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Lovable Newbie Loves Anal Exploring
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Thinking back on my life, I can't really tell you what or how I got to this point. I only know that from the time I started becoming a womanI have had these uncontrolable urges.I had just turned thirteen and for thirteen I was a pretty well devolped girl. My tits were already huge and my cunt was covered with short sandy colored hair.

I had discovered my clitoris and what I could do to it with my fingers that made me feel so crazy.That happened, by accident while riding my bicycle. The seat rubbing on my pussy gave me some funny feelings as I would pedal my bike. The seat would make contact with my clit, and the feeling it generated was what had led me to explore my pussy with my fingers. I know it sure did feel good when I would climax and my puss would get really wet.so much so, that clear looking fluid would start running down the inner part of my legs.

It was around this time I began thinking about boys, and cocks. I had already been hearing the "Johnny Fuckherfaster" stories from friends at school, and my young mind had began fantasing just what it would feel like to have a cock inside me.Living on a farm I started paying close attention to the farm animals.Slipping around and watching them fuck would make me so hot. I would hide in the barn, and finger my pussy, until I would give myself that good feeling.

I'll never forget. I was helping my Mom gather some of the veggies from the garden, that morning I discovered my first cock. There it layed on the vine, a cucumber about seven inches long and my mind shifted into gear. I held it there in my hand, and rubbed it between my legs. I could feel the excitement build in my crotch as I felt it against my pussy through my jeans.I slid it into my front pocket and hurridly helped Mom gather the rest of the produce that she sold from her fruit stand.

I could hardly wait to feel this home grown prick of mine deep inside me.I rushed to the barn and climbed the ladder to the hay loft. I set down in the hay and pulled my jeans off.

I began fingering my cunt playing with my growing clit wetting my fingers with my mouth, and rubbing my clit around and around. My thoughts of getting fucked was making me hotter and hotter. I placed that green monster into the opening of my pussy and started pushing it hard into me.My opening was so small I couldn't get it in with out hurting me.I pulled it back out and wet it down with my mouth, spitting on it making it slippery I started it back into my tight hole.

It was going in a little easier, but it still hurt. I pushed on it harder and felt something tear loose inside me. The force I had exerted drove it deep inside me.The pain shot through my pussy, but Not knowing it thenbut knowing now.

I had broken my hymen. I had given my cherry to a cucumber.I began ramming it back and forth into my pussy, my cunt was getting wetter, an the maiden oil was lubing it to where it was feeling better and better.

I started fantasing fucking my uncle Jim, pretending it was his big cock fucking me. ' I had snuck a peek or two at him while he was pissing in the barnyard.".and had fantasies of him fucking me.I rolled over on my stomach holding the cuke with both hands and pushed my ass down on it. I felt I could get more feeling to my clit this way and I had. I began cumming .Oh Jim fuck me oh fuck me uncle Jim!! I was almost screaming out his name as my climax rumbled all over my body.I kept hunching up and down on my home made cock bringing myself to three more orgasms.I was breathing so hard, and my pussy felt sore from the self pounding I had given it.

I rolled over onto my back there in the hay, and pulled the cuke from my cunt.I had exhausted myself, fulfilling my fantasies.I remember my Mother asking me when I came back to the house, If I was all right. Seemed she thought my face was flushed. I guess it was a little red. What would happen to me next, I would never have believed. Dad had went to town that night to pick up some supplies.And like always on his way home at nightHe'd stop off at Johnnies Tavern. for a few beers, and a little bullshit session with his drinking buddies.Well by the time he got home he was three sheets in the wind.I heard him coming up the stairway, you knew he was drunk by the way he stomped his feet climbing the stairs.

I heard him and Mom in their room arguing. She wasn't in the mood for any of his bullshit tonight. I heard him come out of their room, and he slammed the door, and started down the hall way.

I heard him stop in front of my door, and then I heard him start opening the door to my room.I layed there pretending to be sleeping. He walked in and stood beside my bed. I kept pretending I was asleep. He sat down on the bed and pulled off his boots, and then he began removing his pants.

I knew what he had on his mind. And it had been on my mind for some time now, but he didn't know it.I had fantasies of this happeningit was almost to good to be true. He was completely undressed as he slid the covers back, and crawled into bed next to me.


