MILF stepmom masturbated in front of him for a camera

MILF stepmom masturbated in front of him for a camera
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You came over the other night. Just as it was starting to snow. You were a bit chilled so I fixed us an Irish coffee, to ward off your chill.

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Out of your coat and boots, we sit there together on the floor sipping our Irish coffee's. As we're talking you start to brush your hand along my arm and leg. I take your hand into mine, and kiss the back lightly.

You smile as you flip your hand over and run your fingers through my beard. The sensation of this felt wonderful. You then grab a handful of my beard and pulled me closer. Our lips met and you laid on a very passionate kiss. Setting our Irish coffee's off to the side I cupped you face with my hands and gently kissed all over your face. You kept pulling me back to your mouth. You tongue darting and swirling with mine. Your hands playing with my beard, as they go crazy.

Laying back on the floor, we continue to kiss. I wrap my arms around you, pulling you closer to me, in a tight embrace.

You roll me onto my back and straddle me. Sitting up more you start to take off your sweater. I swat your hands down telling you that I will do this when I'm ready. You give me a pouty look, so I give in and slowly, seductively remove your sweater. Holding it there over your head, I lean up and gently nibble at your breasts through your bra. A moan of pleasure escapes from you as you start to wiggle your hips against my groin.

Now your sweater is over your head, but I am still using it to hold your arms slightly behind you. You struggle a bit trying to remove your arms, but, for now I prevail, as you rub your trapped breasts into my face. After a few minutes you stop struggling and I release your sweater. Whipping your arms around you attempt to remove your bra, again I slap your hands away and do this myself. You bring your arms over your breasts and slide your bra off, giving me a coy smile.

You slowly remove your arms fully revealing the two perfect mounds of your breasts. You gasp in pleasure as I reach you and massage them with my hands.


Pulling you down to me, I started to kiss your neck and throat. You shiver from the contact of my lips and teeth to your bare flesh. You nuzzle closer, holding me tighter to you. As I roll you over, kissing and nibbling down your sleek, soft, supple body. I continue down to your belt line.

You start to grind your hips up to meet me. I in turn come right back up your body. Paying extra attention to your nipples. Sucking and nibbling them as you wiggle underneath me. My tongue tracing circles around each nipple, expanding out to encompass each breast individually.


Kneading and squeezing them in my hands. I continue back up your neck and ears. Gently kissing your face, all over. I whisper for you to show me how much pressure you like on your clit by applying that same amount to my ear lobe. Your tongue, finds its way to my ear, my cock immediately goes rock hard as your tongue, plays with me. Your mouth swings down to my lobe.

Your apply light but, firm pressure to my ear lobe, whispering that how I like it down there. Your hands find their way to my now hard cock. Feeling it through my jeans. Then sliding a hand down my pants to my now spilling wet cock inside.

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I let out a light gasp at the pleasure that your hand brings to me. As you kiss your way down to my belt.

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Unfastening it, with your teeth, I sigh, with the sight of you performing this incredible act. The next thing I know is that my jeans are off and my cock has been engulfed by your waiting mouth.

Licking and swallowing my balls and shaft. The sensation is unbelievable. As my eyes start to roll back up into my head from the extreme pleasure that you are performing to me. I feel you grab the base of my cock tightly.

Not allowing me to cum, just yet. The pressure builds, I want to cum badly, you hold fast to the base of my cock, sucking it harder and faster.

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My pressure continues to build, to a level that I have never been before. Then you release your grip on my cock and I cum all in your mouth. There is so much cum that it spills out the side of your mouth and down your chin, and onto your breasts.

I pull you up to me. I start to lick the cum off your chin, and tits. Your body shudders with the sensation of my tongue searing across your bare flesh. Our mouths finely meet again. The saltiness taste of my cum still fresh in your mouth as our tongues swaggle with each other. After a few minutes more of us passionately kissing, I whisper in your ear, "It's your turn now, " and I start to move down your supple form.

I, make you stand up as I get on my knees and undo your pants with my mouth. As I slowly pull your pants down and off your legs.

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I toss them on the already growing pile of our clothes on the floor. I am then face to face, so to speak, with your beautiful pussy. Bare skins greets me as I can see that you are already wet from your earlier activities.

Your moisture has escaped both your inner and outer lips, a slow trickle starts to run down your inner thighs. I lick this up, taking one leg and placing it over my shoulder so I can have better access to your sweet neither regions. My tongue already knows the way, as it starts to lap up your slightly flowing juices.

Taking the flat of my tongue along the outer region of your pussy, slowly, tracing up and over your clit and down the other side. Then back and over. As I get ever closer to your clit. I also take a finger and insert it to the soft area just inside your sweet lips and I start to rub it gently at first then applying more pressure and speed as my tongue works in a different but stimulating area, gets closer and closer to your clit.

After a short bit, I can start to feel your legs starting to quiver. Your pussy is pulsating around my finger and your now engrossed clit is responding to my tongue as it swirls around it and my mouth sucks it in deeply. You lean up against the wall as your orgasm starts as you can't stand up too well. The leg draped over my shoulder, squeezes me in tighter.

Your hands pull my head and mouth deeper into you.

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Your pussy juices are flowing and I'm lapping them up as fast as I can. I have your juices running down my beard, and arm. Your body quivering from your orgasms racking your body, you pull my head away to get a little breather. Once you release me, I go right back and flick your clit, bringing you to another series of orgasms. Your body is shaking so much that you just push me back onto the floor and you collapse there with your pussy still straddling my face.

I continue to lick it while I insert a very wet finger into your butt hole.


You gasp, in surprised pleasure, as my tongue and now finger work you over. Finely you keel over sliding down and snuggling. Your body still shaking from your orgasms. Laying there wrapped in each others arms. Our bodies intertwined. I rub your hair, and the back of your neck. You sigh, and raise your shoulders, in response. Your eyes fluttering at the sensation I'm giving you.

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I hear a sigh as your head nuzzles into my shoulder. We lay there for hours holding each. No care for anyone else, but us there, here, now.