a lot of pent up passion that was flooding over a breached dam. She got on her knees and leaned over Jake's crotch.


Her tongue lapped at the cream, collecting enough that she exposed his cock bulb. When her tongue swiped over that and picked up his salty precum, the sweet-salt contrast gave her a quiver. She had enjoyed fellating her husband early in their marriage; she liked her ability to please and control him and his gushing climaxes had always left her primed for her own orgasm. She closed her fingers around the base of Jake's cock and wiggled it before her mouth clamped over the tip.

Becky's lips o-ringed around his shaft and she started to bob her head up and down. Jake groaned and his body stiffened. He turned to Amy, who was watching Becky work on the stiff shaft. "Why don't you help her? I didn't' give you much of a chance earlier." Amy joined Becky, kneeling on Jake's other side. Amy's hands clasped Becky's still damp dark brown hair which had a wild disheveled look.

Becky's eyes glanced up with her mouth full of Jake's cock. She pulled off it and looked at Amy with a smile. Still holding the base of Jake's cock, Becky tilted it toward the young woman. Amy leaned down and her tongue bathed the purplish knob with her saliva. It was a warm, wet tongue but Jake, even without looking, could tell a difference between the two. Amy was more tentative and was licking his head like it was a lollipop.

Becky then put her right hand on Amy's head and gently urged her to take more of the rod in her mouth. Amy's lips locked around the cock head and then slipped down, allowing more of his cock to slip into her mouth. Becky then released her grip and her tongue darted to lick around his cock's base, covering the sensitive skin that wasn't in Amy's mouth. The slurping sounds of two mouths and tongues, in addition to the sensations, had Jake's hips lurching upward.

Both women soon turned it into a cock fight as they were competing for where they could lick and how much Jake's cock they could suck. As they licked the seeping precum near the tip, their tongues touched. They both paused, frozen for a moment. Becky then cupped Amy's chin, lifting it so that her lips could gain access to Amy's.

Their lips were moist and soft and at first their kiss was chaste. Amy's tongue then darted out to contact Becky's lips; their mouths opened and there were audible sighs of pleasure as they began Frenching each other.

They could taste Jake's seminal fluid and the faint taste of the whipped cream. The combination created a delightful saliva mix. Since Amy had walked through the door, Jake had been imagining the two women pleasuring each other.

Even though his erect cock was pulsing it was almost painful now without having mouths pleasuring it - the view of the women kissing, their lovely breasts rising and falling with their passionate breathing, was an erotic sight. Becky's hand reached down and started stroking Jake's cock, her thumb flicking over the slick bulbous head. Reluctantly, she pulled away from the kiss and knelt back down to cover his cock with her mouth.

"C'mere," Jake said to Amy, who moved up and locked her lips on his. His hands captured her taut mounds, fingers flicking her nipples, causing her to moan/growl deep in her throat. Becky realized she was reaching a tipping point in terms of her sexuality. Pent-up frustrations and a recent lack of fulfillment had made her ripe to turn into a sex-crazed woman.

The ideas of boundaries and norms were fading. She was sucking the cock of an escaped convict who was basically forcing her and a young woman she barely knew to be his carnal play things. That was the reality. The "fantasy" was that she was not resisting in any way. She was compliant.

And she was loving the way it made her feel. She began a serious oral attack on Jake's rod, licking it, nibbling at the swollen head, taking it as deep into her mouth as she could, gagging on it and covering it with her saliva.

As she worked on his cock, one hand slipped between her legs to tease her hot, dripping slit. Her clit was already at attention and she stroked it as her hips rocked and her mouth moved up and down Jake's cock. Jake broke his kiss with Amy, grabbing her hair and directing her eyes to their partner.

"Look at her sucking my cock," he whispered.

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"She's playing with her pussy. After she makes me cum, I want to watch you two make love." Amy shivered at the suggestion. Like Becky, these last few hours had stoked her erotic furnace. All she wanted was to give and receive pleasure.

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Becky could feel Jake's cock throbbing and spasming in her mouth. She lightly traced her fingernails over his ball sack and the erotic touch on that sensitive skin was his trigger mechanism. "OOHHHHH YEAAAAAAH BABE. THAT'S IT … LIKE THAT … HMMMM GET READY … I'M GONNA … CUMMMMMMM." His hips thrust off the bed and forced his dick deeper into Becky's mouth as it exploded with a large spurt of hot semen.

