Asian get Fucked by fat guy

Asian get Fucked by fat guy
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What made me a Nympho I love sex.


I am probably the closest thing to a nyphomaniac there is. Hello, my name is Debra, and from the time I was three years old, I have been obsessed with sex. From the age of three, I was surrounded by pornographic material daily. My father had dirty magazines lying everywhere in the bedroom that I shared with him, as my parents split when I was two.

Why, at such a young and tender age would it affect me so strongly, I have no answers.

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But I believe one of the biggest influences on me was a memory of going to work with my dad between the ages of three and four. I have the age pretty accurate because he only worked there until I was five. One Saturday afternoon, my father carried me to his job as a projectionist in a sleazy little triple x theatre.

Don't have no explanation as to why. Never asked. But I do remember sitting in the darkened theatre being taken care of by some young man that worked there with him. His job apparently was to cover my eyes with his right hand the duration of the movie.

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He must have been in his early teens, I do recall that, and he did not take his job of hiding the flick from me too seriously. That, or me being very curious and sliding up and down in my seat may also had been a factor, too. But in all its glory, hard-core fucking appeared on a gigantic screen in front of me. Naked men and women doing everything. I was fascinated with the big thing that made all the women scream and make all sorts of crying sounds.

I also noticed there were no "mommies" or girls any where around us in the theatre. Only lots and lots of men. Smoke filled and cloudy, the small, blackened room was filled with a musky, sweaty odor. I did notice the one thing most of these men had in common. They were touching themselves down there. Their hands were touching and moving around on their private areas. Even my baby-sitters hand had disappeared down his waistband. I couldn't see the thing that I realized kept seeing get all the attention on the screen.

I actually recall wanting to see this thing of such greatness that women were bowing before, down on their knees on the screen in front of me. But before we did leave to go back to dads apartment, I finally did get to see one.

Up close and personal. I had to go to the restroom and don't know where my sitter went, or how I ended up in the mens room, I was greeted to the sight of about six or seven men relieving themselves in what I now know were urinals. One of the gents pointed out to the others that they had a little visitor amongst them and they burst into fits of laughter.

I remember everyone of them were dressed in suit jackets and ties and they appeared to be nice and friendly. I did not feel afraid around these strangers. Not even when the one who first noticed me walked over to where I stood, still holding himself and literally shoved it into my face.Shaking it rapidly, he wanted to know what I thought about his "penis".

This ensued even more guffaws of laughter and I remember they all surrounded me for a moment, every one of their cocks pointed towards me. Their laughter made their cocks bounce around erratically. I stared in utter fascination at the different sizes and varieties that was in front of me.

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A few of the men left the room and the remaining three seemed proud to be showing off in front of me. They would ask me did I like looking at their cock or dick or penis, each one calling it something else. I remember shaking my head yes and this seem to make them very happy. One of them proceeded to lock the door behind me while the other two whispered something amongst themselves. Smiling, the one who pointed my presence to the others asked me if I wanted to see what they could do with their dicks.

I readily agreed, glued to the spot I stood at, a strange sensation shooting from my belly button and down in between me legs and deep into my "monkey". This made me gasp.I looked down towards the bottom of my dress when one of them asked me if something was wrong. I told them no, and when I said this, they all started to laugh again. Two of them now had their pants down around there ankles and were pulling on their cocks.

Yanking and stroking them, I was stunned how they were becoming bigger and fatter looking. The third told me that I needed to make sure there was nothing wrong with my "monkey", and that I should pull my panties down like they had their drawers, pull up my dress and feel down there to make sure. I remembered no hestitation, and I actually did touch myself. I gasped at an unfamiliar wetness I had never felt and when I pulled my finger up to inspect it, the men began moaning loudly and told me "Watch this sweetie" and as if taking turns,one after the other began shooting white creamy streams of stuff all over the wall beside me and on the floor at my feet.

When the regained their composure, one of them pulled my panties back up, straightened my clothing and led me back to a room where my father was drinking with a few buddies, smoking a cigarette. I swear to this day, he looked over and winked at the man who brought me back to him. But we never discussed what happened or where I was.

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. So from this day forward, I touched myself each and every day. I looked at every magazine I could get my hands on. At six, I was our neighborhoods first "girl" doctor and the boys appreciated their check-ups very much. When I had my first orgasm at eleven, it was the greatest feeling I had ever experienced. I had been rubbing my clit with back and forth, the feeling was getting stronger and greater, creating a sensation I never felt before.

With my left hand, I slid my finger from underneath and touched my sweet virginal opening that was literally dripping sweet fluid onto my mattress. I slowly inserted my finger, little by little in this hot slick opening, actually pretending that I was getting raped by the Oompa Loompas from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Ever since I had seen that movie, I had the kinkiest fantasies of being tied-down, and each of them taking turns licking and fucking me into oblivion.

