San Antonio von einer Schlampe Engelwurz genannt

San Antonio von einer Schlampe Engelwurz genannt
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School sucked! Every goddamn day someone harassed me. Either a teacher was being a prick or some older kids would fuck with me. If it weren't for my one and only friend, Jeff, I'd probably start cutting class.

"Carlos," he'd say, "you must have done something to piss those guys off.

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They seem to zero in on you. They never mess with me, in fact, I never see them mess with anyone but you" "They're just assholes" I'd say but I knew why. I knew exactly why the picked me out of the crowd. I wanted to be athletic but it was not to be.

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I had a slim, smooth body. My ass could easily be mistaken for a girls and my eyes were just a little too big and brown for a boy.

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Plus, being Hispanic, I had deep brown skin that was like a beacon in an almost all-white school. The locker room was the worst because that's where all the guys who fucked with me all had P.E. in the same period as I did. Fan-fucking-tastic. What made it even worse was that, at the beginning of the year, I actually had a crush on one of them. That was, of course, before I knew what dick heads they were. But there was another guy that had P.E. that period too. His name was Christian which I thought made sense cuz he reminded me a little of Christian Slater in the movie Heathers only he was a bit slimmer and not so Jack Nicholson-ish.

Christian was a senior and I noticed him the first day of school. I'd never spoken to him but I always made it a point to get to the locker room early so I could watch him undress. Most of the guys were still wearing briefs which didn't do much for me but looked awesome on Christian. He had an athlete's body, a toned butt and a large bulge in the front of his underwear that I used to fantasize about when I would jack-off at night.

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He was everything I wanted to be and everything I wanted to touch. Watching him undress actually would make me hard sometimes and I'd have to hurry and get my shorts on before anyone noticed.

One afternoon, when walking toward the locker room after P.E. I found myself surrounded by The Dip Shit Crew (my nickname for them) and that familiar feeling of dread appeared in my gut. They started with the usual names and insults but this time they took it a step further and actually started shoving me around. They were pushing me and calling me faggot and little queer and I panicked.


I thought maybe one of them saw me gazing at Christian too long and now it would be the end for me. I was terrified and the look on my face seemed to encourage them even more until. "Hey, Fuck Nuts, leave the kid alone." We all looked over to see Christian just coming out of the locker room.

It didn't take much for the Dip Shit Crew to scatter like cockroaches and there I stood, in shock, at how easy he made it seem. I'm sure my pupils turned to giant hearts like in the cartoons but he just came over and helped lift me up off the ground.

"Those guys are assholes," he said "you gonna be ok?" "It never ends with those fucking guys" I said and tried to get my shit together. He helped dust me off and said "Look, if you want, meet me here after school and I can show you a few things to help defend yourself." I couldn't believe it.

Alone time with Christian? When school was finally over I ran to the locker room and found him waiting for me already back in his PE gear.

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"Get suited up and meet me in the weight room" he said. Ten minutes later we were standing in front of a punching bag while he showed me all kinds of different ways to defend myself. He took it very seriously and I tried to concentrate but I couldn't help appreciate the way the sweat dripped down his chest.

Especially since he had stripped his shirt off and was wearing only shorts. When we were done "training" he said something I had not even considered; "Alright, let's hit the showers and then I'll drive you home." Ten minutes later I was alone with Christian in the gym showers.

Naked. There was a row of ten nozzles and we showered next to each other with only one empty shower space between us. I tried to keep my back to him but I noticed him reach for his shampoo. In seconds his eyes would be closed. Oh my god his naked body was perfect. He was washing his hair so his eyes were closed and I took in as much as I could chance. Of course I looked right down to his cock that hung down in front of him a swung side to side as he scrubbed his hair.

It was shiny as water streamed down it and I figured it had to be a good six inches just swinging there with out a care in the world. The truth is I had no judge of how many inches it really was only that it was bigger than mine. Then he turned his back to me. His ass flexed as he scrubbed his upper body. He was white but his skin was browned by the sun and his ass almost glowed as water flowed over his cheeks. I had an uncontrollable urge to just bury my face in it. I resisted.

Suddenly I was looking at his cock again as he spun around and I couldn't help but to soap up my own dick while looking at his. This time I noticed the beginnings of a six pack, his perfect chest and his face- I spun around quickly and almost slipped when I realized he had been facing me.