She had trouble not gagging but swallowed it and pulled her mouth up so that just the pulsing top part of his cock was still inside. He fired off another half dozen spurts, diminishing in size but filling her mouth. She couldn't contain it all and what she couldn't gulp down dribbled down her chin.

Sitting back on her haunches, she wiped the jizz from her face and licked her fingers, a satisfied grin on her face. Feeling like a complete slut, she flirted with Jake. "Well, sir, you wanted to find out how I could suck a cock. I hoped I passed." Jake didn't answer, he just smiled, his eyes closed.

"Becky, Jake wants us to make love," Amy said quietly, her voice quivering with desire and anticipation. She assumed hoped that the older woman would want to complete a tryst that so far had just been hinted. Becky closed her eyes. Her heart rate had suddenly accelerated. The opportunity to complete a fantasy and make love to another woman was presenting itself, right here in her bed. This wasn't watching porn and masturbating with a dildo or vibrator. This was another female with a lovely, sexy body.

She clambered over Jake's legs and approached Amy, who rolled back to lay her head on a pillow. Becky was on her knees by Amy's side. Jake scooted to his left to give them more than half the bed. Then he sat cross legged, watching in anticipation. CHAPTER 7 Becky's hands roamed over Amy's upper body, moving over her breasts which were almost flattened because she was lying down. But her prominent nipples were hard, and Becky's fingers flicked and toyed with the delightful buds.

She then laid down next to Amy, who shifted slightly on her side, so their lips could meet.

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Their breasts made contact soon after their lips connected. Becky moaned as her tongue found its way inside her partner's sweet, hot, young mouth. Their tongues danced and dueled. Amy's teeth then lightly captured Becky's full lower lip, exerting soft pressure and pulling it slightly. She let go and they resumed their deep soul kiss, their hands sliding over each other's sleek smooth skin.

Becky's right leg pushed itself between Amy's legs and her upper thigh made contact with her mound. Amy whimpered at the feeling as Becky slowly started humping her leg against her partner's pussy. Becky then went on a kiss attack, her lips moving over Amy's face, then down to her neck, then up to her ears.

Her tongue bathed Amy's ear and then Becky whispered, "I'm a SOOOO turned on by this." She then started a slow, sensuous journey along Amy's body. Her mouth found the nipple of her right breast as her hand and fingers molded and toyed with the other nipple. As Amy's moans grew, she switched to the other breast, repeating the procedure.

Amy's hips were bucking against Becky's thigh and she could feel the moisture of her pussy moistening her skin. She then moved between Amy's legs, which were bent at the knee and splayed open. Her crotch was fully exposed and ready. Becky was breathing fast her heart was racing and she felt a bit light headed as her hands reached for Amy's labia. She used her thumbs to split the slit, so it revealed the inner pink flesh glistening with Amy's arousal.

"Becky, Becky … please … eat my cunny," Amy hissed between her clenched teeth. "I want you sooooo much." Dipping her head and inhaling deeply, Becky shuddered to breathe in her partner's arousal. It was a familiar smell. She extended her tongue and lightly licked up the side of Amy's pussy lip.

Amy bucked her hips up, no longer patient, her pussy grinding against Becky's mouth. She needed no more encouragement. Her mouth, lips and tongue began devouring the sweet womanly garden like a starving man at a buffet. Her fingers moved to the top of Amy's slit and pulled at the sides of her clit hood. When that pearl was exposed, Becky's pointed tongue started to whip the smooth nubbin of nerves.

When Becky's tongue found Amy's clit, she also slipped a finger inside her wet vaginal channel. The penetration plus the clit contact combined to unleash her orgasm. Her hands tangled in Becky's silky hair, jamming her face against her cunt as she peaked.

"AAAAIIIIIIYEEEEEAAAAAGGGGHHHH. BECKYYYYYYY. RIGHT THERE … DON'T STOP, RIGHT THERE … SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD." After her climax, Amy flung her arms wide and laid back in a relaxed heap. Becky's lower face with shiny from pussy juices. She moved up and laid on Amy's body and Amy licked and kissed Becky's face, tasting herself.

"Your turn." She pushed Becky off her to the side and began by suckling on her full breasts while one hand sought out her pussy, teasing the labia and stroking the throbbing clitoris.

Becky had climbed about halfway up orgasm hill by servicing her partner and she was primed. Amy quickly climbed between Becky's legs. She folded the legs back and wide, fully exposing her lover's sex. Jake had been stroking a throbbing erection for a few minutes and felt he was ready to deliver another load of semen. He got up and moved behind Amy, urging her on her knees with her legs spread.