I kept pretending, I was a sleep. I felt his hand slowly move under my night gown. His fingers began massaging my pussy. He slipped his middle finger into me slowly, as if he was afraid of waking me. It was making me feel good.

I had fantasied another person doing these kind of things to me. I felt so growm up. I wanted to just jump up and tell him to fuck me but I kept pretending I was sleeping, and let him do his thing too me. He slowly moved to the foot of the bed and worked my nighty up far enough to where he could open my legs. He was kissing the inside of my legs his tongue felt so hot and wet then I felt his tongue on my clitty and I wanted to scream, but I bit my lip, and made a sleeping sound of taking a large breath.

His tongue was flicking all over the outside of my puss, and I felt him shove it deep inside me.My Dad was raping me in my sleepAny way he thought he was. His mouth, was giving me feelings I had only dreamed of.I felt him move away and In the dim light I could see him moving into position, above me.

I wondered what he would say If I was to wake up. He placed his cock at the opening of my vaginia and I felt him slowly shove it into me, and at the same time he came down on top of me, I grunted a little from his weight. I then felt him putting his hand over my mouth.

Shhhhh Missy. I heard him say. This is not gonna hurt you.I remember him adding.I never spoke. as he kept thrusting his huge cock in and out of me.

It was beginning to make me feel so hot, and I began pushing my ass back to meet my Fathers every stroke. You're beginning to like it aren't you ? Daddies little girl is getting her first fucking . He spoke as if it was his duty to give me my first fucking.He pulled my face to his, and shoved his tongue into my mouth.

His breath was strong with whiskey, but somehow I did not mind it. He was making me feel like a grown woman and I liked it.I started shoving my tongue into his mouth meeting his tongue as we were bucking against each other. I began to feel that feeling I had given myself growing between my legs, only now it seemed to be more intense. The excitement of feeling a real prick in my cunt. the heat of it . driving in and out of me, and the excitement of having my father, wanting my body, was just so wonderful.I think I began crying from the pleasures my father was given me.But the best was yet to come.

I could feel his cock swelling up inside me with each stroke I could feel it getting larger.HOTTER AND HOTTER I felt him start shooting squirt after squirt of cum inside me and he begain moaning and saying Oh fuck it;s good!!!!!! God girl it's so good. He kept repeating that over and over. the feeling of his hot jism shooting into my pussy brought me along with him. I exploded with an orgasam I will never forget.

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It hung on to me, it seemed like forever. my cunt began contracting around Daddy's cock, squeezing every bit of cum he had to offer .We laid beside each other both breathing hard.Missy he spoke. this is between you and me.Don't you tell a soul.you hear me.Ok our secret.

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I remember telling him. Well I got my first period, about a week after Dad had fucked me. I was looking for it . Mom had filled me in on what would soon be happening to me once a month.

So it was not a surprise. I felt a little embaressed when Mom announced at the supper table that her Missy was fast becoming a woman.But for me I knew that mean't one thing. Me and Dad were gonna have to be real careful from now on.Some of my friends at school, their parents had already had put them on the pill.And when Mom suggested it I was all for it.Mom had just given me a ticket to pardise. Well Dad just didn't seem to have enough time for my sexual needs. His work kept us apart, and I know Mom was leaning on him to satisfye her needs.So I was masterbating in my barn loft alot lately dreaming of fucking another dick .Any dick.

All I thought about was getting fucked and having that wonderful feeling.I was masturbating all the time it seemed I just couldn't stay satisfied I was fucking my cuke again that afternoon in the barn .I was cuming and moaning and fantasing .I was shoving that big green cuke into my cunt and enjoying my self so much that I never noticed, but when I opened my eyes there was Uncle Jim looking at me.He had his cock out of his pants and was stroking it back and forth.

.Oh Missy Girl He said. " Come here and suck ole uncle Jimmys cock baby". I was more than willing to oblige him. I had never sucked a cock yet, and the thoughts of putting him into my mouth made my juices run.

He kneeled down beside me offering his man hood. I took it in my hand and guided it into my mouth. It had a foul smell about it, a musky smell, mixed with sweat. I didn't care, I took it into my mouth so fast and deep that I started gagging on it. Slow down sweet thing. uncle Jim was telling me, take it slow girl. we're gonna have a lot of fun together today. I began going up and down on it again, this time stopping just short of where I could feel it entering the back of my throat.

