Emo boys tubes gay snapchat Lucky Kyler Ash has Nathan Clark all

Emo boys tubes gay snapchat Lucky Kyler Ash has Nathan Clark all
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I just had to share an experience I had last night in my hotel in India where I am staying for 6 weeks with work. I have changed my name for the purpose of this story. I am staying in a 5 star hotel where the staff are all really friendly and willing to help in any way they can. One even more than the rest.

On a normal day I would get back from work around 11pm and go and relax in the bar for a little while before retiring to my room. I don't get much of a chance to eat while at work so normally order room service when I get in. Typically it would be a male porter bringing my food however for the last few days a beautiful young Indian girl has been bringing me my meals.

Now I have always gone for Caucasian women however this girls beauty is unlike anything I have seen before. About 5'5", long black hair and perfect soft and smooth skin. In addition to this she was also really friendly, always with a smile on her face and a cheeky little laugh. I was smitten straight away so I ordered room service each night at the same time in the hope that she would bring it to me. I was right, each night for 3 nights she brought me my food.

One night though I ordered room service and typically it takes around 30-40mins to bring it to my room so I thought I would jump in the shower quickly. As I normally do I switch the radio on in the bathroom and listen to a little music while I shower, however because this was on I didn't hear the knock on my door when room service arrived. Now because I didn't answer and I didn't have my privacy notice on my door the young Indian porter let herself in and proceeded to place my meal out on the table, me still being completely unaware she was there.

I switched my shower off, grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my waist. I slid back the door to the bathroom and got the shock of my life to find this young beauty in my room and me being half naked. I made her jump a little and she held her head down upon noticing I was naked apart from my towel. "Sir your meal is here, could you please sign the bill?" "Errr yeah sure, sorry I didn't hear the door, I was in the shower" I stumbled I walked over and took the bill from her hand to sign it.

I noticed her give me a quick glance as I took the bill and signed it. I then reached over to my wallet on the table next to us and pulled a reasonable tip out and slid it into the folder with the bill. I smiled and handed it back to her.

"Thank you sir, please enjoy your meal" "I will thank you, see you tomorrow" I replied Upon me saying that she made her way out of the room with a little cheeky smile on her face, with me following to close the door behind her.

That night I couldn't stop thinking about her, what would have happened if she had caught me naked coming out the shower, what if I made a move on her, would she turn me down, I just didn't know. What I did know though was that when I thought about her in that way it gave me a massive hard on. I couldn't help but have a wank thinking of what it would be like to fuck her.

The next day the same routine ensued with me getting back from work and ordering room service. I thought this time though I would try out what I had thought about the previous night and see if I could get her to "accidentally" notice me naked in the bathroom.

So I ordered room service, stripped off and went for a shower. The bathroom has a large sliding door so I made sure it was open enough so that when she came in she could see directly in from where she was. It was one of those walk in wet rooms so I didn't have to worry about any shower curtains getting in the way.

This time I heard the knock on the door but I ignored it with the hope she would just come in, but also hoping it wasn't one of the other male porters. I played with my cock a little to get it hard so she could see how big I was when she saw me naked in the bathroom. Nest I hear the door opening and someone wheeling the service trolley. A soft female voice piped up; "Room service Mr Smith" "Oh err no problem, sorry I'm just finishing in the shower, can you put it in the room please and I'll be out in a sec to sign the bill", I shouted "No problem Mr Smith" she replied I switched the shower off just as I heard the door close behind her.

My cock still hard I moved so she would have clear sight of me in the bathroom. I grabbed a towel and started drying my hair, my cock bouncing about as I shook my body with the towel. In the corner of my eye I caught her watching me as she was placing my food out on the trolley table. I wrapped the towel around my waist, opened the door the rest of the way and walked out. "Mr Smith I am so sorry, I did not mean to walk in on you showering" "It's no problem at all", I replied "Could you sign the bill please Mr Smith" "Yeah sure" She handed me the bill which I signed and as I did the previous day slipped a more than generous tip in with it.

"Mr Smith, you do not have to tip so much, it is my pleasure to bring you your service" "I don't mind honestly, you always bring my dinner with a smile and that's all I ask.

I like to reward excellent customer service." She gave me a little smile and I handed her the bill back, but as I did I dropped the bill, intentionally of course.

We both bent down to pick it up but as I bent I made sure my towel fell from my waist to reveal my still erect cock. I got to the bill first and picked it up to hand to her. "Oh I am so sorry" I said as I bent back down again to pick my towel up She looked away quickly when she noticed I was completely naked but not completely and I noticed her peeking at me in one of the mirrors in the room. "Like what you see?" I said gently "Errr Mr Smith, I err, I'm so sorry" she replied "What are you sorry for?" I asked "I did not mean to look, I am so sorry, I must leave" "Hey hey don't worry about it, I'm not embarrassed.

Have you ever been with an English guy before?" I asked Very nervously she replied and without making eye contact, "No sir, I have not" I moved closer to her and grabbed her hand gently.

I pulled it towards me and placed it on my now throbbing cock. "Mr Smith, I err" "Shhh its ok, have a feel, I don't mind" She very slowly turned around to look at me properly, looking down at her hand that was now wrapped as much around my cock as she possibly could. "It is very big Mr Smith" I just smiled as she began to run her hand up and down it. Her perfectly small hands looked even smaller against my cock.

The contrast of her dark skin against my white skin made it look even better. "Mr Smith I should not be doing this, I should leave" "You can leave any time but please it's all yours" I replied She rubbed my hard cock a little longer before she left. "I must leave Mr Smith, I have work" she said as she let go of my cock and left it dangling there. She turned and walked towards the door. I called after her, "Another night then?" She turned and gave a little smile before opening the door and leaving.