As her mouth moved to make contact with Becky's cunt, Jake slightly slapped Amy's ass cheeks a few times and then used his hand to guide is erection up and down her slick slit.

"MMMFFFAAAHHH," Amy's sigh prompted by Jake's preparations was muffled into Becky's pussy. She shivered from the vibrations and looked down to see another female's mouth on her mound for the first time. And seeing Jake on his knees behind Amy, about to fuck her, only heightened the excitement. Jake's cock found it's purchase inside Amy's vagina and easily slipped in as her ass wiggled in delight.

Amy's tongue was lapping back and forth, up and down. It drove as deep as it could in Becky's fuck tunnel, then returned to pleasuring her throbbing clit. Fucking her doggy style, it seemed to Jake that Amy's pussy was tighter than he had remembered.

Seeing her head bob over Becky's crotch while Becky's hands kneaded her own breasts and nipples was an ultimate threesome experience for the convict. "SSSHHHHHIIIIITTTT. TIGHT FUCKING PUSSY … GONNA CUM." Jake's cock jerked and his balls tightened as he spurted his fuck cream deep in Amy's pussy.

She ground her ass back against his crotch, further heightening his satisfaction. As his semi-hard cock withdrew, he jacked it a few times and one last string of pearls landed on Amy's right butt cheek. Amy captured Becky's clit bud lightly between her teeth and her tongue whipped over the nervy node.

Jake's fucking, her bringing Amy to orgasm combined with the young woman licking her pussy sent Becky flying over the top. "MMMMAAAAHHHHGAAAAAIIIIIIYEEEEEAAAAAA." Her deep throated scream/growl filled the room and her upper thighs clamped around Amy's head, trapping her against her spasming cunt.

Once Becky's legs relaxed, Amy moved forward and collapsed on top of the other woman, whose arms warmly embraced her. Both seemed to be in a post-orgasm trance. Jake was feeling light headed and assumed he was dehydrated. Not worried about his "captives," he rolled off the bed and went downstairs to the kitchen. He grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and chugged it. Curious, he picked up Becky's cell phone. There were a number of news text alerts. He scrolled through them and the hair on the back of his neck rose.

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It was apparent those searching for him were headed in the right for them direction. He got two more bottles of water from the fridge and got dressed before heading back upstairs. "Ladies," he said. They were now cuddled next to each other. "This has been great fun, but it appears that the posse is closing in. Because you've both been so cooperative, I don't feel it's right to allow myself to be captured here.

You'd face a lot of questioning from the police and the media and it could be embarrassing to you both. I'm just gonna head out and take my chances." And with that, he walked to the night stand to retrieve his knife which both women had forgotten about - turned and went down the steps two a time.

A moment later, they heard the front door open and close. CHAPTER 8 The sudden departure of their captor returned both women to a slightly sobering reality.

They had faced no choice but to experience new sexual experiences. There was no questioning that their orgasms had been deep and satisfying but now the "fantasy" was over. There was doubt and uncertainty about what was next. Becky slipped away from Amy's embrace and sat up on the edge of the bed. "I'm gonna take a shower," she said. It was not as much a statement as her thought being expressed out loud.

Amy watched the older woman as she walked into the bathroom. The 18-year-old had been rewinding and replaying the movie in her mind that had all the new experiences her body and libido had encountered since she first walked in the front door.

Sex had never particularly been high on her priority list, but she now felt like "getting off" was as important as eating or sleeping. She heard the shower and it beckoned her.

Amy walked in to the bathroom and could see that Becky was already under the stream. She had her head back and her hands were moving through her thick, brown hair that was soaking wet.

Amy entered the shower and moved behind Becky, her hands reaching around to cup her full breasts. "MMMMmmmm, hello there," Becky purred. Part of her had hoped that Amy would join her, but she wasn't sure about asking. Feeling the younger woman's hands caressing her full mounds as the hot water streamed down was delightful. Becky reached for the liquid soap and squirted some of the liquid just above her breasts. In moments, Amy had turned the soap into a lather and her slippery hands were gliding over Becky's tits, flicking the protruding nipples and massaging the delightful globes.

Becky's right hand slipped down to her mound and began to finger and tease her pussy. She didn't feel like she was headed toward another orgasm, but her body and nervous system were just enjoying the buzz of foreplay.

"Your hands … they feel so good on my breasts," Becky whispered. "I had fantasized about being with another woman, but I never knew it could be this … hot." Amy squeezed both mounds as her thumb and forefinger rolled the sensitive nubs. "Yeah, me too. When I first walked into … this, I was so scared I thought I'd pee my pants.