He was holding on to my head with his hands telling me how good I was making him feel.Damn ! you're a hot little bitch. Yes siree a hot little bitch.Oh fuck, suck it good Missy he was directing me and praising the blow job I was giving him.all at the same time.And my cunt was getting hotter and hotter from just the thoughts of what I was doing to Uncle Jim.

.Have you ever took a load he asked. I shook my head no in answer to his question, and never slowed down the up and down motion I was giving his cock.Well Missy I'm gonna cum in your mouth. I bobbed my head, In the yes motion and kept sucking on him.

I could feel his prick throbbing in my mouth, and I could feel it growing the head seemed to be expanding with ever stroke of my mouth. I could taste something running slowly from his cock head, and it had a bitter sweet taste to it.".Oh Missy you fucking little bitch' I'm getting close. AWGH!!!!!!!!!!! OH HOLY FUCK BABY i'M CCUM'IN OH FUCK I'M CUM'IN. It was then I felt his jets turn loose and I could feel him squirting shot after shot of his burning liquid into my mouth. It tasted real bitter and salty, but I managed to swallow all of his fluid.

Oh fuck Missy that was something else, he was trying to talk and breath at the same time.Did I do you good uncle Jim ? I asked him.The best I ever had girl yes siree the best. I had just given my first blow job, and I was so proud of the way Uncle Jimmy was praising me on how I had made him feel.Oh fuck girl you are one hot little bitch Damn you are a hot little bitch.

Let Uncle Jim cool you off a little . come spread them legs. Let me taste that pussy. I laid back on my back and spread my legs wide open. He went at me like he had been starving, for the taste of pussy.He began licking my pussy fast and furious.His tongue was reaching up inside of me and pulling out the maiden oil. I had his face wet with my gook I was loving every minute of it He was making me feel so fucking good.I felt him run his finger into my asshole and when he did I began to cum Oh God ohhhhhhh Uncle Jim I'm cum'in I could hardly stand it and he was holding on to me his face buried in my crotch and his tongue licking and probing my cunt and fucking my asshole with his finger like he was possessed.I was screaming please stop I can't stand it.

oh God Uncle Jim .it 's so good Oh God please. He pulled his mouth back from my cunt and his cock was rock hard again. and he slamed it into me in a frenzie of passionthere we were now, he was riding me like I had never been ridden, to this point in my young life .And it felt like I was cum'in with ever stroke of his prick.

What a fucking orgasam .I was cum'in like I had never dreamed possible .His large balls were slapping against my ass.Pounding me to the rythum of my heart. Uncle Jim began unloading his jism into my cunt, and I went off again. His mouth was against mine, and he was kissing the fuck out of me.

I was in such a frenzie, I bit his lip hard, and blood began to trickle down his face. You hot little fucking bitch. you hot fucking bitch. He just kept saying it over and over. And kept on driving his wonderful cock into me I loved it so much. I'm forty five years old, and I ain't never had a hot fucking bitch as hot as you !!

" Missy".Girl you're fucking wonderful yes siree fucking wonderful.I felt so much like a real woman.I had fucked my dad, and now I was fucking Mom's brother.Uncle Jim climbed down the ladder out of the loft.

Hey Missy he yelled back, we gonna do this again this evening ? You bet Uncle Jim. and tomorrow and the next day to I laughed.

I was feeling great about myself, I know some people would think of me as a slut. God if Mom ever found out. there would be hell to pay for sure.I really didn't care what other people might say, I was getting what I needed.almost.

.the more sex I had it seemed the more I needed. I had an unsatisfyeable desire that pulled on me heavy.When Dad or Uncle Jim were away I was looking for another way of satisfying my needs.I remember one day I was sitting on the front porch and Rex our German Sheppard ran up to me. I started petting his head and rubbing his neck. God I was even turning on the family pet. His prick was standing out under his bellyand I reached down and begin stroking it. He just stood there looking at me kind of lazy with his tongue out and panting.I kept on stroking him and a large bulge incircled his prick.


He tried to run his nose in between my legs. And he licked the inside parts of my thighs God it felt good and I began thinking what it would feel like to have him lickin my pussy. I took my hand and started squeezing that big knot that was at the back of his prick and damn he started cumming real thin cum, but it felt so hot as it squirted on my fingers. His cock was jerking everytime he shot his load.

