Con mi personal trainer en su casa

Con mi personal trainer en su casa
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He visited my country town in Viet Nam. It was easy for be. I was used to making men want me, need me, pay for me. He thought I was just a local working girl at the plant and he fell in love with me. I told him what he wanted to hear. He asked me to marry him and take me back to the States.

We arrived and he took me to a chapel and we were married. Simple is as simple does. I knew once I was in the States I could deal with him. As long as he got what he thought he wanted He would be happy. I on the other hand was not happy.

He wanted me to clean, cook and be his sex slave. I had no problrms with those things as long as I had time for myself. We talked long and hard over my independance and i won a little.

I was able to go shopping and that was a start. I took the bus to the mall. I was sitting in the mall's food court and watch these boys at the table in front of mine.

I noticed them watching me. I didn't mind the attention and I knew they wouldnt mind a bit of a show. I opened my legs ever so slightly to give them just a peek. I knew tat would get their attention. I open them a little more. I did not make it obvious but they saw just enough to get them nice and hard. I then got up and smiled at them and walked away. One guy hurried over to me and asked if i wanted to go to the movies. I told him I was a married woman and could not.

He grabbed my arm. I turned to him and told him he was hurting me and that I would yell for help. He let go and said he was sorry. I leaned into him and whispered "How much would you pay to be with me"? He walked away.

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My husband came home and asked me how my day went. I said I went to the mall and he asked me why I didn't buy anything. I told him I just didn't wish to spend his money foolishly. He told me I was a great wife. I took him upstairs and we had sex. The movie idea made me want to see what the whole thing was like. I only got to see old movies in my country so I thought I would give it a try. I got up early as usual and fixed him breakfast then got dressed and went to catch the bus.

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I sat in the back. This huge black man sat next to me. I crossed my legs and knew he would look at me. I do have very long sexy legs.

As he watched I reached into between my legs and started to rub myself. His hand made its way over to mine. and I pushed it away. I said "This is my stop" and I got off the bus. I went into the movie theatre and went to the balcony. Their were a few guys up their.

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I just felt safe when men were around me. Did i mention it was a movie rated xxx? I got many ideas from this movie. I also didn't know there would be a few needy gentlemen in the balcony with me. They were so nice to me offering a poor asian woman new to this country a good time. Two sat on each side of me as I used my right and left hand to satisfy them both as I watched the movie.


I didnt think they were paying too much attention to that movie. I know this because they were playing with my pussy and my tits the whole time the movie was on. I arrived home just in time to make dinner and love to my husband. We must keep the master happy. I was starting to love this country. I had my husband believing that I was a great wife while I teased men during the days.

Teasing men always made me feel I had some sort of power. I knew American men who visited my country. Unless you pulled them by the nose they were just too shy to approach a girl. I practically had to have a sign around my pussy with an arrow on it.

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One night I was lying beside my husband and he was telling me what to make for dinner. He told me a few of his friends were going to come to diner and afterwards play cards. I said "Yes dear, I will be ready for them" He replied "I need you to wear something sexy and stay out of the room while we play". I knew my place so I did as I was told. I made rice with a game hen for each of them. I also tossed a nice salad and served sake with the meal.

I had a bottle for each one and a small authentic glass in which they could sip it through. They started arriving right on time.

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I was treated more like a maid then a wife. I was very angry but would never show it in front of my husband.

I just brought out the food then left. The men were so nice but I just bowed by head at their gracious remarks and left the room as told.

I waited in the other room as ordered by my husband. I also heard the group get louder as dinner went on. I knew the sake was beginning to take its hold over them. They are not used to drinking this magic wine.

I peeped inside through the ajar door and saw how sloppy they were getting. One guy looked over and saw me. I winked and held my finger up to my mouth to tell him "shhhh". He winked back and knew what I meant. My husband was sitting with his back towards me so he never saw a thing. Now I licked my lips in a very playful way. I would pop my head into the room, do something to tease them and then I would pop back out. Once in a while my husband would turn to see what was going on but saw no one there.

At one point I was even baring my bare breasts to make my show more interesting. The theatre I was presenting was getting boring for me. I drank a cup of sake myself in the kitchen all alone. I had my Japanese house dress, over my slip. I would just sit there painting my toe nails. Asian women's feet are a very sexual thing to us. Most Asian women's feet are used as a sexual device. We are trained at an early age to use them. We keep them well pampered as you can see I am doing. We can and only if trained properly make our feet mold around any man's penis.

We can move them separately or together and make a man cum just as good as a vagina.

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As I painted my toe nails making fancy designs on them one of the players walked in. I knew he could see right up my house dress but I acted as if I didn't know he could and let him take a good long look. Now the man walks over to me and touching my knee he smiles and asks for a glass of water. I said "What's the matter, sake all gone"? He smiled and said that my husband had finished his and a few of the other men's also. He was ready to pass out. I said "Oh, no, that would mean I would be here all alone with a group of strangers" He smiled again and walked out with his water.

I strolled into the room and saw my husband indeed passed out face down at the table. The room grew quiet as I strolled past them and left the room again. My last words to them all were "Well, I'm going to my bedroom, if anyone needs anything that's where you can find me". As I knew what would happen did. Each of the men followed me upstairs to my room. They wasted no time trying to fuck me.

I stopped them dead in there tracks. I said "Look guys, I am not a cheap whore. Cough up the cash and the more you cough the more I can love".


They all pooled their money and threw it at me on the bed. I sat up and asked each one what they liked. One said anal while another asked for head. The shortest guy just wanted a hand job but I knew if he tried my feet he would enjoy that much better. I started off with the anal guy. I held onto my bedposts as he moved closer behind me. He had started sticking it, his cock into my ass.


I turned my head and said "Hey, just do it, no need to be so damn easy man. I like it hard and rough." He then thrusted his cock into my ass and out slow. In hard and fast, out slow. "That's right now you are cooking".

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I replied. I looked to my left and said to the guy that liked to be blown, "Hey what are you waiting for, we haven't got all night. He climbed onto the bed and stuck his cock into my mouth. I just went at it in a hurry. He finished his load in record time. The guy in my ass also came making a mess all over the floor and me. "Hey baby, what's your rush" The last guy asked.

I told him I just didn't need to get caught by my husband. I laid the last guy on the bed and I positioned myself in between his legs. He said "Remember me? I'm the guy that just wanted a little hand job"? I smiled and told him he would enjoy this better. I moved my right foot reaching his stiff cock.

My toes wrapped around it like a little girl's hand. Then the other foot tickled his balls. Now I had his stiffy in between both of my feet and the delight began. He was amazed at what I was doing. Up one foot went while the other held the base tightly. He started pulsating and I knew he was ready to explode. I started moving both my feet faster and faster as he indeed exploded shooting three feet into the air.

Thinking quickly I sat up and caught the sperm in my mouth as the rest of the boys clapped for me. "I never saw anything like that" one guy said.

Now I don't want you to think I am easy or a smutty whore. I am neither, just a girl that was bored and sometimes liked a bit more excitement sometimes then your average wife.

My husband woke up the next morning and we made love like no other could even imagine. Maybe one day I will see you on the street and we will talk and I will like to have sex with you, maybe.

Today I was just heading for the bus to go to the store. I needed milk and eggs. I missed my stop and a big man came out of nowhere and pulled me into the bushes.

I was not into rape not even in my fantasies but that's what happened to me. He held a knife under my chin and made me do things. This story will be left for the next story.

Leave you something to remember me by.