Gotta admit that for a convict, he was a pretty nice guy. I don't think I've ever cum this many times or this hard." Becky turned and embraced the young woman, her soapy body sliding against hers. Becky could feel Amy's tit tips prodding her skin. Her right hand tangled in Amy's wet auburn hair and pulled her head back. They engaged in a deep soul kiss that left them both heaving for breath.

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"Gawd, I'm SO horny … again," Becky said, her smoldering eyes looking into Amy's. "Let's get dry." A few minutes later, they were back on the bed. The sheets had a faint musky odor from all the sexual activity. Becky reached into the nightstand drawer and pulled out her two dildos.

Amy's eyes widened and she smiled. "So, you really are a hot kinky bitch." "Well, after I divorced my husband, I wasn't interested in the dating scene. And, a woman still has needs … So, which do you want to try? This smooth one or the one that has bumps and ridges?

Also, I've got some lube if you need it." Amy had never used a sex toy, so she selected the dildo that most resembled a cock. She lubed it up and then laid back, spread her legs and went to work. Becky laid beside her and also started rubbing the fake cock over her moist snatch. Both women were taking their time, lazily maneuvering the dildos and in no hurry to get off.

For both, this was another first mutually masturbating. Their languid self-pleasuring was suddenly interrupted by loud knocking on the front door. They could hear a muffled voice. "Hello, anyone home? Sheriff's Department here." Becky hopped off the bed and grabbed a sheer dressing gown off the back of the bathroom door. She took a few steps then turned back and grabbed her sleep shirt, tossing it to Amy.

When Becky opened the front door, Amy was standing slightly behind her. Both were a bit surprised to see a tall female officer. "Hello … I'm deputy sheriff Rita McMurphy. You may have heard about the escaped convict.

We're doing a house-to-house sweep just to make sure everything's OK." "Yes, I heard about the escapee," Becky said, trying to keep her voice calm and sound matter of fact. "I've had my house locked down all day. I've only opened the door for you and … Amy." Rita was an imposing figure. At least six-feet tall, she had strong arms and legs. Her voluptuous breasts were largely hidden by the field vest she wore.

Her black hair was cut in a curving bob that framed her face. She stood with her hands on her hips as her mind surveyed the situation. At 28, she had decided she was mostly a lesbian.

She enjoyed a hard cock every now and then, but most men were intimidated by her profession and physique. Rita's eyes looked over the older woman and her younger companion and quickly deduced they were lovers. Their damp disheveled hair, their nipples poking against their clothing, the faint smell of womanly musk.

"Well, it looks like everything is fine here," she said, trying to suppress a smile. "Word is that the searchers are closing in on him. I think we'll have him in custody in a couple of hours.

Keep your doors locked and it's probably best you stayed inside until morning." They did just that. After eating a quick and light dinner, they spent the rest of the evening in bed watching porn, making love and masturbating. CHAPTER 9 Two days later was Saturday. Becky was still assessing her memories of that fateful day of sexual awakening. While they hadn't talked about it, Becky, like Amy, felt like the vault to her true sexuality had been opened. She couldn't stop thinking about sex; her mind either replayed the events with Jake or she fantasized about other possible encounters.

Around 10 a.m., as she was sipping coffee in her kitchen, her cell phone rang. "Hello … Mrs. Wilson? This is Rita McMurphy, the deputy sheriff who checked on you a few nights ago." "Yes, yes. Hello. I heard on the news that the guy was caught.

Hope he didn't hurt anyone while he was on the run." "Yes, we did capture him and no, it doesn't appear that he made contact with anyone in our area … Mrs. Wilson can I call you Becky? this isn't an official call. It's my day off." "Yes, well, certainly. How can I help you?" "Well, I hope I'm not being too forward. I just moved here about two months ago and I've been so busy getting settled in and working … I just haven't been able to meet a lot of folks … I just, well … you seemed so nice the other night I was … I was wondering if maybe you'd like to meet for lunch or coffee." Becky was flattered.

She had become a bit of a hermit since her divorce and realized that getting out would probably do her good. "Yes, I think that would be great," she answered. "I'm flattered that you would ask." "Are you free today? Maybe around 1?" Becky was a bit taken aback that in just a few minutes of conversation she was being asked on a date. But she realized she had no legitimate excuse to say no. "Um, well, sure.