Well Rex I made you cum now it's my turn.I started walking out towards the barn and he was following me his tail wagging.I walked inside the barn and pulled my shorts off I set down on a bale of straw that was there in the manger. I brought Rex's head close to my cunt and he begin licking me out, His huge tongue covering all my pussy. He pushed his nose into my crotch and it felt so cold. I began fingering my pussy, and jacking his prick again his cock shot out under his belly, it was so red and pointed, but I know it had to be at least seven inches long.

I pulled him up to me and placed his cock at the opening of my cunt. I didn't know if we could get hung up or not, but I wasn't gonna let him get that knot in me.Standing on his back legs he jabbed at my pussy with that sharp pointed dick of his I positioned myself where I had his cock all the way into me except for that large knot which I kept in my hand. He was panting like hell and was jabbing me so fast.I was helping him shove it into me.

I push his dog dick into me with that knot bumping up again my clit it was feeling great and his cock felt so hot, when Rex unload his seed in me, the heat from his cum squirting inside me put me over the edge.

and I started cum'in. Oh fuck I was cum'ing so good. I let Rex loose and he began licking his cum from my pussy.Yes I was truly becoming a Slut I had now stooped low enough to have sex with a fucking dog, just to quench my burning desires.

Time had flew by pretty fast. I was nineteen now, I was still fucking Dad, and Uncle Jimand a couple young guys from school.I had my own little apartment, and a job at the shirt factory .Dad and Uncle Jim knew I was fucking both of them, and neither seemed to mine. I knew, to them I was just a hot fucking piece of ass. I don't think Dad thought of me as his daughter anymore. I had been his and Uncle Jims mistress for so long I felt kind of like I was there whore.But for me they were what made life worth living.They had supplied my body with some of the greatest sex a girl could ever want.

However I never let them know a bout my teenage buddies.(.Who by the way couldn't hold a candle to Dad or Uncle Jim.). My wantom ways however were still the same.

I just couldn't get enough sex. Some of the ladies around town had voiced their opinion of me calling me a Slutty Slut, but I didn't care.I had never been with a woman, but I worked with a lesbian, that I knew I could be with if I chose to do so. She was bisexual and loved getting fucked also.She had a beautiful body large firm tits a small waist, and a ass that seemed to say she mean't business.I guessed her to be close to thirty years old We had started hanging around together, and we had been out to a couple of night spots for a few drinks.

She had lots of lady friends, and men lusting after her. One night after work, we were setting in the car in front of my place visiting before I went in. Missy, how would you like to make some extra money. she said looking at me smiling.

I replied sure. what do I have to do? Well I know some guys that would pay some good money to fuck either one of us. We could enjoy ourselves and make some money too.And I know a guy that would love to put on a great lesbian show for his rich friends.I have some lady friends that would pay to be with either one of us, for an hour or two.

They have husbandsbut need the feelings only another woman can give them. " Jenny " ! I have never been with a woman ! I answered. I've thought about it, and wondered how it would be, I'd love to try it. As far as the men, I'd love to fuck a dozen at the same time, With that Jenny just started up the car. Where we going now, I asked.?

My place Missy. You're gonna love it. I had no Idea what jenny had on her mind, except having sex with me. It didn't matter anyway I was willing to try any, and everything.If it got my motor running and ended with a great orgasam I was all for it.Jenny pulled into her drive and shut the car off.Come on sweetheart, let me show you my place.We climbed out of the car, and Jenny unlocked the door after you honey.

she laughed as we walked in. Oh my God It's beautiful.I said in admiration.The Great room was huge. She had it decorated like some kind of sex palace. Red Crushed velvet on the couch and chairs, and some kind of incense, that smelled likewell I can't really discribe it, but it did something to your sense's, I began feeling horny as hell.You like it ?

she laughed as she turned on some soft red lites. Like it ! I love it ! I replied. I began wondering, how in the fuck could she afford something like this, working with me at that fucking shirt factory.Watch this Missy. she giggled, and pushed a switch. The fucking floor in the middle of the room began to open up, and a beautiful fluffy round bed came up out of the floor, and locked in place.Oh fuck I exclaimed .you have those parties here .Well not yet.

she said. But now you're getting the idea. she laughed. Some of my male friends did the work here for meand I owe a few of them some favors, and a couple of ladies quite a bit of money.You don't want to work at that fucking shirt factory the rest of your life do you. I know I fucking don't ! she went on.I like fucking sucking, eating pussy and anything else sexy, I love great fucking orgasams and anything else that will turn a buck. she started laughing and started pulling her clothes off. I figured you might feel the same as I do.