It always started with the smallest cock and when I got to the biggest midget cock, the others would pull my legs wide apart and helped open my cherry lips and cheered him on.His gigantic cock ripped me almost in half, while the others forced their cocks in my mouth and down my throat.

Choking me and slapping me around if I dared to fight them. By now, I had two fingers tearing at my tiny hole and realized that I was cumming for the first time. I was really hooked then. Any chance I got, I "fucked myself". I began using different things from Bic pens to toothbrushes. I wanted to fuck so bad. But I wanted to be forced.

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I also had the crazy urge to force someone to be my sex slave and to do all sorts of wild things to their body. I was soon about to get my chance. One of my girlfriends from school spent the night with me and when we lay down for bed, she still wanted to play "tickles".

The more we played though, I realized her hand had accidently grabbed my butt cheeks and slid between my legs several times. My mind was racing, I was thinking all sorts of thoughts when she interrupted my day dream to ask me if I knew how to "tongue kiss". Shaking my head no and asking her if she knew how, she confided she did not know either but we best learn because we were graduating to seventh grade. We agreed to learn with each other. It took several minutes of awkward clumsiness, from banging our heads into one another to entirely missing each others lips, which caused us to laugh hysterically, before we finally hit our mark.

It was wild, our eleven year old tongues licking each others, trying to come up with some rhythm and trying to hold each other like we seen on t.v before.

I started to feel really hot inside and my panties became damp. It was at this moment, I felt this great surge of confidence and power over my dainty and silly little girlfriend. She was blonde and very skinny, about five two already and had tiny little bumps that appeared to want break free from her tiny tube top. She was all girl though, and had the perfect flyback seventies hair style and long hair that went down to her waist.Very prissy and very coy.

I being the only girl in my neighborhood, was a tomboy. I was about four foot nine, short black curly hair and dark skin because my mom had been Spanish. But I had started to develop early and already had a patch of jet black hair on my "coochie" and was already a 32 b, but had tiny puffy nipples that were still wanting to grow.

I was very strong from playing several sports and I always joke to this day that I was born with ten times more testosterone than the average female.

I decided to use this to my advantage. I was beginning to tire with our innocent kisses and I wanted more. Besides, her constant giggling was getting on my nerves and I really wanted to teach her a lesson. So, next thing I know, I have a hand full of her soft blonde hair in my hand, jerk her lips from mine and somehow, I wound up behind her, both of us on our knees on my bed.

I have her head pulled back and I am whispering into her ear, actually telling her, more than asking her, "do you trust me?' Maries' doe-shaped eyes were wide in shock and I think I caught a glint of fear in her eyes.I quit pulling so hard, so her neck went back upright and she seemed to relax in front of me. I start recalling the different things that I had seen men do to women in the dirty movies I watch and decide to try what I had seen. I begin slowly licking the whole outside of her ear and nibbling on her neck.

I could actually see goosebumps rise up all over her body and she leaned her weight back against me. Breathlessly, and in a soft whisper she finally replied "yes I trust you. Why? Whatcha going to do? With this I grabbed both her shoulders, face her towards me, because I want to watch her reactions as I tell her this "whatever I damn well want. And you will do whatever I tell you to. You will be my sex slave and once I am done with you, you will listen and do whatever I say!" I almost laughed outloud listening to the words come out of my young pre-teen mouth, but I did not want to break the mood I was trying to create.

I had watched a movie several nights before(after my father passed out from drinking like he did regularly), that made me feel hotter than anything I had ever watched before.

The man would tie the woman up and spank them, or sling them around, or hand-cuff them so they were helpless. Then, he would either do all sorts of sexual things to them while they struggled to break free, which they never managed to do. When he decided that they had had enough, he would free them, and what really shocked me was what would happen next.

The women would act grateful to him and happy and offered to do whatever he wanted them to do. It usually ended up with them rewarding him by sucking his big fat cock down their throats. I enjoyed my vast knowledge of sex and dirty words, and by-god, I planned on using everything I knew to my advantage.

I felt kinda like a spider with my little victim in my web. This little cunt was in for a rude awakening! She never responded at this point, just kinda swallowed hard and had a blank expressionbut her eyes were questioning me. In my most authoritive voice I commanded that she lie down in front of me. She didn't hestitate, so I must be on the right track I told myself.

I had been eyeballing the room, which was actually her older sisters we were staying in since she was gone for the night and had a bigger bed for us to sleep in. I finally spotted her sisters hats and scarves above her record collection.