That works for me." Just before 1, Becky pulled her Rav4 into the parking lot at the Corner Bakery that was located a block from the town square. She had decided to wear a flowered print sundress. She entered the restaurant and Rita waved from a booth in the corner. She got up and met Becky near the front counter. She was wearing form fitting yoga pants and tight crop top; over that she wore a blouse that was unbuttoned but the shirt tails were tied in a knot.

"Well, you got all dressed up. Sorry, I was planning to work out after this." They both ordered salads and ice tea. An hour later, with the dining room nearly deserted, they were still conversing. Rita explained why she had switched jobs over being sexually harassed and kept from promotions at her previous department. She was an engaging conversationalist and soon Becky was hitting the highs and lows of her life; she found her companion easy to talk with.

The time came to depart. "Well, here's my business card," Rita said. "My cell is on the back." Becky took the card and flipped it over. Instead of a phone number was a message. "I want us to make love." She looked up at the taller woman. Her green eyes were sparkling in a combination of enjoyment and pure lust. Taking both of Becky's hands in hers, she leaned forward for an innocent peck on the cheek. Her breath was hot on Becky's face as she leaned close to her ear.

"My apartment is just a block away. Shall we?" Becky felt her knees were close to buckling. She knew that her nipples were hard and poking against the thin fabric of her dress. Rita had a raw, animalistic sensuality that Becky had quickly picked up on. She just didn't think there were would be an opportunity to explore that feeling so soon.

Rita dropped Becky's hands, looked her straight in the eyes. With a smile, she then turned and started to walk out of the restaurant. Becky followed as though she had been hypnotized. She had no memory of the quick walk to the apartment. The elevator ride to the fourth floor of the building passed in silence as if they were strangers.

Rita had a corner apartment and for now the units on each side were empty. The silence continued as Rita walked to her bedroom, Becky following.

Rita walked over to a dresser and picked up a silk scarf. She used it to blind fold her guest. "What … what are you doing?" Becky whispered breathlessly. "Relax, sweetie. Go with the flow. I promise you'll have more fun than you've ever had." She led Becky and helped her sit near the head of the bed, which had a cast iron head board with ornate designs.

Becky heard metallic rattling and suddenly felt a metal band close around her left wrist with a click. Before she could react, Rita had shackled her hands to the top of the head board. Her position left her slightly sitting up and Rita propped up her back with some pillows. Then she removed the blind fold. Becky found herself just a bit disappointed that the scarf had been removed.

The moments of not seeing while she was handcuffed had furthered her excitement. Still, being restrained by this relative stranger was raising her heart beat. Her breasts rose and fell as she struggled to breathe normally. "There, now, all nice and comfy," Rita said, her voice almost purring with desire.

Her hands reached behind Becky's neck for the clasp of her dress's halter. Undoing it, she slowly pulled the bodice down, revealing her playmate's breasts in a deliberate teasing fashion. Becky's eyes looked down and she watched as her dress was dragged down over her mounds. When they at last came into view, she gasped at how sensual it was to be gradually stripped.

"Oh, my," Rita said, her voice just above a whisper. "Just as I had imagined. These are perfect. May I?" Without waiting for an answer, her hands covered both globes, squeezing in appraisal and possession. Becky arched her back to give herself completely to her partner's caresses. Rita then leaned forward to capture Becky's lips with her mouth. Two sets of full, sensual lips were soon parted, and the tongues met. Rita's tongue seemed to be a strong as the rest of her body as it pushed against Becky's, taking possession of the appendage as it explored the warm, moist oral cave.

As they soul kissed, Rita's hands kept themselves busy at Becky's breasts. She pulled on the nipples, lifting each breast and pulling it away from her chest before giving each nub a solid squeeze and then letting go to let the breast bounce and return to its position. As Rita repeatedly toyed with her breasts in that manner, Becky gurgled in pleasure. Satisfied that her foreplay was progressing in a positive direction, Rita broke free and stood up. Becky's eyes were glued on this woman she had recently met but who was quickly leading her down another pleasurable sexual path.

Rita untied her blouse and shrugged it off. Crossing her arms and grabbing the bottom of her tight top, she lifted it up and off. Her 38-d breasts nearly leaped from their confinement. Becky wondered if they were real or enhanced. They were perfect half globes topped by a dark pink areola and prominent nipples. Rita then hooked her thumbs in her yoga pants and skimmed them down and off.

Her body was magnificent. She had square shoulders that enhanced her strong physique. She obviously trained not just for her job, but for herself. She didn't have a six pack, but her stomach was flat and toned. There was no muscle definition to speak of, but it was obvious that she was a physically strong female. She climbed back on the bed and straddled Becky.