Come on lets take a shower. She led me to the bathroom, we stripped down and entered the shower. The water felt good, Jenny took the bar of soap and began washing my body.

Her hand went between my legs. She began rubbing the soap all over my pussy it felt so good. We were standing together tits to tits. She put one arm around my waist, and pulled me tight against her. Our mouths came together in a hot wet passionate kiss. We began rubbing our bodies against each other, our tongues fucking each others mouths.I pulled her tight against me, It felt great. I began fingering her cunt This was going to be a very interesting evening.

Jenny turned off the water, and we stepped out of the shower. She took a large towl and began drying me off. I took my turn and dried her off, all the time we were holding a wet kiss, we walked to that large round bed and laid down beside one another, her hands were all over me. touching and kissing me all over. She was working me into a frenzie of passion.Her face went between my legs, and I felt her tongue licking and kissing my pussy .I started moving my ass to her wanting mouth She was moaning and telling me how good I tasted.

I began begging her to let me eat her .She moved on top of me and her cunt came down on my face. I pushed my tongue into her opening and started doing to her everything I felt her doing to me.She was getting really really hot and her pussy was turning loose her womanly juices. She tasted so good. She went for my asshole with her tongue, and as I felt it, I went for hers. Flicking my tongue into her little round hole. We had become one and everything she did to me I did back to her.I was getting close to an orgasamand I told her She said she was too.

We were now driving our tongues hard into each other. I felt her fingers rubbing my clit and I started rubbing hers. We blasted off together Our bodies trembling with lust.

Oh God my orgasam was huge I just kept cum'in and cu'min. Jenny was screaming how good, I was doing her. Our mouths were flooded with our juices.

Jenny reached down beside the bed and pulled a long rubber cock from the drawer, beneath the bed. It had straps on it and she put it on.

She climbed onto the bed and crawled in between my legs. I spread them wide, and she gentle placed the dildo at my opening. I raised my hips to meet her as she pushed it all the way in. She lay on top of me our tits pressed together. Our lips were open and tight against each others, our tongues were locked together.

She was moving her hips up and down, and swirling her ass around with a motion that was bringing me closer and closer to that ultimate feeling. Jenny was fucking the shit out of me, with that rubber dick ,and I was loving every fucking moment of it.OH FUCK ! AWGHHHH ! GOD ALMIGHTY I was cum'in again. Jenny pulled that rubber dick out of me, and her mouth went straight to my cunt. She pulled my clit into her mouth and sucked on it.

Rubbing her tongue all over and around it. I was caught up in the biggest orgasam I had ever expierenced.It seemed it lasted forever before I started slowing down and even then I could hardly stand her tongue on me. " Oh fuck Jenny" that's the best climax I ever had. Oh God I love you. She looked up at me over my belly and reached for my tits with her hands . She ran her long finger nails over me giving me goose bumps. Well you can't say you've never been with a woman anymore.

She laughed.It was great.She added.

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" Oh God " ! Yes ! It was unbelievable. I spoke, squeezing her hand. Are we partners now ?

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She asked. Yes we're partners. I answered. Well lets get some sleep. I'll fill you in on our plans tomorrow. I woke up somewhere around Nine o'clock that morning. Jenny was on the phone.

I stumbled into the kitchen and poured my self a cup of coffee.Good morning girlfriend, Jenny looked at me and winked. Well .You'll never guess who I was talking to, she said.

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hanging up the phone. How many guesses do I get ? I laughed. Well someone rich and handsome I added. Well he's richbut I don't know if I'd call him handsome or not.Jenny laughed.Richard Stefen. "Stefen" I blurted out ! The guy who owns the shirt factory, where we're suppose to be today making him more money? Yes indeed.Jenny laughed.He's got a lot of buyers and business people coming in this week end, and wanted to know if I had everything about ready to entertain his clients.I told him I did.