She had made me so horny and my cock was rock hard so all I could do was have another wank before I sat down to my meal.


The next night… As with the previous night I got back from work and ordered room service. I decided not to have a shower tonight and just see how things panned out. As expected 20mins later there was the usual soft knock on my door; "Room service Mr Smith" I opened the door and there was my favourite Indian beauty standing there.

I let her past and into my room and closed the door behind her. "Your dinner Mr Smith" "Thank you", I replied, giving her a little smile as I did "Mr Smith, last night, I am sorry, I did not mean to" "It's fine, I wanted it, I think you are so beautiful" She gave a little smile and ducked her head a little embarrassed at the compliment.

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"What is your name?" I asked her "Epsita, Mr Smith" "Please, call me Paul. It is nice to meet you Epsita" "And you to Mr Smith" I gave a little chuckle as she felt uncomfortable calling me by my first name.

"Would you like to see and touch it again Epsita?" She shyly looked away and giggled as she start to put my dinner out on the table. As she did I unzipped the fly on my pants and pulled my now semi hard cock out. "Here, have a feel" Epsita turned around and looked straight at my cock, which was now starting to twitch with excitement.

She moved closer to me and placed her left hand on my cock. It felt just as soft as it had the previous night. Her lovely warm hand wrapping itself around my shaft. She could get her hand all the way around this time as it wasn't yet fully hard.

"Have a little stroke Epsita, its ok" She looked me in the eye, gave a little smile and began to stroke my cock up and down.


Her small hand felt amazing as it slide up and down my long shaft. She pulled it all the way up and over the head before pushing back down again right to the base. "You can go a little faster if you like" I whispered to her She slowly picked up the pace, pulling my cock up and down faster with each stroke.

My cock was now fully hard and she could no longer fit her entire hand around my cock. Now it isn't that long but what it lacks in length it makes up for in width, plus her hands were tiny. I was in heaven, it had been some time since I had had a good handjob.

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I put my hand on the side of her face and began to stroke it. My fingers running through her long black hair. As I did I moved in and placed my lips on hers, they were just as soft as her skin and out lips melded together as we kissed. She did not stop her stroking of my cock and even grabbed tighter as our kiss became more passionate.

Our tongues darting around the inside of each other's mouths, twisting and turning in an orgy of lust.

I pulled her closer so now my cock was pushing against her stomach. She continued to wank it, but not as fast now. She pulled away briefly; "Mr Smith, I can't, my work" "Don't worry about your work for now, I will make sure everything is ok" "Ok Mr Smith" I pulled her back close again and our lips locked together once again. This time I began to pull her shirt out of her skirt that it was neatly tucked into.

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Once free I was able to run my hands up her back. I had to have her, and I had to have her now. I grabbed the top of her skirt and pulled it down until it fell to the floor of its own free will. I grabbed her small tight ass and gave it a squeeze. I pushed her slowly backwards towards the wall while still keeping our mouths clamped to each other. She hit the wall and I pushed myself right up to her. She had a set of black knickers on which I quickly pulled off and let drop to the floor.

I reached my hand round slowly and felt for her pussy. I slide a finger between her pussy lips which were now soaking wet and up inside her. She let out a little gasp and pulled away from my lips; "Mr Smith I don't know if I can, you're to big" "We can try though can't we?" I replied She gave me a little smile and went back to kissing me.

I moved my hands and grabbed the back of her thighs and the bottom of her ass. I lifted her up the wall so her pussy was in direct line to come down on my cock. She had left go of my cock by now so reached down again and positioned the head of my cock between her pussy lips. I pushed up a little while I tried to ease her down onto my cock. She was so tight it actually hurt a little, but slowly and surely I managed to push my cock as far in as I could.

I could see she was in a little pain but she wasn't complaining.

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She pushed back against the wall a little so as to push herself hard onto my cock. I slowly began to slide my cock out before pushing it back in again. With each thrust back in she let out a little moan. She was clearly in pain but seemed to be enjoying it. So I picked up the pace, sliding my cock in and out of her tight wet pussy, with each thrust back in getting harder to get as much in as I could. She was moaning loader now with each thrust. I pounded my cock into her harder and harder, it felt like I was going to split her in two.

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It didn't take long until she was cumming. She tried to keep quiet but it didn't work. Moaning loudly, nearly screaming, as she came all over my cock. I didn't give up and kept on pounding her tight pussy until I felt a twitch in my balls and my cock tense up.

I was ready to explode and she knew it; "Cum in me, cum in me" she moaned I was more than happy to oblige as I my hot sticky goo shot out of my cock at lightning speed. I could feel it shooting out my cock was that hard, my body shaking as I squirted all of my man juice inside her.

I pulled my cock out slowly and let her gently back down to the ground. Looking into my eyes she grabbed my cock which was now soaked in my cum and her pussy juices and gave it a little stoke, squeezing as she pulled up so as to drain every last drop out of me. It felt amazing as she milked me, every last drop, cum covering her hand. I leant over and gave her a kiss on the lips. "I must go Mr Smith" She let go of my cock and I moved back.

She had cum running all down her leg but she looked so sexy just stood there, naked below the waist. She stepped out of her knickers and headed to the bathroom to wash her hands the cum running down her leg. After a minute or so she returned, grabbed her skirt and knickers and slipped them back on.

She tucked in her shirt and made herself look just as she did when she came in. I just stood there, my cock still hanging out my pants, amazed at what had just happened, a huge smile on my face. "Enjoy your meal Mr Smith" Epsita said with a little smile "Oh I will thank you" I replied She then turned and walked towards the door.

Turning back as she opened it and gave me a little smile. I smiled back and before I knew it she was out the door and closed behind her.

I sat myself down on the bed and laid back. I hadn't fucked like that in a long time.