"Don't move and stay just like you are" I demanded and made my way across the room. I quickly jumped back onto the bed with Marie, who opened her eyes to see why I jumped and where I was going. Don't know why I did what I did next but I found myself smacking her across the face, not as hard as I could have but enough to sting and make her cry out. "What. why. ." she was stammering and I answered before she could ask me " I told you not to move, that means close your eyes and don't worry what I am doing.

Unless you want more of that, close your fucking eyes you little bitch and only speak when I ask you too". She quickly closed her eyes and I smiled to myself, proud how well I was doing as her "boss".

I took her sisters tie-dyed scarve and lifted her head just enough to blindfold her with it.

With the bandanas, I tied both of her hands up and above her head. She never made a sound or try to stop me in any way. The only reaction I think I felt was that of her shaking a few times in nervous anticipation. But she started this game and now I was going to show her how I play. She had a pink nightie that came about three inches above her knees. I had left her legs free and crawled in between her legs on my elbows lying on my belly.

I jerked her legs up where her knees where bent and feet flat on mattress. Then I quickly pulled them as wide as I thought they could go and started caressing her legs. I ran my fingers up and down her thighs and back to her knees and did this a few times before I slowly snuck my hand beneath her hemline and made my way to her crotch. She was still expressionless but I could hear her breathing begin picking up pace as I pulled her gown up to her belly button and was staring down at her tiny little pale blue panties that had the word Saturday on the front of them.

I slowly took my index finger and began tracing the outline of her little cunt lips through the cloth. I heard her let out a small sigh. I noticed though, while doing this, the two little titty bumps had produced a little hard nub of nipple trying their best to push through the material. The sight of this made my coochie twitch in a way it never had and i heard myself let out a tribal like moan I never heard come from myself and I found myself straddling her while I was forcibly jerking her gown over her head.

During this, the blindfold slipped down and I caught her eyes boring into me until I looked at her. Her eyes seemed to show excitement as she gave me a crooked little smile and returned to closing them. With this, I closed mine, and still straddling her, leaned in and started kissing her. My tongue forced its way all over her mouth and I pulled away while she was still kissing to kissing and barely bite all over her neck, making my way down to those tiny puffy tits.

Oh my god, they were so sexy. I slowly licked around each one of them and would take the tip and barely trace the circle around each one, going in closer, making laps around each one til I came to her little nipples They were hard as diamonds by this point.

I would then softly bite each one until she gasped in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Then I wanted to move in for my treasure. I raised up on both of my arms above like I was fixing to start doing push-ups, and took just a moment to take in the beauty of the scared little nymph beneath me.

The blindfold was still tightly wrapped around her head and I shoved my finger underneath the bandana around her bound wrists, making sure I was not cutting off her circulation, She had goose bumps still, making the light hair on her arms and legs at attention. She was breathing heavier and heavier, but did not struggle or say a word to me. I broke the silence by barking the command "Spread your legs as wide as you can, slut!" She silently opposed my command by crossing her legs at the ankles and king of locking her foot around her other leg.

Then, I actually saw a sly grin come across her face as she matter of factly told me to, "Go F.U.C.K., yourself! (she actually spelled it out! LOL) You will have to make me", she spat the words out at me defiantly. I could not believe my ears! She was purposely opposing me, not knowing whether or not I would actually punish her or how. Lust and anger came over me and in one swoop, I had picked her up from lying on the bed to postioning her half naked body over my knee.

I had her ass sticking straight up in the air, knowing exactly what her punishment would be. I jerk her panties as hard as I could from the side of her hip until they ripped off her tiny little body. She screamed out and almost come off of my lap from the apparent pain that this caused, the elastic actually cut her inner leg.

But I quickly made her lie back down when I raised my hand in mid air and "smack" made contact with her sweet, round, protruding ass cheeks. "Ouch", she cried out, trying her best to squirm away from me. I had brought her arms tied back behind her earlier and grabbed a hold of the rope so she couldn't struggle too much.

"SLAP" I repeated this four or five times, until I could feel warm droplets, obviously her tears, begin running down my thighs. Her tiny white ass cheek was now blood red, covered with my finger and palm prints atop of the other.

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I calmed her down by stroking her long hair and lovingly whispering in her ear that she would not have to go through this again, so long as she did what I said. I made her promise this and I in turn promised her that she was about to experience something unlike anything she had ever felt before. Then I laid her gently back onto the bed, and this time I spread her legs for her. I brought my face eye level with her sweet little hairless mound. It looked so much different than the various hairy pussies I seen in all the magazines and films.