I also told him why you and I, would not be back to work.He loved it.So We got a show to do for those horny bastards.She giggled. Richard helped me get this place looking like it does, just for that reason. Don't look so nervous.We do the same thing to each other, as we did last night, only thing different, we got horny men watching us.

We'll probable have to fuck a dozen or so before the night is over, but we'll have a good time.And Richard will see we get paid well for it. .Well you said last night we were partners. She laughed.

Jenny you are something else.".Really " Something else. I had to laugh at the way she looked at me with those big brown eyes. We slapped hands and I said "Yes we are partners." Jenny met with Richard the next day, and they had everything set up for that evening.Richard would take his guest out for dinner and drinksand they would all meet at around ten o'clock at our place.I was a little nervous about the show thing, but Jenny asured me everything would be just fine.When they arrived, Richard introduced Jenny and I to everyone.

I was surprised that most of them were middle age men, but they all seemed so polite and refined.There was fifteen all together, and strange as it maybe, two of them had their wives with them.

Well Jenny and I left the room and went down stairs and climbed into the capsule that housed the bed. Richard would control the lites and our entance, into the great room.Everything worked pretty neat when we were on the bed and ready to come up through the floor, Jenny pushed a button that lit a light at the control panel that told Richard we were ready When the lite lit Richard pushed the switches that brought us up and into the room.

I felt the bed began to move up slowly. Jenny laughed and looked at me and said "Well Partner let's break a leg" She was taking this show business serious. We came into the roomand the bed stopped, the room was totally dark. and then the over head lites came on, They were focused on just us, all the rest of the room was dark.Jenny and I came together with a wet kiss Then we began licking all over each other with our tongues. We worked our selves into a sixty nine position with Jenny on top.

I was eating the fuck out of her, and she was eating me in her passionate way. I felt the bed began to turn in a slow circle. This gave everyone in the audience a different veiw of our actions all the time.

Jenny was making me feel so good, I forgot anyone was watching us, and I was getting into it. Jenny's juices were running down my cheeks and I was relishing the taste of her wet pussy. We rolled over andI now I was on top. Draining my cunt into Jennies mouth, and bobbing my head and tongue into her sweet crack.We had both had a number of Orgasams.

And our Screams of pleasure, brought applause from the watching participant's. The lights went out. and when they came back on, Jenny was there with that strap on dick between my legs fucking my pussy hard.Cheers came from the menand I heard one of the women remark how she loved it. Richard pushed the buttons, and the floor swallowed us up.To the cheers and applause. We came upstairs to find everyone in the room naked. They were stroking their cocks, and the two with their wives were on the floorfucking like crazy.


Jenny began taking her clothes off and two guys began kissing and feeling of her. Richard pushed the buttons and back up came the big bed The two guys carried Jenny to the bed and both of them went at her.

She had ones dick in her ass, and the other 's in her mouth.Two more moved close to her and she took them in each hand and began jacking them off. Richard took me by the hand and led me over to the bed. I layed down on my back, and Richard drove his meat into me. The others just watch as he fucked me hard.

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When he finally dumped his load, he stood up motioning to the others to have at me.And a big foreign guy with a huge cock crawled between my legs and starting pumping his prick into me fast and hard. I was cum'in like a bitch in heat This big man was cum'in in buckets I had never seen or felt that much cum.

I was getting all the fucking I had dreamed of. His friend ask him permission to fuck my mouth. I reached and took his cock placing it into my mouth, and damn the excitement of it all had him hotter then a pistol. He blew his load immediately, filling my mouth and squirting on my face.

One of the women came and began licking his cum off my facewhile a guy was fucking her ass hard from behind. She kissed me on the mouth spitting the cum she had licked from my face into my mouth.I swallowed it and kissed her back.They were standing around waiting for each other to pull out of one of us so they could take their turn and fuck away at our cum flooded asses.The husbands of the women were taking their turns with us also, while their wives were enjoying sex with new partners of their own.Those that had already fucked us were standing around us jacking their cocks and squirting cum all over all of us.I lost count of the orgasams I had that evening but when it was over, my cunt was sore, but I was happy.Richard wrote us a large check and the others left huge tips, and all were wanting to know when we were all going to do it again.Richard laughed as he was leaving.Which one of you are gonna fuck the pony ????

. next time.!