Cupping her right breast, she leaned forward. "Love my titty." Becky didn't need the command. Her mouth clamped over the tip of the breast, her tongue lapping over the smooth end of Rita's nipple. She then expanded her exploration, covering the nipple and areola with her spittle.

"Yessssss," Rita hissed. "I knew you would be a marvelous lover." Of her own accord, Becky moved to the other taut mound and treated it in the same manner. Rita's hands languidly toyed with Becky's breasts and her hips rocked against Becky's lower body.

Rita's hands then moved up to the sides of Becky's face and pushed her head back, freeing her lips. She bent down and they again lip locked in a deep passionate kiss. Rita then moved on to Becky's neck and ears, her warm, wet tongue and lips eliciting moans as they moved over her smooth skin.

Becky's eyes were closed, and her breathing was ragged as her partner deftly continued her seduction. Then Rita grasped Becky's chin with her right hand. "Open your eyes." As the two women lustily gazed at each other, Rita spoke. "Now I'm going to make love to you." CHAPTER 10 Rita slid her body down and grasped the hem of Becky's dress. Again, moving slowly, she pushed it up her thighs until her panties were exposed. Becky didn't hesitate, lifting her ass so that the dress was pulled up and bunched around her mid-section.

Becky was wearing white thong panties with a lacy pink trim. Rita grabbed her hips to roll her on her side and quickly saw the thong accentuated her full, sexy ass. "Beautiful," she said, before giving the exposed butt cheek a firm slap.

As Rita let go of her grip and Becky rolled onto her back with her legs invitingly open. Rita's hands lightly glided over her upper thighs, then grasped the thong where it rested on her hips.

She pulled it up, the elastic stretching, the gusset turning into a thin rope. Rita worked that thin strip of fabric so that it dissected the labia, causing Becky to shiver at the sensation. Rita then bent down and started licking at the full pussy lips that were accentuated by the stretched crotch of the thong. Again, it was a new sensation for Becky and she groaned and thrust her hips to meet the delectable explorations.

With one hand, Rita gathered the strip of cloth above Becky's pussy and pulled it even tighter. It pushed hard against her clit. Rita's other hand toyed with Becky's pussy lips, squeezing them together against the strip of cloth. "You like?" Rita asked in a husky voice as Becky's hips bucked in pleasure. Her eyes closed in pleasure, she just nodded. Rita reached over to the nightstand and picked up a small pair of scissors. With two snips she cut the thong on each hip. Grasping the stretched fabric, she slowly pulled it and it slipped through Becky's slit, slowly snaking its way through her slick slit and making her groan at the slightly rough journey of the fabric.

Rita held the panties to her face and sniffed. "Whoops, guess you'll be going home commando. Want to smell?" She offered the thong to Becky and she took a deep, shaking breath to inhale her familiar scent. This seduction scene had Becky quivering like a tuning fork as she laid there, hands cuffed, and her dress bunched around her waist. Rita was obviously a clever and sensuous lover; for someone new to lesbian lovemaking, this was learning and experiencing at a high level.

Rita gazed at Becky's exposed pussy. The panty play had created plenty of moisture and Becky's labia were engorged with blood from the stimulation. Rita's index finger traced over and around Becky's mound, spreading the moisture while teasing the sensitive skin.

"Becky, you are a beautiful, sexy woman," Rita said in a quiet, firm voice. "I know I'm going to enjoy the orgasms we share, and I hope you do, too." With that, she leaned her chest toward Becky's pussy and cupped her taut right breast.

She pushed her mound against her partner's mound and began sliding her breast up and down. The hard nipple made contact with Becky's clit on each top stroke. "OHHHHH MMMMYYYYY," Becky moaned, looking down and watching Rita's full, firm breast moving against her snatch. The sensation was incredible, the smooth flesh of a woman's breast toying with her excited pussy.

Rita repeated the foreplay using her other breast. Soon both of her tits were slick and shiny with Becky's juices. Rita moved up and offered her bosom to her partner. Without a word, Becky started to lap and lick those mounds, tasting her vaginal fluid and sucking on the turgid nipples. "YESSSSSS … YESSSSSS, my love. Your mouth is so soft and lovely." Satisfied that her breasts were now slick with her partner's saliva, she again moved down between Becky's legs.

Her pussy was throbbing like a beating heart. Rita's fingers pulled the labia wide and her strong tongue darted deep in the center of Becky's being.