Did he see me looking at him? Holy shit my dick is hard! fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck! "If you're almost done I can give you a ride home." he said behind me. oh thank god, he didn't notice. For 4 days we met after school. Same routine; a lesson, a shower, a drive home.

After my close call on the first day I made it a point to only look at him when his back was to me or when he was washing his hair. My eyes covered every inch of of wet, naked body and every night I imagined our wet, naked bodies pressed together.

On the 5th day everything changed. The lesson was good, the shower was awesome but the ride home. "Hey man," he said while we got dressed, "do you need to get right home? There is something at my house I want to show you." Twenty minutes later we were in his room.

He opened the drawer to his desk and pulled out pictures of himself when he was in my grade. He was skinny and dorky. He said if he could do it so could I and that, if I still wanted him too that he would be happy to help. I couldn't have been happier.


"I'll continue to help you train but I think I'll need something form you" he said. "Ya, anything!" I said a little too enthusiastically. He smiled and sat me down on the bed next to him.

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"Look," he said, "I noticed that you look at me a lot." Holy shit "And that's normal. Young guys tend to compare themselves with older guys so I get it." holyshitholyshitholyshit "But," he continued, "I also noticed that sometimes you get hard when you look at me.

Like in the shower and a few other times as well." I started to panic. I tried to think of any excuse or maybe some kind of medical condition I could claim but, just then, he reached out and put his hand on my shoulder. I stopped talking and waited to see what would happen next. "So, it's seems pretty clear that you like me.

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that way, yes?" "Chris, look, I'll just go and you never have to." "Dude, stop! It's ok!" I just looked at him not believing what was happening.

It was all I could do to not sprint out of the room. "Carlos! Listen to me! Don't freak out! I'm telling you it's OK!" He stood up from the bed, "Here, I'll prove it to you." He slid his shirt up over his head and tossed it on the floor then he slid his gym shorts down and kicked them away.

He wore very snug briefs and nothing else. "My girlfriend used to like to watch me do this," he said and told me to go sit at his desk and turn the chair towards the bed. I did as I was told but still in shock. His desk was on the wall across from the foot of his bed. I spun the chair around and sat down.

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He laid back on his bed, his head propped up against the head board so we were face to face. A gave me a wry smile, closed his eyes and started rubbing the bulge of his underwear. I was instantly hard. My breathing sped up and as he rubbed and kneaded his cock thru the thin, white fabric.

I could not believe this was actually happening. I could almost see his cock getting harder beneath his underwear. It was growing off the his right as he would alternate between rubbing it and his balls as well. Finally he slid his briefs down just far enough so that his hard cock sprang straight up like a soldier at attention. He stroked it up and down in smooth even strokes.

Every few seconds he would open his eyes and look at me. Always with that wry grin. He clearly liked to be watched and I was loving every second of it.

Of course my hand was down my shorts as well. "Come here" he whispered "sit on the bed." I instantly sprung out of the chair and sat, facing him, on the edge of the bed. He smiled at me and stopped stroking long enough to take me hand and bring it to his hard cock. He stroked his dick with my hand for just a few seconds and then put his hands behind his head as I kept stroking.

Oh my god it was so pretty. Thick, a few veins, nice color (he didn't get that angry red tip that I had seen in some videos) and I figured about 4.5 to 5 inches. I could see pre-cum forming on the tip. He arched his back and moaned with pleasure. Sometimes giving me quick instructions to slow down or speed up and rub his balls. I was happy to do anything he asked me to. I told myself that if he asked me to suck it that I wouldn't hesitate even though I had never actually done that. His moaning started to get louder and his body started tensing.

My own cock was ready to burst. He started telling to stroke faster, faster, faster and his back started arching. He reached his hand down to mine to stop me from pumping but squeezed it so I was still holding firmly to his cock when he started to cum.

I felt each pump as cum shot out onto his belly. I counted six strong blasts of cum that form a large, creamy puddle on him. He kept my hand there a little longer and then finally released me. "That was awesome, man," he said breathlessly, "Thanks." I was breathing hard myself as I watched him clean up and get dressed. "Is this something you'd like to do for me every once in awhile?" he asked "Oh my god yes anytime you want thank you and please" He laughed and clapped my shoulder.

"Cool, let me take you home now" That was the first of many times I was with Christian.