I would learn later on that this was the norm, especially in the seventies and that the hairless look only became the big thing in the mid-nineties to the present. I actually liked this so much better, I could tell. With one hand, I spread her puffy little lips open, and inspected my very first pussy. It had a bit of a musky smell, very faint, and just like in the movies, she was actually dripping from her tiny little hole.

Now this to me was a shocker! Often the men in the movies enjoyed pulling their cocks out and watching the "gaping hole' and emptiness in front of them, while the bitch he was fucking would beg to put it back in.

Which he always did. So this teeny, tiny little hole, no bigger than the eraser on my one of our pencils, mesmerized me. I never felt so horny in all my eleven years. I used my other hand to help spread her tiny lips and proceeded to take the tip of my tongue and slowly glide it along the outline of them. She began to breathe heavier again, so I continue on making an imaginary track around her petite little cunt.


I couldn't resist licking the juices out of this little opening and I became addicted to the sweet taste immediately. I was crazy with desire and I was going to show her just how much I wanted her to go crazy too.

Remembering where I rubbed myself, I made my way to her tiny hooded clit and began slowly licking and sucking on it. This caused her to begin to slowly move and make sweet cooing sounds. This turned me on even more. I began greedily sucking her clit like I was trying to take it off of her and I could feel her thighs begin to tighten.

I ran my hand up and above me to her tiny nipples and began to pinch and twist each softly while I continued to suck and little her, increasing my speed, as her moans began to get louder and quicker.

Returning my hand back to her puss, I was drawn to her tiny little opening. It was almost dripping when I touched it and I knew I had to do what I had been craving. I slowly began inserting my middle finger inside of her. She gasped at first but I took care that I was extremely gentle with her and slowly worked my way up to my knuckle. I had done this to myself several times, but it did not feel as tight or wet as this little hot box. I began finger fucking her with a vengence. I was making so much noise from licking and sucking, grunting as I banged her over and over with my finger, I almost didn't notice what began to happen.

Her legs shot out straight and as rigid as a couple of two by fours towards either side of the bed. Even though she was bound, her body managed to jump up in a sitting position as she began screaming "ohmigooood" and she began thrusting her pussy in my face.I realized that she was having her first orgasm and I was the one who was making it happen.

I continued on lapping all her juices up until she begged and pleaded with me "stop, please, it hurts", she cried out, gasping to catch her breath. I knew exactly what was happening. It had become too sensitive to the touch and I myself know the feeling. It almost borders on pain. I stopped and smiling ear to ear, happy with myself, asked her if she had been enjoying her "punishment". She panted and breathed hard and didnt speak for what seemed like forever, than finally busted out in almost a laughing answer and said "hell yeah, can we do it again".

I agreed to and took off her make-shift blind fold. Little tear drops dotted each lash and I proceeded to lick and kiss them away. She blushed,smiled, and began to tell me how glad she would be to get " this dang thing off of my wrists and began to ask a million questions: who taught you this, have you done this before, have you ever.

so I responded with a great big "SMACK" across her face once again. Startled; she wanted to know why the hell I did that and I replied "We ain't done yet! You will not be released until you earn it, and I know just how you are going to do so." With a evil smile, I began straddling her neck, aiming my pussy towards her sweet little lips.

She realized what was wanted of her and actually broke into a mischevious grin herself to which she replied "Oh yes, master. Oh and Master Debra? "yes?" Please leave my blindfold off while we do this.

I like to see what I am eating" and I shut her completely up by covering her entire mouth with my hot, tasty pussy. "and Marie, the proper terminology is Mistress D, you dirty fucking pussy eating slut! Slow down! We have got all weekend to get it right". From this moment on, I had many experiences like this. Several girls throughout my teens. A few in college.

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But than, after I got married, all that kind of stopped. But then I actually ended up using my dominating skills on both of my ex-husbands. The things that I could make them do! Irony was, I married to very abusive men. Both physical and mentally.But in the bedroom, it was an entirely different game.I wore the pants, so to speak.

But they enjoyed my punishment, humilations and various tortures that I could inflict. These marriages eventually fell apart, and I never world could have imagined meeting the man of my dreams after these two losers. I had given up on meeting a real man. But life is weird and I met a real man, my soul mate.

My boy toy to my cougar, being that I am ten years his senior. I met David on the job and I finally found my sexual match.For the first time in all my years, finally found one with the balls to dominate me.Not just light little love taps and asking every five minutes "Am I hurting you?

" A real mother fucker who will do anything and everything and boo-hoo, if you ask for it, you best be ready to take it! He has made all of my fantasies cum true.


I will go into more detail in my next story, cumming soon. I will also tell you about me and him and our new sex slave/co-worker, Alexis. She is a long haired sexy little nypmh, with an ass to die be continued August 06, 2012