The trigger was pulled, the switch flipped. Rita's mouth on her steaming cunt sent Becky over the edge. Her hips bucked wildly, so much so that Rita had to reach under and grab her full ass cheeks to hold on and keep her mouth positioned. Becky squealed in delight and behind her closed eyelids, it seemed like a kaleidoscope of colors were spinning and dancing. As Becky slid down the other side of the orgasm mountain, Rita leaned back and knelt on her knees.

Her lips licked the succulent moisture from her lips as she watched Becky's body twitch as her nerve endings tried to regain control. "Well, that was quick," Rita said.

"I guess I got you too ready. But I know exactly what you need now." She got off the bed and walked to a chest of drawers. She opened the top drawer and pulled out a shiny black dildo attached to a harness.

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She quickly stepped in to the apparatus and pulled the straps tight. The fake phallus was large and realistic. It was ribbed with "veins" and the cock head was round and slightly smaller than a tennis ball.

Becky's eyes were wide as she took in the sight. Rita moved to the edge of the bed. "Whatcha think, hon? I think you're still ripe and ready for a good fucking." Becky could tell that it was larger than her two dildos, which were each about eight inches and not as thick.

This appeared to be about 10 inches in length. "Um, I … I don't know. Looks awfully big." "Yeah, I know. But trust me. I've used this on women smaller than you and they've loved it. You have no idea how much your pussy will stretch when it's getting a good reaming." Rita climbed between Becky's legs.

The aroma of her aroused pussy was obvious, and Rita's nostrils flared at the smell. It had been a long time since an encounter had excited her like this. She instinctively knew that Becky was just beginning to explore her sexuality and the fact she was helping her discover her secret desires had her own pussy flowing with secretions. Not wanting too much time to lapse since Becky had come, Rita took the base of the fake cock in her hand and used it to guide the large blunt end up and down Becky's slit.

Rita could see the fake cock head getting shiny as it sluiced through her aroused labia. "UNNNNGHHHGGHH," Becky growled, feeling the large business end of the dildo grinding up and down her slit. Her eyes were wide open as she watched, fascinated at the color contrast of the black rod pushing through her pinkish cunt lips. Rita's hips rocked rhythmically as her hand controlled the cock's plowing of Becky's furrow.

Occasionally she would stop at the vaginal opening and push the thick head into the tunnel, preparing for a full thrust. She then decided that it was time. Rita positioned the cock head at the entrance of Becky's love canal. She could feel and see the monster poised to attack and her breath caught in both anticipation and fear.

With a jerk of her hips, Rita pushed the plastic prick inside and Becky's vagina stretched and then snapped back after the head gained entrance. She sighed and thought, "God, that's big but … I can handle it." That realization also made her even more excited at the thought of being fucked by Rita and her fake cock. Rita noted the acquiescence and smiled. She pulled back so that only the cock head was sheathed, then she stroked in, gaining another inch of acceptance.

Slowly, she stroked the dildo in and out, allowing Becky's vaginal walls to stretch and accommodate the invader. Her eyes closed and her head tilted back as the pressure and the pleasure between her legs began to increase. "Here we go baby girl," Rita cooed, seeing that all but a few inches of the cock had embedded on its last insertion.

"You're ready and you're gonna get fucked." Rita's hips thrust forward, her hands grabbing Becky's hips for increased leverage. Becky's lungs emptied in a long hissing exhale before she refilled them and started breathing like a long-distance runner.

Rita started to hump against her partner's crotch, the dildo sliding easier as the elastic walls stretched, and Becky's juices started flowing freely. Becky returned Rita's thrusts with her own. Soon, both of their lower bodies were colliding, each time eliciting a grunts of satisfaction.

The room was filled with the sex sounds of their groans and squeals of pleasure along with the squishy sound of a cock slipping through a slippery vagina. Becky had never been fucked like this. She opened her eyes and watched Rita's round, full breasts bouncing with her humping efforts, her eyes closed, and her bottom lip caught in her teeth. Her body glistened with a sheen of sweat. Watching this strong woman fucking her with a 10-inch black dildo was the hottest thing she'd experienced.

"FUCCCCKKKK MEEEE YOU SWEET BITCH," Becky said, surprised at her choice of words. "I NEEEED IT SO BAD. FUCK ME AND MAKE BE CUM ALL OVER THAT COCK." Rita's hips were almost a blur and her strong butt cheeks were firmly clenched as she pounded her partner's pussy. The sweet friction and the speed of the in and out was soon too much for Becky. "IIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAGGGHHHHHH," she screamed as her orgasm peaked. As Becky's body went rigid and arched upward, Rita slammed her hips home to bury the dildo as deeply as possible.

They both hung there for nearly a minute as Becky's pussy spasmed around the plastic prick. Finally, the moment behind them, Becky collapsed with Rita on top of her. "My gawd. That was soooooo … never felt like that … such feeling … my cunny is still tingling." Becky's eyes were closed as she fought for words to describe what she had just experienced. Gently, Rita slipped the dildo out of Becky's clasping slit.

It made a wet plopping sound as it exited, and Becky gasped at the sudden void. Rita climbed off the bed, unstrapped the harness and grabbed the key to her handcuffs. She freed her partner and then pulled her down on the bed, so she was laying on her back. "My turn. I want your mouth on my pussy. I'm gonna sit on your face." With that, she straddled Becky's head and lowered her crotch toward her mouth.

Rita's labia are fleshy and prominent, and Becky slipped her hands up to facilitate spreading them apart. When peeled back, the fleshy flaps exposed the pink inner part of Rita's pussy. The skin was shiny with the juices of her arousal. Becky's tongue flicked out and began exploring her partner's secret garden. Her teeth lightly chewed on her meaty lips, producing a throaty growl from Rita. "MMMMMM, you naughty bitch," Rita purred.

"That's so good. Eat it, lick it. I'm so horny and ready to cum." Encouraged by those words, Becky continued to explore the pussy that was pressed against the lower half of her face. Her tongue licked and probed Rita's vaginal opening and then slipped higher to tease the love button. When Becky's tongue tip made contact with her clit, Rita's strong thighs squeezed Becky's head, trapping her mouth.

All she could do was keep her tongue flicking and licking at the nervy bud. Rita rode Becky's face like she was galloping on a horse, her full breasts bouncing with the effort. Becky's hands grasped at the muscled thighs to try and keep from being crushed.

"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, that's it. Eat my pussy. EAAAATTT IT GOOOOOOD. MMMMMMMMMMMMM. Gonnnnnaaaaa CUMMMMMMM." Becky could feel her partner's hips clench and then quiver as the sensations in her pussy pushed her over the edge. Her back arched and her boobs thrust out and Rita's hands grabbed her fleshy orbs to massage and increase her pleasure peak. Rita then fell off to the side, collapsing in a satisfied heap. Becky was slightly dazed. Rita then climbed up next to Becky, leaned over and started kissing and licking her face that was moist with her juices.

"Hmmmm, gawd, I love the taste of my pussy," Rita whispered as her tongue and lips busied themselves on Becky's face. Becky's tongue ventured out to play with Rita's. Both women moaned in pleasure from the oral activity.

Rita's hand toyed with Becky's breasts as they laid in each other's arms. Becky's eyes were closed, and she felt like she was floating in another dimension where only her body's pleasure mattered. As her lips nuzzled Becky's neck and ear, her hand slowly slipped lower, her manicured nails teasingly gliding over the skin of her belly. Her index finger teased her navel and then continued its journey toward Becky's crotch. "I bet that you got pretty hot eating my pussy," Rita whispered as her fingers combed through Becky's silky pubic hair.

Becky couldn't deny that her nervous system was jangling with arousal and that the thought of another orgasm raised goosebumps. Becky spread her legs to give her lover full access to her moist mound. Rita loved finger fucking another woman, using her digits to manually take command and create pleasure. Her index finger toyed with Becky's clit, rubbing and rolling it before taking it between her thumb and finger to squeeze and twirl it. Propping her herself on her elbow to get better leverage, Rita then inserted two fingers deep in Becky's welcoming vagina.

The moan of pleasure indicated the invasion was successful and welcome. Rita began to pump those two fingers in and out, twisting inside the tight tunnel that was slick with arousal.

She alternated the thrusting, at times moving slowly and then increasing the pace, the sloppy slap-slap-slapping sounds adding to the sensuous scene. Rita then moved her thumb to the top of Becky's slit and as her fingers continued to piston in and out of her vagina, the thumb started to rub Becky's nervy node of pleasure. The feeling of Rita's thumb pad squeezing down on her clit with some alternate teasing from her thumb nail was a sensation unlike any she had felt.

Her body arched, and she threw her head back to let out a primal scream of passion as her orgasm soared through her nervous system.

It was a feeling that she was becoming so familiar with and one that she felt like she could not do without on a regular basis. In a small corner of her brain, the one that had a grasp on reality, she realized she had become addicted to sexual pleasure. And that realization made her feel like she had almost transformed into a different person. PART 2 COMING SOON